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Makeover Studio: Makeup Games App User Positive Comments 2024

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games app received 74 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about makeover studio: makeup games?

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Makeover Studio: Makeup Games for Positive User Reviews

Obsessed 🤩I love this game the last makeover ASMR game I got was trash it had adds every second and every add was 40 seconds and I finished the game in 2 days only has 5 rounds This game is the best has interesting rounds and I downloaded this 30 seconds ago and I’m already hooked 😍😍😍🥰😘.Version: 3.2

It’s actually quite goodI love this game because I want to be a makeup artist. It has a few downsides though, such as the ads. PLEASE cut down on the ads. And also, please make an option to change your hand, to change the race and such. Also maybe you could consider adding more options for the makeup because there is usually only 1 fitting style so you cannot make it unique. Apart from that, I actually love it and can’t stop playing.Version: 3.2

Awesome gameIt is really good if you are bored.Version: 3.6

Good game but a lot of adsThis is a very entertaining game but it has a lot of ads for a lot of things and it only shows the display of 1 eye so if it’s different we can’t see that also I think there should be more eyelashes and more related outfits for example a bikini because the last time I played she was going to a beach party and there wasn’t enough outfit options for it.Version: 3.7

This game is great but a few problemsThis game is amazing and I love it, but it’s nit like the adds the game provides. So many adds and lots of things to put on your model require adds, the game is also very glitchy and kicks me out often. You can still make the models very beautiful and happy but it’s just like the little kids games when you click something it turns to the color you selected. I would like it to be updated to where you actually have to blend things and with eye shadow for example, you select the colors and put it wherever. Not just in the circled print, it would make the game further more fun. In conclusion I really love this game just please take a look at this and before people download the game I would like them to look at my review so they know what they are purchasing. Thankyou for your time. Please get back to me with a response..Version: 3.3

Best makeover game ever!This game is enjoyable for all ages it is so fun and cool to give somebody a makeover the only thing l have to say is there is lots of ads, but my ads are very good and have given me so much fun over the past weeks I recommend this game to anybody who likes satisfying pimple popping to applying make up for fun this games for everybody congratulations to the person who made this game it’s wonderful!.Version: 3.1

So many ads..This is honestly a pretty fun game but there’s literally so many ads it frustrating. there’s about 1 ad after you do about 1 thing and it’s so annoying and the package you buy when removing the ads is crazy expensive, and it’s not even a one time purchase. it costs around 10$ for one WEEK and 55 for a year, so there’s no one time purchases which i find really annoying. still a fun game tho..Version: 3.2

AmazingI have to say this app is amazing. I love the amazing details and the awesome features. There is a few points I’d like to point out though, although the well made structure, the game is pretty laggy for me (idk for anyone else) it glitches and it is a bit annoying. There is also way too many ads!! But overall this app is perfect and I can’t get enough of it..Version: 3.2

GoodOmg I just love this game I’m addicted to it I don’t think u will ever delete it I love this idea of a game and I hope there are more games like this I recommend to download it like definitely download immediately.Version: 3.1

To many addsIt’s a fun and creative game, but there lots of adds every level, while playing the level. I personally think it would be more fun if there were less adds and the story lines are great to add on..Version: 2.4

AdsIt’s a fun game but I feel like I spend more time watching pop up ads than I do actually playing the game. There’s no option to pay to get rid of them either, you have to pay for premium which is £4.99 a week which is just ridiculous!.Version: 2.2

Decent jobThis game is so fun and good but when it asks you if you want to collect your normal coins or more to watch an add for more if you press on normal coins it will still give you an add!🥰still love the game tho.Version: 3.6

AmazingWhen I first got this game I thought it would be one of those fake games that are not fun to play but after the first level I couldn’t stop playing there are many characters with there own story and you have to design a look for them. Amazing game there are adds but I still would rate it 5/5.Version: 3.2

It is okI just saw ad after ad after ad then I realised that I should just turn my device on to air a plane mode problem fixed easy as cake I love this game and I really did not want to delete it😌😎.Version: 3.0

Really good but adsI really love this game I think it's amazing but what's really annoying is the ads. The ads are popping up all throughout the game the game itself is really good I really love it! The developers didn't create the ad like the game but I think it's really good! Just always read the Reviews before hand because the ads ruin the game and Will make you want to delete the game! please fix this because its really annoying! Thank you!.Version: 2.4

Very good gameI’ve been playing this game ever since I got a phone. I have been obsessed with it and can’t get enough! Adverts in this game are unbelievable. Now your probably reading this and thinking there are too many ads but you are wrong. This game is actually playable without being bombarded with ads. I think this is great because the game has room to promote other games but also allows you to play the game. It is amazing choosing your eye shadow hair and clothing and everything but I just think that there should be more options to choose from. Sometimes there are only like 2 eyeshadows and they in my opinion don’t look nice. But there are like 5 nice ones that an advert has to be watched to get which is a bit annoying because you can’t get the eyeshadow that you like unless adverts are involved. Overall though the game is amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone that enjoys styling and makeup. Thank you for taking your time to read this it is highly appreciated. 😁.Version: 3.6

Detailed ReviewWelcome to my detailed review. First thing I have to say about this game is that I AM OBSESSED! I play this everyday and have a high level, I enjoy to play this and I never get bored. Expect, sometimes, I get annoyed. Sometimes the options are horrid, and I feel bad for the people I’m working with😭 I want them to feel beautiful. Anyways, I also think there should be calmer options. Most of the makeup options we can choose are always crazy, I think you should do a mix of crazy and calm. Plus, if the 2nd eye is gonna be a diff eye-shadow colour then the first, then I think we should be told that before we choose. (Does that make sense?) Moving on, I find this game a good easy game. I recommend it. This makes me want to become a makeup artist, but I don’t enjoy doing makeup irl?😭 My dream is to become a flight attendant anyways! 4/5 , would of been 5 but in that review I said what I think can be better about the game :) and if you can, please make the game playable even if you have no WiFi! I was travelling and needed something to entertain my self for atleast a few minutes, I was wanting to desperately play this😭.Version: 3.5

Good gameGood game very fun to play but tbh a little to much adds and it takes so long to load other than that it’s a very good game you should try it!!.Version: 3.6

Adds and glitchThe game is like so good but there is a lot of ads that pop up and a bit glitchy but still everyone should download it it so good you will love it. (Pls reply creator).Version: 3.2

Please fix thisSo I play this game everyday but with the first thing you have to do with someone it doesn’t matter what it is it says I’m done and brings me to the second one and I didn’t even do it yet and I don’t know why it keeps doing this. Also another problem, while decorating my studio it kicks me off the decorating or it just gets rid of all the stuff I had added in my studio and while dressing up the people it glitches and it kicks me off the person I was doing and it really annoys me and I have really bad anger issues and whenever that happens I just yell at everyone and it’s really hard for me to control it cus I get so mad about that issue especially if it’s someone that has been glitching on the first part and I finally get to the dressing up so all I’m asking is for these problems to be fixed. This is a remake from my last review and I’m giving it five stars so it shows up.Version: 3.6

Great! A few things though…So I’ve been seeing reviews saying there’s too many ads. I don’t think there’s that many ads compared to the amount I have seen in other games. I love this game! Though I do have a couple of suggestions. 1.) When you go to put on contacts, there is only ONE brown. It’s a light brown. I think there should be more brown contacts than crazy ones like purple ones and red ones with hearts in them. 2.) When you finish all of the stories for one person, you can do them again, but it’s just a custom mode. I myself liked following the storyline. What I am saying is that I want more stories for certain people I have already finished like Tanisha. Overall it’s a great game! And I’ll probably be playing it for a while! Thanks for reading!.Version: 2.6

Loved it😗Hi, this game is absolutely GREAT when you’re bored. I hopped on it on a cruise when there was nun to do. Let me tell you boyyy I was on there for HOURS u hear me. But the one tiny thing that made me not give this game five stars is because of the ads. Remember when I said that I was on a cruise when I first got on, yeaa there was no internet. So no ads. But when I got on at home it was a different story buddy. Now the ads were not ASTRONOMICAL like some of the other games but, there were ads that were almost after every single action. Now it was not a bad batch of ads there was a good amount but still . I recommend that you put the ads every person, 2-4 to be exact. (I’m just a tryna help, don’t want folks praying on my down fall) SMH..Version: 3.7

Fun & visually stunning, but choices are SO limitedFor example: I just made over a model who needed a “makeup look” for the gym. Ok, but all of the 6 eyeshadow options were very colorful and dramatic. Almost all are themed to a specific holiday or event that don’t match the prompt. None of the blushes or lip colors seem to match the eyeshadows. I do, however, like the hair, jewelry, and most clothing choices. Also, I don’t get the scoring process. Once you submit your look, you receive~ 4,000-6,000 points. I don’t think these points really do anything and don’t know how it’s scored. It would make more sense to have a voting option between players. Side note: the “prep” of the face (popping pimples, blackhead strips, etc…) is fun at first, but it gets annoying to do before every look..Version: 2.4

Idea for an update pls readI think it will be great to have an update when u can chose your makeup like say which colour and which Lipstick I don’t know about you guys but I think it’s a good 𝗂𝖽𝖾𝖺 I love this game..Version: 3.2

No more addsIt takes for ever to down load and there is tooo many adds this game is amazing but get rid of the adds and than it might be a 5 star game.Version: 2.7

LOVE ITI love this game so much fun but in the beginning I didn’t mind all the ads now it’s so annoying I did figure out how to get rid of the ads I will talk about that later but just pls make less ads for the people who don’t see this it’s fun but WAY TO MANY ADS k that’s all! How to not need to watch ads okay so you are going to want to put it in ariplanemode then when it starts loading your going to want to turn it off you will have to do this for all of your costumers then when it’s done and you get to see the person your going to want to turn on airplane mode again that’s what I do and it works perfectly I hope this helps have a good night or day<3.Version: 2.9

Fun game, needs more options.The game itself is really good! It’s very enjoyable and the characters are very realistic which I find very impressive! However, some of the options are VERY extravagant, and while they are fitting for some themes such as, going to an anime dress up experience, for others? Well I’m not going to rock up to a simple pool party wearing extreme rainbow, gem, rock glam makeup with butterfly’s! I mean the creativity is very unique and appreciated, and I wouldn’t mind these options so much if there were a few more simpler options! Also so many things have to be unlocked by watching ads! Maybe you can choose to pay the in-game money instead? 😊 Anyways, it’s overall a pretty decent makeup game, and quite realistic!.Version: 3.3

My opinion…So if I’m being honest this game is awesome I’m not going to lie but there is just to many ads, like every time I get to the next level there would be an ad. And for me I kind of find that annoying when I’m trying to actually play the game. But that’s just my opinion..Version: 3.2

Fun game to play 👌💕💕💕😍😍🤩❤️❤️😂🤩Love this game sooooo much its fun and addicting but adds come all the time even in the middle of the game so far it’s amazing 🤩 so addictive and fun to play with friends and family so whoever is reading my review I would love to recommend this to everyone but not everything’s good with the game the only thing u need to Improve on is the ADDS!!.Version: 2.9

My honest review of this gameIt is really fun and there are pretty much no ads. Makeup is pretty and has a full range of outfits. This game calms me down and makes me feel relaxed. I would recommend this game if you are interested in makeup and fashion. It’s not at all glitchy and extremely fun. Every person has a backstory and I love reading them..Version: 3.7

Help?This is a really good game, i love how i can edit the room.. it’s satisfying to see the different choices- for the room and the clients. has a good wide range of options and good storylines which make me imagine it myself. Just a few things which i’d like to say about it are: some of the choices are a bit questionable for some themes/storylines. Another thing that has only been happening since i reached level 43, is that each time i get an ad no exit button comes up so i’m stuck in the ad forever.. this doesn’t happen with any other app so i don’t know if it’s an issue with this game :).Version: 3.7

Some slight bugsI personally find it quite fun to play although there are a lot of adds and they don’t always unlock the items after I watch an add. Other than that I find it quite enjoyable to play!.Version: 2.4

Good but two complaintsThe game is really good and I have been playing it ever since I got it. My first complaint is that it doesn’t let you finish it on your own. My second complaint is that there are ads every thirty to forty seconds. Overall it is an amazing game but I would like if they could remove ads and let you finish it on your own..Version: 3.7

Amazing!!!! But I wish for some things…This game is AMAZING!!!! I love it. There are some adds now and then but not too many in my opinion. I love the stories my clients have, And they are beautiful. I love it but I wish there were more plain options for when my clients go on dates or other things like that. Because when my client goes on a date I don’t want them to have candy corn on their face. So I recommend this game if you don’t mind things that are really colorful and possibly mismatching. I also would like the pimple popping to be more realistic. Just like the sounds bother me. And they all have the same size of puss. This is not a big issue but it kinda bothers me..Version: 2.9

AdsI don’t know if this is just me but whenever an ad pops up at the end it freezes and I lose my progress and u have to go out of the app. If I could have some help or advice that would be wonderful! But other than that it’s an amazing game! I love how you don’t have to pay for all the good things and you can just watch an ad! I would definitely give it 5 stars if the ad thing was fixed! Download this app I’ve spent hours playing it!.Version: 3.7

Read this please!! It’s good feed back!!🙏Hi everyone, my friend told me about this game and about how I NEEDED to get it, so I did and it started of really great……..until I started to realise that there are barely any natural eye makeups! Which really annoyed me because for example my person wanted a good look for Christmas, and there were ONLY really bright and vibrant massive patterns and bright colours on the eye look! Literally who wants to draw a spikey holly on there eyebrow🙁!! And it’s the same with the blush! Anyway, like I said before there are SOME mor simple eye looks but VERY few! You are such good game creators and the game is brilliant other than that small point!! 😃well done ✔️ it’s a great game!!.Version: 3.3

Great butOk i love it but at the bottom of the screen there’s an ad and I can’t whenever I finish to make up look I can’t get a reward is annoying so I have to close the app and reopen it take to walk a kit annoying after a bit at the first time it happened I was like okay it’s fine and it happens every time it’s annoying fix it please thank you, also I keep having too many ads like every time I finish one love not exact I don’t finish to make up I finish a look Sedlick say the lipstick I get an air it’s kind of annoying I’m getting used to it but could you please make it every to every three or whatever thxs have a grea day [:.Version: 2.9

Good, but there a few problemsSo I love this game. It's super fun and satisfying. But I have 2 complaints. First of all, the adds are complete lies. When the adds show how the game works, it’s nothing like the actual game. I think that that is false advertising! And second, the adds that I’m getting are very inappropriate! Kids play this game, and the adds that are coming up are certainly not kid friendly. They’re story games where you pick your story, but they talk about and SHOW people kissing and doing disgusting stuff. And these are the only adds that show up!!! So if you decide to put adds in the game, please make them appropriate for kids. But other than those things it a good game.Version: 3.0

I love it10 10.Version: 2.3

Amazing game but only one bad thingI think this is a great game for when your bored and want to zone out on your phone for a bit. The sounds are satisfying and literally just watching it is ace. Definitely recommend this game for everyone, adults and children. The only bad thing about it is every client has the same appointment, you do a face mask, pop the pimples and then get dressed and put makeup on. Rest of the game is amazing. Thanks Olivia x.Version: 3.2

Love itI love the game but there is a lot of adds so I don’t play it as much as I would do but other than that I quite like it unlike the other makeup games and apps I have played in my life this one I like the most out of all of them so far..Version: 2.2

My opinionHi! Thanks for reading, I really love this game, it’s so satisfying and entertaining. The only down sides are, sometimes the tools go away or become invisible when you need to use them. The WORSE part about this whole game is THE ADS! EVERY 10 SECONDS there is an AD!! >:[]. You can be in the middle of something and BOOM! You guessed it.. an ad. Ad. Ad. Ad. Ad. Ad. Every freaking 10 seconds. It actually makes me want to stop playing the game because you get more Ad time than playing time. ALL of the ads are 30 seconds and 99.9% of the time, you can’t click out of it. Once you download this game ( ESPECIALLY from an ad) you will NON STOP get makeover game ads, on and on and on and on. Never ends ( but that’s not the games fault). You also see the same ads over and over again. Gets annoying..Version: 3.2

AdsI do like this game, but there are ads after ads which make it so frustrating! I do appreciate the looks and how many options there are of everything but for this to be a pretty perfect game, please, please, get rid of the thousands of ads!.Version: 3.3

AdsOk, so this is my fav game so far but, the ads are extremely inappropriate and there are to many ads, if you guys could change that but overall the game is amazing!these ads that you guys have make me extremely uncomfortable and this game is meant for kids, it’s not a 18+ game but if it was I would excuse the ads but this is a 12+ game which means 12 y/o play this and they don’t want to see this unless there a creep. “Th whisper” and “the episode” are not appropriate games for 12+ so if you could get rid of those ads and replace it with more make up ads like the game. This would be helpful so 12 y/o and up are not getting into trouble with these games, thank you so much for reading this. But these ads are not acceptable. Thank you and bye!.Version: 3.2

Love this app!Now when you look at the ad it looks boring but it is actually really fun! And best part about it is there at not a ton of ads like other games!.Version: 3.6

Awesome but somethingI love this game it’s really amazing! But just one small thing I don’t think there should be to many makeup options that you have to watch an ad for but other than that it’s an amazing game and I recommend you get it!.Version: 3.0

Great but ads…I just got this game 10-15 mins ago and after reading the reviews I was surprised. It is a pretty good game. It is very satisfying and relaxing. The only thing I could say was bad was all the ads. There are more ads then there should be but the other reviews over exaggerate (in my opinion) Even though there are a lot of ads, they go by quickly with the X button and they only appear after every step. The other thing I would say needs to be changed is the price for the premium. The only reason I would get the premium is to remove ads and I can deal with the ads. Some other people can’t, so they would want premium, but the premium is $5! Me and my mom are a little…low mid-class, so I think some things are a little to expensive, like the price. Others might not think $5 is much but some people might. Overall this is a pretty good game and I would recommend it..Version: 2.3

ADSTo many ads!!!!!.Version: 2.9

LoveI love this game.Version: 3.5

I really like this game but…I honestly really love this game it’s nice to just waste away your time on. The only thing is some of the details. Like the fact that everybody foundation is a tone lighter then what it should be. I also would suggest that you add more brown eye colors right now there id like impossible eye colors. Also i would like to see more natural make up looks and clothes there are times when people are asking to be dressed up for the gym and you have to dress them up fancy cause there’s no way else too. Lastly the blush never ever matches the eyeshadow like no matter what maybe lighter tones or tones that match? the last ones just a nitpick thing though. Other then that i love this game!.Version: 3.1

A good gameI t is good there’s not too much ads and you gonna do all of the work you want and you get to help people out and pet the style and maybe get over a break up.Version: 3.7

Really entertaining, although…This game is really entertaining and fun to learn, but, there is some things that I am going to list. Now, this game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but these ads… All of the ads are Whispers and Episode ads. They are innapropriate games and since this is a child game I just don’t think it is appropriate. Another thing that I dislike about this game is that because the game is nothing like the ads for it. You get to do skincare and makeup and outfits in the game but it’s still not much like the ads and the ads review. To know what it actually looks like you can look at the photos and it will show what the game actually is so that you can see if you actually want to get the app..Version: 3.2

It’s okayI love dressing them up and all. But we want to teach the younger kids to Embrace there natural beauty but overall it’s really fun to play there’s just a lot of adds. Overall it’s okay you just need to change some things and it would be a 5.Version: 3.7

About makeover!💗I love it so much it gives you tips on how to make your makeup more clear ! Very satisfying🤩🤩I love the photos of before and after it makes me feel I have made a big difference to a girl who has spots , pimples , nose wrinckles to a nice smooth face ! I recommend buying ! 💗💕🤩💙.Version: 3.2

Good gameGood game and it’s really realistic.Version: 3.3

Ummm it’s kinda good….Well, when I first got the game it was really good I want to be involved in great makings of makeup brands, so it’s a really good game for that so one star for that. The bad reason is it has a lot of bugs I’m not sure if it’s just me though. Whenever I attempt to go onto the game it loads for two seconds then kicks me off . A good reason not to many adds like all the other games one or two well a few throughout your game one star for that. A bad reason this is personal but after a while it’s kinda boring and I switch to another game. The finale reason GOOD REASON it is cool how not only how you can do makeup but there is a story behind all of that makeup two stars for that..Version: 3.4

Great game but the bugs…I love this game so far and its super fun but I have a few complaints: 1.) I’ve been stuck on level 6 for a few days now because every time I try applying the face mask on the girl, my screen turns black and logs me out of the app. at first I thought it was just a small glitch so I redid the level and this time, instead of logging me out or just applying the mask like normal, it was super glitchy and smeared blood all over her face. I’m not really sure how to fix this and I keep trying it everyday when I collect my daily reward but the same thing happens! 2.) the ads 🙁 there are so many and I just wish there were less. other than that, the game is pretty cool and enjoyable :).Version: 2.9

LThis game is a lot of fun so you plz play it.Version: 3.7

Best game everThis is the best game ever made because my kids don’t make a mess using makeup because they can just do it on the game and pretend it’s them and don’t get bad skin this game has really helped thank you who ever made this my kids are playing it on my phone lots so that’s my opinion please offer your kids to play this game..Version: 3.7

Great game, but the ads…This is a great game, very fun. However, the ads every 10 seconds are extremely annoying. It is literally every 10 seconds, you get at least 5 seconds of ads. I understand that as a free game you need the ads, but why not put them just at the end of each level instead of having them every 10 seconds?.Version: 3.6

(PLEASE READ) Addicting, fun, but a couple issues…I didn’t see any ads for this game, and I’ve heard many people say in reviews of this game that it’s nothing like the ads. But I know that it’s still a great game. I’ve also heard people complaining about how many advertisements there are in the game, and to be honest, the amount of ads is pretty good for a free app game, so idk what y’all are complaining about. It’s really fun and REALLY ADDICTING, but I also have a few suggestions. maybe when you dress the girls up for a certain job, maybe you can actually have an outfit for that? For example, when I was dressing up this girl for a flight attendant job, THERE WAS NO FLIGHT ATTENDANT UNIFORM!! I also wish that you could have more of a neutral palette for the makeup. ( but that’s my opinion ) and choose to skip certain things like putting in contacts, because their eyes are already beautiful just how they are! …Sorry for the five paragraph easay haha...Version: 3.2

Amazing game but…:(Great Game and time consuming so I was looking for a game to play a lot! I downloaded this game and played level one it’s an amazing game! But it’s very time consuming and each level takes a while and especially the ads bother me a lot because there is so many but if you turn airplane mode no ads! It still takes a long time per person but after 12 levels it gets a bit boring for a day even though I want to play more! I’m giving this a 4 star because of this! Creators if you see this I just wish there could be a bit more suggestions on makeup I love the game but make it more interesting! Keep up the good work! Also in the video preview I’ve done a lot of levels and it actually is kind of false advertising!.Version: 3.2

This game is actually a good makeup game💅Ok so I’m telling y’all my full, honest thoughts and opinions. -1 i absolute LOVE this game it is really enjoyable and gives you realistic looking makeup styles and clothes to choose for your characters that u remodel. -2 I think this game is also rly cool and fun cuz u have boys and girls to do. Yes i it will pick who you do in a certain order, but to me that doesn’t really bother me. -3- ok so parents i get if ur not a huge fan of lgbtq , and the boys with the stuff. Honestly they don’t really do makeup on this game just some skin care and outfit picking. -4 this game does have some adds that pop up pretty often, but when your in a certain step most of the time it doesn’t rly do that, I already love this game and love playing it, i think it is also fun cuz ur not matching colors to get coins and stuff, -5 how this game sorta works Ok so in this game u also get other makeup styles, clothes and stuff by either using ur lives or watching an add. Yet again I don’t rly mix the adds like there isn’t a ton but there isn’t not a ton. Hope this helps with downloading this game i rly love and you love it to to whoever is reading this, and also u should know that Jesus loves you and cares about you, and watches you and that you are not alone. Ok byyye, hope this helps.Version: 3.0

Yang Hers reviewI think this is a great game it's satisfying I play this game with heart to heart music it's so nice I like how u can choose weta u wanna do it's so fun I think everyone would love this game although when your about to finish putting the eyebrow gel or thing it automatically does it other than that it's such arrest game!.Version: 3.2

Help PleaseI do enjoy the app but every time I try to play level 73 it doesn't work. If I go to completed stories and style for fun, they work, but when I go back to level 73 it does not. I have tried restarting both the app and my phone several times but it just won’t work. Update: Now it’s also glitching out of the game when I get an ad. The (X) option to get out of the ad doesn’t show up and if I leave the game, the game restarts and deletes my progress.Version: 3.7

AmazingIt’s so fun I love it I do recommend it it’s just so fun Tysm for making it. Peace.Version: 3.3

AddsThere are a lot of adds. But if you turn off your wifi it works. It’s slow, but nothing you can do about that..Version: 3.7

Good but badIt was fun and all but there were so many thing to get for adds but if you chose the one with no adds the adds still comes.Version: 3.7

Very fun game but have met my limitPLEASE READ THIS WILL HELP A LOT FOR DECISIONS ABOUT THIS GAME🙂🙁🙂🙁 Ok thanks to the creators of this game it really is a great game like it’s fun simple and not too ez. It also kills time and most of ur choices are free and u can unlock some by earning money and per person you style is like 200 dollars and at the most u need 600 dollars or u can unlock with an ad. But I really don’t mind ads so I could be watching tv and be on my phone too and unlock something with an ad ez but like whenever u finish anything and are about to earn money it’s an ad every time I recommend this game if u don’t mind ads but if u always think a game has too many ads then u will not like it. And pls consider this a bit more bc I don’t mind ads and whenever I look a review titles that say things about ads idc bc I don’t mind them but pls consider thinking about this if u don’t think u mind ads very much. Thank you to the creators again but please less ads but no other problems really. This is a very well made game. And thank you for reading bc I think that this is actually more important than when ppl say only bad things about games but this really is a great game..Version: 2.7

Good butIs a perfect game but the so so so many adds and I hope they can make the be not as much adds and you can pay for there to not be adds but is 7. A week wich is redirects hope you can fix it b.y.e😊.Version: 2.9

Great game but WAY TOO MANY ADSI personally love this game, but there are too many adds! Every time I do something, an ad pops up! I think maybe the game developers need to deal with this but other than that, it’s an amazing game!.Version: 2.4

GREAT GAMEI LIVE for this game because I want to be a dermatologist !! I love popping the pimples BUT there are way to many adverts every few seconds !! Maybe consider lowering the amount of adverts !! Still love this game tho 🥰🥰my game also keeps doing this thing we’re the screen just goes black ?? But I also find it unfair because tanisha and Naomi do not have the same pretty clothes and hairstyles for free like the white girls ! I hate to become ‘ that girl ‘ but in book it seems really unfair 😒😑😐🤨.Version: 2.4

There not a lot of addsThe fact that there is not a lot of adds and the people are realistic is amazing. This is best best makeover game I’ve played compared to the other ones. I also like how there are lots of options and different designs for the make up and I like to give people makeovers to see the results at the end and compare them. So thank you creators for makeing this game to addict me and I’m sure that you’ll make more amazing games in the future..Version: 3.7

It’s okI think this game is really good but the adds are a bit much I am quite young and I don’t need to be seen that like bffr and if I leave the game sometimes I’ll forget what I’m doing make up for so it would be nice if I could go back and see that but other then that it is an amazing game.Version: 2.7

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