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Bubble Arena: Cash Prizes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Bubble Arena: Cash Prizes app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bubble Arena: Cash Prizes? Can you share your negative thoughts about bubble arena: cash prizes?

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Bubble Arena: Cash Prizes for Negative User Reviews

SCAM!Be weary of this game guys! Says you can withdrawal your winnings immediately and it’s a lie. Going on my third day waiting for the deposit and today when I finally received an email saying my money was deposited it made me go to PayPal which I don’t have. It’s trying to make me create a PayPal account but when I put my email in to complete my account it says my email is “invalid” yet it won’t let me change the “invalid” email because it’s the email I signed up with?? Which is my EMAIL!! Make it make sense. Also it takes all your money and turns it into bonus cash and it doesn’t let you withdrawal bonus cash. I smell a lawsuit coming soon for false advertisement. I honestly don’t know how it has almost a 5/5 but I’m sure that’s a scam too..Version: 1.1.5

A scamI’ve been playing off and on for a few months. I thought something was off but didn’t really pay much attention until lately. For example, the tournaments I’ve played have five people in then. I’ll play a game, be in first or second place with four players already competing. That means we’re waiting in one person to play to get our ranking. Well, some time later that l the rankings come out and I’m in fifth place. How is that even possible? Also, the lottery mini game kept pausing every time I win a ball by playing cash games. That meant, irately for any balks. I took screenshots and reached out to support . They told me it was because my app wasn’t updated. I told them it was and they never responded after that. Finally, the payouts are a joke. They swear your winnings is bonus money (which it isn’t) and won’t cash you out. This game is a complete scam!!!.Version: 1.1.4

Not real moneyWhen you start playing, you can win small amounts of money and slowly build a balance. Nothing to get rich off of. But, after you build up $10-$20 and try to withdraw, you find out it is play money that can’t be withdrawn. If you make a deposit, it lumps it into the fake money so it appears to be real money. Then when you gonto withdraw, they hit you with fees to withdraw so you can never get your full amount back. Just be aware that they are making it appear that you are winning money, but you aren’t. It is very deceiving and you have to dig into the fine legal print to learn this..Version: 1.1.8

Definite problemsWhen I first started with this game it was bubble crush now bubble arena…red flag. I played a cash game winning $2. I waited for about five minutes not playing any other game, I then went to the withdrawal section and I could only withdraw $1 and lose the other dollar. Why would it be bonus cash for a cash game when I had to spend a dollar to play in the first place? I didn’t win anything just got my dollar back that I originally put in. Another big red flag. I don’t think this is a legit game. Update: I just checked my pending withdrawal and it says I am waiting on .50 cents. That is not what I put in to withdraw. They claim it is fee-free so where did the other .50 go? I just tried customer support which comes up as in screen chat…no answer back and I sent screenshots of what is happening..Version: 1.1.5

Not a “Cash Game”After watching what felt like a hundred ads for this game, all with the draw of being able to win money, I finally decided to give it a try. Despite the ads, I never expected to win tens of thousands of dollars. But I was disappointed when I went to withdraw the ~$10 I had accumulated over the past couple weeks only to find that all those winnings were listed as “bonus cash” that could not, and would never be, withdraw-able. If you’re looking for a bubble game, choose something else that doesn’t require the constant ads and deceptive marketing..Version: 1.1.6

FakeIt’s totally fake app. They are making everyone fool as you don’t even get $1. You get cash in cents which are also deducted for no reason. I would recommend not to install this app as it’s a wastage of time..Version: 1.1.10

SCAM ARTISTThis game is a scam. Not one person has made or won money that’s spendable on this game. When you win they give it to you as bonus cash and can’t withdrawal it. When you win a bunch of games in a row don’t get happy cause you won’t win another one till you have to put more money to play. I have screenshots of when I’d be in 1st place only one player left to play then bam I lost due to points, how is this even possible. Also played a game with my daughter in the same game it showed her my points as last place and hers as 3rd place but in reality I won’t the $8 1st place and she was on 2nd place on my screen but didn’t win on her phone. Same game ID and everything. SCAM SCAM SCAM..Version: 1.1.10

Scam adjacentFirst off let me say, this game will pay you if you manage to win. That being said, you won’t won enough to make money. Here’s why taking a look at the $1 entry game with a $3.50 total prize pool. The game takes a hefty $1.50 out of every 5 person pool and pays back $3.50 to the top 3 finishers ($2 for first prize, $1 to 2nd place to break even, and $0.5 to third place). So to make money you need a first place finish…consistently against equally skilled players. In other words even if you’re an outstanding player, you have to consistently beat other outstanding players to make money..Version: 1.1.8

Don’t download this gameDo not download this game it IS ONE OF THE ONLY GAMES THAT ALLOWS YOU TO BET REAL MONEY however at first it seems like you’ll win a lot and the challenges are a fair 50/50 odds for the average skills of a normal player but later down the line it is absolutely almost impossible to win you are put up against the most hardcore players in the world or your playing against professional gamers or it’s a robot your playing against but whatever it is YOU WILL NOT WIN YOU MIGHT BREAK EVEN AT FIRST LATER DOWN THE LIN YOU WILL NOT WIN DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME JUST SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DONT DO IT I have a professional gamer for a friend that plays games for a living that holds world records at this specific type of game and he says it’s rigged to make sure you lose it is not a fair game after you make a little money don’t buy into this game.Version: 1.1.6

Run awayIf you like the game, great, but don’t let it make you think you’ll actually “win” any real money without depositing lots. Deposited $0 and was up to $7 from games I won and daily drawings, but when I went to cash out it was all considered “bonus cash” and was not eligible for withdrawal. So played that on cash games, mostly lost because you’ll get 10 balls of the same color in a row, and at $2 I was like fine, I won this on cash games so going to take my dollars and go. NOPE. $0.50 was still “bonus cash” which would’ve been forfeited upon withdrawal, and for any withdrawal under $10 it’s a 1.50 fee. Just beware and don’t waste your time. I’ll go play a different bubble game with no ads and not trying to play me like I’m dumb.Version: 1.1.10

ScamLike most have stated on here this game is a complete fraud, the only reason for 2 stars is because the concept is fun but you will not make any money and it’s all rigged. You can play the best game with a score of 11K and you’ll find yourself last because “everyone” else got a higher score resulting In you winning game coins. They literally control the whole game. Instead of grouping you in the beginning of the game they group you at the end and throw you only with bots who have done better then you resulting in you losing. DONT PLAY IT if you are actually trying to make money, for fun ? It’s ok. But not for money like they promise..Version: 1.1.4

Not badPlayed many games like this and use to the fact they take out money and don’t pay the bonus money. I might put a few bucks in or may not, I don’t know but I play for free and use the money I earn so I’m not losing anything. I would try it out but without expectations and without depositing money you can’t afford to be losing. Playing for free just to play is the way to go. I do wish there were more games with lower entry fees and more to do. It gets repetitive and spins should pay out a bit more. Update.. went to cash out and they want a pic of my ID… nope sorry. It was a small amount but wanted to see how it would take to get it but I’m not giving my ID info out. Other games don’t ask for this and send money right over. Not happy..Version: 1.1.10

The falsest of false advertisementsYou have probably seen those ads about people making large sums of money from playing simple games. There have been so many… Anyways, I decided to give one a try. Nowhere in the ads is there mention of the need to deposit money to play the bubble events where money is the award for winning. If you don’t do that, then you are stuck playing events where you win in-game coins, which are basically worthless. Even though I downloaded this game for free, I still wish I could get my money back for the time wasted..Version: 1.1.5

Cheat scamStarts off with you winning. I did free at first to see how it flowed. I earned up to $18 on free wins. I won and lost maintaining this for about 10 games. Getting down to about $7 Decided to see about withdrawing funds. Automatically takes that n I can’t withdraw. So I pay minimum $3 $5 . Miracle! I start winning again on $1 games. Up to $20. Then lose 5in a row on games I cleared entire board and some with 40-50 seconds to spare, says I’m 5th place. Build back up $10 n play $4 game. I win. Try again I lose again lose again lose. Pay $5 more win. Next game win. It’s rigged to pull you in on small payouts then bam! Lose everything.Version: 1.1.8

ScamFake.Version: 1.1.10

Scam“Bonus Cash” during cash out is stupid. In all I put about 75 bucks in…… I tried to cash out at around 150 and it told me I could only cash out $68 and would have to forfeit the rest of my winnings. Total scam! Do not download. Company is not even based in the US and I’m sure the will just shut it down once regulations begin. Apple should really do more to monitor this stuff on their App Store system. I can’t imagine this app has over 4 stars with the amount of reviews I see in the 1 star range..Version: 1.1.8

Feels RiggedYes, it’s a fun game, and the more you play, your skill level increases. However, I’m noticing an interesting pattern. If I play for fun and not for money, my scores are not bad. When I play for money, the color of the “shooter “ ball cannot reach any balls of the same color. One of the “tips” shows the order of the colors which is totally misleading. If my shooting ball is pink, the pink balls are all at the top of the group. Totally inaccessible. The frustrating part is getting 6 pink shooting balls in a row, which gets me absolutely nowhere. All it does is eat up the clock and I’m set up to lose. I refuse to spend money on a game that’s rigged..Version: 1.1.7

Rigged to failPay real money, you win the next 4-5 games then will lose or break even until you pay more real money again.Version: 1.1.10

Lol such a scamGame recognized Game lol. So after playing this game for only 10 minutes, I quickly noticed some concerning patterns. It seems like the game manipulates players by targeting vulnerable individuals struggling with debt and gambling addiction. Personally, I'm not falling for their tactics. The game's mechanics are flawed, with players getting stuck at 90 cents, followed by an unending cycle of repeating numbers in the infamous bingo pool. Moreover, the fast-paced gameplay prevents any real chance of winning. It's unfortunate that the people behind this game might be exploiting others, and it's best to avoid it if you're looking for an enjoyable and fair gaming experience. Conclusion: AVOID THIS GAME!!!!!.Version: 1.1.8

A Scam - Playing Against BotsI played a for a little bit since I was curious. After you’ve played for a bit, you almost always end up in fourth place in money earning challenges, where only 1st, 2nd, 3rd place win money. I purposely played bad in a game, and purposely didn’t score the obvious big scoring mark that any normal human would have done, then I quit mid-way through, curious to how others would score, and I score second to last. That means either two people also purposely played terrible and quit before I did, or the two other players were bots. The game is built around you depositing money, and not earning any extra money. The goal is for you to lose money. Advertising is predatory towards those with a gambling addiction..Version: 1.1.6

Not worth the moneyI have spent $45 on this game and have NOTHING to show for it. The advertisements claim you can make money. You can’t make anything. I am not trying to toot my own horn but I am very good at games like this one’s that don’t cost money, so I thought I would give it a try. When you get your score you don’t even find out if you win right away because they are trying to pair you with scores hire then yours. It’s pretty ridiculous and rigged. I don’t recommend playing this to get any money. Only if you want to do it for fun. But if that’s the case get a game that costs your nothing. I would like to see actual screen shots of winners..Version: 1.1.6

Don’t waste your moneyOk so here’s the real deal. It’s not a skill based game. The more you deposit the more you win momentarily. It’s online gambling which is fine however they profit substantially from these games. They time shed , meaning there clocks run faster than the actual time. Which should be considered fraud. They only pay you out in “bonus cash” not real cash for the add on games . Then to top it off (you’ll really wanna pay attention to this detail ) If you make a deposit it’s automatically taken from your account, however if you withdraw money you have to wait until they are good and ready to process it. That’s right! If you win you can’t automatically withdraw right then and play more … you have to sit around for these “agents” to deposit your money. Seems fair right? They take your money in seconds but you have to wait days…..Version: 1.1.9

It Doesn’t Always Pay You Your MoneyIt’s 4:40am in the morning and I felt I had to leave my review about the game keeps your money and give you tickets etc instead. It make you wait with a progress tab and the money AKWAYS sits there and then it says complete but it doesn’t pay you but gives you tickets or coins but not your winnings always. You need to fix the “glitch “….. I like the game but think if I was putting cash in the game I’d have to leave and install other similar games..Version: 1.1.7

MASSIVE SCAM BEWARE!!!!This is a scam. Here’s why 1. YOU HAVE TO COME 1st out of 5 players to win any money. Which is impossible to do consistently. 2. The reason you can’t win consistently is BECAUSE EVERY PLAYER GETS A DIFFERENT BOARD. This means some players will be able to clear the board A LOT EASIER than others. 3. This and the fact you can’t make money unless you’re 1st out of 5 means you will eventually lose money WASTE OF TIME AND RIGGED FOR YOU TO LOSE.Version: 1.1.10

Poor SupportI have sent numerous messages demanding refund of all payments and my request has gone unanswered. This app is a robbery and not authorized to be used in the state of Oklahoma due to be considered to be gambling. Oklahoma state attorney general and gambling commissioner has asked me to request gains and losses which I have requested and no response because I have reported the amount I have spent yet never a win to withdrawal and have forwarded the information showing that if you win you are not allowed to draw winnings it is subtracted from pretty much what you put in and you get back even less than what you put in. I am requesting correspondence to my email for my request of full refund due to this game again is not legal nor fairly set up for a person to gain anything from what they put in. Please update me on this request ASAP. I did not want to have to put it in a review cause the game is entertaining however should have money option without being regulated to be sure that the lose to win ratio is verified and get no place with the support in the app Sincerely, Angry Player.Version: 1.1.3

USE BLITZ INSTEADYou’re better off downloading an app called Blitz win cash , havent even deposited yet . But i can see how odd this game is . Ive played with their free cash and they rarely give you a ball that will match any color thats in the front multiple times . Sometimes causing the whole screen to fill up . I notice though when i play non cash . I can clear the entire board 95% of the time with little to no effort . i wouldnt deposit real money into them because its feels as if they did something to the cash games that make them play different then the ones for the virtual coins . As i said your better off playing blitz “win cash” the gsme their all fell fair win or lose your gonna have fun and you could win alot of LEGIT Money and LEGIT matches.Version: 1.1.5

Not sure it’s worth the troubleStarted this game with the standard $10 deposit. The graphics aren’t the best I’ve seen in a bubble shooter, but with this game, the graphics aren’t the point, the money is. When it indicated I has won $30, I decided to test the withdrawal process. Only $14 was available to withdraw. The rest was “bonus cash” (no clue how the game might decide which if my earnings are real vs. “bonus”) that would be forfeited as soon as I made a withdrawal leaving less than a dollar - which meant I’d need to make another deposit to play more. I decided to quit while I was ahead. My withdrawal is now “pending” and upon investigation learned that it takes up to 5 business days as they “manually check” your withdrawals (no doubt trying to hack your accounts) and customer service doesn’t want to hear from you unless you’ve been waiting at least 2 weeks. $4 isn’t really worth the trouble I’m going to go through changing all my passwords and closely supervising my accounts for the next month… Be aware..Version: 1.1.8

Absolute scam and a complete low blow with adAs a single father who had to struggle to buy diapers for my child. to go as low as to make an ad showing a dumbed down girl crying with a child saying she could not buy diapers and now can in th next scene where she has makeup of a runway model on holding a different baby is honestly the lowest form of ad i’ve ever witnessed and that’s saying something. game is the same as any bingo or lonely game as a recent person said. if you score 10k the other barely beat you out of money if you score say 400k a world record literally your opponents will score 402 and 408 and 410 just to push you out of money but the ad itself goes lower than any other add on any game trying to feed off parents struggling to diaper their child to make an extra and i see where those lip and breast enhancements came from there is a special place for people like this. the most offensive add i’ve ever seen.Version: 1.1.8

Terrible support, took money from my accountThis game took 30 dollars in payments from me, debited from my account, and somehow did not credit me with in game cash. I tried (respectfully, at first) to contact support. After 3 full business days with no response I figured these app developers were just negligent idiots, scam artists, or both. Finally, 10 days later they respond. Over the next 3 days, they asked me to prove my case, I sent photos of my bank account and the transactions in question. It took 3 days because they wouldnt respond same day. The outcome was basically a big middle finger, “we don’t see anything wrong on our end, sorry dear player.” Not even offering me a 10 dollar credit after having waited TWO WEEKS for a crappy resolution. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this dumb game (that’s on me,) but they wouldn’t even make me whole for the 30 dollars their game took from me. Play another game. This game is crap and the support is nonexistent..Version: 1.1.6

Fake cash game don’t waste your time or moneyI did their free watch videos won up to about $20 tried to cash out that’s considered bonus cash and you can’t cash it out if you win with it only the amount above the bet counts as normal cash and if you lose it takes normal cash first over the bonus finally won $30 normal cash went to withdraw they charge a fee to get your money and wipe your bonus cash since I paid nothing not a big deal. I get an email that fund hit my PayPal get an error trying to accept funds after a few days the transaction vanished from PayPal. PayPal support says it was cancelled by bubble crush and to contact them and get the PayPal transaction I’d for them to investigate further. Bubble crush support says they will refund my money week later still nothing support says PayPal hasn’t returned the funds I’ve asked 4 times for the transaction id and they just ignored me. If they ever resolve this and I actually get my winnings I’ll change this but so far this looks to be a scam.Version: 1.1.1

You have to pay to playIt’s true you have to pay to play the advertisement is a lie. Each match is worth money, there $25 reward games but to have to deposit $5 to play. There are some free only if you watch an ad. There are some that say free play but it charges $1. And the most you’d make in a day is $0.25 or $0.90. It’s it is most definitely not an easy pay out. You have to make a specific amount before you pay out and sometimes it’s tells you to pay more before you can pay out. Trust me when I say I’ve been playing for a week and only “won” $1.40🤦🏾‍♀️..Version: 1.1.6

Run away from this app - Apple shut this app off. Cash goes in easy, doesn’t come outCash bonuses are not allowed to be taken out. So it is only cash if you lose everything (ie what is the point and how are they allowed to lie). The offered prizes are often not actually awarded (I can add and see they aren’t happening). I have been playing games and I am supposed to get a prize and it is not awarded. For a cash game, this is horrible. No idea how this game is still on the App Store (shame on you Apple). No clue how the ratings are at all legitimate. I am guessing they aren’t real authentic ratings. Tried to withdraw my money, they ask for full and complete personal information and I had to register a personal email so they could verify my identity (didn’t do that taking my money). And that is also the point of using a payment service (they verify IDs), not questionable games. Giving that data to an illegitimate business is bad. Just my opinion based on my experience. Stay away..Version: 1.1.5

Scam!Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Everyone on Earth is looking for the easy way out, a way to make money and not work so hard. These games prey on the weak minded and hearted, and apple allows them to do so. I’ve ran into so many fake apps promising one thing and giving another, trying to get a refund on things is no joke. Apple is stingy, even though they allow this nonsense to take peoples money. I downloaded an AI app promising all these cool photos, which ended up being false. Apple will fight you tooth and nail, how about give people their money back and remove the app for being false, fake, and not giving people what they promise. This app is no different, you’ll be stuck at 0.90 all day it begs you to deposit money, keeps trying to convince you it’s okay. It’s not, you’re not going to get anything from it, the bubble colors change are so obvious, we’ve seen and played million of games that are like this (actual games) that don’t even have that in their algorithm. It’s like playing a slot machine at a casino, this is a run around on gambling. Avoid it, work hard and save your money from this trash..Version: 1.1.8

Fake and scam REPORT THIS GAMEAfter putting $5 in the game to play the games where i can win money, all of my winnings dont show up. I won once $7 and when i went to play again and kept winning $4 here and $2 there, it never put it to my account it just kept taking away what i had in my account and says i never won any money with I clearly just did 3 times. And when you try to withdrawal, the money you win is “bonus cash” that you cant take out. Its a scam and I HIGHLY recommend you do not download this game or put money in it. You wont actually win any money. I already reported it to apple i advise you do the same..Version: 1.1.6

Not worth your timeYou can win money, very little money. Even completing the bing card you cannot win. It’s impossible to win big amounts. Don't waste your time..Version: 1.1.8

I hoped this wasn’t a scam but I guess it isAfter several attempts so communicate with “support” none of my messages have been responded to. I was never told to specifically enter my PayPal email and went to withdraw my winnings. I assumed the money would go back onto my debit card but it was kicked back. I have a separate email I used to log in and it’s NOT my PayPal email. Once I updated it to the right email…my account got restricted and they send me to support…who will not answer me or help me correct my account. I have emailed and wrote several times but they will not respond or help me. I won over $100 and they will it release it or help me..Version: 1.1.5

MisleadingPlayed around with the game for a few days. Enjoyed it at first, and collected about $6 in winnings. I decided to add $10 to my account to get the bonus $10. Played and won many games over a few days. Got up to $34 in my account. Figured i would withdrawal the initial $10 i put in to “break even”. Come to find out only $16 of that money was actual winnings and the rest was “promotional” and I would lose the promotional amount with ANY withdrawal. I played multiple games, spent $29 placing bets in cash games so I definitely went through the $10 I deposited. In the end I felt very misled so I withdrew my $16 and, lost the other $19ish, and will now no longer play. Hope to actually see that $16 but it could “take up to a week”. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.1.7

Just like all the others… 🙄1) Been playing for several weeks now 2) Wouldn’t even allow me to provide a review from my phone due to the “Loading” Screen that never seemed to actually load, even after minutes of waiting/refreshing/redownloading… which is why I’m resulting to my iPad to tell y’all the Tea. 3) Just like EVERY OTHER CASH GAME, they let you win in the first few rounds with unlimited time, number of moves, promises of grand cash prizes that we all see on those poorly acted, poorly overdubbed Insta/FB ads that annoy us all, before bombarding you with prompts to pay to play. 4) As someone who’s been duped before, I specifically didn’t sign my life and personal info away to “Win $$$ immediately available to my PayPal acct” as I’m fairly certain at this point, it’s pretty much just a way for Third-Parties to have unlimited access to my bank accounts. 5) I tired playing the game, only to find out, once you enter the actual “competitions”, you have literally 90 seconds to clear the entire board against 3-7 other people, who all seem to do just slightly better than you when the results are posted. Thus resulting in a stupid ‘coin’ (Aka not real money) that gives you access to play more ‘coin’- based games that ultimately result in, again, no real money. 6) I managed to win $1 (Or what I thought was $1) turns out, it’s ‘Bonus Cash’ which you can’t check out with. 7) In essence, don’t bother with this game..Version: 1.1.3

Kills timeI downloaded this game because of the ad I seen. I started winning money, and getting bonuses. However you can not withdraw any money they give you. You have to put your own money in and win in order to actually withdraw. If you like the game and want to just play than it is great! If you expect to cash out the bonus money, you will waste time with this game. Deposit your own money first and than start playing. Also i noticed with some of the more high paying games it is almost impossible to complete the level. I was given ball colors that i could nothing with. Wasting time and moves. Again, its a great game to play for the fun, but if you go off the advertisement of winning money, you will be let down!.Version: 1.1.4

Fun game, but a bit deceptive with withdrawalsI like the aspect that it’s a bubble game. There are different paid levels. You do win money, but the withdrawal is deceptive. They do not tell you upfront before buying that bonus cash is not allow to be withdrawn and it’s seem to scale to no matter what amount you with drawn. Also there is fees for withdrawal if it’s less than a certain amount. So if you paid 30 and get 30 bonus cash, it will subtract the amount m. So if you bet and loose 30, the game see it as you lost 30 dollars..Version: 1.1.2

Do not download. It is a scamI've had the app downloaded for about a week, I put in $10 to the game and had won $194. When i went to withdraw it said $93 of it was "bonus cash" (i'd only won $20 in bonus cash so they kept half of my winning) but whatever, I still was getting 10x what i had put in to the game. So i start the withdrawal process for $101, it goes on pending and then stops, no withdrawal and all my money's back in my account. I then message support twice with no response. I start a withdrawal again and the same exact thing happens, can't withdraw and can't contact support ever several days of trying. It's a waste of time and a waste of money. Complete scam UPDATE days after not playing the game anymore they have charged my card, without my doing whatsoever, $13. DO NOT and i repeat DO NOOTTT download this app. It's a scam and they will flat out steal your money if you quit playing. Already had to cancel my card. Gdi.Version: 1.1.4

AVery bad 😓.Version: 1.1.10

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