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Army Commander app received 56 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about army commander?

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Army Commander for Positive User Reviews

A lot of glitchesIt’s a good game but there are a lot of glitches, one of the glitches is where ur horse get clipped into the ground. Another glitch is when u are about to finish a island and u have collected all the enemy tags and put them in the level up thing and ur not able to get to the next rank and it does not let u move on and I have to delete it and reinstall it, this is my third time reinstalling it, and the bad thing about that is that is restarts you so u have to start over again and I got extremely far in the game but if y’all could fix that then the game would be very fun..Version: 0.7

Good idea, not too good executionThe idea of building a military camp and being an officer in the military seems like a good idea, but the execution was a little bad. You get ads so often, it almost seems sad. You can get ads in the middle of a game even while you’re fighting. Luckily I believe it pauses it, but still. If they could tone the ads down to even one after each level, it would be super major. I mean, an awful lot of ads can’t describe it, because that would be an understatement. Anyway, the game is good but it would be MUCH MUCH better if it had less ads and I would enjoy it more. And if anyone thinks this is just me. I think I can speak for a majority. Anyway, all in all good game, but too many ads..Version: 0.9

Finally!Perfect formula of gameplay to ‘Ad’ enticement but only after you buy the ‘No Ad’ option. At no point are ads necessary to advance, complete, or enjoy the game. They only give bonuses to save time or boost a situation you can win anyway. What’s also interesting is the ads for this game are quite good so far. The type of ads are probably just dumb luck for me but it’s nice to see game ads I haven’t seen before that look fun to play. I realize this sounds like a paid review but it’s not. The game is really solid with great pace. You probably won’t feel that way unless you pay for ‘No Ads’ so know that going in..Version: 1.8

Good for youYou could say all mobile games are the same old scams (most are) and have to many which this game does have, but at least this one’s adds are truthful about the gameplay and this does not exclude this from being a crappy scam game but still I’m hopeful that things are starting to change. Also I’m rating 5 stars for a better chance to get to the front page but in reality I’d rate this mobile scam game a 3 its not horrible but not great hopefully this game company redeems itself but If not I will never return. -the sign painter.Version: 0.7

Way to many adsSuper fun game, but you have so many ads that you make my BRAND NEW iPhone 12 lag. No other game does that even the bigger games. But there’s an ad literally every 30 seconds to a minute and it gets to the point to where if I’m playing longer than 5 to 10 minutes the game lags and runs slow. I’ll try downloading it again in a few months and if it’s better, I’ll give a better review. But as of now the game it frustratingly unplayable. UPDATE: y’all fixed it with the most recent update thank you tons.Version: 1.1

If you get the ad blocker game isn’t that badMade it to world. Conquer pretty quick would be nice if there were more upgrades bc I seem to always have so many litter tags if the storage could be upgraded and the were upgrades for when you get to general+ vehicle gets pretty old as well once you hit max turns the game into seeing how many troops can you run over also I think there should be a penalty for dieing also a level select with rewards behind doing it on different difficulties.Version: 0.9

AmazingYes there’s adds turn off ur wifi idiots also can u add comander for last battle each lv instead of flag and where is the u know humvees and jeeps ur roblox compedetor hotpot studios has them cancel their game comander simulator pls.Version: 1.8

Too many adsOnly way to play without ads is spending the $8.49.Version: 1.1

Wow!If you’re into ads, this is the game for you! Every 30 to 60 seconds, you get to see a brand new ad! Don’t worry, if you’re not into ads, there’s an AD FREE option for the low, low price of 6 DOLLARS. That’s right, you too can play this mind numbingly easy game FOR FREE for 20 seconds at a time! You’ll get to see all of the very best false advertisement ads for free games, direct to you and available every 30 seconds of your game play for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Pressed for time, and don’t have all day to wait through ads to make Warlord? Act now and the Ad Free option for the low, low price of 6 dollars can get you there in an hour! *Limited time offer. Void where prohibited..Version: 0.9

BugThere is a bug in the game. I cant continue because i cant evolve anymore im stuck at conqueror of the world and all my gold is pilled up. Its a bummer cause besides this all was good. Now i cant play anymore..Version: 1.8

This changed my lifeViet cong has been defeated.Version: 0.9

Fun game to kill timeGame has a decent amount of content, took a few hours to finish it. If you’re looking to kill some time this game is great. Good fun trying out different strategies to get tags..Version: 0.6

Pretty goodThis is a pretty good game. Can feel repetitive after a little while but still fun. Didn’t take long to beat so I hope there are more levels and upgrades implemented in the future..Version: 0.7

Really Fun!This game is quite fun, all you have to do to get rid of adds is turn off wifi, or turn on airplane mode! The game can get a little repetitive after an hour of playing but I would recommend it..Version: 1.8

An Actual Fun Mobile GameThis is one of the first mobile games that I saw an advert for, thought it looked fun but also thought it was fake. But I wanted to see just how bad it was and was very pleasantly surprised by the simple but very good quality of the game. Very well done.Version: 0.7

Good game with airplane modeI think this is a fun game with good mechanics and gameplay. I do feel that it gets repetitive fast, but I enjoy getting to unlock new items, and they always add new upgrades in updates. However, there are WAY TOO MANY ADS. When I first played the game I was bombarded with ads from every direction. But if you use airplane mode, you can get the amazing gameplay, without the constant ads. You can thank me when you try it for yourself!.Version: 0.9

Its coolNarek is gay.Version: 0.9

Fun!Fun game didn’t take long to beat. i hope there’s more levels and upgrades soon.Version: 1.2

Some help for peopleHello. I can help if you have an issue with the ads on this game. I’m on iPhone but imma guess this helps for other phones. But one way I get rid of ads for free is turning off the cellular data on the game and then turning off your wifi. Close the game and open it back up. I do this for all games I have on my phone and it helps get rid of ads since it will not be connected to any sort of internet. My only issue I have with this game rn is it won’t let me go any farther into the game as if I beat it. But I capture the flag and it’ll say next but when I click next it doesn’t do anything. No freeze. No lag. Just nothing..Version: 1.2

NEEDS MORE CONTENTI actually love this game, and love the upgrades, but should definitely look into more upgrades of soldiers, healing, guns etc! please and thank you!.Version: 0.9

Good but adsPretty decent but I got to a end bit and could no longer hand in the gold tags for increased rank not sure if this is me being a fool but have been trying and failing to correct.Version: 2.5

Quadale dingleGame is me daddy.Version: 1.1

HiHi a really great game but the ads there’s one every minute you can’t do anything without watching an ad I don’t mind watching them but really there’s to many.Version: 1.1

Level stuck?It’s a good game and rarely ever bump into ads but just stuck on one level and it doesn’t let you reset the level either so your just stuck not being able to do anything at all..Version: 0.7

Too many glitchesI’ve been playing this game for a few weeks and I’ve had 2 glitches so far. One was when the enemy/ it’s flag was in my base and I literally took 2 days to try and beat the game by flying the plane and couldn’t use the nuke. And now my I won’t level up and I’ve probably have like 200 gold tags and can’t use them for anything or to level up so now I’m just stuck. Most likely will delete this game. I’m pretty ashamed that this game has potential but the bugs and repetitiveness is what’s killing the game..Version: 0.7

Game got copiedThe reason I gave a high rating was because on another mobile game called roblox a group of people who stole another game “star simulator” it’s called and copied this game and called it commanders, I really think this game is really good for it being really under rated..Version: 1.4

I get stuck at a level because of a glitchSo, I have heard of the ads problem. But I have another problem. 1. The way to fix the ads problem is turn on airplane mode. You won’t have connection to any internet so the ads can’t load. Do not turn on airplane mode if you want the features in the game like the “armor suit” or “call air support. 2. This is my problem: my problem happens when I am at… we’ll I forgot what level. So after you “killed” all of the enemy troops, you can capture the flag. But for some strange glitch, the red area telling you where the enemy has captured goes all the way the way to flag B. Which is a place you can’t go without capturing the flag. The red area tells the game that there are still enemy that you didn’t “kill” so you can’t capture the flag. “My” troops can go beyond the wood which blocks you from going further to “kill” the enemies. But “my” troops doesn’t seem to be “killing” them. So, I get stuck right there and I don’t think I can keep playing unless the glitch just disappears or I find a way to… Just please fix this glitch developers. Thank you.Version: 1.1

Fun but RepetitiveThis game is a lot of fun. I really enjoy making my army stronger and building up my forces. The problem is that after playing for a few days it gets very repetitive. I build up troops from scratch, they get killed, I build up stronger, they get killed, I build up even stronger, I conquer the enemy, then it all resets again and I have to start from scratch. It would be much better if the developers made it so I could continue to build my army and attack enemies instead of constantly having to start over..Version: 0.9

Amazing!Despite the ads I get,I think this game is absolutely amazing and fairly addicting and I totally recommend going on this game..Version: 1.2

Every 50 secondsThis game is actually really fun to play , it’s not hard and it keeps me entertained. The only problem for is the fact that every 45-50 seconds a ad pops up and gets in the way of what I’m doing. It’ll pop up while I’m mid fight it upgrading or anything, and the ads are so common, it makes me want to stop playing playing cause it gets annoying. And I understand that ads help pay for the game but it’s too frequent that I can’t fully enjoy it.Version: 0.9

Saving dataIt’s a good game and I really enjoyed playing it I got up to lord but it started crashing not letting me follow the troops just keeping the wall up but the troops can pass through the wall so I am having to delete the game and but last time I did that it wipe the data so what I worked hard for is all back to level 1.Version: 0.9

SlowLove this game it’s a good way to kill time but it’s soo slow pls no ads.Version: 0.9

Too many ads but great gameThis game is pretty fun and very addicting and it has the potential to be a extremely good game I love the concept and the way the game plays however it is hard to enjoy a game when it feels like every ten steps is a ad but that’s the only problem I’ve found and maybe a option to fight with your men off the horse instead of on it not fighting but me personally I just don’t buy the horse and it fixes the issue for me so yeah if you want to make the game better than try to tone it down on the ads.Version: 1.1

AdsToo many ads but still good.Version: 0.9

Amazing AdvertsIf you can just now remove the interruption in the ads where the troops do something that would be amazing as it’s tuning the adverts..Version: 1.0

Ad FarmI thought this was supposed to be a game. More time spent watching ads than actual gametime. Not recommended. No means to pay to remove them. Advertised as idle game, not so with all the ads. These kinds of developers should be shot. Uninstalled..Version: 1.0

I like the gameI like it.Version: 1.1

Way 2 Many Ads BroIt's a reall fun game but the ads can get annoying!.Version: 0.9

Great game but it’s an ad spamI do enjoy playing this game a lot and I love the concept of it. The only real problem with this game is that it constantly spams ads like every 20 seconds. It spams ads even in the middle of a battle or using your special ability. I know that the creators have to make their money somehow but seriously, calm down with the ads. This constant ad spams is making this game almost unplayable and it’s very frustrating. Other than that, it’s still a great game but it’s almost unplayable..Version: 0.9

It’s fun but annoyingThis game is about being a commander and leading an army well I think it’s unique and overall I good game, except there is way too many ads. I also turned off my internet and ads kept coming and usually when you turn off the internet no ads will pop up. But this review is saying just stop with the ads I know y’all are trying to make money off of this game which I get I would want money too but don’t overflow the game with ads I also see lots of reviews about ads so this review is my honest opinion on this game. Have a good night and your game is awesome..Version: 1.8

Actually a good gameI saw this game in the ads and thought this can’t be real so I got it to check it if it was real or not and to my surprise it was real ! Very good game but I done 4 stars bc of ads . As another one of those games , this game is infested with ads but otherwise a very cool game . 😃👍.Version: 0.9

Great game but...Good gameplay Good concept Addictive. But ... too many ads, Starts in a world then there’s no world to explore and no idea what level you are on except the military stripes, glitchy in some airdrops and occasionally feels like you are sinking when riding the horse, the statue is most confusing though. At no point does the game explain why you are giving the statue all your coins, no reward for it and the statue doesn’t change much, also there’s a glitch in the coin giving as the game has given up on taking coins for the statue. I guess I’m at the end of the game..Version: 0.7

Army CommanderHi developers, I’m writing you to let you know that I very much enjoy your game. The only problem is that I’m stuck on down ridge military base and I do not forward anymore. I wanted to suggest that we have more land to expand the base with more soldiers and artillery and bigger Barracks. Please expand and make it more interesting. Why can’t we have an underground base for soldiers and equipment just a thought folks. Take care and answer back soon. Sincerely yours Keven Bernard.Version: 1.1

WHY DID THIS GLITCH HAPPEN!!!!!I loved this game but there was a horrible glitch were it logged me out and when I went back in, my soldiers were just standing there and the enemy flag was in my base!!!! And when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I could never move on to the next level!!! And when I thought it couldn’t get an worser, I had no choice but to delete the app and know this, I love this game, but the glitch gave me no choice but to delete it. SO PLEASE, FIX THIS GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 0.7

Disable internet to stop the adsThis game works offline so you can disable its internet access which in turn disables the ads.Version: 0.7

Great game but Too many adds!I think this is a great game but every few seconds an add pops up and it stops the action! Either way this game is great 👍 but could you please fix this problem thank you for making a game that’s awesome!.Version: 0.9

Too many ads, all levels essentially the sameThis has potential to be a fun game if there were not an advert every minute (sometimes two per minute), and if the levels were different in any way giving you an incentive to actually progress. As it stands, a very poor effort that just reeks of money grab. Hope for improvement in the future..Version: 2.5

DOWNLOAD NOWThis game is a really fun game you fight capture flags get upgrades with tokens from your dead troops and the troops you fight and you can level up your own rank and level you can get more trooper spots for more troops to fight you get airplane nukes and nukes for power ups and this is a better game than I would make in forever y’all got very creative with the special affects and animation this game is great except for just a few bugs and glitches this game had to be on of my FAVOURITE games out there please download this game and try I out I probably guarantee you would rate this above 3 stars you can also play with no internet because I turned on airplane mode and it still works this is a really good game and I guarantee you’ll probably like this game.Version: 0.7

Too many adds !!!!!It’s spoiling the game with all the adds in the game …. Also it’s slowing the I pad down and glitchy because the adds are always trying to come through….. it’s a very big GAME spoiler.Version: 0.7

Really EnjoyableThis is a really enjoyable game, however I am deleting it because of how many ads there are that interrupt the battles. On at least 4 occasions I have been killed because an ad stopped me from moving out of the range of the enemy and recently on two occasions the plane took off flew in a circle ( not letting me direct it) then turned around and landed. So if you can deal with lots of ads download this it really is an enjoyable game but I’ve reached my limit..Version: 0.9

AdsGood game (I saw a lot of negative reviews about ads do people realise you can just turn your wifi and data off and you won’t get them?).Version: 1.2

Good gameplay, but ads at unwanted timesGameplay is great! A lot of effort has been put in. Don’t mind the ads but its annoying when ads suddenly appears when u r in the middle of a battle and in enemy territory..Version: 0.9

Good Game.Is a great game that is easy to play and doesn’t get boring. Would give it 5 stars but have found that after a while it keeps freezing on my iPhone which becomes annoying..Version: 0.7

Good gameIt was an entertaining game with a few hours of play time but at rank lord I cannot capture flag and there is a wooden barrier that my troops run through..Version: 0.9

Kinda… good.One of the very few mobile games I enjoy. It isn’t very boring, actually has purpose, and has some good effort put in. The game doesn’t bore you by keeping you distracted or disassociated, instead it lets you contribute. Good game! 👍.Version: 0.9

More to the gameI’ve been playing this game non stop for the past week, and I feel like there just needs to be more to the game, like maybe another section and attack from two angles and maybe have a boss fortress every 10 levels or so with extra rewards, and maybe even dog fights in the air where both sides have air forces and just attack. There’s a lot of potential to this game that I would hate to see go to waste.Version: 0.7

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