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Red's First Flight Negative Reviews

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Red's First Flight App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Red's First Flight app received 21 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Red's First Flight? Can you share your negative thoughts about red's first flight?

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Red's First Flight for Negative User Reviews

I feel like i just got scammedI had to pay real money for the remastered version even tho the deleted version was free and i’m still getting ad pop ups. also where tf are the power ups they were in the deleted version why isn’t it in the remastered version 😐😐.Version: 1.2

Get rid of adsI enjoyed this game because I thought it would be just like the original and it was until they brought back ads in the pause menu... what a shame for a paid app.Version: 1.1.1451

Progress randomly resetHey Rovio Team. After playing this game for many many hours and putting TONS of effort in, I went onto the game only to see my progress has been reset!! Other than that 5 star game but WHY did my progress randomly reset. I’m devastated. Please fix this issue..Version: 1.2

Advertisements in pause menu render over top of gameThe advertisements for other Rovio games in the pause menu stay on the screen when the pause menu is closed which means that it covers over the gameplay and all of the menus. Please fix this as it makes the game difficult to play.Version: 1.0

The physics are wrongIn the Poached Eggs level (3-6), if you hit the one cart, the other starts moving at the same speed, despite being away from it. Also, level 1-2 is much harder than it was originally..Version: 1.1.1451

Kinda struggling with how I feel!OK, first of all this is a great game. In fact, I bought this exact game back in 2009. Then they completely ruined it by adding IAP and junk. Now, in 2022, they release the exact same game I bought before, remove everything they added which ruined it, but happily charge me again. Why not just fix the existing game? Oh, because you can’t charge again. It’s just annoying, I bought it, they ruined it, they fix it, they charge again!.Version: 1.1

No aiming lineWhy there is no aiming line anymore in this version? It is so hard to play now.Version: 1.1.1447

Disgusting. Rovio waited 1 month of the game being “ad-free”, but changed it to maximize profits.Seriously? Advertising your scummy, half-baked, predatory, micro-transaction ridden, headache inducing graphical abominations that are your modern free games on a paid game? Yes, Rovio, “suggesting” your games on the pause screen is, by definition, advertising. It doesn’t matter if they’re “non-intrusive”, they’re still ads! The game might be cheap, but I’d gladly pay more to not have to see these. This was probably a decision made by a higher up at Rovio to maximize profits because the game itself is rather good with a few issues, but this is truly sickening..Version: 1.1.1451

I accidentally boughtI didn’t know that it costs money and accidentally bought it.Version: 1.2

Not the same.You heard the title!.Version: 1.1.1447

Don’t botherIt’s so boring.Version: 1.2

Excellent… except for the ads.I really have enjoyed going back to the experience that started a franchise, the performance on modern hardware is impeccable… but if you are going to say “No Ads!” and charge the user, you would hope it was true. Yes Rovio, “suggesting” your own games on the pause screen is in fact advertising..Version: 1.1.1451

Angry birds reviewHarder then I remember.Version: 1.1.1451

DisgustingYou waited a month to let people buy a great game marketed as “ad-free” and then start putting ads everywhere once you’ve made your money. The description of this game said “no ads” and now you’ve changed it to “no intrusive pop-up ads” hoping nobody would notice. Pretty scummy way to ruin one of the best games of all time AGAIN!!.Version: 1.1.1451

Nice without tons of ads..But jeez, sort the starting camera position out! It would be nice to not have to constantly pinch zoom out every single time in order to actually see what you are aiming for, and then being infuriated when the game decides that a pinch zoom is in fact a turn, causing your bird to go off on an undesignated tangent..Version: 1.1.1451

Ok gameI don’t like the game beat all the levels very quickly after that the game was useless not worth 1$ don’t buy.Version: 1.1.1451

15-3 Mighty Eagle & Incorrect count on Mine & Dine15-3 Mighty eagle, best I can get so far is 95%, it seems very inconsistent, I can get almost identical clearance yet the percentages are wildly different. Also I have completed every Might Eagle on all packs up to the end of this one with the exception of 15-3. All other levels are fine but Mine & Dine shows 43/45 when it should show 44/45!! I have just double checked and every level shows eagle highscore at 100% except 15-3 which is 95%. So why 43 /45 not 44/45? Disappointed with the Mine & Dine pack. The others have all been great..Version: 1.2

Slow and PointlessThe game play on my iPhone 12 Max Pro is not great. It often takes more than one touch to activate a bird and sometimes 3 or 4 making the game play slow and annoying. Overall it’s rather pointless and Rovio may as well have just started selling the old game (s). It works much better than this and now I see the Ads have started. Next they’ll be selling power ups. I’ll stick with my originals..Version: 1.1.1451

It’s not perfectIt’s good but not perfect because it has no power ups or short fuse levels and more missing levels so I recommend to add them and make the title screen look like the original, Thank you for reading my review..Version: 1.2

Needs to remove pause menu adsI was enjoying this game a lot. It reminded me of this game in its hay day with the near identical graphics and gameplay that the original offered. Then one day when I opened the pause menu I got an advertisement for Angry Birds 2. I paid a whole dollar for this game, and I excepted uninterrupted gameplay without having more marketing ploys being shoved down my throat. There was a version of this game that, in fact, didn’t have these advertisements. I’m not sure where that version went or if there’s a way to revert back to it, but after getting a taste of freedom from ads just to have them return in a paid game, I am severely disappointed. If it was a free game or a trial version I would totally understand ads. But this is neither. Please Rovio, stop shoving advertising down the my hatch and instead put your marketing somewhere else..Version: 1.1.1451

Lost My Original GameA few weeks ago, I was playing the same Angry Birds I’d had on my phone from the last 12 years, so you can only imagine what levels I was on. I loved the daily challenge and the other different challenges offered. My problem was, my game kept freezing up on me. Well, I got tired of patiently waiting, and decided to see if I could reboot the game by deleting it and going to the App Store and just downloading the game, and have all the bug fixes to carry on with my favorite game. Suffice to say, when I went back to look for the game, the only app that was remotely compatible to my original game was this “throw back” app which, and I’m not complaining because I love a good challenge, I had to start from scratch. That said, I completed all the sets, and…that seems to be it! You cannot sign in with Facebook, or have any power ups, or anything! I’m at a lose. Is there no more of the old game I was joyfully used to, or is this it? I’d love to know what happened..Version: 1.2

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