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Wonder - AI Art Generator app received 94 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about wonder - ai art generator?

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Wonder - AI Art Generator for Positive User Reviews

Really cool but…This is great but for free users there’s a limited amount of uses and you have to watch adds, adds aren’t too bad and AI is kinda cool with same prompts even generating new things.Version: 1.6.3

Excellent- but a way to go to perfectI really this app to even say this is my favourite app so far. The only things is the A.I has got to do better with human figures because they double up on the images and the hands and feet look deformed like on poser software when setting high and low perimeters. All in all flipin awesome - but please sort that out and maybe landscape version too that would be fantastic. Peace.Version: 1.4.0

Most user friendly AI Art creation programI’ve used several different AI Art creating programs and this one is by far the most user friendly and provides really good end results even without a great working knowledge of these types of applications. The newly added paint styles make it even easier to target the look you’re going for and I’m especially appreciative that it doesn’t restrict the more adult themed subject matter as others do and gives you free range to create Art free of censors. As I mostly create art with figures, sometimes the program adds extra limbs or has the body contorted in an unnatural way, especially fingers, that ruins the end result. I’m hopeful that with more time and fine tuning the program will continue to improve in this area. Aside from that minor gripe I would suggest this program to anyone looking to venture into the world of AI create Art. For price, ease of use and end results you can’t do better than this..Version: 1.4.0

Just incredible, good detail, great style variationsPlease add Native iPad support instead of simply up scaling for iPad *** update: now you can export HD images!!! Absolutely awesome!!! *** This is my favorite of the AI generated art apps I use. I have paid for my subscription to this (and a few other of the better AI art apps). It’s worth it. Great detail, good resolution (not great but fairly good). The art styles are mostly unique from each other, little duplication of styles. The facial portraits are amazing. At first I was convinced facial portraits were being pulled straight from other sources, but these are truly original. The output resolution of images is fairly good. I was able to export and print out an AI landscape at 20x30 and there was no graininess one might expect from an image blown up that size. Occasionally, there are awkward looking subjects, especially on body parts, with additional limbs or body parts or faces or not-quite-right heads. As a writer, it’s great to be able to visualize the scenes I write about. Also have used Dream AI (thumbs up), Proleap (thumbs up), DaVinci (thumbs down).Version: 2.7.0

My New Favorite Wallpaper App!I’m so addicted to this “game” (is it technically a game?) It’s laughable how the computer generates people since it often adds an extra pair of arms or indistinguishable fingers. ONE COMPLAINT though: I’m surprised that the minimum age requirement is 4 years when the women sometimes are drawn completely nude, top to bottom. I’m no prude, but perhaps rethink this age requirement to 18 for the impressionable children whose parents wouldn’t be happy to find such images on their devices or set a mature setting for those of us who are actual adults… REVIEW UPDATE: Ever since the recent app update, the “save” and “refresh” buttons are dangerously close together, whereas before the update, they were on opposite sides of the screen. I’ve missed out on a lot of good paintings because of the confusion. Another suggestion: Can we have a page where we can view our results like a “history” page? Actually, this may also resolve the previous issue I mentioned. It’d just be nice to be able to go back in case I change my mind about an image..Version: 1.6.0

Rip offThis is the problem with the NEW modernized business strategy… customer wants unlimited access, customer buys unlimited access… business says “hmm, they’re using that unlimited access they bought, I bet we could restrict that unlimited access & CHARGE them for more LIMITED access! Because the service they bought, we can just pretend that never happened!! It’s fricken brilliant!” This is the flaw in subscription based services, they charge the rules to the game mid game. 50 images a day to a paid PRO user is a lot less than unlimited. I guess if the business plan is to get people to use the app less, you’ll have no problem achieving that… especially when there’s a slew of other apps that do just as good & honor their customers. Geez, maybe after 50 renders have the occasional add?.Version: 3.2.0

Wonder fulI could lose entire days typing prompts into this. It sparks my creativity like nothing I’ve experienced in a while. I’d love a feature to blend the rendering options though! But even with that said…. I love it!.Version: 1.4.5

Unique Artist’s ToolI love being able to create elements and images that I can only articulate, or see in my dreams. It’s a good starting point for artists and designers who require unique or highly creative elements, and to develop on those concepts further if desired. I personally can sit for hours and cycle through insane prompts and watch the AI deliver - it is very cool indeed. Makes for great album artwork and playlist covers and such. Pro tips: - The AI on certain styles struggles with simulating human features, (you might get an extra arm or leg or something occasionally) so take that into account if you’re trying to simulate people, you may have to adjust your prompt to achieve what you want - The AI doesn’t recreate a text or language that exists, so typography isn’t necessarily the hero of this app - Certain styles are exclusive to people or landscapes so take that into account with your prompts - I believe the AI is based off a relative search engine feature, so you can look for things that do exist if you would like to create alternative versions of them - The AI will only generate artwork in 1:1/Square format - The AI does have it’s limits, so don’t be afraid to use synonyms, or adjectives to adjust your prompt until you achieve a relative version of what you’re looking for It truly is a great app and I’m having a lot of fun with it - please improve on human features!!!!!.Version: 1.4.3

Amazing! … and come on grrrrCreate some startling images. Also create some that are what happened there. Pay for the Pro version it is just tons of fun….. for hours. What needs buffing? Some times you get a world class image and it has a messed up eye ball or arm… something that destroys the entire image. Could we get a re-render button in order to fix the images fatal flaw? Also, some times the app creates side by side images, it’s a tad surprising when it shows up but fun. Here’s the issue, one side of the image will be a total foul up and the other side will be a masterpiece. Please give us the ability to keep the masterpiece and dispose of the bad side…. And do a re-render if needed. Something else. Could the text window be expandable? My fingers are huge and my eyes crappy, and I would like to see my entire description at one time. Keep up the good work on the coolest app available!.Version: 3.0.0

I love this app but …..The limit for how many you can do for is a little too short in my opinion and an ad every time you want to create something is pushing it in my opinion . Make the ads every now and then turn up the limit by little for how many you can create and then this will be a five star.Version: 1.3.0

Love it but…Edit- What happened? I paid for a lifetime subscription and I tried to generate a new avatar and it said I have to pay for it now? I get it it’s expensive to generate theses AIs..but if I already pay for a subscription I would appreciate a free avatar. It used to be free and now it’s no longer an option. Could you offer the $10 option to subscribers for free one time? I would really like an avatar like Lensi offers, but I paid for this app. Thanks! I do love this app, I ve been using it to help with getting out of my painting artist block. I do not print or call theses images my own, but it’s visually satisfying some of the images it can create. Helps me with lighting and shading. BUT - Please help with the new avatar function. Mine does not look anything like me. I have tried to retake my photos and no improvement. Also, I had to delete my app to retake the pictures. Any help would be great! **bought the year subscription because it’s cheaper than therapy ❤️.Version: 2.0.0

Still a bit earlyIt still new and learning but in a few years it will be one of the best apps out there..Version: 1.4.7

Brilliant appI’ve made some beautiful pictures - they are hanging on my wall this app is amazing the only downside is that it doesn’t do human figures very well sometimes but it does animals brilliantly.Version: 1.4.7

The Greatest Photo App Of Our TimeIt's been a long time since I discovered a photo software that really blew me away, but this app is a gift from God. I've developed some mind-blowing artwork that I'm not convinced the human eye could have created. This has saved me time and money as a content creator. I adore it so much that I purchased a lifetime subscription and have received far more than my money's worth. I can't tell you how much I adore this app. This is, in my opinion, the greatest app of all time. Many artists will be out of work as a result of this. Please, developers, provide more designs and allow us to add photos as some other apps do. I'm curious to see how far this software will push the boundaries of creativity. I've always wanted to be able to draw, but now I don't have to because the software does it for me. The only little flaw I've noticed is that it occasionally struggles with hands, causing fingers to be crooked or adding an extra arm or twisted fingers. Overall, it's done some wonderful work, and I don't want to complain, but if it could just adjust it a little bit, I'd say this software is perfect. I often play on it for hours..Version: 1.5.0

Great, but annoyingIt makes you want to add this to create something and you only have a daily create thing. So it shows the Wonder symbol underneath which is annoying when you’re trying to save it as a profile picture of the something. It makes you pay for way too many things and personally I don’t like that..Version: 1.5.0

I’m having funSimple enough to use but don’t expect this AI to give you exactly what you want XD.Version: 1.4.5

No complaintsThis has been absolutely amazing. The art styles are extremely unique and has a bright future ahead of it. Keep doing whatever you’re doing because it’s working!.Version: 1.5.0

They actually listen to feedback!I changed my original review from 3 stars to 5 stars. I left a review (listed below) asking to add more options like aspect ratios, and they did! Wow thanks for listening, it means a lot. Not many developers listen to feedback. Switching this app to a 5 star for sure! Old review: This app is almost perfect, I think it generates the most beautiful images of all the other ones, however they’re lacking options and adjustments. I would like to have landscape wide angle images with options for different aspect ratios. I wish they could do that. I will change my review to five stars as soon as this option is added. Great app, beautiful images, just needs more options and the ability to change aspect ratios..Version: 1.7.3

Perfect artI love how easy it is to use and the different options of art.Version: 1.6.3

GoodI can make almost anything in a lot of detail and with great quality and that’s without the payed trials. I feel it would be better free but that would be for everything and it’s needed. Great quality, easy to use definitely would recommend..Version: 2.7.0

Fun AI - but needs some improvementsFirst of all, I have to say I’m very impressed by Wonder and it’s art AI is the best in the App Store as of 2022 hands down. That said, there’s definitely need for improvement in the accuracy of the ai and ability to train it to adapt to inputs. Notably it would be amazing to have the ability to add 2 or more images together to have the AI merge the two based on the parameters specified - for example “illustration of a mouse riding on the back of a turtle in novelistic style” - using a user provided image of a mouse and a turtle. This would create so many possibilities for us as users and honestly as a paid premium subscriber almost seems like it should already be a feature. But as stated I really like this app and it’s helped me with storyboarding my creative writing so it’s well worth it imo..Version: 2.3.0

Good appI love this app as it is really fun and cool but I wish there wasn’t a limit for how many photos you could do per day I know you can get premium but I feel like this shouldn’t have a limit other than that it is a very good app and I would recommend it🙂🙂🙂.Version: 3.2.0

Amazing Avatars!Some people ie. r/ART etc. Hate AI art! They’re nuts, because this stuff is so amazing and mind blowing you wont be able to put the phone down! The Avatars you can purchase (for a nominal fee) are Well worth the couple bucks. I was totally impressed with them and im using them everywhere. But just think, imagine anything you want and the style you want it in and BOOM next thing ya know ol’ jeds a millionaire ! Ya got ART! Cool art too. Ive saved nearly most of what it makes me. Sometimes the eyes are a bit strange but that adds to the lure. All in all a great app and worth your time and money. Give it a try! Do the three day trial and i bet you can’t quit. It’s totally worth it. Msg to Dev’s: Socialize it more. Otherwise keep it the same..Version: 2.3.0

AmazingNever used anything like this for my art, absolutely mind blown what this app can produce using AI..Version: 1.3.0

It’s incredible but could be even greater!The technology is unbelievable and I’m having so much fun, BUT I’d love to have more canvas sizes available as quite often it cuts off parts of the image that I really want it to develop like heads and such. Also, I’d love the option to input a guide image. This is amazing though!.Version: 1.4.5

🫶Honestly pretty cool, I’ve seen people on TikTok using this app to make phobias (ikr so basic 🤪✌️🔥🔥) and it’s now 4am and I’m too lazy to sleep or eat so now I’m just creating every phobia to ever exist in alphabetical order.. this will take awhile since I have to watch an ad to create one every time for every phobia that deducts a star because it gets in the way of wasting my time by wasting even more of my time other than that great app and draws phobias in a way you understand! 💍🧎‍♀️.Version: 1.3.3

Good appMade “Camelshrooms”.Version: 1.4.5

DeliversI saw this in an ad on Facebook. At first I didn’t realize it was an advertisement for an app, I just thought it was a meme. I soon deemed it fake, as no AI generator of this quality would be so easily accessible as a mobile app. I almost deemed it not worth it when I did their tutorial, since at first it looked like you don’t really get to do anything worthwhile or fun with the free demo. Also not true. I had lots of fun playing with this thing even without buying it, just had to wait for ads. So this advertised nicely, let me test it just to see if I want it, and sold me. Fun app, highly recommend for artists and people with imagination. Feature Suggestions; Landscape photos, saving pictures with a frame that contains the name and prompt at the bottom, and a quicker way to save photos..Version: 1.5.3

Solid EnoughFrom an AI Art Gen standpoint, I’d rate it at a perfect mid. It’s definitely far from anything you could get using a computers GPU, but it definitely works. If I had to ask a few things - Improvements on human limbs. Not really faces, as that could be dangerous for too many reasons to list, fingers and hands seem to get molded together, like someone took clay and smashed it with their palm. It’s fine, makes for some laughs here and there, but just a recommendation. It said you have to pay for more styles (20+), but just seems to come with all of them anyway? I bought their “Pro” version, to skip ads, and nothing really changed besides the ads being skipped. Not really faster, or more styles, mostly just skipping ads. Which, is nice, but for $30, could just be a little more. All in all, good, well rounded application for fun use, even if only a few times..Version: 1.5.0

Incredible!!I absolutely love this App. It’s so much fun, literally hours of entertainment creating different kinds of artworks..Version: 1.4.7

It’s amazing.The fact that you can pretty much recreate an imagine so it closely matches what you are thinking of is amazing..Version: 1.4.0

Best ai art generator on the App Store in my opinionGreat app, artwork is amazing and so much better than dream in my opinion with the realistic artworks and 3D rendering. I have to say the amount of ads is a discouragement, and the price of getting rid of them is quite high which makes me hesitant to buy the upgraded version..Version: 1.3.3

AmazingI was skeptical when I downloaded the app from an Ad on one of my games. Figured it’d be dumb but looked interesting enough to explore. So I downloaded the app and then my creativity with different artsy ideas began to flourish (I am a very linear thinker and not creative). I have a hard time imagining things (like pictures) in my head but now I challenge myself to think of something and then see what the app comes up with in comparison. 10/10 would recommend, super fun. I wish it would come up with even more drawings/pictures or even someday have gifs! That reminds me, the app cannot write. Want a message? It won’t be in English lol. It’s Like an alien language or something. Back to the point. DOWNLOAD. It’s fun!.Version: 2.8.0

Wow perfectBeautiful.Version: 2.7.0

Not 100% but good enoughIt’s not human after all but it’s quick and it can always improved.Version: 2.2.0

Great but these things can make it so much betterI am not one of those bots. Just so you know reading this is accurate. I love this app it is amazing it is what I asked for and more. But one thing is the ads you have to watch before making them are the same ones over and over so one suggestion is more diversity in the ads for the people that don’t get premium. I will say with out premium it is still good I don’t have it and I have had the app for about two months and it is fun to jump in and create things when your bored like a cat with armor on. That is what is so good about it, it lets you be creative, but also not have to do the work of drawing it out but; however there is something that I would ask for is sometimes it creates something cool but not what I wanted and to click the recreate button it makes me watch an add again. The reason I clicked recreate is because what I got isn’t worth watching the ad. Also something that could be amazing is to post your works of art on a tab of the app to let others see them and download art other people made. That would be awesome and make it that much better the app is great but those things would make it so much better. Thank you for reading this 😃😃😃😀😀😀.Version: 1.5.7

It’s the best free optionThere many alternatives like mid journey or night cafe but this is simply the best the ads do get irritating but it doesn’t take away from the quality of the app, I can imagine something and bring it to life.Version: 1.3.3

Transparent imagesGreat app i am a pro member i was a bit disappointed when i found out i cant download the images with subjects in them such as cat with the background transparent this would make the image easier to use in photoshop.Version: 1.4.7

Shane’s review!Wonder the app is a great thing, coming from a visual stand point if have a vision wonder does exactly that for me whether it be a flooding house on the mountain’s down to a basic cabin in the woods..Version: 1.3.0

Not bad for an open appPerhaps not as good as Dall-e or Midjournal (what I've seen) but very good since there isn't a wait list. Takes some tries to find the right wording of what you want but comes up with decent ideas. It even recognises popular culture like anime..Version: 1.4.7

Really impressive, but not quite there yet and not worth £20pmIt’s amazing technology but a lot of the ones I’ve tried bring up results that miss detail and look like their off google images. Unless your an artist looking for inspiration probably not worth the £20 per month!.Version: 1.6.0

InspirationalProcessed around 300 of my stock photos only had the app 2 days so it is quick to convert your photographs. Would have given 5 stars only hands and some faces do not get processed correctly adding no an extra finger or hand wrong way round grotesque faces spoiled some promising shots I have no problem converting city scenes to dystopian references Overall well worth the outlay.Version: 2.9.32

Awesome appSo amazing.Version: 2.7.0

Good but has some issuesIt’s a good app, I love how you can make words come to life! I’m a writer and I love creating my characters on Wonder. But…it has problems. Here are some things that would be great to fix in the next version, 1. Fix the faces, many times I have generated a pic, and the face looked really weird, like the nose would be out of place or smushed, and one of the eyes will sometimes be faded. 2. It is extremely limited how many artworks you can make without Wonder Pro. Please let there be more for those of us who don’t or can’t get Wonder Pro. That’s pretty much it, the adds get a little annoying but compared to some other apps they are a good amount. 👍 Overall this is a great app! Thank you Wonder..Version: 3.1.1

Really good imaginationGreat for bringing visuals to new and creative ideas. The only improvement I’d really want to see is the anatomy of humans (faces, hands and feet) and animals (legs, faces, teeth) is sometimes way off and ruins the image.Version: 2.1.5

Amazing, howeverLove this app but I think the limit on making art on the free version, in my opinion it should maybe be a longer limit or no limit at all with more ads.Version: 1.3.3

So far, it’s pretty neat app!!The only thing that’s bothersome is I typed in just the word “success” and the image created was something out of this world that was machine based and unlike anything that any human would even consider being along the lines of any kind of human success. Unless your an all out cyborg-ed alternate that has a whole completely different 🫣perspective, and (understanding) of the way this world functions and just the over-all morality of living human life as we know it. Kinda freaky, what AI considers success.. Unless there from the base of creation, generation, the true understandings of very important key words are not completely (understood). But overall the app is very interesting and creative, but again better understandings of basis gives better understanding of Trace’s😉and which side of the spectrum it’s provided takes too..😇Very cool, but very scary...Version: 1.4.5

Amazing appVery surprised that you don’t need money for it or that the results come out so good.Version: 1.4.7

LimitYou are only allowed 3-4 pictures a day I think it should be 6-8 because people might want to post lots of pictures to social media and not want to spend money.Version: 1.6.3

This is it!Hats off to the developers, after the last amazing update the app is as perfect as it gets! The searches are head and shoulders better than the competition, the new look is professional and the ability to import your own images makes this app a no brainer. Also the image ratio is perfect now and 3 results per search is very welcome. They listened to users and fixed everything. Please don’t change a thing, the app is now complete. A five star rating all day long. Superb!!.Version: 1.5.3

I love A.I. 💋🔥❗️A. I. Is learning so fast, I think it’s a hard way for you too babe I love love you babe lol lol love you love love you too love love miss love love it lol lol I’m going on a walk right lol I’m going on a shower lol I’m sorry about that but I’m sorry about your attitude I just woke you lol lol I just got home from church I got to go to church today I got a call from my church I was going on to my moms house lol I’m going on lol I’m sorry babe I just woke you lol lol I just got home from church I got to go to church today I got a call from church I got a phone number from the office I was told I would need help with that stuff I got you a lot to mail it lol I’m going to do my hair lol I’m going on lol I’m sorry babe lol I’m going on a shower lol lol I just woke you lol lol I just got home and I’m heading back home from my shower lol I’m going on my bed lol lol love you love miss you.Version: 1.8.3

Love it!This is absolutely incredible! Definitely worth checking out!.Version: 1.4.5

One of the Best Free A.I Art Generates AvailableFor a Free Art generator, Wonder has Performed very well in most cases, with a deformation every now in then, which happens with all A.I Art generators. This would mostly only happen if some of the things you were asking it to create had “overlapping” words or was very complex. It’s interface is simple and easy to use with first typing a prompt, then pick a filter, with nice art creation times around 9-14 seconds, which is great considering it creates 2 at the same time. Overall Its been a joy in my experience with it and if that wasn’t enough, so far I seen no Ads. Hopefully it remains that way or that might ruin the joy of being able to just watch Art be created in quick succession. Hopefully you give it try.Version: 1.4.7

AI Art made EasyI can’t put down this app! I’m a visual artist and Wonder AI has made text-to-image prompting enjoyable. Of course I’ve downloaded Stable Diffusion and tried it at home, but Wonder is faster and easier (albeit lacking many functions of the full software). The tradeoff for speed and simplicity, is you’ll need to work on your prompts to achieve what you want, and need a large vocabulary and an understanding of English grammar rules. But if you’re the type who enjoys working out the ‘word puzzle’ of getting closer and closer to your desired image, the unlimited subscription is for you! Lot’s of people have silly (magical-thinking) ideas of how the AI works. All you’re doing is sending text-prompts to a cloud server and downloading jpegs. There’s no AI on your phone and you’re not ‘training’ it – all that work has already been done. It’s no different to using a search engine or scrolling tumbler to find images, but with the AI you are co-creating (with the AI supplying a random element of surprise), and saving the ones you like! Obviously AI is not perfect (or actually ‘intelligent’) so a percentage of the images will have extra limbs, extra heads sprouting from the scalp, and octo-fingers... Search online for tips and tricks to get better faces and photo-quality images. I purchased lifetime, and since then Wonder has added more features including uploading a reference image and 2x upscaling..Version: 1.6.5

Great appHonestly this is a really good app it’s just annoying having to watch an ad every time.Version: 2.8.0

ExcellentI’ve only used this a little but having a lot of fun on it it’s excellent to see what modern AI can do. The colours and structures they produce are extraordinary and stuff I feel like I may see in my dreams but if you search up nostalgia it comes out with good colours along with sunset.Version: 1.3.3

Great appWould like to see it get better at concepts and not just Mash a few obvious things together. But otherwise really impressed, I didn’t think this technology was freely available yet..Version: 1.4.5

Fulfills all of my somber fantasiesNo wonder people love ai, it has no regard for human life, thus I can make the most disturbing fantasies without filtering, love this app, oh nevertheless I have no idea how to be an artist I just enjoy this, preserve this app in its entirety for I do not desire it to deviate..Version: 1.6.0

Creative funI love this app, having just bought a large iPad Pro, I’m impressed at how the images look on the page. I’m enjoying the new feature where you can add your own image as a basis. Lots of new wallpapers for my iPhone and iPad! As an edit, I paid for 50 AI avatars, and was not only disappointed but insulted! Where were all the historic costumes and paintings it was meant to put me in, instead it was just the worst results from photo booth with exaggerated black lines for my fine wrinkles and thick moustaches for a slightly downy upper lip!.Version: 2.2.0

Went from almost perfect to perfect!Alright so my only two complaints were minor but finally resolved! First, the animate feature was loud and unskippable, but they fixed that finally. Second, and more importantly to me, I wrote in with a suggestion for aspect ratios and heard nothing...until they finally added it, and it is AMAZING! This app already did a great job, but now you can basically make custom phone or PC wallpapers with the right aspect ratio and a bit of work to find that perfect image. I've already made one that hands-down made it to being my main wallpaper and several friends online all are considering using it too. 11/10, and love that you can just outright butethe premium rather than stuck with a subscription; that's a huge difference that makes this app simply better..Version: 2.5.0

A quality appConsidering the endless number of phrases which one can come up with out of the blue, let alone through auto correct and voice to text, not to mention Google translate, there is a myriad of potential images one can come up with and no one will be exactly the same. The pros, there’s an endless amount of options when it comes to coming up with things for the app to create. And the cons, if you don’t buy the product you do have to wait a couple extra seconds in order to see the end result. This weight is only about 15 to 20 seconds longer than if you were to have the purchase version. Additional cons include that certain genres are somewhat predictable, The app does not always understand what you’re trying to get across and so it requires some clever word manipulation in order to get a closer result to what you were looking for. All that said, if you enjoy seeing your thoughts brought to life in front of your eyes in ways you could not have expected or imagined, and this is a good app for you..Version: 1.5.0

Love AI howeverI would love to see ai generated avatars that can be made with all types of pictures not just ones with our faces they would make for cooler art.Version: 2.2.3

Amazing! But there’s one major problem.This app is by far the best on the market! I couldn’t afford to pay the subscription every month so I bought the one time $30 purchase. I fully recommend buying the subscription because it’s definitely worth it! There’s only one problem I really have with the app: the downloading process. It gets stuck while loading. This happens mainly while pressing the first download icon. You’ll have to leave the app completely and loose not only the presets but the photo too. I’ve lot one too many pictures to that one. If it doesn’t happen on the first icon then it will happen when you press the second icon. It doesn’t happen every time but when it does it’s a major set back. I hope this finds you well, developers and I hope this gets fixed soon. Billmont.Version: 1.6.7

It’s amazingThe complaints I could have regarding the app are small compared to how perfect this ai is. I will point out though that the anime style is lacking at times. In particular, any renderings of human beings get completely mangled in the anime category. This is far less problematic for some of the other styles, but you will have models with more than two arms or double jointed necks or other oddities. With a little touch up, they are exactly what I’m looking for. Getting two renders per ad is really not much of a bother as every ad is only 15 to 30 seconds long. I was sad that there is a daily limit, but honestly it’s only a minor inconvenience at best. Strangely enough though, I’ve noticed the “Novelistic” style will only draw people even when the prompt is something like “tree hit by lightning” or “boat in a lake.”.Version: 1.4.7

I finally found my creative outlet ♥️This is what I have been searching for…. This app literally allows me to project my imagination into art..Version: 2.7.0

Great . . . But I Have ConcernsAlright, here’s the gist of it: I made what I thought would be a one-time purchase. Unfortunately, after the implementation of the photo-to-art feature, you have to separately purchase different packages to “art-ify” photos (as opposed to randomly generate them from scratch). I don’t doubt the dev needs funding to run this kind of app, but my concern is the “quality” of the photos. Say I buy a set amount of photo generations, what happens if they come out looking like an X-Men mutant? Do I get my money back? Do I get a re-try? The regular generation is great, but . . . it’s still AI. You get hands and limbs that look straight out of an SCP Foundation horror story. What is to stop the AI from doing the same thing to my reference photos—only this time I have to dole out money for a set amount of results rather than a single down-payment for countless tries? I would absolutely pay one more fee for the photo feature, but I can’t help in turn my nose up at the prospect of paying multiple times for the mutilation of photos all the while losing money for each attempt. I wish they would explain this feature a little more. Other than that, I really do like this app. The AI is finicky, but most of the results are wonderful for template/reference drawing. I really REALLY hope they don’t start charging for every individual feature here forward. That’s not what I initially paid for..Version: 3.1.0

PriceApp is good. But only upset with price. 6.49/week. Developer pls reduce the price. I wud greatly appreciate and continue using this app. Thankyou.Version: 2.1.3

Need more stock images (and dinosaurs)Very fun and cool, but feels lacking with a few different ques that it can’t identify. If this keeps developing it could be amazing, does a great job or scenery and landscapes though..Version: 1.3.3

Easy to use with awesome resultsHaving also tried DALL.E I found Wonder to be easier to use with the various different styles and the app format easier to navigate. It can take a few goes to the right result but it’s actually really good..Version: 2.9.31

Not connectingHaving trouble with connection , is this a common issue? Have just installed this app and paid for lifetime subscription ..Version: 1.4.0

Amazing and fastLoving the app. The better your vocabulary, the better results you’ll be able to get. I would love to see: * Night mode * Ratios other than square. A 2:3 would be nice * Being able to save a single image to your profile. Currently it saves both with no option to remove one so you can end up with a gallery of unwanted images. * Image to image Excited to see what updates come next..Version: 1.4.5

Horrible job making portraits of my black familyI have used friendly photos of my husband and it was a nice decent photo. He has no tattoos and his smile was perfect. Then I loaded up a prompt about smooth skin, big dreamy eyes etc., and in return i get this photo of a scary looking man with tattoos all over his face and neck, crooked teeth and evil eyes. I am utterly and completely offended. Then i decided to use my baby’s photo and your AI photo results turned him into a monster with sharp teeth and evil eyes. Then i took a look at all your other prompt suggestions and noticed that all of them were pictures of light skinned people. Not a single black person was advertised in your selection of offered prompt inspirations. I feel offended, this is racism, and not all black people are scary looking. What makes you think black babies are evil!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME.Version: 1.7.3

Insights into Gods creative mind in motion.It is good to see such a clear manifestation of the higher dimensional form producing living replications of sentience and conscious intent in such an early stage and quickly evolving form..Version: 1.4.5

Great fun appI went pro with the lifetime price and it’s 1,000 times better than the trial version. I must admit some of the quality isn’t as good as other AI art generators but it’s great value and some of the outcomes are funny, plus with the right combinations you can get some really good art..Version: 1.4.7

Wow.So much fun!.Version: 2.4.3

WonderAI is an amazing appSo far this app has been more then I had expected, the art it creates is not only mind-blowing but true to detail, I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is interested in AI Art and would strongly recommend using the pro version.Version: 2.7.0

At the top of it’s classPretty awesome, master the prompt engineering and you’ll be satisfied maybe amazed!!!!.Version: 2.9.32

Charge you extraDespite owning a lifetime license, they charge you for making avatars from photos so when you spent £25 buying the app they want a minimum of £2.49 from you for making avatars and it takes ages, 30 minutes it claims but the timer hasn’t gone down. It should be included in the subscription.Version: 2.4.3

Great app could use a few improvements.TLDR at end. This app has been my first experience with AI generated pictures and it has been really fun to use. To picture an image in your mind and have an AI program recreate that image is really cool. If there are just a few improvements I’d like to see that would make the app far more enjoyable and easy to use. -The first would be to add a DARK MODE to this app. The bright white light from the app can be very blinding at times, especially at night. -Allowing you to see more than two generated images at a time. This would give more options to find the best image and less time clicking and waiting 6 seconds or so. -Making your published/saved images easier to organize. The use of FOLDERS to organize the different types of images would be really helpful. Also being able to download several images to your device at a time would be really helpful. All in all I really enjoy this app and I hope the devs take my ideas into consideration. I feel like it would make the app much more enjoyable to use and smoother to navigate. TLDR: Great app! Add dark mode, more generated images at a time, and folders for organizing your pictures..Version: 3.1.1

Fun app indeedDefinitely worth the lifetime price, you get to generate all the pictures you want ad free and is a good alternative if you do not want to pay for “credits” like these other applications. The app is not perfect however, it can create stunning images although I have noticed at times it can create faces that are blurred or do not look like anything human like, if there are multiple people in the art chances are one will be distorted. The AI also appears to struggle with understanding the way hands work resulting in a beautiful image until you see the hands and it looks like an alien. These are things most AI to date struggle with. Apart from those things it only offers portrait images and there is no horizontal option, however these are things that may be implemented later on. There is also no option to upload your own image and have it render a new image based off the image you uploaded, but again this can be a feature that can later be implemented. Until those things are fixed it will stay at 4 stars but the overall app is fun and I would highly recommend it to artists that need ideas as they can take ideas from the art generated and create a new art piece on another app..Version: 1.5.0

Good appThe main reasons why this app is so good is the fact that the AI can create such accurate depictions of certain phrases. Usually, its not all over the place, and rarely (for me) is the anatomy weird. However, there are a few issues relating to that. This app would be 10x better if the limit for the free version was removed, and we could just keep watching ads. If we think logically, anyone who cannot pay for the premium wouldn’t buy the premium version, and would just stop using the app for the day. However, ad revenue will keep flowing in if the developers were to make it so we just keep watching ads, right? Most people would find loopholes in the limit, so it’s not a wise decision. However, I love this app. It’s easy to use, and hard to believe that most of the output is actually made by an AI. Nonetheless, everything has its pros and cons..Version: 1.4.7

GeniusThis app is genius, but as a suggestion, all A.I. Bot generated software should start a digital token or cryptocurrency to buy/sell/trade/convert/swap on any digital platform and wallet and an NFT A.I. selector called Spectres that chooses the best 10,000 pics of art generated per year to be sold as NFTs that can be staked on your network to build an ecosystem. This is a suggestion as opposed to weekly subscriptions..Version: 2.6.0

Amazing artProduces interesting images.Version: 1.6.0

Love but it needs different aspect optionsLove this so much. But we need to be able to change the aspect, limiting when it’s just 1:1..Version: 1.6.5

It does exactly what it claimsSuch a shame that “doing what it claims to do” is the gold standard these days, but when an app makes a claim that should be impossible it’s shocking to see it actually work..Version: 1.4.3

Love it!This is a brilliant AI painter that I’m really enjoying creating art with its a brilliant introduction into this kind of medium Iv used it for a while and with the continual updates and improvements its truly only getting better I really couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone with an interest in AI, AI generated art or even just art in general!.Version: 1.6.3

This is amazing!!!This app is so cool me and my friends are having so much fun making art on this app.Version: 1.4.7

Artist toolAs an Artist, I was very concerned at how quickly and easily the Ai was able to generate multiple artistic images. So much so, I feel like In the near future, the human created art in itself, will be eclipsed. Whereas, I do think this will happen, if not already... I find this tool to be just that... a tool to help take my personal art further. It’s broadened my horizons. It’s taken my thought and showed me a clear pathway on how to turn them into actual art. I love it! I fear it but I love it! Anyone and everyone can create beautiful masterpieces. Yes it’s not perfect, thank God... but it is getting closer and closer. I wish I could work full time creating art through and with Ai. As a team, I feel we could be unstoppable. With practice, you will find amazing results..Version: 2.7.0

Brilliant App!A brilliant app for creating AI images. It is fast and has good styles. Worth the upgrade IMHO. Would like to see support for iPad and image uploads as a source..Version: 1.4.7

Great fun but images of people are deformedThis app is good fun and landscape images are lovely, however when including people such as a Buddha I wanted meditating the feet and hands were deformed on all the images which makes it unusable if this was fixed the the app would be even better!.Version: 1.5.0

Pretty good!It’s quite fun to mess around with, and surprisingly really good at putting things together. One thing I found, however, is that it won’t let you ask for a specific book cover. I did and the title had one correct word typed twice and the rest was gibberish. Trying it in English doesn’t help. The covers were interesting though, like it knew what I was asking but couldn’t put the actual title or original cover up. There are some other bugs, like how I asked for a Phoenix but it gave me two and a fire lady in one, but I like how they give a second picture to swipe to because when I swiped the correct image I wanted was there. It’s going to have imperfections. Even if you type in something and have a whole idea for it, the AI doesn’t know that. It has its own idea because it’s not you. Final word, it’s pretty good. I’m kind of confused with the art types but I think I’ll figure it out. Also, I have seen some inappropriate ads and I don’t think that’s appropriate considering you made this game 4+. I hate that the art loading requires viewing such horrendous ads, and I think parents finding their children playing on this would go white if I they saw. Das all! Bye!.Version: 1.5.0

The best AI generatorThis is is so cool and fun one of the best AI photo generator.Version: 1.4.0

SlayThey slay.Version: 1.5.0

I’m not sure what to rate it yetBut it seems to have some beautiful looking art and I liked the idea where you could come up with something in your head and see it before you, I was just starting to look but after I watched the add and writing it says it’s in queue… So I waited a little bit but it hasn’t changed the screen so I’m a bit confused but I’m not sure if it’s a scam or just an issue that it froze. So I won’t rate until I know for sure Oh I have to rate it-.Version: 1.5.3

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