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Tall Man Run Negative Reviews

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Tall Man Run App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Tall Man Run app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Tall Man Run? Can you share your negative thoughts about tall man run?

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Tall Man Run for Negative User Reviews

Boring after awhileAll you do is the run then keep going…. The coins & gems are pointless we don’t do anything with them...Version: 1.5

You can barely win any levelsIt’s getting really annoying.Version: 1.10

To many addsEvrysingle time I do a level a add comes but good game.Version: 1.9

GuhI dunno man it's very unfinished and pointless. please keep the lack of ads though because mobile games with WAY more ads than what they're worth make me sad. also please stop collecting so much data on me for tall man run..Version: 1.5

AdsWay way to many ads I wanna be able to play at least a couple levels before a ad I’ve only had about 5 mins of play time and about 10 minuets of ads.Version: 1.10

AdsYou get an ad every time you finish a level. I hate it.Version: 1.10

It’s good but unfinished and crashedIt just updated and i was on level 517 and i cant open the app anymore so it’s a good app one of my favorites just hate that it crashed.Version: 1.7

So many adsToo many.Version: 1.14

Bad gameBad game.Version: 1.5

HiJust because.Version: 1.5

Okay..I got this game because I thought it was silly that you could be “thicker” and how thick you could get. I was surprised there weren’t as many ads as the normals running mobile game but as I played more I realized there wasn’t really a purpose. Sure, you can’t to try to get to the end to beat the boss for coins but there’s nothing to spend the coins (or gems) on! It’s good for a little while but then it just gets old, but I suppose you could say a lot of games are like that now..Version: 1.5

Not possible to win most of the timeMost of the time the game doesn’t give you enough choices to actually beat the guy at the end and it needs more levels I’ve played the same ones over and over and over.Version: 1.9

UghhhhSooooo many adds, I feel like my phone is having a heart attack whenever I open this app. It practically freezes..Version: 1.9

Adds yayAdds every five seconds.Version: 1.9

?What is the purpose of earning coins and gems that you cannot spend?.Version: 1.10

Don’t getI hate ad farms.Version: 1.10

Good, but no progressionI like the game, however you’re collecting coins and gems for no reason, no rewards, nothing in particular.Version: 1.5

Boring.It’s just a run, it’s so boring.Version: 1.7

GgIt has too much ads but the real game is fine.Version: 1.9

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