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Football Manager 2023 Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Football Manager 2023 Mobile app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Football Manager 2023 Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about football manager 2023 mobile?

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Football Manager 2023 Mobile for Negative User Reviews

Bug-ridden. Game doesn’t go beyond 2028I’ve paid for the last five FM mobile games and this one is the only one with sever bugs and performance issues. On two separate saves the game constantly crashes and won’t go beyond September 2028. I’ve tested this with different league combos and the same thing happens. Hopefully there is a fix released soon because the game is not worth paying for if you can only play five full seasons..Version: 14.0.2

The Game Is Full of BugsI have been playing FM for years, and therefore know to expect a few bugs in the initial release version. FM23 however really doesn’t cut the mustard. I am unable to progress games as random players cannot be sold without crashing the game in its entirety, and there is no option to offer new staff contracts when trying to recruit. I have shelved this title for now after less than two hours of play, and will check back in a few weeks to see if such bugs have been ironed out..Version: 14.0.2

Can’t even playI just recently download the game on 11in iPad M1 and can’t even play. There seem to be display issue that on the manager screen, I am unable to change my nationality which equate to me unable to play the game. You would think this type of bug would not exist at the launch but apparently it can… I am already so pessimistic and I haven’t got the opportunity to play it yet 🙄.Version: 14.1.0

How do I move player from reserve team to first team?!I paid 10$ for a broken game. Don’t buy on iOS.Version: 14.1.0

Good but keeps crashingGood game, better than other versions but just keeps crashing midway through matches for no reason. Game is ridiculous, none of the top managers seem to ever get sacked despite them finishing 16th in the league. Means you end up spending 18 months at least waiting for an interim job even though you’re deemed as world class.Version: 14.1.0

New Update has ruined the gameThe new update has made this game even more broken then before. It feels the tactics you choose are simply now just randomized by the AI. Players do not do as they are instructed. I will set corners to be taken short and my player will boot it across the pitch for a throw in. I will instruct my player to shoot from free kicks and he will continuously play it short. My team of superstars muster 5 shots vs relegation level opposition. Genuinely unplayable. Shame considering the price of the app...Version: 14.1.0

Game crashesMy game keep crashing after the third season while stats were updating pls fix.Version: 14.0.2

Bug with unlimited foreign players?I was playing Chinese super league and it appears that there is no limit on foreign players? It’s particularly confusing as there is no visible “rule” on this anywhere in game I could find (eg league rules)….Version: 14.1.0

Unrealistic transfers.I’ve started a few games with man United and Barcelona to test the game out and it’s really hard to sell players. There are never bids and when you offer players to teams there is never any interest which is so unrealistic because both teams have players that would be snapped up instantly in real life. And the loans are just as bad, you put players like sancho or ferran Torres on loan and really poor teams put in offers and they refuse to go. Also the amount of sell on fees is unrealistic, ya have to put massive bids in for players and usually a 20/30% fee which rarely happens in real life..Version: 14.1.0

Bit too easyI’ve always found the mobile version a touch too easy but this years version seems more prominent. Perhaps it’s a mixture of being a Motivational Coach and having the right team/right talks but even so. It took me a bit longer in 2022 and a little more tactical reconfiguring..Version: 14.1.0

Waste of moneyVar always favours the opposition which keeps disallowing goals for your team. You could also have a whole team of 5 star players and still not win or draw over multiple matches and lose which again is not realistic. Players who contracts you can not renew because they want fees above your clubs financial scope. List is on going crap game waste of time and money. Stick to fifa.Version: 14.1.0

Match stats look terribleOnly issue I have with this update is the match stats in game look like dung, much worse to see what’s going on, either let us choose a skin like the full game or make it look good. That being said I like the dynamic manager profile and updated youth development.Version: 14.0.2

Good but issuesFM23 has all the excellence of last season, however every time one of my team goes for transfer or on loan, when I attempt to respond the game crashes. Every. Single. Time. It’s extremely frustrating and should have been rectified before release (imo).Version: 14.0.2

Constant 0-0 gamesI was excited for this but so far it’s just the same game with an updated database and the odd few tweaks. At least add more realism, Director of football, gate receipts, more financials etc Game wise, my Strikers very rarely score and I have mostly 0-0 games. 8.99 but so far not worth 89p and I love Football Manager, please fix this..Version: 14.0.2

GamePlay speed & loading timesSeems much worse in terms of loading times and gameplay speed versus previous years..Version: 14.0.2

Don’t buyI have the game on pc but bought to play at home. The game is so unbelievably scaled down with bad interfaces and limited ability to make changes. In-game interface is so poor I can’t even make a substitution..Version: 14.1.0

Match crashing bug!!Fix the matxh crashing bug!!! I was beating rb leipzig in my 2nd season with sassuolo knock out 2nd round champions keague leading 4-1!!!! By 85mins!! And the game freaking crashed!.Version: 14.0.4

At the end of its lifeThis will likely be the last version before FMtouch becomes the norm. But why not keep it around for enthusiasts? Why not give us retro versions with databases for us to buy as add ons dating from 2001/2 season onwards? We can buy and sell our favourite players from our childhood! Imagine that!.Version: 14.0.4

Slow load time if you install facepack or logosUpdate 11/24/22… the new bug fix did not fix this problem. Time is still too long to load the game from licensing page. FIX PLEASE! Original review: The cache for fm23 is not working… taking forever to load at the license screen. The facepack I installed is the same one I had for the 22 version but now it is stuck for 20 min every time I load the game. I will update my review when it gets fixed. I refuse to play the game without the logos and faces….Version: 14.0.4

CrashesOnly played one friendly in season 1 and already I can’t continue to the next screen as loan offers have been received (which are mandatory to respond to) but when you click Respond the game crashes and closes. Very frustrating and an expensive mistake purchasing this game. Will require a refund..Version: 14.0.2

Unable to sign backroom staffI’ve had a couple of issues with the game, first and foremost when your staff retire or you want to upgrade there’s no option to sign new staff. I am a few years into a save in game and as my staff a retiring I’m finding myself unable to sign anyone to replace the outgoing names and due to the team not having any staff I can’t continue with my saved game until the ability to replace them is available..Version: 14.0.2

Keeps crashing!I see i’m not the only one this keeps happening too. I’m at the end of the year 25/26 and I go to press “New Season” and the game just crashes. Tried multiple times and the end result is still the same, even tried to go on holiday just to get past it and no, it crashes. Apart from that the game is exactly the same as last year, new development feature for youth players but you can’t do anything, just track their progress thats it. Oh and VAR is a joke…. Every game without fail you will have a goal or two disallowed. I recommend you save your time and money..Version: 14.0.2

Bug!!!I’ve always had a love for this game. But since yesterday the game crashes every time I score a goal!! Only way I can bypass is to take a holiday but what’s the fun in that?? Please fix!!!.Version: 14.0.2

Enjoying but bugs still so annoying.- German players getting annoyed that they cannot get in the national team and needing to leave to achieve ambitions… except… the German national team doesn’t have ANY players in it so they’ll be forever unhappy. - Players wanting to leave to play in the champions league and coming out and saying this LITERALLY AFTER I’VE been in the champions league semi final / final for the 3rd year and getting knocked out. Those two are the more annoying ones currently..Version: 14.0.4

Groundhog DayI like the game but 95% of it hasn’t changed over the last 3-4 years. I’d love to see Tier 7-8 of the English game being added. Also better match graphics and more creative stadium upgrades. Probably the last time I’ll buy it unless it changes more. Sick of paying £9 for basically changing the year, squad updates and minor tweaks..Version: 14.0.2

It crashes as fAfter few years in game, it crashes at certain dates and seems like there is no way to get around it. Lost 2 save files bcuz of crash.Version: 14.0.2

Still room for improvementIt’s an ok time killer but….why can’t we buy players in instalments and why is the game unrealistic? I’ve spent 5 years at Stevenage have improved their team massively but still finish mid to bottom in the table? And players valuation goes up and down too much I’ve got real good players worth 16k?.Version: 14.1.0

Please changePlease let us remove work permits.Version: 14.0.2

Rinse and repeatI’ve not bothered with FM handheld since 2018 and this is still exactly the same, but we’re in purple now, instead of red. You know exactly when the opposition are going to score, and we’re still being punished for Brexit (work permits). It’s only early, so there’s obviously bugs. The one that seems to happen to me almost every match is the game will end with a mass barrage of corners, literally 5-6 corners in the last minute. Nothing ever comes of them mind, but it happens 9/10. It’s a decent purchase for the small version of the game, but if you’ve played it before, expect more of the same, but in purple..Version: 14.0.2

Not greatDownloaded on iPhone and it’s so small and hard to play with the button sizes. So I’ve gone to download on iPad and gets half way through downloading and it stops. No it’s not my storage limit as I have plenty of storage available. Downloaded on Xbox series x it’s just not made for console. I used to love this game a lot unfortunately it may be time to quit FM..Version: 14.0.2

Screen issuesGot a iPhone 14 pro and when the game starts loading it shrinks down to the left corner of the screen which means I can’t press any buttons or see the game screen at all!!!.Version: 14.0.1

Good - Should be betterI do like how streamlined it is. Transfers are unrealistic. Anyone you try buy generally over inflated terrible. When clubs come in for our top players they low ball you. Transfer listing players is a waste of time. No one comes in for most of them so really poor in that respect. Paid extra 7.99 for editor an doesn’t allow you to alter transfers etc simply attributes and contracts. No money side so again really poor.Version: 14.0.2

The death of pick up and playThe developers have done a fantastic job and the game is a real marvel of information, but this years addition for me is just too crammed, too many options, too much to do with very little left to the imagination. I played three premier league games and was board stiff, not because of the wonderful match engine or the games fantastic layout, but because the addiction factor simply wasn’t there. I completely understand and respect that all developers are under a certain amount of pressure to listen to their customers with the aim to please, but the fundamentals of what originally made this game great should not be up for negotiation nor jeopardised by PC fans on FM mobile forums which has been the case for a couple of years now. •Simplicity •Imagination •Addiction …ALL GONE..Version: 14.0.2

To FixI'm one of the fans of FM since 2017 on mobile . Currently playing FM 2023 mobile . But , my manager mode can't proceed 12/12/2027 & crash to home screen . Please fix issue ..Version: 14.0.2

Different season same old issuesWhy are you still only allowed 3 subs when in real life you can do 5? Why are players from minor teams selling for not less than 150M? I would understand Haaland, but why is Udinese for example asking for 150M for Destiny Udogie??? And that’s only an example!! Different season same old issues!! And you are still charging money for this game you should be ashamed of your product!.Version: 14.0.2

No offers for playersCan’t remember this being an issue in previous versions of the mobile game, but I’ve played with 3 different clubs now and I never get any offers for my transfer listed players? It’s really annoying as then you end up with unhappy players hanging around the reserves loosing value.Version: 14.1.0

Keeps crashingWould of been 5 start but my save appears to be broken cannot get past a certain day. App just crashed tried everything.Version: 14.0.2

ReviewMy game keeps quitting automatically after playing just two seasons. That’s too bad as I can’t continue playing that game that I bought with my money..Version: 14.0.2

BugIt’s a great game overall even if it’s very similar to last years. The bug I have found is that every time I try to look at my manager profile the game crashes! Like the new team talk element, would like to be able to praise and criticise more than one player though. Would be great if lower league clubs could approach bigger clubs to become affiliates. Would also like to see a trial feature to bring in players and get a more detailed report. Would be great if you could actually interview at a club too not just apply and see what happens. Overall it’s a pretty good game.Version: 14.0.2

CrashesWhenever I try to respond to an offer at the start of the second season my game just crashes. Thought it was just a one-off when it happened for the first time but now I can’t advance past it..Version: 14.0.2

FM22 was way betterThis game is utter garbage compared to FM22 for some reason it’s so slow, in game the players move so slowly and the when on the menu screen it’s so slow trying to move from one screen to another. On FM22 it was so much faster and better the colors looked nicer as-well than in FM23. If your wondering I’m playing the game on an iPhone X. I was playing FM22 on an iPhone 7 and it had no problems..Version: 14.1.0

Full of bugsTeam name changes after making a new game, not able to make a FMFC account, etc..Version: 14.0.2

Problems found so farThe game play is great but it needs some care and attention 1. Have a young player who played 40 games no development. Sent a player on loan who is worse now he’s a world beater. 2. Player ratings / potential don’t change seem to change see Delle Alli, Justin Kluivert and Marco Brescianini who’s ratings seem wildly high and don’t ever seem to change game on game. 3. A player I have on loan is interested and hopes his loan turns into to a transfer but won’t negotiate at the contract offer stage. Makes no sense. 4. Malik Thaiw wants to leave my club because he wants to play for Germany but Germany don’t have a national team on the game. Talked to him to stay he agreed next screen wants to leave again. 5. Broja and Matty Cash don’t speak English despite being born in England. 6. Assigned free kick taker doesn’t take free kicks. 8. Kulusewski at Tottenham doesn’t have a buyout..Version: 14.1.0

World CupIt’s the World Cup my players that I’ve selected are getting injured. They never played in the first match I never got notified that they were injured in training. How are they getting injured when they aren’t playing?.Version: 14.0.4

DisappointedWhile it’s not the most pricey game to buy, each year the UI and gameplay is almost exactly the same as the year prior. I was hoping to see something that gave the user a different feel to the year prior but this isn’t the case. It’s legitimately just a updated roster that you’re paying for in my opinion. Wouldn’t mind a refund if I’m to be honest..Version: 14.0.1

Would be 5 stars…If I didn’t have to reinstall twice a week, graphics keep on crashing, game still works but when you can’t read anything it’s pointless - needs fixing..Version: 14.0.4

Same old sameSame as last year just paid 4 pounds for my first season for youth academy and place on the board and got relegated in English south league why? Because the games designed to make you pay out no matter what system or tactics you use it’s near impossible to win a game most times your lucky you even draw no wonder I got relegated another game for the bin like last year and a waste of 4 pounds I know it designed to make it harder but not impossible to get anywhere unless your managing the big teams..Version: 14.0.4

Can’t even play the gameEvery time I make a new save the same problem occurs, I’m not even a month into the save when I receive a transfer/loan offer for one of my players. When I try to respond to the email I get kicked off the app and it won’t work, and I can’t resume the save without responding to the email..Version: 14.0.2

App not workingApp has a bug that it wont load in on iphone 14 pro max, get a small white box in top left thats it.Version: 14.0.1

File CorruptAt a random point in your career the game corrupts or something and you can’t play anymore, makes the game unplayable and ruins the experience because you know that the game will end with certainty and it isn’t your decision..Version: 14.0.2

Can’t start the gameWhere’s select nationality button.Version: 14.0.4

Injury PlagueLast year this game was spoilt by way too much game time being wasted by VAR decisions. This year it’s ruined by the ridiculous amount of injuries sustained by players during games and also the transfer fees are poor too. Unless the player that you are bidding for is in the last year of contract the transfer fees required are way over the top including the future transfer add on. Also the team talk part of the game is tedious, the option should be there to switch it off. The player database is exemplary as always. I’ve only been playing this game for a few days and I’m really disappointed. As I purchased the game and the entire add ons pack from the shop I certainly don’t think that it was a good purchase..Version: 14.0.2

1I hope you can explain why it takes more than 5 minutes to enter the game after inserting the avatar and team logo patches..Version: 14.0.2

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