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ReeXpose - RAW Long Exposure Negative Reviews

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ReeXpose - RAW Long Exposure App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

ReeXpose - RAW Long Exposure app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ReeXpose - RAW Long Exposure? Can you share your negative thoughts about reexpose - raw long exposure?

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ReeXpose - RAW Long Exposure for Negative User Reviews

Too intrusiveCan’t take a photo as it keeps trying to sell me up or ask for a review. ANNOYING ‼️.Version: 1.6.3

Laggy junkThis amp lags hard jumping between photos and camera. Also, why is it impossible to take a landscape shot by turning the camera sideways. Useless. I want a refund..Version: 1.6.1

Over exposedAll my pictures end up being over exposed both in manual or automatic mode with iPhone 14 pro What i see is not what I get, so I need to go to manual settings, make it few stop darker than what I want and take a photo, then the exposure will be ok, but it’s a hit and miss each time. I hope they fix that issue. Updated after the developer answered : Being a professional photographer for 25 years now, I take mostly night shot for travel and architecture magazines, I know what RAW files are and your RAW files are awful, RAW filed are supposed to be very neutral, a little dull actually to allow processing, adding or recovering shadows, adjusting the light intensity accordingly to the shadows and recovering textures. Your RAW files and nothing of that, they are already processed and the contrast are clearly boosted quite a lot, the dark area are way too dark and the white are are all overblown which make it hard to get a balance in editing after as they go both way at same time. The iPhone 14 pro can produce RAW files by itself, easily editable after but when comparing their RAW files and YOUR RAW files it’s clear your are applying some processing to it to make it pop, and they over processed, that's not the true nature of RAW files, they should be unprocessed, or at least the least possible to give us as much range to work with. My plan was to use it for test shot on my phone to give an idea to my clients what it might look like before coming back and carrying lot of gear for the real shot, a but like photographer used Polaroid in the old tome of analog photography, but that app is useless for that. Luckily I’ve found something better..Version: 1.6

Unauthorized Purchase went though!The app looks great, downloaded it a week ago or so, and now, Friday the 31st, a purchase goes through. I didn’t authorize this, and I see no where a trial period. You are supposed to use it AND IF you want the pro version, then okay. Asking Apple for a refund. BEWARE..Version: 1.6.1

This does not workIt is impossible to get a properly exposed image. It is exposing g for a single shot like the native app. Except the interval is hundreds of time longer so every shot is over expose. Wasted too much time on trial and error. App needs a built in tutorial. Until the , going back to good standard long exposure app..Version: 1.6.5

BlurBlurry preview.Version: 1.6.1

Terrible productIt gives an error after taking a picture and can’t be saved in the phone.Version: 1.3

Great Start - take further!I really like this app especially that it creates a RAW file. I think it’s a great start. There are a couple of features that need to be added or improved. In a similar fashion as Slow Shutter App, I would love to see a feature where I can save a capture, but keep it active so I can continue to add to the exposure. This is needed for light painting where exposures can be 30 minutes or longer and you want to keep adding light but at some point you over cook it. That’s where a previous save comes in. Your interim Results feature is good for relatively short exposures, but not workable for very long exposures where the user is using the screen to judge exposure. Also the screen representation of the exposure is not keeping up with the progress fast enough to judge exposure. Also a setting where the phone volume control can trigger the shutter is needed. This is the means by which a Bluetooth shutter remote triggers the shutter. Again most of the other camera apps have this. Thank you for your consideration of these improvements..Version: 1.6.1

DisappointingThe app is nice, but it has some shortcomings when compared to EvenLonger, which I had been using before I bought this. Image quality is around the same, and so are the shortcomings of the long exposure method on phones (which stacks and average photos instead of controlling the amount of light coming in). For now, I will stick with the other app, as it offers bracketing and saving intermediate versions, but I will keep looking into further updates for this one..Version: 1.2

Plus and minus exposure would be usefulPaid for the the additional 7.99 pro for bracketing only to discover to my huge disappointment that it only takes 1 additional picture at the exposure setting chosen. Plus and minus exposure would be far more useful..Version: 1.3

Bought by mistakeI selected the wrong app. I wanted the Reflex app instead. How do I get a refund to purchase the other?.Version: 1.6

Unable to focus on anything closeThe app refuses to focus on anything close..Version: 1.6

Slow and buggyWanted to give this a go but it is too slow to actually use, even on iPhone 13. Have requested a refund. Also didn’t appreciate all the upgrade adds once I’d paid..Version: 1.6.2

Money was taken for pro versionMoney was taken for pro version from bank account, none of the Pro Features worked. Since requested refund, just to save anybody unnecessary hassle and maybe chose app that will work with pro features once deductions made..Version: 1.6.1

FakeIt not long exp. It just stack images shooting them for 1..+ seconds with exp you setting. So it can take 5sec pics with 1/45+1000iso Also some bug, pink images come when choose stars mode..Version: 1.2

Do not waste your moneyThe app has issues with noise. The usability is poor and customer support hasn’t responded me several days. I have bought a bundle which is 3 apps. Out of the 3 only 2 recognized my subscription..Version: 1.6.5

You want MORE? … Terrible business modelSo, I purchased your app a few weeks back.. I see an update.. so I update …. Now Im being told by the app that I would need to spend more for the PRO version?? Seriously ? Your all store messaging talks up a major update and doesn’t mention PRO version launched … That is Scammy .. That is terrible behaviour and like many other app devs.. you will ultimately lose .. Quick buck today.. long-term. “Oh that Scammy crowd”. … Lets see what Apple say about this one..Version: 1.2

Can’t see anyway to take multiple exposuresFor night sky, needs a timer for multiple exposures that can later be stacked to reduce noise..Version: 1.6.5

KeepsCrashingApps keeps crashing anytime I select wb. Waste of $4.99. Save your money..Version: 1.6.1

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