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Universal Remote TV Control App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Universal Remote TV Control app received 62 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Universal Remote TV Control? Can you share your negative thoughts about universal remote tv control?

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Universal Remote TV Control for Negative User Reviews

Never would link up with my TVTried multiple times to link to the TV, never worked, too bad. Hope someone has luck with it..Version: 1.5

Will not find networkStill searching days later DONE WIRH IT.Version: 1.4

Far to expensiveA one off payment would be much better of say £9.99 But £4.99/week is just a rip off.Version: 1.3

Does not workI have been trying to put in my pin and it won’t let me. It keeps popping up to put pin in and it keeps disappearing and reappearing. I can’t use it and want help.Version: 1.2

How much?I’m sorry, almost £20 a month for a remote control? Come on guys you have hit April Fool’s Day a tad early..Version: 1.4

UselessMy remote on my Phillips tv stopped working and I saw this universal remote control on the App Store. It works for the other Roku remotes. When it came to my actual Phillips tv. Didn’t help at all. And 3 days for free trial. I canceled it after an hour..Version: 1.3

RemoteWhere is tv remote. It ask for tv but gave me streamer. So how do you get tv remote.Version: 1.2

Wifi?So bad, I’ve done this before but it keeps asking me to connect my TV to wifi I’ve never once connect a tv to wifi.Version: 1.6

Don’t get this app!!!!Makes you agree to an outrageously priced subscription ($4.99 per WEEK!!!! ) under the assumption that you have a 3 day free trial. However, nowhere does it tell you how to cancel the “free trial.” Currently waiting for an answer to my email to their support team, hopefully telling me how to cancel this ridiculous service..Version: 1.3

The remoteIt doesn’t even work on my tv I hit all the buttons and nothing happened.Version: 1.3

I am stuck in searching for tv for the past 30minsSearching for remoting is none ending.Version: 1.3

How to unsubscribeI’m getting money token out my account and I’m not even using this remote I downloaded it for the free trial, but it didn’t even work, so I deleted it, although I did that it’s still charging me. How do I remove it completely?.Version: 1.5

Not worth the time nor hassleDidn’t locate my tv. Waste of my time energy and money I have to immediately figure out how to cancel, should have been weary of having to pay..Version: 1.6

Expensive.Should be a one time purchase! Way too expensive!.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workI downloaded it, it said it connected to my tv and just didn’t work at all. Both were connected to wifi and everything..Version: 1.6

Expensive and never worksPlease stop billing me $5.99 a week! I have tried to cancel but you keep charging my card!.Version: 1.5

Didn’t work for meWasn’t able to find where to cancel my trail period before am charged again, the App is not very user friendly..Version: 1.1.1

Does it work?I don’t know. All I DO know is I’m NOT paying £16+ a MONTH for a remote control. Which I already have. Ridiculous..Version: 1.1

Horrible app, don’t buy, just use your tv’s app.Horrible app, doesn’t work.Version: 1.5

ReviewEvery three button presses prompts me to pay for an upgrade, it’s annoying as fawk.Version: 1.3

Subscription$$$Subscription$$$.Version: 1.1.1

DisappointedTried using it but it won’t work until after I pay for it. Not going to waste money on something that doesn’t even work before I pay for it. Waste of time and space on my phone..Version: 1.2

$10/month - tell em they’re dreamin’Are you kidding? 10 dollars a week for a tv remote? I can buy one for 40 that will work for years. I was excited about this but the price is a definite deal breaker for me. I’d pay 10 bucks once. Tell em they’re dreamin!.Version: 1.6

App will not workApp won’t work for tv but you have to pay before you try and know trying to stop the payment is impossible to do Do not try wasting your time and money.Version: 1.3

Very DisappointedIt’s not working good at all with my fire tv. When I press to turn a channels it keeps on channel surfing..Version: 1.2

Would like to cancel appI would like not to be charged for this application. It is awful. Can’t figure out how to cancel..Version: 1.3

WiFiI have been having WiFi problem for some time I have tried everything possible I have received no response No help I still can’t get WiFi connection. Please please send me some help Non payment help.Version: 1.5

Doesn’t even work.Not worth the “subscription” or free trial. It doesn’t even work. 1 str don’t be fooled by the great reviews. I can’t even control the volume on the tv either..Version: 1.5

Doesn’t workMade me pay first only four not to connect.Version: 1.5

Didn’t work!!Couldn’t pair with the tv.Version: 1.1

Don’t get thisThis stupid TV remote thing is a scam I can’t even click OK what is the point of having a TV remote if you can’t click OK if you’re looking for a free one don’t get this one it charges you to click OK mostly everything on here you have to buy .😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡.Version: 1.5

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work at all on tv or fire stick.Version: 1.4

Didnt work at allTv showed up but no buttons worked for my tv even though it showed up in the device search.Version: 1.6

Cannot work without the original remoteThis app cannot TURN ON my LG TV without using the LG remote first. Other functions work..Version: 1.3

BADEvery Single time that I’m using the controls on the controller the ad do you want to start a plan keeps popping up in every single second I gotta exit that so if the person that made this up is reading this fix that immediately it’s annoying thank you.Version: 1.4

BadBecause if you don’t have Wi-Fi then you need the remote omg I’m done with this app!!!.Version: 1.3

I paid for something to have it not even workNone of the buttons are working..Version: 1.6

Good appWorks well very expensive though, would be Will to pay if there were other remotes like Comcast.Version: 1.2

Awful app. Found my tv but didn’t work.Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.4

Cancel my subscription very bad remoteThis remote is awful. I should be charging you to use it.Version: 1.4

What’s the pointSo my remote isn’t working I’ve tried everything so I decided to download this app. For some reason my On/Off button on my tv isn’t working either. Somehow I pressed really hard and my tv finally came on but after that it isn’t working again. I get on the app to connect it to start using it and then the “give permission” option pops up on my tv 🙄 how am I supposed to use the app if I can’t press give permission on my tv 🤦🏾‍♀️ If I could give permission on my tv with my remote what the heck I need the app for I mean that is pointless. I can’t even rate the app because I can’t even use the dang thing.Version: 1.6

Absolute conClose to £20 a month for a very average TV app. Don’t bother..Version: 1.4

RubbishTotal rubbish unless u pay to use the app. Press the button twice on your remote and it’s asking u to pay. Nowt wrong with tv remote I’ll stick with that that.Version: 1.4

Not worth itEvery two clicks it prompts you having to subscribe to a plan. Most annoying thing ever and the ok button doesn’t even work. Waste of time. Not even worth having a free trial because won’t even work during the free trial..Version: 1.4

Won’t connectWiFi required.Version: 1.5

Won’t even find my Sony tvI’m on the same WiFi and watching the tv and it can’t find it.Version: 1.6

£4 a week!!!!Looked very handy and it might well be but at £4 a week I could by 10 remote controls!.Version: 1.3

Really!!3 Days free trial! Then only £4.49 per week! Which makes it more expensive than our TV license…… no thanks !.Version: 1.4

How to Unsubscribe?They have all info apart from how to remove and unsubscribe!.Version: 1.6

How to cancelFor everyone who like me was freaking out over the ridiculous payment for an app that didn’t even I work I have a solution. Go into setting on iPhone and at the very top it should say your name, Apple ID, iCloud, media and purchased click on that. Than under where it’s how u pay like master card or what ever it is it should say subscription. Click that and it should bring this app up and than click end free trial. I hope this got out to the right people and I hope it helped..Version: 1.6

What a conWhat’s con.Version: 1.4

To expensive!Too expensive.Version: 1.6

Very nasty piece of work this!!Almost bought a subscription while setting it up. Very sneaky. Can’t use any features at all unless you get a trial or they manage to trip you up and you accidentally pay for the app!!!!! Rotten scum thieves.Version: 1.12

ConnectingIt takes for ever especially when I lost my remote and it keeps disconnecting.Version: 1.5

Tv providerDoes this work with Hisense?.Version: 1.5

Too Expensive£19.25 a month = £231 a year. No remote is worth that. I also don’t want to sign up for the subscription to start the 3 day trial. The tail does not wag the dog. I’m out..Version: 1.3

Good appYea his app is so helpful for when I lose my remote.Version: 1.5

Come on now!!!As if I’m paying $7.49 per week for this??? I’ll pay $1.50 one off only otherwise DELETE!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4

7 bucks a week! Hahaha. No thank youDownloaded it then saw the pricing. I wouldn’t pay 7 bucks total. Thanks though..Version: 1.5

DecentGood app but asking me to upgrade every single time that I press a button isn’t gonna make me upgrade..Version: 1.4

I’m sorry yalll that brokeKinda sad y’all that broke you gotta charge for an app that’s free literally anywhere else I’ll pray y’all get in better financial shape.Version: 1.3

It’s not free and it’s garbageDo not waste your time .. it’s not free it’s fake.Version: 1.1

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Universal Remote TV Control works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Universal Remote TV Control.

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