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Easy Cleaner - Clean Storage ! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Easy Cleaner - Clean Storage ! app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Easy Cleaner - Clean Storage !? Can you share your negative thoughts about easy cleaner - clean storage !?

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Easy Cleaner - Clean Storage ! for Negative User Reviews

Didn’t workI set it up , used it ,but all my photos still there.Version: 1.4

£5 a month!!!!!I downloaded the app, discovered the cost and signed up for the three day free trial to see what it could do. To clean up photos it put similar photos together (which would be next to each other in my camera roll anyway), picked the best and the others were ready to delete. For the most part it did pick the best. HOWEVER if I had a pic of each of my daughters in front of the same background it would pick one kid and the others were going to be deleted! I had to check through EVERY PHOTO to make sure this wasn’t the case. I can do this in my camera roll FOR FREE! I have unsubscribed..Version: 1.4

Crashes whenever is try to open the ContactsCrashes whenever is try to open the Contacts. So not usable. Deleted..Version: 1.4

Would be nice if it worked… the redeeming feature is that there is a 3 day trial. I tried the simple things first: decluttering contacts…. Well first of all you need to manually confirm every merge …. Then after a while (3 or 4 merges) the app stopped working completely. Crashing instantly. Also the number of duplicate bay name had gone up from 350ish to 500+. Sort of irrelevant though as the app just keeps crashing. Nice idea … if it only worked..Version: 1.4

Deleted all my contactsIt said it would clean duplicate contacts but instead got rid of all names on my contact list Do not use !!!!!.Version: 1.4

ReviewWe shall see how this performs after this review.Version: 1.7

Not interested and have discontinued this app within 24 hours . Can the money be refunded pleaseBelow my expectations.Version: 1.4

Cost more than my phone contractWay to expensive at 4.99 a month.Version: 1.4

OkI downloaded this app because I thought it would clean my phone really well but it didn’t because I don’t have duplicates or unused apps so if you have duplicates it will work but if you don’t then don’t download it..Version: 1.6

Limited use unless you pay.I tried merging contacts and it it warned me after 5 I had reached my limit. If I were to proceed anyways it may delete everything. After every merge it went to a different screen with a count down until you can return. It is a little confusing to use. Tried to delete duplicate photos but they returned after I went to another screen. I had to delete the app..Version: 1.4

It didn’t workI changed my charging animation I followed all the steps I did it correctly and it didn’t work horrible app I’m deleting I should have never downloaded it and I suggest you don’t download it One star.Version: 1.4

DO NOT DOWNLOADYes. I enjoyed this app at first and even recommended it to a few family members because it did in fact delete all of my duplicate photos, but as I was looking deeper it not only deleted all duplicate photos, but all photos that were similar as well. Pictures of my daughters outside the other day all deleted except for maybe 2 because they all looked “too much alike”. I am very disheartened by this because it was some of my babies first pictures playing outside. Do not recommend. 0/10..Version: 1.7

Terrible AppI lost all my contacts which the app said were duplicates- but now I have lost all my contacts. Please do not use this app - it’s extremely difficult to get the contacts from the cloud back up - Do Not Use this App. My photos also were barely saved from this disaster of an app - thank you.Version: 1.4

Honest review (fake 5 star reviews)Don’t listen to the overwhelming 5 star reviews , they are obviously fake . Like none of them give any examples as why it’s great. Please listen to the critical reviews, they are most likely real. This app is more likely to harm your storage and your contacts. It also requires you to pay for “cleaning” but it’s really isn’t . One review said that it only got rid of two videos . So potentially don’t waste your money and ruin your storage by downloading this app and using their services..Version: 1.3

WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PAYWorst app ever.Version: 1.4

Kinda badSo basically when you do your photos on it, and it tells you how many duplicates you have. So that’s all fine. But then it shows your duplicates, and it tells you which on is the best. Now that’s the problem part. It almost tricked me into deleting good photos, cuz sometimes it really doesn’t say the best one. I looked through all the tabs just to see if I really liked one, and it puts a little sticker on the best one that says best, and I looked through the similar ones, and it 100% wasn’t the best. So really, I’m giving it 2 stars only because for some of the things it worked fine. But honestly, don’t download this app..Version: 1.7

Too expensive£5 a week? Immediate deletion..Version: 1.4

ComplaintOnce this app comes up in the middle of playing a game I can not get rid of if. If I try to hit the not the bit now button it only stays up for a fleeting second. Pretty soon I am going to call up the FDIC and make a complaint about your app and get them to shut you down!.Version: 1.7

OkThings are a little strange while you are trying to clean. It keeps going back like you are having to download the program again. But it has helped me free up some space. I have Ivloud and Google photos. So hopefully I haven’t lost anything..Version: 1.4

What even is thisThe app promises to help me clean my phone files but all it is is an excuse to show me lots of adverts. I will be deleting 😡.Version: 1.4

Very helpful app with very annoying adsCan’t work wth so many ads at every step.Version: 1.4

Disappointing and expensiveIt pauses for 10 or more seconds after each individual merge making it next to useless. Very expensive with a weekly charge..Version: 1.4

Maybe don't make me payThe reason I hate most apps is when you have to pay to do what the app is meant to do. Many apps, like this one, let you use the app's features once before you have to pay. I'd even be fine if not all the features were available unless you paid, as long as you have the main features. If I have to pay, I'm immediately deleting the app, so next time, DON'T MAKE ME PAY FOR THEBASIC NECESSITIES..Version: 1.4

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