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Balls go High app received 45 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about balls go high?

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Balls go High for Positive User Reviews

Balls are goodDeez balls are a fun game.Version: 1.9.3

Quality GameI think it’s a great game especially after you pay to remove the adverts and it’s very addictive! The problem I have is with the leaderboard I think I am at the top but I can see any further up than third place it would be good to be able to scroll up and down the leaderboard thanks Skully.Version: 1.8

Very funnyMake it so thank i can play offline for when i go on a plane or ancamping trip!.Version: 1.9.3

Grime meIt’s good.Version: 1.9.1

Good game too many adsThe game os perfect but if you could allow to play with no internet or airplane mode that would make it better and if you could cut the ads that it gives us in atleast half that would be great thank you..Version: 1.9.2

Great game5/5 nice and simple, great for beginners and in general just outstanding. A bit laggy sometimes but it’s fine. 😁.Version: 1.9.2

Too many ads!!!Good game, addictive but so many ads.Version: 1.6.1

FunJust fun.Version: 1.9.3

SlayIt’s really fun and for me stress relieving.Version: 1.9.1

GoodBest game I’ve ever played.Version: 1.9.3

Great time killer BUTI enjoy this game a lot. It’s a great time killer but now I’ve got through a bit I always fall through the map. Like every single time I get a run that could be good. It’s super frustrating and surely an easy fix but I just seen a review from a year ago stating the exact same thing. Please fix.Version: 1.9.2

Man this game is amazing 🤩🤩Ok I’m being FR man this game addicting I’m my no boy man this is addicting.Version: 1.9

Good but buggyI think I’m number one but can’t see higher than third place but I play a lot, also filled the bar up all the way on numerous occasions and gone even further that what it says for too 1% but it’s not registering it like it does with too 10%.Version: 1.9

Some little glitchesThis game is really satisfying and fun but i need to talk about some things. first off, i looove the name; when i say im gonna play “Balls Go High”, the people around me jump then start laughing-anyways keep the name because it’s so funny. there are some minor glitches in the game. one more prominent then the others. basically, when i play the game, i try to go as fast as humanly possible and once i get to that speed, half of the time, the ball (or balls) go through the ground of the course. also, when i try to revive by watching an ad, the ad pops up but i don’t get to revive. anyways, other than that, i haven’t found anything else wrong with the game. the game is really calming and fun and i love it so much, but can you please get these bugs fixed?.Version: 1.9.2

The game is goodI would rate it a five out of five The game is awesome I’ve been addicted for like One day it’s been really fun my mom is screaming at me anyways I’m 46 cause my mom wanted to go to A festival I would like to go but this game is way funner than a festival. Times I also like it because when I just started it was so fun I saw like 25 ads so I was like fine let me download this stupid app. There’s one thing that I don’t like… I like everything get rick rolled………………….Version: 1.7

Ads problemTo many ads please remove them for free.Version: 1.9.2

Fun but needs to be fixedI've had this game for a while. I got it just for a joke. Then it became something that I played when I had nothing else to do. It's really fun and addicting. There is one problem I came across though. I'm now on level 400 and the game has been lagging a bunch. Starting around level 380, the balls would fall through the ramp and into the water. I don't know if it's supposed to be a little joke but it's kinda getting on my nerves..Version: 1.9.1

GoodI love playing with balls (especially yours).Version: 1.9.1

Not to badI know all the reveiws are saying there is way to many adds after each round and even during rounds. But that’s not happening to me I played four round then I got an add. Pretty fun besides the angle you play on makes it tricky to time stuff right. Other than the angle and a few adds this game is pretty good for when your board waiting in a line up..Version: 1.6.1

My reviewThis game is so fun particularly when your friend suck! Have a great time playing this. Love the visuals. Don’t like the ads when they lost but still hyped them up.Version: 1.7

Very good game, just wish there something moreOverall the game is great. It basically has no flaws, lol. It’s so relaxing; like i knew instantly i wanted this game after getting an add for it. Seriously is all i need. I only have one complaint though. My issue is that I wish, and I know others would also agree, that there should be a toggle in the game’s settings that would make the map a little darker and softer on the eyes. Currently, i’m playing this at night in the dark, which isn’t good for my eyes since the game is bright on them. Anyway, that’s it! Great game!.Version: 1.9.3

To the owner pls pix thisAl though the game is awesome it fun but there are way to much adds and that makes it not fun Becuase when I play it I want it to take up and I want to have fun during that time but each time I play in annoying ho any v adds there are. Literly I could go very hi and land get all my points and there would be an add and if I don’t finish the add I don’t get the points that all and pls read this and just want to say this game is great besides the adds.Version: 1.6.1

Good game but…Really catchy game but you spend more time watching ads than playing, I gave up….Version: 1.7

It’s good but not the bestReason number one is it Han a random name and flag generator so you can’t change your name Reason number two there is too many adds Reason number three I am at the top of the leaderboard and I can’t see my name I am stuck looking at the top 3-7.Version: 1.8

Add moreGood game lots of ads but you have to add more height or more ramps once you get so far you can’t go any further.Version: 1.6.1

Great Game but with a GlitchI really like this game and I describe it as a fidget game. Very easy to learn and entertaining. However the leaderboard doesn’t show top of leaderboard or my current ball count. Also, I’ve gotten to a point that when my balls go past my best distance they just go through the ramp into the water and ask me to revive. I have attempted to revive but it just keeps dropping them into the river. Where I like collecting balls but it has become pointless if I can’t collect the most coins I can and set personal records..Version: 1.7

Ballls are crazyI CAN’T STOP PLAYING THIS GAME.Version: 1.9.3

Soo good 5starsAmazing.Version: 1.9.1

The game is actually fun!Now I’m a person that gets the game pays it then reads the comments I know it’s dumb but it’s just how I do stuff. And I’ve been reading these comments and I’m mostly replying 1. There are ads because it’s so they keep the game free for everyone to enjoy 2. The game does not pick the ads. They are randomly generated. 3. With the new update you can actually buy things. 4. It’s a family friendly game 5. The graphics are better in the game then in ads. I hope that you all understand that it’s a fun game free to play that it isn’t as bad as the comments say and that I helped you with this from a player to player(s) it isn’t that bad..Version: 1.4

Decent but needs an updateI like this game a lot. But now if I actually play normally I fall through the map when I land and I’m stuck on the same type of level. Only a 2 tower round. Allows you to make a few hundred at the most. Pretty annoying but hopefully they can fix these things in the next update..Version: 1.7

BallVery good and fun game.Version: 1.7

👍Very good game although there is a bug where u can phase through the floor which is quite annoying.Version: 1.9.2

So fun to play with my bestie!There are lots of ads but it’s so fun to play in the car when I’m bored with my bestie :D.Version: 1.9

👌Great game but every time I get going to fast I fall through the ground it would be nice if you could fix that thank you.Version: 1.9.2

Amazing game play every daySo goo d me and my cousin try to beat each other’s scores.Version: 1.7

Addicting but…The game is fun and extremely addicting (in its own ways). We all like seeing ourselves slowly do better and get better scores. The only issue I’m seeing is that after you upgrade your start ball and final jump high enough… you will hit a far enough distance to where you automatically fall through the floor no matter what. And even if you watch a video to try and bring it back to life. It automatically dies lol. Just needs a nice update that’s all :).Version: 1.6.1

AmazingExactly as it says in the advert definitely recommend!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.9.2

Best gamePlease let me in it never let me in for some reason.Version: 1.7

Good gameGood game.Version: 1.9.2

ReviewVery glitchy which gets annoying but so addicting.Version: 1.6.1

Giving it 5 stars bc I like itMy only problem is is that I can’t go high or hit a slope perfectly bc my balls go through the ground and my boost doesn’t seem to be doing me any good bc of that issue please update the game for bug fixes another thing I’m number one on the leaderboard (at least I think I am) and I can’t see if I am bc it’s glitched so bad again please update the game so I can enjoy the game a lot better thank you.Version: 1.9.2

GreatThis game is so fun I have not stop playing in the last 3 hours of having the game (no one can find a better game)..Version: 1.9.2

Pretty true to the nameOh wow. really appreciate the honesty with title. although sometimes balls go TOO high, and are hard to control. best regards..Version: 1.9.2

II really do love this game cuz it’s so simple N easy 2 play.Version: 1.9.4

Fun game but tons of ads and glitches if you’re going “too fast”The game itself is a blast however, after every jump is an ad. I get ad revenue but at least give the player a few games before we have to watch another boring ad. Second if you’re going too fast the balls go right through the track and if you “respawn”/ watch another ad, it respawns you under the track again. I’ve had plenty of times I’ve had lots of speed and could have beat my record and the balls went through the track. Fix these two major issues and it’ll be an amazing game worth the last star..Version: 1.9.2

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