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Amazing butThis app is amazing. However: 1- In bookmarks, it shows only the actual url (including the long URLs) rather than the name of URL 2- unable to view pdf or word document 3- no back or refresh button 4- ability to bookmark I did not include videos for obvious reasons..Version: 1.0.2

AmazingWow amazing works really well..Version: 1.0.1

Log in didn’t workWas hoping to get it to log into flightbridge.com but expected it might not work. It didn’t and so while my main intention was for that, it is simple enough for certain other websites. Hopefully this could be updated in the future since I don’t mind logging in everytime if it still is possible..Version: 1.2

Chance the logoI’m not particularly tech savvy but I’m in the creative world professionally and I’m struggling to make my Apple Watch Series 7 operate usefully in the real world. Your app is an absolutely amazing concept. I’m trying really hard to let it help me access my Soundcloud account and just giving everything a go. As you said, there’s only do much we can do and you are our best shot. But Please… take it from me… change your icon. It just looks like an uninteresting watch or egg-timer app. It’s confusing. It doesn’t give the user any confidence in choosing or executing the app nor does it transmit your excellent and powerful concept in to a visual conduit in to your app. It makes no sense at all. It gets subsumed by all those bold and racy easy to predict icons swirling around it on the already cramped watch face. I’m trying hard as I said, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to using technologies but yours is the most interesting and future forward one I’ve come across. More ‘Help’ or hand-holding while using the app (me getting lost) would be so appreciated 💜👈Thankyou! You’re a legend.Version: 1.2

Smooth and efficient!Series 5 Apple Watch here - this browser does a surprisingly good job at loading and displaying web pages on such a small screen. It makes it easy to sneak a peek at some of my favorite websites while at work. I had to experiment a bit with the best sites to bookmark in the companion iOS app. I noticed that some will (understandably) crash if I scroll too fast, but otherwise no complaints. If the app developer is taking suggestions: the ability to configure webpage settings would be appreciated..Version: 1.2

Love it but need upgradesThis need support to play a videos.Version: 1.2

Amazingly useful and convenientLove this app. So easy to bookmark and lightly browse the internet. I use it way more than I thought. If possible, I would add a vote for back/forward/refresh buttons and the ability to use a different search engine to avoid the typical first time pop-ups and cookie notifications. If you have an AW7, the keyboard comes in very useful with this app!.Version: 1.2

Very goodIts just the convenience of the app that makes it good, i can go to website while I'm in school.Version: 1.2

Awesome Browser 🥰No video playback but the watch doesn’t have a video player so no fault there. So nice to have a mini browser on the the watch though, something apple should’ve included. Very cool..Version: 1.0.1

Great for the priceMicroBrowser obviously won't replace iOS Safari, and for me, honestly, it's more of a novelty than something I expect to seriously use very often, at this point. That said, it works suprisingly well on many sites - especially on the larger screen AW Series 7. It's best for sites that don't require much interaction. If your Watch has an internet connection via WiFi or Cellular, you don't need to have your iPhone with you to use microBrowser. This can be handy if you're jogging without your iPhone, or if you forgot to bring your iPhone with you. Regarding my "novelty value" comment. That's how I felt about much of the Apple Watch functionality when I got my first Watch, a Series 3. I thought it was super cool to have essentially a tiny computer on my wrist that I could use to check my messages, see a few news headlines, get a quick overview of the weather, etc. But I never really relied on that early Watch, except for fitness tracking. But the Watch models of at least the past 2 years are far more capable, faster, and have bigger screens than the Series 3 - and they are far more useful in their own right. I don't regret buying that Series 3, and I absolutely don't regret buying microBrowser for 99 cents. I've already had way more fun with it than with most 99 cent games I've purchased. And I do see myself using it occasionally to check some of my favorite websites when I'm on the go..Version: 1.0.2

Awesome, but I have noticed a bookmark bugHooray! Thank you so much for removing the ‘continue’ prompt. That now makes this one of my absolute favorite apps for Apple Watch!! One bug note: if I uninstall the app from my watch and then reinstall it, my saved bookmarks from the iPhone don’t seem to port over again..Version: 1.1.1

A must have app but one feature missing :(Finally a web browser for the watch but there is currently no way (V1.2) to bypass the invalid certificate warning in order to access LAN sites such as switch, modem, router, AP portals..Version: 1.2

Makes the Apple so much more usefulIt actually works as intended even on my s3 is still quick.Version: 1.0.2

Clever AppClever implementation, good for what it is!.Version: 1.0.2

Excellent browser for the Apple WatchIt works amazing for the Apple Watch! Only problem I have with it is that the close option is constantly on screen while browsing which takes up a noticeable amount of space for the already tiny screen..Version: 1.2

Really cool…with some flawsReally good. If you want a browser this really does provide a great experience. I’m honestly surprised what this thing can provide. Although it is mentioned in the description anyway, it’s worth mentioning no real ability to login to anything. I mostly got this for browsing news or Wikipedia, but was also hoping it would be a good work around getting an uber with just the watch, sadly not possible. Overall I’d say it’s worth getting even with what it has now and in the hope these other features may come in future..Version: 1.2

Worth every penny !! The BEST I have ever usedThis is turning out to be one of my favourite apps. No need to pick up my phone to check my regular news sites. Also do a quick check of winning lottery numbers. They load perfectly, quickly, with no ads or other junk attached. You will not regret having this on your watch..Version: 1.2

Must have!!!So far this is the perfect app purchase. The bookmark feature makes so much sense. I can now quickly access sites I frequently visit on my watch. The app runs smoothly and pages look amazing. Without hesitation I recommend this app!!!.Version: 1.2

Surprisingly great and useful!Apple Watch screens are tiny, but this app is a surprisingly capable and useful browser that fits in the limits of such a tiny device. Especially if you have an Ultra with cellular service, this is a worthy app to install on your watch!.Version: 1.2

The most glorious of appsI love it. It is fast and easy to use. We are living in the future!.Version: 1.2

ExcellentThank you for creating such a great useful application..Version: 1.0.2

Love itI love this app. The one thing that I wish you could do is to import your favorite websites from Safari. Hopefully it will come out with an update. Great start though..Version: 1.0.1

Surprisingly useful!I will add my compliments to the developer for this app as it works rather quickly & love the ability to open a website via a complication! Will also add my vote in favor of back & forward buttons though, and a refresh button. But good job so far..Version: 1.1

Love itIt works.Version: 1.0.2

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