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Uber Pro Card App User Positive Comments 2023

Uber Pro Card app received 31 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about uber pro card?

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Uber Pro Card for Positive User Reviews

One major issueThe app works very smoothly and it’s very easy to use. The major issue is that it keeps your money locked into the Uber app and it’s very difficult to move your money anywhere outside of this account. And they charge you $3 to move it when it’s a lot cheaper just to cash out and you can put your money wherever you want.Version: 2023.1.1

Uber Pro Card Ftw!I’m thrilled with the card and it’s made working so much easier. Also the ability to get an advance has helped with gas and staying on the road. Thanks for the upgrade in services Uber!.Version: 2022.12.3

ThankfulI decided to give the Uber driver app a try whenever I got laid off, and I was needing some type of income until my unemployment started. Since using this app, I’ve had no issues at all whatsoever. The app is easy to navigate, and any questions that I’ve had about some thing the answers have always been easy to find. Then getting the luxury of having the Uber Pro Card with a back up cushion is an even more motivation and incentive to want to drive more. Thanks Uber you guys have been a lot of help!!.Version: 2023.1.0

Uber Pro is on pointIam an uber driver and have been for just under 2 years. The uber pro card is amazing, I love the fact that after every job my money is automatically deposited into my account free of charge and that they provide a backup balance of $150 that you can use for anything and then it is automatically paid back from your earnings and as long as you reach the requirements you can use the backup balance as soon as it has been paid back. This is a great feature!!.Version: 2022.11.0

Easy set upJust set up my account.. was really easy and fast.. don’t see the $150 other ppl say they got but got my card in Apple Pay so I can use it asap wile getting my physical card.. I like that.Version: 1.0.15

Best thing since butter !I love this card it’s convenient fast and there when you need it, more than a card it keeps thing simple for you..Version: 2023.1.1

Excellent!This is a great card to have! Instant payments directly from rides and deliveries to the card. Back up balance available to get you through a temporary shortage of funds (recommend to only use for delivery related expenses such as gas and maintenance). Have been very happy with this card and program. If you’re an Uber driver….it’s a must have. 🙂.Version: 2022.11.1

Was actually skeptical at first, but love itI’ve had it for a month, nd it’s very convenient, specially if. You’re an Uber contractor. 0 issue so far. Does everything a debit car does. App on the phone to move funds instantly. Apple digital wallet. Cash back. The fun part is how your money goes right in after each trip, no limits. And the best is they give u extra cash up to $50 when you’re out of money.Version: 2023.2.1

Great benefit!The Uber Debit card is amazingly convenient and so easy to use. Funds are automatically transferred to my card after every trip with no delay. Moreover, I can borrow against it up to $150 to pay bills or use for leisure activities. Truly a major benefit in my wallet and highly recommend for those who qualify!.Version: 2022.11.0

Nice not to deal with GoBankThis runs so much more smoothly than Ubers old bank. The only thing I’d like to add is a vault/savings option and to bring back the choice of amount of back up balance and a chance to increase back up balance amount..Version: 2022.11.1

Uber Pro CardThis card has too many cool features to mention them all here so I will tell you about the most impressive feature of any card in the world that I know of. I literally just got the card out of the mailbox and activated it. I was immediately allowed to accept a $50 loan from Uber. This came at just the right time as money is really tight right now and I needed this little boost to help me with gas money. Before all this happened I thought my Uber driving would be restricted due to lack of extra cash this week to invest in gasoline so I can earn an honest income to help pay for college. This of course would snowball into not earning as much side money driving for Uber and not being able to pay all my bills on time. Thank you Uber. Driving for Uber has always been the least stressful job I have ever had, I am my own boss and only drive the hours that I choose, great benefits, and now to top it all off, this new card is so convenient as our earnings are immediately deposited onto the Uber Pro Card with no fees to cash out the hard earned money that I spent many hours of my “free time” after getting off work at 5pm from my regular job as a Warehouse Manager and immediately turn the Uber App on and drive for 4-6 hours. This is what helps to pay the hills and put me through college..Version: 2023.1.1

Just got my Uber Pro Card!!!Absolutely love how convenient this has already become for me. Such a brilliant new way of being paid from Ubering. Love this new card!!! Thanks again for having such a sweet new way to get my money via using a different card than my debit card..Version: 1.0.17

Retired & Love Uber!The back up money has bailed me out for the first time. I was leery about using it, but I was saving anyway for the bill it just paid for me with the cash advance! A lifesaver! now I don’t have to pay a late fee. All I have to do is continue to work for Uber and pay this off which will be done between tomorrow and the next day! Thank you so much!❤️.Version: 2022.12.8

Uber pro cardI love working for Uber is convenient for my busy busy lifestyle and I also love the fact that they have Uber Pro Card they help you with money when you need and paying back as you work this was an awesome thing they did. It’s help me in many ways..Version: 2022.12.8

To the CEO of Uber my choice and opinion of Uber Sucked but wait there’s more.I fought against ever driving Uber. Now it has given me life I now understand the value of an idea. And that good ones can hurt us also. But mostly when we choose to make it that way! Thank you and I will shake your hand soon. I have a few things you need..Version: 2022.12.6

Coming ThroughMoney was a little tight and I really needed a couple extra dollars. The fact that I’m able to get up to $150 is amazing and it really really came through in my time of need. I love this card so far I think it was a very good and beneficial addition..Version: 1.0.19

Thank you Uber for the Pro card!I have been a partner with Uber for about 2 years now. Before the Uber Pro card was created and made as a payment option for us, I still felt that the option to instantly cash out 5 times per day with a .50 cent fee every time you do cash out was actually quite convenient. I had no problem with doing it that way. That being said, I was shocked by how much more convenient and beneficial Uber made their Pro cards! I love that everything I make each day is instantly deposited into my Uber Pro account after every trip with zero fees, I love that there are so many fee free ATM options with the Uber Pro card, and I love all of the helpful tools that the Uber Pro account has to offer to assist you with organizing and saving your money! I am HIGHLY satisfied with the Uber Pro card so far and I couldn’t be more glad that I signed up for one as soon as it became available! All Uber partners and drivers, I absolutely suggest applying for the Uber Pro card! You will not regret it!.Version: 2022.10.5

Need more improvementExcellent app and idea, but it needs more improvement; like bill pay services and savings accounts, rewards should be deposited in a separate account automatically. And automatically transfer money to the savings account. But so far, the service is excellent. Thank you..Version: 2022.10.4

Wish to give 5 star Review but NOT PossibleAs much as I love this app I hate that I can not search for a transaction and have to scroll!!! Second this app says I can view upcoming bills but that’s a lie! I have several reoccurring bills set up by various companies which is NOT possible to do thru the app itself. This section of the app remains blurred out after a few months!!! Pathetic really!!.Version: 2022.12.6

Great Card for DriversI got my card and I see my earnings in my account within minutes. Really like the fact that there’s no charge AND the cash back incentive to purchase gas. I mean every cent help’s, especially in with gas going up and down so frequently. If you’re a driver, I’d really consider ordering your own card..Version: 2022.12.8

Home Run !!!I’m glad to see there’s card and app designed by Uber to manage our earnings. The app is very sleek and easy to use. I love the idea of auto payouts which are free. Plus the ability to pause auto payouts if I want to instant transfer to a different account for .85¢. Nice attention to detail. Now if we can get these same designers user experience team to redesign the Uber Driver app I’ll be even happier 😆..Version: 2023.1.0

Makes life easierYou don’t have a fee anytime you cash out. Instant cash outs! They do make you pay a ridiculous fee to put instantly in your bank. But just pay someone through cash app, Zelle, fb where ever to get around the fee….Version: 2022.12.4

Thankfully BlessedI love this app and the features it offers. As many people we work hard and still struggle to make ends meet this gives us an opportunity to not only help people within our communities but help ourselves financially. Thank you Uber Eats and company.Version: 2023.1.0

Horrible appWhen using the payback balance. When repaying the balance you have to repay it all before you can start making money. The bad part is the app glitches way to much and doesn’t add all the money you make. My payback balance was $45 due I make $41 and it’s still saying I owe $27 this is a horrible app now I don’t know where my money went because it’s adding way less than you make to your account. Please fix this issue!!.Version: 2022.12.8

Best thing Uber has done so farThis thing is a life saver and makes up for those slow week. Uber is an asset to anyone, even people who are alrwady succesful can benefit from driving with Uber..Version: 2022.12.1

Honest opinionYou don’t like to like the Uber eats app it’s self though I do but specifically the Uber eats pro card and app, fire🔥🔥🔥. They spot you $100 if you a gold member and as soon as you pay it off you have another $100 available. The 2 following tiers above gold increase to 200 and 300. That’s to fire. This app gets 17 1/2 Michelin stars from me. Lol.Version: 2022.12.1

Good FeaturesVery well organized and doesn’t miss a beat with the earnings and expenses. Very detail oriented and no delays. When u get earnings and/or use the cars for expenses, it is updated right away. Also has some really good features. The card also provides ATM’s where you can withdraw funds without any fees being assessed. Also, the card offers the options to transfer funds to a bank account (3-5) business days without any fees and a debit card with a $2.99 fee (instant transfer). Overall, I’m enjoying it..Version: 2022.10.4

The help you need!I am a plumber for 17 yrs. struggling with out of work times. Then I found this app. I thank you I we delivery system for giving me the opportunity to apply myself to help the world eat and myself to get to where I know I need to be in my career!.Version: 2022.11.1

Every GIG driver “must have”I’ve been extremely happy with this card from day one! I have 5 other major bank accounts and I’m canceling it all by the end of the year! Why carry all that clutter when one the Uber business pro card is all you need!! Bravo!.Version: 2022.11.1

Uber Eats Pro CardVery efficient and also allows you receive money the moment it comes in. I would recommend to other Uber drivers! Only suggestion would be easier ways to load money onto card..Version: 2022.12.3

Exceptional ServiceI have been driving for Uber for over 8 months now and it has been a awesome experience!! They help me with anything I need and never let me down making money! Thanks Uber.Version: 1.0.16

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