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CareMe-Lifestyle&Pulse Checker App User Positive Comments 2022

CareMe-Lifestyle&Pulse Checker app received 72 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about careme-lifestyle&pulse checker?

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CareMe-Lifestyle&Pulse Checker for Positive User Reviews

Great appI love this app because you can see your heart rate and many other things it’s an amazing app we can do so many things on it..Version: 1.4

AppAwesome app.Version: 1.4

First timeSo far a good application.Version: 1.4

Download this AppVery cool and useful. Lots of features. Easy to use..Version: 1.4

WowThis app is amazing I totally recommend it.Version: 1.4

First time reviewJust downloaded, seems pretty cool so far.Version: 1.4

Great appGreat app.Version: 1.4

Wow! I have never seen such an awesome app!Being an app,I did not expect such really cool features, and it even includes suggestions, and age, weight and gender norms, and let’s you know where you stand—health wise. I highly recommend this app. If you have any concern (s) regarding your health, if you work out, or you’re just interested in keeping tabs on your body’s condition, this is your app..Version: 1.4

Seems to work wellMeasures again a normal heart rate monitor and matched up.Version: 1.4

GreatReal accurate best one out there.Version: 1.4

Peace of mindDownloaded to keep an eye on my heart rate as l have developed AFib . Very easy to use and very accurate . Have tried several heart rate monitors but this app is way better . Has added features so l get my heart rate . Blood oxygen. Blood pressure Definitely worth 5 STARS.Version: 1.4

A good appIt seems like a great idea to have an app that help you detect your vitals through an application that always in the reach of your hands.Version: 1.4

AwesomeIt seems to work just as good as the hospital. Easy to use..Version: 1.4

App reviewI just downloaded the app but it seems as if it has a lot if helpful features..Version: 1.4

MaxineBrilliant !.Version: 1.4

Good appEveryone should have.Version: 1.4

This app is a great appI just love this app it is so helpful and it does a lot and it is easy to use..Version: 1.4

Heart rate and more!!Works great to help track heart rate and some other features. I couldn’t get other apps to work. I checked this one against my doctors fingertip heart rate sensor today and it was with 1-2 heart beats per minute..Version: 1.4

ConvenientI like that it’s easy to monitor anytime you want. Not having to wait until you get to your equipment to monitor is a plus..Version: 1.4

AwesomeSo far enjoy this app and it’s features!!.Version: 1.4

AppApp ok.Version: 1.4

Heart rateSo far great app.Version: 1.4

RecommendedI highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to be able to check their health status and stay healthy..Version: 1.4

IdealIdeal for what I needed.Version: 1.4

This app is good to haveI like this app.Version: 1.4

Love this!!!!Great app to check vital signs !!!.Version: 1.4

Like it so farI just installed the app but it seems pretty cool. 🙂.Version: 1.4

Just DownloadedIt seems like if you write a 5-star review, they’ll let you have access to premium features for free. We’ll see..Version: 1.4

Great App!!This app gives me some comfort about how my heart is functioning..Version: 1.4

ReviewIt appears to be able to carry out the three functions with one placing a finger over the camera. Time will tell to give me a better sense of the apps accuracy..Version: 1.4

Great appReally great app gives right information about your health and gives the best tips for make better your health.Version: 1.4

Just averagesApplication just averages manual inputs need to have measuring equipment.Version: 1.4

Great appAs family doctors are becoming hard to find, this app gives me peace of mind to keep my health check in order..Version: 1.4

Luvly jubblyIt does what it says it does.Version: 1.4

ConvenientIt helps keep me in touch with my Bp.Version: 1.4

Great appGreat app.Version: 1.4

AppVery very good.Version: 1.4

Great appIs a really great app it gives you accurate readings.Version: 1.4

Not freeThis app is asking for money first.Version: 1.4

Seems to workUnlocking features.Version: 1.4

AccurateGreat app for heart monitoring.Version: 1.4

Impressionnant fonctionne directement avec IPhonePermet de suivre ta pression dans le temps.Version: 1.4

CoolIt’s the best app ever.Version: 1.4

Healthy 1Love this app. Easy to use and keeps me on track. Love the reminders. Helps me with water consumption..Version: 1.4

Heart rate appSo convenient to take heart rate. Relatively quick. Thank you for creating!.Version: 1.4

Heart ratePicked up heart rate well.Version: 1.4

Awesome!Can’t wait to see how my health changes!.Version: 1.4

ExcellentSeems like an excellent app for monitoring one’s health.Version: 1.4

Great AppGlad I discovered this App. Very convenient to use right on your phone..Version: 1.4

Great appThis is a wonderful app to keep you on top of healthy habits! Easy to use and understand.Version: 1.4

Best appThis app help me lot when I’m moving around in life. When I’m at work it’s easy to check my heart rate I just love this app.Version: 1.4

AmazingI love the app it helps me check my heart rate out.Version: 1.4

DeniseI just downloaded this app today but I really like it so far. It’s easy to use and your given your results instantly. I would recommend it..Version: 1.4

OkayExactly what I need.Version: 1.4

Very helpful for my heart health.Very efficient , useful for my heart health.Version: 1.4

GoodGood.Version: 1.4

Enjoying this AppVery good app. Enjoying 👌.Version: 1.4

NiceGreat app.Version: 1.4

Love the appAmazing app so far.Version: 1.4

ScamOnly put 5* because I wanna see what it said apps not all that.Version: 1.4

Great AppWorks good for detecting body functions.Version: 1.4

On pointSo far the app has been on point with bpm..Version: 1.4

ReviewGood app.Version: 1.4

Great AppThis app is amazing!.Version: 1.4

YeahGood stuff.Version: 1.4

Great app!This has so far been a great app for me.Version: 1.4

GoodI like this app I do not like that we have to pay a week for it.Version: 1.4

Simple and effectiveNow that I’m in my 70’s I’m much more conscious of monitoring my vitals so having a quick and easy way to do it is very welcomed. This app does that so much appreciated..Version: 1.4

ExcelenteThank you.Version: 1.4

Good appWorks great.Version: 1.4

ReviewGood app.Version: 1.4

A good onePretty good.Version: 1.4

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