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Simply Sing: Learn to Sing App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Simply Sing: Learn to Sing app received 144 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Simply Sing: Learn to Sing? Can you share your negative thoughts about simply sing: learn to sing?

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Simply Sing: Learn to Sing for Negative User Reviews

MehI got this after seeing it in an ad and for the first moments using it it felt pretty good. I unlocked the song library so I wanted to see what I could sing. Immediately it’s a £9.99/month subscription to just sing with this app. I thought alright and I bought the subscription. However as I sung a few songs I found some issues: The library is quite limited in terms of music. Maybe it was the fact I only chose 2 genres as the choice of genres was also limited. As I was singing it would stop tracking my voice randomly despite the fact I’m in a quiet room and I have put headphones on to reduce any chance of issues. But no, it kept randomly ceasing to track my voice and kept saying I was singing too high/low. Now these may be issues that I could sort out myself, but with getting an app which to use requires an immediate £9.99/month subscription I regret buying it and would rather get my money back than continue to use the app..Version: 1.12.18

THIS APP IS MISLEADING TBH-I downloaded this game cause I like singing as a hobbie. But now it’s just horrible. Other replies I’ve read said it was free but what’s the point of getting lessons at first,then asking people to buy almost everything. I know it’s for them to get more profit off the app. But that’s just wrong. I’m definitely deleting this app very soon. You give free lessons then right after I pressed 4 freaking songs and all of the ones I pressed you needed premium for. I don’t think any one would want to waste there 10 dollars every single month on a game, when many other singing games just like this one are COMPLETELY free unless you want to unlock stuff. I think this was a waste of time and the lessons were barely clear on what to do. What I mean by barely clear it seemed like the lady telling us what to do DIDNT even sing to be honest. This is a waste of time and a very misleading game. U wouldn’t download it unless you wanna waste 10 bucks on premium definitely deleting this app right after this review. Complete waste. Don’t download unless ur dumb..Version: 1.12.14

Why con I only do so much?I got this app because my friend and I are trying to start a band, I am not a singer but I thought i would give it a try. I was enjoying it at first but after like 3 small lessons (including finding what pitch I was ect) there was only one thing I could do without spending money, it was a little starter song that taught me when to breath in and sing as breathing out (or something along the lines of that) every song I would try to do told me I needed premium to do that. I decided to wait a day and see if would unlock it. (I had also tried to continue the lessons thing but it also cost money.) once I waited for the next day it was the same. I would not want to practice the same lesson over and over again. I had heard that it use to be free and I wish whoever made the app kept it that way. If anyone’s wondering i found this app off of a TikTok add that made everything look free. I would rate this 2 and 1/2 but I can’t do half stars so ima just go with 2 or 3..Version: 1.12.9

It needs workIt’s a nice singing app. Took me a long time to find this that actually has the singers from the song singing, to help you out. But it needs a couple of changes. It needs more variety of songs for one. Another is that the accent changes are annoying. Thirdly, it needs to be labeled more clearly, when it comes to setting the vocals correctly at 0, rather than it be at -6 or something. Currently, it’ll have these little dots telling you what the original setting is. That’s just too confusing.Version: 1.5.2

Everything’s moneyI can’t even sing anything because everything’s money..Version: 1.14.0

ReviewWas great to start off with -intro and introduction into it but once you unlock the “playlist or music gallery” not a single song is free you have to pay $40 per month just to even sing a long to a single song. Not worth it in my opinion..Version: 1.12.12

Be prepared to pay for the subscription without trying any featuresI’m so tired of these bait and switch apps. The features seem like they’d be cool but I wouldn’t know because you don’t get to try any of them without paying. I get that royalties and licensing fees exist but I assumed there’d be a royalty free option like amazing grace or traditional carols as it’s currently December in the library, an introductory single use credit gratis or an option during the walkthrough with the normal functionality of the app of something that has at least a verse and choruses of a song worth to test out the functionality like I’ve seen in other apps like. Nope. If those features exist they’re well hidden. I’d have liked to have been able to test the actual functionality even a little before paying for a subscription. Anything that is actually like the app and longer than the 1/4 of a chorus during the walkthrough..Version: 1.13.9

BewareMost apps will let you try free a week to see if you like beware this debited 200 from my account immediately. I tried to stop t but was too late. 😡.Version: 1.12.12

Just charge the fee upfrontWasted all the time getting through the tutorials to "unlock" the app, only to find that everything is blocked behind a paywall. Just add an upfront subscription instead of a free app that requires payment to actually use anyways..Version: 1.14.6

I’m disappointedI came across this app on an ad via instagram. i was so excited to see what it was like because i have been struggling to find some kind of teacher or whatever to help me get back into more serious singing. i was blown away with how awesome this app was during the tutorial. i did each and every exercise that they showed. it seemed great until…. yeah. you guessed it. you have to pay. i downloaded this because it was never mentioned that you had to pay and honestly, that was a waste of my time. i’m actually very upset about this because i was really excited and already planning my schedule for when to do the exercises on the app. i am not one to do reviews on apps but, this one just had to be done. i am extremely disappointed..Version: 1.12.12

Okay - buggyCool idea but the app is really buggy for me. It sometimes doesn’t pick up when the phone is rotated, the mic picks up the phone’s own audio - confusing the pitch thing - and transition between layouts is very laggy. Also, for some reason, the app keeps locking me into “oh try this feature!” without me wanting to and giving me no option to quit until I’ve gone through the entire tutorial on a feature I didn’t want to use in the first place..Version: 1.12.12

It’s ok until you unlock the songsYou have to pay for the songs - £9.99 a month. The only two good things about it is that there are no ads and it’s fun up until you get to the point where you unlock the song library. It looks great it should be more clear that you have to pay for songs if you ask me. It gets very boring in my opinion especially because I love singing and this was the only app that I could find that looked decent..Version: 1.9.18

The down side and the up side it’s fakeThis app is not a good app if you where going to believe the rating bc I tried to see if it would still give me a rate if I didn’t sing and it did witch means it’s a fake app but I did like the karaoke so please don’t believe the rates you all have great voices bye have a great day! ;).Version: 1.6.0

It’s not goodWhen you getting started, it was so funny until it was the song part. You had to get a subscription and pay for all the songs and it didn’t say that in the ad..Version: 1.14.0

The paywall isn’t greatLike many before me have said, you can’t actually access songs without it asking for you to sign up to a subscription. Right now, for a lot of people, this isn’t something that can be done. Myself among them. Yes, I would love to learn to sing, however I feel for many people who are just doing this for fun, leaving basically everything behind a paywall is going to have the effect that the developer doesn’t want. Many apps run on ads to generate income. I wouldn’t be against this, personally. Watch a couple ads so I can improve my voice to the tune of songs I like? Sounds like a good deal to me personally..Version: 1.12.3

I didn’t like the appI dowloaded this app so i could work on my singing and do what I love. The reason I put one stars is because when you get the app It will walk you through if you are alto, bass, and more at first I loved it because it would help with my singing and pitch, but then I followed the instructions and it pulled up the songs and I found a song I needed help on singing and reaching the right pitch, then it told me I had to either pay for premium or pay a monthly subscription and I was like I’m not going to do that so I choose another song and it did the same thing so I was playing with the app to see if I could do it for free for like 7 days like any other app would. Lastly I just deleted the app because it was a waste of time and it was expensive to pay for premium specially if kids would like to use the app they would have to pay and it would just be a waste of money for the kids but I liked this app but I wouldn’t use it again. I recommend to use the Smule app because it is a way better offering and you get to sing songs you love without paying. Thanks for reading and I’m sorry if this was a bummer but idk the point in paying for this app if you can use the money for different things..Version: 1.13.11

Needs better advertisementObviously every free app isn’t actually free. Nothing is free in this world. Don’t expect going in to this app that it’s free, it isn’t. This app still needs a lot of developing. Also especially better ads. The ads barely give you any information on the actual app. All I am saying don’t expect this app to be like the ads. The ads barely demonstrate the app well enough. Well I get that their ads giving less descriptions helps sales, but it’s harmful for kids not talking about the price. Some kids I know who downloaded this app like my cousin went it to the game thinking it was free. And once she got in and saw the whole subscription thing she clicked it without thinking. You might say how does that deal with the ads well if you talked more about the money instead of saying it’s free to download talk about the subscriptions. Kids are dumb and will buy it to this if you don’t get more description. But I know this is a company and companies are pretty shady so they are probably doing this whole stuff on purpose. Just if you aren’t a scummy company give more descriptions on the app in your ads. Also you just need more in general the ads only really focus on one thing about everything in the app. This lack of detail just makes you kinda go blind in the app..Version: 1.12.2

This app pisses me offAnd it makes me too mad to sing. I don’t have the wired earphones they show in all the ads and they are 1000% necessary for this. Otherwise, it picks up its own music instead of your voice no matter how quiet the music is and how loud you are trying to scream-sing into the microphone. I have AirPods and I even tried using one to listen to the music so it wouldn’t pick it up and using the other in my hand like a microphone right near my mouth and it thought I wasn’t singing at all. I’ve been told my whole life that I was a soprano, but this app told me I was an alto and every single song pops up with the lowest part WAY out of my range. It keeps changing my age for some reason too? Not sure it matters, but it changes that and my icon for whatever reason. There isn’t a way to really truly adjust the vocalist level on the track either - there’s 3 levels: no vocals, regular vocals, and burst your ear drums so you can’t hear anything else ever vocals. It’s also probably not important to anyone else, but I just tried to sing Amazing Grace and there is 5 min of musical interlude in the middle of a song designed for a singing app. Idk what that was about… I’m sure there’s something better out there - go find it.Version: 1.9.3

Too expensive.I am enjoying the app and it has improved my confidence and singing… but… it’s $40NZD a month, that’s the same as paying for Netflix, Disney + and Amazon prime and then some…. No way worth the price I would suggest maybe $15 per month but then you have to pay for the whole year. Kinda BS won’t be continuing solely on the price..Version: 1.12.12

OkayThe first few lessons were great now I have to pay to continue? I thought it was a free app and only specific things were premium but now apparently everything is. Really frustrating.Version: 1.12.13

Really good app but read this before you downloadI saw this on an ad for when I was playing another game and it looks really cool because I love singing and I really want to start being professional way more professional so I download it and thinking that you know I will just have vocal exercises and that I could do any song I would like but you have to pay for almost every single song that you want. You have to pay for premium to get any song and the only thing that is free is the lesson that comes the first thing and then after that you have to pay for almost everything I write this maybe three out of 10 but I would definitely recommend buying it but then don’t pay for premium because then you’ll have to pay $10 a month and I do not recommend that I thought it was just gonna be everything free but no, I thought wrong so don’t download this app unless you wanna play $10 for a a few songs don’t download it unless you want to pay $10. Also the lessons are super clear and understanding so super sad that I wasn’t able to do any songs or anything so I haven’t gotten very far so tell me what you guys think also do not pay for almost everything pay for the month, the premium, and then no more!!!.Version: 1.12.7

It’s a great app but still developingI probably wouldn’t have done an annual subscription if I realised there were no more lessons in the learn tab. I want to learn how to do different harmonies etc not just practice singing. It is a great app and very well developed and everything works great I just hope they release some more lessons soon. I also hope they add more Christian songs as that’s what I want to practice - I like how they have request a song feature.Version: 1.12.12

Good app, butThere’s no trial. Also, It seems like a very new app. It’s good, but I do wish there was a version where there is No background singer at all. Sometimes they sing higher and it messes me up. I also like the learning section. I wish there was more. I also think there needs to be more variety as I don’t know a lot of the songs and I’m bored of the same songs. I wish it could record you actually singing. The play back only shows the notes you hit or missed. I also wish the songs would automatically adjust to what your fav tempo is. All in all I like it, but I would will only do the month subscription and then I’ll check back in a few months or more to see if there’s any updates ..Version: 1.14.4

Im not sureI don’t know for sure but I don’t think you can do anything on this app without buying premium. What’s the point in it being free if I can’t do anything within paying after..Version: 1.14.4

Why can’t I hear my singingI now it’s in development but I really think it would help if we could hear our singing. It’s would be amazing and a great feature! I would definitely change this to 4 or 5 stars with I could hear my own singing. It’s the point of the app to help us sing but I can’t improve if I don’t know how to improve..Version: 1.4.0

So bad!I did it very well and they said my pitch was too low but I was sounding like a chipmunk it doesn’t tell the truth I’ve used it ever since it came out but all it's shown is bad results do not download!!.Version: 1.4.5

At first I thought…At first I thought this app was really cool and all till I finished the first half and it said I unlocked the songs and once I went and clicked on it it said I needed to pay for it..Version: 1.14.1

New LessonsWhen are the new lessons going to be released??!.Version: 1.14.3

This would have been the best app ever but…The good part about this app is it gives u a tutorial on how to use it and everything, it helped me find my vocal range. If only they didn’t make it so u had to pay for premium just to sing songs and do the rest of the lessons. In my opinion I think a lot more people would install this app and rate it 5 stars if you could do all the lessons for free, cause then they could sing along to there favourite songs using other apps or when there listening to music….Version: 1.14.0

App is laggyMakes it hard to follow the lessons properly.Version: 1.14.6

Basically a storage wasterI completed all the required tutorial’s or whatever was there, and basically has every song give me the “buy our subscription to song more :D” It’s a waste of download time if you don’t want to spend money on another subscription..Version: 1.14.0

Good Idea but just noThis is a good idea for a app but it just doesn’t hear your voice and is super laggy.Version: 1.14.3

It’s okI tried this app using my airpods and it didn’t work well since the app wasn’t hearing my properly. I also tried without them and it wasn’t much better. Based on other reviews I’ve read it’s very expensive. Having to set a vocal range was difficult since I have a rather small vocal range and having to keep adjusting it to my own range on every single introduction stage was not fun. It’s a decent app but not the best..Version: 1.13.12

Way too expensiveI downloaded this app hoping to find a way to improve my singing voice for my choir audition coming up, and I really enjoyed the first 30 minutes of it. The app did help, and was fun and easy to use. However, once I got past the “beginning” section, and unlocked the songs, I was met with the pop ups of “subscribe to premium for 100+ songs” and at first I was fine with that, I was expecting in-app-purchases, but as I clicked on more and more songs, I saw that there wasn’t a single free song on this app! So I went back to the ‘practice’ page, and again, the only one that was free was the one the tutorial had you do. Even the other lessons after the first six or so are for premium only. Personally I would not recommend this app, it seemed so perfect at first, but in my opinion is definitely not worth $120 a year. ($240 if you use a monthly subscription). Now don’t let my stinginess stop you from buying this app, because if you have the money for it, I’d say go for it! I think this app would have been perfect had it not been for the large paywall to see if you can sing “Fly Me to the Moon” at the right notes. :(.Version: 1.12.9

Alright as karaoke, ONLY.The app determines one’s voice type. VERY accurately, at that. Huge plus. Huge minus? It assumes vocal range without actually checking it. Voice type (fach) and vocal range aren’t the same. Therefore, the app will sometimes transpose the key to something that feels unnatural, completely out of range or uncomfortable to sing. Also, it doesn’t teach you how to sing, really. Let me reiterate that. IT WILL NOT TEACH YOU HOW TO SING. False advertising. It merely checks whether you’re in tune. It won’t give you tips on how to mix properly or improve chords closure and use proper technique. Actually, it may teach you how to lose your voice through reinforcement of bad habits. Besides, those tutorials you initially can’t skip with that annoying lady ******* me off to no end. I understand written word; I don’t need to listen to someone struggling through a high pitched note to understand the message you tried to get across! An option to play an example (if one wants to hear it) would be much better..Version: 1.4.12

A good idea but quite a few notes..Hi, I know the chances are low, but if you’re a dev reading this, there’s a few things that I both really don’t understand, and really find annoying; 1. For some reason, I can only do tutorial songs. Literally everything else says it requires premium, an I mean EVERYTHING. Every single song I click on says it requires premium, continuing practice requires premium, and I can’t even unlock a part of the app, because I need to sing two songs to unlock, but I can’t do that since all the songs require premium. I’ve seen other reviews saying that there are no subscriptions for this so I’m assuming premium is a relatively new thing but I just don’t get it. If you really need money that badly, just make the app itself cost money. That would honestly make more sense to me than doing this. 2. Practically none of the songs I listen to are on this app which is annoying, because I only really downloaded it to sing a specific song that it doesn’t have. If possible could you guys fix these? It would make the app less frustrating and make more people enjoy it. Thanks for reading this whole thing, and I hope you at least consider doing something about these! Thanks again..Version: 1.9.18

Faulty appSimply sing would be a great app but it is a faulty one!! I tried not singing and the dot still went up and down even though there was no sounds in the room, And it gave me 100% even though I didn’t sing..Version: 1.12.15

What is wrong with this thing?I just decided to use it today. I deleted it at the second stage because it would not pick up my voice. I knew my device was working because I checked it and recorded my voice to make sure I was loud enough and tried multiple times but it wouldn’t pick up my voice. If you don’t want to waste your time don’t download this app. There are other ways you can learn to sing. I have tried other simply apps they are mostly scams..Version: 1.12.5

I loved the start butAt the start I thought that there were going to be songs that you didn’t have to have premium for but NO! I can’t find any songs that I don’t have to pay for!! If there are songs that you don’t have to pay for I can’t find them!!.Version: 1.12.9

No free contentI downloaded this app to practice my singing as one does. I am in musical theater and wishing to improve so I figured this would be worth a shot. When I downloaded the app I found that the tutorial was pretty nice and I was excited to try it out, but after the tutorial I found that EVERYTHING required premium. I couldn’t continue the learn section, I couldn't unlock any songs at all and there is a section of the app in witch you have to sing two songs to unlock, which I can’t do since any time I click on a song it says I need to buy premium. There is absolutely nothing for me to do after the first 10-15 mins and it was not worth that time anyway. So just buy premium, I hear you saying. I can’t. I am a minor with very limited of my own money, and my mother would not be able to pay for it for me. Also, it’s pretty expensive for a singing app. I would find it better to have the app cost money when you originally download it or something rather than the monthly payment to watch videos and sing a few songs. Overall, I’m just dissatisfied and disappointed because this app is a great idea it just isn’t meant for me apparently since I am unable to pay..Version: 1.12.5

YuckNot for me after the tutorials I tried singing a song but it wanted me to pay.Version: 1.14.0

What does a subscription includeI have no problem paying for a subscription service but I have no idea how the app works after the first couple lessons. I have questions like how likely will a song get added to the library if I make a request and how long will it take to get added? I can’t talk to any support staff so no one to answer my question so I don’t feel comfortable subscribing..Version: 1.14.1

Good app overall but.I want the practices back.Version: 1.14.3

Great but needs more work and more songsI would love a tutorial on how to use a mic.Version: 1.9.1

The songs -_-The songs are not free I have to do premium to do songs and all the other people have free song! :(.Version: 1.12.7

Trashy and useless appI downloaded it to listen and sing to the songs, when I started it told me to do these useless lessons that we can’t skip. I was fine but it wasted like 20 mins of my time, when I FINALLY got access to the songs, I pressed on a song then it just popped up a subscription page then I pressed the “X” but I just went back to the library page then I tried countless different songs but nothing seemed to work! This is a waste of time and does not even let you listen or sing to the music like the ad told us! THIS IS HONESTLY A WASTE OF TIME!.Version: 1.12.7

Not worth your time extremely misleadingThis app was good for helping me discover my voice type but that’s it. Once you finish the start guide you unlock the library of songs but you can’t unlock any songs to actually sing unless you subscribe for 9.99 a month and most of the songs they recommend I pay for didn’t actually fit my voice type at all. Not worth your money for the price they’re asking. if you want this that’s almost £120 a year for a company that has lots of apps that make you pay to fully access the app anyway:( not worth it 🤷‍♀️😕.Version: 1.12.15

DisappointingI love the intro and I was getting very excited to be able to have free singing lessons but then my excitement blew away when the subscription came up… I mean like come in there are people out there who have the potential to be like celebrities singers but they don’t have the money to get them there this app could help make opportunities for children and adults in those positions. Instead of locking then whole rest of the app after the intro how about you lock some things like maybe a few songs and stuff so that you can still learn whiteout haveing to pay. You guys can do better jam disappointed.Version: 1.12.0

DumbIt dose not say anywhere in the ad that it costs money. thats just not cool..Version: 1.12.7

I would give it 5 stars if…I would give this app five stars if you’re actually given a selection of songs that you can practice. I’m a kid and I’m saying… how am I supposed to pay for premium. Literally all you have to do is add a selection of songs that you can practice and maybe make premium $10 AU that is all, you have to do to have this app blowing up!.Version: 1.12.5

Make songs freePlz make songs free so everyone is not limited to the lessons.Version: 1.14.4

Fun but incredibly inaccurate.Breath signals are at awkward places, songs are sometimes hard to follow because the singers have put their own spin on them so it's not always what you expect them to be (for example, colors of the wind from pocahontas is a bit different than the original), some songs have random freestyles in them that shouldnt really be a part of the lyrics (like dear future husband by meghan trainor, the random background 'hey's and 'oh's that I dont feel should be part of the notes that you need to hit), and on top of that, the pitch grading is just horribly off. I've purposely sang notes lower than theyre supposed to be and it says theyre too high and vice versa. sometimes it stays in one spot through the whole song. I try to sing horribly and it sometimes gives a perfect score. I let my two year old try singing a song and even though he has no idea what pitch even is and sang only a quarter of the words, it still picked up and gave him a 98%. it just seems to be all over the place.Version: 1.9.20

Not Worth ItLook, the app is great, the first few lessons show you how to figure out your range and control your breathing and whatnot. However if you have any proper singing experience already it isn't that helpful. In my opinion, there are just too many premium features and the subscription is way overpriced. You cant even sing anything in the song library or do any lessons past the intro lessons without paying $25 a month. I personally feel that it would do a lot better if either the premium price is lowered or if you are able to do more than just the first 5 or 6 lessons/able to sing some songs from the library. The app is good if you're looking to acquire basic singing knowledge, but I wouldn't recommend for anything past that. If you're looking for more advanced singing knowledge I suggest just taking private lessons as yes it is more expensive, however you would get a lot more out of it because there's an actual person who can identify what you're doing wrong and that sort of thing. Anyway yeah, it's a decent app just not what you want if you are looking for singing knowledge past the literal basics..Version: 1.12.12

Not receiving lessonsI paid for a subscription so I could get lessons but for 3 weeks it has just been telling me “new lessons coming soon” I thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt but it still has not loaded. So sad about it because I was enjoying the app up until then just disappointed I paid $20 for what I could get if it were free….Version: 1.13.8

NO FREE SONGS!I learned I’m an alto from this app but I can’t practice actual song and there are very few options anyway. Please add more songs and make them free!.Version: 1.14.6

Cool app, impenetrable paywall.The little bit I was able to use this app, it was really cool. The vocal range adaptation is really great and needs to be focused on more in other softwares like this imo. I was enjoying myself until I hit the impenetrable paywall this app presents you with after 3 lessons in less than 10 minutes and no trial songs. You might think, “oh but there is still some stuff to do right?” and sure, you can repeat the same 3 intro lessons over and over again to your heart’s content. There are a total of ZERO songs that you can try before you have to pay for their entire library of songs for at least $10 (and that’s only for a month). The closest you get to singing along before the paywall blocks your way, is the just chorus of 1 song. The whole point of this app is for you to learn how to sing by singing along with your favorite music, adjusted to your vocal range. It makes zero sense to me why you would advertise that part of your product so much, present a free trial for testing said product, and then not provide a way for people to actually try it out before they buy. TLDR: This app is the equivalent of walking into an ice cream shop, seeing the ice cream, and the only way to buy any is to pay for a monthly membership without trying any samples..Version: 1.14.0

SongsHi there simply music, I would get like to ask if you can make some of the songs available to play and sing to without premium. I can’t get premium so this would be really helpful for those like me who can’t. By the way, this app is amazing though, I Liv that you get step to step tutorial on how everything works and tell you your vocal rang..Version: 1.12.12

The premium membershipHonestly, this app when I first got, it seemed so amazing and it really looked like it was going to help however, it does not allow you to sing to other songs. It only lets you do the lessons which doesn’t have much singing in it if this app is designed to help others grow in singing, then why does every single song you can practice require a membership If you want people to grow in singing? Well they’re not going to grow when every single song is blocked from them not everyone can afford to pay premium membership. And its going to take learners longer to learn, this can also cause them to become bored with the app or lose interest in it. To fix this problem, the app should have a limit to how many songs a learner is using per day, and once you reach the limit for that day, the app should ask you to go premium in order to sing more songs for that day. It will help the learners grow, and it will also promote your premium in case others are wanting or are able to pay more. This way people won’t stop giving up on the app and you won’t stop losing revenue or customers for this service..Version: 1.13.2

To expensiveWhen I first downloaded the app, it was pretty good. I made progress with the tutorial and it was all going pretty smoothly but after I finish the tutorial, it wanted me to pick a song of the selection of songs. They had when pressing on one of the songs, a banner came up and wanted me to pay premium just to be able to sing any of the songs. In my opinion, the premium is just a waste of money, considering that there isn’t a lot of songs to choose from, and in general, the premium is just too expensive. People may not be able to afford to buy premium would rather just save or spend the money on something else more important. In general, the app started off okay, but as I started to make progress and get to that point, it’s really just not worth paying the premium to sing songs. For now, I’m going to delete the app because at this point it’s either pay or do nothing more And it’s really just a waste of storage. So in future, hopefully they add more of a selection of songs and hopefully actually be able to sing those songs without needing to pay the premium..Version: 1.12.12

Can’t do anythingIt was fun at first learning what type of singer I am but now that the tutorial is over I can do anything I have to pay for it all I don’t recommend this app unless your willing to pay for it.Version: 1.14.3

Without subscription it’s nothing literally you get nothingI’ve been on a search for a free singing app that has no need for a subscription, and I thought this was the one. my brother use simply piano and loved it, but he never told me that he had a subscription. I was able to get a subscription I would, but I’m only a kid. I’m just a kid that has a passion for singing. But after I unlocked the song library I couldn’t do anything not even continue the tutorial. I really hope that I will find a free singing app so I can just sing for fun. I wish simply sing developers weren’t just money hungry. The search for a free singing app continues..Version: 1.13.10

It’s a good app a little buggy thoughSo I saw this on a Facebook ad and thought this seems interesting because I use SimplyGuitar it started well then the bugs rolled in, there are a lot of songs and artists that still need to be added and a lot of work for this app to be decent. I’m glad you don’t have to pay money for any of the training at the minute that I have discovered with simple piano and simple guitar which I kinda think is a little ridiculous But if you can fix those blasted bugs, then I think this will be a great app for now I’m leaving this app with a three-star rating and will be deleting it, but will re-download it once they are fixed and possibly re-use again.Version: 1.9.2

Why isn’t it free?!Why do all simply apps cost money.Version: 1.12.2

Good concept, needs workI love that it’s free (more on that later) and has some good songs, super fun, but there is a lot to unpack. First of all, I told me I was a tenor. I actually take music lessons and a my teacher, a professional musician told me I was soprano. I thought whatever and did the songs it recommended but it was tooooo low for me to sing. Also, the song selection is little good. There is Numb Little Bug, All I Want, and traitor and that’s really it for the good songs. It was heavily advertised with drivers license and I was disappointed to not find that. WHY IS THERE NO BILLIE EILISH? BILLIE EILISH IS THE BEST MUSICIAN? Also, it said showtimes and musicals but I couldn’t find any. No Hamilton, No West Side Story, but there was plenty of Encanto (AKa the most overrated movie ever, I only watched cuz , I mean, Lin Manuel Miranda). The final thing is, I actually learned traitor with my teacher for 6 weeks very recently and spent so much of my time perfecting it. I even performed it at a festival. Yet, singing this song, it gave me 45 percent note accuracy. 😡. Besides all that, if you put more work into it, this is a really fun and amazing app. Maybe fixing those things would make it so much better! So glad it’s free and not like a thousand dollars like SimplyPiano. If ads meen keeping this fee with the changes I suggested, I would never stop using this app even with the ads..Version: 1.4.12

This app COULD be great—but it’s notAs a semi-professional singer, I recognize that we can all use some help improving our instrument. The concept of this app is fantastic and sold me based on the advertisements. First of all, beyond the 20-min tutorial, absolutely nothing is free. So I decided to gamble $10 for one month to see what unlocked. The songs, while customizable to your voice range, have to EACH be customized—the songs were always intuitively set WAY too low for my alto voice. Not all altos can sing the low-low notes. Next is the singing interface. A click beat behind the music would be helpful with staying on beat with some of the more free flowing instrumentation. Next comes my review of the pitch identifying portion of the app. Notes that I’m fairly certain were on pitch were flagged as off pitch, and ONLY when I sang very straight and lifeless was I able to achieve proper pitch results. This does NOT help someone become better as a singer, it only helps people beat an app game. In fact, my voice felt very stressed after doing a couple songs in my proper range because of this. There also does not appear to be any real singing technique tutorials, short of breathing exercises. Again, I had high hopes for this app as a singer who always wants to be better, but the app falls way short..Version: 1.12.14

Good but not the bestI downloaded SimplyPiano and then it showed me SimplySing I honestly love singing so I downloaded to it was the best. But when it got to where you can choose a song sing along with you you had to get premium and if you try to go on the the next level you also had to get premium. If you love wasting money on apps and games then go ahead get it but I don’t recommend getting it..Version: 1.12.11

Wish I didn’t have to buy premium to singI love this app and the beginning coaching is great, but there are some downsides. 1 not all of the coaching is free and after a little bit you have to start paying if you don’t then you can’t keep with the coaching . 2 Once you unlock the ability to sing the songs from the song library, you actually cannot sing the songs in the song library unless you get premium. I’m not 100% sure if it is always been like this, but based on other reviews, I believe that it used to be totally free. I don’t want to tell you how to run your business, but I would suggest making a free again because it would help a lot of us out on most apps premium is an option. It is not necessary to use the app properly and it’s only for people who want a better experience. I really wanted to learn how to sing, but now I can’t even sing the songs in the library and it’s a lot harder to learn now if you are OK with paying for premium I suggest you do so for best with this app it’s great I just wish everything would be free I know you’re trying to make money but it would help a lot of us out.Version: 1.12.16

I hate thisIt’s so trash it’s $60 per month I’m not gonna pay $60 to hardly even learn anything they’re not even that good songs on there. Oh you know it’s so good app every single ad says that on simply singing it’s such a trashy app no one ever liked it in my family we try to do it. We did simply piano with simply guitar or simply tuning, simply simply simply and it’s so annoying because you don’t learn anything you can. I try to play the guitar I cannot play it at all after a month of playing or two months playing. It was like 100 and something dollars. I hate this so much no reason why I don’t know who would play. This didn’t learn anything I love simply singing at first but then 00 tells me, I can’t even do a single thing. Money cost money, money, money, money when we don’t have money I don’t want to do. It’ll be all these fancy places but I don’t wanna be paying for a month my trip costed for a year to stay or a year state is one hotel in Paris accosted $1000 and I will look at that. How much 100 and something for two weeks I’m not doing it. I am not doing it trash app, trash, trash, trash. Hi this is why I am learning sign language so you don’t have to sing or talk to any trashy, apps, trash, trash, and that’s my smart opinion why you should never get simply anything.Version: 1.13.11

Extremely large potentialTo get rings through, I’m gonna tell everything good about this app and why you should download it. first and foremost it’s made to fit your voice range unlike Smule it’s made it so that you were able to sing any song you love all without ads. However there are a lot of things this app needs work on. for one, I know you’ll start adding an advertisements. I think the best way to add in advertisements without it being a complete pain is putting them in request, or straight out getting a commission for a song. now onto the much larger bits that the app needs fixing, specifically the more karaoke part. It only has a hard time keeping up with my voice, being that it doesn’t register fast enough so I’ll get wrong scores at the end. That and when it’s finding my vocal range I’m unsure if it’s actually accurate given that I’ve tried it multiple times with different octaves and all having very weird results. this app has a lot of work to do but, if fixed, could be one of the best singing apps that I have ever had experience with! Let’s just hope it happens soon.Version: 1.6.7

Can’t get my new lessonI Finished the intro lesson but it didn’t give me my next lesson and I have been waiting 4 weeks (1 month!) 4 WEEKS and I still haven’t gotten my lesson. 3 people have been waiting on the account..Version: 1.14.4

Aucun développementJ’ai passé toutes les leçons en l’espace de 45 minutes et depuis 1 an les producteurs disent qu’ils vont creer plus de leçons mais rien n’évolue. Ils ont retiré l’onglet de réchauffement de la voix et le répertoire de musique est extrêmement limité..Version: 1.14.4

This app is nothing more than just Karaoke.This app is hot garbage compared to the other “Simply” apps. It does nothing to help you learn how to sing. It offers no tips on how to improve your singing range. The most this app does is tell you your range then let you hear the song sung in your range instead of by the original artist but an experienced singer doesn’t need this and a new singer isn’t well enough informed for this to be of any use to them. App also performs terribly, often with the pitch bar glitching out and the app not rotating properly when it’s supposed to and half the screen being cut off. All in all this app is just bad, a karaoke app that doesn’t even try to help you with your singing is better than this. The disappointment hits even harder given how amazing the other 2 Simply apps are. Unless you already have a Simply membership with another of their apps don’t even waste your time here, you’d be better off using virtually any other karaoke or singing app on the store..Version: 1.13.8

I have already suggested this to my bestieThis app is really good but I have some suggestions… 1 it really needs more songs because there were not many songs I knew. 2 When I wanted to learn how to sing I needed a bit more advice and I don’t think I really improved that much. 3 i think that it needs more vocal warmups so your definitely ready to sing 4 lastly though I think what would be fun is if you added some mini games like singing a song and it tells you which singer you most sound like, or it picks a song for you to sing at random. AND my favourite, you compete with other people online singing a song at random. That would attract customers if you included that in the ads and the app! I hope you use some of my suggestions! Thank you!.Version: 1.7.3

Good but you have to pay 😭Ok so I first got this and realised it’s rlly good and enjoyable in till I get to the point where I have to pay to carry on . I’ve been trying to get better at my singing without having to go to vocal classes or use anything involving me to pay . My parents said no to buying it as I’m still not old enough to use my own bank account and they don’t want to which is understandable. I understand you need to have things to pay for but maybe a few amazing things that people could buy that’s useful. If you are able to pay though around 10 pounds a month then I believe this app will help a lot.Version: 1.13.11

What is going on here.First if all I want to say that this started out like a great idea. There were a bunch of cater girls to choose from and it seemed like a wide variety with even warm ups in the mix! But, then you see that the musicals category is mostly Disney songs and then it’s two grease songs and one Hamilton song. Hardly a musical category. Then for literally every category Olivia Rodrigo seems to be there! There is no escape. When after I first song I did I saw that there was a warm up part of the lesson I got excited and they seemed to explain it decently. But then they showed the warm up and it didn’t exercise my voice or make it feel healthier at all especially because it was only one warm up for any voice type. It’s not tailored to your voice or what you can do so it’s the bare bare minimum for any beginner warm up. And finally it doesn’t listen to your voice. Like at all. A common complain was that I doesn’t actully state your voice part and said alto for everyone. I had the same issue and I’m a soprano one. Halfway through most of my songs it would just stop listening to me. If you read all the way through this congratulations have a cupcake 🧁.Version: 1.7.2

Why???I cant sing any song in this app! It cost money to do EVERYTHING!!.Version: 1.13.4

Why can't it be freeI thought the songs were for free and it told me I have to buy a subscription and I wasted time.Version: 1.12.7

All pop nothing else.I cannot use this app as almost all the songs are pop music and I don’t like or know any of them . What about those of us who prefer classical music not one of the songs I knew and therefore can sing to. Sorry but you need to think about the generation of people who do not like pop . Won’t be using this again unless you can improve the genre of music on this app. When I set this up the app said I am an alto. Professional singing tutors have told me I am a soprano. Go figure!.Version: 1.8.4

Requires premium membership to useYou can try for free - very limited selection and the songs to try are not beginner friendly. Don’t bother trying..Version: 1.12.12

Don’t get unless fixSo I was perfectly fine with the app like it got myAdjustment voice and it was all fine until I tried getting the songs and I keep on doing it and it said $15 per month not paying so I tried looking at every other song and it still wouldn’t let me pay. I had to get the premium like who the hell download an app and then doesn’t even get to use the songs. Please fix PS only get the app if you want to pay $15 per month.Version: 1.11.4

Good lessons…Too expensiveWhen I saw it as an ad for like the 100th time, I decided that I wanted to try it out. I have always wanted to learn to sing since a young age but have always been busy doing something else as well as singing lessons being expensive. So, I downloaded the app and at first it was great but then once I had finally unlock the Simply Sing song library and had clicked on a song to learn it, it said that I’m only allowed to continue singing with premium which is £9.99 EVERY MONTH! Seriously! Did these people not factor in the cost of living prices going up! Some families are really struggling and the least they could do is lower the price to like, I don’t know, maybe £2.99 each month?.Version: 1.9.20

Seems like an interesting concept but no free trialAs far as I can tell, there aren’t any free songs to test out as a proof of concept. It’s showing me a bunch of songs on the “unlocked songs” screen, but any one I click summons a paywall, and the price is much too high at this point. There are other apps & websites that do roughly the same thing more affordably. The vocal range adjustor is a nice feature here, but without clearly labeled Free songs to test it out with, there’s no change I’m going to get hooked enough to pay for the service. After going through the rigmarole of their intro breathing exercise & warm up (which any committed singer would likely already be familiar with - so this isn’t anything you can’t get elsewhere for free), you “unlock” the song library - but evidently that only means you can view songs available, should you subscribe. It feels a little bait-and-switchy, a bad marketing technique. I’m annoyed to have invested time in excessive basic exercises only to find that NOTHING is accessible for free at all. Can’t even tell at this point if I’d come to like the app but based on this, reckon I won’t ever find out..Version: 1.10.5

Great but than failedThis app was great I felt like I might have a chance to sing better but than it popped up with $15 per month subscription and because I’m 11 I can’t pay for that and my parents won’t pay it for me to learn to sing to I tried the song library and it kept on popping up with the please pay $15 so it was great until it would not let me do anything unless I paid the $15 so I deleted it..Version: 1.11.2

FrustratingHas very limited content without paying for a subscription.Version: 1.14.3

Amazing at firstThis app was incredible at first, when you did the lessons, and when it said I could sing songs, I was so excited and kept asking to buy the songs, so I thought I’ll just carry on with the lessons and I couldn’t cause you had to buy them too so I had to delete the app because there was nothing for me to do on there I would’ve paid but I don’t know how to cancel it. It did not tell you at all. I looked to see but there was nothing to tell you. They need to tell you how to cancel it so you can have it like for like two months and cancel it..Version: 1.12.11

Good but there’s some flawsOkay, this all it has a cool introduction of the app which is why I gave it two stars instead one 1. The introduction was cute and simple and it was fun. It’s beginner friendly too which is great. The only problems I have is with after the introduction. To continue on into the next singing lesson you have to buy premium which is VERY annoying. Then, you can’t play ANY music in the free version of your choice you can only play that one warm up from the introduction. This game is literally forcing you to buy premium and the younger people may not be able to afford that. This game needs more songs even with premium. I feel like this game would have more hype if the free players could have the next few parts of the game and if they could actually use some of the custom songs. Overall I don’t like this app but if you wanna try it for yourself you can! Everyone has different opinions and unfortunately this app didn’t work out for me. Hopefully it works out to whoever is reading this.Version: 1.9.20

Getting sorted into my proper singing range is insanely annoying (haven't managed yet)I tried tenor but I found it was too high. I sang baritone in high school and probably am today. After initial setup there is no way to adjust your range. "No problem." I guess. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. ... Now I went through the voice range thing again. It pegged me as a bass this time but I don't think that's the right range for me either. I clicked try again over and over to try to get it to register me as anything but a bass. No luck. When I reached the top of my vocal range, I had my daughter (a soprano) read it as high as she could. It was comical to hear her read it in a squeaky cartoon voice and again the lady says "sounds like you are a bass". ... So, feature request: I cannot change my range change my range after setup. ... And bug report: I cannot change my range during setup either. ... Okay, brb deleting the app and trying again over and over to see if I can eventually guess how to read that stupid passage in what the sorting robot thinks is a baritone voice. Oh and I guess feature request: just let me pick a vocal range somehow. ===== update: it takes so maddeningly long to listen through the unskippable intro just to have this stupid robot get my range wrong again. Bass again..Version: 1.4.0

Ridiculously expensiveWon’t let you even try any of the songs unless you subscribe and subscription is minimum $199 a year or $39.99 a month if you can only pay monthly. Thought I’d at least get a basic selection without having to subscribe but all you get is a basic introduction and then when you “unlock” songs you can’t actually select them until you’ve subscribed. Waste of time if you ask me..Version: 1.12.12

MoneyWhy is everything money please give a response-Chloe 2024.Version: 1.12.7

Needs free songs your free trialThis game does not understand that some people do not have enough money to buy stuff like this and there are kids on this some kids have no app purchases like what- but this app definitely needs to put some on this because some kids cannot buy so at least put some free songs in some VIP on there like all the other games are just like you sing and do not even like teach you stuff. This is a really good game. I recommend you get it it’s really great, but if you do want to spend some money this would be a better game if there were some free songs like I play this game and I could not find any free songs and it also need some more updates like it’s very old. I’ve had it for like three years and it has no updates and when it first came out it was like all the songs were completely free for a couple of hours or months and then I didn’t play for a couple of months and years and yeah yeah yeah and then I just played today and it didn’t have any free songs so I decided to write this up and if you’re reading this game. Pls listen to me Byeeeee.Version: 1.13.2

The apps cool but…When I downloaded the app and got started it was fun and unique but when I finished the first singing part all of a sudden a subscription popped up and then I couldn’t do anything at all in the app witch is not fun at all..Version: 1.9.9

Has really good potential!This is an AMAZING APP, voice, tracking, etc, but there is one problem. The paywall, this app would be perfect if you had at least a few free songs, then people can see what its like for the free song, not just a part of the song in the tutorial. And plus, many people are kids playing this, and like me, their parents wont pay for this- and kids ususally dont have money to pay for the app. Creators, tysm for reading if you do, i love what you have going on, its just you lose many peoples interest after finding out that there is a HUGE paywall, where you cant even sing one full song, if i may suggest, maybe either adding a few songs for free- or be able to do one or two songs or one or two lessons per day. You will still get money, of course, because if people really like your app, they would pay so they can get unlimited songs to sing so they dont only have to use two songs / lessons per day. Just a suggestion, because this worked for drops, a language learning app, and its really successful. Thank you!.Version: 1.12.10

Bad. Just bad it’s not related to the ad horrible.It’s great but no to great , the first trail is amazing a little it tells some strategy but that’s basically it it’s like a tutorial, but not because like when I was trying to finish up the so-called tutorial it did not work so then, when I finally finished, it told me that I got the library song, the library of the songs whatever we can call it but when I unlock that I press the songs that I wanted and guess what happened, it did not work because suddenly I needed to pay for premium and mind you I am nine years old and I can’t pay anything so when that premium came out, I decided and thought hey maybe all I need to do was get out of the premium place and go to the free library, song place but guess what after that no no no we still need premium and all I could do is just keep on replaying the trial that I already did because guess what I cannot play anything or any song that I wanted so I would rate this a 2 and a 2 only.Version: 1.12.7

Seems amazing but is too expensiveI was so excited going through the intro, but just as it says “you’ve unlocked the library” the subscription button comes up. I acknowledge music royalties are expensive, but it would be great to have a small library available on a basic free plan, where we have to watch ads. I would be recommending to everyone if that was the case. I just want to be able to sing along to songs on the radio well not start my pop career. Sorry, I’m just not going to pay $200 a year for that..Version: 1.12.10

It’s good but not cleanI played good 4 u but is was not clean and It said the swear out loud. I would have made it a 1 star but I like how it has the tuner it really helps. Also the adds make it look great, I like the lady singing amazing grace, it really show that it is a good app. If you could maybe add a few more touches that would help ALOT of other users like what I am gonna tell you. Also I am Australian and it does not understand the notes. To solve this maybe add what country the user is in at the start so it can understand the user. A lot of the songs were Americans and I actually think ALL of them were! If you could read my note AND ACTUALY UNDERSTAND From Alysha P.s pls don’t call me a Karen I am just try a to help mate😑👾👾🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠 AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI! FOREVER! 🤪😜😊😌😅 some enthusiasm there don’t ya think?.Version: 1.4.0

Started off greatThe tutorial was great at explaining how the app works and finding my vocal range but I was disappointed to find that every single song is locked behind a £9.99 monthly subscription. The Subscription itself isn’t the issue, it’s that I have no idea If I’m going to enjoy using the app if I can’t even test out 1 song or sign up for a couple days trial to see if I actually want to subscribe. I don’t want to waste money on something that I might not even like or use..Version: 1.12.10

Live the intro but huge paywallAs the title says I loved the intro to the game I got a song of my choice it adjusted to my vocal abilities and I actually felt like a good singer but straight after the intro was done I tapped in the song and a banner with $15/per month popped up which was upsetting because this popped up for every song and even when I tried to redo the modules and while I get the game needy to make money a game like this has enough potential to have a split half the songs required to pay and half not because not everyone has the ability to pay for this and this can be bad because the amount of people that can’t pay would most likely outweigh the people that can so by having a paywall like that this game significantly drops the amount of people that would be using it.Version: 1.9.11

Not great for little kidsMy 6yo is super keen to learn to sing. I loaded her profile as a 6 year old and the first thing she has to do to check vocal range is read a passage which is listening for the EXACT words and pronunciation. Not only was it too complex for her to read, but as she doesn’t pronounce all sounds perfectly it couldn’t recognise the words even with my assistance. So she promptly got too frustrated with it. So if the songs also rely on exact pronunciation and reading of lyrics this just won’t work for a 6 year old..Version: 1.12.7

App doesn’t seem to workI’m an experienced singer who recently lost his vocal coach so I decided to try this app just to stay on my discipline. I’ve been playing around with it, admittedly for only about an hour, but it makes you pay after the intro and it is not worth the money. I can see how it would have useful tips, but when singing the songs it often just doesn’t work. The first issue was at the very start when it tried to identify my vocal range and said I was a tenor. I have been a bass for my entire life and could not sing tenor even if I wanted to. The live feedback is not consistent and has even said I’m not singing when my voice is very clearly on. I’m not sure if it just has trouble with low voices or if it can’t tell what’s going on because I’m getting over a cold but I would seriously not recommend giving this app your money. EDIT: I came back to this app a few days later to try to test it out some more. Then I stopped singing for a little bit just to see what the app would do if there was no voice coming through. It kept marking notes as too high or too low or as correct at random. This app seriously doesn’t work and if I could lower my rating to 0 stars I would..Version: 1.13.12

It’s a scamFor real the pay wall is bad sure but what people don’t talk about is how it’s just straight up fake. Ive used the app and thought it works fine. But it doesn’t even go along with your voice properly or maybe at all and it just pretends to stuff up or miss lines. I might be wrong about it but see for yourself sit in a room with no noise and the game will play and correct words and whatever it does and even without u talking. I’ve realised you could just talk in the tone it needs to work but it’s super dodgy and bad to me MAKE A REAL FREAKING APP!!!.Version: 1.12.2

I was originally excited…So when I got this app it was great, it appeared to be an app that allows you to sing your favourite songs. I pressed on a song and a banner came up saying “to play this song you need to pay $15 a month”. So I continued scrolling and found out that you need to pay for almost all the songs on here! I was genuinely upset to find this out because not everyone wants or cannot pay this price. This app has great potential but if you could lower the amount of songs you have to pay for in this game it would be great. Please reply. Thank you.Version: 1.9.5

DON’T GET THIS APPI first got this app and it seemed good but you can’t sing anything without paying money I wish this app had a couple of free songs.Version: 1.12.7

Meh doesn’t try enough for the priceAnnoyed that you have to pay for absolutely anything after the intro of this app…..Version: 1.14.1

😡I felt all good getting this app ready to start feeling comfortable in my voice and then after in the practice ‘unlock songs’ everything has been about premium like if you want to practice the next level it say “try premium” and literally I tried the songs I tried practice I tried learn but everything says ‘try premium’ and I mean I would but £10 a month seems like a lot for someone to talk to me (it’s actually not that bad as I need someone to talk to) but that’s beside the point I don’t recommend. Good effort (the words that hurt the most) wasn’t for me.Version: 1.10.5

Some substantial technical issuesI like the concept and the overall presentation is great. But the range detection based on speaking voice is inaccurate. I am a tenor. Speaking first said I was a baritone a d when I tried again reading in a higher tone it actually said I'm a bass. After completing lessons to unlock songs and buying a subscription I was on my 3rd song when it forced me into the 'hands free' mode and made me select 3 songs but then had no way for me to return from that to the main program short of quitting and restarting. When I select a song and choose a range it is ignored and the song always begins at the range the app wants me to use, and if I make any change in the range after the song has started it shuts off the mic and will not give me a score.I also found it very off-putting that the very first song it chose for practice was one that I hate, with no option to choose a different song or skip. Finally, it has performance issues, freezing up on my iPhone 14 pro whenever I change screen orientation. It's a HUGE battery hog, quickly draining power even in low power mode..Version: 1.12.5

Sexist but okayThe apps okay I mean it was really obvious that the settings were that if you selected female it said the lowest you could go was an alto im a female contralto but I’m at the lower end of that range and I couldn’t see contralto on the list so I should’ve got tenor as from alto and tenor that’s the closer one for me and I was confused so after doing it again normally I did the test for a third time now speaking as low as I could which is very much too low for an alto and it still said alto I had to manually change it to be tenor. Other then the pointless annoying test that doesn’t even test your singing it’s alright though..Version: 1.12.7

Supplemental AppI was looking for singing lessons and this isn’t it. If you want something to gauge how you’re doing this will work as a supplemental app but I certainly wouldn’t pay $13 a month for just that. Also, this app is buggy. After playing and singing along to a song it’s nearly impossible to get out. The app gets stuck. There needs to be more to this app for me to continue using it past the month I just (foolishly) paid for..Version: 1.14.0

GarbageAfter you finish the first part of the app you have to subscribe and I do recommend this app instead “yousician” (NOT PAID BY YOUSICIAN PERSONNEL OPINION).Version: 1.14.0

Karaoke but no teaching?I like the idea of the app, and the key - changing works pretty well but there need to be a lot more songs, and more genres (are you really counting ‘Hallelujah’ as rock?). But the strangest thing about this was the lessons. In the reviews I read they talked about some lessons, some actual vocal training, but when I am on the app all I can do is basically karaoke… I also read in some reviews that the app used to have the function of recording yourself so you could play it back and listen, I think that would be more helpful. Additionally, the bottom of my screen is slightly cut off and I can’t seem to change it. Please add some lessons (or explain why I can’t find them) and please add more songs - because soon I will run out of things to do, especially as most of the things I search for aren’t there. I might delete this soon..Version: 1.6.3

Why do you have to pay for it???I downloaded this app thinking it’d be a fun way to get better at singing and a way to challenge myself to get the pitch right on my favorite songs. I go through the entire intro and go to sing a song and I get bombarded by a screen telling me I have to pay $120 bucks for ‘full access’ to be able to sing the song. Here I am thinking ‘dang, that’s a bummer. Oh well, I’ll find a different song.’ But NO, you can’t sing ANY of the songs without full access. This app used to be free, apparently. Why did they change it? At least have SOME songs that are free! This is one of the only apps I can find (since I’m a stinky Apple user) that has this format (where it listens to you sing and shows you if you’re too high or low and also lets you adjust the range of the song). It would be great if it could just be an app where you could learn how to sing better. I get that they need to make money off that, that’s fine! I just wish that they’d make a section with free songs so that those of us who can’t/refuse to spend over 100 bucks on an app could be able to use it at least a little bit!.Version: 1.13.2

Would be good if you can payAs someone that doesn’t get allowance and definetly can’t get my parents to pay for this it was kinda disappointing since it looked so far REALLY PROMISING and I was SUPER exited but that soon dropped when I finished the “trial” and I learned I had to pay to carry on. Is there any way you can maybe add a separate path or something if you don’t want to pay with only a few songs available to sing because I really wouldn’t mind that since I still would be able to do what I downloaded the app for..Version: 1.13.2

CrashesWhen ever I go check my voice again it always crashes on me and tell me that my microphone is not close to me and it is close to me and it and then when I try again it crashes on me and everything just turns blue.Version: 1.8.8

Nice Intro but bad paywallThe intro is really good but most people wouldnt want to pay $200 a year. i do singing lessons in person and i just wanted an app where i could sing any song i wanted with my vocal range without having to pay which was fine until i unlocked the songs library and i couldnt do any without paying 200 a year. songs should be split half pay half not.Version: 1.12.12

Great concept but not enough lessonsThere is a subscription paywall, but I decided to give it a shot and subscribe for one month since I enjoyed the intro singing lessons, however once I did subscribe and the “paywall” was gone, I found out that there wasn’t even that many lessons available yet. The lessons are great however there are only two module: “Getting started” and “Discover your voice.” Apparently “new lessons” are “coming soon” so if you do plan to subscribe to this app, maybe wait a year or two (or more). It is fun to practice singing to the songs with the visual feedback but once again, you’ll need to subscribe to a plan to unlock that feature. I won’t recommend anyone to subscribe to this app until it is more developed with the lessons. It’s not really worth paying $15 per month with no updates on when there will be new lessons for you to actually learn from..Version: 1.13.9

Misleading, Only useful if your using it to learnI think you get the deal with this, and I’m also gonna mention on how this app isn’t as good as it used to. But before this I’m just gonna say, Hi I’ve had this app since may something 2022. This app used to genuinely be very good. Like top tier, yknow, when everything was free. Back then it didn’t really have lessons but it was still good having the voice thing to see your voice range and talked you through the app and the song library was FREE. and late 2022 they introduced lessons for the first time to which o thought was really cool! Took a break from the app after that, and not to mention was still FREE at the time. Next to earlier this year where they decided to get more professional with the lessons and I thought was decent, but notice on how it’s still FREE? Still early this year the made it to where it was MANDATORY to do the lessons, which is literal Ykw. That part literally sucked. And now to currently where I’m writing this review you basically have to pay for EVERYTHING. except for lessons, and lessons are the most boring part, but I get there important but the genre is misleading, at this point it isn’t a “advance karaoke app” It’s a learning app where you have to pay to actually get what you downloaded this app for. Totally money hungry. The old version was better..Version: 1.12.11

Glitchy but goodWhen it’s working, the app is great. Loads of songs for all tastes and abilities… but it often crashes/hangs, which makes the experience frustrating..Version: 1.10.1

Click bateI just sat here for two minutes and just listened, didn’t say one word. I come of the song and it gave me two stars! And also it gives you barely any songs to sing plus there’s only one lesson that didn’t do anything helpful so DO NOT DOWNLOAD this app. All it does is make you feel good about yourself, then if you were to stand up and sing, people would make fun of you. They don’t at least have the proper singers, if you are someone who wants to sing get another app and if you have this you should delete it because all it will do is hurt your feelings..Version: 1.7.0

Subscription requiredThe only part of the app that doesn’t require a subscription is the tutorial. Everything after that is behind a pay wall. Don’t bother downloading unless your willing to ditch out $12 per month..Version: 1.14.3

Great app too expensiveI loved using this but after the training you need to pay £10 a month to access even a single song. No idea if its even worth that price as you don't get to see if the song alterations even help. There’s a vocal coach on Instagram doing these vocal exercises for free so without seeing if this app even helps, i can’t justify paying anything. So far it’s only taught me the same things that she did. I need to see that it works BEFORE i pay..Version: 1.12.12

BadDoesn’t let me advance in the lesson and part on the screen always gets cut off -10/10.Version: 1.14.0

Not very good.I spent 30 mins on setting it all up doing everything to get it ready, then I try out a song or a lesson and you can’t use anything without a subscription. Like I just wasted 30 mins on something that I got exited about. I am so mad!.Version: 1.14.0

ErmIt was going good and I was enjoying it, until I tried to sing songs. It would keep popping up with the premium ad and I don’t have the money for that. I am a teenage girl who just simply wants to learn how to sing and I can’t even sing a song without having to pay. I would appreciate if the prices were either cheaper or it was completely free. I have tried to look for free songs to sing but I can’t seem to find any. Maybe this is just my experience but idrc, it was a going good to bad experience..Version: 1.12.0

It’s kinda like a pay to win appWhat I mean by the title is that basically every song you need premium and some families don’t want to fund or pay every month or even buy it. You guys should at least make some songs free because I scrolled all the way down on the songs page and you need GO premium. It is insane that to enjoy this game, you need money. You guys need to make this better. I can’t even give a rating because I never played any songs beside the tutorial ones. I hope you guys fix this or at least make some songs free or just have a simply play currency and you could get it by how much stars you get once completing a star. That currency could help you buy new songs and the premium could be for exclusive songs that you guys think are or some things that you guys think are exclusive. I hope you guys really do something about it. I know everything isn’t free in this world, but at least make something free in this game like songs and the things I mentioned above. I think this app has a lot of potential, but it needs to fix some major things. This isn’t hate, but just wanted to tell you. Thank you for spending your time reading this long review if you did. Appreciate it very much. Erick..Version: 1.12.11

Free songsThe learning part is great, but I can’t sing a song if I don’t pay money for it. I would suggest to put some songs for free..Version: 1.14.4

Is this a joke?I just got 93% word accuracy snd 100% timing accuracy and I didn’t event sing a single word haha (in a silent room). Not only that, on the first song you get to sing (sing in tune Elton John (after setting range with Alicia Keys)) it plays at full speed yet you are trying to sing at varying pitches for the first time ever so you have zero chance of keeping up or having enough time to get your pitch right for each word. But hey you get 100% if you don’t even sing so who cares! This is all in the first few sections. Then you have to pay. Well if the free parts are this bad, I wouldn’t waste your money on the rest!.Version: 1.13.10

Have to pay for everythingYou can’t do anything without paying the subscription except the first couple lessons and request songs that aren’t on there. There’s no option to continue free without ads or anything. You can’t continue with other lessons or sing any of the songs in the limited choice of song library. Downloaded just to delete a day later definitely not worth your time if you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost anything.Version: 1.14.0

Great app but a few suggestionsI downloaded this app to get better at my singing I am in a choir and does theater, so I wanted to train my voicebto get better. The intro was awesome andbi understood it but after the intro it went down hill for me. I am syill in school and living with my parents so I am not allowed to have subscriptions in apps. When it opened up the library I couldn't play any song, I wish that you could unlock songs with either adds (I don't really care for adds unless they are right in the middle of something) or we start off with a few songs and by doing them really good or playing more songs you would be able to unlock them. Second I can't practice my lip and mouth movements because I need a subscription to do so. I would rather have the same things as u said earlier unlock with adds or songs. That is really it so because his can't move on I can't say anything else. Oh, one other thing I wish we could edit our profiles and have a part of the app where we can sing with other people! (That might already be added but in the later levels, and likevi already explained I can't move on) I hope this could help viewers that ink about the app more carefully or the developers find different ways for people to enjoy the game experience.Version: 1.13.13

Cool App but…Needs a better song selection, 54 songs in total and most are pop garbage. Too bad you can’t add your own songs..Version: 1.2.1

Good introduction but ……. IT IS NOT FAIR !!!!After the introduction, I went to go sing some songs, but it didn’t let me sing a song that I wanted to which is fine, but any song that I tapped to sing I couldn’t sing. I tried every single song in the album it wasn’t fair I even set my vocalise to the highest one that didn’t change anything and it kept on asking me to buy pre-premium, which I didn’t have the money for buy. Think you should at least let someone sing a few songs. IT IS NOT FAIR !!!!.Version: 1.14.0

READ THISI only just got the app, and once I finished, The tutorials on how to sing you can’t really get any of the songs you want to sing you have to pay for a subscription and I don’t think it’s worth the money when I could be getting another app or something for my Nintendo switch. Anyway I don’t think it’s worth getting this subscription and once you complete the lessons you can’t sing any of your favourite songs if someone has figured out what songs you can sing. Please tell me, but I will not be re-downloading this app until I know how so please take this review into your mind and think about it and are you willing to pay $100 a year to get singing lessons when you could go to a professional for a bit more, but in person.Version: 1.12.11

If you like karaoke? (Otherwise no)This doesn’t really teach you how to sing. There are no warm-ups, it doesn’t teach you correct posture, breathing or how to even properly sing without straining or hurting your voice. I was hoping this would really help me “up my game” so to speak and be a good replacement for singing teachers that I had several years before Covid… this doesn’t even come halfway. Yes, it’s fun, but that’s about it. It changes your singing range based on your talking voice, which I feel is highly inaccurate. I knew a boy who talked normal but had the richest lowest voice, and I myself placed as a soprano in college yet this app says I’m an alto. Sure that’s “comfortable” for me, but with proper training I am a soprano. As for the other features of the app, there’s no way to slow down the song if you don’t know the words, and there’s no music notes to follow… just these random lines of different lengths and height placement that don’t really tell you anything but estimations… basically, if you know anything about music you’ll be sorely disappointed with this app. If you know nothing about singing, you’re not going to learn much, but you’ll also be enjoying it a lot more too since you won’t know how inadequate it is. Sorry for the harsh review, but I had such high expectations..Version: 1.7.6

This app is not for everyoneI had got this app because I love to sing and I was trying to find a fun karaoke app. And when I first downloaded it about two years ago it was completely free but the only problem I had with it was that u couldn’t search up songs so your options were limited. Then I deleted it because I just found myself not using it as much because I was getting bored of the same songs because there was no search bar. Then maybe a year after I downloaded it again hopping it would update the search bar and when I came back they completely updated it and they would ask why you used the app your favorite genres are etc. But when I got on I noticed that there was a search bar things to improve your voice and even go deeper like open up your vowels and even warm up’s. And then there was a part to get you started with lasted two lessons before it asked to get premium then I stoped so went to explore the rest of the app when I realized that everything else you do it not free anymore I could understand if they want people to pay but making me think I could play for free really broke my heart. So yah they basically get you started and then it’s technically not free anymore.Version: 1.12.12

Of course you have to payYou don’t even have access to one single free song….Version: 1.14.3

I mean it good but…I really like this game but there just not enough songs like I wanted to do “I can’t just wait to be king” which is a Disney classic and they don’t have it and also add some more songs for children I know you have Disney songs but not many Disney songs I am a 10 year old and half of the songs on there I don’t Evan know and you also rated your app for a 4+ well there not many songs if your for a reception child maybe some nursery rhymes or something like that if you want this app to be adult songs then fine rate is as 12+ but not a 4 anyways I don’t know why I am complaining it just fine well it not well just fix this please.Version: 1.4.12

This is the same person who wrote a bad review earlier earlierI just deleted SimplySing because I couldn’t do anything on it it was stupid I couldn’t even test my vocal range in the tutorial I hate it so much now I’m never gonna play it again or use it that’s what I meant to say 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I originally loved simply say but now I hate it so much now I just wonder why I even tried to singing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺😭🥺😢😭🥺😩😢😭🥺😢😩😭 The order of how I cry🥺😢😩😭.Version: 1.9.11

Not workingHave just subscribed but my app won’t even open?.Version: 1.9.20

So glitchyThis app has the potential to be amazing but it freezes all the time. I constantly have to force close it and restart it again. I have done all the updates for both the app and my iPhone and still it freezes. It freezes when trying to remove a song from my playlist and freezes after ending singing a song in my playlist. As you can imagine singing a song, then going back to the library to choose another song to sing and having the app freeze each time is very frustrating..Version: 1.9.16

What happened?I have had this app for ages now, I recently went back on it after a while and I noticed they made a few changes… The app has a more polished look, and helps you practice singing which is useful, but the main reason why I got the app in the first place was to practice singing particular songs so I could challenge my vocal range. It turns out you need to pay a subscription for all the songs in the library now, which wasn’t there before. I get that the company needs to make money, but now one of the main functions of the app you have to pay for. I know multiple people who downloaded this app to practice for karaoke nights and such, they can’t really do that with this new subscription fee..Version: 1.10.5

Would of been good but you have to payIt seemed really good and I was really excited to start, I finished the tutorial and was happy that I could finally play songs I liked until, I clicked on a song a pressed the big button assuming it would take me to the song but instead to came up with buy premium. My smile quickly faded as I couldn’t find any free songs at all, giving the benefit of the doubt they might have some but either way it’s not easy to find or clear. Would have been good if they even had a few songs but sadly I’ll have to delete the app because of its prices..Version: 1.13.12

Not free??The let you play like 3 levels and then it asks you to pay. Like what’s the point.Version: 1.14.4

Do not download this appThis app was terrible and it made me feel worse about my singing and the app pretended like it was listening to me and I was just trying not to ti get upset at the singer in the lessons because i was singing the exact same as the girl and i all ready know how to sing and it put me as an Alto even though i am A soprano would not download deleted the app in the first 20 minutes of using it literally is the worst singing app ever would not recommend would not download again honestly terrible I will not ever be using this app again and most of these people that are putting five stars are bots that are not real people if you’re a beginner and you’re trying to learn how to sing do not download this app because you’re just feel worse about yourself and plus they didn’t even have a search bar couldn’t search up your favorite songs you couldn’t even learn your favorite songs there was no other songs to learn than this girl is on fire and this girl is on fire this app is absolute bogus and don’t believe anything it say’s..Version: 1.4.12

It’s AlrightI had this app for ages I loved it until I accidentally deleted it and forgot it was an app. I recently downloaded this app again, and I did all the courses and better even better than last time. I wanted you do more courses, but said you had to pay £10 a month, but I don’t want to do that so I decided to just sing some songs instead and it said I had to pay £10 a month to play a song. I never said the last time I downloaded this app, therefore I am very disappointed. and the last thing is that I tried refreshing it to see if I could play a song by coming out of it and going back into it again, and then it said I had to do all of the courses again. Thanks for reading.Version: 1.12.15

It’s a good idea but why do we have to pay for the songsI don’t think so I don’t know if it’s a good idea for you to go out to the pool, with us and just sit there for an extra day to do that and then just hang out with you guys if that’s the plan for you to come back to your place and hang out for like two days if that, makes you more happy and you want that and I think that’s the way it should, work but you need more people in there to do the things you’re not going through so that’s the plan I 7 rings to be there to be around people who want me there to do it I know I just need a place for them but I’m just trying to figure something out so if you wanna go to work, and then you want me there and then you need to go back to the house and you need, to come home and you need a ride home or whatever but if you’re not there then you can come home because you don’t have any other things to you can come over and then we can go back there or something and then I don’t know what you need to do that you need to go back home..Version: 1.11.3

Money..I used to use this app for free but recently it started to cost money.Version: 1.14.3

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