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Crowd Evolution! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Crowd Evolution! app received 227 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Crowd Evolution!? Can you share your negative thoughts about crowd evolution!?

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Crowd Evolution! for Negative User Reviews

False advertising, straight up liesDO NOT download this! This is not a game, its a compilation of ads with a few seconds of play time in between them with no reward. It’s designed to make you fail repeatedly many times to force you to watch ads even if you make every move perfect every run. This is NOT “the perfect game for long car rides” like the ads say, it’s the perfect “game” to waste your time for greedy devs that want to get paid by forcing people to watch hours of ads to play a knock off low budget version of a dozen other mobile games that do the same thing. I would rate this 0 stars if I could, that’s how disappointing this app is..Version: 53.0.0

Another Revenue Generator or “Ad Game”Nothing too special about this one. Basic math with rewards that can only be unlocked through playtime and ads, of course the longer you play the more ads you are exposed to. My favorite (sarcasm) is when they ask you if you’d like to watch an ad for a a small reward: they give you the option to willingly watch an ad for some small reward like currency or to not watch the ad, but when you choose the latter they give you an ad anyway without a reward. It’s almost like negative reinforcement when you don’t want to willingly watch an ad. Even still, take all the ads out and what do you have? A basic, under developed, money grab that is an absolute waste of time that gets boring after the first few rounds..Version: 10.0.0

Brought ad-free, still get adsDon’t support this rubbish. If you buy ad-free, you still have to watch ads for power ups. Never touching an app from this developer again.Version: 19.0.1

It’s worth reading!!!! 🌬trust me.OMG so OK great game and all but it’s just the ads OMG the ads and I know that’s gonna sound like super weird when you read this but I’m using the microphone thingy or whatever but so this is gonna sound super weird but yeah as the Ads are a super problem it’s just like add after game after a game after add or something like that but other than that it’s a pretty good game I would rate it three 3/5 stars but it doesn’t let me do that so yeah that’s why it’s only three because I don’t want y’all thinking it’s a greater game that it actually is but at the same time I don’t want you thinking that it’s a worse game that it actually is because it’s really good really good minus the adds yeah so I’d recommend if you don’t really mind the excessive adds!.👍🏼 Sorry this is all just one sentence.😬.Version: 2.27.1

Ads and Crashes, the Game.I played the game for 60 minutes. 33 minutes of ads, five game crashes, and two crashes of my background audio app not including all the times the ads just stopped the audio instead of respecting that the game app was muted. At times, rewards were offered for watching an ad. After rejecting the offer, an ad was played anyway. As the offer was rejected, there was no benefit from watching the ad. These ads were also those most likely to crash the app. On top of those issues, the app is using far more processing power than it should need, making the phone overheat and draining the battery. I’d suggest giving this game a miss until they fix the problems unless you want to burn out your phone..Version: 2.22.1

Forced ads ruined the gameI recently downloaded this new game app that I was really excited to try out. However, my experience with it has been seriously hampered by the overwhelming number of forced advertisements. I understand that ads are necessary to support the app, but this game takes it to a whole new level. There are so many ads that they disrupt the flow of the game and make it practically unplayable. It's frustrating to be in the middle of a level and suddenly be forced to watch a 30-second ad that you can't skip. And to make matters worse, some of these advertisements are not safe for children. I wouldn't want my little one to stumble upon one of these ads while playing the game. Overall, the gameplay itself is enjoyable, but the excessive ads ruin the experience. It's a shame because I really wanted to like this app, but I don't think I'll be keeping it on my phone for much longer. If the developers can find a way to reduce the number of ads and ensure that all of them are appropriate for all ages, I would definitely reconsider. But until then, I can't recommend this app to anyone who wants to actually enjoy playing games on their phone..Version: 19.0.1

MenteurVous avez dit qu’on a pas besoin de wifi alors durant mon voyage je ne pouvais pas utiliser le jeu.Version: 55.1.2

Warning: Advert Central!I will start off with I’m a games designer my self, and not all of us are greedy money scammers. However this game could be such a higher rating. It’s fun (when you can play it) however the adverts in this game is way too much. Per level you are looking at 3-5. You could potentially spend money in guessing to avoid these adverts…… However you get into the game and pop an advert (not a 5 second one either it’s always 30+ seconds) then another right after and you sit there and just sigh…. To the team that developed this…. What happened to you from university to here? When did you sell out to making money out of advert spamming over having talent to produce games for peoples enjoyment? You once wanted to make games for people to smile and love…. Apart from that the game could be a top game. Thank goodness there are games I love playing that do not advert spam..Version: 12.0.3

Ads for AfricaWant to see a 30 second advertisement every minute - then this is the app for you Fun in concept but not other than that this is just a revenue generating app over saturated with ads..Version: 2.26.1

Too many ads too little progressAds play after every round and usually they’re longer than the gameplay lasts and impossible to skip. Then you upgrade your stuff and you don’t actually reach higher scores despite choosing the better options as well. There’s no point in playing because it’s impossible to see progress properly and you need to watch ads to get any cool stuff..Version: 49.0.1

Ad galoreDon’t download, you’ll be stuck watching dozens of ads before anything meaning full occurs. Not worth the time, Apple should put a ban on these types of games. They pull down the entire game store..Version: 17.0.1

Too many ads and game concept doesn’t make senseThere are way too many ads so I bought the no ads for $5 and even though now I’m not forced to watch ads, if I want any bonuses I still have to watch ads and quite often I mis click and watch an ad by accident. If you close the app during the ad and restart it, you lose all your in game currency which is unfair. Also the age concept doesn’t even matter. I noticed that it doesn’t matter what year it is, they all do the same damage. I can finish levels in year -75 and as long as you have enough people you win. Idk this just isn’t what I thought it would be.Version: 2.24.0

Too many AdsYou will unironically spend more time watching ads than playing the game itself, and I think that’s the whole point of this game’s existence. The levels take less than 30 seconds to complete, there’s no clear progression system aside from upgrades to spend your cash on which don’t even seem to do much of anything. The levels are also way too easy, and any point of stoppage in the game causes you to be met by another ad. The sound doesn’t even work the majority of the time. Game is fun and simple, but there clearly wasn’t much thought put into the actual development. This game is just an illusion to get you to watch ads. There is no challenge or goal. Simply a mediocrely-designed ad viewing experience with hints of actual gameplay in there..Version: 2.1

Terrible gameUnskippable ads after each level. Levels are pretty much impossible to lose and take 15-30 seconds to complete. Awful experience..Version: 11.0.3

Absurd amount of advertisementsEvery single level completed is hit with an ad. Do not download this game. Absolutely drains your cellular data.Version: 34.0.1

Don’t botherAnother good game ruined by intrusive ads….Version: 2.26.2

Ads 4 dayzGames are ok with a little bit of ads but this game just dumps more ads on you then any other game you would play also have to watch more ads ever 2nd upgrade. It was a fast and easy download & delete👍.Version: 2.17.22

Too many ads don’t bother with no ads pack.There’s an advertisement for everything in this game even after I bought the no ads pack still it queues me to watch an ad every time I complete a level to give bonus cash or play a bonus level or acquire a new weapon etc etc… the worst part is there is a “no thanks” button but it doesn’t appear until after like 20 seconds. So, even without watching a single ad the levels are broken up by as much as a 1 minute wait. It’s a major struggle to really get into the game when you’re constantly interrupted. It’s a real shame because the actual gameplay could have been really great but instead they just turned this into a cash grab that I’m uninstalling now..Version: 49.0.1

AD Game BewareFirstly and an issue most pronounced is the amount of ads, in 5 minutes of gameplay you will be seeing 5minutes of ads. The game creates a maze of adds before you even start completing the content of the game. Secondly it’s just mediocre, an addicting formula of upgrading overtime to beat a goal, but if over that time I haven’t been able to play without seeing multiple adds, there’s personally better things to be doing with your time. Finally, it’s not as easy to just avoid the ‘free upgrade’ adds, it will without choice force you to watch an advertisement later down the line, in most cases without a clear choice or definitive reward. Would be a good time waster if the choice to cram so many advertisements into a simple game wouldn’t leave me feeling like I’ve been water tortured. 1/10 could be a 5/10 without half the adds..Version: 17.1.1

DON’T PLAYThe idea of the game is original but playing the game isn’t worth the amount of ads they play, it’s uncalled for as other free games have way less ads and when I watched an ad to get a skin it didn’t give it to me I had watched an ad for nothing and what’s worse is sometimes they make you watch two in a row and the game freezes sometimes making you loose points, good idea but really not worth downloading.Version: 2.16.69

Not worth it.Too many ads at each successive level. You also can’t play offline..Version: 35.0.0

Sh!t10 seconds of play and 25 minutes of adverts WTF!!.Version: 2.3

0 stars due to adsWay to many ads even for a mobile game this is insane don't bother. 10 seconds of gameplay followed by 30 seconds of ads, then another ad for good luck, then an optional ad..Version: 50.0.1

Ad ad micro transaction ad adLame.Version: 2.22.1

Constant adsI like the idea of the game but the constant ads are ridiculous! Took a whole lot longer to get to level 10 than it should as it kept trying to get me to watch ads for bonuses or just starting short ads. The fact you can’t play offline makes this game a no go for me..Version: 5.0.2

Good ‘time waster’ butI have had this game for a while and even paid to remove ads as I enjoyed it as a quick time wasting game 😊 However I was experiencing issues whereby it was crashing - I have a large starting group/year - which I see was ‘fixed’ in the latest update. But it hasn’t and my game has just crashed again 😩.Version: 32.0.0

There really should be a zero stars option.Just another game that wants you to watch 5 ads to get any buffs played it for 10ish minutes and every option requires you to watch an ad. Plus gameplay wise there were better flash games 20years ago that required nothing of thought as well and that looked better and had more content. Anyone rating above 3 stars must either be paid/bot or the type of person to think what they fine in their toilet as 5 star restaurant dining..Version: 25.0.1

Ad Nightmare - Avoid!I had seen enough ads about this on other social media, and without seeing the writing on the wall, I tried it out. I was immediately force-fed ads at every turn they possibly could. Say no to an ad, then another version of the ad shows up. You say no again, and then the Apple window to download displays. Say no to that, then no to a final window, and then you’re back to the game (if it doesn’t offer a bonus level for an ad, or just about anything aside breathing). 20 seconds later and you’re right back into it. Like a dummy, I paid for no ads thinking it would help, and guess what? I still had to watch ads!! Even the in-game currency didn’t mean anything at a point; to upgrade skills, you had to watch an ad for a ‘free’ level-up. What’s the point of acquiring anything in-game if you have to watch ads anyway? This is 100% a scam designed to give you a weak semblance of gameplay but really intrusively and relentlessly hound you for things you don’t want. It’s pretty sad, to be honest..Version: 2.25.1

Avoid this “game” like the plagueEven when purchasing the No Ads unlocker, most (if not all) of the unlocks in the game is hidden behind video ads that are downright intrusive. There’s no real progression in the game either; levels get slightly trickier but I can’t notice any difference in damage upgrades, and even upgrading your fire rate doesn’t help with the end of the level. Complete waste of time, can’t recommend. There are plenty of other games on the App Store that are more worthy of your time and attention..Version: 5.0.4

Ad ad ad!I wanted a game as a simple quick time waster. But in the whole time after you do anything you have to watch a ad. Some are even a minute long and soon as you do one level which is around 30 seconds long here comes another ad. In the end I have my phone put down more then I’m using it so I don’t have to watch the same ad again. The concept of the game is simple and it could be a good addictive little game if It didn’t feel like you was being force fed ads every two seconds..Version: 26.0.1

Falls flat relatively soon after downloadingDownloaded the app on a whim after seeing it a lot from the ads. It was fun at first with trying to get as far as you could with the years and people. It’s now that I’ve upgraded the years and crowd to the point where it doesn’t require much effort to win other than to click start for the level. Also the evolutions peak once you get to around year 7-10k where you stop as a green alien and a laser gun. No more advancements bc the developers creativity stops at 1980’s sci-fi films. Also the island destroyer side mission they TRIED to add to break up the monotony failed. Once you beat the first rival island and move out of the first island you’re completely locked there forever. I’ve destroyed 4 more islands but never once was prompted to move on to bronze or whatever age is next. Sad to see the developers only considers throwing in as many ads as they could instead of seeing if the game was complete. Oh and the massive amounts of 5 star reviews are confirmed to be bots..Version: 5.0.4

Complaints-Lots of ads for absolutely everything that makes it hard to even play the game. -Quickly purchased no ads cause of previous issue downside there are still a lot of ads to unlock things with no other option to purchase them with anything else inside of the game. -Purchasing any of the weapons does not actually upgrade the damage to anything at all. Also fairly certain that purchasing the attack speed or attack damage does nothing at all either. -After you watch as many ads as it takes to unlock all characters and weapons then it becomes impossible to complete daily challenges. -When it comes to the castle portion of the game once you manage to get as far as the Stone Age of islands you can’t go any further even though it shows 5 unlocked islands past that. -Gold coins obtained from bosses become unusable once making it to the Stone Age island in the castle. Also the gold coins are only usable in the castle. Quite a few downsides but still somehow manage to find myself coming back to play the game. Just wish there was a few more aspects to the game that felt like I was making more progress with upgrades and anything else. Would have given it one star but since I do find myself playing it so much I decided on two..Version: 2.27.1

Disappointed with Crowd Evolution AppI recently downloaded Crowd Evolution, hoping for a seamless user experience. However, my overall satisfaction was marred by the intrusive ads that constantly disrupted my usage. It's disheartening when an app prioritizes ad revenue over user experience. I would appreciate a more user-friendly environment in future updates. My daughter also downloaded this app and it almost forced her to pay for no ads. I’m very disappointed and this game should come with no ads (like it said on the ad about the app) and it should most definitely not force someone to pay for no ads..Version: 51.0.1

Stay away!There is so many ads you literate have to watch more ads than be able to play the actual game. Ad system is so ridiculous that even when you clear a lvl an ad will pop and make you watch the whole thing without being able to skip. Other issue with the ad system is that there is so many your phone will freeze time to time not being able to play as you like. Making people watch something making them wait on top of the ad is just ridiculous. Wouldn’t even deserve a star…🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 21.1.1

RUBBISH GAME DONT PLAYFirst of all there is way too many ads even if you pay for no ads you will still get them as most buttons you have to click require an ad. Second, it is very glitchy and hard to move Finaly, the “age” option dose nothing as all the ages do the same damage. Overall very bad game DO NOT PLAY.Version: 2.25.1

Ads ads adsGame could be fun, but I literally have to watch ad after ad after ad even though I laid for the game. You unlock new weapons and stuff but then have to watch an add to actually get them! What’s the point of buying it so there’s no add if you have to watch adds any ways? Don’t waste your money levelling up either. It makes no difference. I have levelled up damage like 40+ times but actually does no extra damage.Version: 7.0.1

Popups wildinYou get like 4 in game pop ups after every level that take 4 seconds for the no thanks to pop up as well as an actual ad every two or so levels, the levels are like 15 seconds long so theres more time spent wait for the ads to go away.Version: 2.26.1

Walking adOpen game ad, complete lvl ad, click not now to watch an add for stuff doesn’t matter you get an ad want literally anything in game watch An ad. Games worthless these devs should just give up on games clearly they can’t make anything worth while.Version: 43.0.1

Insane amount of ads make it unplayableAfter each game which will last less than a minute, you will get a video ad, that you need to click off 3 times usually, followed by multiple pop ups to watch more ads or pay for upgrades that are unskippable for the first few seconds. More than half the time playing is spent waiting and watching ads. Way too much, can’t respect the developers for this decision.Version: 14.0.1

Ads Ads Ads and Impossible to proceedYou have to watch ads for every upgrade you want. Paying for no ads will not stop you having to watch ads. It’s impossible to proceed further than 4/5 for your “village” or whatever it’s called because your end damage is capped at 50 and you cannot fire fast enough to clear it. Quite scammy if you ask me..Version: 12.0.3

Very repetitiveIt’s okay short term. But it really becomes very repetitive, doesn’t become anymore challenging and all levels are the same. I got to level 170 and it feels no different from level 1. Kept playing in the hope there would be some kind of change but sadly not. Good concept, further development and planning urgently needed to make it more fun and challenging..Version: 16.0.1

Good but one thingThis game is really fun and I have a good time playing it but there is one issue. When you start to get to a certain level or age, you start doing the same damage over and over and even if you upgrade your damage it is the same. Please change this and if you do it would be 5 stars..Version: 12.0.3

Beware - In App PurchasesStarted playing and found the deluge of forced and optional ads to be very painful. Decided to pay the $4.49 AUD for the “No Ads” option. Turns out that “No Ads” doesn’t actually mean no ads. Watching ads is still routinely required to progress the game the game as intended by the developer. Either the paid in app purchase should be labelled as “fewer ads” or actually be no ads. Incredibly frustrating..Version: 2.22.1

Great app designed to make most users leaveThis is a great application in that it is designed to make most users leave within 20 minutes. The designers have incorporated so many advertisements into the game that it is sufficient to put off even the most enthusiastic players. This means these people will spend more time doing better, healthier things than playing games like this..Version: 34.0.2

Far too many ads from the outset. boringDon’t waste your time on this.Version: 14.0.1

Waaaay too many adsBasically an ad every level, right from the start. The first two levels have no ads, but from that moment on, ads every single level. Gameplay itself is fun, but the poor quality and sheer amount of ads makes it terrible. Do not download, don’t support the creators. They don’t deserve it..Version: 34.0.2

DisappointmentSo starting off with the good, the game itself, while simple, is fun. It’s exactly what’s in the ads, if with forced pacing. The design is simplistic to the point where it feels like a pitch, but that’s to be expected. The bad boils down to advertisements, of which there are so many built in button ads and pop up unskippables that it feels like a Reddit meme from 2013 or a cyberpunk movie. There is a constant banner add in the bottom, 7 different clicker ads for items, a shop that is nothing but clicker ads, a daily spin that is a clicker ad, and after every run you get an unskippable ad and the ability to upgrade fire rate and damage, which if you don’t have enough turn into clicker ads, and a money multiplier that is a clicker. When you do challenges you are asked to watch an ad for 3 more lives no matter what. Besides the advertising, there is also the fact that every single one of the pup ups that has its own screen will not have a no way to refuse for 4-5 seconds, after which a small “no thanks” appears in between the clicker ad and the banner ad in a extremely small gap, which means you have to be careful not to hit the advert button. Overall, if the game was on its own this would be a 3.6/5 simple but decent game. Unfortunately the fact that it has more ads than game makes it mind meltingly difficult to play..Version: 51.0.1

Unplayable, and Shady Business Practices!At this point I’m done with Rollic games completely, when you have a paid add on that says “No More Ads” I think oh awesome I can play this game with no more ads, so I purchased it, only to come to find out that it only removes the forced ad after every single level, you still need to watch an ad to buy something from the store, upgrade your character, go up levels, access the bonus level, so basically anything you need to advance in the game you still need to watch an ad for, and there’s an insane amount of ads!!! I want my $2.99 back to remove the forced ads as it’s a complete sham! And a Lie you guys should be ashamed of yourself a for lying to people. You should rename the in game purchase to “Removes 1 Ad, you’ll still see about 30 others.” But for $3 it’s a complete ripoff..Version: 14.0.0

Shockingly boring after a few levels, it keeps repeating.This game is shockingly bland after you pass level 30 or so, I kept playing until level 150 and guess what, same crowd evolutions, same damage, you reach a highscore wall you can no longer pass (I die in the same spot since lvl 30, I am now lvl 150 with both fire rate and power upgraded 160lvls, it makes NO DIFFERENCE. Also man, the amount of ads, it’s unbelievable, for every minute of active gaming you spend 5 mina watching ads. Verdict: Just don’t bother, it’s fun for 30lvls after which it isn’t..Version: 7.0.2


Blatant ad generatorUpdate: This game actually doesn’t do anything. You can get through the levels without watching a single ad (use an ad blocker). Even so, any so called upgrades do nothing. There is no progress. There is no saving. There is no reward or end goal. Every other day there’s an update, that fixes nothing. Please ignore this game. Do not indulge its terrible scam model. This is a game that no matter what you do, the end results are always the same. You can have almost zero people, years, or max fire power, years, people, etc. You will never progress any further. Avoid this game. It has one purpose and one purpose only… to make you click on ads..Version: 18.1.1

Ads ads and more adsPlayed for 10 minutes. Actually its more like played for 2 minutes and watched ads for the other 8 minutes. Ads popping up constantly between levels, you want an upgrade why not watch another ad. You wanna spin the wheel hey why not watch another ad. Ads, ads and more ads. Ads coming out your bung hole.Version: 10.0.5

Not enough AdsThis game is grate and progress is decent but if you want us to watch ads make sure there are enough of them as there are currently to many opportunities in your game but I never have enough ads. You want that ad revenue Right?.Version: 3.0.1

Waste of moneyI bought this game straight up to remove ads as I watched videos online about it and it looked fun, but to get anywhere you have to watch ad’s. also the only year group that does any good is the one with the gun that fires 3 ways, no point evolving past this character..Version: 14.0.0

Awesome game spoilt with to many adsFirst off I will start with the positives . *Game is fun, having to get through the level and makin your army grow in size and technology. I love the concept and it’s very unique * graphics are better than most games of this type of game * easy to navigate, no need to learn what things to, you can pick up and play from the get go. Negatives *the big major for me is the amount of ads . It slows the game down drastically . Every chance the game gets it throws timed ads at you. Litteraly makes you want to stop playing . I totally understand it’s a way the game generates income but please dial back on it, even if it was after every 2 or 3 play throws that would be ok but common after every play through when a level lasts for no longer than 30 seconds drives you up the wall and stops you playing. * make the levels more challenging , maby an option for difficulty. Regards.Version: 5.0.2

Too much adsAlthough it says to pay for no ads version however can’t even try this for a small period to start enjoying the game without any ads popping up from every where . Uninstalling it now.Version: 2.25.2

25 seconds of gameplay 1.5 minutes of adsTitle sums it up, waste of time..Version: 56.0.0

AdsAds are obnoxious.Version: 10.0.0

Read before playing.Look there are good games, there are bad games, and there are games that are made solely for ad revenue. And this is one of those games. You are pushed to watch adds a total of 3-4 times after EVERY. SINGLE. MATCH. Which wouldn’t be bad, if every match didn’t last less than a minute. And I’m not over exaggerating. The rounds literally last around 30-45 seconds. They purposely made this an easy game to make you feel like you’re doing good and achieving something- but that’s not the case. The game is almost guaranteed to win, just so they can have you watch adds to get more rewards. Worst part- if you don’t want to watch the ads for the rewards, they play adds regardless. So there no point in clicking no. It’s an entertaining game, but the amount of adds and complete lack of challenge ruin the entire concept. Save your time and play something else. Developers, shame on you for making a blatant add cash grab of a game..Version: 2.27.2

Too many adsTheres so many frcking ads, like jeez i didnt know yall were that hungry for money, ruined game fr.Version: 48.0.1

Fun for a little whileI started playing a game and it was really great fun. I watched a lot of adverts. That was not fun. I think what is the biggest problem with the game is the lack of any sense of progression. The high score for example, it does not matter whether I have got a few people and crossbows or a whole army in the year 10,000 with ray guns or whatever but I still get to the same point in the high score every time. There seems to be no progression of the levels getting steadily harder. So I am definitely losing interest in the game. Which is a shame because it has a lot of potential if it had some better structure to it..Version: 7.0.1

Poorly optimized and even poorer ethicThe gameplay loop is simple but fun. As some other reviews stated you can get some fun out of it for a few minutes while you’re sitting on the toilet or waiting for the bus. However my main gripe is the ethic with which the game was made. You cannot make any decision without sitting through 30s adds. Wanna level up? Ads. Wanna unlock a weapon? Ads. Oh you finished a level? Ads. Lazy attempt at monetization imo. It is also really poorly optimized, with often big frame drops for no real reason (the screen is never cluttered with particles/ennemies). Nothing unplayable but definitely noticeable..Version: 4.0.1

No funGame has no challenges after level 30 you do nothing and you will win. Waste of time after level 30.Version: 1.7

Fun but huge problemThe game is broken up into two stages: 1) you control the guy/army through the course and decide if you want to build your army in size or in advancement. You’re in charge. You decide. 2) you finish the course and then run through some hay bails trying to reach the building at the end. How well you did in part 1 determines how far you go in part 2, but you don’t actually do anything in part 2. You just stare at the screen. The problem is part 2 lasts longer than part 1. Couple that with all the ads and now you’re playing a game for less than 30 seconds and then staring at the screen for over a minute before you can play the game again..Version: 25.0.1

Too many ads all the timeImpossible to play, ads all the time.Version: 17.1.1

Good game, great time wasterWasting time on ads, good game, gets you thinking +600 months or + 10years, decide in 3 seconds…. Great game, but way too many ads, I get they need revenue, but I’m going to delete because of the ads. Fewer ads, and I’d probably stick around. *note to devs, work on your ratio.Version: 15.0.0

Misleading ad and laggy gameplayNobody will want to play your game if you straight up lie to them. We can’t play offline, there are millions of ads, and the gameplay is quite laggy! Fix your game and stop lying and maybe people will like this game!.Version: 48.0.1

I played for 30 minutes - 25 were spent watching AdsI genuinely really wanted to play this kind of game after seeing it nonstop on social media. However, the game starts off great with the mechanic I’ve always been wanting to try but it hides the fact that you have to watch 30 second unskippable adverts each time you want to go to the next level. A level could take around 30 seconds to a minute to compete, but the adverts are twice as long, sometimes 3 times as long if you want to earn more free money/ counters. I would avoid disappointment if I was you and hope that someone else makes an less irritating game!.Version: 13.0.0

Pointless. Terrible. DullI’m ignoring the ads, if the game actually got progressively harder or more challenging or developed at all in any way as you progressed, the ads would be a tiny issue. The game does none of the sort though so they are quite annoying. I’m on level 80 and the only time the game wasn’t an instant win was for 5-10 levels around the level 60 area? Which makes zero sense? At some point the game went back to being really easy again, and then further alone it became literally impossible to lose! Trash. I’d have kept playing and ignored the ads being so prevalent if there was consistency any form of challenge but a 4 year old would struggle to fail most levels..Version: 2.25.2

Beatable in a few hoursIt’s basically the exact same thing every level Good at first but you level up to a point where you can win without doing anything. There are no objectives to further the game so it becomes repetitive and boring quickly. It’s basically an app designed to separate $6.99 from you so you don’t get ads then 50 levels later realizing a cheep hooker is a better investment..Version: 56.0.0

No ads payment is a lie!I paid £4.99 to stop the ads which are everywhere in the game. But it actually only stops you getting ads after every level. If you want new items (when you’ve collected them in the levels) you have to watch a ton of ads. It’s a shame as the game is kind of addictive. But yeah. I am dumb and thought a mobile game would actually be telling the truth when it says no ads. Don’t be like me..Version: 49.0.1

AdsYou spend more time watching ads than playing the game, plus it requires wifi so you gotta watch the ads. Scummy.Version: 12.0.0

This games just designed for u 2 watch adsHonestly there is an advert before and after every level sometimes more than one which gets to be almost as tedious as the game, literally same thing every level, you don’t even have to kill the enemy’s that are coming towards you just at the end, so easy and stupid for a game just to keep your attention. But Ofcourse above all else to get you to watch more adverts at every opportunity or even worse games like bloody slot machine games lol please don’t waste your time like I have 10 mins I’ll never get back lol.Version: 2.22.0

Don't download!!!Hello, downloading this game will be the biggest mistake of your life. It says in the ads that it can be played without internet, but you cannot enter the game when the internet is not connected lol. And when you touch each button the forced ad appears.Version: 52.0.1

ShystyDeleted and re downloaded to find out no progress was saved get fkd.Version: 12.0.0

As ridden cancerThis game would be fun but forces you to watch ads constantly, I felt I spent about three times longer watching ads than playing, and other reviews tell me paying to remove ads doesn’t remove and except pop ups, and that’s the minority.Version: 11.0.2

Pointless game, unachievable goals.Do not bother downloading or paying for the no ads upgrade. The game because impossible to pass the levels later on making the entire game pointless. Your damage is capped at 50 for the pylons and i found that it doesn’t matter how far in years you go, you will cap at 50 damage unless you get one specific age that splits the bullet into 3, so that’s what i used to do to progress. Then they did an update and now the numbers on the pylons are so ridiculously high that not even the 150 damage from the tripled bullets is enough to break through to the end. The village system does literally nothing. Attack speed stops doing anything after a bit. This is coming from someone who got to level 120ish and has a level 5 version of every building. I just had to see if this game has anything to offer, maybe an update to fix the damages or something so advancing years wouldn’t actively hurt you. Game is not worth your time or your 3 dollars. Have a nice day..Version: 11.0.3

Lack of progression & too many adsPotential to be really great - addictive in a lot of ways However, way too easy - if you start the game and don’t touch the screen, 90% of the time you’ll still beat any boss level or the high score screen. No matter how far you evolve or watch adverts to increase fire rate & damage, it seems to cap at 29 damage, meaning no room for progression. The best range is around the year 3000 , and then after that you get penalised for going above it as you only get one bullet per round instead of 3 Even when paying for no ads, the whole game is still centred around watching them for any form of progression. It makes it really hard for you to even say “no thanks” to watching an advert as you have to wait a few seconds for that to appear & even if you do, it normally still redirects you to a store etc.Version: 10.0.5

It’s an ad player, not a gameIf you like watching ads for games, then you’re in luck! Cause this game will play ads nonstop! Of course, one can’t live on watching ads alone, so to make sure you don’t get bored after watching 3 minutes of ads, you will have to suffer through 15 seconds of actual gameplay. But don’t worry! Once you complete those grueling 15 seconds, you’ll get rewarded with another ad to collect your reward! Don’t want the reward? No problem! You’ll get to watch the same ad to not get the reward! It’s a win win! What’s this? A BONUS ROUND? Well I don’t care about the round so much, but does it mean I can watch more ads? What? You can’t enter the bonus round without watching an ad and you’ll have to watch several ads while in the round to level up so you can finally finish the round, then another ad to collect the reward? OMG count me in!.Version: 7.0.2

1% game 99% adsIf the game was challenging it might be okay, don’t waste your time..Version: 2.24.1

SaddeningIm a fan of cash grabs myself. They are an interesting concept to delve into the psychology of economically. This game pays for its development as long as enough people “play” it, wherein the game itself boils down to a semi-polished design capitalized to span an infinite amount of levels. There are enough ads to have the developers swimming in dough with its massive player base. But the house in the end is cruelly designed. It is intentionally impossible to reach any sort of overarching satisfaction through hitting this end goal, as its always slightly out of reach. Like a hallway with a door at the end that can get ever so close, but never within arms reach. I am stunned by how simple this concept is, and how wholly addictive this game has been in the past few days. I know theres no real finish line, but I keep hoping. The upgrades are pointless and the game is nearly impossible to lose. Have fun tho!.Version: 6.0.1

Advertisement app disguised as a game. Do not download.Could be a fun game. The main problem is that you spend 10 times more of your time watching ads than playing the game, because you will have to in order to get the stuff to progress. The amount of money dropped if you watch an ad to get the 3x multiplier, might be enough to upgrade one item and then it’s one ad per upgrade after that. Then you have mandatory ads after each level. If you have an old phone that you can just waste your time hitting an ad button all the time on, then go for it. Have ads running while you’re doing something actually fun on your real phone. Other than that, don’t bother with this app. I would call it a game, but I think I’ve already proven that it isn’t one..Version: 16.0.1

Cash grabGame had potential… except there is an ad for EVERYTHING! Wanna unlock this cool guy? Ad! Wanna pass a level? Ad! Wanna level up a skill a certain amount of times? AD! It’s so obvious this game is just a cash grab it hurts…. The creator doesn’t care about the game… just the money… I played for like 5 minutes and got so many ads I uninstalled…. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.Version: 13.0.2

Adtastic gameIf you like adds, bugs and addictive « dumb » gameplay this is the game. Very frustrating as the challenge is very low to get you to play longer. You have to watch ads non stop to play. 1 ad every 30 seconds seems excessive.Version: 49.0.0

Boring game with fake reviewsEvery review about this game is bad yet it has 3.9 stars out of 5. Levels are way too short and easy with such long ads between each level. Deleted the game within a few minutes.Version: 2.27.1

AdsHope you like watching ads instead of playing.Version: 2.0

Deceitfully charmingCrowd Evolution! looks like it has more to offer than most ad-riddled games of its genre… at first. I challenged myself to not watch a single ad after bribing the pop-ups away. For the initial 45 minutes it was a pleasant surprise: the game had a decent pace, i didn’t feel the need to watch additional adverts and my progression seemed unaffected. The further I advanced, the hollower it got. The dynamics became visibly inefficient (i.e. higher ages less powerful than their lower counterpart), the game never increased in difficulty or unlocked stronger enemies, the shop’s items (only accessible through adverts) seem pointless and defeat the purpose of the game… leaving a feeling that the appeal is just a front to trick you into watching adverts. This game will earn you no sense of achievement and you will have nothing to show for your time. However, it is fun for 10mins… before you inevitably run as fast as you can from the flock of starved pop-ups frothing at the mouth for your blood..Version: 11.0.3

Ads ads ads ads, even when you select the option for no adsThis app is the chip to the salsa that is their Ad revenue…there’s really not much game behind it. I’ve binged the game and gotten as far as you can get, at this point the in game currency is pointless as you accumulate more, but with no way to spend it. Just about every action results in an unskippable ad. Even when you select the option that won’t reward you with more currency, there’s another ad waiting for you. Imagine if you were walking through your house and every step you take you had to watch an ad. I understand that there’s a 2.99 fee to remove the ads, but there’s so little gameplay to this app to merit 2.99. On top of this, actions are neither causal or repeatable. Buying higher damage or faster damage don’t actually apply to the grand finale at the end of each run. This seems to be capped at 50 damage points per hit. In terms of their “age” more years doesn’t actually mean better. I think some of the furthest runs were accomplished with the wizard character. There’s no growth path in this game as each character has just about as much effect as the last. Don’t waste your time. And please for the love of {doG}, please don’t waste your money..Version: 10.0.0

LiarsThe ad that I clicked on to download said that it was the best no wifi car game yet if you have no connection then it will not allow you to play.Version: 38.0.1

Fun, at the start.I’ve bought this game, paid $4~ for it to get no adverts. Just so you don’t make the same mistake I made, paying only removes pop up advertisements. You still need to watch ads to unlock everything, to attack more than once, and to double coins/money each run. Secondly, and my major complaint is that fire rate and damage upgrades do absolutely nothing. It’s only the years that change, I’ve found around the year 2000 is the best, they throw faster. The weapons you get change nothing from I’ve seen, and every age is capped at 50 damage. I’ve gone from level 9 to 16 in my damage and it’s still 50 each hit, just find the year that has the fastest fire rate, upgrades, additional people and weapons change nothing. It’s all down to one person at the end, this is by far the biggest disappointment in the game..Version: 7.0.1

Money Farm (Ad central)Game itself is okay but once you’ve played a single round don’t expect anything else. Levelling doesn’t do anything, manpower does nothing when you level up, power stays at 50 even once you’ve levelled to 100, and the characters you unlock can sometimes be slower/worse than the previous one. There’s no concise plan with this game, has random changes here and there but there’s actually nothing there. Just images and pretend numbers, even the whole village part is bare, it’s just another thing to sink the useless money in to..Version: 14.0.0

Could be expanded onIt is me WormInASuit the famous reviewer from Sock reviews. This game doesn’t have anything too bad other than the amount of ads it has, unlike most games with lots of ads this game has no ability to pay to remove them meaning you have to deal with the ads no matter what. The game also feels very empty with the lack of music or even sound. Other than that this game is pretty decent but I think it could have been worked on a bit more and it would’ve been a much more enjoyable experience..Version: 2.25.1

F me the adsI get ads are part of life, but f me guys am as to finish a level, then another ad to upgrade the player, and then another one for the weapon. I tried to press the no thanks on them and even doing that ads still play. An ad every couple of ads is reasonable but 3 between each level is ridiculous. The game itself is fun but after 24 hours close to deleting purely based on ads volume..Version: 12.0.0

Its a scam!!Ive purchased the No ad mode. But there are still tons of ads!! You will be forced to watch an ad..Version: 12.0.3

Terrible gameHow is this number 1 for free strategy games?!?! This game has no strategy they only way you can loose is if your some type of spastic! Awful game.Version: 2.26.5

ADDS…. AND GLITCHESFirst thing I want to type about is adds now I know that many games have adds almost all of them… but this game has a “harsh” amount of adds now I have complained before to other games about the amount of adds they have, because I played for 20 minutes and got 15 minutes worth of adds AND IM NOT OVERREACTING!!! And I have had a look through some other reviews on this game and found i wasn’t the only one typing about adds, this is something I normally say if I’m typing a “ bad “ review. “ in sorry for criticising your game but seriously you should check it” and don’t worry your not the only one who’s been criticised by me. Now the next complaint of mine glitches, 5 times I been playing the game and for about 10 seconds is completely fine when the characters Turn they keep on going forward and the game continues with no characters and doesn’t stop even after the track ends and I’m ended up with a blue screen THAT DOSENT END 😑😑😑 So please check on your game I’m sure none of your players would like glitches and I know you probably can’t get rid of all the adds but please try because I have seen A-LOT of reviews about adds and couple about glitches. But overall it’s an ok game. That’s all I’m going to say 🙂.Version: 17.2.1

Grenade bug. Ads. Punished for upgrades via ads. Does anything really matterWhat’s the point of upgrading to have more people if they’re going to get yeeted when you run a level? What’s the point of ANY upgrade? How do years even affect your damage or speed? Shouldn’t alien be annihilating everything? Hero seems to do such minimum damage it hurts. I’ve played 138 levels out of pure boredom (enjoy that ad money) and I get it’s a money grab buy you can do this in a smoother way. What is the point of the shop??? I upgraded ages to see a change and nada. Also, why no weapon drops after the initial few? To hit the daily goal I need to get three and I haven’t seen one today. Same with pets. And watching ANY ad should count. Shouldn’t have to watch one from the goals page. I have all these weapons and can’t use them even when equipped. At least make the money grab feel better. I respect the hustle but 10% more effort would bring in more people! And for Grenade: if you turn a corner the grenades go behind you lol.Version: 38.0.1

Game doesn’t workI came up to level 247, no the guns don’t work, no matter how many years I upgrade the crowd, the bullets just go through the red guys..Version: 2.2

Ads make this practically unplayableThere are ads for everything in this game. I did pretty quickly buy the “no ads” add on, but that only stopped them from playing during normal progression, all other bonuses and unlocks still require you watch them. I haven’t been playing mobile games recently, but it seems like ads are way worse now. Making you sit through a minute or two, then popping up the store page, then making you wait again. It’s really egregious and out of control. If this weren’t so bogged down with ads it would be a fun little time waster. Another frustrating thing is that it’s kind of buggy. It is a resource hog, so it’ll drain your battery and turn your phone into a space heater if you play for too long. There are also really frustrating blockers, like how boss stages regularly soft crash when you have too many people make it to the end. I don’t really feel good about spending money on this one, even though I don’t hate content. The ad stuff just makes me uncomfortable. It feels cheap and scammy..Version: 2.26.5

Impossible to losePlayed up till level 50, upgrading things as I went, and still hadn’t lost a single game. I then tried choosing the worst options for about 10 levels and still managed to win every game. Makes the game boring; you’d have to be a spastic to somehow lose a level.Version: 2.3

Bad gameWayyyyyyyy to many adds and the game is way to easy!.Version: 6.0.1

Just like there rest of themNow this game is… alright nothing really sets this game out from the rest of them not to mention this game just like many others just what your money they will pack as many ads as possible they will also continue to make crappy games just to make money. Now there are games like that so I will recommend them to obviously you don’t have to play them but if you do I recommend The Battle Cats Two Player Games And Gumslinger Now they are the top three games that I play again you DONT have to get them just check it ok? Thank you for your time..Version: 17.0.1

Played 3 games, spent more time watching more adverts than playThis has got to be the worst game / advert ratio I’ve seen. Delete, don’t install..Version: 52.0.1

Good idea, poor deliveryThe game itself, at face value, is a fun game to play. Beyond that it’s an advertisement nightmare. Like so many others that reviewed this game, I find it is plagued with ads even after spending the money to supposedly remove them. They don’t pop up every few seconds, but you need to watch ads to get anywhere in this game. Aside from the plethora of ads, there are several other issues I think the developers could work on. - the higher your “years” are is not congruent with the level at which your weapons operate. - no matter how much you upgrade your fire rate and/or damage (using either ads or exhorbitant amounts of game dollars to upgrade) it does nothing to the fire rate/damage. - if you want to upgrade your age/weapons/pets you need to, once again, watch the ads (starting to see a pattern yet? - the upgrades within the levels (age and years) are sometimes pointless. I have seen “x1 year” so many times, and each time I question why I continued to play this game. In summary, if you are an avid advertisement enthusiast and love to mindlessly wander through a game that has no real meaning or substance, then look no further. If you are not the aforementioned six-year-old, you probably shouldn’t waste your precious time and energy..Version: 10.0.5

Cheaply MadeI played this game to level 750. In short. It’s Terrible. you ask then, why did I play so many levels? So you do not have to. This game is very cheaply made. The levels are really just looped; so instead of 100’s of uniquely designed levels, I would say only about 30 levels were made, and then just copy pasted. The developer is clearly very lazy. A lot of potential in the game idea, but the idea is wasted by poor design. In addition, the game is slowed down greatly by the amount of add pop ups you get. Sure, you can purchase “ad free”, but this only stops the automatic ads. You still get 2-3 pop ups after every level asking you to watch an ad… to get some bonus money or an item. This game is marketed to kids. Kids really should not be allowed to play this, as it inappropriately bombards them with ads for adult games that are not designed for kids..Version: 11.0.4

HellishThere are much better time killers than this. The levels are so short that I think the ads are actually longer. Also, sometimes when you say “no thanks” to an item or unlockable it’ll show you the ad anyway. Glitchy and laggy as well. Would say it was my phone but other games of higher graphics run pretty smoothly. And there should absolutely be an offline mode. Avoid unless you prefer a higher ad to game ratio..Version: 15.0.1

GlitchedHas many glitches, you can level up fire power and damage all you want but it won’t make a single bit of difference, if anything your abilities get worse… it’s good for time wasting when you’ve got nothing else but saying that there’s better games out there to fill your time. Also would be better if an ad didn’t pop up every 10 seconds, it’s too much..Version: 6.0.1

Listen to the reviews!Yes the game is fun for a little, getting upgrades and better stuff but in the end it’s completely meaningless. The developers only care about making money off you and your data. Instead of making a game actually worth playing and maybe spending a few bucks on they decided to make this dumpster fire. It’s completely overfilled with ads! The absolute worst thing about this game is you will never get to the end at the house no matter what you do or upgrades you get. It’s just sad that this is what developers are resorting to now of days. And hopefully the “company” sees this, you should be ashamed of the work you have produced because you know exactly what you have done. Yea you scammed people out of money congratulations and I’m sure you tell yourself “ I don’t care what they say because I’m happy with my money and they’re just made because they’re poor” but in the end of the day all you’ll live up to is some mediocre app App Store developer who accomplished nothing beyond this..Version: 10.0.7

Spend more time watching ads than playing!This game is one long ad! Don’t think paying the 5$ to remove them will stop it…to do anything, including simply moving on to the Home Screen after a game requires you to watch yet another ad… Wish I’d read reviews before paying to remove ads. Absolute scam. App Store should be ashamed of themselves to let these people take your money. It’s a shame, because the 30 seconds of playing after 2 minutes of ads is actually an enjoyable game….but don’t bother. It is just a scam..Version: 7.0.1

Advertising platformDon’t bother with this. Ads take more time than the game play..Version: 12.0.0

Ads and shxtLevels last 15 second followed by 3 ads and then onto another bad level. Cheap cash grab.Version: 13.0.2

Download and enjoy the adds :)Open the app, watch an add. Press play watch an add, lose the impossible game, watch an add. Press continue, watch an add. Game crashes and the cycle goes on.Version: 50.0.1

AdsOk this game is great and I even paid for no ads. But to get any of the stuff that you unlock in a level you still have to watch ads. I cant even buy upgrades without ads now unless they all of a sudden jumped from like 750 credits to over 30,000 because I have over 30,000 credits and still have to watch an ads if I want to upgrade. Why cant I just use my hard earned credits. Why cant I opt to save credits for character, weapons, pets, and upgrades. This is stupid. It’s beyond a joke if I knew I was going to be watching this many ads after paying for no ads I never would’ve paid..Version: 2.22.1

AdsTo many ads and can’t play offline.Version: 10.0.5

I love the add said off line fun but it needs wifiIt’s like every other game like rushing revolver so not worth it at all.Version: 49.0.1

Way too many ads that are excruciatingly long. I mean seriously…Don’t bother getting the app..Version: 34.0.2

Front for adsAn ad after every game and the rounds are so short. Annoying..Version: 51.0.1

No Wifi Game!Lies. The only reason I got this game in the first place was because an ad told me that this was the quote on quote ‘best no wifi game!’ Tried it on the way to the cottage (no wifi or data obviously) and it literally didn’t work! Also, ads everywhere they can fit it in. Scam..Version: 37.1.1

A Promising Game with Audio and Reward System IssuesGame enthusiasts looking for a unique auditory experience may find the sounds in this game captivating, contributing significantly to the overall ambiance. However, a glaring drawback emerges in the form of intermittent sound glitches that can disrupt gameplay immersion. These unpredictable audio hiccups detract from the otherwise engaging gaming experience and could potentially hinder players' enjoyment. Despite the commendable use of ads as incentives to earn in-game rewards, a disappointing flaw emerges in their execution. Players are prompted to watch an advertisement in exchange for rewards such as weapons, yet the promised items fail to materialize after investing time in viewing the ads. This not only frustrates players but also undermines the game's attempt to encourage engagement through the reward system. In conclusion, while the game shows promise with its intriguing sound design and incentivized reward structure, the presence of erratic audio glitches and the failure of the ad-based rewards to deliver on their promises are significant downsides. Addressing these issues could significantly elevate the game's appeal and ensure a more satisfying and seamless gaming experience for players..Version: 40.0.0

Was good turned badI had this game a long time ago and there was a money booster as well but now all it is are ads. If you want to get an upgrade you have to watch and ad because either you watch the one ad or you play 5 levels to get enough money which you have to watch an ad after every round which makes the game feel like watch ti win since it requires no skill and ads are everywhere. I never have one upgrade that doesn’t say [watch ad for free] and it isn’t fun anymore. (Please just make things fair again and have a money upgrade again so you don’t have to watch five ads ti get $200.) also some people wrote five star reviews and all of them make me cringe one was being critical of the game and saying bad things about it but they gave it five stars. I’m not going crazy… Right?.Version: 12.0.3

Nothing happens after a certain pointIm on level 572, I pay for no ads which is definitely worth it if you want to play this game. The game is fun except I have a few issues with the game. First off, what is the point of the coins if you can use them? Also the best character in the game isn’t the final alien at the end which makes no sense. The best character in the game is the guy you get at year 3 thousand with the thriller barrel gun. At the end of each round that’s the best character to have shooting the green bricks. Which leads me to another issue I maxed out my fire rate and damage but I can get all the way to the building. No matter what I try in terms of weapons and character combinations. Also that’s another thing. The rare guns aren’t as good as the stock guns. They should also consider adding more characters to the game after the alien and make the characters better as the years go on.Version: 7.0.1

Ads will significantly increase as you level upDo not download or play this game. At first you are not shown a lot of ads, so I thought it might just be a game with less intrusive ads, but as you level up, the amount of ads will significantly increase. By level 80 or so, you’ll see a full video ad after EVERY LEVEL! So please do not download this game! Please stop supporting developers like this..Version: 2.1

A complete waste of time (played it for a week)I HAVE MAXED EVERYTHING AND I CAN’T ADVANCE My characters years are well beyond maxed thanks to the copious amount of vids I’ve sat through and it makes no difference to the power. Maxing out the size of the crowd just means that I have absolutely no control of the game until the obstacles kill enough of my men to enable me to move from side to side again. And.. building up ‘power’ and ‘rate of fire’ stopped making a difference when my ‘damage’ reached 50 (which happened long before I wasted time getting them to max level). It isn’t even worth chasing the game $$ anymore because there is nothing left to buy..Version: 11.0.4

!!WARNING!! SKIP THIS GAMEAs with many games like this they floss your screens with ADS. Of course this is how the develémosle money and I’m not against anyone making money. However, I paid to have the ADS taken away and I still had an AD here and there. That’s not the biggest issue I found with this game. As you go through the levels you gain money in the game to upgrade your fire rate and damage levels. Well, I noticed I’d get to about 5k (in game cash) and then I’d be magically down to 500 (in game cash). I didn’t spend anything, I was stocking to make a big purchase at once. The money magically disappeared, and they still forced ADS on me after I paid the $2.99 to have all ADS removed. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s no place in the game to seek assistance or help for said issues. For those reasons I cannot rate them 5 stars today..Version: 2.25.1

All adsTerrible.Version: 2.26.3

Far too many add.Ad upon ad every single load screen another add.Version: 11.0.3

More ads then gameplayThe gameplay itself is okay. There’s unlocks, challenges, and a neat, but short, levels. But MY GOD are the ads obnoxious (even by mobile game standards. I honestly spent more time watching adds then playing the game. Even while trying my best to skip ads as much as possible, you’ll spend around 2-4 mins in ads vs around 30 seconds in game. I ignored so many unlocks and rewards because I was sick of watching the same ads over and over and over and OVER! And when you finally can play again, it’s over right as you’re starting to enjoy yourself again. Only reason I’m giving this 2 stars instead of one is because if they trimmed down the amount/frequency of ads, I could see myself playing this for longer. But as of now, I got sick of it after a hour and a half. It’s stuff like this why mobile games get such a bad rap..Version: 11.0.4

GarbageHonestly this is a garbage app. Bad enough that it’s just mindlessly addictive. There’s so much more wrong with it. Play for too long and it will start to lag for no reason. Don’t care to watch ads for free upgrades? Here, watch ads anyway, get nothing. You’ll never reach the temple at the end of every level because at some point the damage upgrades you keep buying just don’t do anything. You’ll only ever do 50 damage to the walls per hit. You’ll get just close enough to think you might make it. But you won’t. You won’t ever make it. That’s by design. And of course it’s just a rehash of probably a dozen other games of this style. This is just a cash grab for the developer to make money off ads. There’s nothing unique or interesting about this game. Honestly, Apple acts like they want to protect our privacy. Yeah right, Apple. How about you protect our brains and block filth like this from your App Store. I’m disappointed in myself, but more disappointed in the developers, both for this game and for this whole business model of building cheap, mindless, addictive games to get us to watch ads for other cheap, mindless, addictive games..Version: 5.0.4

ImpossibleNot sure what’s happened to this game. It was an enjoyable little game, but now none of the video links will play so you can’t get bonuses. And once you get to the end of the run the blocks you have to blast have gone from a few hundred points previously, to starting at 2,145million! Making it impossible to complete the levels and impossible to level up. I can only assume the developers want to force you to spend money on upgrades. Such a shame. Unless this is fixed in the next update I’ll be deleting the game..Version: 32.0.1

Ad platform wrapped and served as a gameDon’t get sucked in by the ads, not worth it..Version: 16.0.1

It’s not that goodAlright so, it’s a good idea just there’s to many ads, after every level there’s an ad.Version: 56.0.0

This game exists to make you watch adsThis will come as no surprise to anyone who’s played this genre of mobile spam, but this game exists purely to make you watch ads and put money in the creators pocket by playing a game with as little effort put into it as possibles. It’s a neat premise ruined by abysmal execution. Believe it or not, it’s actually like the ad you probably watched for the game before downloading it. You’re a nondescript faceless character who runs forward, chucking weapons at other figures standing in your way, or just standing at all, running through gates that either evolve your character’s weaponry and minor details of appearance, or adding to your little party until the end of the “level” where you see how well you’ve done. Barebones presentation and zero attempt at music or sound design don’t do it any favors, however. Advertisements do it even less favors, as I probably spent just as much time playing as I did watching ads. Are you okay with watching an ad for a quick upgrade? Me too, but if you don’t want that upgrade? Well you’re watching that ad anyhow, and the game just isn’t worth the forced ads, nor does it offer anything that makes me okay with sitting through one. Don’t download it, this kind of mobile bloatware just makes all games worse when it succeeds..Version: 6.0.1

Cannot believe it!So my sister was putsing around on my iPad and deleted the app and now all my progress is gone I was at alien age! Also ads are inappropriate for kids and I kept having to watch one a minute long after every level ! Not worth the space on your iPad ..Version: 50.0.1

Too many adsSpend longer watching ads than you do playing.Version: 12.0.3

The amount of ads is disgustingAbsolutely horrible. The amount of ads you have put in this game is astounding… not to mention it lags so much and so many bugs. Really not worth downloading. Played this game for a solid month and no improvements and more ads than any other game I’ve ever played. Very disappointed…..Version: 6.0.1

Bugs, pointless features, often freezes and boring.Don't waste your time. Equip/unequip does nothing. The "castle" feature seems to serve no purpose other than make you watch ads. Keeps freezing requiring you to restart app. One dimensional boring game. The worst app I've seen in a long time..Version: 2.26.5

AvoidThis game’s 4.5 star rating can only be from fake reviews. Whilst the concept of the game is interesting for some mindless fun it’s sole purpose is to do the bare minimum in return for shoving as many ads down your throat as possible. The progression is smoke and mirrors, you can upgrade the fire rate and damage at the end of each level, but there is no increase in fire rate or damage as you pointlessly steam down the gates at the end of the level making no progress. You can mess around with the skins but you could also give yourself a lobotomy for equal satisfaction. Lazy money grabbing spam game..Version: 12.0.3

BrokenThe end of each level where you shoot down barriers is stuck at 2147 million, no point playing.Version: 32.0.1

Filled with AdsThis game would be fun if it weren’t for the fact there was an ad at literally every turn. You have the opportunity to be awarded 2.5 or 3x your reward if you watch an ad, which is fine, but when you click ‘no thank you’ it will force you to watch an ad anyway. This is the case in all circumstances where ‘no thank you’ options are available and that’s quite frankly the most infuriating thing. I have asked not to watch an ad and now you make us watch one anything but we don’t get the reward after. Most adds are 40-50seconds long and the hame play maybe last 1minute. Therefore, one minute of game play, with two ads means you’re watching more ads than you’re playing the game. No one wants that Not impressed at all.Version: 29.0.2

So many ads the game lagsBanner ads displayed while playing. lags the game every time the ad loads or changes. deleting trash game.Version: 52.0.1

Ad cityBasically ads for more games.Version: 32.0.1

Garbage80% ads, 20% gameplay. Scrap it and other like it..Version: 51.0.1

UnplayableThis game is unplayable, it’s just a scam to get you to watch ads.Version: 46.0.1

Ad server that pays for star reviews.Seriously. Who are they paying to get 4.2 star on this ad server? Apple doesn’t care about this shovelware as long as they get their money. Apple is just as guilty if not more so. They will stop free speech on their devices, but this crap is allowed to remain. Wish Elon could buy Apple and take care of this huge problem of ad severs passing themselves off as games. Hate the duopoly of Apple and Google in the smartphone space. They are both full of scam ads and scam apps. Bet this “game” was developed in the same building where they have been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty. If you made it this far you are a trooper. If you developed this trash, there is a poorly lit right angled structure that you are invited to gratify yourself in..Version: 15.0.0

More addsAdds adds and more adds.Version: 2.24.1

Ad DisasterHey! Do you want to spend your money for ad free gameplay but still need to spend 90% of the time watching ads to advance in the game? Well this is the one for you! As an advertising major this thing is a disaster and I can tell there is zero use of analytics in programmatic used. It’s such a fun game to zone out to but you spend 75% of your time on the app watching ads. The analytics for the ad companies has to be a disaster because every ad I see makes me want to download them less than ever before. It’s such a shame this is where mobile apps have gone in their financial direction. This app is the exact reason why good chill games can’t grow on app stores past some dude’s 100k dream. This kind of business model is pitiful. I hope that all companies see these advertising impressions are all not worth the price they pay as anyone who sees your ad is going to have an unfavorable opinion about your company and app..Version: 25.0.0

Ads and doesn’t even upgrade when you upgradeFinish a level - ad. Click next. Ad. Want to purchase an upgrade? Ad. Want to do a bonus level? Ad. But most egregiously this is an upgrade game where your upgrades do nothing. My shots do 50 damage. 13 damage upgrades later my shots do 50 damage… And don’t even get me started on the system. It’s complete luck who you get - this best gun is mid way through the “years” system so you just have to luck out and get the amount of years in a run that add up to that level, otherwise you won’t complete it - even if you get way higher years. For example the highest level “years” has one of the worst guns. Terribly designed all round, this is just an ad machine.Version: 11.0.5

Again another game with a bad loopIt’s just another game loaded with ads that has yet again another gameplay loop that feels dull and unrewarding, it probably works better offline but that feels tedious. And the only fun I see myself having with this game is just possibly when I have nothing else to do at all.Version: 33.0.0

I wish i could give this 0 starsThis game is a complete waste of time. No matter how many times you upgrade your damage, or fire rate or even unlock skins NOTHING CHANGES AT ALL!!! Words can’t describe how furious i am i have been trying to get to the end for a couple days now and have only noticed that nothing has changed!! I absolutely hate this game and i hate the devs at rollic.Version: 10.0.7

Adverts much???!!!!Fun when you can get into it. You’ll spend more time looking at, and trying to skip, the adverts practically after every run. You can’t get into the game or feel like progressing because of this. Why are all these games he’ll bend on advertising other games which ultimately do the same thing when ads are concerned. The developers need to reduce the amount of additional ads seriously. I know that’s how they make money. But I’d pay a small fee to see the ad a quarter of the times. Pretty poor as it detracts from the fun!.Version: 13.0.2

Basically an ad simulatorI like the idea of this game, just the execution is frustrating. You spend more time watching ads than you do actually playing the levels. The levels are short and repetitive, most times the ads that play after one are longer than the level itself. 98% of everything unlockable in this game requires you to watch an ad. You unlocked a character upgrade? Cool! Watch an ad for it. Got a new weapon? Cool! Watch an ad for it. Wanna upgrade your damage, manpower, or years? Cool! Sometimes you can spend the game currency on it, but most times you have to watch an ad. Finished a level? Cool! Watch an ad to double your reward. Oh, you don’t want to double your reward? Here’s an ad anyways. It also feels like just pop up after pop up asking you to watch an ad to unlock something. What’s worse is it’s UNAVOIDABLE because this game doesn’t work offline. And if you quit the app after a level while an ad is playing, you lose your progress and have to do the level over again, which means… you guessed it, more ads you have to watch. Its not challenging and gets extremely annoying to even play because of the ads. The amount of times you see the word “ad” in it this review feels like playing the game. There’s so many of ‘em every few seconds..Version: 10.0.0

It’s brokenSo I’ve been stuck on either luv 19 or 20 for like a week now, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no. Wanna know why, because the end line enemies teleport behind my troops and they can’t hit them,”. It’s just stuck at place. Fantastic game. Though I don’t know why I expected more from a game built around like this, the entire thing is like Skyrim, absolutely broken, but at least skyrims fun to play..Version: 14.0.0

Good gameDownload the game its nice when i played found cant unlock new character, pets,weapons,bonus levels, spin wheel watch videos basically game can be played without all the extras need to fix this issue ty i have taken out the game from my phone..Version: 15.0.0

Fix the gameAn ad was playing the game still on and I lost the game lots, this is bullsh*t.Version: 43.0.1

Best way to make moneyMe and my friend were talking about mobile game adverts and which one has the most from our experiences. I said this game and he said another, the bet was £50. Anyway he shows me his game (nothing compared to this game). Then we load up crowd evolution, he couldn’t stop laughing at the amount of pop up ads and forced ad walls. You can gather what the results were after that. Thank you Crowd Evolution! This was the easiest money I’ve ever earned, turns out your add walls aren’t so painful after all!.Version: 28.0.1

Broken GameThis game is unplayable, it’s just designed to make money for the app developer by bombarding you with ads. You can’t select anything in the shop, as you progress you’re stuck as the alien and cannot get to the end of the boxes. The damage/fire rate is broken, it capped at like level 50 and max level is 200. It’s an endless cycle of brainwashing the consumer into thinking you can win, when you can’t. It’s all about watching ads and making money. Smart for them, but biggest waste of time. Avoid at all costs..Version: 11.0.2

Ads with some game, not a game with some adsThe game isn’t very challenging, but it is a pretty fun game. It’s easy to level up, and there isn’t much of a learning curve which is great. That being said, there are more ads than game. Want some coffee with your sugar? Want some game with your ads? This is how I felt while playing this crowd evolution. You will spend more time watching videos for other games than playing this one. There is one ad for a game called Royal Match where the ads just keep replaying and you have to restart the game. If I l just wanted to watch ads I would give this game 5 stars. I wanted to play a mobile game though, so 3 stars..Version: 7.0.2

Fake advertisementOn the add it said best offline game buts its not offline very click bait AND WHY THE HELL IS THE THING IM HAVE TO DESTROY AT THE END AT 1mil EVEN THO IM ONLY AT 144 level.Version: 32.0.1

Horrible cash grabYou spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Wish I could get the 30 mins I wasted on this back.Version: 5.0.4

Runs out of steam…Initially I found this game quite enjoyable but you eventually reach a certain level in my case around 290 where it becomes completely pointless. You collect cash but can’t spend it because everything has been maxed out, your daily tasks involve finding pets & weapon’s that no longer drop and then the end game will not let you past the first 2 blocks because it requires power you can’t get 🤷‍♂️. Sorry but more work needed..Version: 36.0.1

Ads are part of the level completionAfter being sick and tired of watching as many ads as runs I have, I decided to explore ways to reduce the amount of ad time on my phone screen. Turning Airplane mode on prevents you from doing anything on the game despite there being no online element. One more thing I attempted was to close the game after each run during the ad screen. If you do this you lose progression and have to replay the level. I repeat, IF YOU CLOSE THE GAME DURING A POST GAME AD YOU LOSE ALL PROGRESS! The fact this is even a feature shows how much of a car crash this game is. Conclusion: Find something else to kill time, watching paint dry is more interactive than this..Version: 29.0.2

Wow what a (game)You have three choices in this game to win. Number 1 die at least 15 times to see the same number of ads and maybe finish the first level when you have made all the right choices. Number 2 watch ads to infinity to become overpowered. Number 3 pay. I know you need money but that's insulting!.Version: 35.0.0

This game only has adsYou go to play the game you die on the first level which is impossible the. You get a 1 minute ad worst game.Version: 11.0.2

Worse gameWhy are people putting 2 stars? 1 star is for the game. Ads pop up every time you finish one run. Why do you need to pay for ad unlock ? It’s like you forcing us to do it. Every game they make, there’s always ads. Avoid this creator games at once, since they are a money hog. Ads everywhere.Version: 6.0.1

Couldn’t even get to level 2As the title states, I couldn’t even get to level 2. I passed level one with ease and the “next” button would pop up. It would first show an ad, then after give this reward option if you watched another ad. I tried to hit the no thanks button but it wouldn’t do anything. I tried the reward thing, and after watching an ad I still couldn’t move on. After watching 3 or 4 more ads I still couldn’t move on to the next level. So I closed the app and opened it again. Re-did level one, but same thing. First an ad, then a reward “option” that I couldn’t press no thanks on, and even more ads. After trying the app 3 more times, and playing level 1 a total of five times, I had watched about 30 ads and not seen level 2. To me this seems like a scam..Version: 2.26.0

Ads and glitch.The amount of ads is unbelievable. And when I watched an and tried to get out it put me in a loop of the ad. I don’t understand why this game needs Wi-Fi it looks like a offline game to me. Would be a fun game without so much ads and glitches..Version: 11.0.4

Rip off - waste of time and moneyFar too many ads and as the other reviews say, even if you pay to remove ads, it only stops pop ups and you still have to waste your life watching their extremely long ads. Don’t waste your time or your money.Version: 17.2.1

Pointless game100 levels in and still not at all challenging. If you like 15 seconds of swiping left or right to green sections (it doesn’t even matter which, you still complete every level easily no matter which you hit), followed by minutes of navigating screens waiting for “no thanks” options to appear to skip adverts - even after purchasing the no-ads in app purchase - then this may be the ideal game for you. However if you want any element of challenge whatsoever (it’s impossible to be good or bad at this game), other than having to persevere through screens avoiding hitting the wrong button and watching adverts even though you paid to remove them, then stay away from this game at all costs. I have submitted a claim for a refund..Version: 10.0.5

Reported developer for attempted fraud.As some have said, this game is laden with advertisements. I immediately paid the three dollars to ostensibly remove them. After paying you’re no longer forced to watch advertisements however at an almost exhausting clip you’re inundated with temporarily unskippable buttons to view “optional” ads for various progression. After a few seconds a clickable item appears allowing you to skip the ad. However these new non-ad buttons are often intentionally very close to the same button you would click to view the ad. Super easy to “accidentally“ view an ad. But that’s no mistake. This developer is unscrupulous. … And good luck enjoying this game without watching the occasional add to progress. This game would be great were it not for these horrendous problems..Version: 16.0.1

Impossible to clear a level after completing first villageDevelopers please listen. Nothing I do allows me to make it to the end after completing first village. No matter how many ads I watch to increase money no amount of upgrade gets me to the end. I’ve paid for no ads, but you still need to watch ads to make any difference but no difference is made once first village is completed. I’m at the point where this cannot not be played anymore. Another issue is the spin open you have to watch an ad just for it to automatically select $300 cash every single time. It’s also possible you don’t allow the purchasing of cash because it will make 0 difference on your ability to pass any level past first village upgrade. It’s entirely misleading to make you think you can work on your upgrades and still end up at the exact same spot on the end to never make it to upgrade past village one. Developer you have been unresponsive to address any other reviews, please address this review, and tell us something in the works to make it possible to win after first village. Make it possible to get cash without ads. Even if you have gotten the game they advertise you still see that same ad and I just can’t take it anymore. Last thing why is it that the mobster at year 2000 is able to shoot 3 beams through gun and can go much further than more advanced years I.e. aliens..Version: 11.0.4

AdsImmediately unavoidable ads, deleting now, no point, no fun.Version: 10.0.5

Not great and doesn’t last longAlready at level 130 and the game provides no challenge, I reach 10,000yrs+ in age with 10+ people at the end of most stages and no matter increasing the fire rate or damage (both over 100 now) you cannot reach the final buildings and no way to make your army tougher. Seems like they developed the game for a days worth of playing but nothing beyond, as I unlocked everything on the 1st day without spending a penny..Version: 13.0.0

Ruined by ads even after you buyThis game’s ad model is absolute cancer. Avoid this game like the plague. I bought the no ad version and the game was still plagued by ads to the point you must watch where you tap on the screen or you’ll get trapped by ads. Ads are so in your face this game is unplayable even after paying. The gameplay itself is ok for a few minutes until you realize there is absolutely no challenge or progression the higher you level up. You can’t even get pets or equipment without watching ads EVEN AFTER YOU PAY. I never take the time to write reviews, but this game is pure and utter cancer. The 2 minutes I took to write this is worthwhile even if it saves 1 person from plying this stupid game and encouraging developers from creating cancer like this. AVOID THIS GAME..Version: 2.25.1

Money grab straight adsCan’t even play the game without wifi..Version: 35.0.1

ADS AND BULLSHIAfter every single round you’ll get an ad, then when you want to upgrade your damage it’ll only go up to 50 damage no matter how much you upgrade, if you have a high year vs a low year it makes no difference so there’s no point, this game is proper bs.Version: 16.0.0

Game idea is great, yet the developers did not make it feasible to enjoyI played for a straight 6 hours because the ad keeps popping up on instagram. Started playing and enjoyed graphics and various levels. After a while I notice some glitches in the crate type barriers where they would not break sometimes. Also, none of the buttons to collect 3x the cash work. Its nearly impossible to use any other character except the militant figure with a three barrel automatic gun. The female character with the sea star is total garbage. I eventually started failing certain levels because it’s impossible to collect the cash as i mentioned and there is no other way to collect money to level up unless you do so. I got to level 230 in couple hours and got pretty irritate with the buttons not being functional. should make sure your game is playable before you release it on the app store..Version: 14.0.0

False advertisingSays in the ads it’s the best game no wifi well that’s a lie I turn off my wifi to avoid ads while playing and it says try and connect internet but the ad said no wifi needed smh.Version: 48.0.1

Ads Ads AdsNot recommended unless you wanna watch tons of ads.Version: 46.0.1

AdsThe gameplay is heavily affected by the number of ads that play. Ads are further pushed by being unable to play the game without wifi connect. When it offers you to multiple winnings by watching a video, when you click no thanks it plays an ad anyway. Please make apps that are enjoyable to use and not sacrificed by money per ad..Version: 7.0.1

Should've called "Ad Evolution"The premise is rather good, but the execution is absolutely terrible! There are much more ads than game time.. you can get ahead much, much more by watching ads than actually playing the game which is just ridiculous! Collecting anything means nothing really as you still need to watch an ad to "keep" it, but you could just unlock it all from the menu by watching an ad without even having to play anyway...Version: 14.0.0

Worst Ad experienceNow I under advertising helps these games & developers, however never have I played a game with so many ads. It totally ruins the experience & the game isn’t good enough to allow me to overlook that fact. It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS & renders the game unplayable & takes away all fun. They might aswell just call it an advertising app that allows u to play a game from time to time. Greed will be the death of a lot of these games, especially when they also offer subscriptions & in game purchases. Totally unnecessary!.Version: 47.0.0

Genuinely one of the worst ad generator stile gamesOk so this game is designed to get you to play for 30mins to an hour and then they expect you’ll get bored, they put adds after every round so that they are making money off of you playing and THE GAME DOESN’T EVEN WORK PROPERLY this is probably the worst part that sets it apart and that’s the fact that the whole concept - increasing the age of your crowd DOES NOTHING TO HELP YOU! Stop giving the people who made this money -_-.Version: 2.2

TONS OF ADS/Rigged for Ad RevenueThe game is designed so that you can’t win even if you make 100% correct decisions. Each level takes many playthroughs to reach victory. After each playthrough, you are forced to watch an ad. The levels are short & so you will spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Id bet the majority of the ratings/reviews are bought & the ads are primarily advertising similarly rigged games. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.Version: 56.0.0

Ad gameI got this game bec it said it has no adverts you dont need wifi for it it was a lie there are adverts every 2 mins very annoying but overall the game is very fun addictive but what made it bad was the adverts now I got this game bec it said on the ad that I watched that you don’t need Wi-Fi for this game don’t lie in ads makes it more annoying but the game is fun so would I recommend it No unless you like the Ads.Version: 49.0.1

Worst app game ever - DO NOT PLAYI cannot recommend NOT playing this game more. Don’t download, it is 12 seconds of 1990 stick figure gameplay with (minimum) 30 second ads after each level. I felt like a dikhead for even playing the first 2 levels and sitting through a minutes of ads. Don’t believe me, play it and laugh when you realise I’m right. To the developers..hope you made some money from sponsors cause you should be ashamed of yourselves for this app!!!.Version: 13.0.2

Ruined by AdsIn all honesty it is a great little game I did enjoy it but am fed up of the ad saturation, there must be an ad every 20 seconds some of which you must watch to level up, then the ad freezes seconds from the end so you’re forced to watch another. A level is over quite quickly then an ad, then you can level up, watch another ad. Get rid of some of the ads and I will try it again!!!.Version: 49.0.1

Used to be goodThis game used to be a good way to pass the time on the bus or car journey but now has mandatory internet connection to play it despite the fact the game isn't online. This has been done because the developers realised that if you played without an internet connection, you would actually get to play their game uninterrupted by ads and they can’t have someone actually enjoy their game! Aside from shady decisions such as that it used to be quite addicting but with these constant changes labelled as “fixes and improvements” without informing us what they're doing, the game has had a few rapid changes to gameplay. Speaking of gameplay, the loop is quite consistent so there’s that, but even still the gameplay itself has hardly improved, despite all their so called improvements in their patch notes and the only major change is something that resembles the adverts more. 2.5/5 - game is getting worse over time.Version: 7.0.1

Way to easyAs the other reviews have suggested it is nearly impossible to lose a level. After 250 levels they are all basically the same.Version: 15.0.1

Lots of ads & buggySo far I’ve played up to lvl 50, however it doesn’t matter how much you upgrade your character as you can’t get above 50 damage. After about 5 levels the game starts getting really buggy with the game lagging a lot. & there are way too many ads, most of the time it’s only 1 after every level, however on occasion I’ve had 2 & even 3 ads after a level.Version: 5.0.4

PublicitéBeaucoup trop de publicité ca devient ridicule j’ai joué 5 minutes avant de supprimer le jeu.Version: 34.0.2

Don’t getThis game is utter trash.Version: 31.0.0

It’s Somewhat Fun, yet…As the title would suggest, the game is somewhat fun to play, but the incessant ads and inevitable lag eventually turned me away. I. The Ads I understand that ads are a necessity to keep the game going, but there is no need to throw an ad at me every single time I complete a level. This sometimes happens twice: once when you complete the level, and a second time when you skip the opportunity to earn up to Triple Credits. Again, there’s no need for that much. II. The Lag The dreaded lag. Where does it come from? Why is it so awful? The game isn’t graphically demanding due to its adorable simplistics, so why must the game spike the lag not only in the game, but for a short period of time after the app gets closed? The phone I’m using isn’t old, either; it’s an XS. Lag should not exist on something as powerful as an XS..Version: 2.26.5

DO NOT PLAT THIS GAME!!!!!This game advertises itself as no wifi but right as I download it and turn off wifi it asks me to to turn on wifi Additionally, the gameplay is very moderate and full of ads😡.Version: 56.0.0

Hi devs!!Kys.Version: 35.0.0

Too many AdsNot even fun. Too many ads to watch..Version: 55.1.1

Progression Stops QuicklyAfter upgrading and upgrading and upgrading, spending the $3 for no ads, level 40+ for damage and fire rate, there is no more than 50 damage per shot in the end stage. The levels don’t get any more difficult, you do increase years and manpower (very slowly), but it makes 0 difference in gameplay. I can’t get past the 2000hp green pegs at the end, and haven’t been able to for half of my gameplay no matter how many upgrades. Seems like at some point developers gave up on progression in favor of collecting new players money, and it’s becomes pretty apparent that there isn’t any possibility of getting any farther in the game. Very disappointing because the game WAS fun at first, but after progression stopped around level 25 rate of fire and damage, I don’t think it’s worth playing after that..Version: 11.0.2

ADDDDDSSSSWas getting massively into this game until I saw ads upon ads, when I said no thanks to ads more ads popped up and I was forced to watch more ads. so I went and grabbed a glass of milk and decided I would purchase No ADS, to my surprise I saw it was $4.49, my jaw dropped I almost dropped my milk I was feeling rather shallow and pedantic… I felt as if I was developing symptoms of aids… so I had to uninstall for my own well being… Very disappointed as this has a lot of potential but I’m not going to spend my hard earned coinage on removing ads for $4.49, $3.99 maybe but not $4.49 :(.Version: 2.26.0

Too Many AdvertisementsThere are so many ads, you are bound to get an ad every minute, and even with the no ads they still want you to watch ads for bonus content offered at the end. (If you’re paying for no ads it should be no ads) Furthermore you can’t play this game without internet which is very unconventional. (They could make it work without internet but I’m guessing they want the ad revenue so badly they essentially force you to watch them one way or another) (Any game that can’t survive based on its player base or in game content that’s not progression based but cosmetic based and solely relies on advertisements is not a good game) They would rather shove advertisements down someone’s throat every second than actually improve their game and make it more captivating..Version: 44.0.2

Too many adsAt least play ads that you can skip after 5 seconds this is silly.Version: 53.0.0

Ads longer than gameplayEach level takes about 30 seconds to get through. You then have to watch a 30 sec ad, after which a similar 5 sec ad begins to play, once the “X” shows up and it’s clicked, it actually takes you to the App Store and once you close that, another 5 sec ad begins. Finally, just when you think it’s done and that’s closed, you brings you to the Level complete screen where it’ll show your rewards. It’ll prompt you to X3 your rewards by, guess what, watching an ad. After a few seconds the “No Thanks” will show up to avoid another ad but you’ll also get hit with multiple offers and other content you can earn by…yes…watching ads. Bottom line, unless you pay, you’re going to be watching ads more than playing.Version: 2.26.2

AdsYou spend more time watching ads then actually playing a game, every second level or to unlock or even do something requires to watch an ad. The game is boring, got to 5 level before I uninstalled. Game for some reason requires internet to play, so you can’t avoid the ads unless you spend money.Version: 40.0.1

Shameless money grabIt’s like every other mobile mini game. I don’t know why I even bother with any kind of “free” game anymore. They’re all exactly the same compiler and pasted version of some other game. The amount of ads is absurd. All the ads are promoting more versions of the same style of predatory ad feeder. I miss when I was younger and games like D.O.T existed. Free, didn’t have ads, and they made money off of small microtransactions because it was actually a good and decently thought out game. Maybe if these “game developers”, if you can even call them that, would focus on making something that can engage a player for more than a few days, they wouldn’t need 4 ads a minute to make money off of their thrown together garbage pile of a game. Rather than force feeding ads to people for a day or two at a time, make something genuinely good and well thought out. Maybe you’ll make money and WONT be a part of the ridiculous ad scheme community that floods the App Store now days. Mobile gaming has become an embarrassment to gaming as a whole and its the fault of “developers” like these..Version: 6.0.1

Ads Ads AdsThis is one of those typical Tik Tok games. the gameplay’s basic and easy, its full of ads, and has endless replay-ability. Honestly it’s an okay game if you’re comfortable getting an Ad after every level (which only take about 30 seconds to complete if that). My recommendation is download it to scratch that itch, and then delete it once you’re fulfilled. You really wont ever play it again..Version: 14.0.0

Too easy/boringThe game needs to be harder, what’s the point in playing if you always win..Version: 2.27.2

Too buggyThought this was a great game the first day but after putting a couple hours in its buggy beyond belief . I’ve literally played the same level 6 times in a row and every-time I hit the boss he dies and then my people just keep shooting for eternity . I thought updating would help and it did literally nothing . Do yourself a favor and download on of the million clones on the AppStore that actaully functions properly . This is what I get for downloading an ad game . If it was actually worth playing I probably would’ve heard about it over word of mouth not payed advertisement . Also to add insult to injury even if you pay for no adds they still hit you with ten million adds for bonus’s. Like I would rather just pay $20 or something and skip the hours of add revenue generation for 40 minutes of gameplay ..Version: 3.0.1

Love watching ads?Can you please rename this game ‘Ad evolution’ !.Version: 10.0.5

Good but game breaking bugThis game has work well until today. First I lose on cages because I don’t even do any damage to them (when they should break easily. Then on retry I can’t control my group. On next retry my “pet” dragon flys over everything after my group is dead. Camera follows dragon and goes through the hut at the end and continues on. I’ve closed the game a few times, updated my game, and support just sends me in circles..Version: 14.0.1

Liars and thieves.This app has so many glitches it would be hard to list all of them. The first few levels are fine, once you get to the later levels in the 30s and after, all the crowd do not shoot forwards their projectiles remain static in front of them. And this game is not challenging at all, in fact I solely try to see if losing is possible in most levels. Why are they thieves? I paid them money to remove ads, they did not. A forced ad is still not present but after every possible game or action it forces you to watch some sort of ad for a character they would like you to buy or unlock for an ad. Advertisements of your own app is still ads. Do not pay these people, no effort scam game..Version: 2.19.0

Too many adsRuins the game..Version: 2.1

Bugs and AdsSo, if you download this game you’re going to be watching ads at least half of the time. Also, there are a lot of bugs in the game. The big one I’ve run into is projectiles/bullets only going 2 feet in front of you.. so you basically have to run into the enemies to kill them! It’s super frustrating. I actually avoid the gates now because it doesn’t staff until you pass a gate increasing years/months/days. It doesn’t happen when you pass through added people. Also, I was able to unlock all of the characters, ages, weapons and pets within 24hrs getting my damage and rate of fire to lvl 100 and my Age and Body Count to 50 and 20. So I’m like 160 lvls in and basically nothing left to unlock..Version: 2.24.1

Little too buggyThis is a fun little time waster if you’re waiting for a bus or have a few minutes to kill between meetings. But! I have noticed that there are definitely some bugs that stop the game from being better than it could be…issues with characters just falling dead along the way for no reason, or boss levels glitching because the attacks stop firing all together, ranges on weapons getting impossibly short when you increase the fire rate too much…once these have been worked out the game will be awesome, but for now it’s just so so.Version: 2.26.5

You can’t winBasically I started playing this game thinking it was gonna be really really fun and it was BUT you can’t get to the castle at the very end of all the green barriers ant it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get there because for some reason the damage never goes past 50 and you can’t get it higher even if you watch ads to make it higher IT JUST WON’T and I don’t understand why you did that so can you PLEASE make it possible to get to the castle and maybe I’ll give it a higher rating. ALSO can you remove the pop up ads because I’m already CONSTANTLY watching ads to get rewards and it’s practically impossible to get ANYWHERE with ads. It’s a good game but I just needs a few improvements. Also the game has been cutting me out multiple times and I don’t understand why cause I already have 3 bars of internet and there’s nothing wrong with it and it says I have no internet but I click ok and I can just continue playing so WHATS THE POINT. Please read my review and if I get ANY sort of response I’ll rate it higher cause it means you actually LOOK at the reviews. Thank you and goodbye..Version: 10.0.7

Hot garbageThis game is hot garbage, not worth your time..Version: 47.0.0

Ridiculous amount of adsLiterally add before a level, after a level, ads after watching ads. Never have I ever.Version: 48.0.0

Very little game hereIt’s a constant stream of adverts that occasionally lets you touch the screen in between. Maybe they hope that all the ads cover the fact that there isn’t really much of a game there. Once you’ve played the first level, win or lose, you play the exact same thing again (after three ads) just with slightly different numbers and multipliers. There’s also a village that you add to and upgrade buildings, but that doesn’t affect anything. Nothing changes in the game, but it’s about the only area of the game that doesn’t make you watch an advert before you go there..Version: 19.0.1

Can’t play offlineCan’t play offline when in car or airplane ! Don’t download!!.Version: 50.0.0

Dont play waste of timeThis game isnt even a game its more like watch ads with a game on the side if that honestly i would rather make my own game that is exactly like this and learn how to do that then ever play this again i wish i never played this because its ruined my day and has wasted my time i hope on Christmas your businesses shut down and you become poor and its not even that i hate the gane i love the concept and everything even though the pets are questionable its just there are to many ads and im not going to pay just to play this game a couple more times and then never again the only reason you are still a functional business is probably because all of your games are exactly like this with 80 thousand ads and everyone buys the no ad thing and i hope someday soon that becomes illegal or something so you go out of business do not play this game also the leaving and coming back thing doesnt work for this game it kind of just restarts you and its so annoying and sometimes i would accidentally click watch an ad for a reward and id leave and have to restart the level also the amount of popups before you can even start going again is insane like shut up i dont want to buy this please get out of my face anyways this game is bad and i hate it and you shouldnt play it.Version: 11.0.5

Fake advertisingDownloaded as in the ad it said best no wifi games. Requires wifi to play. Non-stop ads and gives you the feel it’s been designed for about a 3 year old (maybe so) but makes you lose interest in the game quickly especially with the constant ads..Version: 49.0.1

BadVery bad.Version: 52.0.1

GlitchesI was playing but then I was Just about to go to the end but I transferred into the drone and now I can’t PLAY!!! I am so angry at you for making me angry I will sue if you do not fix now!!! Not kind regards Jack.Version: 34.0.0

Ok...I don't actually know how much stars to give this game. It's really just like the other app Store games, ads, levels and you know. However the comments on this are all complaining about the ads. All you have to do is simply just turn off the wifi! It removes the ads but you can't access some things which require to watch an advertisement..Version: 2.16.92

Worse than Jerry’s GameThis is probably the worst game I’ve ever played. The free game is so riddled with ads that you can nearly play it. So I payed the $2.99 for less ads. However you still have to pause every time for the opportunity to see an ad. Then if you want to build up you character it’s only available if you watch and ad. Oh you found a weapon or pet if you want to keep it you have to watch and add. And the weapons and pets really don’t even do anything. Then there’s the game itself which is mastered at level 1. It’s basically impossible to lose. There’s really no difference from one level to the next. Then if all of this doesn’t bother you then the fact the game is filled with glitches. Even after the update it’s still the same. One play through it put me just running endlessly through water with no end. Couldn’t get out of the glitch. Shut down the ap, restarted the phone. I had to uninstall & reinstall the ap which erased all of my progress. Then the i game glitches like the “grim reaper characters who if you have to fight the “boss” just throw their scythes straight up into the air. Plus you get in game currency to spend on upgrades that really don’t do anything. No matter how many guys you have or what level damage you ammo is it always takes 4 his to defeat the “boss.” Terrible game would not recommend..Version: 3.0.1

AdsThis game has double unskippable ads after every level. The levels last about 15 seconds. You spend more time staring at ads than actually playing the game. I would give this game negative stars if I could..Version: 2.16.43

BadCan’t even play with no internet. With it, it’s too laggy. The mansion level is quite literally impossible to beat, and even if you do you with a glitch where you’re on 3250 years and your crowd stays together, you just go through it and keep going endlessly. Upgrades are pointless and require you to watch minute long ads for every single one. After every game there is an ad. Getting money needs ads. Getting items needs ads. In my opinion there aren’t enough ads..Version: 7.0.2

The advert gamePlay for 10 seconds then watch a 30 ad, while I understand wanting to make money on a game for a mobile device there is more ads n this game than national tv, almost every button u hit REQUIRES u to watch an AD, this is no longer a game but advertisements with a mini game between each ad.Version: 2.20.1

It is what it isWe all know what this game is. Nothing to write about other than be careful with which apps you let collect that from you..Version: 46.0.1

Laggy and useless once very seniorIt’s a great, fun little game until you’re quite senior. I’m at level 312, fully maxed Manpower, Firepower and Year, (starting year 9850). The end levels are generally impossible to complete. Levels with holes in the floor at the beginning swallow all 200 men as it is impossible to change position on screen. There is no progression available, and no point to play. My advice is do not spend any money at all on this game and once you get to a laggy senior position, delete it!.Version: 14.0.1

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