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Word Guess - Word Games App User Positive Comments 2022

Word Guess - Word Games app received 134 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about word guess - word games?

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Word Guess - Word Games for Positive User Reviews

Great game BUT advertisements a pain.Ad after every game. Don’t want to pay maybe a few less and u will still get your $’s.Version: 1.3

Adverts RuleGreat game but you can not get rid of some adverts forcing you to stop playing for many hours before they clear..Version: 1.2

Great …but have you ever heard of verry…Enjoying this version of constant wordle but some words still seem to be missing and some new words are in their place … I just found “verry” on 4th attempt!.Version: 1.2

Word GuessI appreciate that this game is free. I also like the variation in words..Version: 1.3

Pretty goodFun concept but less ads would be good.Version: 1.2

Ok gameI enjoy word games, and this one is pretty good. My problem is that some of the words are not even actually in use anymore. For example, the impossible word I had today was VERRY. I had to look up the meaning. The definition listed it as an archaic version of VERY. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Please stick to words in use in today’s language. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good game!!.Version: 1.3

Much better than the “official” versionDownloaded the brand name version and was BOMBARDED with annoying ads, seemingly after every turn. Was quickly turned off by it and found this great alternative instead, and it even has an extra game mode. Excellent for a free game. Highly recommended.Version: 1.2

Great gameThis is a great app with two games that are really enjoyable. There are ads but the are very unobtrusive and the ones that are full page really only last a few seconds unlike some other apps which last about 30 seconds. My only minor complaint is that in the word connect game it sometimes doesn’t recognise that you’ve found the word and leaves the space blank but then puts the word in if you use the hint button. Overall though these are two great games..Version: 1.2

Thank you for minimum ads!Enjoying it. Has minimum interruptions. Thank you.Version: 1.3

NoneI like this game it’s hard and challenging.Version: 1.2

Ads are only a bit annoyingOtherwise good.Version: 1.2


Sooo Addictive!The New York Times ruined Josh Wardle’s creation for me. The game kept crashing and I could take it no longer. This game suits me just fine and the word renewal seems endless; not one word only each day. A big advantage over Wordle. I could easily spend far too long playing. Yes, there are adverts, but it’s free, so I’m not complaining. Many thanks.Version: 1.2

Good game but a spelling mistake causing me to loseI don’t know if any of you have realised, but ‘verry’ spelt with two r’s is not a word, please may you get rid of this, then I will rate it five stars, other than that its a brilliant game :).Version: 1.2

WordguessGreat way to train your brain.Version: 1.3

PuppyloveThis game truly puts your brain to a test and it is an amazing game I think that this game gives children and adults a real challenge…I really do love this game and I would recommend playing as soon as possible. From puppylove.Version: 1.3

Niamh - good gameThis game is fun but does get me quite paranoid because there isn’t any hints for the word guess part and if you don’t get the word it doesn’t tell you what the word was. If there than that it’s a really good game to waste my time on.Version: 1.3

Like this gameGood game to get the brain going! 🧠 💥.Version: 1.2

Good game but..Overall, This is a very nice game, but theres one small problem After a while of playing it, my phone starts to lag really badly until i completely close the game, and my phone is pretty good (256gb 2020 iphone se). Is there any way to fix this?.Version: 1.3

Very addictiveDefinitely addictive, but make sure you don’t run out your battery during the game. You don’t just lose the puzzle you were playing, it will count against you as a loss and affect your stats. Fix that bug please? Puzzle shouldn’t crash if battery dies. Or should not tally a loss unless a puzzle is completed incorrectly..Version: 1.2

GoodI was a little bit unsure to begin with but when I got into it I loved it! There isn’t many ads and is really fun. It has two parts that you can do: word connect or a word find. I can’t think of anything that is that bad so I would highly recommend this if you like putting you’re brain to the test!! Thanks.Version: 1.2

Great wordsI love the words and the only suggestion I have is can you add making hidden words for other people?.Version: 1.2

Not, something really fun 😐So,I am not trying to be rude but it’s the truth this game is literally boring 😑 and nothing to do with it just guess word and stuff like it’s a good 👍 game to play on road trip and other places but like idk 🤷‍♀️ like I can’t explain this but try to understand what I am saying but this is a great game this is why I am giving at least a 4 star ⭐️ rating.Version: 1.3

Ad-free subscription would be great!This is fun!.Version: 1.2

Would be 5 stars if I could trust their spellingThe game is simple wordle, no gimmicks, no hidden purchases, and it's not peppered with lengthy ads, just one short one after each game. Three only problem is that sometimes the words are not properly guessable. For instance, "verry," an archaic variant of "very." In my book that's cheating by the game. You can usually still guess it if you are willing to assume that the answer may not be a proper word, but we shouldn't have to..Version: 1.2

Great gameThis game is so much fun It just as some ads. 🙂.Version: 1.3

Enjoying the game immenselyDon’t like the ads.Version: 1.3

Word ConnectGood game but does not let you choose level. Takes you back to beginning!!.Version: 1.3

Word guessAbsolute minimum ads Clear and accurate screen set out.Version: 1.2

Word guessVery addictive solve one on to another could spend hours doing them just great!!.Version: 1.2

AmazingOnes of the best things I’ve ever Dowloaded so fun and gets your mind really thinking.👍👍👌🔥🔥🔥.Version: 1.2

Word gameLovely game for a little time out from everyone to keep you distracted from the outside world and when your waiting for stuff like Costa & the Airport when your busy.Version: 1.2

Great time wasterEnjoying playing.Version: 1.3

WORDLE IMPROVEMENTExcellent game but would be better if you didn’t have to put the letters in to the grid in order, it would allow you to play around with the words. Also there can sometimes be many word options for one guess , this then makes it luck and not skill..Version: 1.2

Generally amusingI can play for hour and hours and it is a total brain teaser. A fun game for long journeys or quiet days home alone. However, it could do with some more fun games, instead of simple word cross perhaps it could include some risk or creativity. Or have themes (exp: food (the words can be food)..Version: 1.3

I love itI love how you can use it without WiFi or mobile data so you can use it anywhere if it’s at home or in a field witch is very helpful if you go on long car journeys often.Version: 1.3

Play this all the timeThis is a well made, glitch free game that gives unlimited, well known words. I like that it’s light in the 4 letter plurals. Only thing I would change is that it would be nice if I could enter blocks in the order I wanted, not just left to right.Version: 1.3

WhyIt’s a little bit too hard for me but I do like a challenge.Version: 1.2

GmhIt’s fun.Version: 1.2

This is Great!!This game is so good!! There are no problems with it on my phone and is just a great game to have. I rated this game a five because it can improve your vocabulary on words and You will have a lot of fun trying to guess the word!! Five out of Five!!.Version: 1.3

Thank youThank you for letting a game sequence finish before an ad. Thank you for only permitting ads a short duration from responsible parties.Version: 1.2

Love it!The word Guss is fine but the word content is a bit to easy but anyway your game is really good👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.2

Please readMe and my mom had a streak of 100% and I messed it up by accidentally typing the word wrong and we got the word right but I typed it wrong and I was wondering if you could go In and put that we still have a perfect record of 20 played and 100% it would make our days and it would make my mom extremely happy thank you..Version: 1.3

Good Game!Its an excellent game but wish there were a version you could pay for to get rid of all those adds! Drive me mad. I also wish you could reset your stats..Version: 1.3

Could be goodHas potential but I got 2 puzzles in a row with the same word, no challenges, gets boring when I’ve got to level 63 without losing a game.Version: 1.2

So GoodI’m playing this for the first time and have reached level 55. Help, I can’t stop..Version: 1.3

Word gameVery catching. Once the correct word found immediately you want to start the next game.Version: 1.2

Great game… just some bugsThis game is amazing! I love to train my brain and it’s not just one and done like the usual wordle you get to play it a lot! I wish that the word are real plz also I love love love love that it’s silent because I on my phone at night and I always play this game. Also I like that you can do other things other than the “word guess” you get to crosswords but one problem why the hint? I mean you can use it all the way until you get down to the last word at you need to fill one letter and it’s easy because well it’s easy! But still great great game just some bugs, that’s all..Version: 1.3

GameVery fun game, not too easy like wordle but just challenging enough, no commercials I love it fun way to pass time and sharpen your mind.Version: 1.3

GREAT WORD GAME!I enjoy playing this particular word game because the keyboard is an easy to read style. Some games have keyboards that are light gray causing me to find my glasses. Most importantly, unlike some others of this ilk, the game can be played as many times as you like. .. all day or just anytime. I wish to place letters in the boxes to see how they’d look before submitting. That would be a plus..Version: 1.2

Mostly Plural Words?It’s similar to the New York Times version and it does a good job stretching the brain. The thing I don’t care for is that most of the puzzles I’ve received are four-letter words hijacking an S to make them five letters. It’s a bit low on the creative pole, but the plus is you can play it as much as you want and they show you the right answer if you run out of chances..Version: 1.3

Overall good gamesNot so much ads to ruin the enjoyment.Version: 1.2

WordleWordle is such a fun game there’s no adds it shows you other games to play and it’s not even glitchy..Version: 1.3

Thanks phil !!!Cool.Version: 1.2

Great mind gameMakes you think a little as well as connect like words.Version: 1.3

I love thisThanks for making this app for everyone to play on.Version: 1.3

Would have been 5 stars except….This is a good game… just like the daily one but you can play as many as you want. The ads are the only problem. They almost always have sound! Loud loud sound! Good thing is, they can be stopped after 5 seconds, unlike many game apps… but if your phone sound is not down, you’ll jump when they come on. Please put a sound off preference and this would be a 5 star game..Version: 1.3

Why is it so good!Hi I am only ten I love this game I play it at school once a day. I like how this game is simple enough for kids but is also a challenge. Also the fact that it lets you play not once a day but all the time. It is a cool learning curve for other students/kids. Even mom plays it a lot..Version: 1.3

Addictive.Just started playing this game. Really good to get your mind working. I think it will be addictive..Version: 1.3

A game to keep your brain workingFabulous word game - perfect for keeping your mind active and your brain working!.Version: 1.2

Great game shame on endless adsGame great, endless ads annoying.Version: 1.3

Word Guess ReviewThe game Word Guess is a game that can help children learn words. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves reading and people in general. I guarantee players will have fun and learn with Word Guess..Version: 1.3

Love itLove playing but did experience a glitch where it wouldn’t open the game had to remove app and reload - lost my level so starting from the beginning😢.Version: 1.3

5/5 butGreat game!! not a whole bunch of ads and nothing interrupting the middle of the game. the only issue i have is that music stops when you open up the game and there’s no way to turn it back on and play at the same time. a girl just wants to listen to showtunes and play ♥️.Version: 1.2

BEST GAME EVERI love this game so much it made my tears go away from my pet fish dying because I fed it tacos. Now I can spell words better to take away my anger from my fishes corpse. I like to eat pumpkin. Best game ever!! My dog like this game too..Version: 1.2

AdvertsIf youre wondering whether this is just another one of those trash bag games that shower you with long ads every 30 seconds, constantly trying to grasp as much revenue out of you as possible. Its not. Its actually a banging game for one. Just like Wordle but you can play as much as you like. With all ads skippable after 5 seconds! A game can last up to 10 minutes sometimes! Get it.Version: 1.3

Good, but too many applicable variablesI enjoy the game but often my score goes from two/three to five or six because there are so many applicable word variables that fit the matrix. Who’s to guess which one the developers picked?.Version: 1.3

Almost ThereI love this app for the ability to play as many games in a day as you want. What’s missing is in the stats where it doesn’t show how many times you have won the game (shown on the right of each horizontal green bar) like the original wordle does. What would be useful is also showing an average % of tries for all the games played..Version: 1.2

AmazingIt’s pretty much like wordle but you can play it a lot of times in the day I highly suggest! Also the extra game they have is pretty good to and there is barely any ads.Version: 1.2

Word GuessI love this game it’s so engaging and me and my sons just can’t get off it!The only problem is we can’t all do the same one which is slightly annoying,but apart from that it’s flawless.Version: 1.3

It is okIt is ok it is hard but fun to play before school to get your brain working.Version: 1.3

ScoreI do like playing this app a lot, but one thing I find frustrating is that it takes dozens and dozens of wins to go up by 1% on the score, but it only takes one game loss to regress immediately down by 1%. That’s crazy. Surely if it takes so many wins to increase the score we should allow at least more than one loss before the score goes down..Version: 1.3

New gameMy Nine year old Grandson was playing this game last week with my husband . They seem to be having fun so I thought I would try it ..Version: 1.3

This game is the bombJust so much fun you should try it.Version: 1.3

AwesomeWorks fantastic on my phone. Short ads, words that are not dragged from a 500 year old book. Thanks!!.Version: 1.3

Could be slightly betterI love this game, I never play games on my phone or iPad but this one makes me use by brain. It would be better if when I don’t get the word after 6 attempts, that it would tell you the answer, very frustrating 😡 Secondly if I get the letters in the right place it would be better if I didn’t have to keep re writing them every time I guess another word. Other than that , I’m hooked (which is why I don’t usually play games , can’t put them down😂).Version: 1.2

Fun, but could be betterThis is a fun, challenging game, and I like that you can play continually, not just once a day. They usually have one brief ad before a game, which is okay. I wish you could fill in certain letters and leave other spaces blank—it would help visualize the solution. But you can only enter letters left to right. If you don’t know the first letter or two, it’s much harder. All in all, it’s good..Version: 1.2

Very good gameThe game is good to play and fun and iq taking but there is too much adds so plz remove the adds.Version: 1.3

Great… howeverTo be honest it’s a nice game to play if you’ve completed ur daily wordle from the actual website and it’s good to practice if you want to get better at solving the words, however whenever you do anything it stops any background music and things from playing, I’d love to rate the game 5 stars but when they add a mute option to the sounds then I’ll be able to fully enjoy it.Version: 1.2

TytytyI am writing a review because it is fun playing Word Guess and I don’t always get the word right but it’s really fun and I bet you guys would have a chance of getting this app because it’s really fun and you guys always think like like like like you love it like one time I got it right and where is it was I mean it was clown and I think it was also honey and money that’s what I always start with and I’m turning eight on the last account you might not go to camp but I do and I’m seven and yeah my name is Maliah😁😄😁😄😁😄🤓😆🙂😀😃😂😉😋🥲😘🤣✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️👎🏻👍🏻👎🏻👎🏻👏🏻🤜🏼👉🏿🤚🏾.Version: 1.3

Ads don’t skipI like the game. However, why bother having a skip ad button when it doesn’t work? That’s annoying..Version: 1.3

Awesome Game, with further potentialI love playing this game, it’s super simple and a great way to pass time. It’s relaxing but at the same time makes you think. The game mode that I play 80% of the time is the word guess, which is by far my favorite. I think that if you added options for the word guess to do 6 letter words or 7 letter words, that would add variation and challenge. Other than that, great app!.Version: 1.3

Couldn’t get betterWord gas is so great I think it involves a lot of education and I always think it’s great to have these games on your phone or iPad there are barely any ads and it is easier than wordle. Overall it is a great game and I hope you guys like it to.Version: 1.3

ChallengingGood challenge.Version: 1.3

This game is so fun! 🤩This game is so fun it’s amazing and I love to play it! 😁😁I love this game so much and it helps take my mind off things! You can also find this game on safari if you don’t wanna download it. But I prefer to download it because it’s easier to play! 😆 This game is the best and it’s my favorite game on my phone!📱 So download wordless now!!! 😁😆🤩.Version: 1.3

I love this gameThis game is a very relaxing game if you get bored of the word guess mode you can change to the word connect so it doesn’t make you do just one mode the only bad thing is how much adds pop up.Version: 1.2

GreatGood brain teaser.Version: 1.3

Just like wordlessBut unlimited words! Great brain workout.Version: 1.3

Love itLove that I get to have my “fix” of the “other word game” more than once a day. Pros: Game is like the other game. Ads are short and easy to close out of in a few seconds, unlike ads on other games that won’t stop. My ads have been silent. Cons: I have to play in portrait mode on my iPad - landscape would be nice. Words occasionally repeat, though that’s probably unavoidable. I’m mostly annoyed at some words that are not in the dictionary, like “coder”. Really? A more complete dictionary would be nice..Version: 1.2

Word guessI think this is a brilliant app and that it really encourages you to think outside the box and to expand your dictionary of words in but one thing I would say is that it’s really annoying when it keeps saying invalid word over and over again when I try out in a word and if I leave a game to play it later I then go back to find I need to restart another game thanks from Word guess star 🤩.Version: 1.2

Great game, could use updatesI really enjoy this game, especially compared to others that are similar as this game has less consistent ads which tend to be quite frustrating. the main and only updates i would suggest are around the app presentation.Version: 1.2

I like it a little1 star is off a little because it is hard and I don’t know why the gray means it’s not in the word they should of coloured it red.Version: 1.3

Loved GamesI totally loved this game and swapped btw all three for variety. unfortunately when I hit game 270 I started to get ads I couldn’t exit out of and I would be navigated to a site even though I had selected the ‘x’. I had to delete the app and lost all my previous wins..Version: 1.3

Brilliant gameA real game to get you concentrating. I lose myself in this game, troubles disappear when you have something to focus on. Wakes me up..Version: 1.2

Quite good for on-demand Wordle, a few small issues“Verry”, an obsolete spelling of “very” apparently, is quite obscure and I think it’s worth considering for removal from this app’s Word Guess list. The Home & ? buttons on the completed Word Guess screen (a loss in case that’s relevant) don’t appear to always work. Otherwise, great job on a very streamlined, no-fuss (compliments, I promise — those are the things I wanted from this game) word game app! :) Edit: Issue “If you haven’t already, please look into a way to prevent the tutorial pop up for Word Guess from appearing every time” was fixed with last update! ^_^.Version: 1.3

Great Brain exerciseGreat way to start your day, mentally!!.Version: 1.3

Outside the squareChallenging and clever with reducing choices of possible word combinations gives a fighting chance..Version: 1.3

Good gameI enjoy word games and always play the NYT wordle, but there is only one a day. With this game you can play as many times as you want. The ads are very tolerable as they are only 5 seconds, unlike on most free apps. There are words not recognized, but obviously those won’t be the correct answers..Version: 1.2

New to WordleThis Wordle app is definitely challenging. Word games are not my choice of puzzles but, certainly having fun with this one. I like especially, if all choices wrong it gives you the correct word at the end. Some don’t. Also, I like the pop up selections. Thank you!!.Version: 1.3

AMAZING🙃🙂🤩🤩I thought it only had wordle but it also has cross words and I forgot the other lol but it’s amazing I love it so much please get this app you all would love it is way way way better then the regular wordle yes the app is called word guess but I call it wordle so plz download this app or game it’s so good,amazing,and cool plz again plz plz plz download bai.Version: 1.3

Great GameI do the other daily wordle …then onto this game with continuous games without a lot of adverts …spend at least an hour most nights on it GREAT.Version: 1.3

Word GuessThis game helps me with my word vocabulary and it helps my stress because spelling is what calms me down.Version: 1.3

Forget Wordle!Can’t think what all the fuss is about with Wordle, when this is exactly the same and you can play as many times as you like. I don’t even think Wordle has an app!.Version: 1.2

Swear…So this game is awesome and I absolutely love it but me and my four year old brother were playing , he was happy playing so I left him to make his lunch but when I came back I saw he was on level fifteen of word cross and he had connected the s word (sh1t) … Now every time he gets home from school with our parents he nags me to play to see if there is anymore swears , he also says sh1t all the time as he thinks it’s funny but otherwise great game👍🏻.Version: 1.3

HmmJust a little thing. I had a green E and an orange E. In the end, the orange E didn’t exist. There is some sort of duplication. I was trying to use a non existent E.Version: 1.1

Love this appGreat app which works well. My kids (ages 9 and 12) and I love playing it. Only minor suggestion is if you could put the letters into the next word without out of order (such as put in the second letter first), it would be easier to visualise words..Version: 1.3

Amazing!…but….On the word connect you have unlimited lives, making it so that you can see the whole word by clicking a button. I think it should only be 1 hint. But overall, it’s really fun!.Version: 1.2

Fun gameFun games and the ads don’t pop up in middle of game..Version: 1.3

Very fun and user friendlyI really like this game. Very similar to the other five letter word guess game, but you can guess as many as you want. The ads are also super quick which is my main reason for supporting this app. I wish that the letters deleted automatically when you try and submit a non-word The word connect is my favorite. Very fun, resets quickly. I removed a star because I find it frustrating when you have to guess, say a five letter word, and it could be skate, steak, or stake and you have to guess whatever particular one they’re thinking of..Version: 1.2

Really good.Only thing I can complain about is the American spelling of words. It can be annoying if you have an English background because e.g. vigor and vigour can alter the result. Apart from that minor problem, love this game and I have had no problems at all with downloads or problem ads..Version: 1.3

FunIf you don’t keep changing the word it will be easier..Version: 1.3

Great and OKThis game is great it’s really good for your brain. I’ve tried other games like when you have a house in a try to unlock furniture to make it really nice but those games are really not fun all the ones were you trying to solve puzzle it was gonna be frustrating. But this one is not like The other games. but sometimes this can be frustrating can be hard. but it’s entertaining very entertaining. if you like challenging words this is good for you. once you get farther in levels. there’s word find you’ve tried to find the word and there’s connect the words making out with the letters make the words that’s so fun. this is really fun with friends we are trying to find a word I just love love love this game. I think you should all try it..Version: 1.3

Great, but…Love it, but this is the only app I know that shuts off your music or any phone audio when using. I like to chill out and do this app while listening to another app do a talk or play music, but every time I open the app it shuts my music off. So if you plan to do the same, find another app..Version: 1.2

Two Simple SuggestionsThe game is great - very addictive. Two suggestions for improvement to the Statistics page: Add a seventh line to show the number of games lost, and show actual numbers for lines 1 through 7 instead of, or in addition to, the horizontal bars. These two improvements would make the game perfect!.Version: 1.3

WordleQuite tricky but fun and really addictive for new players. I got my mum and me it but now it’s a competitive competition between us.Version: 1.3

Great, keeps stats, very short adsThis is the one that doesn’t make the iPad/phone hot. Processor runs at 50% compared to 100% with some Wordle apps.Version: 1.3

Good, with a frustrating wrinkleI enjoy this game for the most part, and appreciate the brevity of the occasional ad, since it’s free. however - for letter combos with multiple possibilities (say, with 1 or 2 letters remaining to be guessed)- it seems clearly programmed to not accept guesses as correct until the very last possibility is exhausted … leading to lots of ‘6’s and ‘unsolved’s. in other words, even if i’m left with “_ound” after just the 2nd guess, i know i’ll end up with a 6 or nothing, given the many options for the word to be. i roll my eyes, enter all of the possibilities, knowing it doesn’t matter… my first guesses will never be ‘correct.’ irritating. good game otherwise!.Version: 1.3

Great app - but cuts music outI use this app all the time, it’s awesome. The only downside is that it cuts off your music even though there’s no sounds coming from the app. There’s no menu option to change this in the app of in general settings on the phone..Version: 1.2

Love it! ... but ...This game is great and definitely challenges your brain. It would be even better with a few small additions: 1) dark mode, 2) hard mode option (where you must use discovered letters in guesses), 3) a menu option to mute all sound because the ads are way too loud (though mercifully short), 4) a way to enter the letters in any order (rather than strictly left to right) so you can visualize better while working on your next guess.Version: 1.2

GREAT GAME!I love this word game. There are no gimmicks like coins (which would always be taken away for no reason, wanting you to purchase more) or ranking, etc. It’s just a “figure out the word” game like the others, but without pressure. The words are always in the English language, everyday words. Most of the time you figure it out, but sometimes you don’t. It just a FUN, word guessing, game to play! ❤️.Version: 1.3

SuggestionI think this is very entertaining, only suggestion I would like to make is: We need a step to delete game, so that we can control, other then what presently we have. Another words, it should not delete by itself so easily. Thank you..Version: 1.2

I love this game!This game is easily one of my favorites, BUT for word connect once you get to level 1000 the app freezes and it no longer lets you play. This is the second time it’s happened to me, and I tried reinstalling the app once and I had to restart from level 1. This is the only reason I gave 4 stars..Version: 1.3

Great — please fix soundGreat app, allows you to ply multiple games at a time. Occasionally there are more ncalid words, I’ve seen 2 in 160 tries. VERRY was one, not valid spelling. The biggest improvement is to fix how the app works with music. The minute I enter the app my music shuts off. I can us so many other apps while listening to music. Some even let you turn sounds off for ads. I can still see the ad, just doesn’t interrupt my sound vibe..Version: 1.2

1st classI’ll give this five stars because it’s free, ads are not intrusive, and there are two games for the (free) price of one. I would make three suggestions. The dictionary needs to be expanded, as I have guessed a number of possible words, but am knocked back, although I suppose it saves me a life. Could the mechanics be changed so that letters can be inserted in their place if we have guessed the correct position, rather than simply left to right. And, a little naughty, but non English words come up. I struggled a little to get ‘adios.’ One more thing - where does ‘verry’ come from? Twice in 120 games it has come up. Happy to add a couple more positive comments. Dictionary is now clearly expanded, I haven’t noticed the same words come up regularly (no verry!) and the addition of a couple of crossword type games adds variety..Version: 1.3

Great!It’s soooo amazing I love it so much and I definitely recommend if you like word crosses puzzles and thinks that make your brain work. I absolutely love it I can’t put any other word to describe it.Version: 1.3

Review # 23This game is amazing!! Nothing could be done better except being able to add letters at random points !!.Version: 1.2

Very funI really enjoy this game, but there are a few things: Im word connect sometimes you can make a valid 4 letter word and there is a space for a 4 letter word and it doesn't accept it, it makes you find a different one. Personally, I find that very frustrating sometimes. Also on word guess 1 word which is on the real wordle is not there and that word is tronk. Its in the real online wordle, so you have no excuses..Version: 1.2

I’m getting the same words frequently?Good game. Played a few hours in total. Had the same words come up a few times. Not sure if it’s just me?.Version: 1.2

CacaCaca.Version: 1.3

It’s Wordle - as much as you wantPerfectly good, and the more detailed stats are great, but too many adverts too frequently. Reduce the number, or just charge a dollar or two for an advert free version..Version: 1.3

Quick fun gameEnjoying this. Nice challenge that can be done if just have a few spare minutes.Version: 1.3

More than one game a dayI like playing more than one a day. Ads in between are ok.Version: 1.2

Bru I’m da best at dis game 🥸🤤Five stars baby.Version: 1.3

Word guessSo I think this is a very good brain teaser and is really run!!! But it is a bit tricky but other then that a solid 4/5!!!!😝.Version: 1.3

😕 Word Guess - Word Games Negative Reviews
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