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Army Commander App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Army Commander app received 153 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Army Commander? Can you share your negative thoughts about army commander?

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Army Commander for Negative User Reviews

Overall great but too many adsGame is actually ok, it’s fun and also addictive. However, there are too many adverts, one every 2-4 minutes at this point. Way too many considering they come up in the middle of battle and so often that the game begins to lag..Version: 0.7

Too many adsGreat game but there are too many ads, one of the ads happened during the transition into the next stage and caused the game to get stuck where the was no way to progress. Sort this bug out and increase the timing of the ads will make this an enjoyable game..Version: 0.7

UnplayableUnplayable because of the ads. Turn off your wifi and you quickly learn that the game has no point other than to convince you to pay for no ads..Version: 1.2

Good until…It gets to a point where you CANT advance any further. my guy keeps holding on to gold coins and i can’t drop them off anywhere, even when there’s a spot to drop them off. as of right now i’m at a point where i’ve defeated the enemy, and i just need to capture the flag, but i can’t capture the flag without upgrading my status, but i can’t upgrade my status because i can’t drop my gold coins. i’ve also emailed customer service about a similar issue on multiple occasions, thinking it’s gotta be a glitch. they fixed one part of it, but now this is still a problem. it just doesn’t make sense, i’ve paid for no ads on this game, i put money into this game, and now i can’t even play the game at all. ridiculous..Version: 1.1

PoubellePubs,pubs,pubs…………vous aimez les pubs vous allez adorer ce jeu.Version: 1.8

Ocean?There’s an ocean now and I can’t capture the flag so it’s unplayable now.Version: 1.8

Game crippled by advertisingThe gameplay is good and fresh. However the gameplay is interrupted by adverts that come in at illogical points. You will be mid action and the game stops to forced advertising. This will make me stop playing rather than pay to remove adverts. Adverts are a necessity but for the love of the game wind it back a notch. You may get more return by finding a better balance…..Version: 1.2

.I know since the game is free you still need to make money off it, but can’t you at least save the ads until after the level? I uninstalled because it kept interrupting and it wasn’t fun anymore.Version: 0.7

It could be goodThis game is need of a lot of optimization. After a few ads it lags so bad, recent update launched the app and started lagging within seconds. Speaking of ads, I get that is how you support this game and you want to encourage people to pay to remove ads but having ads every minute is a little bit much and makes the game virtually unplayable. Sitting at a level complete a battle and see an ad while waiting for your troops to refill. Then launch another attack see an ad before you even reach enemy forces. On top of that a persistent ad at the bottom of the screen. I know ad revenue is not much but overly bombarding ad to try and make a few cents of each play I can only imagine causes a massive loss of players within a day. It’s nothing more than a giant ad campaign to get get money..Version: 1.1

Wayyyy too many ads( bad ads at that too)Way too many adds like every other minute and the ads are garbage too maybe every ten minutes maybe it’s a good add but for the most part is all bad ads. If it was like a video in between games than that’s understandable but it’s almost like they for you to pay for the no ads. The game is cool but after playing for an hour I really played about 30 min in total the other half is just ads. Even write this comment is hard to get it to post. I wonder if those 4 and 5 stars review are real and not bots or paid for..Version: 0.9

Way too many adsSuch a shame. A decent game but with ads every 15 seconds it’s unplayable without paying to remove ads. I’m aware free games need ads to make revenue but this is taking it to a new level. Also makes the game lag quite a lot on mobile.Version: 0.9

Ad infestationThis game is absolutely infested with ads. It’s unplayable. I haven’t had this bad an infestation since I had the crabs..Version: 1.8

At the point where I can’t progress any moreOpen the game for a little bit that’s a good day however I’m at the Pt as the title says I can’t progress report I’m seeing updates for this game all the time.Version: 1.4

$8.49 or spend 35% of your time in adsYou spend about 1/3 of the time in ads in this game. That or you pay the $8.49 to remove ads. Otherwise it’s an ok game, just can’t get into it much as there are too many ads. However, that’s how games are now days..Version: 1.8

BewareAlmost broke my phone, shows ad every 25 seconds and after every ad it slows my whole phone down even after leaving the ad until I quit the game, deleted after 5 minutes and had to restart my phone completely to fix it.Version: 1.1

Good game but...Its a good game to waste time if your bored only problem is that when you get the motorcycle and go to the edge you can glitch out in the ocean and when you try to exit and rejoin you lose all your silver and gold second problem is that there's too many ads! But you can go airplane mode and that will solve it but can you please add more ranks? I've been at "conqueror of the world" and it won't let me upgrade to another rank! Please add more ranks!.Version: 0.9

Would be 5 starIt would be 5 stars and it is enjoyable but the 100s of adverts all the same advert and half the time the adverts freeze and the game freezes almost every few mins and also the adverts have no warning so your in the middle of doing something and jumps to a advert and when it ends you end up right we’re you left off and end up being killed if you were in the middle of attacking or picking up tokens such a shame they ruined this game with the adverts all the time and when they are shown much more planning needs to go into the advertisements how long they are when they are shown and the amount or them ruins the game ruined the flow and ruins the enjoyment. Which is the whole point so the developers shot themselves with the lack of planning and lack of common sense.Version: 0.9

It’s okRepetitive with so many ads it crashes the game ad to turn on airplane mode just to play not many levels but simple time killer game.Version: 1.7

The attack of the add breaksIf you have a attention span that is very long, then this game will drive you insane. Not even 30 seconds of game play before a add is thrusted at you. Even special attack moves will have a add before the move will commence and it is shorter than the add. Annoyingly a “break time” when playing happens and that just another add In five minutes of game play it had taken over half a hour due to constant adds It would be a good game to play, but the constant add interruptions kill any enjoyment as you start to realise there will be no session of gaming longer than 30 seconds For me it was 30 seconds playing, 40 seconds add, 20 seconds playing, 40 seconds add, 10 seconds of play then 40 seconds “break time “which is just another add, clicked on a special attack (5 seconds) add 40 seconds then the attack happened immediately followed by another 40 seconds of a add So basically 1 minuet and 5 seconds of play the game was interrupted by 2 minutes and 20 seconds of adds. Game deleted.Version: 2.52.3

BE ADVISED! This really would be a great game if….This would be a fantastic game, one that I could play for hours.. but the advertisements are on a timer, which makes it so an advertisement plays every minute, literally (I timed it). I understand having to have ads, since it’s a free game and all, but in order to get rid of them it’s $5.99 at MINIMUM (the packages go up from there). I would happily play it and either watch ads ONLY to get the bonuses (which come in quite handy at times) and maybe even after you complete a stage. Or I would probably be willing to pay $1.99 to remove the ads and maybe even more for packages (understandably). But since they are on a timer like they are and due to the fact that it’s so expensive (especially for a game that is so repetitive), I basically have no choice but to uninstall it, without a chance to reinstall (unless I find out that this MAJOR issue has been changed)..Version: 1.4

Got duped…Paid for the no ad ever feature yet I still get ads. Not happy with this at all..Version: 1.4

This isn’t a game app, it’s an app for watching adsYou get to play a game for 60 seconds before launching back into another ad. If you like watching ads, this is the app for you..Version: 0.9

Ads every 10 seconds.Impossible to play. And you can’t close and reopen. The game fast either to bypass ads..Version: 1.8

Way way way too many adsThe game is fine. Not great, but not bad. There are just so many ads. Theres almost more ad time that actual play time. I don’t mind a few ads is a game, but this is just ridiculous. You can’t play for more than 30 seconds without an ad popping up. It’s too much..Version: 1.2

Disgraceful money grabHonestly why on earth would you put an advert on every minute and during gameplay and if you want to get rid of the adverts it’s £5 I mean seriously !! The game itself is good not great just good so why put an advert on all the time I don’t mind adverts cause they have to make money but does it have to be like every minute so frustrating also the game is incredibly laggy it’s awful avoid this game !!!.Version: 1.2

Good game, but what now…..?Great game, but tolling on the battery but hey, what can you do. BUT what now? I’ve completed everything and there’s no way of restarting or any sign of getting harder levels? I think the game should get progressively harder and harder, giving longer lasting battles, would be more interesting! P.s. if you turn off internet connect and Mobile data, you don’t have to watch the adverts! 😝.Version: 1.2

Good game, good content but…As I said, great game but way to many ads, I get you need to earn money but the ads took away those 2 stars, it’s okay if there’s ads in the bottom of the screen on one every 5mins or something but I get one every minute literally..Version: 1.0

Bugs!Still stuck major bug multiple emails and it’s still there… don’t bother downloading paid for no adds and now can’t play.Version: 1.0

Lion Studios screw us againI should have known better once I saw this was one of theirs. What should be a pretty simple, basic premise is the glitchiest, most poorly programmed thing I think they’ve ever made. And that’s saying something. How these clowns are still in business amazes me. Avoid..Version: 0.7

Ads…The ads make it almost unplayable…..Version: 0.9

Do not waste your timeI understand it’s a free to play game and that ads are needed as a source of revenue, but interrupting gameplay and having ads mid level is just unacceptable to me. Wouldn’t be half as annoying if they occurred between battles or levels. Deleted after 15 minutes and want that time back now..Version: 0.9

They are forcing me to pay?!!I wanted to retry playing the game after a really long time. There is an offer that pops up, but I can’t make it go away!! I’m pressing the X button, but it’s not going away. Please fix it or help me..Version: 1.8

Major bugEver since the most recent update I haven’t been able to play, there seems to be a developer menu when you first open up the game and gold tags cannot be traded for silver, also can’t progress to last flags because can’t trade in the gold tags.Version: 1.7

Has potentialFun game play, but is constantly freezing. The ads every 30 seconds really slow down the feel of the game too.Version: 0.9

Ad awareThe game seems fun if i could play it. Game doesnt rely on using ads to buff you, it just pops an ad up when you least expect it, which is about once a minute, so in 5 minutes i couldnt even finish a battle and 5 ads had popped up, on the 6th ad i closed the game. I cant support a game i cant enjoy, so no, you will not get my money and i hope others see this and choose other less obtrucive games. Change your game to watch ads when i choose to, when i want or need a buff to hitpoints, bombs and the like, do not pop the, up every minute..Version: 1.2

BE WARNEDThe gameplay in army commander is honestly really fun, it is a great concept and a great game. However, the game has 2 MAJOR flaws. You can’t play the game with ought having to watch a video ad every 30 seconds which is super frustrating. I have also found that the game lags and ends up freezing after 10-20 minutes of gameplay no matter how good your internet connection is. This could be a great game for people with impressive patience, otherwise it’s not worth the time. It has the potential to be a very popular and addicting game, but at its current state it needs some serious restructuring..Version: 1.4

AdsTerrible game it’s constant ads back to back deleted right away..Version: 1.1

Ads to frequentThe ads makes the game almost unplayable.Version: 1.1

Good and addictive game but the adverts…The game is fun, it gives you an enjoyable levelling system which takes you through the army ranks, which ever expands your arsenal. However, there are adverts and a lot of them… You will be made to watch adverts on a continuous basis, even as you are in the middle of the battle! I wouldn’t recommend you to download this purely for that. If the adverts were reduced to once every level or maybe after each battle it would be more acceptable. Of course you could waste your money and pay for no ads but who would do that….Version: 0.7

Why so many pop up adsHonestly this game is quite fun but the only issue is the ads that just pop up in your face while playing completely interrupting gameplay and just overall makes the game more annoying than it has to be so please remove the pop up in u face ads while playing the game.Version: 1.2

Ads every 30 seconds and not funIt feels like there are ads maybe even every 20 seconds and the ability to very easily accidentally watch another one.Version: 3.3.1

Bugs need fixingI noticed every time I get close to having a high rank the fam bugs out.Version: 0.7

I can’t play this gameWhen I join and want to play the game it always tells me to buy the starter pack when I don’t want to and I just want to play I press the x button but it doesn’t work so I try the no thanks button and still doesn’t work so I log out and join back it doesn’t work no matter what I do I can’t play I only got to play 2 games.Version: 1.4

DONT DOWNLOAD TOO MANY ADS TOO SLOWDo NOT download this game. There are so many ads, like, ridiculous amounts. I would say one every minute your in the game. This combined with the clunk engine makes it impossible for smooth gameplay. Good idea for a game, terribly executed. Do not download this.Version: 0.9

Fun but ad kills itReally fun game but the forced ads really kill the game. Its a shame..Version: 2.5

Can’t ProgressMaxed my rank last year. Relaunched this year to find there’s a new rank, but I can’t contribute to it, and so I can’t reach the next level. Softlocked with no solution..Version: 1.8

Would give zero if possibleThe game is riddled with ads, half of which the ‘X’ button is fake or doesn’t work and requires you to hard close the app to get rid off. Could honestly be a very enjoyable game and did like playing and maybe I’ll pick it up again if I feel like paying £2.50 to get rid of ads but until then, no thanks.Version: 0.7

Too many addsThis game would get 4 stars from me if it wasn’t for being interrupted by ads every few seconds, I don’t mind ads in games, but when i get about 10 seconds of gameplay and then an ad it’s ridiculous, there are options to click on ads for boost but when I’m being bombarded by ads i”m not going to go out of my way to watch more.Version: 1.8

OuinLe jeux est bon MAIS … t’as pas mal de lag, trop d’annonces, environ 1 au 30 secondes et ça plantes tous le temp..Version: 1.0

Could have been a good gameThe premise of this game is good. Gameplay is fun (when you can play it). The problem is the ads. They are downright disruptive. In the middle of playing every 20 seconds or so, you have to watch a 15 to 30 second ad. You lose all context of what you were doing. I don’t mind ad driven games, but this one makes the game nearly unplayable. I wouldn’t even mind paying for this game (has an ad free paid version), but I don’t even want to support this kind of ad model. 2 stars instead of 1 because it seems like it could be a good game if they had done it a bit differently (like ads between levels or for boosters). Having frequent ads in the middle of gameplay ruins the game..Version: 1.0

Addicting but a lot to be desiredI really enjoy this game but to start off with you have to watch a commercial literally every 45 seconds of gameplay. So I decided to spend the 6$ on ad free well then with in an hr of game play over the course of a few days there is nothing left to upgrade you just keep playing what seems like the same level over and over with no difficulty but you are still upgrading your player which doesn’t seem to make any thing different except the guys uniform..Version: 0.9

Decent game but almost UnplayableThere are soooooo many ads it’s almost impossible to play the game, a single round forces 3-5 ads on you. It could be a good game, with lots of users but I never will be unless this is changed.Version: 0.9

Way too laggyIt’s unplayable.Version: 1.1

AdsI like the game but it’s not really a game when every minute when there’s 30 second ads that sometimes breaks the game were I have to restart the game. And when I’m in mid fight and a ad pops up, I lose my progress of the fight were I have to fight the same fight again. And also it’s $6 dollars to get rid of ads, and to me that’s a lot it’s asking for, for no ads. What I think is that ads should be after a fight than mid fight because that’s the most annoying part plus It’s just too annoying to even have fun with a free game..Version: 1.1

Advertisement every 5 secondsThe game is unplayable as every 5 seconds there is an advertisement that will stop the game and most of times crash it as well, on top those advertisements last 20-30 seconds, you watch advertisement more than you actually play the game, waste of time don’t download it.Version: 0.9

So much time put into filling the statue… all for nothingThere is a statue that you need to fill with silver tags, endless silver tags, but it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the end and makes the game feel kind of pointless… it is a bit of light fun but dont put hours at a time into this game to try and unlock this statue as it is all for nothing. No upgrades, no new gear, nothing..Version: 0.9

Paid for the game but can’t play it anymoreI paid to remove all the ads but there were still ads. Now, after the update, I still can’t play because it’s locked and I can’t complete the final stage..Version: 2.5

More ads!I think you should put more ads. A 30 second ad every 20 seconds of gameplay isn’t nearly enough even counting the ones at the end of each short level and to receive in-game upgrades!.Version: 3.3.1

Was fun but commercial heavyI put up with the 30 seconds of advertisement every 40 seconds until the game decided I should understand Chinese adds. Seles now. Bye bye..Version: 1.1

Could be so much betterPlayed for 5 minutes and straight away stormed with ads I think out of the 5 minutes 2 minutes of ads and 3 minutes of gameplay. The ads are so frequent it crashes the game, which is annoying. I had a add and took like 5 steps and another add. This game could be amazing if they re work how frequent these ads are. I get apps need support but this is ridiculous at this point.Version: 0.9

Good game but teh ads annoyingSo if you turn off your wifi it helps with the ads but the thing is you get a ad every 30 seconds and after you beat a level the game goes black so you have to restart the game and after that I was on the level called instabull I think and I charged my army for the first time with only 4 or 5 soldiers and the second time I couldn’t charge my soldiers even with full and could you plz remove the annoying ads and the gameplay kinda makes this game company scam people out of their money so they can get a break from the ads when the game is not even that fun I know going off the wifi gets rid of the ads but those ads should not even be there at all..Version: 0.6

Another obvious money grabCould have been a good game but for a 30 second add every 20 seconds won’t be bothering downloading anything more from this developer it’s pointless..Version: 2.5

Simple game full of adsSimple enough game to play, but after every 60 seconds you have 30 second advert before you continue, in the early stages you can complete a stage or 2 with just 1 ad per level, but after about 10 levels your forced to run through 4-5 ads per stage, this should be changed to an ad per stage/level. I’ve now deleted the game as spending 30 seconds every in 90 watching ads doesn’t make a good game.Version: 1.1

Not bad.Okay once you get rid of the ads. I’ve been on the conqueror of the world level for ages now nothing changes. Where to from here??.Version: 1.1

Too many adsIt pretty much feels like every move you make has you interrupted by an advert. First time playing I rarely had an ad, the second time I felt like it was every two minutes..Version: 1.1

Too many adsI get that the game will show you ads however the frequency of the ads is ridiculous. They show up every 30sec… spent more time watching ads than actually playing. Game has potential but at the moment it’s too annoying to play.Version: 0.7

Way to many adds don’t get this gamePlease could you listen to me there are ads every time you die or finish a battle and who is going to pay $8.00 for no adds please could you fix this problem it would be a much more enjoyable game and much more people would play it.Version: 2.54.0

Just adsCan’t go more than 30 seconds without watching an ad. Don’t even bother downloading this..Version: 0.9

A really enjoyable game!It’s simple yet weirdly extremely addictive, my only question is what are the “Statues” for that you build at the end of the runway? I built the first one and that was it, no explanation on what it’s about or what it does. Update: It’s now no longer working and I’m not happy because it was extremely enjoyable but now there’s no way to progress..Version: 0.7

Fun, but shortAfter you hit a certain rank there’s no more new features. Just a new rank for the sake of a new name. The maps don’t change, just longer or shorter marches. I’d like to see a few features added as well. Some QoL, some general. Aside from more upgrades unlocked via ranking up that is. Colour choices for your army. Ability to earn air strikes and nukes without ads. Troops carrying over with you as you push forward. Where do they all go? New weapons. The final weapon is strong, but the AI isn’t smart enough to utilise it well so you just end up reloading for a long time. With these changes, I’d say it’s a four star game. Once you hit like General there’s no more progression. Once you hit the final rank there’s almost no gameplay. You cap dog tags by round two and have absolutely nothing to spend excess on..Version: 1.2

Game is broken.Played this and it’s so addictive that I paid for the no ads. I’ve got to the level Datoya (I think that’s what it’s called anyway) and once you complete the level the army/tanks just drive through the fence and you can’t capture the flag. Please fix it because I love this game..Version: 0.9

Good but not greatIt’s a good a solid game, with very few bugs. It’s just the ads! There is an overwhelming amount of ads so if you want a game with no ads this isn’t the game for you but if you want a good game and are willing to put through ads every 3 minutes (estimate) then go ahead..Version: 1.6

Why won’t you change this gameNow I will be ok with the game because there is no bugs but the ads need to change like if you want to overpopulate then do better even there are super bad reviews on this game also when you just launched a nuke when the ads come on the nuke is gone and kills no bad troops also later on the game runs your battery like crazy because the more things the more bugs also I bet the reason you have that bug issue is because you know there is going to be a bug in the game so that’s why I think you should change the game to be more funner.Version: 2.5

Good LuckThis game is overall a pretty decent game, I only have one complaint and it’s a big one. The amount of ads is tremendous, I can’t even fight the enemies without an ad popping up ever 15-20 seconds. Not to mention where as many other games would charge you $3.00 or less for no ads, they charge you $5.99 to remove ads. Which is straight forward robbery, I like this game and love the concept of this game but good lord spare us the pain of watching ad after ad. There’s better ways to make money, start with reasonable priced add ons. I may not know all there is to know about making games but I know enough to see when there is a desperate call of help when it comes to the stability long term on a game. If this game is to survive as long as intended, make some changes. Otherwise this game will fall and it will fall very quickly. This game is also what people like to call a “Beat it and Delete it” type of game. Meaning once they either get bored of it or beat the game they will delete it afterwards. I this review won’t change anything and won’t even be considered but good lord if you want a game to do well, this is not the way it will happen..Version: 1.1

Looks interestingIt looks good but there are so many ads that it is unplayable, and I won’t be forced to pay ad free just because you allow so many ads…….Version: 1.4

Interesting gameInteresting and fun game, but the developer made it so every few seconds there'd be a mandatory ad playing which takes away all joy. Deleting the game after one day.Version: 1.1

To many adsEvery single minute threes always adds this game would have been a lot better. Like a five star but the adds are to bad. Hopefully in the future they will make it so you don’t need to waste 5 pounds for no adds at all..Version: 3.3.1

Ok, but…Look, it’s simple fun for the most part, but: - when does the game end? I’ve played the same battle half a dozen times now, with no sign that the game has ended or there’s more to come in an update - what does the statue do? Why put it there if it doesn’t do anything? - so. many. ads. I don’t mind a few, but they pop up at the most unhelpful times..Version: 0.9

Really?Fun concept and all, but it’s easily overshadowed by the fact that there are so many ads that play all the time, and the time it takes to wait for the close buttons to appear and the same for mini games within the ads, and let alone the way the ads take you to the App Store that you also have to close out of. It gets so bad later on as the ads that appear during gameplay, lag the performance that can even slow your phone. Be skeptical about the 4-5 star ratings, and don’t waste your time with this “game”. And 5.99 just to stop spamming ads, yeah no way bud I rather delete this waste of time..Version: 1.1

Warning!!! More play, more ads and freezes.Just get dog tag tokens and build up your army to defeat the opposing army and capture their flag. You use the tokens to level up as a commander and level up soldiers and assets. The problem is as you progress to the next levels, more and more ads pop up in the middle of playing. You are moving your commander around and pop here’s an ad. AND, then the game starts freezing up on you. Next level, more ads and more freezing. Then you can’t even get out of the game. I had to shut my phone off one time because it froze it and I could not get out of game..Version: 1.1

Should be a 5 star but...The game is great and all but it keeps on freezing and there are at least 1 advert every minute and some of the adverts crash the game and make you start the level all over again, this is ridiculous. Other than that the game is really good :).Version: 1.1

Moderately fun game with one big faultThis is a moderately fun app, don’t get me wrong. The gameplay is nothing too new but it’s something fun to pass the time. However, the biggest problem I have with this game is how bad it is with ads. Most other games at least let you finish a mission or level until they play an ad, let alone one you cannot skip. However this one seems to have their ad displays on some sort of timer, in combination with displaying ads anytime you go to use something, or upgrade something. This can really ad up, and at times you’re watching 3+ads a minute! In addition, timer aspect, in comparison is way faster than most other apps and spams you with ads, most times mid game or fighting, which interrupts in gameplay and just does not make it as fun as it could be. This leads to you watching more ads than you are playing the game sometimes. It’s just so annoying, so much so that I came here to write the review, my first, which tells you how bad and frustrating I think this is..Version: 0.9

Ads ads and just more adsApprox every minute of gameplay is interrupted by an ad….. really really frustrating and makes you not want to play let alone pay them anything lol.Version: 0.9

Terribly made cash grabThe game itself is okay to play. There’s no strategy to commanding your army, just order them to charge, they die and respawn, and somehow you earn money from that. You use the money to build up your base more. The game gets pretty repetitive after the first few levels. The big problem though is how there’s an ad literally every minute or so. The game does not care if you’re in the middle of the most epic charge in history, or if you’re building your base, it will not hesitate to give you an ad every minute. The price to remove ads is a whopping six dollars, quite expensive compared to most other mobile game’s 2-3 dollars. I’m not sure how this game got 4.5 stars, it’s absolutely horrible. Overall, an okay game to play if you’re willing to pay six bucks to remove ads..Version: 1.4

Decent game ruined by adsA classic example of a decent addictive game ruined by too many ads. During a single level your gameplay is interrupted every 30 seconds by an ad totally ruining your enjoyment. I understand the need for ads but to totally ruin a game is criminal!.Version: 2.5

Ads make it unplayableThere’s an ad every 60 seconds during gameplay. Unplayable..Version: 1.1

Half finishedCould be a good game, concept isn't new but a fresh take none the less. Even when you pay for the game there's still too many adverts for what feels like normal gameplay. The reason for 2 stars though is that the game reaches a point and nothing happens. It's like they ran out of interest or money or dev time to complete the game so they just left it at 80% done and hoped nobody would care. Well they do..Version: 1.1

AddsI can’t even play the game cause it won’t let me close the add right at load up.Version: 1.8

It’s okIt has way too many ads every 15 seconds I get one so please fix it so I don’t have to watch 4 ads every minute but everything else is amazing it’s just the ads.Version: 1.4

Read before buyingI bought it, and what I didn’t like 1- the nuke is just a button that u press and it doesn’t give u the option to direct to a certain area 2- u CANT direct where u want ur team to attack, u just go “charge” and the ai doesn’t really need u, 3- after u finished everything, it doesn’t say anything really, just keeps repeating the same map 4- u upgrade ur moviment but it doesn’t increase the radius where increases ur ai to be more resistant, in fact, if u get the jeep to move, it keeps bugging around the Ai 5- I keep receiving ads to watch videos to have the helicopter support however even after paid if u wanna have the heli u STILL have to watch adds, or if u wanna use the armour suit So I didn’t really feel challenging or strategic THESE ARE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM that’s all.Version: 1.4

Game concept brilliant but WAY to many adsThis game has the potential to be a great game, but having to watch ads every 30seconds to a minute between game play is annoying and had me uninstall it after 5min. Plus having to pay £4.99 to remove the ads is just extortion. If you like watching ads (to probably more ad infested games) then this is your game..Version: 0.7

Sad… ruined by adsI don’t mind and ad after each round, or occasional. But it takes 4-5 ads to get through a level. I understand they want to sell the game but making it unplayable due to ads in demo makes me not want it, ever..Version: 0.9

Nope30 seconds of gameplay and a minute watching ads do that repeat and that’s what you get when you download this game not recommended. The developers don’t even give you a chance to like the game to Buy it. Poor decision on their part if I wore them I would decrease the rate of force advertisement to allow appreciation of the game but enough annoyance to eventually buy the game..Version: 1.6

Ads have killed the gameLove the simplicity of the game. Hours of fun. But the ads cut in mid game play. And they slow the game itself down and make it glitchy. If you have less than great internet this game won’t be worth your time. I’d considered buying the no ads feature. But can’t trust this game won’t be glitchy. Shame really!!! May delete soon if not fixed.Version: 1.1

Ad baitThis game has an ad roughly every 45 seconds which makes it nearly unplayable. I get making a game and shooting for ad revenue but this is ridiculous. If they actually made it playable and allowed you to advance further and enjoy the game I would likely pay to play. The way the ads and a “special deal” for $11 USD to remove the ads appears constantly it just ruined the game for me. Don’t waste your time with this repetitive garbage..Version: 1.2

Good game, too many AdsI will start by saying that I never write reviews. However, I thought it would be cool to write a review for this game. It’s a lot of fun, and it definitely passes time during a slow day at work. However, the ads are quite ridiculous. There’s an option to pay money to remove ads, but I don’t want to spend to remove ads. Literally, you can be in the middle of playing the game and an ad just pops out of no where. They should focus more on making ads available for in game upgrades or more dog tags, not something that appears every 30 seconds. If the ads were reduced to once per every rank upgrade that would be amazing. Unfortunately, I highly doubt the developers would want to reduce ads because this is mostly how they make their money. The game is fun, just too many ads..Version: 0.9

Fake adsThis game put fake ads and it yse cellular data.Version: 1.8

A good game gone badMan, this game used to be fun. Now it’s like I’m watching a basketball game with an ad every minute. Yes, this game had ads 3 years ago but they were HARDLY as constant as nowadays during levels, BARELY after levels and MAINLY for the in-game upgrades, which were sorely worth it. This game is a complete and utter MESS now. I just got it back after maxed out my level two years ago and I have instantly deleted it. It has greatly been updated with a better campaign and troop system but the game is unplayable now and it’s sad to see. Fix your game, because from what I’ve seen it’s been going from bad to worse and you’re losing hundreds of players a day. Again, fix your game man..Version: 3.4.1

Keeps freezingNot only are there waaayyyyy to many ads but it keeps freezing during the game and during the ads. I have to keep restarting the game . Won’t be playing for long I think...Version: 0.9

In need of expansionEnjoyable addictive game which I gladly paid to have the adds removed but unfortunately it’s just too limited. The first few levels you achieve better weapons and more soldiers but after that there’s nothing more to gain, no more power ups despite ranking up and once you’ve hit immortal status that’s it nothing else to play for. Could have been such a good game but in the end very disappointing, only hope is the developers will make enough money to finally get around to updating and creating a more worthwhile game to play not the unfinished mess it currently is..Version: 2.52.3

Worst Lion Studios Game I’ve Ever PlayedOk so some notes to start off: - I’ve played quite a few mobile games, including some from Lions Studio, which usually produce some solid games to kill some time. - I don’t have the best internet, so a lot of my issues could come front that. Here are the problems I have with the game: - The game is painfully boring, it’s slow, repetitive and has no gameplay potential. - For some reason, the game just kept freezing? It would freeze for 3 seconds every 5 or so seconds and would become very annoying to have to work with. (Again, not the best internet). - The amount of ads, are nothing like I’ve ever seen in a Lions Studio game, usually you would watch an ad to get bonuses, but there an ad every single minute. Hopefully the devs fix some of the issues..Version: 0.7

JunkConstant adds not worth my time a after 15 minutes of having the app open I think I got to play for 5 constantly playing adds you cannot skip 100% not worth your time.Version: 1.1

Not worth itIt’s a fun game, fun concept, I love the game play. But you are spending just as much time playing as you are watching ads, and if you don’t have a good phone and come across some particular ads, it will freeze and you would need to exit the app If there was less ads every minute then it would definitely be a 4 or 5 star game.Version: 1.2

Unusably slow on iPhone 7The gameplay is fun but on an iPhone 7 it regularly locks up for 30 seconds or more. Between this and the ads that can pop up in the middle of a level it's next to impossible to get into any flow. A pity because in the brief periods of actually playing the game rather than swiping impotently and hoping to see some movement it's really quite enjoyable.Version: 0.7

BadI can’t get this game so it’s bad.Version: 1.8

Too many ads, clunky and too much lag.The game is simple and mindless fun. Not much in the way of strategy, so you don’t meet any roadblocks. However, the ads are way to frequent for any long term enjoyment. Personally I deleted the game after 10 minutes; partly because of the ads and partly because they caused the game to freeze for so long I’d thought it crashed. Overall unpleasant experience dealing with an advert every minute as well as the constant clunkiness, freezes, etc..Version: 0.7

Not coolFrustrated with these game developers making mildly entertaining games that force you to watch ads every 20 seconds. The game is fun enough to play, but doesn’t have enough content or substance to justify spending money on it. Deleted after 5 minutes of ad riddled gaming. Make a good game with actual content and people will pay money, stop spamming ads.Version: 0.9

Be careful pay for no ads but doesn’t workSo I paid for the “No Ads” fee cos you can’t enjoy the game for longer than 30 secs without this option & I still get Ads, I have emailed & messaged but no response, so they took my money & didn’t give me what I paid for. Also the game blocks & freezes a lot. Wouldn’t recommend it because of the poor service..Version: 0.9

Probably a fun gameHard to tell when there’s an ad every 20 seconds. And the price to remove the ads is way, way too much.Version: 0.9

Too many addsAds are ruining the experience.Version: 1.4

Too many adsToo many fookin ads.Version: 0.7

Poor gameThere’s ads every 20 seconds. You can’t even get through one level without 3 ads. Far too frequent. Plus there’s two different types of dog tags so it doesn’t give you much option of what you want to upgrade and there’s only so many dog tags per level so there’s no element of different choice. It should be done as waves instead of flags so you have a choice in how you want to go forward. Pretty boring, simple game with nothing behind it. A money grab through ads it seems. Shame because it had potential..Version: 0.9

Ad spam the gameThe game is simple enough and to cover that up they decided to go the route of absolute ad spam. My game was lagging out and crashing from how many ads they were trying to load at once. Banner ads top and bottom of screen an ad anytime you click a button an ad any time you upgrade anything an ad any random time it feels like. I tried playing this game for 30 minutes. In those thirty minutes I played the game for 7min 42 seconds the entire rest of my experience was ads. Due to this this game might just be the worse game I have ever played on the App Store. Oh also they want 6 dollars to turn off ads. Spend that money on pretty much anything else and you would have gotten more value for your dollar..Version: 1.1

Ads are a big problemI’ve already seen a lot of other reviews saying that the ads are a problem and there not wrong. The ads in this game are way too much and you get to watch ads more than actually play the game and then when you decide to pay the overpriced 6 dollars to remove the ads, they don’t go away you still get all the same ads at all the same frequent ads with money wasted. I’m big on money and every dollar counts, so when I like a game enough to waste my money on it I want to money to actually be worth it. This game is fun if you only want to watch ads but if your looking for an actual fun game to play this one is not the one for you. Do not download this game and if you do than do not wast any money trying to remove the ads because it will be a waste..Version: 1.1

SCAMThe game was fun at first but they had commercials literally every 10 seconds so I paid $10 to remove the commercials only to find out that every single level is exactly the same no changes. It was just a $10 money grab. There’s no strategy and no replay value BORING!.Version: 1.2

Broken since last updateCan’t upgrade to conqueror of the world and can’t capture final flag..Version: 1.8

Keeps crashing after updateIt did an update and now it just crashes all the time..... not happy, was working fine before the update.Version: 1.1

Too many adsToo many ads!!! I mean like I charge it gives me this ad while I’m helping!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 first shut down the ads because like everyone is complaining about how much ads there are and there is this frustrating moment when the screen freezes and I can’t even click on the exit button!!!!.Version: 3.3.1

Practically unplayableThis game is pretty fun to be honest but the amount of ads in this is ridiculous. Everytime you go to attack(ad). Everytime you run around your base for too long (ad). Want to use a bomb or plane (ad). About to finish the level and capture a flag (ad). I’m also not going to pay 5 dollars to remove ads from one game. If they want to do ads in the game they should let you watch one to gain additional silver coins or boost troop production speed. Something that helps gameplay. People will actually watch the ads to give themselves a boost. Thes random gameplay interruption ads do nothing except annoy the player. I deleted this game and do not recommend a download due to the ads..Version: 1.1

Too many adds and way to expensiveLooks like a fun game, could have been ok, but soo many adds, 1/2 through a battle and adds start. Also $10 to remove adds. Way too much, would prob had payed if was max $5..Version: 0.9

Actually pretty fun for a mobile gameCompared to most other mobile games, this game is actually really fun. The gameplay is a bit repetitive, but you can kill a few hours with it. The game’s downfall is its ads. I’m fine with an ad every now or then, the devs have to make their money somehow, BUT THERE IS AN AD EVERY 30 SECONDS. There is more ad than game. I ended up just completely disconnecting my phone from the internet just to play the game in peace. Its honestly ridiculous how many ads there are, I probably would have given this game 4 or 5 stars if they toned down the ads a bit.Version: 0.7

Poor experienceVery upset about ads comes up when you are halfway of playing. This is not puzzle game so I don’t think that kind of ad setting is ok. I understand free game need ads but really can’t accept it turn up on halfway of this kind of action game, it just make me want to delete the game. Sorry you just lost a chance let me find out it’s a good game or not..Version: 0.9

ShameGreat little game for a bit of fun, BUT as so often happens, so many ads, perhaps just at the end of every other fight would be ok, but it just randomly stops for one. Sorry but won’t keep playing this game..Version: 0.7

So Many AdsIt’s a fun game but the ad mechanic is broken. I’ve never seen so many ads. You can get 4 or 5 ads per stage..Version: 1.2

Would really enjoy this game, if not for the copious amount of adsOk look I get it. With mobile ads these days you need to pay a premium in order to avoid ads I understand that. But the fact that an ad plays literally every thirty seconds it abruptly pauses the game and ruins the experience. Over the course of ONE round/level, you are bombarded with dozens of ads. Thankfully you are able to skip them after a while, but it has become constantly tedious and annoying. For those that are willing to shill out, good for you. But for the rest of us, stay clear of this game until the developers learn to tone back the level of ads you are forced to view.Version: 0.7

Ads make it unbearableCongratulations you have made what would be a good game completely horrible by your greediness. It even lags with the ads every 60 seconds. I would rather play anything else than pay 10 dollars to you..Version: 1.1

TrashPlease don’t install it.Version: 0.7

This game is just one long adAd ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad, bit of game - ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad, but ga…. No it’s broke, reset game. Ad ad ad ad. Honestly I’ve never seen so many ads in such a short space of time. Apple really shouldn’t allow this. It’s killing the App Store! I’d rather have rubbish games or unvetted games on the Google App Store than this. Cheesus. Oh edit… Forgot the reason I got this game was from an advert in another game. This…. Is nothing like the advert for it. I thought they made that practice illegal? Trade description act anyone????.Version: 1.6

ScamPaided for no ads, still have ads don’t even bother downloading.Version: 1.2

Too many adsGreat game, but the ads every 1/2 minutes really are annoying and make me not want to play, I’d probably pay a small fee if there was the option for no ads, apart from the ads id give it it a 5* rating it really is a fun game just the ads let it down dramatically, they’re too frequent..Version: 1.1

Unplayable without purchasing no adsThis game is simply not playable without paying $6 for the no ads option. There are literally ads every 20 seconds. There are ads every time you charge. There are ads in the middle of a battle. I’ve never seen so many ads this frequently in a game before. Makes the game completely unplayable which is a shame because it seems like it could be a fun game. Also, the $6 no ads option isn’t really a no ads option, it’s a no ads every 20 seconds option that still requires you to watch a 30 second ad for things like air support, nukes, and bombing runs. I’m all for supporting app creators, but not when you make your game not playable without paying for it. Just make you game cost money to start with and lose the constant ads..Version: 0.7

Great appThis app is truely a time waster offline. I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t go to the next level, I’ve done sooo many levels I’m on the stage where I can go up to e level NPC’s I need to know if I’ve reached the end of the game because I’ve done everything else to do..Version: 1.2

What is with the adds?Interesting time killer game. I would play more if the adds didn’t interrupt gameplay. What is with the stupid adds?.Version: 2.5

Too many adsPretty good and addictive wee game that’s easy to pick up and play, but the ads? Come on. Far too many and at awful timing, mid way through a level etc is bad for any game, and the main reason I’ve stopped playing this game. It’s literally an ad every 15 seconds at random points which just gets me frustrated. I get you’ve got to advertise but there’s no long term gameplay enjoyment unless you pay £4.99! to go ad free, which is not worth it imo.Version: 1.2

Impossible to play freeThis game may aswell be £5, the game itself seems like it would be fun, but it’s impossible to play with the amount of ads, every 30 seconds is a new one! You can pay to remove this. So in my opinion this is not a free game. Lower the ads by a lot or just charge £5 for the game off rip. Because this is terrible.Version: 1.1

Wouldn’t play if aeroplane mode didn’t existWith so many ads you have to flip aeroplane mode on and off constantly when you want to play and get off if you don’t want a random ad every 10 seconds.Version: 0.9

Many bugsAfter the first level the game kept freezing no matter what you did they also have it set up so you have to kill your own men to move forword but when you try to pick up the tags after level 1 the game says nope not in my watch and freezes.Version: 1.1

Add removal charge4.99 to remove adds! Asking way too much, why can’t you just by a app for under a £1 anymore! Used to just buy a game and that was it. These game developers are massive idiots now. This could be a nice little game but is ruined like so many other little app games by developers trying to make way to much for a little game.Version: 0.9

UnplayableGame fun blah blah blah but a for some reason every time I open the game the enemy’s are in my camp area and I’m stuck because I can’t produce any troops of my own. It says I need to capture the flag but if I can’t since the enemy troops are still alive in my spawn along side the flag. There’s no way for me to progress so I’m stuck in this glitch. Fun whilst it lasted I guess 😂😂.Version: 0.6

Great game BUTThe amount of Ad’s in this game is mind blowing!!!!!! You play for 1minute then an Ad will play. If you want Ad free game play, it’s 10bucks (that’s a bit steep). It is a great game, but the Ad’s make this game, not worth playing. I’ll see if there is another game like this cause this one is unplay-Ad-able. Again I can’t stress it enough, AAAAADDDDD’s all the freaking time!!!!!! Cut down the Ad’s 5 stars! This many Ad’s 2 star game!.Version: 1.1

Game is stuckDespite all the ads I played on flight mode to get around it But I’m at an end stage where all of a sudden the flag is on my side of a wall and I’m missing something to progress which I can’t get. Totally dumb..Version: 1.2

Don’t download. Ad TrapOk so, The game itself is fun except you can’t actually play the game due to getting an Ad every 30 to 60 seconds, essentially remembering the game unplayable. Also doesn’t help that half the time these Ads will crash your game meaning you have to restart the mission, meaning you have to sit through more Ads if you want to complete it. Not worth the time or hassle, don’t download it..Version: 0.9

No way to progress and too many adsGet to a certain point pretty quick and that’s literally it… no way to progress at all? And far too many ads.. £4.99 to remove ads for a game that you can’t progress past a certain point (I got there in a day) Shame got potential otherwise.Version: 0.7

I beat the game? (Disappointing)So, I achieved “Conquerer of the World”, which is the last title. I also fully completed the statue, which requires you to visually finish it, and then dump s couple thousand extra tags into it (which doesn’t change its appearance at all, but eventually you get to the point where it requires 0 tags, so you can’t put any more tags in it). Unfortunately, there was no special ending. The statue does nothing. Maybe there’s an ending level? I’m not sure. But as far as I can tell, I 100% completed the game. And it was a huge disappointment..Version: 0.7

Almost worth playingThis game seems like a fun little time distraction, but it is riddled with the same issue many apps have. Greed. Once again the developers decided their wallet mattered so much that they have to shove an ad down your throat every minute, even if your in the middle of an attack, the game pauses and you are forced to watch a 30 second ad. There is nothing wrong with ads, but interrupting game play to ensure you get your ad every minute makes the game not worth playing. Gonna delete, let me know if you decide to stop being so greedy and allow your fun game to actually be played without stopping every single minute. My suggestion: download a in-app ad blocker. I’d love to support the devs through ads, but I am not buying them a brand new Ferrari just so I can play a game which has too low of a value to earn revenue without slamming an ad every minute..Version: 1.1

"No ads" isn't really no adsThis game is fun. Get to get new upgrades as you progress. Doesn't take long and no new upgrades. Just same type of mission over and over with same troops and upgrades. I was hoping for way more variety, upgrades to tanks like soldiers, new planes, etc. To make matters worse, ads are horrendous. Because I liked the game, hate ads, and showing support, I purchased "no ads". I completely felt misled. It's no forced ads for way too much money. When I have purchased no ads in other games. THERE ARE NO ADS. Mech suit, ad, additional help and quicker nukes/bombing runs, ad. Any other game, gives those for no ad when you purchase AD FREE. I have requested a refund from Apple due to this bait and switch for 5.99..Version: 1.1

Ads galoreLike can you tone it down please, if I had a dollar for every single ad I would be richer than Elon Musk, also the movement is it feels like you’re “Commander” is a paraplegic or he been skipping leg day for his entire life otherwise it is a decent game and honestly I don’t mind the movement problems it’s just the amount of ads they throw at you is kinda suffocating and I can’t feel like you are making a really good game bad maybe an ad about every 3 or 4 rounds would be much more pleasing even if you can’t do that 2 would be fine I guess otherwise it is a really good game.Version: 0.9

DisgustingYou have to pay $10 to get rid of ads. This game isn’t worth ten dollars but even if you pay it, they just pocket the cash and send you ads anyway! Truly evil company..Version: 0.7

Ads ads ads!!!!Good game and concept started to enjoy. The ads make it unplayable. I understand money has to be made but there are far to many ads and it batters you to either pay or leave. I bet most are leaving. My advice drop as many ads. Create a store for buying skins etc or this game will be dead soon..Version: 0.7

Way too many adsI get that ads are how free games generate revenue but there's way too many in this game... There's one sitting at the bottom of the screen there entire time, after almost every action an ad runs and if you complete a level there's another ad. Tone it down a little please... Maybe every other level? But not two or three times during the level and then again when you finish... 😩😩😩 Update: I ran a timer and the app literally has a 1 minute cycle for ads. No matter what you're doing it runs an ad every 60 seconds. This is disgusting... #uninstalled.Version: 0.9

Good, but…I like this game. The main thing I like about this game is that it doesn’t lie to you about what it is. The ads of this game and all material is truthful to what this game is and I love it for it. Although truthful this game is fairly one sided, the game you see is the game you get which eventually ends up being kinda boring but is a great time killer for 3-4 hours. There are a few bugs especially with the airdrops but it’s not really a problem. One thing the game needs is more is more achievements and goals for late game. The late game will offer the game some longevity. Just saying..Version: 0.9

I am not downloaded this gameDon’t get this game 🗣 wi because I can’t even play the game anymore and I’m not having it so I just don’t get this game anymore even if its your favourite game ok 👍 so don’t get it.Version: 3.2.0

Adds , adds and more addsIf you like watching adds , then this is the game for you.Version: 0.7

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