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Buy it now! Don’t think twiceThis game is probably the best $ I have spent on the App Store. The game fluidity and mechanics are incredibly refined and creative. This game really makes the most of your device capabilities by utilizing the gyroscope to give a much larger arcade experience. Hands down best music/rhythm game on the App Store - dare I say amongst the top 10 mobile games for me. Lots of songs included out of the box as well!.Version: 1.1.2

Novel and funHas some good and unique gameplay, can be played offline, pretty sick story mode, and great licensed artists. whats there not to love?.Version: 1.4.0

Mobile-centric design, perfectedFor anyone reading this, the game is good. Pick it up immediately, because this is an experience you cannot quite get through any other means and the design and care that have gone into its mechanics cannot be overstated. The monetisation is also about as far from predatory as you can get, averaging out to slightly less than 1 dollar per additional song, of which about 25 are F2P and the other 20 are purchased. @devs: There’s a bug with the latest version that’s causing me to drown in traveler badges??? Every time I log in I get 8 more and they stay there. Do I get to keep these?.Version: 1.1.2

非常好游戏爱来自瓷器🇨🇳.Version: 1.2.0

求助卡在登陆界面了是怎么回事啊.Version: 1.0.3

Such a great concept!I love rhythm games especially when i can play them on my phone but this takes things to a new level. Its so addicting to play and the story mode is enjoyable as well. Im really glad there isnt an energy system either bc that usage prevent me from playing alot of other games. Would recommend any fan of rhythm in general to give this a try!.Version: 1.0.3

太色了惹射了宝贝.Version: 1.0.6

Great game so farStill getting used to it, 9s are almost at that comfy point. But my main issue is the readability of the menus as the text is a little too small even on a large phone. There’s also the issue of the quick play button being uncomfortably obscured by the gesture bar, as well as it being a bit too easy to accidentally swipe through multiple songs at once instead of one by one.Version: 1.0.3

Outstanding Game, Except...Everything about Rotaeno has blew me away, from the game mechanics to the story! But, there is one thing that I may be picky about. I'm not sure if this is just an iPhone 13 thing, but the game audio quality, especially for songs, is noticeably worse on IOS devices than on non-IOS devices. I've noticed that non-IOS devices present crisp and clear audio, while IOS devices have this low quality and compressed feel to the game. So, if there is a way to fix this problem, hopefully it gets fixed soon, before it becomes a bigger problem in the future. The game audio is the one thing that's stopping me from calling Rotaeno "perfect.".Version: 1.0.7

Really fun Game but requires internet to launch.The Game is a lot of fun! I was not sure how this would play as I am not a fan of gyroscope games but this is done surprisingly well! I just wish there was an offline mode as I bought it and went somewhere with no connection and tried to open it for the first time to get hit with not being able to play for a while. Other than that, this may be up there for me as a most played mobile rhythm game!.Version: 1.0.3

GOOD做的很棒,無以言表.Version: 1.7.1

Amazed!A brand new experience for mobile rhythm gaming, and you won't be disappointed. Super good already but room for so much cool updates..Version: 1.0.3

Amazing gameplay and interface! Can’t wait for more!I’m an avid music games player and it is very unique. It’s like a mixture of Cytus and idolish 7 where you tap the notes in a circular interface and has a cytus-like futuristic interface , but with a twist (pun intended). The rotating mechanics is fun and challenges your coordination a lot even if you’re a long term music game player. I’m not a big fan of paying for extra skngs since the game itself wasn’t free from the start, but it’s typical of music games. It is still releasing songs and chapters so there might not be a lot going on in game for now. But I’m patiently waiting for the next update and chapters..Version: 1.0.7

存档问题什么时候可以更新到1.0.5啊,不能同步我tp的云存档真的很烦.Version: 1.0.3

Amazing Game!This game is absolutely incredible!! Most of the charts are incredible and the design is spectacular! The only thing I would criticize is the lack of settings for the rotating notes and catch notes (I always get confused with the rotate notes since for example, the indicator is at the left but you have to rotate right which I sometimes get confused and rotate left). Other than that, this game is worth it’s price!.Version: 1.0.3

主线快点更新底力不够打不过歌,没有剧情就不想打.Version: 1.0.6

挺累一音游hhhhhhhh第一次因为平板太大了成为音游的负担🤣但是玩起来是真的得进.Version: 1.0.3

I’ve always wanted to break my wristsThe 13s were fun to grind to ex, the flick notes don’t feel like garbage, Bolt is my spirit animal and worth way more than just $5..Version: 1.4.1

Amazing game 👍I love how you have to rotate your phone to play, The note types fit well (even the flick notes) beautiful style, all neatly wrapped together into the best mobile rhythm game I’ve ever played 👍.Version: 1.0.3

RotateAfter 3 years of waiting I thought it was vaporware. Then it released when I wasn't looking. Very well designed rhythm game, designed around a smartphone's interface. Rotation is swift and responsive, charting is fun and challenging. Song list is a little small, but it's only a month out from launch. Overall, loving it.Version: 1.1.0

Good job!Wish you guys can get more levels and music!.Version: 1.0.6

An amazing and new rhythmAlready one of the best rhythm games I’ve ever played. A new concept which I didn’t see before, the games has an amazing look, has a couple of difficulty levels for each song, and great progression system. The only problem on Iphone is that the home bar hides some text on the ui buttons. Other than that the game plays perfectly! Amazing game!.Version: 1.0.3

不出所望,体验感真的非常非常爽,爱不释手的感觉第一次版本可以做到这样的体验,真的非常非常不错了,价格也公道,完全对得起质量,不知道后续的改进如何,相信一定会更好!!.Version: 1.0.3

Absolutely worth your time!In an age dominated by SAMEY rhythm games with the same types of gameplay, Rotaeno brings a fresh take! Personally I see it as a mix of Lanota, Colorful Stage(or other sega mobile lane), but with the addition of the gyroscopic movement and it’s incredibly addicting! I’m so excited for new planets to be added as I am now invested in the story and lore being built! I’m so excited to see where we go from here ❤️.Version: 1.0.6

你知道我这几年是怎么过的吗好玩,没有辜负期待!.Version: 1.0.3

Very GoodIt use the spin feature(rotation) as a part of the game.Version: 1.5.1

Pretty fun but for future improvements:I love it so far but I would prefer it if (when later on you guys add more free songs) please make sure they’re not songs with vocal. I have no idea why but vocal songs always make me cringe in most rhythm game maybe because it’s that typical squeaky girl singing voice that I just cringe when playing the game. I hope you guys add more songs based on sounds and instruments used (basically vocal-less songs) rather than vocal ones..Version: 1.0.3

Good gameI can't speak English 这游戏太棒了!我拿着我的iPad玩这个游戏简直是肥宅健身利器,玩法很新颖,曲绘很好看,音乐很好听。希望快点在中国大陆上上架.Version: 1.0.3

楽しいこのゲームすごく楽しい!.Version: 1.0.3

Unique concept (as far as I know), and ACTUALLY FUN?!I've played (underrated) mobile rhythm games for hella years now, arcaea, lanota, dynamix, DEEMO, etc. And now I've got a new addition to that list. UI is pretty, and i'd say it's newbie friendly, difficulty is quite fair (At this point I haven't got to the higher level difficulties, but looking forward to it), and its definitely worth the buy, at least thats what i think!.Version: 1.0.3

进不去啊啊!一直都是an error occurred while sending the request😂.Version: 1.0.6

Like itFantastic story hope more coming soon :).Version: 1.0.6

Great gameI love this game although when going to go back and play it after about a week i was logged out and was not able to log in and i didn’t think that it would have been a problem but i have bought all of the song so i was going to restore my purchases but there was no way to do that and now all of my songs are gone and i really don’t feel like playing it now with all of my favorite song either locked or not purchased. anything i can do?.Version: 1.5.1

Unique and FunThis game is very unique. Great to add to my collection of other 26 mobile rhythm games. Free songs to celebrate the launch and an Arcaea-like IAP system. I will definitely give you my money and wait for new packs..Version: 1.0.3

游玩体验很棒但是有些缺点是一个比较创新的玩法,游玩点也很多 但是对设备适配的问题依然存在 例如iPad pro 2021上,上下会出现一大块黑边,这对游戏体验是有影响的 在iPhone 13上,遇到了在结束歌曲的时候下拉通知栏会卡住的情况 以上就是游玩的一些问题 另外再提出点建议 在大屏幕设备上,判定线太靠近屏幕边缘,希望可以自己调整判定线离屏幕边缘的距离 以上就是我游玩这个游戏发现的问题和提出的建议 希望改进,也希望越做越好!.Version: 1.0.3

It’s goodIt’s a fun rhythm game, but my progress got wiped during a recent update and you can no longer sign in with your iOS account anymore 🤦🥲.Version: 1.4.1

Most fun rhythm game I played in a while!Just picked up this game, and already in love with it! The gimmick of rotating your phone while you play is awesome and feels really satisfying, accompanied by the great charting as well! If you play any other mobile rhythm game, especially with thumbs, you’ve got to try this game out!.Version: 1.0.7

Fun game with a unique and great premiseVery fun game to play. All controls work well with no problems such as hit registration. Songs are good and I recognise quite a bit but I wish for more from other established rhythm game artists like xi, or other songs ported from other rhythm games. The potential for this game is massive and if this game was free I would expect the fan base to grow exponentially. Would recommend.Version: 1.7.1

❤️非常好游戏,爱来自🇨🇳.Version: 1.0.6

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