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Makeover Studio: Makeup Games App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games app received 158 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Makeover Studio: Makeup Games? Can you share your negative thoughts about makeover studio: makeup games?

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Makeover Studio: Makeup Games for Negative User Reviews

Not What Was Advertised, But Still EnjoyableThis game is quite fun. It can be very satisfying and includes multiple stories to make the experience more interesting. I do enjoy the relaxing gameplay. However, this game is not at all what i was expecting when i decided to download it. Not until i rewatched the advert did i notice that it showed two different games, quite clearly different i may add, edited together. Yet, neither of these games are what the actual game is! I may be wrong and perhaps a new update has changed the game play, but it was not at all what i was expecting. The game itself is quite fun and still enjoyable, however there are a lot of ads, perhaps 1 per stage of the makeover. These are small issues which do not effect the game to much, and i do still enjoy playing. 😁.Version: 3.2

Too many adsAbout half the game is just ads. There’s options to watch ads to get items but whether you chose to or not it will show you an ad. Other than that the game is alright but there are just too many ads and they still play even with wifi off, and if wifi is off the next level won’t load.Version: 3.3

ReviewIf I’m being completely honest this game was fun for a few minuets than the adds started to get annoying I would be in the middle of doing their makeup and than and add pops up the brush disappears most of the time than when I refresh the page it glitches and shuts down the game my phone turns into a heater after 2 minutes of playing do not recommend playing this game.Version: 2.4

Don’t waste your time!Graphics-wise the game is really nice. Do you expect me to say anything else nice? Cause I will have to disappoint! Like any advertised free game I knew there were gonna be ads. And it DOES give you the option for an ad-free experience, but who really wants to waste that. Like any game I expected an ad after completing every level, HOWEVER, I got 5 ads during my first makeover alone! Every 20 or so seconds one pops up. I would have gotten more i’m pretty sure but I deleted this game to go warm you all. This game takes it too far and is basically an ad-trap with a makeover, just like the game is called..Version: 2.3

Not at ALL as advertisedI downloaded this game recently because the adds made it look fun. It was NOT fun at ALL. every single customer is the same and they have the same problems to deal with. they ALL have a single cut you have to clean, they ALL have bumps on their face you have to deal with, it’s ALL the same anything you see advertised in their adds is FAKE you don’t get to do any of that stuff. Not to mention the adds are insane! After each step of “helping” a customer there is a minimum of a minute long add! And they often even add in two adds in one time! So yeah their adds, the earwax cleaning, the popping of the disgusting things everywhere, the popping of the gross bumps, yeah, not one SINGLE thing is the same in the actual game. You might think I’m being dramatic then go see for yourself and be disappointed. The last thing I want to say is fix your stupid game “developers!” And stop advertising a completely different game!.Version: 3.2

WHY?!?First of all, I decided to pick a black character for black history month even though it ended a couple days ago but who cares??? Anyway, I was giving my girl a makeover and they decided to white wash my girl.. like how stupid can you be to white watch my cutie patootie. Also, they keep making me change the eye colors of the people. Like can there be a skip button? I don’t understand. Also it’s way more different from where I saw it on ads. Including what I said just now, I have more to add on. Every time I try to do the makeup i can only apply not even more than half of the makeup onto the face before it does it for me. Like let me do it. And, similar to that, it won’t let me shave the rest of the eyebrows off. This makes me furious. Please fix your game and I’ll write a better review later. (No promises boo boo) thanks for reading this. Don’t have a good life until you fix this game. I have more to add on. 🧚‍♀️✨✨ THIS GAME IS AMAZING 🧚‍♀️✨🧚‍♀️✨🧚‍♀️✨🧚‍♀️ WHEN IM NOT PLAYING IT ✨✨🧚‍♀️✨🧚‍♀️.Version: 3.2

It’s okayIt’s good but there’s way too much ads and there really weird..Version: 3.2

CommentWAY TOO MANY ADS..Version: 2.3

Too many glitchesToo many glitches when watching adds have to keep watching add too get free item then it glitches and you have close the game and start again and far too expensive to pay to remove adds you have lost me game was good until it kept glitching.Version: 2.7

BADWon’t let me delete it I don’t know why I try to delete it but it won’t let me and I do not like it I do not know why and the game is terrible it’s unsatisfying and you can barely do anything you want in it and I think it’s very bad because you barely gonna do anything you want in it and you can’t do other things it’s just basically the one thing over and over again and you have to keep cleaning out stuff and that’s unsatisfying and it’s so boring and you can’t do anything in it and I’ve spent hours trying to delete it and I can’t delete it I wanna delete it but it won’t let me and I hate it OK it’s just bad and you can barely do anything you want it’s basically just the same thing over and over again cleaning out cleaning out cleaning out so yeah I’ll give it a one star because of all of that and yeah if anyone knows how to delete it please tell me because I literally hate this game so much and it doesn’t deserve to be on the app list and yeah if anyone can help me delete it that would be greatly appreciated so yeah just one star review don’t like it barely can do anything you want in it!!!.Version: 2.7

Mediocre, and the ads are awfulOkay the game itself is fine, kinda fun actually but the ads... they are VERY inappropriate, and sexual for no reason (those really nasty story games kinda like episode) and for a game aimed towards people 12+ i don't think a 12 y/o is going to feel comfortable seeing hell, i'm older than that and it still made me uncomfortable....Version: 3.3

Bad qualityEverything is so hard to move around like when I’m holding mascara it’s super glitchy and hard to do up her eyelashes and it freezes honestly really disappointing.Version: 2.3

A nice game but the ads are excessiveI actually timed how much game play you actually get between ads. Each ad usually lasts between 20-25 seconds if you immediately click the exit button. Even with that, if you are continuously playing, not including the time it takes to make decisions, you get about 30 SECONDS of game play. Theiry second before ANOTHER ad pops up again. Not including the ads you HAVE to do in order to get more things The ads are the same length of time as the game play you get. It’s extremely frustrating and honestly makes the game less enjoyable. I usually don’t mind ads as long as they’re not too frequent but this game has an ad after every. single. step. I’m deleting this game.Version: 2.9

Too many adsThis game is really fun and I love giving all the girls makeovers but there are way too many ads. I would be half way through step one and already have an ad then at the end of step one there is another ad. It’s really frustrating because you spend more time watching ads then giving makeovers.Version: 3.2

Way too many ads!!If you had way less ads it would be a great game! Like every time I make a decision ad, every time I press on something ad. I just downloaded this game and I already want to uninstall it. It’s ridiculous about how many ads there are.Version: 1.7

NoAbsolutely nothing like the ads on tiktok this game is a waste of time! way too many ads aswell maybe stop false advertising ya farkin cyunts.Version: 2.9

Far too many adsI understand free games have ads but this I a joke. After nearly every step there is an ad, and some going for around 50 seconds. It doesn’t give you a chance to try the game to see if you like it. Far too heavy with the ads don’t waist your time..Version: 2.7

Ads!!!Deleted after the first makeover. The game itself is good but the ads are relentless!! One after each level I could understand but they are constantly popping up!! In my first game I had an ad, then I chose a shade of lipstick then had another ad before even putting the lipstick on! I get games needs ads but it’s too much. The premium version is far too expensive and that’s the only way to remove the ads so not something I am prepared to pay for. I honestly wouldn’t waste your time. Cash cow for sure..Version: 2.9

Ads galorePut on blush. Ad. Put on eyeliner ad. I spend more time watching boring ads then actually playing. Or i can spend $8 a month for no ads. If it was a one off payment then sure. Also the outfit and make up choices are weird. Like one girl is going on a colour run but the only clothing options are extravagent gowns and outfits. Im sorry but whos going on a run in a ball gown? and one was after a look for a job interview and the make up choices were crazy lol But the ads are what has ruined it for me and will be deleting. Sad..Version: 3.2

My reviewCould simply give it a 4 but you can barely complete 1 step without getting an ad and it just completely ruined the game for me..Version: 3.2

Lots of Glitch’s (plus a lot of ads) 🫣I really enjoyed this app, at first (not including all the ads) but it kept glitching in the game. I just had to reopen a little while later and it was fine, but then it started glitching my whole phone. I’ve read the other reviews and they all have different things happening but there all bad. I had to delete the game even though I actually enjoyed it, it glitched my WHOLE phone 😬 don’t want a game like that..Version: 3.3

Too many addsLiterally every two minutes two adds come on. i have only played the game for a little bit and havent passed many levels but lots of the first levels u do the exact same thing. the characters are very realistic but the add to get the game is nothing like the actual game. I would only recommend this game if you like watching adds or doing the same thing over and over again..Version: 3.0

UghIt’s a pretty fun game but way to many adds there’s more adds a round then game.Version: 3.3

1 starThese adds pop up every 3 seconds its so annoying.Version: 2.3

AhhhMaybe I just have un-diagnosed anger issues or this game is just annoying. Every 5 seconds there is an add. When u go to do the makeup a lot of the time the highlight brush doesn’t show up so ur just sitting there not knowing if ur doing it right, then u go to refresh the app to make the brush appear, but then you have to watch another add. These adds of it make it seem like a nice little game you can play to relax, but it’s abit HARD to relax WHEN THE GAME IS GLITCHING AND THERES ADDS EVERY 5 SECONDS. Believe me I’m your average joe who loves popping pimples , make up and styling, anything to do with that genre but this is to hard for me to play. The art is really good tho. Also it makes my phone turn into a heater. Do not recommend.Version: 2.4

ReviewToo much ads…...Version: 2.3

What to say:See, this app is okay to use, but ADS ADS ADS. And it gets frustrating with all the nonsense that goes on in the game! Please change this or your game will not be nice to download! Thank you for the people that are reading this. Don't download because it is not recommended and look through the other reviews because they don't like it either. Thanks for your time..Version: 2.4

Starts off good but then…The beginning of the game is so fun and exciting! However after about 6 levels the makeups do not meet the tasks you are required to do the makeover for. For example, i have been asked to do a makeover for a spy so she looks like a nurse. However the makeup choices are extremely bold and colourful with gems! This does not match the theme provided. This makes me not want to play anymore as it seems silly. Such a shame as the game started off so strong..Version: 3.2

Like/extra hate relationship…To me it seems like the ads are a bigger part of the game than the makeup itself. i had a few glitches where i couldn’t play because if i tapped the screen an ad would pop up, which has happened twice and i just first started playing the game a few minutes ago. the makeup process was definitely fun but the ads are OVERBEARING. there are AT LEAST five-six ads DURING the what should be a 2 minute process. with the ads the person’s makeup turns into at least maybe 4-5 minutes. aside from the ads during the makeup process, there is also an ad i believe before and/or after the makeup. the bugs and ads must be fixed and changed if more people are going to consistently play the game. i consider myself a very patient person but out of my 15 minutes of playing i’m already considering deleting it..Version: 2.3

1 starEverything is controlled by ai and you barley get to do anything 😒.Version: 3.3

To many adds up to 10 per makeoverSuch a great app lots of fun if you can get through up to 10 adds in one makeover. it’s a real shame, not enough options to use the cash you win and even if you do they throw another add in..Version: 3.2

Ads 😡Too many ads it feels like I’m playing the ads more than the game.Version: 3.0

To many ads!Not worth it!!! 🙄.Version: 3.2

HonestlyThis game was amazing at the start but now it’s horrible , randomly it would kick me off and put me on the AppStore so download a random game and everything I tried to go back on the game it would do it about 7 times , it made my phone really laggy and after I deleted the app my phone was back to normal , it couldn’t of been storage bc I have 5G and I only used 3G so I had enough storage adverts for every makeup you do and it gives you notifications all the time when I started to play the game it was fine . No adverts it wasn’t laggy and overall a good and calming game but now it isn’t..Version: 2.7

Creepy as hellIt’s a super fun game and i’m hyperfixated on it rn but i’m sad that i have to delete it because at random times, audios start playing from the app, the first 2 times i heard the audios, it was a woman moaning. i was confused but thought maybe there was a weird ad playing and just restarted the app. just now it started playing a creepy audio on repeat (i took a video of it), deleting it incase it’s hacked or something stupid.Version: 1.9

AdsWay too many ads makes the game boring.Version: 3.2

You’ll regret getting itMe and my friend were playing this game and on the first step where you had to pop the pimples we both nearly threw up. Its just so gross and the same each level. Its just pop the pimples ,paint on the mask then take it off, makeup , hair and clothes. Last night we were trying to play the game and it was just ad ad ads. We tried to wright a review last night on this game but it wasn’t letting us. If you have just started the game you have to wait until you get to a higher level to wear certain things. On some clothes after you watch the ads you only get to wear it once..Version: 3.2

Love it but not what I was expectingI have seen adds everywhere for this game but when I come in it is nothing like it! ALSO I saw the SAME add that was used to promote makeover studio on tick tock when I wanted to get something using an add and it was fore a completely different game! What are you not telling us!.Version: 3.2

Please.Okay so I’ve never given an anything lower than 4 star reviews. Don’t get me wrong this is a great game and as much as I love the inclusivity of the different races/ethnicities, there’s no size inclusivity now I’m no big girl but I got some chubbs on me. I wish they had more plus size in this game and face shape too! I have a round head shape but all these girls have chiseled jaws and everything. I also really wish they would have more options for makeup choices like maybe include some alternative makeup, take inspiration from goth looks? Same thing with clothing! I love the options they have but sometimes you can’t find anything that matches the theme :(. Also the thing about the fact that it bounces around is kind of irritating I wish they would finish one story then go to the next girl but no. It goes everywhere. Also SO MANY ADS like tons and tons of ads. This game is great but it gets repetitive after a while. I wish y’all could take off the option to skip putting on contacts ://.Version: 3.2

SubscriptionI tried the free subscription and now it won’t let me cancel, and charged me with no warning..Version: 3.3

Could be betterThis game is fun but is a rip off.Version: 3.5

Too many adsThere are ads after almost anything that I do, way too many, makes the game unfun.Version: 3.2

I’m confusedI love the game overall but I do have a slight problem.. I don’t mean to be ‘that girl’ but the game isn’t exactly fair. Tanisha and the asian girl do not get the same clothing options or nice hairstyles like the white girls do. Yes you can get them, but you have to watch an ad to unlock them, whereas you can have them ad free for the other girls? No free option of giving them brown eyes or clothes they’re specifically asking for. I don’t think this is very fair? It’s very annoying..Version: 2.4

Great gameEverything about this game is great, I like the style of it and I’m really glad I found it because I’ve been trying to find a game like this for a really long time. I’ve found a game like this one but the graphics were kind of choppy and there was a story like this one but it was Boring and led to nowhere. like this game there’s ads too, I don’t really mind ads if the game is enjoyable and this game is that, but u feel like it’s too much ads because sometimes I get two in a row after doing a task and then after I finish the task I get another ad and it’s kind of annoying. Most games have this problem of to many ads and the ads are random and out of nowhere. I know this is a lot of reading but really the only problem is the ads cause the story is great and the style of it is awesome too. I know ads keep the games free but do you really need that many at a time?.Version: 3.2

Possible the Worst game I’ve ever hadThis game has a excessive amount of ads. The game is NOTHING like what it shows in the adverts. Almost every level is locked apart from like 2 at the beginning. You need to watch ads to unlock half the stuff and basically there is more adverts than ads! I’m very disapointed. I was expecting something fun and satisfying like the adverts for this game (that’s why I downloaded it.) but it is completely different from the ads!!!.Version: 3.2

To many adsAfter everything there is an ad and they are all the same ads but it’s a good game in between the ads.Version: 3.2

It’s okay.I like this game a lot but I HATE the ads u could do one thing and get a ad and get another one immediately after but it’s a okay game..Version: 3.2

Why I don’t like itThe only reason I don’t like it is because every time there’s an ad it’s a online dating app and I’m only 12 I don’t like it and if u know a way to stop it that would be great.Version: 2.3

Too many adsI really enjoy this game and watch ads to finish all looks simply because it’s a great for relaxing anxiety and passing by time. But I will admit the ads are a bit excessive. They’ll play 5-7 ads per dress up which can become annoying patience will eventually run thin and you’ll exit the game. I also find it a bit excessive for majority of the looks,eye colors, hair etc to require watching ads to unlock them. Due to so many ads being played during the process of dressing your character the outfits and accessories should be able to be purchased for coins instead of another ad, sometime you may can get earrings or a necklace for coins but that seems to be it. I checked out how much it would be for no ads and it’s $4.99 a week I like the game but not enough for it to match my Netflix monthly bill. Cool time waster but just like most games with too many ads I’ll end up getting restless and deleting.Version: 2.5

WayTo many adds.Version: 2.7

ADSWay too many ads, I deleted it ..Version: 3.2

It's alright?This game is not too bad, it's a pretty decent makeover game compared to other makeover apps. The characters are realistic too. But first of all, the makeup options are WAY too extravagant. I wish they were a bit more simple, because I am not attending a simple party with crazy butterfly makeup. Also, I hate how particular options are only available to specific characters. I see decent eyeshadow design options on one character, and then crazy, overdone options on another. And there's quite a lot of ads too. I saw this game being advertised with a facial shaving feature for girls, but there's nothing in the game like that (for the girls for as far as I know because I haven't completed the game yet.) Also, this feature is not needed, but I think it'd be cool if you were able to mess up someone's look. This game is overall decent, but a few minor changes could make major differences..Version: 3.0

Pretty goodIt’s really good but it gets boring after a while because you do the same thing over and over again I really wish this was offline game cause there is a lot of ads. Maybe change the makeover from time to time and not repeating the steps Thanks..Version: 3.3

PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD!!!First off this game seems fun by the ads you see on this game! “You can help customers ,clean them up make them look nice!” And my little cousin has it and she plays it nonstop so I downloaded it thinking that it would be super fun! Well was I wrong, I started up the game and I fixed her up and after not even one minute I got an ad. And was I angry when I saw it was an inappropriate ad, especially since my little cousin is younger. I disapprove of this because littler kids download anything they think looks fun and guaranteed they download a lot of stuff like this. And children see these ads, its horrible! The ad was a game like episode or whisper and it was horrid. Second, this game is pretty good for a free game but its annoying how its planned. I know everything is planned on a game but it would be way more fun if you could choose from how you want to put on makeup what they need help with and things like that. It could be way more creative and kids would actually keep the game. Back to the ads. Kids can have this game and get an inappropriate ad and there parents could be there. Thats gonna get the child in so much trouble. We need to stop with heat production on games. Its nasty and horrible! Thats all i have to say about this app. Thank you for your time..Version: 3.2

BadToo many ads, false advertising, makes it look more fun than it actually is, the stuff it advertises you don’t even get to do in the game..Version: 2.9

It is horribleWhen I play there are way too many ads, plus the fact it says you can “learn how to do makeup” when it tells you what to do and where! I believe that the eyeshadow and the lipstick should be changed to not have a specific line. The contour seems decent but the foundation has only white skin colours for atleast the first few levels. Personally I think the game needs a real good update. P.S. I don’t recommend unless you don’t want control of doing the actual makeovers. P.S.S. Great that they used used skin you see in public not fake like other games though..Version: 2.7

HorrendousIf we ignore the continuous ads and focus on the actual content of the game, it’s very disappointing. There’s no freedom, you follow the same exact pattern each time. If there was a way to do makeup outside the lines and for that to affect a score or to choose poor combinations i think that would make it feel more rewarding. Also very surprised at the lack of diversity when dealing with non-white clients. Tanisha is originally shown with messy curls and the “transformation” only offers pin straight, mostly blonde styles. Id expect a black client to have options of typically black hairstyles. Not to mention the grammar within the dialogue is terrible..Version: 3.2

TrashNothing like the ad not as much detail as they say. So many ads don’t get.Version: 2.9

!!I personally really love this game you get to put makeup on, skin care and dress up your clients it shows the text between you and the clients , it also tells you where they’re going so you can base your look on that; BUT you can play without wifi, theres way to many adds and it uses a-lot of your battery percentage.Version: 2.9

Good game but..PLEASE READ!! So I’ve had this game for a bit , and it’s pretty good. But there are SO MANY ADS. So I’ll tell you about something that has happened many times. So basically I’ll be playing and an ad pops up, I won’t really care, then the ad finishes, and I’ll start playing the game again. I do ONE thing and another ad pops up. It’s really annoying, and by how many ads that there are put in the game, it might start to get worse/bad ratings, and a lot of people deleting it. On some levels, there are the same things over and over again, I’ve watched ads of this game and expected it to be good with many different levels. But when I got it for about 30 minutes, I realized that this game had many levels with many of the same things. And it just makes the game boring. So basically I’m suggesting to get rid of these things, because it just makes it really annoying. If you do get rid of most ads, and change up the levels a lot more, I don’t think I’ll just appreciate it. I think a lot of other people will be happy with this game..Version: 3.0

Fun, relaxing but…This a a fun, relaxing game but it could use some improvements. My biggest issue is it becomes repetitive rather quickly. Also, why not have access to all the style choices for each client. Surely your would think the premium version would allow for this. Third, the clothing and hairstyle options are much to be desired. I don’t understand why the latest trends are not represented here when the game has done a fairly decent job of showcasing current makeup trends. Fourth, the room makeover??? Serves no purpose and doesn’t contribute to the enjoyment of the game. Those coins would be better used to purchase premium items like makeup, skin care treatments, clothes, jewelry, etc. Lastly, after the free trial this game just become unplayable with the amount of ads. I swiftly deleted..Version: 2.3

HorribleThis game is so horrible it isn’t like the adds and to many adds.Version: 2.9

Bad gameWhen I was thinking about downloading this game the ads showed all this asmr stuff popping pimple taking slugs out of people’s ears . But when I got it it was absolutely nothing like the ads had advertised. Y’all should give this game a big big update bc now everybody who has this game or is thinking about getting it will start to write bad bad bad reviews about it. And then your game will be shut down and not another soul AI or alien will ever want to play your crusty musty dusty rusty game again I highly recommend you do this . Another thing is that there are so many freaking adds it makes me feel I’m stuck in a time loop it’s like the cycle never ends a. Every time I make a move to the next step adds pop up left and right , but the worst about those adds is that about all of them are in appropriate. I saw an add where a girl put a S - E -X toy in her V aka vagina . And most of the people have experienced this to . GIVE THIS GAME A FREAKING UPDATE U PEOPLE . Pls do this or I will keep sending you reports..Version: 3.3

Great game but..This game is fun, you get to do skincare on your clients and do their makeup. Now into the bad parts: Usually the only ads it ever gives you is for episode, now if you know their is a lot of love and romance in episode. even the ads show it. most of the episode ads it gives you have to do with lesbian girls and then when they let you do it, you get to choose one thing then “try the game out yourself!”. Another thing is that I could be in the middle of doing makeup and it will freeze and turn into a black screen. Then I have to get out of the game and try again, but then it does it again at the same exact moment like 10 or so times. Also it is nothing like it says in the preview of it on the App Store(the video) or the ads it makes(the reason I got this game). I do like this game but if you could make it less laggy, remove the inappropriate ads, and make it a little like the ads and App Store preview it would be even better, ..Version: 3.0

AdThe game itself is ok and quite fun but the downs to the game is that the ad that they show us is nothing like the game and it has a ad every time you finish using stuff. If they decreased the amount of ads there were and making the actual advertisment like the game, It would be a 4 star and so much better to play..Version: 2.9

This game is good but some flawsSo this game is actually pretty good it teaches u about self care but it definitely definitely needs less adds in between playing like I get it your trying to promote your business but you should definitely fix that.Version: 2.3

It’s fun but there’s to many adds and bugsWhenever I finish a part of the makeover or in the middle of ding a step an add just pops up and there usually really long, but that’s not all I’ve been trying to do this one girls makeup and as soon as I get to the face mask part it kicks me out of the game I don’t know what to do?.Version: 2.7

Nothing like the addIt is way boring and different.Version: 3.5

Fun, but too many adsMake less ads or put a no ads button and u can buy it.Version: 2.9

Good game, but a lot of bugs!I really enjoy this game, it’s actually quite fun despite not being like how the ads show it as. It does have a lot of bugs though, especially with the guy models. First of all, I couldn’t even do any of the guy models until I had completed all of the girls, and secondly, if I start a makeover but pause in the middle of it, I can’t access it anymore. I am currently on level 76 but my game has glitched so that every time I try to resume my makeover on Mike it won’t let me select an eyeshadow. The loading symbol for the eyeshadow will just spin and spin and keep on going! This is frustrating considering that I have spent a lot of time on this game, and I really do think that it would be a great game if there were less bugs and ads..Version: 2.8

Okay game. Overall would not suggest. Have met my limit. A couple suggestions to help with the gameBefore Downloading I would suggest reading this and it will help with your decisions later on throughout the game For the game developers: Please read and consider and read my suggestions. This game is okay. I thought it was what it said it was in the ads. But it’s nothing like that. The storyline and the way you get clients does not make sense. How do they text you if you don’t know they’re number. Did the clients give you the number? What I was thinking this game was, is something like Project Makeover. (You should go look at that game before reading) Where you get to see them in the way they were in the ads after you finish them. Which is a lie. The next problem I have with this game is that the ads are literally everywhere. Especially when I finish with a client. Even if I don’t click the x(number). Some suggestions are that you should make it a little like ads. But not too much like the ads. The next suggestion is that you should make less ads and stop with the +(number). Let the player get the original amount. Thank you for reading, I hope this helps as much as I think it did..Version: 3.2

Worst game I have ever playedThis game is horrible, I tried the 3 day free trial and still it would take me off the app every half a second (I’m not exaggerating) to the App Store for sky casino. It’s so bad you can’t actually play the game! I even think it would’ve been good without the ads but I can’t tell because you can’t actually play the game due to the stupid amount of ads. It’s ridiculous and they shouldn’t be able to make an app. They need to do better. Also it’s £4.99 a week, that is ridiculous for what it is and you can’t even actually play the app..Version: 3.0

Deceiving and too many adsI had downloaded this game looking for a game to relax and wind down that didn’t take a whole lot of brain power. Well… I didn’t realize it had so many ads. At least every 2-3 minutes there was always an ad. It was worse than tv to be honest. And at first I didn’t mind but then after a while it just got really annoying. The game also deceives looks on the game. It wouldn’t show you the full view of whatever eye makeup or lipstick you’ll be choosing and you can’t go back to change it. For an example I was doing a butterfly look, with the butterfly eyeshadow and look. And then I picked just a normal pink color of lipstick that go along with the eye makeup. I picked the plain pink color with no pattern or anything. And then as I chose it and it was applied. Stars appeared on the lips when it showed it was just a normal plain pink color. It was not indicating that the lipstick had a pattern of stars. And after I chose it, I couldn’t go back to change it. That was very deceiving. It ruined the look and the eyeshadow with that particular star pattern lipstick just looked weird and odd and I hated the look. And just didn’t look right to me. And I couldn’t go back to change it at all. So after that I deleted the game. I want to know exactly what I’m getting when I’m choosing a pattern of eyeshadow or lipstick so my ideas are not getting ruin..Version: 3.2

Too many adsThe ads are excessive! I just downloaded the game and have only played level 1 and already had like 15 ads. I think I’m going to delete the game because it’s not worth it for that many ads!.Version: 3.0

Love but too many ads!Love love love this game and the sound effects but there are too many ads in between the gameplay it ruins it. and also they should let us blend foundation for longer and trim eyebrows for shorter time. 👍.Version: 3.3

UghDownloads way to slow oh my goodness i dont like that at all.Version: 2.7

CritiqueTrop d’annonces.Version: 3.3

-Its great but theres ads everytime u complete 1 task literally.Version: 2.6

The ads for the game LIEThe ads have way better more satisfying things in each makeover compared to the game and literally every character is the same. Don’t tell me I’m promised you be able to do all this satisfying stuff when in reality you cannot at all unless maybe just maybe you do like 50 levels of the same thing ITS MAKINHM ME VERY MAD.Version: 2.9

Good but not bestNice but takes a little too much time to complete a task.Version: 3.3

Can’t access all the character optionsThere are two male characters that have stories but I can’t access them/do their makeovers (even with the VIP access)? The game is also a little repetitive, I wish you could skip the skincare parts, putting the face mask on every character gets a little boring..Version: 3.1

Do not downloadI downloaded this app and signed up the annually subscription. I was expecting no ads as that’s what they say before you sign up. However, once you don’t have a enough money, you will have to watch videos which are ads for their other games. Even when you try to click out of it, it will automatically take you to App Store so you can download it. This is game is just one big giant advertisement, and not worth your time or money..Version: 2.9

👍🏼I love te game! It’s really fun😍 there is only 2 things that could be fixed. I don’t like how they make it seem like girls can’t have pimples or freckles or like, a bad hair day or something without looking bad. And there’s a lot of ads, but other than that it’s great!.Version: 3.5

Good game some bugsTo put it short the app has a really annoying feature where if you watch a video in Oder to get an items it will not give you that item. It works for like the first few levels but after level 12 it just gave up and refused to give me the item. Also if you try to use the item after you watch the video it will show you more and more and even more videos. I’m not sure if this is a bug but god it’s annoying and just an annoying way to get more money for the developer and not reward the player even if it says it will..Version: 1.6

Adds!Way to many adds!.Version: 2.8

Fun, but ads and cost to remove are ludicrous!The game itself is fun. It gets a little tedious having to do almost the exact same skincare routine on each model before getting to the makeup and wardrobe choices, but still relaxing and fun. There are glitches where it slows down or freezes or shuts down occasionally, nothing too extreme but still annoying. The ads are absolutely out of control popping up every step or two until they run out for a while (which means you are also told “videos not available” during that period when you actually try to choose to watch one in exchange for unlocking items!). I thought maybe I would just pay to purchase the game and remove the ads because it’s enjoyable enough. $4.99 per WEEK?? As in you think I’m going to pay $260 per year every year to play this simple, glitchy game??!! Wow, greed is ugly..Version: 2.5

HorribleEveryone knows how there is going to be ads in each game but like- there is WAY too many ads in this game and when it offers you something to get, you have to watch and ad but when you press no thanks you have to watch an ad anyway. And when I first saw it on TikTok, it showed like popping pimples, picking stuff out of ears etc. and it was a lot more satisfying and better than what it actually is. don’t waste your time on downloading it 👎👎 1/10.Version: 3.2

It’s quite goodThis game is really good because there is a lot to do and it allows you to customise the makeup of the characters, however the ADS 😡 - I understand that there are advertisements in every game however there are just wayy too many. Literally you can’t even complete a level where there is at least 2 ads popping up. And the most annoying thing is that the ads alsways direct me to the App Store and all I want to do is play the game 😭😭. Apart from the ads, it’s a good game..Version: 3.0

Repetitive not like the ads has inappropriate adsSo, when i first got this game it was really fun, but after a little while it got boring! And by the way the ads are disgusting and inappropriate this needs to be fixed! There are ads of people doing wierd and gross things!you constantly do the same thing and there is no satisfying skincare. Sometimes you pop pimples or sometimes you put in a pore strip, but it isn’t as satisfying as it sounds! So anyways my ideas for how to make the game better is to firstly make it a lot more like the ads and add more skincare etc. secondly, when you are doing the makeup i think you should be able to preview how it looks, and maybe have more options for the makeup looks like eyeshadow blush and lipstick! Also i think there should be ways to make your own makeup look as a bonus idea also do not let in appropriate ads pop up.Version: 3.3

Parents, pay attention!Every 2 minutes you come across unacceptable advertising for your children, pornographic footage. The one who created this game wishes you to go bankrupt, if my child had seen this, I would have carried your company in the dust. Do you have a conscience to advertise this in a children's game?.Version: 3.2

It’s okI love this game so much it’s the game I would want to do somebody’s make up looks but there is so many ads and so many bugs. Sometimes it glitches me out and it’s nothing like the ads. When I saw the ads, it showed that it looked realistic and that you had to do all the stuff but when you download the actual game it doesn’t look anything like that and I really wanted to play a game that looks like that like so realistic and some thing you would have to do in real life like you have to pop pimples in the game but the characters don’t look real, but in the ads the characters look so realistic I love this game so much I just wish there wasn’t so many ads and I wish it was like the ads to.Version: 3.2

Why so many ads?In all honesty i think i watch more ads than actually having an opportunity to fully play the game without interruptions. It’s annoying, please minimise the amount of ads in this game.Version: 2.9

AdsThe concept of the game is fun but my goodness I can only do one makeover which last about 5 minutes at a time because of the amount of ads. You start applying foundation an ad comes up you put one lash on an ad comes up, completely ruins the flow of the game and is very boring. I counted in 5 minutes I had seven ads come up I was watching ads more then the game play 🙄.Version: 3.0

Ads and other thingsIts so sad because this is such a great game and i would play it even though im 13. There are too many ads and i cannot enjoy the actual game. Also if it doesnt automatically go to the next stage when im not done would be perfect..Version: 3.2

Nothing like the addsThis game is nothing likes how the ads portray it. All you do is select hair and apply makeup but you have no free choice to do with it. You don't even pop pimples likes the ads said and not to mention you have to watch so many ads. I don’t recommend this game..Version: 3.2

Beauty StandardsThe very first level implies that acne makes someone unattractive. Young people will be playing this game and I think you have the opportunity to teach kids to speak kindly to themselves and embrace their natural beauty. Pimples, dimples and imperfections!.Version: 1.6

Very addictingOut of all the makeup games I’ve tried, this is definitely the best one. The only downside is the amount of adverts - they drive me insane. They will pop up after each makeup item you apply and there are also certain looks that can only be unlocked by watching videos. As a whole though, the game is very addicting and a good pastime for boredom..Version: 3.2

Too many adsCan barely play the game.Version: 3.3

The gameI like the game but I wish it can be less of ads and more interesting. Like when u come on the page to download it and the video shows different thing than to the game ur playing. If they made it the same to the video they have made for the game it will be ok. And less of ads. The rest it ok. Hope u enjoy the game :D.Version: 2.3

SadToo many ads there’s an ad for every thing u do.Version: 2.9

Way too many adsThis game just has too many ads for someone to enjoy the experience. You spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. One ad per person would make sense but you have an ad each time you complete a step meaning you have at least 4 ads per person. It’s excruciating.Version: 3.2

AdsThis app is a JOKE! It’s so frustrating how you only want to play a game and theres an advert nearly every 5 seconds! Sometimes theres 2-3 adverts in each step you don’t even get to do anything then theres a advert on. SORT IT OUT !? Its a free game so why is there so many interruptions why should people have to pay for apps just so you don’t have to watch the horrible adverts, i’d understand maybe 2-3 adverts popping up but not every 5 seconds it’s a joke..Version: 3.2

The adsThis game is 12+ it is completely unacceptable to show sexual ads to children. what the hell. you a should be ashamed of yourself for allows those ads in a game for children..Version: 3.5

It’s alright..This game is alright.. I first saw it on tiktok and i saw the ad, it explained the game would allow you to do your own makeup. Although in the game you choose a design and only use the same tools again and again unlike in the ad. In the ad it showed you more of how “customers” come in, in the ad the customers would come in with all types of spots, pimples etc. But in the game it’s all the same, it also stated in the ad it would be more of an adult game because of the things you would have to sort but if i’m being honest it seems more like a kids game. Now onto my opinion i believe the ads are just too much, as soon as i get onto the next stage it gives me an ad. Most makeup designs require an ad and sometimes it won’t even let you watch another ad to get the item. I also believe putting the Mafia into the game is terrible, the Mafia shouldn’t be idolised as much as it is and you’ve just added to it, little kids are known to copy behaviour and you adding this to the game is just going to make them feel as if the Mafia are good ppl. The game is more of a game to play when there’s nothing else otherwise it just sits wasting storage on your phone..Version: 3.0

AdsHello, developer(s)of this game. Would you guys be able to lessen the advertisement when choosing the makeup look? Thank you.Version: 2.1

Deleted progressThink what you want about me being an adult playing this game but it’s a satisfying way to relax 🤷‍♀️ Overall it’s not too bad of a game, but unfortunately I opened the game today and all of my progress had been wiped. Although it says I made the progress, it won’t let me play some of the characters. There are numerous girls with different background stories as the “main storyline” and 2 male characters you can eventually unlock as well as a fairy character you can access if you pay $5.99/week as a ‘VIP.’ At this point I’d played well over 50% of the game and have paid the weekly subscription to have no ads and to access the fairy + extra items. Today I guess the game just decided I can’t play the fairy anymore until I complete previous progress which… I have already played. Glitchy app development. :(.Version: 3.2

It’s not that good sorry.I went into it and when I started playing some of the tools I need wouldn’t come up on the screen. I tried again and it still wouldn’t let me! The first bit was kind of satisfying but then it just wouldn’t let me do a thing! 😒.Version: 2.9

Way too many adsThis game would be great k but there is way too many ads, I get they pay for it but there is so many I deleted it after playing the first 5 minutes because the minute you do something an ad pips up.Version: 3.2

WAY too many adsThis game is fun, don’t get me wrong. However there is an add after every step of the makeover. There is an option to pay to remove said ads which I refuse to pay as the game simply isn’t worth being paid for. Even if you turn off wifi ads still play. This company is clearly greedy for money hence the 100s of ads, but I will give them credit that it is a good game. If all the ads don’t bother you, I recommend it..Version: 3.5

Annoying and giving young people bad examplesThere is so much ads and when you first play for the acne it’s giving a bad example to young people and saying that acne is horrible when it’s not your beautiful no matter what I hate this game it’s so annoying and boring with all the ads everytime you have to pick a new thing to work on there is a ad.Version: 3.3

Way too many adsI like the game the only problem is there’s waaaaaay tooo much ads . Please do something about it or it’s going to be uninstall.Version: 2.4

Too many ads.Too many ads. garbage..Version: 3.3

Do not downloadIn short, this app just has so many ads to the point where it is literally unplayable. It’s frustrating enough to have an ad thrown at me every five seconds that every time without fail glitches and takes me to the App Store despite pressing the cross, but on top of that, when the game finally continues, it lags and thinks you’ve pressed on the ad at the bottom of the screen when you haven’t. I was unable to change the eyeshadow type because every time I clicked one, it took me to the App Store for no reason instead. Deleted after about five minutes, didn’t even manage to endure this long enough to complete one makeover, it’s infuriating to do her eyeliner then have an ad, then do her lashes, and oh look it’s another ad. Don’t waste your time..Version: 2.4

PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!Ok, So to start off the reason I have a three star earring is because the game is fun but there is just was to many ads. I don’t mind ads that much but I can Bailey do anything without getting an ad. Like one time I was trying to change my girls outfit and I ended when I tried to click next it gave me and ad and the ad didn’t have an X so I had to close out out of the app. now (READ THIS PART) if your child loves makeup games this not it, like I stated before this game has a tone of ads but they are super inappropriate, the ads are like episode where the characters interact with one another but they are sexual interactions and ask if the person wants to have that. This gave us for “KIDS” (aka 12+) but is also a game that can be meant for younger kids like 6-11 year olds, but has ads for a game that is meant for people 17+. I don’t know if you can customize what kinds of ads you want to have shown but this issue needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY!! Last complaint this game is really glitchy I had to open and close the app so Mandy times just to get it to work. I will be deleting this app and will not be redownloading even if these problems are resolved. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day..Version: 3.2

No new content!I’ve only been playing this for a few months and I like it enough to deal with the ads and random crashing. For the past few weeks, I haven’t had any new content and just get custom makeup options. All of my characters have 5 ❤️ but there are no new storylines and I’m getting bored with them. Any idea if this is a fault or are there just no new updates?.Version: 2.9

1 starIt was a 1 star and not a good app because you have to pay.Version: 3.3

Good game, ruined by adsI enjoyed the graphics and the fast speed of customising the character. Not an original idea of a game but it executed the idea well. However, I was getting so. Many. Ads. Maybe like 1 every 2 minutes? It got to the point where I had to delete it because it was more watching ads than playing. Maybe if you toned down on the ads I’d give it a 5, because i did really enjoy the actual game..Version: 2.5

It’s a weird gameWhen I was playing I kept on hearing a woman moaning and than a ad pops up with people having sex I deleted the game like wth bro.Version: 3.1

Just noMy “just no” is because on TikTok my fyp goes on and on if these ads if this game talking about cleaning out ears doing your OWN makeup without GETTING TOKD WHAT TO DO! It’s such a scam as those ads were my expectations. Then way to many ads while playing the game and gets glitchy asf JUST NO.Version: 3.0


DisappointingThe game concept is fun and the options for making the character over and cuter than many other games like this. Unfortunately, there’s just too many ads. For every 10 seconds of play, there’s at least 30 seconds or more of unskippable, multi-click to exit ads. On top of that, the game is ridiculously buggy. It will just freeze on a black screen after an ad, no way to exit, so you have to close the app and reopen. Then upon opening, it shifts you back in game play to where you have to go through the same choices and ads all over again and risk getting stuck on the same black screen. Also, there are some clothing options that when you choose it and try to select the “next” button to move forward to the next choice, it crashes and closes out the game..Version: 1.9

Nice but… why?So I just have to start of on how we all know that one game that has the exact same add as like FIVE other games? This is that one. Also, can we talk about how many ADD’S there are in this game?! So let’s say how I just did her lipstick, and had a add like, 1 minute ago. I go to do whatever’s next, and it gives me ANOTHER ADD!! I don’t mean to complain, but someone had to say this game is a add overload. 🥲SO PLEASE FIX THAT🥲 Next order of business is how I had been watching these adds for this game over and over, so I was like, “that looks awesome!” But when I went to download it, it wasn’t as fun as the adds suggested. I’m not saying it was faking much, but still. ✨PLEASE MAKE IT MORE LIKE THE ADDS✨ Next is that how your game has multiple glitches. I had put a patients eyelashes on, and it glitched out. Every time she blinked, you could see them, but when she didn’t, they weren’t there! Also sometimes the game gets really slow. Like, I’d be playing it, and it starts to stop, then go, then lag slowly. It’s really annoying. 🫶FIX THE GLITCHING🫶 If you read through and are considering fixing your game, I hope you know I appreciate it VERY VERY MUCH because your game is awesome but could use some help. 💅🏾THANK YOU FOR READING💅🏾.Version: 2.9

Premium not workingWhen I first downloaded the game I was OBSESSED with it, so i bought premium and the first couple of days there were no ads but then they started charging me without me knowing and it didnt even remove the ads after, downlaod game but dont get premium..Version: 3.0

Love the game but the ADS are waayy too much!!!I love this game I really do, I love all the different things you can do. I love that there are different choices and options you can pick for the style and makeup. I love the different characters. I love that they let you do the makeup as well not just pick it out. The only issue I have are the ads. It’s ridiculous how many ads come up. Like I get a few here and there but throwing in like 5/7 ads all just trying to get through the make over is just ridiculous. I understand they need ads it gets them money to keep the game going and to have fun but this is just an extreme amount. I spend just as much time watching these ads then I do playing the game. They really need to figure that out and spread them out. It’s supposed to be a game to enjoy not an ad catalog. Overall, I absolutely do love this game. The actual game part is amazing and fun and I love it. Just really need to do something about these ads..Version: 3.1

BoringI’ve downloaded this game a few times on different devices because the add looks fun BUT IT HONESTLY SO BORING ISTG.Version: 3.2

Inappropriate adsThere is lots of ads, and lots of them are quite inappropriate, and there is no need to be showing young children these inappropriate things.Version: 3.2

Pretty GoodThe game is pretty good. I like it. It’s a good game to play when you’re bored, or just to play in general. A lot of reviews say that it has too many adds, and there are adds, but not as many as other games. The main reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the game preview (the videos to advertise THIS game) in the adds it shows a lot more detailed things and more to do, it says “the people have problems just like real people do!” Which the people in the game do, but it’s mainly just a couple pimples. I’m the adds, it shows way more. I think the game could improve by being more like the adds say it is, OR just make the adds like the game instead of better than what the game actually is..Version: 3.2

Fun game! But only if you have the subscription…This game is really fun and i like how you have so many makeup, clothes, necklaces, etc options on the people! I have the subscription because you need it to have the best experience. When i didn’t have it, there was so many ads it was basically 80% ads 20% game. And there was also limited choices without premium… 😐 And also 5 dollars a week for a makeup game? I’m hoping to finish this game quickly because it’s fun but i don’t wanna waste my money on that. I also noticed that the makeovers get pretty repetitive… You have different stories for each person which is cool but for each it’s 90% of the time the same makeover. Only difference is different people and different occasions. Usually all you do for each is pop pimples, pore strips, face mask, foundation, makeup, clothes, hair, glasses, necklace, and earrings. Eventually it gets repetitive and boring. I guess overall i’d say it’s a good game for premium, but not for normal players..Version: 2.9

Inclusivity & and more stuff to getA few things to mention… 1. I wish there was an option to change the colour of the stylists hands. I’m black and I’m there’s only an option to be a white stylist… it’s 2023 so can we fix that? 2. After you bought the items for the rooms, there’s NOTHING else to buy with the money you earn in the game. It just accumulates and sits there doing nothing. You can’t buy any new make up brushes, new hair styles, new characters. It stops being fun because there’s nothing else to do in the game. It’s very repetitive and after the first 6 maybe 7 clients you style, you get bored and sick and tired of the ads..Version: 3.2

AddsI like the game but it’s adds are nothing like what it says it is. And now I’m not as interested, as I was when I first saw the add for this game..Version: 3.2

ADDSWhen I am finally getting into the game a add come up and the price for no add is so much money for me, and if the Client is going to an ex boyfriend or girlfriend wedding why don’t show them going to the wedding and then making there panther jealous but of course in an appropriate manner..Version: 2.7

Ads every step & hair choices don’t stick!Enjoyed this for a few hours but am deleting as I’m sick to death of an ad every time I select something - there are obvious choices with an ad to watch to get it but then they stick show ads on all choices! Effing annoying! And if you change your mind when choosing hair it sometimes doesn’t stick! I’ve got one finished person with a towel still on her head! Good for about 2 hours is all before getting too annoyed….Version: 2.4

If I could give this zero stars I wouldThis is literally horrible. I kid you not, I got an add pop up every 30 seconds. Impossible to play the game, because after every choice you have to watch an add. Not to mention the ridiculous beauty standards that it implies. Do not download..Version: 2.3

It’s a pretty fun game butAs states in the title I really like this game. It’s simple and fun and you have a lot of free choices and I don’t mind watching the ads for the ones I really want. It can be a bit repetitive but it’s still fun. My problem is the ads literally every other second. I’ll be in the middle of putting eyeshadow on the girl and it shows me an add and then I finish it and there is ANOTHER ad. You can’t go 2 minutes in this game without an add popping up in your face. Like I said earlier, I don’t mind ads to get an item in the game every now and again, but the ads every other time are ridiculous. I don’t have the money to remove ads either. I get that ads are a main sponsor for many of these games but it’s VERY annoying to see this many ads. If you don’t have a problem with ads then I highly suggest it. If ads every other second make you wanna tip your hair out, this is not the game for you..Version: 3.2

AdsI get that there will be ads in a game but this is too many, the game is nice but it would be better if there wasn’t an ad every time you do something. Also, I have noticed that whenever there is a clothing, makeup or accessory that matches the theme then you either have to unlock it or watch an ad to get it and it is very frustrating. I saw the ads for this but it is not the same, you have to unlock tools and you only get a few selection of eyeshadow and blush and eye contacts..Version: 2.5

Too many ads!!!Deleting this game. When there’s not an add every 30 seconds i will re-install. This is why no one plays ur stupid game? your not going to make profit from charging people to pay for no ads, because no one’s buying that. You’ll make money from ppl playing the game, which is not going to happen with the amount of ads!!!!.Version: 3.3

ADDDDDSThis game has problems. You put lipstick on your doll and there’s and add then after the add you put blush on and another ad! Also the adds are like 5 mins long! All round if it didn’t have so many ads it would be great🤩.Version: 2.7

AdsTo many ads.Version: 2.1

FakeThis game was nothing like the ad.Version: 3.2

Please fix!!This is a really good game but there is so many ads I swear I do a few things and then an ad which is normal but 10 seconds later another ad comes up and this continues forever. Then I reach this one level with Naomi “dinner with John” I think, you go to cut her eyebrows and it NEVER lets you finish the brows. No matter which makeup you try, even after closing the app a billion times it still doesn’t work. I was so excited to get this game and it’s a good game but you literally can’t get past this level because of the eyebrows. It’s so frustrating! It is a little later in the but there is still quite a few levels left. If it was the last level that would be better but it’s not the last level. If this is fixed the game would be AWESOME. And in my opinion it would be SOOO much better!.Version: 3.2

CreepyFirst there’s way to many adds after you get to 5 different people all i did was put lashes on and got a ad i put the other lash on and another ad also it burns you phone up like crazy when you get to a certain level and you can’t play without wifi so you keep getting so many ads don’t download.Version: 2.0

ADSWay,way,way,wAY too many ads can’t even play properly. Also fake advertising for this game it’s way different. Plus the beauty standards are annoying 💀I love the game but now it’s getting repetitive like the same things over and over.Version: 3.5

NooooInteresting ads.Version: 3.5

Love the game but a few major issues1. There should be a one off payment to get rid of ads or a cheaper subscription option. 2. The free version ideally should have fewer ads, too. Theres just so many but I understand this is how the app makes money of course. 3. There should be an option to select no contact lenses!!! A lot of the characters have really beautiful natural eye colours and I wish I didn’t have to cover them up!.Version: 2.7

FAR too many advertsThe actual game is fun. Nothing particularly amazing or engaging, but it’s entertaining enough to distract me for 20 minutes or so. However, the amount of adverts is ABSURD. Every 15 seconds or so. It got to the point where the game was making my 6 month old, fully charged iPad crash. Never had that problem before, and it stopped as soon as I uninstalled. You can pay to get rid of the adverts but i quite frankly don’t want to play a game that FORCES you to pay money in order to have an enjoyable experience. Just ridiculous..Version: 3.1

Too much adsThis game is really fun but gotta to remove it because too much ads. It’s really bothering !!! I would give 5 stars but because of that only 1 star..Version: 3.5

My reviewIt stinks :/.Version: 3.2

My ideologys have been worse :)Today, i write about how i actually a phone game, although i dont agree makeup is a very healthy topic to teach a young audience about, it was rather amusing. The strokes of the brush really shock me as how real it feels. Now, my reasoning to why i have put such a upsetting rating is being of ads. Adverts are my NUMBER ONE PET PEEVE🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. I understand if you can’t help it but when you just want to calm and chill, playing any type of phone game and woop, ad. No it isnt a nuisance, i dislike it to a serious degree. This game really brightend my life but there wasnt much to it, it doenst really take long to get bored off so unfortunately i will not being recommended it to anyone i know😀.Version: 3.5

To many adsAmazing game would play it but way to many ads.Version: 2.9

It is ok.This game is overall pretty fun, but here are some things I dislike about it. 1. Ads are very, very horrible and inappropriate, there are also way too many. 2. On every customer it’s the same routine very thing is the same and it gets very boring. 3. There is still some bugs it glitches and take forever for it to load so have to put my power off..Version: 2.7

Love it but AnnoyingI love this game, it’s super fun but I hate the ads. I also wish you could try on contacts, lipstick colours before committing to it..Version: 3.2

Good game but…I enjoy playing this game it’s a good time killer however I wish the outfits + makeup and the accessories would fit certain themes a bit more for example if the scenario is me going undercover for a top secret mission then I’m not gonna put on bright colored makeup you know? Like some of these stories don’t require a dramatic look so id like there to be more natural/settle looks in the game. Same goes for the outfits, they got a good amount of fancy dresses, costume looking type outfits but not enough cute casual fits like things you’d wear to school (and going back to the makeup you wouldn’t wear that dramatic makeup 😂) and my last thing is being able to go back and change what you did. There’s been way to many times where i ended up not liking how the contacts or the makeup looks but I can’t go back so I just have to deal with it so I would like a back button..Version: 2.9

Waaaayyyyy too many ads!!!I enjoy the game, but my gosh I can’t do anything without watching an ad!!! I wash the persons face…ad, apply some eyeshadow….ad, apply some lipstick…you guessed it…ad!!!! After all that I can choose an outfit, a lot of them you have to watch an ad for (after all the ads I’ve been forced to watch, I can’t be arsed anymore and sometimes just pick something) even then the non ad ones, sometimes after you pick it an ad pops up!!! CAN I PLEASE JUST PLAY THE GAME!!! I get an ad every now and then, but not after every move!!!.Version: 3.2

Needs work!!!I will be honest the game was fun until after getting used to it then an ad would pop up every five seconds after the first one. The game would have had some potential if there wasn’t so many ads popping up out of no where when your picking out her hair or doing her makeup. They offer you to watch videos to get more options on makeup or clothing designs but then when you click it says video unavailable. If it is unavailable then give me the stuff already or get so videos that are available. Also the video on the App Store showing what the game is that is false it is nothing like that unless it is different for you. I enjoyed the game until the ads popped up and I could live without watching videos to get more options but don’t put it there if you’re not going to fix it..Version: 3.2

False advertising, badFalse advertising, would not recommend..Version: 2.9

BadSo many ads all pornographiccc.Version: 3.3

It’s a fun game but…I love the game itself, but to just get rid of the adds and get the extra stuff you have to pay $7.99 a week there should be just a one off payment to remove adds I know you have to get your money somehow but I just find that ridiculous. There’s way too many adds still even with the update. I don’t mind the ones at the bottom of the screen as it’s out of the way maybe do the adds that way when we aren’t watching an add to get a new tool etc.Version: 2.5

This game suuuucksThis game sucks soo much I’d rather go play outside and touch grass.Version: 2.9

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