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Melon: Sandbox App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Melon: Sandbox app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Melon: Sandbox? Can you share your negative thoughts about melon: sandbox?

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Melon: Sandbox for Negative User Reviews

Really fun to play with but the ads..So i have a lot of fun playing this game its fun to just play around and just kill them i guess, but i cant really play that much because you cant go out of the ads, the ads dont have a x button so you cant go out of them forcing you to make a whole different world to mess around with and i just find that really annoying, the time you get to play between ads are good but its just because i cant go out of them, so i dont know if that will ever change but it would be more fun. Thank you for reading and have a good day. 😄.Version: 17.0

The game is ok but there are definitely some things to fixFirst of all, could you please try fix this ‘bug’ im not sure it is actually a bug or a problem with your ads but whenever I build something a ad always pops up on my screen and it doesn’t have an X button on it so I have to refresh the app, loosing whatever I just built (and yes I waited around 5 minutes to see if a x would come, but it never did. Also, I would like it if you added more syringes, like maybe one to turn you into a zombie for example and also it would be nice if you added a few more characters, if you just fixed the ad problem though it would definitely bring my review up to a four or five star..Version: 14.4.1

Love it but..I love the game fun, but yet not enough. I mean like it would be nice to have more characters, or maybe more weapons. Another thing is that I hate the new look. Like when they look at you (the player) it’s creepy and weird. I would have rated it a 5 but just because the stare at you, and the skulls don’t make, nor the picture. It’s a 3. Till this is fixed it will be a five but I would also like to control them easier. Like when you pause and pull on their arm or something it just goes flying off. It would be nice for it to like pull on the body a bit. Not moving the body but pull the limbs without ripping them apart, and when you let go it should stay floating there till you unpause it. Also like Human Playground (which I do not play) their should be ones were their have their minds of their own. Like to know to stay away from dangerous objects, and a new thing is there should be psychopaths. Where they pick up guns and knifes and attack others. But other than that good game. *hope you see this*.Version: 14.4.1

Maps aren’t showingThe maps aren’t showing it’s just the back round that’s showing so fix this and I’ll give the game 5 stars.Version: 17.0

Changing my reviewDefinitely better after a few update, although the gore need improving. So when a power full object hits the head instead of the head coming clean of or getting or even just a little hit and bit of blood, instead there should be a chance that the top half of the head comes off and for the blood to shoot in certain directions depending on where they’re wounded. Also I noticed how the only lethal weak spot is the head, we need weak spots in the neck were they’ll bleed out and stumble around and also a weak spot on in the heart definitely. PS: review gone back to 3 because there are too many adds.Version: 14.4

Make melons and other characters react to stuffMake it so that the characters react to stuff and please and mods to IOS devices so we don’t have to miss out on the fun and it would get you money but it’s a pretty good game it would be better with mods..Version: 15.0

Have to keep uninstalling the gameI like this game a lot, and I use it to make my own scenarios and saves. But I have to keep uninstalling it because of a bug. The first time, I played this for a couple of months, though a message telling me to agree to the privacy policy eventually appeared. There’s no way to continue to the actual game without agreeing, so I did without reading the policy and pressed play, only to see that the maps are missing on the map selection screen. I tried things like reloading the game, powering off my device, and looking for solutions online. But the maps never loaded no matter what I did. I only way to fix this is to delete the game and reinstall it. Although this would have deleted my saves and removed my mods, I had to do it. And this happened to me like 3 more times, just a couple of weeks after I installed the app again. I even tried reading the policy! I’m writing this review right after the most recent time I had to uninstall this app due to this bug, and I recently decided to stop playing it for now. Please fix this bug, and I’ll start playing this again. Thank you..Version: 19.0

OH MY GOD THE ADSNow, I’ve been playing Melon Playground for about a year and a half now, and when I first started it was completely PERFECT, there was no ads whatsoever and you could just tell that the devs were trying to make a game for the player’s enjoyment, not for money. But now it’s almost every thirty gosh dang seconds that the game just throws an ad right in my face. Like I’ll be trying to build some sorta new “invention” (probably an incinerator or a people blender) and boom, an ad for some sort of crappy mobile game ad just appears outta nowhere and most of them are unskippable (idk if that’s even a real word but for now it is) and then I try to finish the thing I started putting together and guess what, another 30 second unskippable ad. It almost feels like the devs are just going after money from ad revenue now, not a quality game. But overall, spectacular game 7/10. ( I still have the game) And yeah if you’re reading this and you want a good mobile game, I’d highly recommend this. Good job devs (other than the ad thing, obviously.).Version: 14.4.1

There are no exes on the adsI love this game but I can’t get out of the ads because there are no exes so I have to exit the app and redo what I was doing.Version: 15.0

Advertisements are hellThis game is very good but sometimes when I am doing some stuff or building some stuff the game gives me some stupid advertisement. When the advertisement is done THERE IS NO SKIP BUTTON YOU ARE TRAPPED IN THE ADVERTISEMENT I have lost so many of my unsaved builds to this glitch. Just stop letting them advertise these stupid advertisements or just fix it. I hate Grammarly with my life after this. I have most of my problems with Grammarly.Version: 15.1.1

BugThere is a bug on the iPhone 11 that causes the whole game to freeze after a little while. It doesn’t have to do with storage, trust me. Overall it’s a good game..Version: 11.4

Add mod supportIt’s safe for apple.Version: 15.0

CompatibilityThis is a pretty good mobile version of the game and I will redownload it on one condition: Can you please make it compatible with newer devices as at the moment most of the menu is off my screen. (If it helps, i’m using an iPhone XR).Version: 9.3

IF YOUR GOING TO GET THE GAME READ THISSo I suppose your going to buy the game and you want to see if it’s actually worth buying, well yes.. and no. So the gameplay is actually quite fun you can spawn in weapons, characters and objects, and recently they updated the game so you can download mods from the game and put them in, BUT HERES THE THING, The majority of mods you can download are actually made so that you have to watch an ADVERTISEMENT AND EVEN WORSE THE ADS ARE BROKEN AND YOU CANT CLAIM THE MOD SO YOU CAN ONLY GET THE RUBBISH MODS. Melon Playground Developers, if you read this please take into consideration that advertising unskippable advertisements won’t serve your game & reputation well. Players, I advise just getting People playground on PC instead so you don’t have to watch ads for mods and get low fps quality when downloading large mods..Version: 18.5

Fix this nowThis game is really great for people who don’t have people sandbox you can spawn stuff in like weapons, people and even download stuff in the workshop pretty great overall. BUT there is a issue i would like if you’d fix it which is whenever im making something big like titan speakerman for example, theres always a chance, even a high one in fact where when you load something back in like what i said before for example it always glitches and breaks which is super annoying for people and they would probably quit and hate this game (especially me).Version: 20.0

Adds!!! What’s the next thing! Removing resizable!!!!Come on why do you have to add ads I can’t get out of them and they delete all my hard work, I have to restart the app every time one comes on!!! Plus the game was perfect before!.Version: 15.0

ADS HELLI got this game because I’m too poor to afford people playground (and it has terrible controls) but with the most recent update, every time I get and ad…. It does not let me back in the game afterwards, there is no X to skip or leave ads once the time runs out. I have lost 99% of the projects I make and I get an ad after literally 45 seconds of playing. The game is completely unplayable now due to the ads. The only time I can play is on airplane mode or when I don’t have wifi. Please please please fix this. On an unrelated note, why is modding not available on iPhone or iPad. Just a question..Version: 16.0

Ads don’t have any buttons to close themI’m playing the game and making a car and then I get an ad (most with white sides) then once the ad ends a smaller Image of the ad shows up and there is no X button. I pressed every corner including the ones in the squares and there was anything. I waited 1-5 minutes and thre wasn’t a button that showed up. Where is the button?.Version: 17.0

I can’t get out of the ad!The ads in this game is fine but why can’t I skip it? It’s very annoying please fix it now I can’t even play melon playground anymore. Please fix this Thanks.Version: 18.5

The game existIn the next update can you make the game actually good.Version: 13.2023

Please make a redo buttonThe game is fun and all but when i make something and i make a mistake, i have to make the whole thing again.Version: 8.4

Cons Of MPBasically, I was playing Melon’s Playground when an ad popped up. When the ad finished, the X never popped up. I was working on a video so this made me angry. Then 5 minutes later, I popped up on the same fudging ad. I’ve no trouble with ads, the only exception is the ads you give us MP players. One solution I have seen others suggest is remove them. A few have said to just fix them. Advertisements make you money, I know. But for the love of Hershey Kisses, please fix them or remove them. Another point I have is the lack of imagination. You should add more items to the game that would change it. For example, instead of choosing what boring weapons or character you want, you should be able to add customizable characters or weapons, like Peach and she has an axe as an arm, or Melon equipped with two chainsaws. My point is, give more imagination to the game. Also, please make it so you can flip characters or objects even after they’ve been placed. Lots of gratitude, Random Player..Version: 14.4.1

Is it just me or does it appear for anyone elseBro so i was building a building in melon playground today and it was meant to be a church right? then all of a sudden a add poster pops out of nowhere and everytime i try to click the < or x button it just brings me back to the home page and not the actual game and worst part is that this could happen anytime in melon playground like when you’re building a big save and it pops up as this has been happen for a few days now, so the big question is…Has this happen for anyone else? like seriously fix this.Version: 14.4.1

Sad timesI’m slowly playing this game less and I’m requesting you to focus on more glitches. I think it’s fine how it is right now and I also hate like the new robot and the new vote feature I had to write two reviews because this is just mad I’m playing this game less and less every day because it’s only getting boring I’m starting to focus on other games From 5h to 3h to 2h now only about an hour a day and most of the time I don’t even play anymore now I consider that you listen to this, and I want a developer to reply to this, please and not a bot I just want old times back the fun game I used to play is coming now a boring thing in the back of my mind so please consider and the glitches are the worst and there needs to be a lot more items to use and ragdoll with it is a sandbox after all and I think this game is slowly dying off because there’s not many things for people to do because they’ve already done everything there is to do that’s why I think you should advertise this game more and that’s it all I have to say bye now.Version: 18.5

Great Game But There Could Be MoreThe Game is fun playing with the fruit character and making things with the items they give you but it there is not many guns or explosives and the way you could fix that is by adding some things like a Musket a Pump Shotgun maybe a Matchlock Rifle and for the explosives you could add a generic bomb and by generic bomb I mean a bomb that isn’t as powerful as an Atomic Bomb but it is more powerful than some C-4 and you could add more items or machinery and one thing that would be nice is a set of Environment Settings like you can choose if it is raining or not or you can make it dark or you could add more maps like a map with grass and trees and other things and the only reason I think that would be nice is because if you add all that you will probably get more players and they will play for a longer period of time which would get you more profits and it would be fun for the player.Version: 13.1

The game is good and all but one thingSo, the problem is melon playground… I like to copy and paste my melon playground props and things, and also like saving. When I got the new mods from the shop and tried to copy them or save them and make a little fighting scene for them. But when I do, it glitches and breaks. So much so that it stretches from one side of the map to another. I don’t why this happens and want to fix it. But whatever I do, nothing works. I tried to delete the saves and mods that I thought did that but nothing worked. You guys need to fix the shop because I don’t really mind this. I don’t find this as a big impact but others might. So before a riot happens about this, can you fix it?.Version: 17.0

Good game but fix thisIt’s an amazing fun game, I do recommend it. But there’s ONE problem. I get ads every 5 minutes which is okay, but then the ads pop up, and there’s NO, X. Like I’m trying to make a experiment so see how much blood and dead bodies the game can handle, but then the ad pops up and it’s unskipable. No x, it loses all my work and stuff. Read this, and fix it or we’re gonna have a problem (not like sueing, just like me rating it a 1 cause how bad it is and probably get mad).Version: 14.4.1

PLEASE READ AND FIXOk so when I play the game I love it and build something and I’m almost done and it gives me an add and it’s not a normal add THERE IS NO X so I cant get out of the add and I need to refresh the game and it gets rid of all my hard work FIX THIS NOW AND I MEAN NOW it’s making me HATE AND I MEAN HATE the game so please fix it NOW there is no x on the adds for I can’t get out of it AT ALL so then I need to refresh the app AND IT GETS RID OF MY HARD WORK FIX ITTTTT and I mean fix it I hate playing the game now because there is no x and you can’t do that you can get sued so stop but I love the game but the adds and it happens every like 2-7m so I can’t even play the game and when I mean there is no x I mean it idk if it’s just me but it happens so fix it I’m so dam sad about it so fix it now please.Version: 14.4.1

The ads😭😭It’s a great game but when a ad pops up there is no skip button so at the end of the and I can’t get rid of it and then I have to reset the app.Version: 16.0

Good game but one issue and a suggestionEver since the new update I was excited to play but then I got an ad now I didn’t think much of it but ever since I have been getting the same ad and you can’t click out of it and close it you are just stuck on the ad and it’s really annoying. Like I would be building a creation and before I get to save it the ad pops up and I have to close the game and reopen it. Also because you added the space map you should maybe add astronaut suits just a suggestion.Version: 14.4

Problem.I love this game but.. There are too much ads! Every time I try to role play, it randomly pops up and makes me mad because I forget what I’m doing. It’s just frustrating of how ads pop up. I was wondering ‘ Why does this game need ads when we can use the game for more fun?’ I can’t just leave this game because of ads but I had to do something since some people can’t pay for no ads. Please fix this! Thank you for reading this and have a good day..Version: 20.0

I was parenting something and it messed up fixed thisFix this.Version: 20.24

Problem with getting my saved creations to work.I spend hours on this game, and while the rest of it is great there is one problem I keep encountering every time I attempt to load my vehicle creations. whenever I do this, they spawn in the bottom left corner of the map, below and beyond the ground and wall. This makes my creation to glitch out and makes my game crash, and even if it doesn’t crash, I can’t get my creation out of the wall, stopping me from using it, after I spent over an hour getting the turrets right, and using the wiring to make it drive. it causes the game to be a waste of time and ruins the fun, because I can’t pit tanks together in a fight, and see what wins. The big here stops me from loading vehicles, that I over an hour on, and I have had enough of this problem. The rest of the game is great, but problem is very urgent, and stops me from doing everything I want in the game. I hope to look into this and fix it, Thanks! -Adsalesman.Version: 13.2023

It would of been better if you didn’t remove manger file for iPhonesPls bring it back.Version: 12.2

Just please remove this or make like a featurePlease don’t add to eyes on the characters it just ruined my build and now I feel like I being watched maybe you could add it like a feature on the flip fore example you could turn the flip in a turn and once you press turn the npc looks at you if you turn it again he looks back and if you turn the npc again he looks away and so on just please I didn’t know this was gonna be added so please just make it like feature on the flip/turn or a mod because it kinda runined my builds But everything eles is fine so yeah please.Version: 14.4.1

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