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Locket Widget App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Locket Widget app received 66 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Locket Widget? Can you share your negative thoughts about locket widget?

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Locket Widget for Negative User Reviews

It’s good but the widget it self isn’t the bestWhen my friend takes a photo and sends it the widget doesn’t update unless i go onto the app and look back at it. that’s the only way the widget changed to the new image that was sent. Would really like this to be fixed please!! Other than that i love the app :) I also had an idea for the next update - send messages on the photos, and be able to draw on them too. I just think that would be a great touch. Thanks..Version: 1.0.4

Not allowing me to videoI can’t make videos, it allows me one time and then the next it doesn’t.Version: 1.61.0

Phishing MailingReceived tonnes of spam and phishing mail after signing up.Version: 1.40.0

GoodI’ve had locket for a Year and before you were able to create group lockets that allowed you to send and see certain peoples lockers but now it’s either everyone or a certain person. I hope you bring back the feature that allows you to create different groups to have on homescreen not just one person or everyone..Version: 1.14.2

Phone numberHi, I love the idea of this app and I think it sounds so cute and fun so I downloaded it to try out with my best friend but noticed it only takes phone numbers - I don’t have a phone so can’t have a phone number so only have an email - can you please allow email as it would be great! Thanks.Version: 1.4

Phone number required?This is a great idea for the Home Screen. But I would rather not share phone number and contacts. It would be nicer to send a unique invite via iMessage to the intended person sharing the locket..Version: 1.0.4

Friends!!Should be allowed more than 5 friends.Version: 1.0.4

Account randomly logged out of, no supportThis app was working great for me until a while ago where my account was logged out of. I’ve checked and seen that my account is still active (not deleted). After owning the app one day and being told to make a new account, I entered my phone number which created an entirely new account even though I previously had one where I was posting daily. Whenever I get messages sent to that ‘old’ account, I get the notifications however I can’t see them in my messages tab. I filled out the form to find out more TWICE and haven’t received any support or guidance. App works fine just beware you could be logged out at any time with no way to access it (essentially losing everything). Was fun while it lasted.Version: 1.63.0

Broken?When i added my phone number, the text verification didn’t come through. someone help please..Version: 1.0.4

Doesn’t Work??The app refuses to let me send pictures to anybody and says that nobody has added me back as a friend despite the fact that they have added me back AND sent me pictures themselves. However when i try to send a picture it says that i have no friends added? Very confused and there’s seemingly no support about this issue. Would’ve been such a good concept and app if it worked but for some reason despite deleting the app, re downloading it, signing in and out, deleting the widget off my home screen and then putting it back etc etc it just does not work for me. I’ve tried everything i can think of..Version: 1.0.4

FffswWont show up as a widget.Version: 1.0.4

Love the app, but…I can’t find a way to get help on the app unless it’s through TikTok or Twitter (I have neither). It says I need to be logged into an email on my phone, which I am. Also, some people I know are able to record videos but my phone typically doesn’t. It allowed me to do it once but never again. Though I’m not sure if it’s an issue on my end..Version: 1.33.0

Cant open accountGot a new phone, tried logging in using the phone number i used before but its not sending any otp’s..Version: 1.59.0

HiTrying to do 3.5 but it won’t let me.Version: 1.61.0

MehUsed to be great, but it’s heading in a weird direction. Now it’s becoming another chat app. I have chats with all the people I share photos with somewhere else, so that’s completely useless to me. I’d rather be able to pick photos from my library. Not for me anymore..Version: 1.9.21

Faulty block buttonYalls block button doesn’t work and i’m getting sick and tired of seeing “___ added you” 3 times everyday cuz it won’t let me block them. i don’t want to add them, and don’t want them adding me, pls just let me block them— it’s making it hard to enjoy this app..Version: 1.64.0

K langApp is good but is always lagging and crashing.Version: 1.21.0

BadNot letting me download get punched mongrels.Version: 1.0.4

Won’t let me add as a widgetIt’s not letting me add it as a widget.Version: 1.0.4

Trash appCan’t even put it as a widget bro.Version: 1.64.0

Doesnt workThis doesnt work no matter how much me and my boyfriend try to fix it.Version: 1.55.0

Download the Magnets app insteadLocket looks pretty but has questionable privacy practices and no business model, meaning they will eventually sell your data. DON'T SHARE YOUR CONTACTS. It's not required but the app will pressure you. On top of that, the app won't update when I send photos so it doesn't even work. I have to open the app to update the widget no matter how long I wait for it to update itself. Locket lacks features too. I can't upload from camera roll or hide the sender on the widget to make it show only the photo. It should also be possible to make sending a pic update my own locket and lockets that I share should have the option to make them only updatable by me. I would also like the option to publicly share a locket and to have a wider widget. The Magnets app solves all of the above problems without collecting any user data. Locket appears to be better designed on the surface but Magnets is a better and more masterfully crafted app. Locket is just trying to grow and look cute so it can turn around and sell your data..Version: 1.9.16

Multiple different photosApp is cool but i want to be able to send different photos to each friend. Also, I want to be able to have different widgets for each friend so i can have a different photo in each one.Version: 1.0.2

We want videoI think Canada deserves VIDEO FEATURE !!!! You’re ruining our lives !!!! Thx.Version: 1.61.0

Cute concept but many issuesVery cute app and concept, but came across quite a few issues, at first it wouldn’t show any picture at all on my widget but I could see some in my history and then when I finally did see the pictures on my lock screen it got stuck on one image even though I had more recent pictures come through, would also be great if we could use photos from our camera rolls, it’s a great idea just needs some tweaks.Version: 1.0.4

IncompleteNo option to select photos from my iPhones gallery..Version: 1.3.1

UpdateLocket hasn’t updated for me so I san only add up to 10 friends not 15 but is so annoying, I don’t understand why it is doing that when I updated it , it still remained as 10. However apart from that it’s a really good app to communicate with your friends through pics especially if they live far from you. If you are a picture person then it would be great !.Version: 1.4

Awesome ideaIt’s a really cool idea but have experienced a few bugs, I only see one of my friends photos and never anyone else’s, I have to open the app and see if anyone uploaded..Version: 1.0.4

WhyPlease please make it with emails as well instead of numbers. You can leave both but pleaseee add emails!!!.Version: 1.43.1

Locket with iPhone version 17.2I downloaded this sweet app to connect with my long distance partner. It’s cute and thoughtful. We had this connection for two days until it was severed by something unknown. After making a widget, the photo that was sent to me would not appear on my Home Screen. I did a number of things to remedy this: deleted the app, then reinstalled the app; deleted the widget, placed it back on home screen; restarted my phone; made another account; signed out and back in. Every time, I still could not see the photo that was sent. Nothing would appear on my screen for ‘Locket’ but a stop sign in a yellow circled around it. I tried to get help as it is an option but that did not work either. To the team at Locket, great idea with the app. Can you let me know how I can get help in fixing this issue?.Version: 1.41.2

UpdatesAwesome app, just a thought about having being able to have different widgets for different people if you you wanted to have a separate photos with friends and a spouse would be cool :)..Version: 1.3.1

Keeps glitchingI really liked this app but every few days it’ll say I have no friends and to add more but I already had friends, even if I tried to add more friends it wont let me. Either that or they’ll tell me to log in and create a new account when I haven’t deleted or logged out of my account. It becomes very frustrating so I deleted this app. What a shame since I really enjoyed this app..Version: 1.52.0

I’m very disappointedIt does now create an account every-time I try to enter my mobile number it refuses to accept it, it pops up with an connection error..Version: 1.0.1

Add filtersIts cool how it works but if it had filters it would be a 5 star.Version: 1.62.0

Great app howeverIt’s a great app, I like its creative concept of sending photos to your friends through the widgets. However, it lacks a feature of sending photos from your album, only to send photos at that moment. Also, when you send your photo, it sends to all your friends, so you can’t send a singular photo to a singular person that you want to. It is a great and fun app overall, the design of the app is easy to use as well. I will continue to use it with my friends, it’s very fun..Version: 1.0.4

Won’t workIt won’t come up on add a widget i’ve re downloaded it and it was really annoying.Version: 1.0.4

FixWon’t let me add as a widget.Version: 1.0.4

ImprovementHello I have been using this app and I like it but there is a big problem when you want to text something you have to use sms message I think it would make it more amazing if you could message on the picture between you and that person more stickers not just those and not all the pictures from other people all goes together in your Locket so it doesn’t get confusing so each person you have a Locket you have your own account with them and can delete yours from everyone.Version: 1.3.1

Can’t make it workIt doesn’t let me add friends. We just keep sending texts to each other to join and it just opens the App Store..Version: 1.2

Super upsetI LITERALLY LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH, I always tell people to download it. Since I use this app like 10/15 times a day. HOWEVER TODAY I HAVE BEEN SUPER UPSET BY THIS APP For context, I’ve been sending picture to my best friend on this app for the past few days and I am sure 100% that I have been sending them solely to here but I have no found out that all of those images from the last few days have also been sent to other people that I have on this app. I’m sure this is a GDPR issue, why are my photos being shared people that they are not intended for?.Version: 1.9.16

.Add ability to zoom in.Version: 1.2.1

App won’t work.The app states that my device isn’t connected to internet which I am. I enter my phone number and it keeps saying the same thing. I have restarted my phone deleted and re downloaded the app and it still says the same thing. My friend is experiencing the same thing as me. I am very dissatisfied as I was very exited for this app, hope fully this issue can be resolved..Version: 1.0.1

Not user friendlyYou have to have a number to use this app, which is not fair because not everyone has a phone number. There should be a option where you can use your iCloud/ Apple ID to set up this app. That way everyone can use this app, and more users can enjoy it! Also most 12 year olds phone have phone numbers so it’s not user friendly for everyone. You should have an option where you can pick to either sign in with a number or sign in with your email that way everyone can participate in this app..Version: 1.65.0

HorribleI downloaded because of the reviews but we couldn’t even get fully signed up it wants us to invite over ten people to it and won’t let us continue to sign up without doing so you can’t even go back to the first screen all you can do is stare at the “invite friends” screen. I thought the whole point was to make it a more personal “locket” for your bestie not - add ten people to even be able to see or access anything… assuming that works. If it’s for these large groups maybe advertise it as widget version Instagram because I just wanted to do this with three people and we all downloaded it for no reason since we can’t get past the invite page without exposing 10 other people to an app that honestly we have NO REASON to want to share since we can’t get past “invite your three favorite people” screen we don’t even know for sure it works. Could be a virus. Could be a scam. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We don’t know so I’m certainly not sending MORE invites before I even get to see it. Just horrible..Version: 1.44.0

Very good idea but it needs improvementA very interesting concept, but unfortunately, for some reason, my friends and I do not receive notifications about new photos, I am massing several pics, because of it. Only one photo is displayed on the screen, which is understandable, but notifications are really needed due to know how many new photos I’ve got in the app..Version: 1.4

Good butThe widget is not updating with my friend's pictures. Can this be fixed? Or somehow having the app to give notification that I've received a pic so I can check? Developer response -Hi! Thanks for the review; When a friend sends you a picture on Locket, it will appear instantly on your Home Screen. Once a friend sends a photo, it can take up to 5 minutes to appear. Locket introduces this delay to conserve your phone's battery life. Another option is try deleting and redownloading the app and turn your phone all the way off and back on again for an immediate fix! I hope this helps. We are working on updates to the app now and should have new features, like notifications, in the near future! Thanks for using Locket💛 7/18 update from user - I've tried what you've recommended before I left my comment. But nothing worked. Really like the idea of the app but please update asap!.Version: 1.6.9

Don’t installe it!!!I was with my friend when that happen, I was putting my number in it and then when I texted my friends next to me to add her as a friend a random number started to texte me like ‘’ I’m not dumb but go to the app..’’ so I blocked him her whatever. After I deleted the app the same number started to text me ‘’ no please don’t delete it..’’ my hands were shaking and everything so dont installe it!!.Version: 1.64.0

Internet connectionApp is great for sending funny pictures and cute photos to eachother but I only have one problem which is internet connection, I have full connection and great connection but the app says I don’t and so I don’t receive photos and send photos needs to be fixed ASAP.Version: 1.0.4

Critical flaw!Very cute app, but needs to have ability to assign each locket widget to a specific friend..Version: 1.0.4

Good… but needs vidsIt is rlly good basically Snapchat without the random creeps but thing is I cannot for the life of me find where I can send videos!!! Am i dumb or is it not a feature yet lol if it isn’t pls add it otherwise it’s great! One other concerning thing is that it tracks my location even tho I disabled tracking?!? I get it you want to show ur friends where u r but I don’t want that I’m always at homeeee pls fix this -A.Version: 1.24.2

It forces you to invite 5 peopleIt sucks that I have to text 5 friends to invite.Version: 1.64.0

Love it but could be betterI love the concept of the app, and have been enjoying using it with my best friends. But I think it could be better in that I’d like to be able to scroll through images in the widget as well as have the image change on its own every so often to keep it interesting and so I don’t miss things. Might be good if the widget images changes every couple mins/30 seconds to show anything from the last hour or so..Version: 1.2.4

Please fix!I seem to be the only one with this problem but when i downloaded the app and i put in my number in wouldnt let me continue! No matter how many times i checked to make sure the number was correct it wouldnt let me go through, it worked for other random numbers i typed in but not mine! I was so excited to get this app.Version: 1.52.0

I NEED TO see who I sent it toIt would be great to add that feature. Cuz a lot of time I forgot to check what the setting was set in default and clicked send straight away and ended up sending it to the wrong person(s). So it would be great to see who i sent the pic to and if it’s the wrong person there should be a feature that allow me to edit or delete it (I prefer editing). It would have been a five star if it weren’t for these issues..Version: 1.8.6

New phone, photos disappearedOverall love the app but the photos shared on the old phone has disappeared from the account only photos shared and received on the new phone are visible. Maybe its an update glitch please look into it I hate that I lost photos i wanted to keep as a cute memory.Version: 1.59.0

CaptionsLove the app and use it everyday I just wish they could make a feature where you can type more in your caption. Because most of the time I can’t fit everything in and it’s a bit frustrating.Version: 1.16.0

MehMeh.Version: 1.61.0

Not workingI would give it 5 stars because it’s such a good app but it’s not letting me sign in basically. i put in my phone number and it’s saying i need to wait 1 minute it’s been doing this for 3 days now. Tried to contact them over twitter and i’ve heard nothing. And yes i’ve deleted and reinstalled the app about 3 times, put in different numbers, and restarted my phone. nothing..Version: 1.0.4

Doesn’t allow you to make a widgetCute idea but the app doesn’t allow you to make widgets.Version: 1.64.0

Very cuteWould love to see the ability to send a short video in the same way and having it play on the Home Screen!.Version: 1.24.2

Verification codeDoesn’t send me a code.Version: 1.0.4

Not workingI went to put my number in and it says I need to be connected to the internet which I am, I even put my data on and still doesn’t work I’m very disappointed in this app because it looks fun but won’t let me.Version: 1.0.2

Locket is now losing it’s essence and purposeLocket has been literally my most favorite app ,more than instagram and any other photo sharing app. The reason why i loved it is because it’s a way to feel closer to those you love. Simply Unlocking your phone can make your day a whole lot better and i just loved that. It was very different from all the other apps that are just a tool to earn money and not a way to make something worthwhile. After the most recent update with the “gold membership” where you MUST see ads and if you don’t like that you have to subscribe to a golden membership, the other features as well where you can see who viewed your locket just like instagram. I think there are better ways to benefit from the app without ruining its essence and why it was first created. The app was already perfect and now it feels like just any other app which is really really devastating :’).Version: 1.48.0

Near perfectGreat app and concept. Would be good to allow multiple contacts to show on multiple widgets rather than just one contact at a time across all widgets..Version: 1.0.4

Please fixI haven’t been able to log into my acoustic because it keeps saying “please wait one minute then try again”. I have waited about a day it it still won’t let me back into the account and I have contacted your help email. If I can have help with my problem that would be great.Version: 1.0.4

OptionsI couldn’t log in because I don’t have a phone number I think it should be emails too so people without phone numbers can use it too.Version: 1.24.4

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