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NoMOGasTax App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

NoMOGasTax app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NoMOGasTax? Can you share your negative thoughts about nomogastax?

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NoMOGasTax for Negative User Reviews

Not ready for prime time.1 - Can not edit vehicle information to add VIN number. 2 - Can not edit transaction to change information in case of mistake. Can not see way to delete transaction. 3 - I was under the impression that information would automatically fill form. Mine is not updating with personal information. 4 - Can edit location data. I thought this was going to be a great app, idea is sound. Sadly implementation not there yet. Especially for a 5 dollar app. IOS 15.4. Willing to work with developers, just reach out to me. Don’t want to criticize without offering to help. Will reach out to developer website..Version: 1.1

Tax form never received or printedThe app is fairly easy to use to upload the data. The problem is that I’ve tried several times to have the completed form emailed to me and I never received the email. Where is my private information going? Will this be fixed or did I waste my time entering all of my receipts?!?.Version: 1.7

Would like a refund$5 app and your better off taking pictures of your receipts. App does not assist in filling out necessary form or with filing. App takes a picture of your receipt and then you have to manually fill out the details. App has links to Missouri Dot website which doesn’t help from your mobile device. Not satisfied with the development or cost of this app. Feels like a scam..Version: 1.3

Not a happy Gas Tax payerThis was a GREAT app for the first three weeks that I had it. Paid the $4.99 fee because I sincerely thought it had great potential. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it didn’t recognize me and it insisted on migrating with Apple. I changed my password. Tried to pull up history, gone, everything is gone. Nothing at all !!! Now I am very unhappy. The potential is there. Why can’t people get it together??? And NOT rip people off !!!.Version: 1.6

Upgrade flop!Went to add a receipt but hit cancel instead of migrate now I can’t add anything! I paid $4.99 for the app on first download now tells me I need to subscribe but won’t allow me to click on anything can’t add any receipts all those I had added are now gone this is NOT what I signed up for. Would suggest you either fix your app or refund my money..Version: 1.6

Sorry I gotAfter several weeks now, I have still NOT been able to install any gas receipts. The only thing it has filled in was vehicle and only one gas station. I have tried loading receipts manually, by camera library and taking pictures of receipts. Manual goes on in, then it’s all gone when I come back to enter the next purchase. It will take pictures or download pictures from photo library. I see it comes up to read; but it doesn’t stay there in program nor inserts information in transactions. Frequently asked questions only pertains to the state website. For me it’s useless!.Version: 1.5

No way to exportSince there is no way to export the information I’ve inputted (price per gal, gal purchased, gas station address). I will still have to enter all the information I put into the app all over again. Super disappointed. I was expecting the app to be able to export all the info onto the “worksheet of Missouri motor fuel tax paid by vehicle”. I am missing something altogether or this app just really isn’t worth it..Version: 1.5

Needs improvementFor a $5 app I expect to do very little work. But instead, I have to type in date, gallons, price, and location. All this app does is store my receipt. Please tell me this will be fixed? If not, I’d like a refund. It would be easier for me to track on an excel file..Version: 1.4

Don’t see how it will help.Using an iPad pictures of the receipt are always very blurry. They look fine till you say use photo and then it’s just so blurry you can hardly read it. It will not enter the date you put down is the date of purchase it only uses the date that you’re entering it which makes it look like the last four months are all purchased on the same date. I do not see how this app is going to help. I do not recommend..Version: 1.1

No edit optionThe app concept is great but it needs improvements for sure. Being an app with a fee I think it should be more equipped. You should be able to print a list of all the transactions. Also the date you enter is not the same date after you save it. It records it as a day earlier. Which leads me to the subject…there is no way to edit info after it is saved. I inputted several receipts tonight and midway through the app just started spinning when I tried to save the info and I wasn’t able to finish. Pretty disappointed….Version: 1.2

Awful! Avoid! Pay $5 bucks 60 days ago and now $5 moreI cool with paid apps but first you charge me $5 then less than 60 days later in turns into a subscription model that does not honor or recognize by first $5 investment - strike one Each time a new version is released your transaction history is lost, your vehicles are lost and the fuel stations are lost. So you have to re-enter the information for all three time and time again - strike two The the rebate is about 2¢ a gallon unless you own a fleet it is not worth the reoccurring effort and cost to use this jenky app - strike three. Save your money put it toward fuel and use the forms online to claim your rebate..Version: 1.6

Password Login and Reset issuesThe app keeps logging me out and the password doesn't auto save in my passwords and its extremely difficult and time consuming to reset. Extremely frustrating!.Version: 1.3

Needs a lot of improvementBe weary about getting logged out and being unable to sign back in. This has happen to be at least three times. I tried every password I could think of that I use, but nothing works. And there is not an option to reset your password at all. So I have to start over. For something I had to pay money for, it certainly doesn’t work as expected. Kind of a waste really. Just keep your receipts and fill out the paperwork yourself..Version: 1.3

Don’t botherI downloaded an earlier version and had been using that. When I upgraded all of the historical data is gone. I have no way to see my receipts for the first 6 months of this rebate period. Save yourself the money and just fill out the form as you go on your computer and keep the receipts in an envelope. Kind of archaic but better than the app.Version: 2.1

No option to create an accountI just downloaded the app today. The only option is to log into an existing account via email, Facebook, Apple, etc. But no place to create a new account. I tried entering my email and password in the log in by email area and it told me my email was not recognized. Which why would it? I can’t see where to create an account..Version: 1.4

Needs improvementIn records, the date that shows is the date you entered the receipt, not date of purchase. The tax form linked is for non-hwy use, hwy use form is missing. I was under the assumption that the app did all the calculations on how much you get back, but it does not. It is just a digital file cabinet for your receipts. I saw on the news and thought it would be great, but I should have saved my money and just started an Excel spreadsheet instead with a formula to calculate how much we would get back per purchase..Version: 1.1

Cannot Edit VehiclesThis is a great idea. I also saw it on the news so I bought it and hope I don’t regret it. There should be a way to edit vehicles and/or gas stations. I accidentally added a vehicle twice and I see no way to delete it or make changes or change the info to a different vehicle. The app needs some updates to make it more user friendly..Version: 1.1

Not happyI’ve been using your app for awhile now, I opened it today to input my latest receipt and was alerted with a message to migrate the app data to my Apple ID. So I went through with the migration. Upon logging in using my Apple ID, none of my receipts or data is in the app anymore and the app is trying to get me to resubscribe (pay another $5) to use the app. I also cannot log back in using my old credentials due to migrating to my Apple ID. Please assist so I can regain my account..Version: 1.6

Migration ?Tried doing the migration and have lost everything I have entered, also wants me to pay again for what I have already paid , I’m hoping there is a way to recover this? Sent this on July 7 , no developer response? I have paid for this app and now it wants me to pay again, if we can’t move forward with this then please refund my $5 , I expected at least some kind of response, I have a lot of receipts entered and have paid the money but no way to access them, please help me or tell me to get lost ,,,,something.Version: 1.9

Can’t Receive Tax Report FormThe app required me to use an Apple ID to create an account. When I try to generate and email a report to myself, it sends to a strange Apple email that I have never seen and have no access to. How can I edit my email address to my actual email and receive the tax form?.Version: 1.7

Please fix these things!Would love to push this out to my clients but this app has so many problems! I can’t even upload my receipts; when I press save it looks like it’s loading but doesn’t save. After reading the other review, I’m glad I didn’t get that far to only realize I client pull the report. Please, please, please fix this so that people can use it!.Version: 1.7

Waste of money.All this app does is fill out the worksheet part of the form for you. For $5.00 I was expecting to be able to electronically submit the refund request through the app. Unless I’m missing something, I haven’t figured out a way to do that yet. Instead they email you the form with the worksheet filled out. You still have to print the form, fill out all your information, and mail it in. This app doesn’t do anything that I can’t do myself just as easily and for free..Version: 1.8

Edit and output limitationsI purchased the app and was the surprised to see an annual subscription is also required?? That fact doesn’t show up in any of the advance information. I entered several gas stations and realized afterwards I had some typos but I am unable to edit them or even delete them. Those seem like very basic functions that the app should have. Also the app asks for a user name and password but there isn’t a no place to create one to get started. I ended up using my Appl ID to log in. I attempted to create the tax form after entering my 2021 receipts. When I click creat report it appears to do so but Icant view it and I never receive it by email so I am very frustrated that I have entered all of this data and can’t use it within the app!!.Version: 1.7

Looks like a great little appProblem, I spent the evening entering several gas receipts-changing the dates on each receipt. When I finished I see that every entry has today’s date with no way to correct the date. Also, is there a way to export the information? How do you use the info to fill out the tax return? Also, why is the only tax form included for farm and off road vehicles?.Version: 1.1

No pictures, totalsThis is a great concept for an app however for it to be a paid app I feel it should have the ability of reproducing each and every receipt that it asks you to photograph. It does not. You should also be able to view totals, etc. You cannot view totals. Could be greatly improved..Version: 1.4

I think I wasted my moneyI paid the $5 for the app. I signed in with Apple in the app. I went to add my vehicle, typed in the VIN and named the vehicle. The app then tells me I am not subscribed. I click subscribe now. It gives you two options. $5 for the year or $.99 per month. I click either and the app does nothing. What kind of crap is this?!.Version: 1.6

Needs ImprovementETA: an update was made and now ALL of my information is gone! Vehicles and all receipts have been deleted. I sure hope they can recover these, because I have no backup. I like the idea of this but the app is missing some functionality. I can’t get it to allow me to edit vehicle information, even though it says info can be added later. I also accidentally added a receipt twice and I can’t find a way to delete or edit one..Version: 1.3

Bait and switchAfter downloading the app and entering data for about 3 months the app had an update. Now there is a cost for a subscription and it appears I’ve lost all my previous data. Not sure I’m going to save much money after paying a subscription..Version: 1.7

Says I’m unsubscribedPurchased the app an it said to log in with Apple ID - but now it says I’m unsubscribed whe I try to log in with my email. So I logged out and when I try to re-login the auto fill is not my email an no way for me to find out where it goes. If I try to change to my email it says I’m unsubscribed. Need help or a refund please.Version: 1.6

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