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Balls go High App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Balls go High app received 178 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Balls go High? Can you share your negative thoughts about balls go high?

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Balls go High for Negative User Reviews

Way too many adsThere are ads after every game.Version: 1.7

Slowed phone, adsSo overall the game itself is fun and easy to play. I understand ads in a free game are meant to drive revenue, but making them every level and every click is very annoying not to mention the ads are the processes that are most likely slowing the app and my phone. The game would not run smoothly and would glitch out and hesitate making it unplayable. Closing the app only proved difficult when the slowness was transferred to my iPhone 13 which took forever to close the app. I am guessing the ads are preloading so that they can be easily played when the level is done..Version: 1.8

Unplayable due to bugsConcept is ok, but every time you get an ad you have to restart the game as it locks up. I hate games where there are constant ads, and getting to the point they now just get deleted. Like this game will now..Version: 1.7

New updates trashI played the game before the newest update and it was great. Yes there were lots of ads but other than that it was very fun to play while you were bored. You could easily come close to getting a new vest and get lots of coins. This new update has made it to where on the final jump your balls fall faster than they did before, decreasing your airtime and giving you less money and leaving you far from a new best. Also there are less opportunities to get more balls. The devs need to do something about this update. It ruined their game!.Version: 1.7

Ads: the gameI’m currently number 1 on the leaderboard having bought ad free because I planned to casually play this as a relaxing game. There’s little skill involved, you don’t really need to watch ads once you purchase it but in order to upgrade stuff you’re basically stuck doing it. To upgrade one of your two abilities you will be forced to watch an ad every 10 levels. It switches between them every so often. Honestly, go find another game to play, this one’s just here to steal your time with no real reward..Version: 1.9

Great game but keep falling through the mapPlease fix this issue.Version: 1.7

More ads than gameYou spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game its the same with all voodoo games.Version: 1.9

To many addsThis is a good game but when you try to upgrade it makes you watch a add not letting you spend the in game money. This makes it very frustrating when you are trying to improve..Version: 1.7

BadReally glitchy and if you go to fast you go right under the map.Version: 1.9.2

It used to be good.. now it's garbage.I've been playing this game for a while! It was one of my go to games as it was simple, entertaining, and rewarding. I found that it was easy to invest my time into the game. I played so much that my final jump boost is 180% my starting ball count is 50, I've gained way over 1,000,000 coins, and at least on my ed I was #1 on the player leaderboard. However, my game was updated and the mechanic changes were garbage. It's difficult to play as you can no longer tell when to properly accelerate down, especially towards the end, the "camera" angles are disorienting, and my biggest issue is that the final jump boost is pointless now. I used to reach 22,000 feet on average and get into holes with multipliers of 800+, all of this was due to my practice and my 180% jump boost. However, now, I cannot get past 5000 no matter how hard I try. My boost is useless and it's disheartening as I put in so much effort to getting it to the point it's at. I really hope the game changes back to the way that it used to be..Version: 1.4

Wrong in every wayFor starters the camera angle combined with banner ads makes it nearly impossible to land and keep your momentum. Not only that but the hills are way to steep and numerous, making it even MORE difficult to land properly. Next up is the ball number upgrade, I can’t upgrade because it REQUIRES that I watch an ad, but it never loads the ad it just spins and spins so I can’t upgrade. To top the whole thing off, the very end where the score is counted, the smaller holes have the EXACT SAME SCORE as the big ones it’s based off of distance instead. Seriously this is a joke of an app, so many misteps it’s hard to imagine someone ACTUALLY made this 😂.Version: 1.7

All voodoo games are a waste of timeThere have been many many voodoo games I’ve enjoyed over the years. Especially because until recently they work on airplane mode, which when your underwater on a submarine is a necessity. The last 10 or so voodoo games I’ve played are nothing but ad baits and you are REQUIRED to have an internet connection so you can’t even enjoy the game offline with no ads. 0 stars if possible, and I will never download another game from this company. To voodoo staff and all other companies, I get it. Ads are essential for games, but NOT essential every 5 seconds, after every level, and should NEVER be forced ads. Ads are meant for bonuses, increased currency, extra life, a do-over, things like that. STOP MAKING AD BAIT GAMES!!! I know it won’t because companies these days (voodoo included) doesn’t care about the people that enjoy the apps, all they care about is money. Stop downloading their games and feeding into what they want. The era of ad based games needs to die horribly..Version: 1.8

Too many AdsIt is a great game however there are too many ads after every single round i just got annoyed with the ads but it is a free game so i don’t expect no ads but this many ads in one game is so annoying i hate it.Version: 1.7

AverageVery simple game good for relaxed people not looking for any action in a game.Version: 1.9

Deletes all your dataWas really enjoying the game until i opened it today & my level had gone all the way back down to 391 when i was on 900.Version: 1.8

Bad gameLiterally an add after every death and doesn’t let u go on airplane :( One of the worst games I’ve bought.Version: 1.6.1

This game is definitelyThis game is definitely not make the kids because if it was there they should be no ads at all.Version: 1.9

AdsGood game to calm down. However you can’t as you get an ad every time you finish a level. Some levels can take about 10 seconds but the ads last 30 seconds. Good concept but lower the amount of ads..Version: 1.7

Ad after every roundIf getting an ad after every single 20 second round, and then having the game try to coerce you into another ad or two before starting the next round, is something you enjoy… this is the game for you 🤦‍♂️.Version: 1.9

Sick of falling through the map fix your gameSick of falling through the map fix your game.Version: 1.9.2

AlAds.Version: 1.9.1

BadVery. Glitchy never lets me get into the game and play it always makes my screen go black.Version: 1.7

The latest updateI get that you guys were trying to remove the skip button after you finish the run and just made the entire thing faster, but it was actually better before, only fixing the skip button to make it not push you down would be better than removing it completely and making it faster. Also the coins don’t make sense anymore. I had 800 balls that all landed on 1083 multiplier and it only gave me 200k coins. How does that make sense. Also I don’t get how I never reach the top 10% even though I am always increasing the boost. I’m still reaching the exact same place I used to reach when I had a 150% boost compared to my 200% right now. Please address these issues.Version: 1.7

Ads affecting game playI will never buy a game and therefore will always have ads. However, to have the ads affecting game play to force you to purchase is a very low tactic. Games are freezing is not a very good selling point. If i could I would not even put 1 star. This is also a reason i do not let them track..Version: 1.8

Eggs are goodThis game isn’t half bad, it would be so good if it wasn’t for the 30 second ads and the fact that it heats my phone up like crazy. after playing one round of this game, my phone becomes hot enough to scramble an egg..Version: 1.6.1

AdsLiterally a disgusting amount of ads , ads after every single round.Version: 1.7

Was good, update ruined itGame got updated, now getting past top 10% marker the game doesn’t work, balls glitch through. There’s an ad after every round which sucks but is manageable I guess? Fun game, but the new update has made it pretty much unplayable.Version: 1.7

Ads non stopThe game is basically watching ads, no pint in downloading. Save your time and download another game. You can’t off internet, it will say that you need to have internet. I get that a company would want money, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Save your money and leave a 1star review till they change this..Version: 1.9

This game is purely badThis game makes my phone glitch and lag, There is an annoying amount of ads. This game is just generally bad, get it fixed. Then it’ll be perfect..Version: 1.7

Great game but…I quickly got involved in this simple, yet addictive game. The ads were annoying so I paid to remove them. At £2.49 it is worth it. Problem is, it doesn’t remove ads. You still need to sit through ads to upgrade. I feel really ripped off!.Version: 1.9

Just noI liked this game until my phone had a spazz resulting in it overheating and my airpods bugging out..Version: 1.7

Fun game ruined by adsPretty much as the title states. You play 10 seconds or so for 1 round and then a 30 second ad. You use the coins you earned to buy upgrades such as higher ball count to start and it hits you with another ad disguised as “free upgrade” that you can’t skip. Repeat this process over and over. You will be watching ads more than you play the game. If you enjoy that then this game is for you. Also as a side note, this game is not playable without a connection to the internet. Want to guess why? Because it can’t load ads........Version: 1.7

AdToo much lag.Version: 1.6.1

Ads, way too many ads.When you finish each round there is an ad. If you quit before finishing the ads, you lose all your money because the cash is only awarded after you finished watching ads. Turning off internet= can’t play game whatsoever..Version: 1.7

Ads after Ads after Ads, can’t play the gameAlmost after playing the game for 30 seconds I’ve watched a full minute of ads. I really dislike games that do that so I will have to give this game a 1 star review. I understand that is how games make money, by ads, but it would be better to cool it down on the ads to let people enjoy the game, That is.Version: 1.8

Add moreGood game especially for toileting lol but I have problems when I go off the game and when I go back on it won’t load up again I have to keep deleting it and reinstalling it to play again.Version: 1.7

AdsMany ads.Version: 1.8

HorribleGame keeps crashing as it opens, re install it. After I play it and close it, it won’t re open.Version: 1.7

App crashesThe worst part is that the app freezes and then crashes, I understand that the advertisements help fund the development of the app but please optimize your code so that app doesn’t take a toll on the device resources..Version: 1.7

Add ads and more adsFun concept but ads after every game. Offers the option to watch ads or boost and still gives ads either way..Version: 1.9

AdsI’m sorry how many ads was playing for about 3 mins n had about 2 ads a min shocking couldn’t even turn off wifi to clear them.Version: 1.6.1

Ad simulator 2022Every level and for upgrades to why?.Version: 1.6.1

Too many adsCould be a fun game but it is unplayable thanks to the constant ads which also make the game lag and close.Version: 1.6.1

ReviewKeeps lagging.Version: 1.7

Good game altogether, yet WAY too many ads!When I play this game and start the game, i see an ad, when I am randomly halfway through the level, it gave me an ad! Wouldn’t recommend installing!.Version: 1.9

Too many glitchesI’ve encountered many glitches but this one is too bad, somehow someway I went straight through the ground, I didn’t even know the back rooms were in this game.Version: 1.8

ADS!?So many ads!? After every round, ad. After a few upgrades, ad. Whoop let’s throw an ad mid game!? You spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Also the upgrades hardly impact your final score. Like actually playing the game but honestly the ads just make it not worth it. Also some of the ads are not PG! I’m an adult but children most likely would play this and if I had kids I definitely wouldn’t want them to see the kind of ads that come up..Version: 1.7

Alright gameI’ve upgraded the jump boost so much and it hardly does anything. Also the ads are ridiculous, an ad after every round, an add every few upgrades, sometimes I get an ad mid game. The game also needs wifi and the leaderboard is fake..Version: 1.7

Too many glitchesGlitches all the time and when you’re doing well, the game glitches and you end up falling through into the water or when you get Fever, it just freezes up.Version: 1.9.1

Definitely has potentialFirst things first. The games good. It’s my go to turn off my brain for a whole game. It’s a concept that’s been done many times but for good reason, it’s fun and it works. HOWEVER, there’s a bunch wrong here. 1. Ads. I get it. It’s a free game, you guys have to make some revenue. But even when paying for the no ads version, there are still ads, GRANTED they’re optional and come with rewards. Bottom line here, if you see yourself sinking any kind of time into this game, go ahead and pay the two bucks for the add free version. 2. The leaderboard. This is the second issue I came across and probably the one that upsets me the most. The leaderboard is a complete sham and lie. Don’t pay any attention too it. Honestly that’s all I’m going to say about it because this could turn into a VERY long rant about deceiving your customer base, but I won’t get into that. 3. It’s buggy. There have been multiple occasions where I’ve simply just fallen through the map out of no where and had to restart my jump. Beware! If you get more than around 4400 balls, it will completely brick the game and all of your balls on screen will disappear. Bottom line: it’s worth the 2 bucks for the ad free version, but needs some serious back end work and fixes for me to continue to enjoy it..Version: 1.8

.It would be nice if I could actually open the app :).Version: 1.7

Enjoyable. but…This game is honestly very entertaining and i enjoy it a lot but there are a lot of flaws. of course there are a lot of ads but that’s surprisingly not what i’m going to be focusing on. the main issue is how much battery this game consumes from my phone. idk if it’s just a few people or if everyone gets this but i played the game for 5 minutes exactly and 30% of my battery drained. one of the other issues is how it lags my game every time i get past 10% reached on the scale when the balls are flying. it’s a very exciting thing to get a good score, but every time i get 10% or better the game crashes and says “revive” then i don’t get the coin or new best score so i waited a long time for my ball to reach a good score and it was all for nothing. regardless i like the game, it’s good to play but i need to keep a charger around and be ready to be bombarded with ads and lag lol..Version: 1.7

DeletedYou’ll spend more time watching ads then playing the actual game..Version: 1.7

Fun game at firstThe game is fun, but the levels are repetitive and just feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. I expected later levels to have like loops, jumps over gaps, etc. My son loves playing this game with me, but for some reason the ads were just odd not appropriate. My 3 year old would see them and say “scary scary!” And he stopped playing. I don’t have ads like this on any other game, nor do I look at this content, so it’s confusing. I paid to remove the ads so he could enjoy it again, but you still have to watch ads to get certain things even though I have plenty of gold. The gold situation is interesting, because there’s really not much you can do with it. The boosters that you buy don’t seem to make much difference. I would like it if we could buy obstacles, ramps, etc. that would make the game more interesting..Version: 1.7

It’s an amazing game but there is glitchesBalls go high is an amazing game it’s just that there are some glitches that make you really angry … the first glitch is that sometimes when you make your balls fly really fast and land on one of smaller and thinner ramps you tend to glitch through the ramp and die. The next and last glitch that I know of but makes me the most frustrated person that I know of is that right now I am in the leaderboard for top five players in the world who collected the most balls and I know I’m not in third place but I don’t know if I am in second or first place because the glitch only shows me third place when I’m not in third place I am higher than that. If you are one of the creators that are reading this can you please fix the game please just to make it a little more fun.Version: 1.9.2

Actually a good game I’d pay forMy god, every level you play no matter how bad or good you do you always end up next to the same names which means it’s rigged. Also the adverts seriously! Deleted after 5 mins.Version: 1.7

Addictive…butGreat game, very addictive but it lags so bad after a couple minutes playing it.Version: 1.8

Internet required to play (for ads)Absolutely gross and disgusting that this is the point we have reached where you require internet to play games strictly so massive corps and make a little extra money. They have no pride in their games anymore. Also fake leaderboard, horrible mechanics, and useless cash system. Overall horrible experience but mostly, a horrible company behind it..Version: 1.8

BadForced to watch ads, and when I close it my whole phone just gets screwed up and won’t do anything Don’t Dowload it please.Version: 1.6.1

Too many addsDecent game but quickly uninstalled after adverts constantly, then giving me the option to watch more and having ones on the screen the entire time as well.Version: 1.6.1

Can’t play offline -10/10Any game that can clearly function offline and still forces you to be connected can burn in hell. GFY.Version: 1.9

Too many crashesThis game is a good game but the fact that it makes your phone crash then I wouldn’t advise for anyone to download it. It also makes your phone really hot and overheat.Version: 1.7

BoringIt’s fun the first few times you play but after awhile it’s the same exact layout every round. Every now and then there’s a cool purple and yellow round and it’s got steeper hills that make it easy to go far. But I can’t get anywhere close to my high score unless one of those rounds comes up. You also need internet to play so they can make you watch adds. There’s not a lot of adds but it rules out the game as even being used to kill time when you’re out and about.Version: 1.8

GameBreaking bug.If you make it to past the top 10% your balls glitch through the road and go straight into the water then you need to watch an ad to “revive”. I did so and immediately after it said to watch another as to revive and I was just stuck in the loop each time And it keeps happening I can’t progress further it’s really annoying.Version: 1.7

Well…..I want to say one or two things about the game itself …. I really do enjoy it, I even sprung for the no ads …but compared to most free games this one had such an abundance of ads that paying for the “no ads” actually just made it comparable to other free games with ads….. second the last update that added the revive function was a mistake because not only does watching an ad (which I thought I paid to have those taken away) NOT revive you but it just takes you right back to the screen to watch an ad to be revived. It’s a never ending cycle… I took a bit and just kept watching ad after ad to see if something eventually happened….. no I had watch 16 ads before it said no ads were available. Now if you choose to not revive you let time run out or you push no thanks…. It just takes you back to start like you didn’t just spend time on a fantastic run….. these are problems that do need to be addressed….. and yes I am aware that the app itself does not pick specific ads for their games but they are directly in Control of the caliber of contents and frequency of the ads ….. so yes the app developer is responsible and should be informed of these short comings …… anyone that claims they have no control over these things is either just making things up because they thing they are very smart (nope) or it’s the actual developer ….. it’s easier to write a review than it is to fix issues …. Just saying.Version: 1.7

Awful, ads after every turn, poor game play.Don’t waste your time, ads after every turn, they want you to loose patience and buy ad free, but it’s not worth it. Novelty wears off after like 3 turns. Poor poor game..Version: 1.8

Boggs down phoneIPhones have pretty powerful processors, this game makes my phone very hot to the touch and I have an iPhone 12 there’s literally no reason for that. What ever y’all have goin on in the background of this app is making the processor work way harder than it needs to. It causes the game to slow down after a little while of playing and then the phone runs slower until whatever processes have been running in the app have been killed for a while. I think y’all just be havin this app trying to preload hundreds of ads while playing that it becomes unplayable lol.Version: 1.6.1

BofBah enfaite c’est que l’es touches ne marche pas avec ce qu’il faut faire.Version: 1.9.2

Lots of AdsApprox 1:1 game to add ratio. Meaning you’re watching ads as much as you’re playing games. Game is fun at least for a little bit till the ads get too much to handle..Version: 1.9

ReviewGame is kinda fun but filled with ads, cant play on airplane mode, upgrades force you to watch ads, ads after every over level.Version: 1.7

BadLove how after every round theres an add, also love how sometimes my balls just fall straight through the map? Piss poor game.Version: 1.9.2

A waste of timeThere is no leader board. Apparently I’m 1st but every time I play the top 10 people change. It’s just computer generated names. AND the game is bugged, once you get a certain distance you just fall through the map and have to watch an ad to restart. Plus there’s heaps of ads. After every jump you have to watch ads and sometimes you can’t even pay with the coins you earn, you’re forced to get a "free" upgrade by watching more ads..Version: 1.7

Purchase doesn’t remove all adsFun game, but after purchasing the ‘ad free’ version you still have to watch ads if you want upgrades. Not honest advertisement in my opinion.Version: 1.7

Fun, But forced to watch Ads (even after purchasing no ads)TL;DR: Purchasing “No Ads” should exempt you from all in game advertising. VooDoo has found a loop hole that exploits even paying customers and forces them to watch full 30 second ads regularly just to enjoy the game. The Game is fun, I play all the time. The problem is that the game forces you to watch full 30 second adds if you want to upgrade your amount of balls, and upgrade your final jump boost (which is what makes the game fun). Every 5 percentage points you upgrade with in game coins that you earn from jumps, it then says “free” to upgrade (every 5 upgrades), and you are forced to hit this button for the upgrade and watch an entire 30 second ad. It’s literally robbing the customer and exploiting the no ads loop hole. This is so messed up..Version: 1.8

Nothing but adsThis game is so bad. It’s laggy and literally you can’t play the game without an ad if you try turn your WiFi off it doesn’t let you play the game and then offers you no ads for money🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ this company “voodoo” are just making games and bombarding the game users with ads. Don’t buy this stupid ahh money grabbing Game🤦‍♂️.Version: 1.6.1

Glitchy appThe game keeps on glitching, you need to fix it, because whenever i click into the app it doesn’t load and i’m always having to keep deleting the app and redownloading the app and it’s getting annoying..Version: 1.7

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! TRASH GAMEFirst of all, why is there so many ads? i understand the company has to make many somehow but it’s voodoo for gods sake, they release new games every week. also, the no ads should mean no ads but yet here i am still having to watch ads to get my final jump upgraded and you also screwed up the slopes. now they are like smooth and shoot you straight while before they used to shoot you straight up into the air which gave you way more momentum. with the horrible slopes you guys put in the game i can’t even get anywhere near my highscore and if even if i did get far enough i’ll just fall straight thru the floor and “fail” the level and get zero points for it. please fix this horrendous game..Version: 1.7

Not fun after awhileThe game is fun but i have a few problems, number one is that once u get to a certain level the levels are all the same and the scenery just repeats itself, number two is that when u get to #2 or #1 on the leader board u can’t see your own name but only people below you, third of all is the excessive amount of ads, the game is unplayable unless u pay for no ads, and finally there is not enough content, when u gather all of the skins which takes no time at all and you get to #1 on the leaderboard which also takes no time, there is absolutely nothing else to do, the levels are the same every single time you play and u cant do anything else..Version: 1.7

Good concept - horribly optimisedIt’s a really good game in concept and in animation but it gets progressively laggier each round to the point at which it either crashes or becomes unplayable There are loads of ads but that’s to be expected from a free mobile game.Version: 1.7

Over the addsToo much adds and gets annoying.Version: 1.6.1

Just ads and ads and more adsThis entire app is just so full of adds it completely ruins the experience and makes it a terrible game. If it had some ads it would be okay but you spend more time on ads than the actual game itself.Version: 1.6.1

Constant adsMore ads than gameplay.Version: 1.7

Nothing but addsWon’t even let you go in airplane mode to get rid of adds.Version: 1.7

Good game but….It’s a good game, good to play when your bored although not even a day after having downloaded the app it started glitching and it kept crashing every time I opened it. I have tried restarting my phone and deleting it and reinstalling it but nothing seems to fix it. I rlly hope you can get this fixed soon bc for the few times I played the game I really enjoyed it..Version: 1.7

Can’t do anything without an advert in your faceInappropriate amount of adverts, game “developers” got a bit greedy here..Version: 1.6.1

BugsGreat game however I’ve found a lot of bugs like if your about to get the best jump ever it glitches you under the floor and ends the game very upsettisng when you know you could get a really highscore.Version: 1.9.1

CrashedI loved the game but at least once a day it crashes my phone so I have to power it off for my entire phone to work. Good game but I hate the crashing..Version: 1.7

Had to redo load twiceThe first times it locked up before running. Played a few games and not enough skill required to play & I found the game boring. Uninstalling..Version: 1.8

Horrible game please don’t bother downloadingThe game is really laggy and every time i either start the game or finish it it’s always an add and this voodoo company making games like this just do it for the money and the game freezes up my iPhone or makes the back of my phone over heat ⚠️don’t download⚠️.Version: 1.7

ScamI paid to turn off ads and I am still constantly getting spammed with ads and no way to turn them off. Avoid this game at all costs. The game has been reported to Apple as a scam..Version: 1.7

DecentThe game is actually pretty good, the only thing is that there is way to many ads. I honestly hope that this game continues to improve and also reduce the amount of ads..Version: 1.9

BadWhen I go to fast it makes me go under the map it’s so annoying.Version: 1.9.2

Ads, Laggy, and punishes players for getting too goodThe game was very addictive at the start, it has a nice game loop, however it started getting grating with how frequent ads were. In addition, the ads made the game lag horribly and freeze quite often. To top it all off, the game punishes you for going far enough, as when I finally reach my high score(a little past the “top 10%” marker on the meter) I just clip through the floor, am asked to “revive” by watching an ad, and when I do I instantly clip through again and am given the exact same prompt, proving that the game’s intentionally designed to not only deceive you into watching more ads but also punish you for getting good enough to reach such a far distance that they didn’t even bother coding the last stretch of course to have a collision box.Version: 1.7

HighHhuhouyg.Version: 1.7

Leaderboard is fake and you have to watch ads after paying to remove themMade it to top of leaderboard in cpl of days, then didn’t play for like a week and was still #1… while after every single run all other names on the leaderboard were completely different. Which means it’s fake and the game has no point. Also paid to remove ads but am FORCED to watch ads if I want to keep upgrading… like, I spend coins to upgrade distance a few times and then the only way I can continue upgrading is to watch an ad. Game is fun but don’t waste your time..Version: 1.8

Ads and more adsMake you pay $5 to go ad free only to still have ads galore, absolutely the biggest waste of time and money for an otherwise decent game.Version: 1.7

CrappyThis game is definitely a rip off. I paid for add free yet they continue to give me ads, everytime you beat your high score by more than just a little they glitch you through the road so it doesn’t count and you have to restart the level. It’s also very glitchy..Version: 1.8

It lags my ipadSince I downloaded it ,it has been laging my whole ipad.Version: 1.7

Misleading purchasePurchased package to remove ads…. I still get ads.Version: 1.8

Needs more of a realistic challengeMaybe it’s just me, but I’ve been in the #1 spot on the scoreboard for a few days now due to how much I play this. But alas.. the scoreboard is bugged to where it only shows from the #3 spot downwards. So I don’t even see my #1 spot! Also, not sure how it’s even possible to hit the top 1% on a run - I’ve gotten fevers on the last jump available on the gold run, with 1000+ balls collected, and I can barely reach the top 10%. How am I #1 worldwide and I can’t even get to the top 1% of runs! Seems a little planned to me. My boost is now at 125%, and my starting ball count is 110. But still can’t interact with the leaderboard to see my #1 spot :(.Version: 1.8

CrashedThe game crashed 4 times in 20 minutes of play. Now it won’t load up at all..Version: 1.7

Poorly designed ad vehicleGiven the other options in this style of game this one is designed very poorly, and the implementation not only of ads but ones designed with no exit option makes this game not worth bothering with.Version: 1.8

CrudPoo game don’t think about buying it literally an offline game that says you have to play online because they need to make their 50 cents off of you before you delete their game.Version: 1.7

Do not buyAll ads. Devs too money hungry to care about user experience..Version: 1.7

BrokenIm in level 724, around level 600 the balls (anything above 300) would simply fall through the board and land in the ocean (?) im never able to update how far I go because anytime I pass the best mark the balls are thrown into the ocean and im asked to revive which doesn’t even revive just sends me back to the beginning, ive done levels over 30 times simply because the balls went further than they did prior, so I’ve been hoping my balls don’t go further than my best otherwise have to start all over and lose a fantastic run, also paid for no ads, the developer need to fix this asap, feeling robbed.Version: 1.7

Passes timeIt’s not a bad game, easy enough and it’s a nice little game to pass time until it started force opening adds. Forced open a betting app in the App Store and then a link in safari. In ad games is one thing but force opening them mid game made me stop playing..Version: 1.7

Awful gameI paid for no ads and it still shows adds despite me trying to restore purchases.Version: 1.9.1

Could not finish a gameSo poorly made i couldn’t go three seconds into a game before it dropped to 2fps and then froze :).Version: 1.7

Awful scamGen payed to get rid of adds and still get adds I’m crying I want to beat my bfs high score but I don’t wanna play a card game add every time I play a round. Why is the world such a horrible place..Version: 1.7

It’s really annoyingI understand that ads are important for game developers especially when the game is free. But the fact that there is soooooooo many ads is a different story. It honestly makes the game completely unenjoyable and for some people including me unplayable. Also the fact that you HAVE to play with internet just so you can get an add every two turns is absolutely absurd. If this game didn’t have so many ads or let you be offline to play just so you can actually enjoy the game then this game would be really fun. Other then the fact that there are way too many ads, I actually enjoy this game. But because of the ads and how there are so many to where I don’t actually get a chance to play the game, I can’t find myself ever playing this. Again, I understand having ads. Get your bag. But don’t shove them constantly down peoples throats to the point where they can’t enjoy the game..Version: 1.6.1

Not loadingGame is not loading since last update… hoping to see if fixed soon.Version: 1.9

Fun core gameplay, lots of issues.I currently have 190 starting balls and 350% bonus on the final jump. Every time I do the final jump now there is a game breaking physics bug where the balls explode all over the place and move in slow motion. Takes multiple minutes for the balls to land. They also don't go far at all, so no point to playing the game anymore. Also, I paid for no ads, but still have to watch a ton of them to unlock levels. Also, no high score? The gameplay itself is fun, but what's the point? Just collect coins forever?.Version: 1.4

It won’t let me playI downloaded it yesterday and now it won’t let me play when I open the app cause it keeps crashing.Version: 1.6.1

I payed for no ads but still have themFun game but i payed to get rid of the ads and i still have them all. also the free upgrade with ad is just a loading symbol now? i clicked restore purchase. nothing happened. very disapointed..Version: 1.7

90% ads 10% GameWatch 30 seconds of ads for 20 seconds of game play. Another absolute abysmal game from Voodoo. Cannot wait for Internet 3.0 they will have to pay us to play their games..Version: 1.7

Plagued with advertsThere’s 60 seconds of ads for every 10 seconds of gameplay. Impossible to enjoy what might be quite an entertaining game as you’re forced into watching shocking quality adverts between every short game. Uninstalled.Version: 1.6.1

UnplayablePlayed 2 games then it crashed and now I can’t open the game it just immediately crashes. Unplayable. Cool idea tho..Version: 1.7

PleasePlease for the love of everything holy, do not play this game, a round takes 20 seconds and it will play a 30 second add after every round. It also makes you play with internet after your first round just so you can watch adds. It’s a scam and I think voodoo should be taken off the App Store..Version: 1.5.1

PLEASE READThis game is really bad, and let me tell you why! My 8 year old son was on this game ,and it was like a normal game he just got it and was excited to play. Like any normal kid. Until this game would make a ad pop up while he was playing. He could not get a break from these ads. These ads showed him inappropriate ads for example episode. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that just be cautious about these types of ads. My son had lots of questions with vary inappropriate things. This game also made it IMPOSSIBLE for my son to play after about 100 levels. My son was vary upset with this game and how it would not work. When it was working the levels and activities started to be repetitive. It would also glitch through The road. Over all this game was a bust and I’m sorry for this horrible honest review. Sometimes it’s not the game’s fault. Everyone has different opinions. But I would say that this game was a complete bust.Version: 1.9.1

Won’t loadThis game worked perfect before the update and now it loads the voodo logo and stays on a black screen until it kicked my to my Home Screen. Please fix this because I loved this game before and also fix the ads because they are just coming up every time I finish a run..Version: 1.7

GlitchI used to play this game every single day and I never had any problems. It was my favorite game for the longest time but now I can’t stand to play it. Whenever I get to the last hill, it will glitch through underneath the floor and ruins the entire game. Please fix Edit: Removed the app to redownload it again, thinking it might fix the glitch. However, going to download it again, it’s asking for my billing information? For a free game? I checked with other apps and it’s only this one. Weird...Version: 1.9.2

Right idea, wrong execution.The concept is great, but there are some changes that need to be made. for one, every time you stop and start a game, an add plays. obviously it’s impossible to have occasional adds for revenue, but the amount makes the game literally unbearable. the run time is extremely long and it makes me feel like im spending more time watching adds then playing the game. the excessive adds also cause another major problem- lag. the amount of lag this game has is insane. mid air, everything will freeze and it makes it so hard to play. my phone has had to shut down because of how glitchy the game is, and i have an iPhone XR. the lag combined with the adds make it so difficult to play. on top all of the technical flaws, there are some issues with the game itself. the walls that give you bonuses/deductions on the amount of balls you have are very short, and it makes it so you can only get a bonus if you're super low. if you want to actually break through any of the walls, you have to remain super low. it defeats the point of trying to go “high”. I think that with some minor tweaks, the game would be a lot better. it has a lot of potential..Version: 1.6.1

ReviewThis game was fun but the game froze and glitched a lot.Version: 1.8

Good game but ads make it unusableGood game fun to play but ads make it not worth playing played for 10 mins now installing. The developers should really look at incorporating something like Kin cryptocurrency so they can monetise their app without destroying the user experience. Shame as I enjoyed playing..Version: 1.7

Good but badBought no ads after about 30 minutes of play because you get an ad every run. Still have to watch ads to progress your boost every 5 levels (Even without ads). The ramps don’t work half the time for the super air jumps. You just go they them and either don’t get as much speed or fall through the map and lose, unless you watch an ad. Gameplay is pretty fun when it works but as a whole it’s kinda just meh. Voodoo just pumps out ad simulators so it is what it is..Version: 1.9.1

The game is mehIt’s not addictive or anything like other reviewers have been posting. The game isn’t bad but it’s not addictive. Most VooDoo owned games don’t play ads when you turn off your data for them and your WiFi so they’re more enjoyable but not this game. You can’t play this game without internet and it feels like I’m forced to either buy the no ads option or suffer through the ads. All these flash games that show on Instagram feeds look nice and cools to play but majority of them are full of ads and some don’t even look like how they were played on the brief ad of the game. Why do I need to be connected to internet for this game? It makes no sense to me.Version: 1.7

Not worth downloadingThis game lead a Virus into my phone and after downloading the game you can play it for maybe a week before it just forces a black screen a doesn’t proceed to start the game menu and also sets a virus into your phone (well that’s what happened to me).Version: 1.7

Game won't start at allThe game won't even start since last IOS update....Version: 1.7

Fun but frustratingThis game is so fun and addicting! I just hate the ads! It ruins the experience. I understand that they are needed, however they are too frequent. The game also bugs and glitches a lot. It bothers me when I’m playing. It decreases my ability to play. It makes my phone glitch a lot. At first I thought it was my phone acting up. Then I realized it was the game. Whenever I play and do well, an ad will pop up after. The screen will then go dark. Or it will kick me out of the game and make my phone lag..Version: 1.6.1

Fun game, but I think I broke it.This started out being a fun game. There was something soothing about the way the balls rolled and bounced. It was a challenge learning how to time the bounces to get the most out of your balls each round - getting extra balls, steeper ramps, and which ramp to launch the final leap for your prize. I had to figure out how to spend tokens won each round on either extra balls or boosts for the final jump. I’ve played this game a lot (too much?) but found some limitations with it. - I have an iPhone 13 and the game’s graphics can’t keep up if you have much more than 2,500 balls in play. The animation gets choppy and can freeze. - I think I also found an upper limit for the final boost. Using game tokens I’d win, I’d bought all the skins for the balls. I’d purchase some balls and some boosts, but was saving most of the tokens until I had over 1 billion. Then I decided saving them was pointless, so I spent them on boosts. I’d gotten my final boost to over 1800%. Now, when I hit a steep ramp right before the final boost, the “balls go high”, but when they fall back to the ‘alley’ with the scoring holes, the balls seem to crash right through. Sometimes this prompts a revive option, which leads to the balls falling endlessly, other times the balls just fall forever, or until I hit the reset button or close the game. Either way, there is no score/tokens earned, and any token spent at the start of the round are lost. Not sure what the answer is..Version: 1.9

Gamebreaking GlitchAfter around 330% boost on the final jump or somewhere after 380,000ft, it’s almost guaranteed that there’s a glitch where you go through the map and you ‘fail’ the level by falling into the water underneath the ramps. There’s at least one other review I saw state this. This would otherwise be a decently fun game if getting a new high score wasn’t basically impossible after a certain point. It also feels somewhat deliberate as you near the top 1% of players (supposedly) when this glitch happens and there’s seemingly no other way you could possibly fail a level without you glitching through the map, but there is still a programmed revive button..Version: 1.7

Not able to beat my best run because I keep falling through the board.Okay so I like the game it’s fun and addicting that I actually bought the “no ads” portion however, I guess I’ve gotten high enough level that every time I beat my best run I fall straight through the board and need to restart, it’s been happening for a while and it’s extremely frustrating that I have the power to beat my high score, but now I can’t because I keep falling through, please developers have this glitch looked at because this is an extremely irritating feature in the game..Version: 1.7

Ads kills it!Even after paying for the no ads there is ads! This game sucks.Version: 1.9

Pretty Good Game, Needs fixing 😁😁😁😁Everyone that’s works at voodoo should kts.Version: 1.7

Horrible!This game is absolutely horrid you can do anything but watch ads which is useless they might as well make us pay $40 for having no ads.Version: 1.6.1

Too many ads, too many bugsI got into this game for a day and a half and worked through the levels. I liked the skill + randomness of the game. Unfortunately, I was looking to achieve the final stages, but whenever you get to the 1% benchmark, your balls fall through the board into the water. Super frustrating. Also you can watch an add for additional balls, but it’s actually NOT in ADDITION. The imagery would lead you to believe you get 200 in addition to the number you’ve earned, but after watching the ad and seeing my ball number go down, I realized the glitch. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.7

Fun Tiny Wings-like, but Remove Ads option is a lieIt’s pretty rare that I purchase a Remove Ads option, as I don’t tend to play such games long enough to make it worthwhile. This one was different, though - it takes the formula I liked from Tiny Wings, adds a new perspective, and does it with some nice flair. I purchased the Remove Ads option, and it DOES NOT REMOVE ADS. It removes the ads between rounds, but you still have to watch ads to claim your points, and most egregiously, for every third boost upgrade. Frankly, this is false advertising and I feel like it shouldn’t be allowed on the store in its current state..Version: 1.6.1

NEARLY CRASHED MY PHONETHIS IS THE WORST GAME EVER I was so so so upset when I was playing this game and it crashed my phone. Then I tried to force it into a shut down but it refused this left me worried for a couple of minutes wondering if my new phone was still going to work after playing this game. Thankfully this did not ruin my phone but I am not coming that close to it again. Do not download..Version: 1.7

So many adsSorry. But it is true. The amount of ads after each game ends up being annoying..Version: 1.7

Almost unplayableThere is no reason you shouldn’t be able to play this game without cellular connection. There is an ad after every. single. round. You are forced to watch an ad every 5th upgrade to the number of balls you start with even if you have enough coins to purchase the next level of the upgrade. You think you’d want to develop a game where people spend more time actually playing the game than watching ads. I understand ad revenue and what not but it’s excessive. You literally can’t play for more than 30 seconds without being forced to watch an ad.Version: 1.9

Ads, even when you pay for no adsI spent $5 just to go ad free, but they still force you to watch 30 second ads just to upgrade and get 3x coins after a game. This is a really nice time saver, but I have to rate it 1 star because of too many ads, even after paying..Version: 1.6.1

Game worked oncePlayed the game one time and the next time I opened it it didn’t load and now it does not work. It just crashes everytime..Version: 1.7

The glitches make the game completely unplayableIt’s a fun game once you get over the ads but the game becomes unplayable once you pass the first 4 games. You drop from the map on perfect rolls every time..Version: 1.9.1

Good game RUINED by advertsWithout question it IS a good game. Ideal for toilet gaming :) . Deleted it after I Lost the plot with the CONSTANT adverts. Even when you don’t select to watch videos to get extra boosts you click “no thanks” and it throws you straight into an advert any way. Final straw was when I got stuck in an interactive advert with no way out. Shame. I understand this is how they generate revenue but it is too much! When you spend more time watching adverts than playing the game it just isn’t a good experience..Version: 1.6.1

It’s good but…It is a very fun game but it would keep lagging and would crash after awhile (the lagging the app caused would also lag everything else on my phone).Version: 1.9

It’s great! But one glitch ruins everythingI have been playing this game for a long time now, it’s fun and a great time killer but recently a very fatal glitch has popped up which has made me refrain from giving this a 5 star review. At the end of the line before you get your boost what you have collected goes through the ground and you don’t get the boost, instead it acts like you have a %0 boost. It’s very frustrating and takes away from everything I’ve worked towards since I have a %400 boost and makes the time seem wasted. But for a game like this I don’t really expect different, I’ll still keep playing. But I have gripes about this..Version: 1.9.1

Game is fun but….Ads. Too many like its okay once every few rounds but the ads are longer than the levels.Version: 1.9

Absolutely DireAfter playing this for about 10mins on my iPhone 12, I have to completely restart the phone as the game must corrupt the memory and takes forever to do anything. I even had to restart the phone to write this review, as when the App Store eventually loaded, the ‘Write a Review’ came up, but couldn’t leave this review as the keyboard refused to load! Stay away from this at all costs, as I dread to think what information it’s trying to send to the Reds..Version: 1.7

TOO MANY ADSI have played for about 20mins and the game has used 400mb of data..Version: 1.9.1

Just okThe game gets laggy on occasions and the ads are far too long. It’s not good enough for me to pay to remove the ads sorry..Version: 1.7

Too many AdsGood concept of a game but WAY to many ads. You get one after every game which doesn’t last anymore than 1 and a half minutes! I will be deleting the game now as it’s frustrating and not good enough to pay for ads to be removed. Don’t waste your time if you think ads will be an issue as it will.Version: 1.7

Not playable while internet is off, would’ve been 5 starsFix you games.Version: 1.9.1

Awesome game, but there’s a problem…Plays fine on my iPhone , but when I downloaded it onto my iPad and started playing on it, then played on my phone for little while, then went back to play on my iPad it wouldn’t load. So I could get it to work again after deleting it and reinstalling it. And then after playing on my phone again I had the same problem next time I tried to play on my iPad. Yes I have paid for removing the ads..Version: 1.7

WORST APP EVERApp wouldn’t even load. I was sitting there for ten minutes just waiting to c if it would load and it never did. Don’t even bother downloading it..Version: 1.9

Overabundance of predatory adsIf you ever watched anime for free online and you thought, “ clicking through all these ads would make a fantastic game” then you’re in luck. This kind of gameplay only ever succeeds when you can play and correct your mistake pretty quickly. But when you have three ads of different types between each round and another at that floats at the bottom of your game constantly, you quickly grow tired of waiting for anything resembling a game to start. They have ads where the X button is hidden, they have ads where you have to click x or skip three times to get through it, they have ads that pop up at the end of the round saying you should watch this ad to get extra coins but there’s no way to say no. They have ads that say try this game right now but as soon as you click anywhere it takes you straight to the App Store. And almost all of the ads are for more predatory games. These kind of games are a virus you have to voluntarily install. Vote with your wallet and with your time and refuse to download this game..Version: 1.9.1

Wouldn’t recommend unless you like watching more ads than gam timeAds after every turn, deleted The game try’s to force you to pay to have no adds DO NOT RECOMEND ! Would give -5 stars if possible What happens to games that didn’t try and make money out of you, just plain and simple games..Version: 1.7

It’s cool but…This is a satisfying and and challenging game but for some reason i only get a chance to play it for 10-15 minutes: the game would unexpectedly freeze at that point and time. I would think that this was just a minor glitch, but after i refresh the app the screen would go black and would not load at all. Or it might make it up to loading the company name screen like it usually does before the actual game loads, but it would not go any further in loading the game whatsoever. No matter how many times i would refresh the app, it doesn’t work. The only time it would be able to work again is if i uninstall it and reinstall it; just to only do it again when it reaches the 10-15 minute mark..Version: 1.9

Fun, but broken and no incentiveThis is a fun game, however after a certain distance the ball drops through and ends the turn. Very frustrating as there is no incentive to play any more. Hopefully the devs fix this ASAP otherwise I’d encourage people to not download as its a short-lived experience..Version: 1.7

Love the gameLove this game, but a lot of ads, however I did pay for ads to be removed as the game was so therapeutic when I was stressed. But now, I’ve gotten so far that after the palls hit the score road, after Nr 1450, they go right trough the road thing and I loose… which is really annoying when I finally hit my high score but it doesn’t count….Version: 1.7

Wouldn’t downloadIt gives you ads almost every single run, gameplay is simple and strives to keep you playing, however there are so many ads, despite having no network features apart from ads the fame will stop you from progressing when there is no internet connection, how am I supposed to use this on a plane or without internet? This game is not worth your time..Version: 1.7

It lagged my whole iPadWhen I downloaded it my Snapchat crashed and my whole iPad crashed 🥲.Version: 1.7

TOO MANY ADSHad this game for less than 5 minutes, I didn’t mind the banner ad at the bottom but then you’re hit with a full screen video and even when you skip it, it adds up to the same amount of time as if you’ve watched it. Completely ruined the user experience, I know you have to make a profit but this just looks like a cash grab from a money hungry developer..Version: 1.8

AD central!!I understand the game is free and needs AD’s to run and keep the game developing etc but this is just ridiculous!! It’s one after the other repeatedly it’s just far too much would’ve been a good game and better review if the AD’s weren’t every 2 seconds..Version: 1.9

Needs improvementThis game could have been so great but it is ruined by way to many adverts.Version: 1.9.1

2 starsI give it this rating because you cannot play this offline which is the only reason I play theses games is when I have no internet and when I was done playing it my phone broke for I few minutes and I had to restart my phone.Version: 1.9

Broke the game…Disappointing that even buying the ad free version, you still have to watch ads to unlock the basic extras. Well I got this game for a time passer, which it is. But I’m at like level 700 and have a boost of 250% and I guess I won cause after traveling a certain distance after the boost, the balls drop below the level where the water is and it kills you so you have to restart. Wish the map was a bit longer, kinda feels like a waste of money now that I can’t play it anymore..Version: 1.7

Good potential but too many ads to enjoyToo many adds ruins the game. Think I’ve spent more time waiting to play it than I have actually playing it. Reduce ads massively and it will be a decent game….Version: 1.6.1

Fun but buggyThe game is fun. Allows you to play a game without investing too much brain power. However, there are plenty of times that my pile of balls just goes through the floor and into the water. Definite issues with clipping, which is frustrating. Also, the fact that even with no ads, progresses is gated behind needing to watch ads to upgrade your starting balls or your final boost is just annoying. If someone pays for no ads, progress gates should be removed as well..Version: 1.9.1

Not workinIt works once and then never works again.Version: 1.8

Just noSo glitchy and laggy for level 1! And it’s so stupid the only thing we can do is control when it goes down which it sometimes does by itself. I was expecting to be able to control it when it jumps up not down how dumb is that..Version: 1.7

Ad app is allEver since Apple allowed Ads to be used in games, the quality of apps on Apple Store has declined. This game is simply an Ad app with a game ton play in between ads. The game is poorly optimized (causes my phone to overheat). The developers created a money grab ad app. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 star is that I thought the simplicity of the games physics in regarding to gravity and such is enjoyable. Unfortunately either the game is plagued with bugs that cause my entire phone to become unresponsive or the app is malware and the Apple Store needs to immediately remove the app before it causes more harm.Version: 1.7

Recent Update Made This Game UnenjoyableWhen I first got this game, the ramps were all really small and steep and made you fly really high! It was really fun and super satisfying to get a bunch of balls and then be able to go super far at the end because the yellow boost ramps at the end sometimes sent you to the next one consecutively. They then butchered the game by updating it so the ramps were practically flat (and if you drop to early on them you loose all your momentum even if it looks like the right place to land) and they removed those purple platforms on top that had the +100s on them. They also made the yellow boost ramps at the end send you like 5 millimeters instead of actually doing anything. REVERT THIS UPDATE! The older version was better! Your page is out of date now too because there are no longer those purple platforms so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.Version: 1.7

To many addsIt’s a fun game, but after every game you have to watch and add. It’s so annoying. Also they’ve created the game where you can’t play it without wifi or mobile data. So you play one game then watch and add so on so forth.Version: 1.6.1

Voodoo games are awfulAll they do is force ads on you then ask you to pay for no ads. They have a horrible rinse repeat you’ve played one you’ve played them all..Version: 1.7

Purchasing No Ads Should mean No Mandatory AdsThis game is fairly addictive, but like all free apps, suffers from having a lot of ads. After a trial run, I decided it was worth it to pay to remove these ads. The problem arose when it came to upgrades. Like many apps, the levels are repetitive, but you have modifiers you can adjust by paying in gold (currency earned by playing levels). You get 2 in this game: a percentage boost on the last jump and starting number of balls. Usually, well designed apps will allow you to spend gold on upgrades, then give you the option to upgrade for free by watching an ad when you don’t have enough gold. This app starts the same, however, after playing more levels and earning more gold, the upgrade by watching an ad doesn’t go away. Despite me spending money on this game, it still forces me to watch ad to progress, which is terrible design. Is this game-breaking? No, but it is absolutely infuriating hence the 1 star review..Version: 1.6.1

DecentGood game but lots of ads When you play it once And try load it up later it doesn’t load up so.Version: 1.7

Great game but I think it hates me.The game and the idea behind the game is great. However it has been one glitch after another. (I guess that’s what you get from game makers who make hundreds of different games) I have had to uninstall and redownload this game way to many times, each time causing all of my progress to reset. Sometimes when I redownload the game it’s super fancy with diamonds you collect and cool ways to powerup your balls, but sometimes when I have to redownload the game it looks like an older version with no diamonds and no ways to upgrade anything. And for the first several weeks of playing the game I thought I was doing great, only to look up on google why I couldn’t go any further and see other peoples games running much smoother and with way more content to mess with. I even paid for the “no ads” only to find out that you still have to watch ads if you want to make progress quickly. So that’s obnoxious. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or if it’s me, but by the reviews of many others it seems to be a consistent issue. It’s also very hard to make the “balls go high” when all of your multipliers are closer to the ground. Seems counterintuitive..Version: 1.9

Good game short term.Decent game and concept, starts lagging after a few rounds. SO many ads it’s unreal and you can’t play without internet. Fun for about 20 mins. Going to delete it now :).Version: 1.7

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