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Rotaeno App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Rotaeno app received 10 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Rotaeno? Can you share your negative thoughts about rotaeno?

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Rotaeno for Negative User Reviews

Not optimized for iPhone 12 miniOn the iPhone 12 mini, things on the screen get cut off so I can’t tap to enter some menus. Also in the settings, there’s no way to invert motion controls. The gameplay itself is fun, but sometimes it didn’t turn correctly when I tilted my phone. Hopefully the game becomes more optimized soon. Right now, it feels unplayable on iPhone 12 mini at the very least. Maybe it’s better on other devices. The core gameplay is really cool and I can’t wait to see what more they have to offer in the future :).Version: 1.0.3

Rotaeno有bug新更新的1.9版本 iPhone 13 ProMax 无法开启高刷新率.Version: 1.9.0

Not playable on IPhone XCan't play tutorial because it keep telling me I need to keep an angle. But it seems the game is unable to read the sensor and won't allow me to proceed..Version: 1.0.3

No sound from gameNo idea what’s happening. There is no sound coming from the game. So far not really fun without the sound..Version: 1.9.0

Need gameplay for one hand handicapThis looks like a really fun game. i downloaded the game and it didn’t have the no tap option in the setting and i’m looking for this because, “i only have one hand.” i saw a setting for color blind mode which is cool. One have mode could make the game easier to play, too..Version: 1.0.6

PROGRESS WIPEDI’m an iOS user and the recent update has wiped all my progress in game. I hope they fix the problem soon so I can play the songs I brought and not have to pay for them again..Version: 1.5

Got banned for switching to a new phoneTitle.Version: 1.1.1

Game is crashing on iPhone 6So I use an old phone and run into this issue very often but nothing is worst than Buying a game and finding out you can’t play it because your phone is slow. Please fix this I would really like to play this..Version: 1.3.0

DO NOT DOWNLOAD STOLE MY $$$$This game charged me $ for it bout my permission before I even used the game, I never bought anything ever because I still haven't opened the app and I go to my setting on my phone to find that the app charged me for who knows what and I don’t even know how it got my information and I’m beyond upset. DO NOT GET THIS GAME they get your card information somehow like it did with mine and charge you for who knows what when you haven’t bought a single thing in the game. It’s ridiculous..Version: 1.1.3

FlawedI want to enjoy but forcing gyroscope controls makes gameplay feel very janky, that and forcing you to sit through tutorials to change your motion settings and having them play in the background is extremely annoying..Version: 1.9.0

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