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Craftbound - MMO Idle RPG App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Craftbound - MMO Idle RPG app received 31 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Craftbound - MMO Idle RPG? Can you share your negative thoughts about craftbound - mmo idle rpg?

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Craftbound - MMO Idle RPG for Negative User Reviews

Dumb Sign InYou’re probably losing hundreds of players by requiring them to Sign In with Apple ID FYI.Version: 1.0

It’s neatIt’s a neat game, but the always online part of it makes it not good. Even with good internet you still have issues. You will try and craft something and it won’t register, or if you cancel your gathering it won’t register. It also takes like a minute to switch around, and when you finally do switch you lose connection and have to start over what you were doing.Version: 1.0

Bugs?Can’t start gathering anything, the timer didn’t progress? I’m not sure if it’s a but or if i missed something.Version: 1.0

CrashesWould be good if the screen didn’t go black after 3 seconds of running, then closing the app out doesn’t force it to restart the app. so when you open it, it’s still a black screen. I have to wait hours sometimes to re-open the app in a working state..Version: 1.0

Promising, but buggyGame seems promising and possibly fun, but it bugged out approximately one hour into the game and thus softlocked me. I couldn’t find any real support or FAQs to troubleshoot why this may have happened, but I was also starting to get several error popups too. Maybe wait until the game gets a bit more polish..Version: 1.0

Great game but..Love the game but most of the time the crafting button doesn’t work. Even if I exit out of the game to refresh it and come back in, I just can’t get into the crafting screen..Version: 1.0

Cant play?This game does have the potential to be good but I can’t play it. Every five minutes it kicks me from the game and when I try to swap the tab to gathering or crafting it just doesn’t, before kicking me out from the game. I would love to play and give this a better rating but because I can’t play it it only gets one star. Hope it gets fixed soon..Version: 1.0

EXTREMELY Bugged game!Please do not download this game until the bugs are fixed. PLEASE! You’ve likely seen the other comments about the bugs and this is no different, it just shows that the devs don’t care I guess? It’s almost impossible to even start the game because you kept being taken back to the name screen. If you somehow manage to get through that by picking a short name along with the default character, you will be met with a few options of activities you can do, ignore them all except the Home Screen because that’s all you’re going to be seeing. Whenever you select an option you might have a few seconds to browse because the game bugs and puts you right back to the Home Screen, I see this has been an issue for a few weeks and nothing has been done about it and seems like nothing is going to happen since they haven’t addressed it. Please, do not download this game until it’s fixed (I will update this review at the top if it’s resolved so don’t worry) but until then, please don’t support devs that release an unfinished, untested product. I don’t care for a response, I’m already on the discord and it’s not addressed anywhere so anything else is pointless. Just fix the problems please..Version: 1.0

When will the game be fix?……..Version: 1.0

I see the potential, but…Right now it’s completely filled with bugs, and borderline unplayable. Which is unfortunate because I quickly paid for the $7.99 all upgrade unlock. Switching from in-app to offline and back seems to not work at all. I’ve had to hard-reset the app several times and there’s never any telling whether the task I started beforehand will still be going. Hope everything is fixed soon, but right now this isn’t a functioning game..Version: 1.0

SoooooExplains nothing. Crashes every time I use it. Can’t find combat even though I’ve seen stuff online about it.Version: 1.0

So slow and buggyCant even get the game to work, it just keeps crashing and returning to home after maybe a minute of doing anything, definitely the worst game due to literally being unplayable.Version: 1.0

Not bad at allGood game but sometimes when I click on the gather thing it doesn’t work and gets stuck on 1 second remaining.Version: 1.0

Sadly unplayableThe constant refreshing due to what I can only assume is the server disconnecting happens constantly. Even making a character I had to start over 30+ times due to refresh, if I wasn’t frantically trying to see all of the options before I had to re enter my name for the nth time I would appreciate the pixel art. Please figure out how to fix this, it happens almost every five seconds and I actually want to play this game..Version: 1.0

BugsCannot gather at all just says 1s remaining constantly on all areas (even after buying tools) Also gathering areas full of “players” so you cannot train there..Version: 1.0

Doesn’t workIt loaded allowed me to put a name in, then froze up and wouldn’t load after that..Version: 1.0

Can’t Even PlayDownloaded the game and played for about an hour. There are a few bugs, some you can work around, some you can’t. When doing advanced gathering with certain skill combinations you just get 0 xp and resources. Sometimes the screen just goes blank except for outlines of where widgets should be and you have to restart to get everything to show up again. Now the games been down for over 12 hours so can’t even play it. I think the game has potential, but has a ways to go..Version: 1.0

Game won’t even workJust downloaded and met with a pop up saying unknown error. Literally unplayable. Literally..Version: 1.0

Seems fun when it lets me play:/The game will constantly like refresh and take me to the home screen and reload everything so i can’t even play most the time and not only that but sometimes it’ll just crash constantly ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling nothing changes i hope this can get fixed because i enjoy this game and i’ve seen im not the only one with this problem and everyone i’ve seen ENJOYS it when it works PLEASE WORK ON THIS DEVS!!.Version: 1.0

Fails to start13 pro max, iOS 15.6.1, just doesn't start. App opens to an empty unresponsive menu that never loads. Looks neat, but it's impossible to give higher than 1 star to an app that can't be used..Version: 1.0

Been waiting for this game!Played the game when it was on TestFlight and loved it. They’ve improved so much content and UI/X wise and it’s awesome. However, navigating the UI is a little..janky. Screen transitions are not as smooth as I’d like or expect. Also running into crashes: was mining copper and then tried to start the crafting of ingots and the game crashed. Gonna keep an eye on the game tho, and when everything seems fixed then I’ll gladly purchase the full game!.Version: 1.0

They need to add a force save feature like melvoreMy drive to play this is greatly diminished due to the app never saving when I start afk/auto. I’ll start mining copper for instance and close the app after 15-30 seconds and come back hours later to no progress due to the app not updating server side before I close it. I’ve even tried to leave the app running in the background, but I just come back to the same place I left off with no progress Fix this and I will fix this review.Version: 1.0

Thought you were sneaky huhAdvanced crafting and gathering mechanics are stolen straight from final fantasy XIV online. They are an exact copy. The mechanics are exactly the same. They are an EXACT MATCH. They are not “unique” as advertised. Seems kind of low to rip off an idea and call it unique. Art is alright, gameplay is shallow even for an idle game. “What are you supposed to do/work towards after crafting equipment that helps you craft and gather more/better/faster?” Nothing, that’s it. Thats the whole game. Very empty..Version: 1.0

Interesting but clunkyJust started playing, feels like way too many clicks to start doing one task (eg. to gather wood it takes 5 clicks, when it could easily be designed with 2-3). It also seems to randomly stop doing a task if I go into another menu. Makes for an overall clunky feel that you don't expect from an idle game..Version: 1.0

StupidDoesn’t let me download it, and it’s buggy.Version: 1.0

Unplayable and poorly conceivedUPDATE: Months later, still getting error messages preventing play *every time* I open the game. Sigh. Deleted. UPDATE: I stuck with this game as the devs upgraded capacity. Very much appreciate their (herculean!) efforts, but I'm still getting error messages every time I open the game. In addition, leveling things like blacksmithing and lumber consists of days of grinding out low-level items for correspondingly low XP. And those days of crafting are preceded by even more days of gathering. Other skills have new crafting items every couple of levels. I currently need 1.2 million XP to level blacksmithing, and each ore I craft is 20xp. Why? How is this fun? I was happy to pay for this game and support the devs. But I will likely delete. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I wanted to love this game. It's right up my alley. But it's glitchy. I saw frequent display glitches, considerable lag when crafting, differences between what was displayed and what should have been displayed (such as leatherworking level-ups during woodworking). Also delays upward of 20 seconds while gathering when the area was not full and displayed a 3-second delay. Sometimes I can't even tell if crafting is occurring because the UI doesn't update. I hope this is happy growing pains! But the game is a struggle for me as it is..Version: 1.0

Fun but buggyI have -1 leather. It is worth -10 gold. I can't seem to get rid of it and it is taking up an inventory slot. I would gladly pay you -10 gold tomorrow for an inventory slot today. Edit: been playing for a bit now and maybe I'm missing something so if I am feel free to correct me. Seems kinda unfinished but there is a cash shop so you guys are fair game. The crafting system is neat however that seems to be all there is to do at the moment, there doesn't seem to be combat and if there is it's really hidden. So I'm crafting things to get better at crafting things.. to craft more things, that's it full stop. The market is good, pretty well everything you would want in a market. Set your own price (looking at you Albion you were so close) buy and sell. Simple and fun, however if all there is to do is craft buying something from another player effectively robs you of the game content. You might as well spend the time making the item you wanted to buy because that's all there is to do anyway. I see on the wiki a spot for melee/magic/ranged with no info so I assume it's coming. Will keep an eye on this one but for now there's not enough content to really sink your teeth into..Version: 1.0

Too many bugsEvery minute the screen goes black and im unable to let it run in idle as I keep getting “ Oops! There was an error. The data couldn't be read because it is missing. Follow the status update on Discord” Nope. Not wasting y time..Version: 1.0

Does not work.New review - (3-*) so I updated my phone like was suggested. I was able to get the game to work for a few minutes and now it will not respond. I see the potential and I am waiting to see how this game develops. I won’t wait too long if the game will still not work correctly Old review-(1-*)“The game crashes right as you start playing and it keeps refreshing back to the home page so I can’t get anything done. Frustrating. Oh well”.Version: 1.0

Full of bugs and rushedGood concept but awful execution just trying to piggy back off Melvor idles popularity I’d steer clear, discord is toxic with no support, game will be dead and left with bugs in a month easily.Version: 1.0

BugThe game looks nice, but every time I try to do something always come back to the first menu and doesn’t let me gather anything or actually do anything. Fix it please.Version: 1.0

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