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Bento: The Do Less To-Do List Negative Reviews

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Bento: The Do Less To-Do List App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Bento: The Do Less To-Do List app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bento: The Do Less To-Do List? Can you share your negative thoughts about bento: the do less to-do list?

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Bento: The Do Less To-Do List for Negative User Reviews

Needs more customizationIt would be nice if you could customize your bento “type.” I like to do small/large/medium but the app does not support this task order. Kind of disappointing..Version: 1.2

Basic app with attractive nameWell to make it short this is a timer with music. it is very basic and has nothing special at all. the main idea is to split a task into 3 portions SML and thats it. the price is soo high for such an app..Version: 1.0.1

Annoyed I PaidI’m annoyed I paid money for this app. It’s beautiful and it does what it says it does, but just barely. There’s only one music option for the countdown timer which is literally what you spend the entire app using. So if I plan out a half hour session, an hour session, and a 90 minute session for my day, then I’m spending three hours listening to the same 20 or so measures looping over and over. Like would it be that hard to just offer four or six different music options? It also doesn’t give any guidance on how to plan, I know it’s supposed to be simple but simple doesn’t have to mean lacking important guidelines. And I don’t understand the names of the different time plans. “Eat that frog?” What does that mean. I don’t want to think about eating frogs for 90 minutes. Esotericism is annoying and unfriendly..Version: 1.2

Poorly Designed. Not user friendly. Overpriced.This application purported to help improve the quality of work that I do over the quantity of work that I do. While it “may” be possible to split up your workflow into three-part chunks that would fit into the structure of this method, You will need to leave the application running and check off each item as you do it. There is no automation save timers. That’s it. Timers. And art and sounds. Support articles reference Brian Tracey. Or not, Brian Tracey, if you can’t do your most significant task first. For eight dollars. Yep. 7.99. That’s poorly priced for pre-existing info. I’m getting my money back. This application is not worth eight dollars to me. I could buy a journal and pen set for eight dollars. A nice one. It would do the same job..Version: 1.2

💀💀💀💀💀🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨👎👎👎👎👎Needs Fixing💢App locks up upon 1st use & starts to drain battery 🔋> 🪫 real fast..Version: 1.0

No WidgetThis is a very lovely app, but without a widget it’s pretty useless. I want to check my tasks quickly without having to enter the app..Version: 1.2

GREAT IDEA, BUT TOO SIMPLISTIC IMPLEMENTATION?I really like the idea behind this App. Paying £5 was worth it just to read the guidance in the app. And the app is simple and easy to use - up to a point. And very pretty (I am a Japanophile). I have a LOT of “To Do's” (in REMINDERS on Apple devices) I'd like to be able to populate the Bento boxes from that, or even just use Bento. But unless I am missing something I'll have to transfer stuff manually and there is no to keep a 'store' of jobs that need doing? When I could achieve the same functional result just by some adjustments to the way I use REMINDERS. Prioritising three things every day using High, Medium, Low? So I'd say 5 stars for the ideas, but the app let's it down..Version: 1.0

Beautiful app; not functionalThis app is stunning and the goals it sets out to meet are exactly the ones I need. each time I name a task, though, the app freezes and I have to relaunch it. I also can't change the duration of any of the tasks. I want to love this app, but it's unusable for me in its current state.Version: 1.0

Not really worth the money.Honestly, it’s a pretty notes app. That’s it. There’s nothing really anything special. Once you finish a checklist it simply throws some confetti on your screen and doesn’t even delete the task box for you. I wish this app did more! Just so basic..Version: 1.2

Instructions Not IncludedPerhaps this is a fabulous app for those familiar with the concepts of the “Bento theory”, or whatever they are basing this on. I know what a bento box is regarding food, but know nothing beyond that. I’m lost on how this app is supposed to help. I can enter a task in, but are they supposed to be related, subtracts off the largest task, or in their opinion, does it not matter? If this app is just here, enter three tasks, one small, one medium and one large, then this is a very unnecessary app and a waste of$6. If there is something more to the theory, please direct me to where I can learn more about how this is supposed to function and help, because I’m not seeing it. Save your pennies..Version: 1.0.1

Beautiful But UnreliableAs soon as I entered my first title for my bento the app froze and would not allow me to activate any of the buttons on screen when touched. Three times, I have had to quit out of the whole app and reopen it to do anything. It also will not play any sounds. It's beautiful to look at, and a great concept, but I am underwhelmed and frustrated by the glitches that make it impossible to effectively navigate. Not going to keep. Update: The creator's contacted me and so I am raising my rating by a star. They said they will be updating the app to attempt to fix the issue I discussed. I may try to download it again and give it another try..Version: 1.0

Lack of Updates. Feels half-finished.If you were like me looking at ways to boost productivity and saw the bento methodology, avoid this app. Although it may seem a nice way to get into the method and all at first, the app itself is so lackluster in quality compared to others on the market. Firstly, there are no updates to the app for live activities, or any additional maintenance. Its not a big deal, but many other similar apps have some form of this which is helpful. Secondly, half the time the timer for some reason will stop running. Its very annoying. And lastly, the app just lacks some features such as saving typical tasks instead of resetting everything, and for some reason you can put any amount of time for a small, medium, or large task. Yes, you can make a small task an hour and a large one 20 minutes. Its not a big deal, but when your app rides on this whole bento methodology this sort of thing just makes the app feel half made..Version: 1.2

Bento stops at the nameMaybe it’s just me but I’m always disappointed when I remember I have this app, open it, and realize the task lists are basic vertical lists and not actually laid out in a cute bento box. 😔.Version: 1.2

Freezing and Battery DrainFreezing ❄️🧊 - When I try to edit time of task - when I press return or enter on keyboard - When I try to change size of an individual task where it shows the bento box sizes This app drains my battery horribly 🔋 iPhone 11 Pro Max.Version: 1.0

Task Manager with NO PRESENCE.You just need to open the app everytime you need an update or check the task or timer. Obvios things like: WIDGETS, new OS16 lock screen customization, and BASIC NOTIFICATIONS are absent! Beautiful app but USELESS..Version: 1.2

Timer resets randomlyI love the concept of this app, but the timer resets on my frequently for no reason. I will have started a task let’s say with 90 minutes. Fifteen minutes in I’ll notice that the timer is back up to 89:59. I’m annoyed that I paid so much for a timer that doesn’t even work..Version: 1.2

Disappointing and abandonedDefinitely way overhyped. Beautiful graphics when it works, but functionality is clunky and limited. Seems like this has been abandoned— hasn’t been updated in over 8 months. Overall, very disappointing..Version: 1.2

It freezes…a lotAfter paying $5.99 for this app, I wish I had more to review. The app freezes up a lot and I haven’t been able to customize it or use it as intended..Version: 1.0

Absolute Waste of MoneyI am very disappointed with the app. It did not help me at all. I’ve only used it once and it left me dissatisfied. I deleted the app after using it once and requested a refund but they didn’t even budge. I’ve wasted $6 on this piece of junk that they refuse to refund..Version: 1.0

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