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Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash Negative Reviews

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Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash app received 95 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash? Can you share your negative thoughts about solitaire clash: win real cash?

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Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash for Negative User Reviews

You are not going to win money but have funI am really good at solitaire. Played this game for about 5 weeks straight. It does not matter whether you play slow or fast. I could hit an all time high score and still get beat or I might take my time and run the clock down and win. You can be sitting on a high score and watch the game search for the last player that will almost always beat you. You will win a little here and a little there and then when it dwindles down to where you are playing your last game, you will win again, just enough to make you play on. There is no reason why the game should be searching for a player after you have completed the game if it was a legit game. That’s because an algorithm is searching for the winner or there are hundreds of shill players in the background. If it were legit, the game would not start until all players are set. That’s like getting dealt a hand of poker after everybody else has folded except a guy who bluffed with a broken straight. Despite this it is fun and free and still better than the other solitaire apps..Version: 1.1.24

Okay game but definitely fixedIt’s a fun enough game to kill some time but Everything about this game is fixed. Win win win, play for money and lose. Even in the free side games/events, if your winning you’ll be randomly moved into another league so you don’t win leader boards (prizes). Pretty confident most of the players are Ai or just don’t exist but it’s fun enough, just don’t expect to leave with money..Version: 1.1.35

Deceptive AdvertisingForget this, go to the “parent” site Pocket 7 Games which has many different games to play, not just Klondike Solitaire. This has very limited options for games, all but 2 require cash. The 2 that don’t are VERY limiting. You never play with less than 5 other players, meaning only 20% chance of winning versus the many 2 player games, both cash and non-cash games, available on Pocket which give a 50% chance of winning. If you look closely on the advertising for this you will notice that ALL the games being shown are high stakes games. Which mean YOU risk large amounts of YOUR money for a 20% chance of winning. If you like high stakes games there are a number available on Pocket. Warning, on Pocket avoid the unlimited player games, they all have random multipliers of scores which mean not truly fair based in my opinion. But other than those have found the games I enjoy quite winnable. After trying this one out I returned to Pocket where I can ACTUALLY win cash when playing with tickets I have won. May never win big money, but pocket change is fine when I am enjoying just playing the games..Version: 1.1.1

A real scamYou are winning and they said “ deposit “ so you think they will give you money and they simply get money from your account under your authorization. When you realize that , you and stop depositing, you can’t win anymore !!! If you want to lose money , play it.Version: 1.1.44

Ok, BUTLook… if you’re wanting to play this game as a way to “pass the time” and hope to make a little tiny bit of cash… this is MOST DEFINITELY NOT the game for you. To have any amount of luck in this game, you basically have to “smash” for the next card and hope you haven’t missed anything, no time to take a quick peek at the deck to see if something is misses. To get in the top 3 for just the “Gem” level, you have to be able to either win the hand completely or exhaust the hand of options within 2:45+ minutes or better. I’ve tried several different ways/strategies to get a consistent score where I’m at least in the top 2 or 3 and win gems or ever just a little cash.. no luck. I find the game to not be a good “no brainer” for time wasting. Oh, and if you think the little “spin” game is going to add anything to your account, it won’t. Do not think that you can supplement your account in anyway with that. You’re going to get minimum results most, if not all of the time. All in all, I don’t find this game fun as you would if you were playing, maybe Klondike…?…. Super competitive and just not what I was hoping for when I was getting bombarded by their ads on other games..Version: 1.1.23

Does not pay out winningsI rate this game as negative 5 star -***** negative game I one some winning cash. They DID NOT PAY OUT MY WINNINGS ..Version: 1.1.27

Don’t understandI understand there’s a lot of people out there that will only play for money. But there’s also a lot of people out there that play these games to past time and to lower anxiety. I honestly do not understand why you pay these actors to lie in the ads when you know what they are saying is not true. I downloaded this game because I love card games. I used to sit down with a deck of cards and play on the floor. But when I saw your ad, I thought that would be really cool. I could make a little side cash, playing a game that lowers my anxiety and help my mental state. You don’t allow to cash out within one minute or immediately. The ads are so many that it raises my anxiety to a level where I can no longer play the game I love. If you require your downloaders to do specific things in order to cash out then mention it at least then it gives the players a chance to choose..Version: 1.1.39

WithdrawalNot happy with this site payed into this app on one card playing on it for a while and accumulated some funds now I have changed my bank before the withdrawal and changed my account on the app, when withdrawal went through a chunk of the withdrawal went into new account but rest apparently went to my previous account, tried speaking to customer service they have been going back and forth I will now be deleting the app and closing the account on the app.Version: 1.1.29

Automated response says “skill based matching”Every single game is populated with bots. Please believe the negative reviews. Their automated response will always say the exact same thing. Each match is apart of a complex algorithm that matches players on skill level. That is a lie. Every match has at least one bit that is programmed to solve each hand faster than any real person could manage. I’ve played matches where I solved in 45 seconds, scored over 7300 points and the last “player” beats by a few seconds/extra points every time. I have gotten my time down to 39 seconds on some hands, still second place. Their automated “players” will almost always take first, unless you have a match slip through the cracks and the game is populated by real people before a bot can be placed in your match. The game is designed to be pure profit on micro transactions within the game while you aimlessly attempt a first place. Not only that but you cannot “cash out” without loosing 50% or more of your net profit due to bonus cash that cannot be withdrawn. Terrible game..Version: 1.1.39

Withdrawal times !!The game play itself is fun , you’re matched with people of similar skill level and they always have free ways to win some cash. I won £220 last week and submitted a withdrawal request. Which has been pending for over a week when it says it should only take less than 72 to hours to review and either approve or reject. I’ve contacted the customer service on multiple occasions about this and they were really rude to me telling me I needed to be more patient, the only time they weren’t rude to me is when they were ignoring me. The game is fun but if you actually want to withdraw I wouldn’t use this app, it takes far too long and the agents are really rude..Version: 1.1.33

Total scamI’ve been playing solitaire for as long as I can remember and I’m quite good. However it’s easy to see this game is a scam. You win and I got to $10. However some how they counted all of my money as bonus cash so none of it was available for cash out. Further adding to the problems as soon as you go into rooms with bigger payouts of $5 or more they give you unsolvable boards or the bots that play against you score higher somehow when there is no available moves even when you look at the cards in play and in the draw pile. Yet those bots who get the same board somehow score better than you do. Most of the time the larger payout games they give you unsolvable solitaire games which is a scam. Update: no confusion and others have said the same thing I have, I won several payouts. This did not count the in game bonus. I played two weeks and won $10 and it claimed I had nothing to withdraw. If I’m counting in game bonus cash (which I wasn’t in my review) I had over $10. The 4 star reviews look like the app itself reviews their own game. Reporting to Apple..Version: 1.1.19

Not what you are lead to believeI downloaded this after seeing an ad “don’t fall for the scam games, this one guarantees you £40 in 5 mins” what a load of rubbish. I thought it was a long shot, but I’d give it a go - nothing to loose really. I’ve been in laying solitaire most my life and am pretty well skilled at the game. Firstly, I “won” about 2/3 of the non cash games. I say “won” because you’re a winner if you’re top 3 - I came second in 99% of these, and the score for whoever came first, I don’t think it’s possible, unless it was solved in under 5 seconds…. 99 out of a hundred times. Unlikely. Then when I played cash games, I “won” less than 1/3, never first, so if you come second you get your money back for that game basically. 3rd you get about 25% of what you put in. I tried depositing a couple quid, to see if that helps, it doesn’t. So don’t fall for it - THIS is the scam game..Version: 1.1.44

Don’t you want to be a legal thief when you grow upI didn’t put hardly any of my money into it, thank the Lord. I started with 5, at first I won a quick 14 bucks. Whoot whoo!!! Lol After I lost ALL of that money 😆 I kept playing the ones where you watch adds to play. I think I have 2.25 I have kept playing just to see if I could win ANYTHING without putting much in. Of course not! The amount of adds I sat through was worse than throwing in 5 bucks! 🤣 There’s no way that over and over again there can be people who finish with a Solitaire and still have the amount of time left continuously! I’ve gotten a Solitaire many times with a little over 3 minutes left, and didn’t even come in the first top 4…… 🤷🏼‍♀️! The funny thing is they make it so obvious that your not even playing with a real person, your playing against them!… their computers or whatever! All of this is such a scam. I hope these people are feeling good about how they literally run a company that’s probably right on the fence of being illegal, I’m sure their families are so proud …..Yeah I guess actually they probably are, all the way to the bank. Pretty low!.Version: 1.1.8

Rip offYou don’t get pay outs impossible to win and not worth your time.Version: 1.1.44

TrashTrash game🤮🤮🤮🤮 Banned for no reason🤮🤮🤮 Because they can't afford the money that you applied to withdraw🤮🤮令人作呕.Version: 1.1.44

Complete Scam!If you want to get this just for fun, you’ll still lose and end up having to wait to get more gems for free plays. If you plan to try for money, just don’t. I got this, and I was actually doing really well. I accumulated quite a bit, but then, I kept having a losing streak. I just tried again after waiting a while because I still had some in the account, but even if you have $10, if those are “bonus dollars” you can’t withdraw them, and they’ll use your actual cash before the bonus money. Complete and utter scam! I’ve heard from other reviews that at least some of these apps use some sort of algorithm that makes sure you lose almost every time. They wait to add the last several “players” and then the results take longer than an actual game to process. It’s a scam through and through. Just do yourself a favor and don’t get this app. Ignore the weird multi-star reviews and don’t even. It’s seriously not worth the time. Even if you do really well in a game, they will always make “other accounts,” real or not, beat you. Most games even getting third place is almost the same as losing outright. Also, to heck with the developer’s response. I don’t want one, I’ve seen enough of them from other reviews. And these reviews aren’t changing anything. These apps should be illegal. No joke..Version: 1.1.19

ScamGood luck getting your winnings out through their withdrawal. It’s great at taking your money. Impossible to retrieve your winnings. This app should be reported..Version: 1.1.37

ScamThe faq and in game balance are the exact opposite of what will happen. They take money from your bank account when you play the cash games not from the in game balance. Then when you try to talk to support you’re just told to read the FAQ and the in game balance info which are misleading. I still haven’t received the money I won..Version: 1.1.44

Cheat scam fakeThey can say “ITS A SKILL BASED GAME” all they want they can say it’s based on your skill level but you will see the algorithm basically scam you and take your money THIS GAME IS A WAIST OF MONEY!!! To even take out the money it takes a long time also if you spend money on the game it’ll make you loose it by making you not finish the game or pare you up with numbers that past yours so you will loose your money also if you spend money your rewards will be smaller I have pictures for evidence showing if you spend money on the app a nice amount of times could even be if you do a little your rewards be different they literally play you to take your money and if you cash out takes a while I do not want to hear from the author of this app I truly believe this game plays you not you playing DONT SPEND MONEY ON THIS APP JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS I HAVE WON A NICE AMOUNT OF TIMES BUT THE AMOUNT I LOOSE AFTER I WIN IS INSANE ALSO IF MY SCORE IS PAST 7,000 way past 7,000 I get paired with people who got way more DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.32

Fun but don’t expect to win cashDoes not allow for cash withdrawals of prizes and after playing for a long time and playing low risk games, I’ve noticed when you win prizes, the app deals hands in the next game which cause you to fold within the second round, before you can re progress and win. Seems like it is very well set up…..Version: 1.1.44

ScamIf you just want to play solitaire, it’s kinda fine, but the algorithm clearly is rigged. You will never actually make money. No matter what. For example: It’ll say it’s you against 1 other person in a game and once it’s finalized, there will be three winners above you and you get nothing 🤔. You’ll play a free game and win, and then risk a few bucks on a bigger game and the game is an impossible one to win 🤔. Its 100% rigged to make sure that NO MATTER how long you play, ultimately you’ll lose it all. When I complained about a clearly rigged game, I lost everything in the few games following. Bitter much 🙄 Editing to add after reply. Why no explanation of why it will say you are playing against 1(or 2, etc) person at the start of a game and at the end they’re are many more that win? Fishy. How are more people added after the game begins? That’s completely rigged. It’s a totally dishonest game. Then, no explanation as to why. I suggest skipping this game. There are plenty others to choose from..Version: 1.1.35

Canada Paypal is not an option. Scam perhaps?I downloaded Solitaire Clash a few months ago and I've been playing daily and winning big, but when i went to finally cash out my winnings (my genuine winnings, not the bonus cash!) it ONLY lets you choose an option called Rapyd, And you have to fill out a form for information. When you go to type your Country IT DOES NOT let you choose Canada as an option for location ! Even though the game consistently says "Link Your Paypal/ Cashout with Paypal" THERE IS NO OPTION TO DO SO. I've tried researching help for this issue but nothing. This game has wasted my time..Version: 1.1.38

Literally stole $35 from me in under 10 minutesDownloaded the game to see if it was for real. Saw the option to have your winnings get deposited directly into your bank account. I entered my debit card information and deselected the box to save my card information, thinking it would help as an extra safeguard for getting my information stolen, and I was curious to see if it had done anything to my bank account. So, I log into my bank account app and I see 3 transactions, one for $25, another for $4.95, and another for $5. I will be in contact with customer service hoping to get a refund because nowhere in the terms and conditions or in any of these reviews did anyone state that there is an initial charge made to a financial account, nor did the game directly tell me that I was purchasing something through the game. I thought I was just linking my bank account. I am 28 years old, married with a 6 to 7 month pregnant wife and 4 year old kid and I’m the only one working. This game gives a false hope to actually win money like all of your ads portray. I was legitimately hoping that this could help bring extra money to help my family but now I’m more than likely going to have to figure out some way to make up for unknowingly wasting $35 on this stupid game..Version: 1.1.23

Scam1.) this is a scam. You deposit money to play. 2.) when you play to earn maybe like £12, you do not earn the amount £12 you’re supposed to earn when you win. 3.) any amount you earn while playing with your real money is set as bonus cash. If you decide to withdraw you lose the bonus cash. When you’re depositing money, they don’t ask for any information, when it’s time to withdraw your money, they need everything from the beginning of your existence and then tell you I need sometime to decide if to give you your money. In summary you’re earning nothing, just giving them your money. Play regular solitaire, it’s not worth it :).Version: 1.1.44

Fake gamePlayed it for a few months due 2 the hype. It’s not real!.Version: 1.1.44

I think this is a scamSo I downloaded this game last night, I deposited money and started playing. I started small entry games as I don’t really gamble but it turns out I’m alright at solitaire. Long story short, I had won around £60 (including my deposit) and now my account has been banned for apparent ‘fraud behaviour’. I’m not sure what I have supposedly done wrong but now I’m locked out my account and have to contact the support team. This is annoying as I was quite enjoying playing it. I’ll update when I see how they handle the situation because as far as I can see, if you start winning, they just ban you. Doesn’t seem very fair to me. I also can’t withdraw the money I won or deposited. Could you look into this please..Version: 1.1.27

Don’t waste your timeThere are so many bugs even on cash games so you lose the ability to finish games and then your entry fee. Their age verifier is bugged and you can’t verify your age..Version: 1.1.23

Fraudulent GameThis game will not pay you, no matter the amount. I requested a withdrawal for a measly $20.00. It took almost a month of constant inquiries only to find out they sent it to a non-existent Paypal account. I gave them the correct information, but they still sent it to a different account. When I finally got an explanation, they blamed it on me even though I sent them a screenshot of my account information verifying what the account showed. They are a fraudulent site. Do not play and definitely DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY MONEY..Version: 1.1.44

FixedFixed game and misleading Advert shows winner withdrawing cash immediately it takes 3 days to process and the up to 15 days to receive very suspect. I will await my money I withdrew but I will be deleting and advise others do the same. Blatantly fixed it allows you to win at smaller amounts to draw you in to bigger games and them when you complete the game and get a good score someone else always….always manages to beat you by a few points. Save your money.Version: 1.1.28

Don’t expect to win moneyIf you download this game believing you can use your excellent solitaire skills to make a few extra bucks, be warned, the developer Aviagames may claim you’re playing against real people, but it’s easy to tell that you aren’t: first, all opposing players (who avia claims are real people playing against you live) for some reason entered a first name then a space and a last name as their gamer ID. “Emily Thompson” for example. NO ONE DOES THAT. like on every other game, you make up a handle for your gamer i’d: “PrettyBoy29” or something. Next, you’re supposed to believe that all 9 opposing players at your same skill level, are online at the very same time you are. You don’t have to wait, they dont play your match later. they’re on RIGHT NOW. The most popular games like PBUG has trouble finding matches for its games yet im supposed to believe solitaire clash has as many users? Then you score an incredibly high score in your match but guess what, 7 other players did better than you. The developer lies, and this game is fake and why isn’t Apple banning developers who engage in shady practices like this? Because they make money off it too, obviously, and because users haven’t demanded it. Avia Games and Apple, how do you sleep at night?.Version: 1.1.24

Solitaire clashDon’t waste any time , as far I am concerned it’s a scam to take your cash which they can conveniently take with your credit card but try and withdraw and it’s almost hopeless you have to go thru some rapyd withdrawal giving your bank info . If they can take payments with a credit card they can put it back on your credit card. It’s a crooked app..Version: 1.1.44

Fake cash gameHave to deposit money and win nothing i would stay away from this game I gave one star because I have to give it a star rating but if I could I would give it zero stars for lying to consumers uninstalled this illegitimate game just because it’s an official PayPal approved partner does not make it legitimate also the advert states no deposits required but you have to deposit money to see a very little return economic times are hard enough we don’t need these big companies stealing are hard earned cash very disappointing Yes the graphics are good and game play is ok other solitaire games are better although similar games are up front about everything plus they are ad free and they give you a chance to win like £5 or $5 for free if you have enough diamonds which are one by playing free games.Version: 1.1.24

Fraud and fakeOh sure you can win money however when you go to claim the money you won you can’t. So tired of these fake games claiming you can win real money..Version: 1.1.42

Unable to withdraw in CanadaGood game , but i'm unable to withdraw money in Canada .. it says invalid field when I write Canada as the Country.Version: 1.1.34

Worst scam everThis site claims to have fair play with all players being dealt the same cards, algorithms to make it fair and match opponents with players of similar skill level, blah, blah, blah. Not a chance... I've played away $1000's of dollars on this crappy scam game and I assure you it is NO WAY fair at all. All the fancy algorithms do is determine the easiest way to funnel all your money away, then bombard you with "deals" to get you to deposit more. Sure at first it seems great, make a few bucks, but then it just takes everything. Some games I've played for less than 15 seconds with zero possible other outcome, yet the winner of the round manages an impossibly high score? Screw these guys and I would definately NOT recommend to anyone.Version: 1.1.44

Cannot withdraw moneyThis game is fraud! I put £5 in but not be able to play properly! Keep saying my device violates platform rules and banned my account which I didn’t do anything. I can play and open my account again after complaining to cs dept. However after I finished work and back home, trying to open the game but it show my account is banned again! Everything happened within 2 days! Couldn’t get my £5 back!.Version: 1.1.30

Too much information!I am disappointed that this game requires so much personal information. For that reason, I have deleted it..Version: 1.1.44

SCAM! Save your moneyOnce you deposit money, it’s becomes really difficult to win games. I also noticed that they take a longer time to post the results of cash games to see if you will deposit more money while you’re waiting for the game to finish to see if you have won and get your winnings. If your money is tied up while you wait on the results, you’re just stuck waiting and they seem to know this. I have noticed this happens only with cash games and very very with gems games. If you do get the app, here is how you can make money. If you deposit any money, you will win for a little bit. Deposit $5 or so. When you have $15 to $18 in your balance (not bonus cash, real money), withdrawal your money from the game. It’s going to take almost a week to get that money from them btw. This will also delete all of your bonus cash and cost you $1 or more. But honestly, I doubt anyone actually makes any money on this game at all. Also, I don’t know if this will work after your first couple of deposits because they seem to flag you once you deposit money and make sure you never win after that..Version: 1.1.44

This is a scam!When depositing it works just fine from any bank, but when you try to withraw you only have one option and it doesnt work!.Version: 1.1.42

If the reviews are so opposite, DONT use it!!I’ve been playing this game for several months and I have deposited cash into it. I always play the smaller winnings and at first it was about equal wins and losses but after the second deposit, I ended up loosing every time even tho I completed it every single time!!!! And only in 3 minutes or less!!! Somehow I was loosing by 100 points or more, and I have been playing solitaire almost my entire life. And yes I know I may not be the best out there but this game is rigged to get your money. They shove lots of “deals” in your face because you will loose it all in the end and they know it. The responders to every review say “yes we will fix it” or “if you have issues contact support” but you know that’s just an excuse to make you think they actually want to help. In the end they get the money and you don’t, so don’t be fooled by the “oh it’s so wonderful! I love the game so much!” It’s so fake and rude, if you want to make a game so people can win money, don’t lie through your teeth. Please stay safe everyone!!.Version: 1.1.12

Fake game and they lie in descriptionAs others have said, this is a totally fake game. Deposited a small amount of money and then been playing for many weeks. Built up a good total via watching all their stupid ads, playing tournament games and various other games and can’t withdraw any of it not even my initial deposit. If you do get a small amount available to withdraw and play another game it uses that total first before the bonus cash balance. For them to claim no adverts is a lie - you are bombarded by them all of the time. Uninstalling.Version: 1.1.23

You Never can withdraw the moneyYou Never can withdraw your money just you can deposit they ripped me off.Version: 1.1.35

Good luck withdrawing moneyInitially played the game and made around £20 until it became impossible to win. Have downplayed and won it all back but you can not withdraw it. The Rapyd sign up won’t accept passport or driver license numbers and it won’t accept your address to send a cheque. Disappointed after spending all this time thinking I could get money out of it.Version: 1.1.24

Scam.I love solitaire and I’m competitive so this seemed right up my street. Played a few games after depositing £10 and found not matter what I did, I came third. I quit the game early and still got third, which took £1 to play and I got 50p back. Decided this seemed suspicious and wasn’t for me and tried to withdraw my remaining balance. To which they’ll take a fee off what you’re withdrawing which sucked enough but instead of putting it back into the account I provided to them, I now have to “wait for a cheque” which I’m certain won’t turn up. Horrible experience, if you fancy burning your money - heat your homes instead..Version: 1.1.19

Useless gameWhenever i play lost my money its not worth it.Version: 1.1.31

BE AWAREDO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY INTO THIS GAME!!!! It is not as advertised. It utilizes bots against human players, I have tested and documented this theory. I have also combined forces with other victims to make sure this company pays back what is owed as it is not alll “against real players”. That also have an additional lawsuit against them currently with Skillz. Please be aware that they will not correct their wrong doings and will victim shame. I am begging you to not put yourself in the same position I am. My daughters and I are close to losing our home due to this platform and they have shown energy towards adjusting their wrong doings. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! their are many other gaming platforms that are secure and safe. I also very much agree that this gaming app has the potential to exploit the already dangerous mental health of common consumers trying to make ends meet. Causing anxiety and depression by scamming an unknowing consumer can lead to suicide. This is an issue that needs to be resolved immediately, as they are utilizing bots and stealing money..Version: 1.1.35

Cheat...I won 2 games.. One 61.00 for the 1st place. And 2nd game for 35.00 same 1st place.. I didnt get the prize money. The first one its just loading and need to press the confirm button. Same thing happened to 2nd one.. Cheater!!!!!.Version: 1.1.34

Difficult to receive payout though.This is a good game, I especially like that they often have various challenges on to keep things interesting. You do also win genuine cash - transferred into your account however it is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE getting them to pay out. You’ll request a payout and be told it’ll be reviewed in 3-5 days before they release it but I am yet to receive a payout that I haven’t had to message them to prompt the review. It almost feels like they’re hoping you’ve forgotten your withdrawal request so they don’t have to pay and it and for that reason alone I would not recommend this game to anyone until they have looked into this issue..Version: 1.1.38

Don’t waste your time. Does not pay out!!I’ve never gotten into playing for money on apps in the past so I decided just for fun to try it. I don’t know how it happened but I somehow ended up investing five dollars. I have been playing now for a couple of months and I’ve never been able to make more than $10. Forget about cashing out. The app does not let you cash out it only lets you take that “cash” and invested into another game. When I finally had $12 I tried to cash out $10 and it wouldn’t let me …then I tried cashing out my initial Investment of $5 and the app wouldn’t let me do that much for getting my $5 back! It’s nice to play the challenges are for as well as the anticipation of possibly “hitting the jackpot” is but let’s face it you’re not really gonna make money on this app it’s for Entertainment only!! I haven’t seen one review raving about all the money they made as suggested by their deceiving ads!! DON’T BOTHER WITH THIS IF YOU ACTUALLY THINK YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!!!! I deleted the app. I’m out $.58 and about 250 gems..Version: 1.1.28

Ax why is your cy You are a scammer and a on man and it will catch up to you.You are scamming and everyone will know You took down the games before I could cash out and let me get within 60 bucks of being able to cash out of the millionaire dollar game now you won’t let me back in. I wonder if all the game developers know what you have done to their games. Removing the real money and replacing it with sweepstakes cash. Or if you take their games and change the names of them and call them yours. Solitaire Smash really? Is that what they taught you at Unity? You aren’t fooling with the religious commercials either. PM has stolen money from me and gone into my bank accounts and taken money out. I have never seen any of my winnings from your so called tournament only paid. The police said that you are a scammer and a thief and if you bother me again in any way you will be arrested So stop screwing with my phone I know your games have viruses. My banks are working on getting my money back but it’s because you run your own credit customers through PayerMax. I wish l knew your and your protégés name but you keep that a secret behind PMCutePet or PM Holiday Bingo. You owe me thousands dollars which I will never see because you are such a loser. I will let everyone I know about you and your side kick. Scammer scum..Version: 1.1.44

RetraitImpossible de faire un retrait dans cette application. Dise gérer avec Rapyd et seulement pour les entreprises. Impossible de connecter paypal..Version: 1.1.37

Bad gameDon’t download this game they lie I played for over a hour didn’t win a damn thing they are all scam games.Version: 1.1.44

Canada versionKept getting charged. No deposits. Useless and scam..Version: 1.1.37

ScamAll winning are considered bonus cash which cannot be cashed out so pointless if you can’t cash out what you win !.Version: 1.1.44

Seems sketchyTo withdraw the money its asking for all my card info which isn't necessary to regularly deposit money into my account. i don't plan on giving them any money.Version: 1.1.40

Not legitimateI normally do not write reviews. But for this game I had to. Wasted so much time playing this to just realize it's a scam.. First off, the game itself can be fun if you are into solitare. They did good on the game, HOWEVER! Winning real money is a complete scam. You aren't even playing with real players!! So many random profiles with men pictures but female names and vice versa. Totally random on what place you'll finish to earn a prize. It really doesn't matter your skill level or how fast you'll finish. The game will randomly place you at 1st place to 5th, no matter how good your score is.. They will make sure you don't win 1st place until they want you to. There was one instance that I was winning 2nd place a lot despite what my score was.. So yeah, maybe you can win some real money but no where near the amount you need to cash out. Only way you'll make any kind of money is if you buy a lot of play cash to play, I'm talking about hundreds and have the luck that'll you place 1st or 2nd place majority of the time. Imo, only download this if you like to play solitare and enjoy how this company constructed the game.Version: 1.1.14

DisappointingI used to really like this solitaire and have won bits of money here and there. The reason I’m giving it 1 star is because you guys need to sort out your ads. I don’t mind watching them but lately they do either freeze or just don’t come up with a cross to close after they’ve been watched. The amount of time I have wasted and have had to end the app because of these stupid adds!! It’s very frustrating..Version: 1.1.40

Bonus CashI started playing this and was starting to like it. I came first a few times and started racking up the winnings. But when I came to withdraw most of my ‘winnings’ was bonus cash which can’t be withdrawn. There’s nothing on the games that say the prizes are bonus cash and not real cash. Also, the game spends the real money first before the bonus cash. There should at least be an option to say if you want to spend real or bonus cash to enter a game.Version: 1.1.19

WARNING: PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!This is just another scam game designed for you to pour money into it. They start you off winning big to make you think it’s a good game, but eventually you start losing. If you actually win some games, you can cash out BUT as the expense of forfeiting any bonus cash you have. Say you have $50 in winnings, well $25 is withdrawal-able cash, and the other $25 is “bonus cash” that will be “frozen” while the withdrawal is processing, and the forfeited when the withdrawal is complete. This is very clearly a scam designed to keep you playing, especially because if you go back to the games thinking “okay I’ll just spend my bonus cash until it’s gone and just withdraw my earnings at the end” then you are WRONG because the system uses your winnings to play first, instead of the “bonus cash”. So essentially, they make it difficult to want to cash out in the first place. I think this is disgusting from the developers and they should really do better by their customers. It’s solitaire, so if you like solitaire then sure it’s fun. But if you’re trying to win actual money, just keep in mind that it’s a scam cleverly designed to take your money from you..Version: 1.1.18

Wish I could give it negative 5 stars. False advertising and steals your moneyDo not down load this game!!!! I did and wish I had never heard of it. First off, I wasn’t expecting to win big sums of money but I also didn’t expect them to steal money from me. This game plays nothing like the ads. And when you win, you can’t cash out at anytime like it says. Like I said, I didn’t expect to win big sums of money. But within the first half hour I won $15. I tried to cash out only to discover how high the fees are to cash out. Then after I deleted the game 12 hours later they withdrew $5 from my PayPal account for playing and deleting the game. This game is nothing but false advertising, gathering personal info (at this rate I’m guessing to sell it) and you won’t get your winnings unless you pay a high fee. I forfeited all of mine because I didn’t want to pay the high fees to withdraw, and they still charged me $5 after I deleted it. To me that’s theft. Wish I had never heard of solitaire clash..Version: 1.1.30

Poor customer serviceI’ve played this game for a while now and only put in about twenty dollars or so. Gotta say I don’t like the pop ups that happen since there’s three of them trying to get you to make purchases every single time you open the app. Their customer service is also seriously lacking. They take forever to respond and when there’s a glitch or something happens, they demand screenshots as proof, and repeat the same thing every couple of messages like they don’t read them or keep track of the conversation. I had nearly five dollars in a bonus game, Net Fishing, the next morning, I’m missing three dollars from the game and customer service tells me to understand that rankings change, I was first place, now I’m third. I obviously get that rankings change, however, I shouldn’t be missing money from my game and I am and they’re demanding screenshots as proof and I obviously didn’t take them since I never had problems before. It’s a minor thing, but it’s little things and the lack of accountability and customer service that is annoying..Version: 1.1.32

Won’t actually allow you to cash outAfter I finally got through all of their rules for payouts, examples their two dollar fee for paying out, their 15% charge-I then found out that I would never have access to the money as they only pay out to American citizens.Version: 1.1.44

Fun, but fake…Fun solitaire game, but don’t believe it for a second, I only play for free, no way I’m giving and bank or card info, I’d win small amounts, lose small amounts, the winning and losing makes no sense though because you can score 5 times as much as you scored to beat 10 other “real” players, then come last… highly inconsistent… it started telling me I was a pro and should deposit cash to have more fun, since it started that I’ve not come higher than 8th place in any game… regardless how much I score!.Version: 1.1.27

Not 100% sure this is genuinely random.I’m sorry, but at times this works really well, at other times (usually when money is involved) I get game after game after game that reaches a dead end, and magically someone completes the game with around 7,000 points ! I’m sorry, but I don’t believe anyone can complete some of these games, let alone with that high a score. I’d like a feature to be able to see these games replayed, just to put my mind to rest. I won’t go as far as to say I suspect foul play here, but something’s a bit fishy. 🤔🐟.Version: 1.1.37

ScamYou think you’re making a deposit into your bank account because it’s showing a stack of dollar bills up at the top but really that’s how you’re purchasing money to play their game I think it’s misleading so I just went ahead and deleted it I’m not impressed with their game that’s why I think it’s a scam and I think they should word it better instead of saying deposit they should say purchase more money for our game and that’s my own personal opinion and I don’t usually write these kind of reviews if I could give it no stars I would and definitely Yes I did contact their support department and I told them that I was deleting their game because of the fact I thought I was being scammed out of money instead of them returning a response to me they stopped the conversation with me and I got no response! They gave me a response by an email to Apple and said when you hit deposit that’s putting it into your game by withdrawing from your bank account then they need to say purchase not deposit more cash into your game aCCOUNT i’m not too impressed with the response that they gave me I don’t even see my review on their site!.Version: 1.1.37

Seems riggedUpdate: it’s not about being “able to win”. I can consistently rank at the top of the folks that I am matched against. But, after a game is finished and the final 2 “opponents” get made, those two “people” beat the consistently beat the board. Screenshots of the final board allow you to zoom in on the avatars and many are obviously faked. It’s also nonsensical how long it takes to match those final “opponents” given one can continue to play other games with four or five other matches. The game/app is rigged - period. It should be removed from the App Store. Like other similar games, it appears to be rigged. Game makes it seems like you’re being “matched”, but you’re rarely fully matched when the game starts. Then, after you’ve completed, they “find someone” whom miraculously beats the game for the top slot; even though, in many cases, that champion does not complete the game and takes longer than did you. You can watch how long this player plays by keeping your eye on the pending results window and verify whether they beat the game based on their final score. Hilariously, in many cases, the winning Avatar conflicts with person’s name (e.g. “Zach” with a picture of an older woman and “Jessica” with a beard). App should be banned from store for fraud..Version: 1.1.12

ScamPlayed it for a week. Everything is rigged dark. The spins to the games and results. Saved up enough pennies over the week to have £1 for a match, and boy was it rigged. Got two aces up on the board and…..yeah that’s it, four moves. Completely rigged to take your money, it offers every deal under the sun to get you to put your details into the app. That’s right, not Apple Pay etc, your card details, into the app. Ahahaha nah mate. Would give it 0 out of 5 if I could. Needs removing..Version: 1.1.30

It’s a SCAM !Where do I begin ? I gave this app a try because I was curious to see if I could win any cash while playing one of my favorite games. Turns out that all the money you win is FAKE and unredeemable. I say FAKE because it’s “bonus cash” ( the term the app developer uses) which can be used to play other games but you cannot withdraw any of that cash. If you win a game and earn cash that cash is not added to the cash that you can withdraw. Instead it’s added to your “bonus cash” which is fake money worth nothing ! They make you deposit cash to play but when you win you don’t win cash. Beware of this game which is FAKE and a SCAM. Don’t be tricked like I was. This app should be taken down from the App Store for its FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. I know we all want ways to make extra money but the app developer took it too far by stealing from its customer and giving false promises about earning money. Don’t get SCAMMED ! Stay as far away from this app ! Be safe and don’t get SCAMMED like I did..Version: 1.1.25

Waste of timePlayed for quite a while building up cash. Watched numerous adds and played bonus games. Slowly built up £5.50. Thought i would try to withdraw some to check it out. Message was minimum amount £2. Although I had enough it would not let me take any as mine was Bonus money. The previous review said he could withdraw without putting in a deposit but I think that’s false. Don’t bother with the game. You can’t really win and it’s got more ads than sky sports news.Version: 1.1.32

This game is starting to be suspiciousThis game is awesome to play unfortunately you can’t withdraw any of your prize money. I’m only playing it to win money. When you deposit money you can deposit from any bank or payment method BUT:! When you try to withdraw your winnings it will only give you one option to withdraw which is Rapyd which if you are lucky to get a working account and are lucky to get your money withdrawn you can only use it on locations like google play which is not what I want. If they are a legit honest game they should have more withdrawing bank options that work for all players like everyone else does! 😡 They say they even use PayPal on my end but even that isn’t an option in the withdrawal. If this is a fake game they will not receive another penny from me. If they are real they must please fix this. Otherwise goodbye game! 😡 I just researched the company Rapyd, it’s a banking app only for businesses. 😡In other words this game is fake and is a scam just for your money. 😡.Version: 1.1.35

They play too muchSo they start you off with nothing and then you start making money. First off you gotta create a full account and then you can start “TRYING” to cash out. When you try the cash out never matches the money in the bank and then there is a minimum you can cash out. They say Current Balance amount ,Bonus Cash amount and Cash amount. And the current and Bonus match but ur Cash amount either is sum cents or nothing at all. Then when you play a cash board the little bit of cents goes first. This game is a JOKE. I only play it now because I like solitaire. U will be at the too of the ranking. Then it says processing scores and by the time u get the results you go from 1-3 to 6-10. And it will say better luck next time. Yea I know customer service about to reply to this making it look like, Yall not scamming I watch to many reviews go like this and yall come and comment to dress up yall scam. Only person making money is the maker of these games. Alot of these 5 star rating’s don’t even be real it be y’all posting to get our hard working money. SMH!!!! Im not mad @ the hustle bout to make me a game too shhhhhhh.Version: 1.1.37

ScamI played this game for 2 months without making a purchase. I lose way more games than win, and I’m pretty good at it. But there’s always those one or two players who are so extraordinarily good in every single game. Most I ever had an opportunity to withdraw was $10, but I had an additional $8 in “bonus cash” that I would lose if I withdrew it. Not wanting to start from scratch, I continued playing and of course lost it all. Finally an ad popped up saying if I spent $3 I’d let $3 in bonus cash and I said what the heck, let’s see if I can actually win anything. Once I made a purchase, all the opportunities for extra spins and free games disappeared and I lost all my money and gems. I literally got to zero dollars and zero gems and was going to have to wait 4 hours for a chance to win something (of course I always land on the lowest amount of gems and very rarely land on 5 cents), so I deleted the app. I actually enjoyed playing the game but the fact that I was being forced into making a purchase really turned me off. I would never have spent that $3 if I knew I would lose all chances for free games..Version: 1.1.28

ScamThis game are scam. They let my play one game I won all together 14,50 to make them on my account I have to provide my details card to make withdrawals and on my pending account is -10£ they just put 14,50 in balance from game then I choose setting make withdrawals again asking about card details bla bla and another thinks maximum deposit 7£ I have 14,50 5,40 it’s bousne game which they explained it’s frozen you couldn’t Thai it out then u have 9.10 from all fees and charging transfer I’ve got 5,30. It’s scam don’t do it guys.Version: 1.1.19

FakeFake.Version: 1.1.44

House bots galorePlay this if you want but be prepared to be screwed out of any big paydays. What usually happens is you get a good score, beat the real humans playing, but only have the people have finished the game. Then, magically, all the remaining people finish simultaneously and, shocker, manage to beat you out of winning anything resembling a decent payday, sometimes by getting better scores than I have ever gotten so far. If it was once in awhile this happened fine but every game almost it seems people magically come out of the woodwork all at once and beat you simultaneously, which is just unrealistic . Couple this with the fact that a large chunk of your winnings just revert back to bonus cash if you do win somehow, you have to forfeit all bonus cash every time you cash out, whenever you enter a tournament it prioritizes actual cash so the only way to access that bonus cash and avoid forfeiting it is to shoot yourself in the foot and lose the real cash, and the dev’s disgusting nonapologies of ‘I’m sorry you feel this way’ and I see no reason to play literally any other cash app or solitaire app..Version: 1.1.39

Don’t play unless money to blowIf you have money to blow and are exceptional at solitaire by all means you will probably win something but if you are expecting to win money just by playing you would be mistaken. The ads definitely lead you to believe this is the case but it is not. If you put money on your account it gives bonus cash that you are not allowed to cash out and have to forfeit if you do choose to cash out. If you bet $1 the max you can win is $3. Whatever the prize amount you have to split with other players. The only way it’s worth it is if you bet a decent amount of money and come in first place. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. Your spending hours to make a few dollars. Total scam. Keep responding to people like you aren’t completely scamming them. It’s sincerely ridiculous. They may not do anything without authorization but it does try to trick you into thinking your getting free money when you aren’t. It’s a shame the world has come to this and businesses make so much money off scamming others. What happened to false advertisement? As far as I know this is illegal but for some reason it steady happens. If people would come together and reveal these scammers instead they pay people to say how great it is. So sad! This world and everything in it is failing. I fell bad for the new generations..Version: 1.1.37

❗️Beware, likely Illegal Gambling app in 25 states….Update in response to Developer’s boiler-plate response: You did not respond in a meaningful way to anything I said — so I have to ask, why bother to “respond”? — Again, your company takes a percentage of all gambling action regardless of who wins or loses. Your ads are targeted against women and girls. By enabling online mobile gambling, you are apparently in violation of more than several states’ laws and it’s disappointing that the app store seems to be looking the other way. Additionally, your response to my original review unsurprisingly, is simply irrelevant nonsense that has nothing to do with my criticism. This is one of a number of apps that promote gambling and addiction, according to news accounts, and it is illegal in more than two dozen states. It’s concerning and disappointing to see it allowed on the app store. Also, interestingly, many of its ads appear to be specifically targeting women and girls. These ads appear regularly, for example, on many other freemium games that require players to watch ads in order to progress❗️.Version: 1.1.24

Bots always winSometimes this game is good, MOST of the time I’ve been suspicious they have bots in the games who you can’t beat as they always win by a percentage margin. It seemed they were always winning by roughly 100 points, so I tested it by entering a game and immediately ‘finishing’ it. Low and behold, 7 people had already completed the game scoring marginal points more. I’ve got screenshots of all this but there’s nowhere to post pictures. Not massively impressed.Version: 1.1.31

Scam GameScam Game!.Version: 1.1.44

Don’t play!!!Don’t play it with ur money. Withdraw system is not good. There is always missing amount of money. They told me check my bank but there was nothing problem with my bank. And I heard Aviagames allows using bots. Not fare game..Version: 1.1.44

TerribleAt first I started playing small games like, $1, $5 or even up to $9 games, eventually I got more hooked to this game and started playing the big games +$50 and I was loosing every time, every time I deposited more, I end up depositing over $900 and thankfully manage to almost broke even, which then I proceeded to cash out, it has been over a week since my request, and all support has to say is that they are trying their best to review all requests, which is no help because it hasn’t got confirmed, every time that’s all they have to say, which is useless, I tried to cancel the withdrawal and play a couple more games which I lost and tried to submit my request again and again, is has been a week and I haven’t got any update. I used to gamble hundreds of dollar daily on this game but after this happened I stopped depositing money, I still have hope I get my money back and play this game again because I like it, but if not I’m gonna take it as a life lesson of never trusting this online cash games..Version: 1.1.35

Advert crashes gameMy phone as well as the game has been updated but the advert Coin Master crashes the game everytime. Then I need to restart with the hope it will load another advert which will not crash the game. If it is Coin Master again then the game won’t load. I love this game but hv’nt tried to deposit any money yet. If it wasn’t for that advert I would have given it a 5 star.Version: 1.1.37

Fun but can’t withdraw your winningsThe game is fun if you like solitaire, but it’s super hard to win any money without adding any. Not to mention, you can never withdraw all your winnings. I was down to $3 and some change. Won $49, $19, $2 and $4. My bank says I have $73 and some change (also not correct, should be $74 and some change but whatever) tried to withdraw and could only take out $30 something. Said “$36 is bonus cash, and bonus cash cannot be withdrawn”. How is that possible? I could see the $3 being “bonus cash” but $36? There’s no way! Going to start screen shotting when I get low, then back up because I should be able to take out ALL of it at this point! 2 stars because they have cute games to play or scratchers to possibly win more $, but you’ll never win more than a few cents at a time. Going to be looking into another game similar. EDIT: Due to response from developer (being almost identical to other responses and clearly a bot / template) down to 1 star. There’s no way $36 is “bonus cash” when you’re lucky to win more than 0.05 cents from them lol. What a joke..Version: 1.1.31

Bad game waste of moneyFraud game do not waste your time or money. Once you deposit your money you can not withdraw it back. They charge a fee to withdraw and you cant even withdraw the whole amount you deposited. You win the free games and once tou put money all of a sudden it becomes blocked from all angles ..Version: 1.1.44

Solitare clashThis game has rewards provided you play big money such as anything from £50 otherwise no big wins, pretty frustrating as according to the ads you can actually win big when if you play small amounts you only win very small amounts 🤯🤯🤯.Version: 1.1.42

Not as advertised.They are real slick with this game. They make you think that you are earning real money, but nowhere do they state that they always use your money first and that no matter how much play cash you win in the game, they draw from your real money first. Say you deposit 1 real dollar into your account and you have 5 play dollars already in the game. You pay 1 dollar to play a game with real cash rewards. You get 3 dollars in winnings. Only a teeny tiny percentage of that 3 dollars is considered real money and able to be withdrawn from the game. The large percentage is considered in game play money. So you buy another game that costs 1 dollar, it removes uses up the little in real cash you have first, and so on and so forth. Now since you have to pay a processing fee to remove cash under 10, I can’t see how you ever actually make any real money in this game without spending over 50 in hopes of winning one of the bigger rewards where you’d get enough from the small percentage you earn in real cash where you can actually remove it before you play another game. You could have 50 in play cash that you’ve earned and it will still take whatever you have in real cash before it taps into the in game play money..Version: 1.1.8

This is a scamIt said I could deposit eight dollars, it took eight dollars AWAY from me!!.Version: 1.1.42

Can't receive all cashIt's fun but unless you put money on you can't withdraw cash ,I have earned £29 on free plays and watching advertised clips but when I tried to withdraw it will only let me take £1 and that's treating everyone fair!!!!!! Would not recommend if you want the cash but if it's for fun it's ok but then u can play the game Without all the advertising.Version: 1.1.23

Don’t waste your hard earned moneyI’ve played this a lot and there is a definite pattern of fixed play. They say, oh it’s just that someone else played it better than you… No, it’s too much of a pattern that you’re amazing for 6 matches, then suddenly rubbish until your minimal cash build up is gone again. Algorithms, Bots, I don’t know how it’s legal to advertise this as a legit game. I hope people don’t pay too much money into this..Version: 1.1.42

Mixed Bag, Just Be Ready To Lose Time And MoneyLet’s be real. Most of us will never get our initial $5 buy in back. You’ll be broke and playing for diamonds/gems and not cash or cents before you know it. It’s fun. Just wish I didn’t buy into it. The commercials that drew you to this ad are the highest level stakes games that you will never achieve if you do the basic $5 buy in at the beginning. If you want the reward, you’re going to have to take the risk and spend more. I do believe there is a hidden formula in play here. You buy in. The system detects fresh cash, and you win 1st or 2nd for a game or three. Then after you’re up, get ready to crash. $35 goes to $0.32 quickly. The games are fun, but you’re never going to get your initial deposit back in most cases. Plus, look at the other reviews. People who do hit it big are having problems getting all of their winnings when they can cash out. I’m not complaining about not being able to cash out promo play. That’s stupid and the developers would be broke if they allowed that. People who complain about that are stupid. I’m talking about bigger amounts of what is supposed to be real money..Version: 1.1.17

Waste of time, and likely a scam.Dialog after dialog of trying to get you to purchase more, every single time you play. I find it really odd, that mathematically, 80% of actual solitaire card games are winnable, yet you’ll be lucky to hit 20% win rate Even more odd, it seems like when you actually bet real money, you always lose, often to people with ridiculous names that start with a small letters like ‘fl Spager’. Dialogs show up that have one button on them, that you have to press, to ‘deposit’ more cash. Read the comments the company leaves on all of the many complaints, and you’ll be even more turned off. The solitaire game amongst all this nonsense is actually quite good, if that’s all you’re here for, and you don’t mind clicking 10 redundant sales pitches out of your way for each game, this game will be great for you. The company will respond with ‘sorry you feel that way’, trying to imply this is an emotional response, but it is not, most of it is fact with a sprinkle of ugly opinion..Version: 1.1.33

WrongThis game does not play like they advertise. The game is ok but don’t expect to make money.Version: 1.1.42

Not convinced this isn’t fixedI’m very good at solitaire and can see patterns in this game. If you win for a while suddenly it all stops and you lose one after another and it’s the same way time after time. Not doing it anymore because I’m convinced something isn’t right. There’s no doubt you do win but don’t win too much. I just put some money in but the same things happened and I lost all of it very quickly. Don’t waste your money guys because you might win for a while but it feels like they don’t like it if you win too often and you’re stopped from winning somehow. Just my opinion but I’m closing my account..Version: 1.1.27

False AdvertisingThe game is a scam, I believe the reviews are paid for or auto generated by bots. It lets you win a bit in the beginning but then you lose way more than you win. I won about 7 out of 8 my first day and made about $60 from $5 input but then the next 3 games were a loss, literally a loss as in last place, btw its winner is determined by placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd out of 6 to 12 players who can get done fastest and least amount of times shuffled. I don’t know how I can get done before all players and still get last, I shuffled less times and got done sooner than the others but still lost every time and got last place every time. It gives a time bonus for the faster you do it but somehow I kept getting last place. So I’m glad I only put in $5 because I’m not wasting money on something that isn’t calculating fairly for everyone and not paying their bots the winnings. It’s a scam if you ask me. Every game like this is the same, you download and start winning to feel good, they spam you to deposit money every 3 seconds and then you do and they let you win a few to increase your winnings but then you start losing and hardly ever win anything. They got $5 from me, screw this game..Version: 1.1.42

No cash bonus matches upon depositI really enjoyed this game until I deposited money into it. Once a deposit is made, all ad matches are no longer available. Or the option to watch an ad for mini game bonuses. You would think there would be more options for your cash players but nope. I lost all interest once those options were gone. Not all of us have seed money to spend on these games so to wait for one spin a day for 15 diamonds (99% of the time it’s set to this, which is not random. Funny how that that is) is just ridiculous. Can’t even play one match with that. You would think there would be more incentives to keep your customers playing. It’s unfortunate that I’ll be deleting this game since I have to wait 1-2 days (I’m not playing this 24/7 so for me it takes this long) to have enough diamonds just to play. You should really try to do something to keep your customers interested since there are tons of other apps you could lose your customers to, like me..Version: 1.1.29

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