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Stone Grass: Lawn Mower Game Positive Reviews

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Stone Grass: Lawn Mower Game App User Positive Comments 2022

Stone Grass: Lawn Mower Game app received 23 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about stone grass: lawn mower game?

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Stone Grass: Lawn Mower Game for Positive User Reviews

👍👍👍Love the game.Version: 1.10.3

Definitely needs way more levelsGood game to past the time or a bit bored. Needs more levels. Other than that I enjoy the game..Version: 1.10.3

SatisfactionWhen you cut the grass it’s satisfying.Version: 1.9

Good game but don’t pay cause only 30 levelsIt’s a good game but don’t pay there’s only 13 levels.Version: 1.9.191

Very addictiveGood game very addictive to but only took me 2 days to complete as there only 30 levels When will we get more levels? please let me know will appreciate it thank you.Version: 1.9.191

The adsThis game is so fun, got most upgrades to max, I’m only on level 8 I like going back in the levels and mowing them again. The only thing with this game is the dumb ads. There’s like 1 or 2 ads a minute, which drives me crazy, I’m having fun then when I go mow somewhere else in the level there’s ad. It’s just so horrible to have like 10 ads in like 3 minutes. I’ve never had a game that has so many ads, and there mostly the same thing every time. Which is boring, I hate ads anyways, always have. So this game is so hard to play for so long because of the ads. Lots of people play this fun game, but they also say there sick of the boring ads..Version: 1.9

Started well …I have been playing this game for about a week now or just over a week. And now it will not load for me every time I click on it it shuts down straight away..Version: 1.8

Love it but is there any other levels after 30 ?I love the game , the forced ads were very annoying tho but i paid for the ad free which made it much more better. I made it to level 30 is there any more levels after that ? Or will you creat any more levels unless it’s a glitch in my game.Version: 1.9.191

Too many ads but good game.I’m not trying to hate but there is many ads. I like the game a lot because it is a good game to just sit down and play. But there is a ad every like 20 seconds. Maybe reduce them a bit like every like 5 to 7 minutes would be great. There could be like a minute long ads of like 4 ads in that. But I really like this game over all it is really fun and time consuming. and again I’m not trying to hate or make this sound so disrespectful because the creators worked really hard. But again not trying to hate so don’t take this the wrong way. But maybe take some of the ads out it would mean a lot to me and I think so many other people so thank you..Version: 1.6

The best game everThis is my favorite game you can get so many tractors. In this game you also have a farm to take care of. Once you finish a area it will take you to a new area so you will never get bored the only thing i dont like is the ads there is so many. I play this game every day in the car in the house in bed anywhere . I Love this game you need to play it. You will not regret downloading this game at least I didnt I have many other games but I play this the most. I promise that when your bored play this game you wont be bored anymore try it for yourself you wont regret it👍.Version: 1.9.191

More levelsI have completed the game and wish to know if any more levels will be available as addictive game we made percheses and would like the game to continue.Version: 1.9.191

To many adsI love this game so much but there are to many ads can you have less ads and make it able to play offline.Version: 1.9

Needs more levelsI love these sort of games. Really easy to chill out too, the only problem is that there’s no more levels. I was hoping this update would have more levels but unfortunately it’s bug fixes..Version: 1.9

A ton of adsThe game is amazing it just needs to shorten the ads because I can’t even collect a capacity of bricks or hay or what ever and then I can’t sell them without getting 2 ads also not to be mean or all but when ever you get a ton of progress done and you feel like you need a brake you log off and when you come back the only thing there is your money and vehicle so maybe try and fix it but I’m not being mean I’m just saying the game probably would have more people playing it instead of them just skipping over it and saying there’s to many ads and you barely get to play the game I just want everyone to be happy and play this game that me and so many other people love.Version: 1.6

A good game but…Yes this is a really addictive game. But as others have said the number of forced ads does detract from the enjoyment. I did pay for the ad free version, so that made the game a lot more enjoyable. I was curious to see what the farm and the factory unlocked but unfortunately the devs don’t seem to have worked that out themselves. Level cap seems to be level 30. While this might seem confrontational, come on devs let’s have more levels and open up those two buildings. You must make a lot of revenue from all those forced ads plus the money from people like me who pay to get rid of them. On the whole a good game, don’t like the ads, pay to get rid, simples..Version: 1.9

Infuriatingly fun ?Hi, so most games like this whatever the profit is from doing the objective (in this case: cutting grass to make bales and sell those for coins ) The part that infuriated me is that in those other games, the bales automatically turn into coins and get picked up for you, but yours makes you go back to actually “pick them up” in order to carry the bale to go sell it. That is what infuriated me. But I absolutely love this! From my perspective, you gotta do the manual labor in order to get paid, because money isn’t free. It’s fun but it also makes me mad because I got use to the way everything had been..Version: 1.9

Need More Levels PleaseWould love to see a heap more levels added, especially because I paid for the stop ad function. But seriously more levels would be awesome.Version: 1.9.191

Please add more levels !!This game is really fun and i genuinely really enjoy playing it. There are so many ads which is very annoying, though i did buy the cyber pack which removed all ads for me (i recommend this pack because it also comes with 150,000 coins, the best truck, the cart becomes free every time and a couple hundred diamonds) i wish there were more levels since there is only 30 levels i have finished all of them and now have no others to do and I have gotten all the upgrades so the only thing i can do is just re do levels which get boring after a while. please add more levels!!!.Version: 1.9

Paid for the app!Paid for the no ads because it’s a great game. Completed level 30. Have the farm and factory. But nothing left to do. Waiting for next update!?.Version: 1.6

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!So I’ve been playing this game for two months. Within days I found myself so addicted to this game. To be honest it’s relaxing and it calms me. Idk if this is what this game is for but that’s how I feel about it. I really do like the prices if you do want to buy something they are cheaper than most prices. I know the permanent add on’s are $9.99. And the thing is I love how so easy and quick you can get diamonds and gold like you don’t need to buy anything. Just complete the three stars and you get gold and diamonds plus they offer you to triple it if you want.. yes it’s with a ad but it’s quick. It will go from 6 to 12 diamonds if you want to triple it. I highly recommend this game!!! Thank you for letting me have a good experience..Version: 1.10.3

To many addsThe only reason I didn’t give this app five stars is that I have an add every 10 seconds!!!! I hate this and I get so frustrated with the app. Other than that I love the game itself and it is quite addicting to play… I hope the creators of the game see this and reduce the number off adds there are..Version: 1.9

Way to many addsGood game way to many adds time to delete game what a shame 😞.Version: 1.7

I love this game but, tons and tons of adds (kjw860)PLEASE READ This game is awesome but there is just way too many adds I mean there can be adds but not like every 2 minutes I and a lot of other people would like it if you could make less adds because it gets really annoying and people just won’t want to play it because it’s boring when you sit there forever watching an add when you want to play the game . Don’t you want people to play it and enjoy it? If you do please limit the adds. I know your annoyed that I’m complaining about adds but I want people to enjoy the game instead of watching a stupid add. If you don’t limit the adds people may stop playing the game. Please and thank you for fixing the adds.Version: 1.8

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