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MyNBA2K23 app received 132 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MyNBA2K23? Can you share your negative thoughts about mynba2k23?

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NBA 2K23 AppThis app is trash honestly, I waited like two days for this app to come out, I get on it and it’s not letting me do the face scan when I’ve been doing the face scan since it first came out on 2k, I will continue to play the game but you guys need to get it together and have everything ready 100% before the game comes out, This is ridiculous ..Version: 1.1.7595139

Failed to Log into to 2K sportsUnable to log into 2K servers on PSN.Version: 1.0

NOT EVEN WORKINGThe app dosent even work, but hey that’s not surprising cause it’s 2k.Version: 1.0

Fox the psn log inBro Why y’all making new apps every game why not centralize one app and update it every game y’all working backwards.Version: 1.0

FIX LOGIN BUGDoesn’t login to 2K Server, changed to my region to make sure it would work but still doesn’t log in to 2K. Needs to be fixed asap..Version: 1.0

Login problemsLogin doesn’t work.Version: 1.0

Upload issueFailed to upload pictures because Ronald doesn’t care about my face scan.Version: 1.2.7599619

Absolute Horror ScansThis facescan somehow got exponentially worse than last years. Pathetic we keep buying this junk. Please someone else make a competitor for the love of god, it won’t be hard..Version: 1.2.7599619

Won’t connectWhy release an app after a game comes out and it still doesn’t work. Thanks 2K.Version: 1.0

PsnWon’t allow me to connect to my psn the details are correct just can’t get in.Version: 1.0

Can’t download itKeeps failing when I try to download it.Version: 1.0

Right on cueEvery year we deal with 2k not being ready and then scrambling after release to fix a million issues. We had to wait for this app and finally it came out & we can’t login😂 All for a face scan. Could I start my career and not face scan, sure. Will I? No. I shouldn’t have to give in and take the L when I paid for everything promised. Myplayer is why we buy it, face scan is one of the few perks we can look forward to knowing nothing else in the game will change. Will I still be unable to throw the ball 30+ feet without it going out of bounds? Yes. Will the most athletic players in the world struggle with 3rd grade pe moves? Yes. Will I randomly lose myplayer, saved data or lose connection mid game? Yes. Will I get frustrated over some glitch and throw something close to me..or possibly break my controller… or hurt my hand hitting something? Yes. I’m am very calm but when I get the same repackaged garbage every year hoping the 3 employees at 2k finally fixed things, I call myself stupid for thinking such a thing could happen. Fix everything bums.Version: 1.0

HopelessCan’t log in cmon.Version: 1.0

Terrible face detailsFace scan came out looking nothing like me. Hopefully the next update fixes this issue. Would love my player to look like me just like last year please!.Version: 1.2.7599619

SCAM‼️There seems to be something wrong with the app a lot of people are getting their information stolen! I just tried to log in and it will give you an instant error message. A few minutes later you get logged out your account and I happened to have two step authentication so when it asked if I logged into a new PS5 I simply declined the request, so I was saved luckily. Be careful !.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t workIt doesn’t even let you sign in.Version: 1.0

Failed to log inStill can’t log in 3 days after launch.Version: 1.0

Another Year , another useless app.This app is not even functional and should be removed from the app store. Also why does 2k not have a my 2k app that they can actually work on perfecting and updating, there is no reason for a new app every year that does the same thing. Said app (if ever created) should be able to keep our face scans so we don’t have to do it every year. Would give 0 stars to this app if i could..Version: 1.0

Joke of an “app”This mobile “app” is a joke compared to any other game’s mobile app. This “app” if you can call it that has one feature. Face scan and that’s it! And it doesn’t even work unless you want to look like some weird Ark character made to look nothing like you. Maybe that’s the goal? Second. That’s it honestly it. There’s nothing else in this “app” besides that and locker codes? This is my first 2k in years but please add some more meat to this “app”. Maybe implement my team cards or packs you can open like FIFA does. Anything added would honestly be an improvement. Go wild lol. (You can look at other games’ mobile apps like Destiny 2 or FIFA for inspiration) 0/5 unless you like the silly face scan “feature”..Version: 1.1.7595139

Not working on log inCan’t log in through my gaming account.Version: 1.0

Not even talking bout the version that matters..Another year of disappointment in pretty much every aspect in 2K, once again. Not a fan of latency/server issues, lagging out still, since 2K14 when park was first introduced, just in general hearing from many people how delayed next-gen is now. Not getting into it, same issues every single year. All we need is working facescan and bring. back. the. mobile. MyTeam/Cards in the app for God’s sake, how can the endless one star reviews on these mobile apps not be loud enough..Version: 1.0

Can’t log in after 2 updates.Still can’t log in after 2nd update. PlayStation..Version: 1.2.7599619

Failed to connect to NBA 2KTried to connect my PSN and it fails, i dont know if its a bug cos of just got released but somethings up.Version: 1.0

Keeps saying can’t logCan’t log in to 2k server even when I had the game running.Version: 1.0

Can’t log inSame problem as everyone else can’t log in with psn making the app completely unusable, the amount of money we spend on nba2k products and this is the type of work we get, not to mention the two updates to the actual game of 60gb a piece, release of the this product as a hole has been a big disappointment..Version: 1.0

UnacceptableEvery year you know you’re gonna drop this app and every year it’s behind the cycle of the game release, full of bugs or not functional for days. It’s a companion app so it’s supposed accompany the game. No one is even addressing the fact you can’t even connect your 2K account via the 2K app! This is not acceptable. Fix your product!.Version: 1.0

Face scan accuracy is terribleThe face scan app is not properly scanning my face. I have taken all recommended actions and still gotten no results. I’ve taken the same actions I take every year in terms of lighting, background, and eye contact with the camera combined with slow head movement but nothing has worked to get an accurate scan. I hope an update can resolve whatever issue is causing this..Version: 1.1.7595139

Pointless to get right nowCan’t even log in, the app is completely useless until they sort it out and it’s been since launch..Version: 1.0

App is never ready at launch, disappointedI play this game every year and love that you can use face scan. But unfortunately, year after year it’s never ready at launch. Players are forced to begin a MyCareer using the default skins. With this new app I now am unable to sign in to my account. Attempting to delete and redownload to see if that will make any difference. How hard is it to do the same thing each year and still be late or get it wrong? 2K can do better. Especially for returning diehards like myself..Version: 1.0

Can’t do facescanWhenever I try to log in with my ps login it doesn’t work!.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t workDoesn’t let you log in.Version: 1.0

Log in not workingIt's keeps saying failed log in for my ps account so i can't scan my face tried redownloading it aswell didn't work ....Version: 1.0

Face scan terrible.Last year I scanned my face 3 times and had my character looking very much like me. This version I've scanned my face over and over and I look like a cave man every time. 👎.Version: 1.2.7599619

This sucks rnCan’t even log in.Version: 1.0

Fix it for PSN usersHad so long to make sure its all running, hurry up and fix it.Version: 1.0

Face scan looks terribleOne of the reason I got the new 2k was to use my face like last year and it came out horrible this year when it finally got updated for me to log in after not being able to for a few days. I’m not sure why we can’t use the same face scans from last year. Im going to keep trying cuz I really like this feature when it works correct..Version: 1.1.7595139

Doesn’t workFor PSN players… you can’t log in.Version: 1.0

Won’t let me sign inWhen I try sign in it says sign in failed for some reason.Version: 1.0

Ps Log in brokenWon’t sync with my ps login. Sort it out please.Version: 1.0

Kick outsI don’t know why but it kicks me out straight away. I would love the app if I could just scan.Version: 1.2.7599619

Won’t allow me to log inWon’t even allow me to log in after trying multiple times so I can’t even do my face scan.Version: 1.0

Can’t connect to accountsApp is overall useless at this point until devs fix the server issues.Version: 1.0

Login errorI tried signing in multiple times to psn and even tried to make a new steam account it still would not let me log in. There is customer service phone number or anything worst app for the 2k to date never had these problems in any of the previous ones..Version: 1.0

Fail to log inL.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t workStill doesn’t work after the update. Good job guys.Version: 1.1.7595139

Face scan not coming out looking like meI’ve done my face scan and each of the last 4 2k never once had this problem I have redid my face scan over 50 times and the face that is coming out is not me at all I really hope this issue is fixed it would make mycareer much better and money well worth spent.Version: 1.1.7595139

JunkKeeps telling me to log in and then tells me it’s incorrect, even when I changed the password to ps account !!!.Version: 1.0

Million dollar company releasing bugsSame problem as everyone else, and typical always happens on release, so what is point of pushing face scan if we can’t even log in on app?.Version: 1.1.7595139

Shocker, the app doesn’t workHow hard would it be for 2K to release this app a week or two before the game drops. instead they drop it days after the game comes out and the app doesn’t work for multiple days… this has happened consistently for the last 3 or 4 versions of 2K. Game is actually enjoyable so far would love to do my face scan anytime this month but I know that’s a long shot..Version: 1.1.7595139

Login failedDoesn’t let you do a face scan as it keeps saying log in failed.Version: 1.0

Do BetterThis game just came out and you guys are already having issues with PSN login?! Terrible..Version: 1.1.7595139

TrashDon’t work.Version: 1.0

The worst scan app they ever madeI’ve scanned my face like 10 times, none remotely close to looking like me at all!! The past 5 years all had better technology than this. Yaw need to bring back last year's app and just rename it 2k23 because this complete garbage. Might as well choose a default face smh.Version: 1.2.7599619

Fix Error ‘Failed to log in to 2k Sports’It keeps saying Failed to log in to 2k Sports.Version: 1.0

Would be nice but..It just doesn’t work...Version: 1.0

Face Scan Doesn’t WorkConsidering the fact 99% of people use the app for face scanning to play my career, you’d think it would work?.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t workSays failed to log in for PlayStation please fix.Version: 1.0

Another year of launch login issuesCant link to console at launch again :).Version: 1.0

Worst Face Scan of Any NBA 2KWhen I first scanned my face back in NBA 2K18, it was perfect. Since then, every year it seems to diminish in quality somehow. Usually I can just redo the face scan and eventually I’ll be met with a perfect render of my face. 2K23? Not at all. I’ve tried dozens of different lightings, angles, it doesn’t matter what I do, my eyes are scrunched in, the nose is nowhere near what mine looks like, and the high cheek bones and lack of a chin makes it look so cartoonish and not like me at all. It always renders this exact same weird face that doesn’t look anywhere close to what I look like. Please fix this so we can enjoy MyCareer. FaceScan done with an iOS device btw..Version: 1.0

Scan doesn’t workFace scan does not work properly. Last year looks better than this year. Scan looks like a completely different person while the previous version looked like me!.Version: 1.1.7595139

PSN login doesn’t workCan’t face scan, won’t start MyCareer.Version: 1.0

PsDoesn’t allow you to login unable to use face scan 👎🏾.Version: 1.0

Can’t even link my accountKeep getting an error each time I try to log in to my PS account. Expect better from 2k.Version: 1.0

Sign inIt won’t allow me to sign into my PlayStation account through the app. It’s the same issues I’ve dealt with since 2k19, which is why I haven’t did the face scan in over 3 years. Face scan is only excited the first few weeks of the game. After that, people are just more focused on catching up to everyone else’s players, skill wise..Version: 1.0

APP NOT OPTIMIZED FOR CURRENT GENThis app works fine with next Gen but my current Gen face scan comes out looking like someone totally different. They will never fix it so hence the one star rating..Version: 1.2.7599619

FailedFailed to login. Failed to login. Failed to login. 4 days after release. Failed to login. Failed to login. Failed to login. Maybe if you buy more VC.Version: 1.0

Horrible GameThe most hyped game of 2022 and clearly most under developed game I ever played. I feel like I’m playing a beta version. So many bugs and glitches. They make millions of dollars every calendar year and still can’t seem to make a better game?? They are scamming..Version: 1.2.7599619

Facescan is the worst it’s ever beenYou can scan your face as many times as you want. In as many lighting as you want. You will not get anything remotely close to what you really look like. As of me posting this review. The facescan is useless. They haven’t updated it still and the games almost been out for a week. I’m not playing MyCareer until it’s fixed.Version: 1.1.7595139

The app is brokenIt doesn’t work at all and every time I try and log into PSN network it just crashes.Version: 1.0

I’m not surprisedThe app don’t even work lol.Version: 1.0

Can't loginCompletely can't log in. Can't login or scan my face. Trash.Version: 1.0

I can’t login if I don’t have an account on a console?I played last year and never had to log in using a console of any kind. I’m stuck at the main screen bc it wants me to set up an account using a console. I only play mobile. Any way around this?.Version: 1.2.7599619

Face scanNot letting me do my face scan even though I have logged in.Version: 1.0

PSN failed loginCan’t access face scan on PSN! Shame after just launching the app!.Version: 1.0

Can’t sign inApp doesn’t allow you to sign on psn.Version: 1.0

Cant loginKeeps saying unable to log in 2k sports acc Unable to face scan.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t scan properlyLegit somehow this scanner has given all my facescans the forehead of a neanderthal, like how doesn’t it look like a have a massive tumor in my brow line in EVERY SCAN 2K fix your trash app.Version: 1.1.7595139

BrokenWon’t sign me in even though all details are correct. Annoying!!.Version: 1.0

The app doesn’t workThe face swap app doesn’t let psn users connect.Version: 1.0

Still notWorking!.Version: 1.0

Face Scan app🤦🏾‍♂️Can’t log in… #Xbox.Version: 1.2.7599619

It wont sign me in through my psn no face scan for meCan you sort this out it is really annoying.Version: 1.0

Garbage AppWould rate it a 0 if i could.Version: 1.0

LApps not letting me log in to my psn….Version: 1.0

GarbageAnother year, another 2k app that doesn’t work. I hope you enjoy your myPlayer looking like your average Joe, because you won’t be able to use the face scan feature. The app won’t even let you sign into your platform, and if you do; enjoy being met with a 2k server error. It’s comical how 2k continues to put out this quality of app every year..Version: 1.1.7595139

Broken Scan featureYou guys fixed the login issue, just for the actual scan mechanism to be broke as well. I uploaded atleast 5 different scans with different lighting and everything, but my face always come out looking like I’m starving or something. Y’all have never had the 2k app be this bad. Hope it’s a fix for it.Version: 1.1.7595139

PatheticIt’s honestly pitiful that you can’t manage your MyTeam from a companion app. Fifa has had this option for something like 8 years. Sad that 2k won’t make the investment in a web app or companion app..Version: 1.2.7599619

Not workingApp wasn’t ready when the game launched. Had to wait an extra day before it was in the store to be downloaded. Once I downloaded it, I tried to sign into PSN, and an error comes up saying “Failed to log in to 2k sports”. This has been ongoing since the game dropped. This is the first 2k I’ve bought in like 5 years. I’m immediately regretting it..Version: 1.0

BrokeRight on cue says it best. Every year we hope that someone at 2k will fix the bugs and the plethora of other problems like micro transactions but anyway I couldn’t even get signed into the app to even attempt a face scan or anything else. I just spent 100 dollars on a game where that was one of things I look forward to most. It’s just really disappointing and getting old. Maybe NBA live can get it back together lol as bad as they were 2k is following right in their footsteps..Version: 1.0

Fix face scanFace scan don’t even after u accept policy’s.Version: 1.2.7599619

PSN sign in doesn’t workYou’re able to sign in to the other three platforms but now PSN It sends you to a page that says error.Version: 1.0

Horrible!If I could give it less stars I would. They say they fixed the login issues but they haven’t. Every year 2k is not ready and rushed and this is just another example of it..Version: 1.2.7599619

Doesn’t workThis app literally doesn’t work.Version: 1.0

App works at leastAfter a few days of being buggy, the app is working. Face scan is actually better than it has been in a long time. I use to spend a long time trying to capture my face scan. It was pretty instant this time. Now I just have to see what the end product looks likes I do miss being able to play the in app games to earn VC 😿.Version: 1.1.7595139

Can’t even log in to 2kDoesn’t log in been waiting since release should had been ready day 1..Version: 1.0

Gives you a generic face scanWhen completed it gives you a generic facescan that doesn’t belong you to and looks nothing like you.Version: 1.2.7599619

Where’s the card game they used to haveI like the face scan feature but where is the card game that used to be included with this app. I thought it was a great time killer and it gave you vc, not much vc but you still got rewarded nonetheless. Did it get cancelled? I haven't played since 2k20 so I’m outta the loop, to say the least..Version: 1.1.7595139

PSN Sign i’m not workingLogin failed even though details are correct.Version: 1.0

Failed to connectApps not working won’t let me connect my game account.Version: 1.0

DisappointingVery disappointed that every year is the same shenanigans. 2k releases but the app doesn’t then we wait for the app to finally come our way just for it to be broken junk. It’s mostly about the face scan but at this point we need to have another way to face scan it takes away from the experience when as a player I can’t jump into the game the way I’d like (with a face scan making me feel like I’m in the game).Version: 1.0

Typical 2K…In typical 2k fashion, they didn’t even have their companion app released on time for their game release of 2k23. And then they finally release the app, but you cannot sign in. It encounters a “problem” and you are not even able to sign in. Maybe one day 2k will have a smooth release of a game with all their ducks in a line. But until that day, we are stuck with this….Version: 1.0

Sign in fail?I was going to do my face scan and got a sign in fail.Version: 1.0

Nothings changed.Haven’t played 2k since 2K20 and I see we have the same problems. I’ve never not once in my life had a successful face scan and as to why i thought it would be different this year I do not know. I’m a fool of consumerism whilst big companies like 2K bamboozle me constantly. Good luck connecting your account with this app, and a extra good luck if you even manage to get to face scan part successfully..Version: 1.0

Awful appI look like a half eaten meat pie every scan I do.Version: 1.1.7595139

Can not log in with PlayStation accountIt apparently a reported bug that many players can’t log in for face scan. They must have forgot about the app on release day. Please fix.Version: 1.0

I can’t log in to my psnI can’t log in to my psn.Version: 1.0

CrashWouldn’t let me log in to psn.Version: 1.0

Every single year…..Every single got darn year we as the 2k basketball loving community just want a nicely made, WORKING game day one and every single year you money hungry, greed driven developers won’t take the time or put in the effort to ensure that every thing involving your game works DAY ONE!!! I wish to God that EA would get it together and NBA made the greatest comeback ever because I’m sick of giving you fat cats my money every single year and can’t even enjoy it for a whole 6 months!.Version: 1.1.7595139

Can’t log inFace scan is horrible I keep getting a face that looks nothing like me at all like I know I won’t get my exact spot on face but every other 2k face scan gets it.Version: 1.2.7599619

Log in failureTrying to log in with my account (that I know for sure works and use one the daily for nba2k23) and when going to sign in, afterwards it will always repeat say that there is a failure to log in, when all I wanna do is put my face in the game please update and fix this issue.Version: 1.0

Come on 2KFirst I can’t login on PSN, now I can’t even get into the App??? Come on guys.Version: 1.2.7599619

Psn loginFor some reason PSN login always fails, meanwhile all other platforms seem to login!.Version: 1.0

TrashDownloaded for nothing. You can't do anything within the app lol.Version: 1.0

PsnI seem to be having problems signing, the details I am putting at are correct. Need to be fix in an update.Version: 1.0

BugI am trying to do my face scan for 2k my career but when I open the game I get booted out immediately. Can you please update and fix this app..Version: 1.0

Ronnie fix ur appYeah look hard to rate it when u can’t log in.Version: 1.2.7599619

GarbageWon’t sign in to PSN, literally it’s only job.. FIX THIS!!.Version: 1.0

Fail to log in to 2k serversThis app does not work properly it fails to log in to the servers constantly.Version: 1.0

Honestly NevermindDay 4 since release day of 2k23 and still no fix for this app…Same $&@/ different year. It literally never fails you guys make the same app every year around the same time and its always an issue. And ti make it worse its always between these 3 companies Sony, 2k, and Apple. We spend way to much for what we are given in return. THANKS ALOT.Version: 1.1.7595139

Not workingThis doesn't work!!!.Version: 1.0

Can’t loginJust wanna make sure developers know we can’t log in and scan our faces it’s the same app each year come on fix it.Version: 1.0

App doesn’t let you login to psnTrash app, literally unusable.Version: 1.0

Terrible app and can’t log inCan’t Login.Version: 1.0

PSN Sign in does not workThis application will not work for PSN sign ins.Version: 1.0

Login failedCan’t login because it keeps failing to connect to 2k sports.Version: 1.0

Failed to log in to 2k sportsWhen is this going to be fixed?!? I want to face scan on PS5..Version: 1.0

Xbox glitchI can’t even log in to my Xbox account bro this game has 64 1 star reviews and the devs haven’t fixed the PlayStation or Xbox glitches geez do they even care.Version: 1.1.7595139

Fix the appStill cannot connect to 2K with the app. Why even roll it out if it is t going to work?.Version: 1.0

Psn errorCan someone fix the app already and let us psn users play my career-_-.Version: 1.0

Can't ConnectWhen I try to log in it just wont let me is there a problem with the app ?.Version: 1.0

Xbox login won’t work for meI cant log in to my account.Version: 1.2.7599619

2kIm not able to scan My face … keep saying error.Version: 1.0

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