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Slap And Run App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Slap And Run app received 143 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Slap And Run? Can you share your negative thoughts about slap and run?

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Slap And Run for Negative User Reviews

Way too many adsYou expect a certain level of adverts on a game like this but it’s insane how many this app has. You barely get to play and spend minutes having to watch other crap games be advertised. Do not bother to download.Version: 1.4

Game is fun but “Ad free” is not “Ad free”The game is really enjoyable and I would give it five stars if it wasn’t for the fact that I paid for the ad free version, and in order to continue upgrading your abilities, the game prompt tells you that you have a free video to watch and you’ll get an upgrade. There’s no way around it, so the game still forces you to watch ads all the time, and multiple back to back as well. For that I wouldn’t have paid for it..Version: 1.4

Too many addsToo many adds ruined the game extremely quick.Version: 1.5

Too many ADsLiked the game but you play it for about 15 seconds and then it’s adds and you have to watch the full add and click the App Store just to get the ad away so unfortunately going to have to delete this app as it’s a pain with the ads.Version: 1.4

Too many adsToo many ads you can’t even play the game it’s ridiculous! Removed from my phone. Every level you have an add longer than the actual level, and 2/3 pop ups just to get rid of the ad itself. Would be a good game if ads were spaced out better! Don’t recommend at all.Version: 1.4

Don’t pay for ad freeAlthough this app is fun to play the ads are terrible. I paid the additional money to support for no ads but guess what….there are STILL ADS! they bamboozled me! So if you are ok with a million ads don’t pay for the ad free or if you are ok with ads between levels pay for ad free! But you’re still stuck watching ads. I’ll say it again ADS!.Version: 1.3

More ads then game3 minutes of ads for 15 seconds of gameplay…..uninstalled..Version: 1.3

Terrible frame rate, unplayableSuper choppy, terrible framerate. Unplayable.Version: 1.3

Bad gameI downloaded because it looked like a fun game Its full of ads i had to go through minutes and minutes of ads just proceed to 2nd level Just a money grab from developer..i highly recommend you DONT download and waste your time!.Version: 1.4

Assault on women yeah let’s advertise that to young children!You are disgusting that you find assaulting women by slapping there bottoms whilst running down a street a “game” is disgusting and if had any morals then you would take this game down immediately until then I hope other people see this and drive the stars down as it’s a horrid game make by horrid people! Screw you so called “developers!”..Version: 1.3

FunFun but way too many ads. Deleted..Version: 1.5

Please report this app bcoz of fraudulent actIt tries to deduct payment with me triggering any buttons. The developer is none for its scams with multiple apps on this store!.Version: 1.4

Good but…The game it’s self is quite fun but there are two things that ruins it: 1- The game tends to crash, and it gets really irritating. 2-The ads, there is an ad after almost every game,it really ruins the game. But as I said the game it’s self it really fun and a good way to waist time but the small things make it a lot harder to like..Version: 1.6.0

I paid for no ads and I still get shown adsThis app has a no ads payment option. I paid for it and it’s been over an hour and I still get the most annoying amount of ads known to man. Biggest waist of money..Version: 1.3

My proffesional reviewThis game is for losers.Version: 1.4

Good game but…Too many ads.Version: 1.6.1

ADs!!!Nice game but too many ads!!!! I had to delete the app.Version: 1.4

Removed accessories for no reasonWhat is the point of the coins if u can’t even buy skins or accessories? Add it back..Version: 1.6.1

The No Ads purchase is a rip-off/lie!In order to perform any upgrade you have to spend coins, but the game offers ads for what they call free upgrades after you upgrade a stat a couple of times. The thing is, even after spending three dollars on no forced ads, it will not allow you to use coins to make the upgrade. The ad is not an option it’s a requirement and literally nothing that you do will allow you to spend your coins on the upgrade and instead you are forced to watch an ad. The business thinks they are clever with this but they are crooks who promise a service and do not deliver, fully understanding what the customer is purchasing and why they are purchasing it. Do not purchase this unless you enjoy being lied to and ripped off because you will still be watching ads almost as often as you would have if you never made the purchase in the first place. Also, support? Don’t reply to me. You’re a lying thieving bunch of crooks and you don’t give a care about any of us. Save your false concern for someone naïve enough to believe it..Version: 1.3

AwfulIt is so inappropriate. You can see a ladies a**. Too many adds. although slapping them does make me wanna have s**.Version: 1.3

Glitchy ad packed garbageYou can’t do anything without sitting through multiple ads that don’t even exit properly at the end, instead adding another 3 steps to close them. The forced loading of all these ads must be a contributing factor to the glitch riddled slow and frustrating execution of this game. If you like to enjoy basic mobile gaming, this is not for you..Version: 1.3

AdsAds is so ridiculous.Version: 1.3

NoThe game would honestly be really good to play, it’s funny, but you need wifi to play, and when you’re connected to wifi it glitches and ads happen, I would give this game a five star rating but the only flaw is it needs wifi.Version: 1.3

More so an advertising app vs. a gameYou have to wait on 2-3 minutes of adds for every minute of game play. Not worth the download..Version: 1.3

Full of ads and crashes, amazing potentialThis game is rlly good tbf but it’s full of ads that crash the game, there’s way too many, you can get up to 3 in the space of one round. this stops the game from being playable as they can stop working, come up as a black screen, not let you exit the ad etc. there is also a bug at the treasure chest at the end of the “kick” you do that the end. if you land on the chest it doesn’t count as landing, and you just kinda stay there until you give up and exit this game would be so much fun if it wasn’t so glitchy and crashy, and if it wasn’t packed with ads.Version: 1.3

Too many addsTwo adds, per game almost 30sec to a minute of downtime. Otherwise great game, would’ve given 4/5 stars.Version: 1.3

GROSSPeople should not play this is it so gross slap and run that will teach kids to do stuff that ur should not.Version: 1.3

To many adsThe game itself would be great but you can’t enjoy it. Way to many adverts. Only got to level 3 and was so bored of watching adverts I’ve deleted the game..Version: 1.4

StuckWould appreciate if the character didn’t get stuck on the box every 2-3 games.Version: 1.3

Fun Game, Terrible adsFun game, terrible ads.Version: 1.4

Loved it to start but192 levels in and it’s not really evolving the promos are not this game.Version: 1.3

Ads=trashI don’t get why you would make a game that no one will enjoy, cause that is what you just did way to many ads to actually enjoy slapping people.Version: 1.4

Ads ruin a great gamePositives Fun game, easy to play & great progression Negatives There’s way too many ads, sometimes up to three in a round which sometimes can make the game glitch. Awful experience because of this, spend much more time watching ads than playing! Until they are reduced, it’s not worth downloading or playing in my opinion..Version: 1.5

Fix your gameStop the spamming of ads.Version: 1.5

Ads even with purchaseSlammed with ads even after buying the no ad option..Version: 1.3

Good game. Paid for ads but that’s a lie becauseEven though you pay for no ads you still need to watch ads to increase acceleration. Which is beyond stupid. The game itself is a nice time passer. Although the ranking system is just made up scores so when you get 1st you pretty much just stay at first and there’s no reason to play it any further. Last bad thing about this game is the fact that there’s literally a few different style of levels and that’s all. And they don’t get any harder except for the “boss level” which is still extremely easy. All in all, I don’t typically request refunds especially for $3 purchases. But I felt like I had to this time.Version: 1.6.2

AdsGame with too many ads as usual. Worst part is you have to be connected to the internet for some reason to play the poxy game. Obviously so you have to keep watching the non stop ads..Version: 1.5

ComplaintThe game is cool, I got the game because I thought the concept was funny. Only think I don’t like, is that I have to play with wifi and it bugs my game. It makes me lag and plus I don’t want to watch ads 🙄.Version: 1.5

Crash crash and more crashingThe game would be fun and addictive.. If it wasn’t for the app crashing every 30 seconds. What a downer. A shame..Version: 1.4

Can’t play w out wifiRuns 1 million ads and won’t let u okay with out wifi. game not even enjoyable.Version: 1.4

No booty slappingThe ad I saw there was some nice bodankadonks you could slap, installed it and it’s not guys, smh lemme smack some booty..Version: 1.4

Too many adsGame is good but filled with long ads and it makes it impossible to play the game.Version: 1.3

Fun butIt’s a lot of fun but it keeps freezing, and it’s not my internet connection, then then the game will completely shut down or lock up, if you can fix this issue then I’d give you 5 stars and it would be worth playing all the time right now it’s becoming a pain every time I turn the game on and play it and it freezes as soon as I start enjoying it, please fix this issue.Version: 1.5

So much potentialI really enjoyed this game at first so much so that I paid for the no ads add-on, but there was still ads every five seconds, when you die it’s like watch this ad to be revived I clicked no and I still have to watch an ad every time.Version: 1.5

This app is vehicle for ad revenueYou get about 20 seconds of entertainment per 2 mins of ads; this game is designed to raise revenue by either, convincing you to spend money on one of the advertised games, or annoying you so much with the ads that you pay to remove them (And other reviews suggest, this doesn’t actually succeed; I guess the greed wins out). It’s a nice try I guess but I’m not buying it..Version: 1.3

Too much adsU watch adds almost twice as much as u play the game absolutely horrible.Version: 1.6.2

Fun but needs a bit moreThe game is really simple and fun but it could use some extra skins and hand types and more map variations. Also if you pay for no adds it will still sometimes lock character improvements behind ads which should be a no go..Version: 1.5

Do not downloadThe game itself is fun. The Ads will make you uninstall very quickly. Can’t even play 1 level without an ad playing. It won’t even let you upgrade anything because you have to watch an ad to do it..Version: 1.3

AdsFunny game ads are annoying tho I guess I have to pay to remove me...Version: 1.3

WhyI can’t even begin to explain to you how appalled I am that VooDoo advertised this to CHILDREN. This game is based around sexual assault and it is advertised to children. i’m no way is this okay. This game needs to be taken down immediately. This game is leading people to believe that sexual assault is okay. If you downloaded this game for the moaning that you saw in the ad, or if you downloaded this game and genuinely liked it, you are disgusting and there is something seriously wrong with you...Version: 1.3

Trop de pubToo much pub.Version: 1.4

Ads only adsMore ads than actually game play. Disgusting..Version: 1.4

AD HUNGRYYou need internet access at all times. THIS GAME IS FOR THE COMPANY TO MAKE AD MONEY..Version: 1.4

Way too much addsWhen I die there’s an ad after the ad I click retry and another ad. I’ve never seen an app with this much ads..Version: 1.3

Yet again another fun game full of adsDownloaded and thought it was one of those funny quirky games that you enjoy playing to pass the time for abit. But yet again it constantly bombards you with adverts at the start, during and after each round. 90% of your time Is waiting for a advert to finish. So guess what another fun game gets deleted. Shame..Version: 1.4

Let’s be honestIt’s a lazy, money driven game. Weirdly, I do enjoy it but it has so much potential to be something great if the developer actually cared. I even bought the no ad purchase yet still get forced to watch multiple ads within a short time period to upgrade and to get a higher amount of coins in the end of each round which keep in mind, the upgrades are completely set up to take forever. And if you don’t do the money multiplier you get literally less than a quarter of what you would… WATCHING ANOTHER AD.Version: 1.3

Pay to remove ads doesn’t remove adsIf you pay to remove the ads, you still have to sit through ads??.Version: 1.4

TikTok ADJust downloading this after seeing it on TikTok haha.Version: 1.3

Blocking Gameplay in Airplane ModeI play most App Store games in airplane mode since they are riddled with annoying and deceitful ads. Now that games are blocking the ability to play without an internet connection it’s became a cancer to the App Store. And what about people who may actually want to play a seemingly fun game on an airplane? I wish Apple would crack down on this, but they won’t. So it gets one star. Immediately deleted and will not be downloading any VooDoo games from here on out..Version: 1.6.0

TOO MANY ADSPaid 2.99 for no pop up advertisements, but even after that there’s still more ads. Power ups in the game are unlocked by coins, but sometimes they’re unlocked by watching an ad, and it won’t change to coins. It won’t let you get the power up without WATCHING AN AD, EVEN THOUGH YOU PAID FOR NO ADS. It’s like a cruel joke, paying 3 dollars for some false advertising. Other than that, the gameplay is fun but if you don’t wanna spend 75% of your time watching advertisements, this game isn’t for you..Version: 1.3

STOLE MY MONEYGive my money back i paid to have no ads and i STILL have ads..Version: 1.3

Started to enjoy but whyWas starting to enjoy the game but why on earth do I need to have an internet connection to play the game.Version: 1.5

GrossActually disgusting and the fact that this is ben marketed towards young people says a lot. Why would you make a game about sexual assault and harassment? This is not something kids should be learning from and this is, with lack of a better word, disgusting and disgraceful. Delete this crap from the app store. Id give it 0 stars if i could..Version: 1.3

AdvertisingSo many ads..Version: 1.3

Too many ads!Enjoyable game but literally just shows ad after ad. Takes the fun out of it so I deleted pretty quickly..Version: 1.4

Money Hungry.You can’t avoid ads unless you pay and fair enough the games free but there are WAY to many freaking ads, if you fail it will give you the option to retry but you to watch a ad so I pressed cancel and still it gave me a ad 😶.Version: 1.4

Insane adsHard to navigate around all the ads, I understand trying to make people pay for it. But this pisses me off to the point that I will not spend my money on it, deleted..Version: 1.4

Fun premise but wayyyy too much adsWe get it. You want to monetise your game. Make it playable though. A round lasts about 10 seconds and then you spend the next two minutes watching ads that have the close button hidden so you have to visit the product on the App Store. I thought apple was supposed to be better at preventing trash apps like this from getting on the App Store..Version: 1.3

Payment not workingI paid for no adds and still get the freaking annoying adds. Can’t get refunded either..Version: 1.4

ReviewFun game but there are too many ads. It takes 5 minutes to get back in the game every time. It’s annoying..Version: 1.3

AwfulIt’s literally just one of those games out for money, there’s barely any actual content to the game and every single time you complete a level you get an ad.Version: 1.5

To many adsTo many ads won’t let me play with data off.Version: 1.5

AdsToo much Ads it’s Stupid.Version: 1.3

Not worthyYou spend more time watching ads than playing, such a shame otherwise would be a great killing time game. Deleting.Version: 1.4

Crashes and glitchesLike users have already said, game often crashes. It also glitches. The high score table doesn’t update either. In survival mode regardless of score I find it moves my score literally from one position to another and that does change despite how many rounds you play. I also paid to remove ads but the ads are still there. In the normal game mode I am top of the high score table but I doubt that’s genuine. Issues need resolving or I’ll be deleting and looking for refund..Version: 1.6.0

Ad farm hiding as a gameAs others mentioned this game has one objective and that is to make money via ads. Paying will only partially remove them because the game is structured in such way that you are nearly forced to watch ads at the end of each level. A true shame because the game is fun but clearly an ad farm where touching anything on screen pushes you to download another ad farm game or watch an ad. Either way, the developer gets money..Version: 1.3

BadIt is wayyyy to glitchy and has wayyyyyy to many adds and it is horrible the game is going to teach little kids to go out on a walk and slap people and cops so you should try again and make a new game and delete this one.Version: 1.4

Glitch with treasure boxF. Y. I developer. When you kick the person all the way to end and they actually land on the treasure box and dont fall off, the game just stops. And you have to quit and replay the level. Please fix.Version: 1.3

Issues too frequentlyFun addictive game that take zero to no brain cells. Only problem is that the game crashes waaaaay too much. If you get strong enough to kick the guy all the way to the wall, the game freezes if the kicked person lands on the chest. They really should just make it where if you hit the back wall the chest opens and the confetti flies. Not just when they finally hit the floor (which might not ever happen if they’re on the chest)..Version: 1.3

MerdaO jogo é legal .mas você passa mas tempo vendo propaganda de outros jogos doque jogando.Version: 1.6.2

What In the world is this!!!?!!Why did you make this game first of all!! It’s very inappropriate!! Second is that it’s good but very bad for kids!!.Version: 1.3

Even purchasing no ads has adsAddictive game but the ads is insane. On free play you have them in the middle of a game,then the end. Purchased no ads and you still have them at the end of the game!!!.Version: 1.4

Too many adsThere are too many ads, to help this thing stop just don’t download any other adds from the ad.Version: 1.3

30 second run , then 30 second ad each timeI swear to god I spent more time in ads than actually playing, for the 3.99$ to take them out it doesn’t make sense. Even upgrading your character, you upgrade 3 times, then boom ad. Seriously so annoying. Can’t even play without wifi lol..Version: 1.3

Huge lag spikes when ads switchI saw this game from an ad and it looked fun, so I downloaded it and it was fun. Except when an ad changes the whole game freezes and it gets annoying. It’s fun and all but I wouldn’t rate it better if I can’t enjoy the game without having to pay money to have a smooth game. Please fix this because it ruins the experience for people that don’t pay money for a free game to have a better experience..Version: 1.5

It’s good but things that need improvementSo good game lot of adverts. But the main thing that annoyed me was that I slapped all of the people then it glitched out and it does this every time I nearly win..Version: 1.3

Fun, but so many addsThis game was a great time waster and silly game overall, it isn’t a bad game. But the amount of ad interference ruins the experience for me. I understand that they are an important sources of revenue, but it is pretty out of hand in this game. The ads clutter the screen and after every round there is a new that takes on average about ten seconds to get through. This honestly ruins a perfectly good game..Version: 1.3

More ads than gameplayGame is fun lmao but there’s an ad every time you finish the run and it lasts for ages.Version: 1.4

Even when you pay ad free they are always thereNice time wasting game .. but !! Too many ads, when I say too many you’re looking at a more than one ad at the end of every run, and at every point they want to shoehorn them in! So irritating - also don’t waste £2.49 going ad free … they are still there !!! It’s NOT ad free ! Save yourself time and money just avoid.Version: 1.4

Too much adNice game but too much ad. After every game there will be ad and that lasts for ever..Version: 1.4

Half decent game, riddled with far too many adsI understand that ads are how a free app makes money. But this game has got it wrong. To play one round (lasting about 20 secs) - you may need to go through 3 rounds of ads. You end up watching more ads than you do playing. It’s a decent game but the amount of ads aren’t bearable..Version: 1.4

Fun but too many ads kill itThis game is really fun and simple, but sitting through 3-4 ads per level just completely killed it for me. I understand ads are what give these games funding, but I didn’t even keep this game on my phone for 30 minutes until my mood to play was just gone.Version: 1.3

Fun when playableLet’s be real. It’s a cheap flash game from like 2002. It’s fun for killing time but 90% of the game is watching ads and 10% actual game. If you shell out an extra $2 you get rid of the ads but frankly I can’t figure out if it’s going to be charging me monthly for it which bugs me and keeps me from putting any more money into it.Version: 1.5

Good gameGame it’s quite fun to play but I beg sort the ads out there’s far too many every time after each go it’s actually a joke so sort ittt!!!!!.Version: 1.4

I can’t play with so many adsI get you need ads to get money, but why do you make me watch a freaking ad for a whole minute? You lose players and show less ads..Version: 1.6.1

Too many adsWay too many ads.Version: 1.3

Paid to remove adverts yet still shows me adverts….Why offer an paid option for no adverts yet still show them at the end of every level. Complete scam..Version: 1.5

Can't play without internet.Game is good but i hate it because you can't play without internet off and when u turn it on those ad. Start sucking your blood..Version: 1.3

Don’t bother….The actual game itself is great! Lots of fun. The downside is the adverts you have to watch between plays. Generally 2 adverts each one longer than the time you spent playing, so essentially you are downloading an app to watch adverts on where every now and then you get to play a game in between. If you’ve got tonnes of time to waste and love being bored download it now!.Version: 1.5

Don’t bother downloading the gameToo many adds that you can’t even play the game. Just don’t understand how you can play for 30 seconds and spend the next two mins watching adds. Very disappointing. Trust me, don’t bother downloading this game.Version: 1.3

This game is a scamDon’t get it it’s gives you two adds every game which are thirty seconds.Version: 1.4

Used to be 5starsThis game is fun, I enjoy slapping people and running away, almost level 200 and I used to be able to smack some girls on the booty and run away it seems after this update they took that out. That’s why I’m rating this game 3 stars, it used to be funny and cool when I slapped the booty. Now it’s almost like a coin runner and getting bored..Version: 1.4

Too many adsSo many damn ads and needs wifi to parts such a trashy and low quality game be better.Version: 1.6.1

Not GoodPlayed all the way up to level 100.. and I can confidently tell you all that this game is trash. It does not get progressively harder, nothing changes through the levels, the upgrades are minimal and you have to watch a ton of ads to keep upgrading (even after you buy the ad free version), and the chest thing has been going on for a while so the developers obviously don’t care to update it. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.3

Scam!!Premium version only remove few ads!.Version: 1.4

I cant even playSo laggy.Version: 1.4

Too many Ads and terrible ones tooLike most Voodoo games. There are too many Ads. Came here to play after watching one of their ads on this game. It’s really annoying both in game ads and ads for this game like people are that dumb. My nephew was playing this game and one of the Ads that popped up were one of those “watch live girls get nude” ad, like what the heck. Kids play dumb games like these and ads that resemble adult content pop up. What’s up with this world? I thought this was a kids game and it should only show appropriate age ads..Version: 1.4

Fun but WAY TOO MANY ADSListen.. I get it. You need ads and they help pay for the work you do but, the amount of ads you go through in this game makes it more of a hassle to play than actual fun at times. Overall it’s a REALLY fun and pretty addicting game to play. Though I can’t stress enough the ads are out of control..Version: 1.3

AdsRlly bad game to many ads and want I am outside I can’t play this game bcz u need wifi I uninstalled it…...Version: 1.4

More ads than actual game timeDo not install trust me it’s not worth it..Version: 1.3

Too many adsCould be a good game but you have to spend more time dealing with ads than playing the actual game..Version: 1.3

Too many adsI’m genuinely surprised Apple allows games like this to exist on their app store. Constant ads that completely block gameplay. I hope someone else decides to rebuild this game and put this particular version out of action. Game creators should be embarrassed.Version: 1.6.0

Too many adsThe games actually unique and quite fun however I’m not watching potentially 3 ads 20-30 seconds long each to play 20 seconds of game play this game has got the most ads of any game I’ve ever seen.Version: 1.3

Very glitchyThe game is super glitchy makes me miss the slaps and run into obstacles.Version: 1.5

DisgustingJust came across this game on TikTok and I find it absolutely disgusting slapping women’s bottom in a game there is kids on the internet and they may come across this ad and you playing moaning sounds when they slap women’s bottoms is absolutely ridiculous and should not be tolerated please take this game down immediately!.Version: 1.3

This is NOT A GOOD GAMEThis game teaches children that assault is okay. IT IS NOT OKAY. Get your children off this disgusting gross app that promotes assault!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4

Literally an ad after every runImpossible to play.Version: 1.6.1

AddsIf I wanted to watch 2 mins of ads and play 5 seconds of game I’d watch the informercial channel.Version: 1.6.2

BadToo much adds.Version: 1.3

Would be 5* but..Due to game graphics the character gets stuck on the chest at the end, so the game can’t end and coins can’t be earned. This ruins the whole game as it happens on every other level. Disappointing - good game otherwise..Version: 1.3

Waaaaaaaay too long of ads!This game is funny and great for just keeping occupied. But I only got through 3 scenes before I had to delete because of the number and length of ads there was. Super annoying to have to sit through 1-2 ads in between each level that are about 25-30 seconds long..Version: 1.4

Even when you pay for ad-free you get adsEven when you pay for ad-free you still get game ads at the end of every game..Version: 1.3

Absolute joke. Ads on everything you do!!!Every game, every time you buy something, if you tap back, and even ads just before the game ends lol. Utterly pointless don’t waste your time..Version: 1.3

Too much ads & glitchesThere’s way too much ads and when i landed on the chest it didn’t do nothing dont bother wasting your time playing this.Version: 1.3

Way too long adsThe ads is too long and too many! The game is good but having ads every 2 minutes is not a good thing..Version: 1.5

AdsToo many ads.Version: 1.3

No soundI have an iPhone 13 pro max and get no sound from this game. Played it in my car and got sounds from the Bluetooth connection but still nothing from my phone. I’ve checked the settings and sound and haptic are turn on. To me, that accounts for a solid 80% of the experience… given it a two until this resolved..Version: 1.4

Ads every secondIt would be a good game if you weren’t forced to watch ads for minutes at end. I just uninstalled it because it’s a waste of my time. Developers: do better!! This is so pointless.Version: 1.3

This app takes your ip address and personal infoDo not press accept!!!.Version: 1.3

Crazy amount of adsFun to play, but you get maybe 20 seconds of gameplay and then at least 1-2 minutes of ads before you can play the next level. The level itself is covered in banners and clickable a too. Way to much!.Version: 1.3

Rip OffI purchased the game for £2.49 to remove the ads, but every time I die in game or click on a skill I still get an ad! I pod to get ad free but still getting lots of ads, do not pay the £2.49 as does not fully remove ads so games still unplayable. Will be comparing to get money back as falsely advertised.Version: 1.4

Stole my moneyI paid to have no ads and yet I still have ads even after I closed the game and reopened it. I want my money back.Version: 1.3

Way too many adsI understand that free games require ads, however this is ridiculous. Every game you play both before and after you have to watch a 30 second ad, and the levels themselves are less than 2 minutes. So basically you’re spending as much time watching ads as you are actually playing. Total garbage don’t waste your time..Version: 1.5

GamesWorse game ever it glitches out download it 2 times same problems it’s upsetting and annoying.Version: 1.3

False advertisementFalse advertisement. i was on snapchat looking at stories and a add for this game came up, but it was not what it actually is. it shows like going threw some portals or something and when i went to download it because i thought it was cool it was actually slapping females areas, this is so gross. to whoever made this game, you are sick.Version: 1.3

Can’t play too many adsI was enjoying the game but way too many adverts. You’d probably get more money with less ads because people would actually play it for longer.Version: 1.4

Teaching sexism and misogyny to young peopleWho thought it would be a genuinely good idea to make a game like this? you slap womens asses. you are teaching young, defenceless minds that this is okay, that women are an object that you can toy with whenever you live and they LOVE when they get slapped on their asses by random people unconsentually. voodoo you have disappointed me to far beyond what i would’ve ever expected. you are adding to the misogyny of todays society, and the objectification of women, i hope you feel good about yourself because the damage you’ve done with this game is immense. this game needs to be removed, and voodoo needs to learn to establish their morals and values properly like a proper company. if voodoo loves sexism, then no right minded person will ever download your games. i am truly disturbed and disgusted..Version: 1.3

Scammy McScam alertDon’t pay to skip ads. Doesn’t work. Should have read the reviews first. Torn between the fun of slapping and losing my money..Version: 1.5

MehYou sly dickheads built in a must wifi just to put your ads in so you can’t even play offline, L. Games pretty good tho lmaooo.Version: 1.5

Funny and fun, but Ads….I don’t understand the monetization strategy of frustrating gamers with ads until the pay to get rid of them. Let me play a few levels for free, and then have me pay to access more levels. The idea of generating negative user sentiment with 30-60 second ads is maddening. Uninstalled an otherwise hilarious games..Version: 1.5

WAY TOO MANY ADSI love the game a lot! However, there is an ad for everything even if you skip earning extra money! Also, since I’ve played this game my phone has started to freeze and slow down during the time I played. I had to uninstall it, when I really didn’t want to. Fix the ads because it is disabled in settings, but I get them every time I am done playing a game. It’s very annoying. I want to give it 5 stars, but the ads are a MAJOR issue for me..Version: 1.6.2

Fix itAfter a few minutes playing my phone starts to run hot and the game starts freezing up. Also please fix the fact that if you land on top of the chest nothing happens and you have to either hit the home button or restart the app. Other than that for me i think the game is alright for the most part..Version: 1.3

How annoyingIt’s an ok game but my god the overload of ads is too much then there’s the glitching and the freezing then there’s the thing that if the person you kick lands on top of the chest it doesn’t open so you don’t get the reward it’s so stupid if you don’t fix it I’m deleting the app.Version: 1.3

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