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Roku Smart Home App User Positive Comments 2023

Roku Smart Home app received 29 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about roku smart home?

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Roku Smart Home for Positive User Reviews

Amazing valueLove the indoor cams. Just make sure ur using a residential wifi to have the best experience but I have been using my phones wifi and so far with t mobile I’ve had few problems. 1. The device triggers to record a short clip of motion detected sometimes will not play the short clip but just a picture of nothing unusual unless the person or ect moves really fast past the cameras but it worked find for a week then now it doesn’t record clips for me anymore. 2. I have 3 indoor cameras and I keep the indoor one facing the living room off while I’m home so I get better quality picture on the 2 facing out the windows 3. For some reason I can’t get the phone to connect to the cameras and I says offline and I have to go into the app and click the cams and let them load and now there online. But they will disconnect for no reason. If they can fix this I would be delighted.Version: 1.1.4

Needs some app tweaksGood but you can’t change notifications sound to something you can actually hear. Would be nice to pick your own sounds..Version: 1.1.4

ButtonsIs it possible to change the buttons ( on and off ) to the Apple style ? The slide to the side change color buttons. The little letters are sometimes hard to tell the difference. Otherwise, this app is great and saves me from running back and forth to turn lights , fans and other devices on and off. Plus the dimmable bulbs are really helpful..Version: 2.0.1

Smart home indoor cameraCamera works great, great picture and load time. Only had one issue with video not uploading to the cloud one day. They are working on fixing that issue and was explained to me right away when I called. For the price, it’s worth the buy if looking for an indoor camera..Version: 1.1.5

Inside wired cameraAfter some one attempted to break into my shed a few weeks ago, I needed a small indoor security camera that would sit in a window sill facing outside looking at the front of my shed door. This is perfect. I bought a 2 pack & gave my daughter the other one. She really likes. Good clear pictures.Version: 1.1.6

Great qualityThese cameras for the money you cannot beat it. They have everything that you need. It’s almost annoying how many times they alert you but it’s what is necessary. I’m glad I invested in it. Highly recommended..Version: 1.1.6

It’s what I neededSingle father looking to protect my home and keep and eye on any potential babysitters while I’m away. Set up was beyond easy and the subscription was affordable..I definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for something easy and quality.Version: 2.1.0

EmbdenSo far so good. Can read monitor heat at monitor & thermometer indicator. Can see inside & outside & who is at the door. Saves me a two hour drive to check my place, if heat is still working. Visibility is good and 360 view is satisfactory (via use of zoom). Thank you!.Version: 1.1.4

Good home surveillance cameraThis camera is one of the most best fordable surveillance cameras that anyone could and the alerts that you get when I object or a curtain blow or just someone invading is at real time. I will tell anyone who’s looking for camera just came and fixed your budget and it works..Version: 1.1.6

Very good quality videoI enjoy this camera, as very good quality video in color and in black-and-white at night. I can see my whole apartment by putting it by the door and in front of a mirror then I can see front and back, Into my bedroom, living room and kitchen..Version: 1.1.4

You almost got it👍🏾I like the app.. I think the ability to turn my lights off from my phone is a great idea. One thing though, I really think you guys need to make a widget for the light bulb. I haven’t explored any of your other products yet, but the light bulbs definitely need easier access. A light switch widget design, preferably‼️😁.Version: 2.0.1

One issueVery good just has one issue. I wish there were a way for me to download video from the cloud to my phone or device only because I may not be able to pay for the cloud here real soon and I had an issue happen at my apartment that I need the footage for.Version: 1.1.4

Week 2There are lots of notifications of motion being detected. I would suggest person notifications because a moving ceiling fan will send constant notifications. System did stop connecting at one point and I had to shut things down and reconnect. Not good when you have an elderly parent and you had to run to the store..Version: 1.1.5

Excellent qualityThe video quality is great. I like the picture when it’s completely dark and how it adjusts with light. I love that I can use the microphone and record and take photos in the app. I could not live happily without my two cameras to monitor my rescue cats who are very scared they prefer bedtime in their room. I can see them and talk to them even though I’m right next door or downstairs or when I have to leave the house..Version: 1.1.4

Greatest cameras I’ve seen yet!Great HD quality and even easier setup, wish it had a way to show on two different phones for parents but other than that it’s great. Highly recommended.Version: 1.1.5

Auto delete eventsI would really appreciate an auto delete for recorded events after a day or a week it would be extremely helpful having to select 20 at a time to delete is a pain and if you don’t keep up with it the app stops recording motion and only shows a snapshot.Version: 2.0.1

Can’t believe it’s only $40Like the title says, I can’t believe it’s so cheap. Wow, exactly what I needed and i went to Walmart with no expectations to find something within my budget of quality. But this Roku camera is all you need. I get to see my pets while I’m at work and that helps me get through the day most days. The quality is amazing and the subscription is like $3. So for a single adult tryn make it in this world. Roku had your back on this one. Took me 3 mins to setup and it came with a trial for the streaming services to keep the feed recorded to a cloud and whatnot. Idc if it’s your last $40 you’re not gonna be sorry you spent it on this..Version: 2.0.1

Amazing App!Got the smart light strip. The setup was very easy, and there are a lot of modes for the lights. App tried to update my lights 2 times and wouldn’t connect to my lights for a minute. Maybe they could make an Apple Watch app?.Version: 2.1.0

The cameras countI tried ADT and other systems like it, and I have to say that this is one of the best that I tried the cameras outstanding, and do the job way better than Google way way better than Google let me rephrase that way way better than Google.Version: 2.1.0

Good in the house camMan I like the camera , you can see everything when positioned right , the motion pick up everything and will send a message to you it’s is very good at it I like it.Version: 2.0.1

I See YouI have several meShare cameras that I purchased a few years ago and have since been discontinued. When I needed to replace one I got this Roku camera and I L O V E it! It has a few upgrades from my old cameras: full color night vision, the siren, and I easily integrated it to my Roku TV. I did not purchase the subscription so I’m not sure what will happen after the free 14 day trial, but if it keeps working this well, and I can easily access the live view and record or take a pic if necessary, then I will upgrade all of my cams to Roku..Version: 1.1.5

Roku camIt’s amazing to have I love it I can watch my home while I’m away and I can see who’s knocking I can check on my fur babies when I’m not there. The quality of the camera is way better then expected and the price from the store was around $30 it was totally worth it I recommend to anyone.Version: 1.1.6

Backyard LightsWe love having lights in our backyard. Unfortunately, the electrical outlet we need to use is not near the door and requires us to go around the house in the dark to plug in the lights. With the Roku, we just put the lights on a schedule. Problem solved..Version: 1.1.5

Roku smart home alarm systemOver all I’m happy except when the alarm is activated the critical alerts on my phone are not loud enough or long enough to wake me up. Or if I’m driving I’m pretty sure I won’t hear it. Haven’t tried blue tooth yet in car. There needs to be some kind of alarm sound or even a telephone ring to get your attention. Think about it, if I’m out of town and someone breaks into my home, I have an alarm system that doesn’t get my attention and the burglary goes unnoticed, what good is it. The more i think about that the more I think I should have given it a 3. I don’t plan on getting moonlight. Everything else is working fine but can’t give it 5 stars until this is addressed. Plus really wish you would have a call center to answer questions..Version: 2.1.0

Very Impressed!As a long-standing user, I have been looking forward to ROKU’s latest dip into expanding their horizons since hearing about their upcoming release. I was skeptical as most non- software developers are about this app and the devices but I was very impressed at the user interface and the set up ease. My boyfriend and I installed our lights behind our bed frame in lieu of getting bulky lamps and I love it so much!!! It’s super simple to control and makes the whole room feel upscale. I know with new adventures comes hurdles and there will be bugs to fix, but so far as a first look at what’s to come, I have to say I’m excited! Next, I hope they can look into moving the play/pause button in the original ROKU remote app. I hate that it’s not right below the arrows because I always end up pressing the info button, but that’s besides the point. Love this new app!.Version: 1.1.3

So Far, So GoodI’ve been using ARLO cameras for years and I must say that these ROKU cameras have better quality video, better sound and are way easier to set up. And now base station to install. So far, these cameras and outlets work flawlessly..Version: 1.1.5

These are the best!!Our parents are elderly, and these cameras have been a major godsend to us! I’m so happy my daughter did research and packed the Roku cameras! It gives them their own independence, and yet lets us make sure they’re safe when we cannot be there!.Version: 2.0.1

Great CameraGreat camera for the price! We use it inside to monitor our fur babies and the quality is really good. We have a vivint system/vivint cameras outside our home and paid a hefty price. This camera is just as good for a small fraction of the cost! Highly recommend!!.Version: 1.1.5

Easy SetupEasy set-up and operation. So far so good! Wireless outdoor camera working well! Picks up motion and let’s me know. Picture and video quality good. Like being able to scroll based on date and activity. Live in rural area and camera worked well in freezing winter conditions..Version: 1.1.4

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