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Triple Match 3D App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Triple Match 3D app received 111 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Triple Match 3D? Can you share your negative thoughts about triple match 3d?

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Triple Match 3D for Negative User Reviews

Change of opinion - Ads killed GameSee my original rating below, that came with 5 stars. Now I’m deleting your game due to the ridiculous amount of ads and giving you one star! The game wasn’t ad bombing until level 200 - then you either pay or you get ads after every single game - win or lose - you get an ad. That’s absurd. Loved the game / but definitely not enough for that nonsense. Original review: I waited until I got to level 150 before I submitted a review. The game has remained consistent. It’s challenging, some boards too challenging because you spend days on them. They need to program in “mercy” for when you’ve had to play the same board 50 times. Overall a pretty good game! I hardly ever give good reviews. This one deserves it - so far. 🤔😉.Version: 94.01

Not as shownI’ve download this game 3 times and have played many levels but it never looks like it does in the ad..Version: 94.01

Very hard levels make you spend coinsI really like this game and am at the 200 level, but as the other reviewers said, it needs ads. Some of the levels are impossible to play without spending coins which is really not fair and makes me want to quit the game altogether. If you want people to spend money on the game, then don’t make it impossible or it pisses people off. Make it fun and passable so people want to spend money. Look at June’s Journey. They made tons of money from their game by making it fun. They got bought out and are changing though from Playrix who are a greedy company. You should not make it insurmountable to clear a level without playing coins. It is not an issue of being fast enough or having a good set of eyes. The pieces are hidden under the other items and are impossible to click on. Then you try to charge 240 coins for more time and some other high amount of coins for a lightening bolt..Version: 91.01

Fun but frustratingThe time allotted for the game and what you have to do to clear the board is ridiculous! The game is fun but they make it impossible to finish in the time given. If you want to lose over and over and over again this game is the one! You may get 2 games you can finish then a hard game followed by an extra hard game which you did not ask for which means impossible to accomplish and eats all your lives and all your tools ! … even if you purchased all the lives and tools they have for $150 you cannot finish the game lol …. so if you want to be in the tournament you will never win the prizes . Even if you bought the most expensive lives and tools they have to offer you cannot finish the board for the tournaments…. I would love to make a game like this one but make it with fair time allowance … it is fun but the time allowance is cut short on purpose ….Sadly .. they are already making good money on advertising … I am not opposed to that but if you watch all the ads at least make it you can finish a game … sheesh .. lol.Version: 94.01

Too many addsI now get an add between every single game, didn’t use to get them. So now I need to buy my way out of this.Version: 105.01

Great game, ads are awfulI’d give the game 5 stars except there’s an ad after every single level. Not just a regular ad, one you have to close out of 2-5 times to exit, then half the time clicking the x takes you to the webpage or whatever anyway. Super annoying. I realize I can purchase ad free, but I don’t mind an ad or two usually and know that’s how the developers make their money. But this is extreme. The game itself is challenging and fun. I like the different levels and enjoy trying to clear the entire board even if that’s not the ultimate goal. Response to developers- a few seconds? You’re dreaming! Do you think 30-60 seconds is a few? A few is 3. Few = 3 seconds. I’ve deleted the app and I won’t be back. I loved the game. The ads are too much..Version: 104.02

Where is This Rating Coming From?Looking at the number of low reviews, I really have to wonder where the 4.9 rating is coming from - I don’t think my math skills are that rusty. I agree with the other reviewers. I was really enjoying this game and considering paying for ad removal to support the developers. The game required some planning, quick work, kept the brain engaged but was achievable. Then I hit level 40 and all of the levels became challenging - not a tougher one here and there but I got through. Then level 50 where you are looking for a couple of letters in huge pile. I do not believe this level is achievable without multiple power-ups( which are few and far between). But I guess that is the point - to force you to buy them in order to be able advance in the game. That is when it stops being fun so I will be deleting the game. Such a shame - I would happily pay for a game I enjoy but not if it is a continuous money grab..Version: 104.02

Good and engaging game …… butThe difficulty of levels needs to be split better. You get a bunch of ridiculously easy levels together followed by a hard then very hard level. The harder levels should be split up in between the easier levels, but I suspect it’s a way to drive you to pay for things to help you get through them both. It’s too frustrating having them together so I’ll be deleting the game..Version: 94.01

Enjoyable in the BeginningVery addictive game that started out to be my new favorite go-to game. However, after the levels began to get more challenging, the fun began to fade. First of all, you must endure an advertisement after EVERY game, which wouldn’t be so bad except you don’t get any type of credit for watching it—no extra lives, no extra boosters, etc.—you simply must endure it in order to play again. Secondly, once you’ve used all your boosters on the more difficult levels, you aren’t able to get more unless you buy them with REAL money. (You do get a booster of some sort every 24 hrs, but you need more than that on harder levels.) Right now I'm on level 355 and have been for about a week. I’ve used all my boosters, so all I can do is play the same board over and over (with an ad between each play!), unless I want to shell out cash. Lastly, probably the most frustrating part is that you cannot earn “extras” unless you win the level. There are special items you can collect on each board. When you find a certain number of them, you win coins/boosters. However, you can only collect them if you beat the level. So, here I am, picking up gems, horseshoes, etc. to help me out, but because I can’t pass the level (because I don’t have gems, horseshoes, etc.) I don’t get to keep them. It’s a vicious cycle. There really should be ways to get extra lives/boosters..Version: 107.01

Super expensive coins etcI love this game but you absolutely can't pass certain levels without spending a ton of money. Why is everything ridiculously priced? Other games $20 last me 3 months. This game $20 is daily. I'm ready to quit as I need my money for food. It's really too bad as I really enjoy the challenge of this game. If you priced reasonably I would have stayed..Version: 103.01

ExpensiveToo bad because it’s fun to play but life’s run out fast and you have a long wait unless of course you BUY more!.Version: 94.01

DisappointedLove the game however on three occasions I have paid for extra stuff @ $14.99 and they do not add to the game. Finally today needing to contact Apple to refund my money..Version: 107.01

Pay to playAnybody else sick of the common game theme of you only get a few attempts then you gotta either wait or pay….well this game is no different..Version: 105.01

Too DifficultI’ve been playing this game for several months now and truly experience hour upon hours of enjoyment. However if you reach an extremely difficult level and the time allotted is very limited it becomes truly frustrating. I have used more than 40 free lives on one level and still have yet to get past the short amount of time. I would rather lose points so the player could advance without having to play the same level 4 days straight. For this reason I gave 2 stars, otherwise it would easily be 4-5 rating..Version: 99.02

The developers of this game do not careFirst of all the advertising when you download the game is incorrect you do not get what you think you were getting. It is a great game in the beginning. It’s very addicting which ends up costing a lot of money. I’m sure that is the plan. I’m stuck on about level 400 and something and I simply cannot get around it. All I can do is spend money to get power ups to have them be basically ineffective, and still run out of time. I am going to uninstall this game. I have been sitting here reading reviews for the last hour, most recent first, and I find it very amusing to tell the developers that the game is too hard and they’re uninstalling it and the developers respond. We are so glad that you are enjoying our game. They don’t even listen to what people are saying and they don’t care they have enough people that are paying for it and buying their product and it’s designed for them to make a lot of money goodbye.Version: 104.02

Beware of online purchasesI LOVE this game and am seriously addicted like I’ve never been to any game. I would give it 10 stars if I could BUT! I would think twice about buying any additional play time or coins. Last night I spent $2.12 for an additional minute. I only got about 10 seconds and then my round timed out. I immediately wrote to their support staff. Twice. Both times I received a reply saying “sorry… we can’t refund you as you used your minute.” Oh really? Were you there next to me to verify that? I did NOT get a minute. Either the site crashed or there was a technical glitch, but I did not get a minute, wouldn’t lie about it, and these guys dishonestly made $2 for nothing. I have since escalated this up to Apple and hope to get resolution with them. Great game. Dishonest, unreasonable people. (Yes. I know it’s only $2 but it’s the principle of the matter.) Think twice before buying any in-app purchases..Version: 94.01

Ads!Awesome game but there are many ads and it is really spoiling the game for me..Version: 102.02

Ads about drugs! 😠I would really enjoy the game if the ads aren’t about drugs for fat people. Are you serious? Kids playing this game and get to see this kind of ads. And there’s nowhere a button where I can report these ads. And I’m not paying for the ad free version to get rid of these kind of disgusting ads. The game itself lags some times and the “extra hard” is awful. I wanna have fun playing this game not getting frustrated. Shame, it was a fun game while it lasted. Update: Yes, the game is completely free and I have no problems about ads in general BUT I have a problem with ads about drugs. Kids are playing this game and I don’t want them to see these kind of ads. This is unacceptable!! Update: Seriously Support, this is your answer? Just an automated answer how the app is free and we should just shut our mouth and watch these scam ads? Shame. Shame on you. You’re not even worth a star..Version: 93.01

I really wanted to love this game, but…After only a week, I’m deleting the app in frustration. As many others have said, the hard levels are impossible to clear without spending money and buying boosters. The game packs are so expensive and really give you so little that you could easily spend several dollars per level just to get through them. Also, it’s so annoying that the things you touch aren’t always the things the game selects. Imagine spending days on the same level, then finally get down to needing one item to clear the level, only to have the game select the item next to the one you touch and you fail, again. It’s enraging enough if you’re playing for free, but if you spend x amount of dollars on an extra life or time and have it stolen from you like that it will really send you. This might be a good game for people who want intense challenges, but if you’re just looking for something relaxing to zone out over at the end of the day, this game isn’t it. You’ll end up more stressed than when you started. The developers need to put some work into learning about human psychology and how progress and rewards affect behavior if they want people to invest in playing this game. They’ve totally missed the mark..Version: 104.02

Don’t fall for itCan’t get past certain levels without spending money to get more time etc. Ads are horrendous and start once you pass level 299. They make sure you’re well into the game before the ads start. Uninstalled..Version: 105.01

Not exactly an honest gameI finally learned the strategy to beat the hard levels with lots of extra items hiding the target ones, and little time (match the big useless items to move them out of the way). However, I had two items to go (fox heads) and had matched everything necessary to have nothing hidden. The foxes weren’t there. Obviously I was supposed to use a power up and they would appear, but no, it was a scam. Getting ready to delete this game. Gameplay is ok, but unforgiving. I use a stylus and it never is small enough to not pick up something else first. Oh yeah - there are some really impossible levels early in the game..Version: 103.01

30 mins to wait for another lifeMost games replenish your life in 5 mins but waiting 30 mins is ridiculous! You have a great game but this is going to cause people to delete the game!.Version: 105.01

DisheartenedI’m addicted to playing this game but hate the level that have such tiny things like screwdrivers to collect, so difficult for my more mature fingers to manoeuvre. When doing really hard levels can the collectible items refresh to be something else after a few attempts as it’s so frustrating. Can we also have more lives than 5 as I get through them quickly and whilst I’m a prolific sharer of giving others lives this is not always the case for me receiving them. I’m reached the stage today of thinking is it time for me to move to another game. 😔.Version: 104.02

The adsGood game. Major downside is the ads. I just wish they went easy with the ads, they need to find a balance with gameplay. The relentless ads might be the reason I delete this after a couple days..Version: 105.01

Misleading preview footageThe game isn’t moving and matching 3 like items in a revolving cupboard like the preview shows. Instead you just collect various items against the clock. Maybe we at some level it switches to the game as shown in the preview but so far it’s very boring..Version: 105.01

Enjoy playing this game but …It is very expensive to buy coins - £7.99 for 500 which do not last long. It is very hard to win the bonuses you need to get beyond the hard and extra hard levels. Especially if you get stuck and are replaying the same game over and over again. I cannot afford spend any more additional money on this game and to be honest am now bored with replaying the same impossible levels over and over again. Sad as this could have been nice and relaxing. I spend money removing ads which makes not being able to play on extra irritating. I am sure some people are much better at the game than I turned out to be. Thanks for your reply - have already deleted for reasons given above - ridiculously expensive. There are 20 coins at the most in a bonus, often no coins at all. If you cannot move beyond a level then you can only win the daily and any participation bonuses - so it would often take more than 5 days to get the 100 coins which is the minimum to do anything. The same level over and over again is dull. I can see you have loads of players but you have had far too much of my money already..Version: 102.02

AnnoyingI downloaded this game cos it looked good on the adverts but wanted to do the Christmas game in the advert with the boxes not the version that appears with everything thrown in a pile. Really boring. So I deleted it. If the boxes were further into the game on a higher level, I was never going to have the patience to do the harder ones with the dumb piles first..Version: 101.02

Game is addicting but has problemsThis makes the 3rd time this game has went black. I get up to around the 600 level and everything goes black and stays like that for days. I eventually delete the app and add it back in, losing my level but the good thing is I have not lost any $$ the 3rd time. I do think that’s why I get blacked out. The game has normal, hard and extra hard levels. You aren’t given very much time to do the extra hard levels so you lose a life. You are given way too much time to finish the normal levels. I can’t give this game 5 stars because they black you out if you don’t spend money. It’s froze up again for the 5th or 6th time. Glitches? Probably not. I am locked out again!.Version: 103.01

Ads after every sceneI loved the game until I reached level 300. There were zero ads up until this point and now after every level there is an ad. Even if you beat a level or don’t beat the level you have to watch an ad. I play a lot of other games, and I have never played a game with so many ads. It’s a bit ridiculous and I will more than likely stop playing this game. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played, but if I have to spend the majority of time watching ads, I will go back to my other games. I can understand needing to watch ads or pay for no ads, but after every level?? You need to fix this.Version: 105.01

False advertisementFalse advertisement = automatic one star…..Version: 94.01

Level reset to 0Third time happens to me now after reach over level 700 something it’s start to 0 level again. This is so frustrating, I know is just a game but why keep resetting back to 0, lost my coins and extra live as well, not happy!.Version: 107.01

Tile match 3DThis game is the most frustrating game I’ve ever played. Every time l touch something to make my 3 it takes something else. I’ve tried to hit one thing 12 times and finally it works. Most of the time l die. I really like this game but it really pisses me off. Please fix this problem in the game...Version: 94.01

BeermeEnjoyed the game so much but too many add each game , so annoying, would be nice once in a while shows up those ad. I don’t mind . I think I m going to delete the game..Version: 103.01

Triple Match 3dDid love this game until it crashed 2 days ago and I had to uninstall it. ☹️ now have to start it again 😩.Version: 101.02

Not the game shown in the addsI got this because it looked good but it is nothing like the game that is shown in the adds when playing other games..Version: 101.02

Love the game but it’s buggyLove playing this game. Sadly it will freeze during a game which is frustrating..Version: 94.01

Can’t do it any more!Love the game but for the spiders! I’ve tried but I can’t get by it. Not only are they spiders but they are big and black and hairy! Oh and developers - don’t you dare scoff, if you have never had a phobia, you REALLY don’t understand! Pity, I liked the game ….Version: 101.02

DisappointedThe only way to advance in this game is to spend money..Version: 104.02

Didn’t click on that!I waited to write a review because I wanted to see what the game was like. Currently, I am over Level 1000. Throughout this game, it seems to limit how fast I can click on items, and it consistently puts items in the collection bar on the bottom that I have not clicked on. The game also takes a very long time to collect items to help you when you really need them. I also play MatchMaster3D, and this game is great about putting in the items that I have clicked on. I can also go as fast as I am comfortable with without feeling like I need to go slower so that I can click on the right item, only to have another item put in the collection bar. I am also disappointed that there is no “shelf game” like this was advertised in another game. Unfortunately, I am considering getting rid of this game because it gives very little for what one puts into it..Version: 104.02

Fun butAfter a while too too many ads some of which are absolutely ridiculous..Version: 102.02

Was loving this but…Was loving this game when first downloaded. Ads didn’t seem to be too much of an issue but as soon as I hit level 300 I have been inundated with ads between EVERY game (even if replaying the level as you didn’t pass it!) Am therefore deleting the app - appreciate ads make the money for the App development, it shouldn’t be to the level of destroying any sense of enjoyment..Version: 102.02

Playing gameWhy can’t I open this game? Just keeps circling..Version: 99.02

Addictive but appalling adsI play this a lot and have got a long way without spending any £££s (will never pay for extra coins etc). BUT, I also don’t pay to remove ads and the ads in this game are constant and dangerous - every single one advertises fat-burning pills or gummies. They tell you that you can lose, e.g., 50lbs in 21 days. This is just impossible and they even show some being endorsed by Deborah Meade’s who has never endorsed slimming products. These ads should be banned as they are dangerous..Version: 103.01

Really fun game but WAY TOO MANY ADSThis game is great, and all free games have ads, but these are especially obnoxious. Every ad is at least 15-30 seconds and are really difficult to dismiss (hit box for the X is microscopic). Just too tedious, there are lots of other similar games without long ads after EVERY game..Version: 104.02

FailureAs much as it says it’s compatible for iPad, it is not. You can not rotate the screen and can only play it the way the game dictates it. Very disappointing..Version: 105.01

Difficult to proceedI am happy to pay to remove ads from an app to make the experience more pleasant (and pay the designers) but I don’t think levels should be deliberately designed to stop you proceeding simply to get more $ out of you. There are also very few opportunities to gain aids as you pass levels. 1 week stuck on the same frustrating level with only the option to give more money doesn’t make it a fun experience anymore. Considering deleting even though it’s just my kind of game..Version: 85.01

Great game. Shame about the relentless AdsThis game is great until you get to the ridiculously hard levels one after another. Impossible to pass the level for days and that’s not because I’m rubbish at it, make it like that so you spend money. Don’t spend your money because it what you buy won’t last two minutes. Also the Ads. The most frustrating thing about this game. Relentless. One after each game, level etc. and you can’t close them , the screen just goes blank or freezes or takes you to the App page. So you spend practically five minutes trying to pass the ad. This is such a shame because the game itself (when not on very hard levels in a row) is great. But I refuse to pay nearly £5 to remove ads. What a con.Version: 102.02

Wrongly charged!I had the free version and was enjoying it. On a few previous occasions I purchased extras, all was fine. However, today I purchased a completely different app from the App Store, and my receipt shows an additional 3.99 charge for Triple Match?!!! I never made a purchase today, in fact I haven’t even played this app for several days!!! When I tried to report this, it combined this $3.99 purchase with the correct App purchase I made, so I can’t even make a complaint!!!! This is exactly why I deleted Candy Crush - due to fraudulent, sneaky charges. I have absolutely no tolerance for this - have deleted the app, will never use again. Trust is gone..Version: 94.01

Freeze, freeze, freezeI liked this game a lot in the beginning, however, once you hit round 200 when it becomes harder the game continually freezes. You have to wait for it to free up or you may have to reboot the game. And if you reinstall the game you lose all the progress you made. Working on my second time to play the game and I am done! Frustrating, time consuming and there are too many games out there to waste your time on this one. I will not be installing any of their other games either. So disappointing..Version: 102.02

Less fun when you get to higher levels**edit** so, in response to your answer, you’re making it less fun ON PURPOSE. Since it’s built in that playing the game consistently is “rewarded” by having the games get harder and less enjoyable for no reason, I have to consider the added aggravation into my rating. I have therefore changed my rating to 2 stars. Thank you for clarifying your position. I really enjoy this game, well, enjoyed. I’ve gotten to a place (above level 2000) and there are far too many ‘hard’ and ‘very hard’ games in a row. So instead of enjoying playing, I’ll get stuck on the same level for 2-3 days. There is little to no time between hard games to build up tokens to use to alleviate some of the difficulty. Playing the same level repeatedly is boring and unfulfilling. If it had only happened once or twice, I’d have grumbled but moved on. However, it appears to be happening consistently now. Prior to this I’d give it 5 stars, now I give it a 3 (perhaps too generously)..Version: 105.01

Great game but too many adsI love this game, it’s highly addictive, but the ads are relentless. I have to stop playing after a couple of goes. I am actually considering paying for the ad free version but can’t see anywhere how long that lasts for? It’s expensive if it’s only for a month??? If not I think I’ll be deleting it soon. I do have another issue. My progress isn’t syncing across devices. Both devices recognise me but I’m much further ahead on my iPhone than I am on my iPad..Version: 104.02

Deleted this crapAfter spending days and days trying to beat level 74, a ‘hard’ level crowded with small items concealing the small goal items plus an impossibly short time limit, with 99% of failures (including several which cost me a win) being down to the deliberate forced-inaccuracy of the item pickup, I have deleted this app. Game blatantly wants me to hand over money for time bonuses and other power ups. As bad as something like candy crush..Version: 94.01

Way too fastI’m in my 70’s and reached level 635 but I’m finding it too fast for me. Encouraged to spend money on coins in order to progress and still losing. At £1.79 for 100 coins it is far more expensive than similar games. I’ll keep trying but beginning to lose patience….. and I’m a very patient person!.Version: 102.02

GreatThis game could be one of the best but there’s so many ads...Version: 94.01

Not as advertisedOkay game but it is not the game that is shown on the app “ad”.Version: 102.02

This game will make you feel like you have fat fingersI actually really enjoy this game, but it’s super frustrating when you know you didn’t hit the item that ends up being selected… and I certainly don’t have fat fingers!.Version: 93.01

It’s a money pit!Fun to start and then this app turns into a money pit; on average you can spend $14 a day which is exorbitant.Version: 105.01

Fun but frustratingMy biggest complaints is the game is not as advertised, The ad shows matching things on a shelf but the things you have to match is always just in a big pile. Also as the games get harder they don’t give you enough time and you quickly run out of lives. I don’t purchase so it means you have to wait to play quite often. I haven’t hit the ad levels that everyone seems to be complaining about so not sure if I will keep once I do..Version: 107.01

FrustratedLove the challenge but sometimes I spend 3 days trying to get one level..Version: 107.01

StuckI’ve enjoyed so far but have an annoying medal thing that comes up between games. Tried everything to get rid of it, can’t figure what it’s for. Just ultra annoying. It says change your medal but I can’t seem to find any instructions or get rid. Also not interested in team games..Version: 105.01

Wow ! Update is making this difficultThe new update has made it so that your taps to collect items are way more difficult then they need to be. This is my second account on the game. This is my new account on here. I have another which is level 1023 .. I thought I was having difficulties because of the level, but I just made it to twenty here and it’s the same issue. Tap one item, get something not even close to it in the collection box. I’ll write another review about how my other team mates and I have noticed some of these levels are taking days to get past. That’s with our extra lives, and not having to buy boosters. It was three days with several hours of play for many of my team mates to get past a level. That is not what the developers claim when they showcase this game. To have fun. When you get to a difficult level, you should be able to click the fifty plus items to match.. however there is only two of any given item. Without a fan, magnet AND freeze.. and that going on with extra time and lightening .. you can never get to the bottom where the tiny item you need to collect are. If you are making it more difficult now by not being able to correctly tap the item you have tapped.. and rewards that are few and far between … Where is the fun ? Is it in giving our money to you ? Player beware.Version: 107.01

Too many ads but enjoyable gameGreat game. Can be addictive but likely to delete soon. There’s ads after every single game once you hit a certain level. Developers say you can close these down quickly but that’s not true. In app purchases are expensive for little benefit for the price. You can pay for ad free if you choose to. Not sure the cost benefit is there..Version: 94.01

Nice game but has problems with adsI really enjoyed playing when I first started this game. For the first little bit there were no ads but after I got to a certain level then there was an ad after completing every game which was frustrating. They offer an ad free option which I was considering but while still playing and thinking about it, I started having an ad for weight reduction gummies that would play and then when it finished and I clicked out of it, it went to another ad in my web browser. I don’t think that’s right and I consider it a breach of my privacy that it has access it send other ads to my web browser..Version: 105.01

Good BUT Not Fair!I liked this app a lot, BUT I’m really aggravated by the fact that they make your ‘taps’ mis-hit your target - multiple times -in the games starting about level 65. Taps were super accurate until that level. Whenever it comes to the special items- ruby gems, pizzas, etc. you miss 2,3 times , adding items to the collection bar & causing you to fail UNLESS you pay 100 coins to clear the bar & continue playing that level. They don’t award coins or boosters often or many at a time - so you have to BUY them-with real money. I’m quickly losing interest & will delete this if this cheating continues. I will not put my $$ into this app no matter how fun it was before this unfair practice started. AND they have started giving too little time to finish- without spending coins(see above). Nope-I’m deleting now!.Version: 104.02

Too many ads but fun gameWAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!! I understand free games need to have ads but one every level, that last longer than it takes me to beat some levels? Is ridiculous. I do love the game and the graphics! It’s challenging but still fun so I love the concept and actual game. I do notice though that it will select items I was not trying to click on which Is annoying as the bar gets filled without me knowing until I lose the round. Also sometimes after watching ads and trying to exit out, the game freezes. So it needs some work for sure and LESS ADS!!!.Version: 94.01

UNINSTALLEDFrustrating … the game advances to encourage people to spend money just to get through a level they are stuck on… No thanks. Don’t need the frustration … or the bank loss..Version: 107.01

Not the same game as ad for itSo m, yet another ad for a game that is entirely different from the game you actually get when you instal it. Come on people. Give us the what you’ve advertised! I’ve deleted after five minutes because it’s clearly not the game I watched in your ad..Version: 105.01

Too many extra hard levelsThis is a fun game but there are too many extra hard levels back to back to back..Version: 105.01

Removes points by itselfI was collecting points to pay with them to go to the next level. Had 187 points. Today discovered that 100 point were deleted by developers. Very disappointing. After leaving this review received unrelated response from boom box with suggestions to change review..Version: 101.02

Not responsive to removing bad adsI get having ads to provide a “free” game. I can put up with the frequency. I’m frustrated by the unwillingness to care about an ad partner inserting ads for scam products like “weight loss gummies.” This ad makes false claims, uses celebrity endorsements despite being asked to stop, and links to a fake article that impersonates Time magazine. When I contact the game support, I get a message saying there is a button to report the ad. However, these ads DO NOT have that option as other ads do. Please be willing to work with ad partners to get rid of scam ads that are harmful to game players of all ages..Version: 103.01

ConI just feel like this game is a con I got very good at it quickly and enjoyed it now for a month I have been on level 306 and I feel it is impossible to go any further without buying coins and spending money ... think I'll go back to my chess game as at least it is what it says on the tin .. think I will delete even though I like the game but feel at a disadvantage until I spend money 💵.Version: 105.01

Not good enoughSorry but expecting players to police your Ads isn’t acceptable, you are showing ads that are pressure selling weight loss pills that promise totally unrealistic results. You are also showing ads with adult content not suitable for children. You need to take responsibility yourself and monitor your ads more carefully and not expect players to send screenshots..Version: 104.02

Don’t waste your timeThere are a few reasons why you shouldn’t bother with this game. 1) Unless you spend money you will eventually get stuck. 2) When you try to hit one item, quite often, it selects something else. I even tried to use a stylus to be more precise and it would still select the wrong item. 3) The levels are ridiculous. Some are so easy it’s a joke and some are so difficult that I have spent a few DAYS trying to beat the board. This leads back to number 1. If you don’t spend money you get stuck. 4) If you’re just trying to relax and play a game at night, this one will inevitably piss you off. Find a different game..Version: 102.02

Beware, this game can be expensiveI enjoy playing this game, however, if you want to purchase extra coins to buy more boosters, you’re money does not go very far. I’m going to have to stop playing because I’ve already spent too much money on this game and I’m only on level 150. I know, I can opt to play without buying anything, but some levels are very difficult and I’m a sucker for these things. So, I’m cutting myself off! Just want others to know that the coins don’t go very far. Back to AB match for me..Version: 104.02

Great game butI was to level 755 and came on to play snd nothing. I have to start over. The team I was on is full so can’t get back on it now. Not sure if I will start over again..Version: 107.01

Not so keen on it nowLoved this when I first started playing it.. now not so sure as I find that I constantly pick the wrong item on ‘touching’ the screen.. this is despite the item sitting on its own no where near another item. Now in harder levels that are hard enough to beat with the limited time available with out this issue. Was going to buy ad free but not now…!! Actually after receiving an email from the developers that I can’t contact them on decided to delete the game...Version: 104.02

AdvertsOk, I know we have to put up with adverts, but after every game is just too much. I really like this game and I am tempted to pay to get rid of them. But your asking for too much so I have bdeleted the game. Shame as it is a good game,.Version: 104.02

$$$$The only way too continue playing this game is to spend $$ on in app purchases for boosters. Too many hard and extra hard levels. The levels in between repeat themselves. Fun for awhile, now annoying..Version: 91.01

Addictive gameIt’s a certainly addictive game. I think it’s well programmed to let people end up paying some money into the game. It’s to a point getting annoyed as you know the game is programmed to fail and can’t keep benefits you earned to the point. After spending endless lives with extra hard and let people play extra hard in row is certainly exhausting and bad randomness of the game..Version: 104.02

Fun but aggravatingTakes 30 minutes to refill one chance to play and will only build to 5 chances. Some of the hard levels are very difficult to pass- either my iPad screen is very sensitive to touch or the area around the objects isn’t specific because I touch an object and the one next to it is selected. This causes the boxes at the bottom to fill with objects not matching and a chance is lost. Also, the timer seems to quickly run out on these levels. Rewards are few and far between, so there’s not much opportunity to build up rewards. Every 24 hours, the game gives rewards but they will not go far on the difficult levels. For example, one magnet and one freeze time. Sometimes it gives 15 minutes of play time but with ads after every game, which most of the time includes four clicks to get off of it, around 15-20 seconds, most of the free play time is consumed with ads. I suppose it’s designed this way so people will spend money to buy extra game chances. (I do realize ads pay for the game to be available to play for free.).Version: 91.01

Great game except freezes up when ads kick inI was very much enjoying this game for the first 200 levels. Loved it, then the ads kicked in and now it just keeps freezing up. Plays the ads perfectly, but then the game (when you finally get back to it) and it glitches. So frustrating. Feel like I’m being hijacked to force me to buy the $7.99 package to get rid of ads. Now before anyone mentions that maybe it’s my iPad, it is not. Every other game I have plays great and I can stream at good speed, it’s only this game. Whether it is intentional or not, it’s still frustrating because up to the point the ads kicked in I was having a great time!.Version: 105.01

Absolutely addictive game but…Could have been 5 stars but WOW the ads are relentless. Ads after every single try win or lose and the settings to silence the ads don’t work either so you have to remember to silence your phone before you play otherwise you get the shock of your life when they bare out at you. Such a shame, obviously there is a no ads version but pretty sure I read that a user still got ads so haven’t bothered to do that. Love the game but not sure how long I can put up with the constant interruptions☹️.Version: 102.02

Fun and addictive, but now deletedI am fine with in-app purchases. No reason we shouldn’t pay for entertainment. I have been playing my two favorite games for years and they require in-app purchases to progress. But rewards correlate with accomplishments and purchases won’t bleed you dry. Triple Match requires playing a level several times to beat it—should be fun to figure out the strategy. But it takes a half hour to earn a life. Play for 15 minutes. Use up all your lives and then wait a half hour to get just one more life. Whether given as a reward or as an in-app purchase, the boosts are pathetic and insulting. Not fun anymore. I’ll only show loyalty to an app if developers have respect for fans. These developers don’t..Version: 94.01

Freezes too much.It freezes every time after about 5 games - without fail..Version: 102.02

Disappearing livesI enjoy this game and great to get extra lives from the team but so far today I’ve asked twice so should have got 10 free lives but I got 2. So can’t play very long with a hard level. I have spent some money on it the odd time but not very good if we all get different amounts of chances. Not spending any more money and obviously less time too. Tried to send message to support but no reply yet..Version: 94.01

MisadvertisedI downloaded this app after it kept being advertised in another app. I thought I might try it. I have played it for a week and I have not seen the game as it is advertised. If you advertise a game and then give a different game that is false advertising. When I play a game I want the game that is advertised. This seems to be a common thing among game apps. Advertise a really interesting game but then give a boring game with little or no access to the actual game advertised. I would give you minus stars if I could for false advertising..Version: 102.02

$$$$$$This is a great game to play until your money runs out. You think you’re doing okay until a tagged Hard pops up and if that doesn’t make you spend enough just wait because there’s going to be VERY hard coming along. Just a cash grab, enjoy similar games that are a challenge but don’t want to cost you your common sense (cents lol).Version: 102.02

FRUSTRATEDIt was fun at first. Now it is RIDICULOUS: too many items with similar color and shape, too little time, no way to obtain helps unless you pay…. All of this in the same box over and over: Black square, black triangle, black rectangle black pie triangle, orange, 2 red circle shapes, 2 yellow ball shapes, lemons, yellow bells the same size as lemons, swords, bolts, gears, airplanes, gray elephant heads, gray mouse heads (same size as elephants), dark gray rhino heads, and sometimes Chinese food boxes, and sometimes gold coins (I think that is all.). You win. I concede. I have tried this perhaps 40 times now over several days, used up the perks I had earned and can’t win. Customers: It was fun at first. But it is designed to make you pay or quit..Version: 93.01

This Game needs CalibrationI thought it was just my fat fingers touching the wrong things, but my daughter used apple pencil as she is pretty accurate usually, she touched dead on an object and the object next to it registered. I am sure this is just an oversight, as I think developers aren’t allowed to do things to force us spend real money by deception, without consequences?.Version: 107.01

FreezeI downloaded game yesterday and got to level 23 but the game has since frozen or something and won’t let me play.Version: 102.02

Lost all LevelsI had been playing and loving it then all of a sudden it went back to level one! I had been playing 45 days and up to level 230 and all of a sudden it wiped my progress!.Version: 104.02

Fun but so frustratingThis game is very addictive. Unfortunately it’s stingy with rewards and lives. Also the levels jump around in difficulty - they do not progressively get harder as I see a developer told one of the other reviewers. That’s not true. They pop ridiculously hard levels in the middle of easy ones and the hard levels are so hard they can drain all your lives and powerups. This is probably on purpose by the developers to make people buy lives and powerups. I do buy them but they run out too fast for the money I pay for them. It’s just far too much money to be able to play this game for a decent length of time. Can’t binge this game and it’s a shame because I like this so much more than every other Match 3 game I’ve tried..Version: 104.02

Too many adsFun game to play but WAY TOO MANY ADS. Win a level, 30 seconds ad, lose a level after 5 seconds of play, and another ad..Version: 104.02

Takes too muchIt’s a fun game however when you run out of time or fil the bar too quickly, you lose too much. Usually other games, you only have to watch an ad. In this game, you lose almost everything you just earned. Very difficult to get ahead to keep playing. And if I only have a little bit of time to play, I don’t feel like waiting 20 minutes to gain more ❤️ or $$ or ⭐️. I enjoying playing, but unless that changes, will look for another..Version: 99.02

Addicting but too many adsI downloaded this game after seeing it in another game. It looked fun and it was for the first 200 levels. At first, they would offer an ad free version at a discount but there were no ads being shown. As soon as I hit level 200, the ads started and they are relentless. They come after every single level and it takes forever to get through them. You can’t just bypass them, unless you close the game out completely and go back in, which is surprisingly shorter than waiting for the ads to finish. I understand the company has to support itself and nothing is truly free but the frequency of these ads is obnoxious. I wouldn’t mind a banner running while I play or an ad once in a while but after every level is ruining this experience. I tried dealing with it but am now deleting the game and moving on. The ad free version is not expensive in the whole scheme of things but I’m not interested..Version: 99.02

Très bien mais …C’est très bien mais à partir du niveau 200 il y a des pub après chaque niveau. Et comme les niveaux peuvent se terminer rapidement … ça devient un peu ennuyant à la longue..Version: 94.01

AddictiveLose yourself playing this, but frustrating it is made impossible to continue with out spending money on stuff because time limit is too short. I don’t spend money on this game but do enjoy playing..Version: 93.01

Loved but had malicious adI played this games A LOT! It quickly became one of my favorite games. However, in between the game play they would run an ad. Usually for another game. No biggie and to be expected… However I had to hard close an ad that came up showing the Apple systems icon and stating that my device storage was full and if I didn’t follow the instructions that all of my pictures and data would be deleted and showed a countdown clock. This kind of scare tactic ad is malicious and preys on people who don’t know any better. Shame on you for allowing such an ad on your game! This was a fun game and I have no doubt there are children who play it and may not know any better than to do as it says, potentially damaging or putting malware on their device. I’m deleting this app from my device for that reason. BTW, don’t just hit the X. Hard close it because they can put the instal button just below the exit button and they get you anyway. I wish they’d teach a class….Version: 107.01

Forced to update - SO GLITCHYThis is so glitchy I can’t believe you released this. Just stalls. Can’t actually play..Version: 101.02

Trop difficile par momentFrustrant et même fâchant. Parfois, je dirais même souvent, ne fait pas disparaître ce que j’ai cliqué. Niveaux trop difficiles Hard et Very Hard….des jours avant de le réussir…..S.V.P. une petite révision du « niveau de difficulté » est fortement recommandée pour les 65 ans et plus qui aime votre jeu!!! Merci à l’avance 👍.Version: 104.02

Very disappointedI really love this game but got to level 66 and got stuck. Today is my third day of trying to do it and reluctantly spent £7.99 to buy me more time to get through this level. As a pensioner I cannot afford this and was then left with one object left to find and my money had run out. I will not be able to play this game anymore and will look for other “match 3” games that I can play without spending my money..Version: 104.02

Good idea turned into a cash grabThe game itself is fine. If the ads irritate you, you can pay to have them removed, which isn’t unreasonable. But as the game continues, it becomes impossible to progress without putting extra money down. You start getting “extra hard” levels where the items you’re looking for are completely buried under other items and the time allotted is very short. After you’ve played it unsuccessfully 6-10 times and used up all your lives, voila, the items are moved to the top of the pile. There’s a not very subtle pressure to spend additional money on power-ups if you want to keep playing. As long as you know what you’re getting into, have time to waste waiting for your lives to replenish, and can accept that the game is primarily structured to siphon money out of your pockets, it’s a decent generic match 3. Pay to play is pretty much the rule these days, and it’s hard to find any games that haven’t been turned into a money making scheme..Version: 107.01

Not happyLove this game till I got to 240 then I couldn’t do anything they kept taking away items that I did not touch ,I understand the advertising but no way could move forward so sad and frustrating!!!!!!.Version: 107.01

Triple match 3DThis was a fun game until you get to level 200 then it’s an ad after everyyyyyyy single screen ridiculous glad I didn’t waste any money on it.Version: 93.01

Actual game isn’t at all like the ad for itIt’s an okay game. I’d like to play the version I keep seeing on the incessant ads for the game!.Version: 94.01

.Love this game, i just reach level 215, my app just crash and i lost all my progress. I have to start all over again. Deceiving..Version: 103.01

Don’t waste your time on this gameThis game started very well and I was enjoying it. However after only a couple of days playing the game I got to a hard level. When I failed the level I had to wait 25 minutes until I could restart it. This became really frustrating, life is too short for irritating games, which are supposed to be fun, so I’ve deleted it already and moved on to a fun game..Version: 107.01

“HOURS” of fun? No way!!!A lovely game. Perfectly relaxing for the very FEW minutes you get to play before your five FREE lives are used up. After that, it seems the developer of this app is all about only getting us to spend money for more rounds… Worse yet, thus is the ONLY game I’ve ever played where — after spending the goodly sum of $4.99! (Imagine!) — the game isn’t yours!!! No unlimited gameplay! Zero. Zip. Nada. Thus, the reduction from what would be a deserved 5 stars down to only 3. Removal of the, also, impossibly long, long ads, after every round, needs to be far, far, far less if the game cannot be owned — and fully enjoyed. Really cute graphics. Nice variability among rounds. The pieces are all rounded, fluffed, colorful, and really enjoyable to see. Now, at level 218, held up, with even the daily giften tool tokens not in play for the harder levels. But the really chief drawback — even with infrequent chances to earn needed tools to help in the pretty regular hard and very hard levels (meaning one plays the same level over and over and over) — is the in-minutes-used 5 lives, putting gameplay to an END for several hours. You’ll get HOURS of waiting for your $4.99, NOT hours of relaxing gameplay. Really, really bad….Version: 99.02

Give me a break!I loved this game until I wasted at least 2 days and 15 lives trying to pass level 1806. You’d think after that long the algorithm would catch on that I’m not going to get it and make it easier to pass the level. Up until level 1805 I would have given 5 stars. Now, only 2!.Version: 105.01

Fun but frustratingThe game is fun; but there are aspects that are very frustrating. Some of the levels are unnecessarily challenging. On some levels there are items that are very small that inevitably are going to be at the bottom. You really don’t have enough time to get through all of the items to get to the ones at the bottom. I’ve seen comments about being able to get to items at bottom more easily, but I have not had that experience. Other than the initial tutorial on how to play the game, I have not seen any other suggestions or skill tips anywhere. In other instances, there are items that are the same except for one minor detail. You may not even be able to see the difference until you pick up the item, which means you fill up your board and cannot advance. Some level seem to be designed to require you to use a booster. Once you’ve used all your boosters, you could be playing the same level for days. I also am not certain how the events work. But for instance, the island racer event, if somebody is in the higherlevels playing against somebody who is just starting the game, the person who’s at the lower level is probably going to win..Version: 105.01

Omg let me play for more the 1 sec b4 asking to rateOnce again, I get a game that I just download and I play like for five seconds and I’m getting a pop-up asking me to rate the game honestly how can I rate this and say oh it’s great or oh it’s crappy when I haven’t had five seconds to play it. I literally I’m getting so sick of games doing that but I think from now on if I get a pop-up saying can you rate my game five seconds after I download it and opened it and just started to play it I’m just going to delete it and give it a bad rating and leave it at that because why are you asking me how good your game is if I haven’t had five seconds to play it why don’t you ask that when somebody’s played it for 24 hours not after 24 hours, but after an actual 24 hours of actual playtime on the game my Lord, this is the dumbest thing that you can do as a company you’re never going to get accurate ratings because you’re always gonna get a reading that somebody gave you after playing your game for five seconds. It’s dumb..Version: 107.01

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