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20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full) App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full) app received 13 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using 20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full)? Can you share your negative thoughts about 20 minutes till dawn (full)?

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What a piece of junkThe free version is leagues better because you can watch an ad to revive AND get a free perk at start. There is zero reason to pay for this version when the free is better. Also, the games collision detection is its own worst enemy. I’m somehow getting hit despite not even touching the enemy..Version: 2.1.209

No “continue from last session”?!It’s a great game in the Empire Survivor Genre but no resume in a mobile game? I know it has pause but if I close the app or switch to other apps and come back the progress is gone, how am I going to sit down and continue play a mobile game for 20 minutes straight? I guess I should’ve bought the PC version instead..Version: 2.0.17

Good, not greatEdit: Devs have not addressed a single user complaint. Do not buy this game. As others have said, the controls are pretty cruddy; onscreen joysticks are too small and fussy, never quite as responsive as they need to be. While I’m sure there’s rationale behind having two-stick control, I can’t help feel that it could just as easily (and more pleasurably) be controlled with one (adjustable-size) onscreen joystick paired with auto-fire. Heck, it could use a whole suite of quality-of-life options on the main menu, rather than just one for adjusting the sound. Kinda baffling why this wasn’t addressed prior to launch, but again, I’m no expert on game design, so it’s no knock against the devs - I’m sure none of these gripes are news to them. As it stands now, the game is just not that much fun to play. Unless it gets an update to address its issues, there’s not much reason for me to keep playing it..Version: 2.1.338

Incoming phone call forces the app to closeThe game is very fun, refreshing and challenging. However, I’m giving it 1/5 because I almost beat a run on darkness 5 earlier today, then a phone call came in with about two minutes remaining in the run. After the call ended, the game restarted itself, And I couldn’t continue where I left off. I also did not get any runes for that run either, if I can’t continue where I left off, at least count it as a loss and reward me for my time..Version: 2.0.30

Lose progressIf you pause and change screens say bye to your progress. Can’t recommend this game till that’s fixed..Version: 2.0.40

Joysticks broken?It’s unplayable in its current state. The joysticks are either glitchy or there is an auto aim that randomly occurs with no reasoning that has no option to turn off. Game is 10/10 on pc, hopefully this is fixed. Edit: so the joysticks (virtual joysticks) aren’t broken. You can see the character auto aiming when you release right virtual joystick. First press back on right joystick fires off the first round auto-aimed. This ruins strategy on lower ammo weapons as it’s unpredictable. This doesn’t happen if you continuously press down on aiming. Please turn off auto aim or add an option. Thanks.Version: 2.0.40

Flip screenNo flip screen… In 2022 it’s unacceptable But still good game.Version: 2.0.30

Even more frustrating than the pc versionThis game is frustrating and far too difficult on pc. The weapon balancing is awful, progression is far too slow and the entire game is frustrating. Add in the horrible on screen thumbsticks which will constantly let you down, and don’t change the terrible balance and difficulty of the pc version, and here is the mobile version. I want to like this game. The people making it would prefer it if I hated it..Version: 2.0.40

Not optimized for mobileClocked 70+ hours on PC/Steam Deck and this is basically unplayable on mobile. Get that it's an indie game written on Unity, but it doesn't even trim the edges of the display to account for the notch, nor rotate based on the gyrosocope (i.e., volume buttons make it less ergonomic.) Furthermore, the on-screen joysticks cover up where enemies are so you can't anticipate where to move to avoid bosses for example. The playing field simultaneously needs to be zoomed in and panned out while rebalancing enemy position and speed to account for iOS constraints. Love this game, but the superior version is on PC -- the Deck also has problems. For now, only an external controller and an iPad would make the game usable..Version: 2.0.17

Cant even playMy game is stuck in a loading screen as soon as I open with what appears to be chinese letters and a little character running. I have let it sit for an hour to see if it work but nothing. I cant find a fix online and I literally cant play the game..Version: 2.0.17

What is the endless version in preorder?The game is good, but it seems like it is way behind of pc version!.Version: 2.0.17

Great game but loses progress too soon when backgroundedLasting 18 min and losing all progress bc the app gets backgrounded can be frustrating.Version: 2.0.17

Not bad, needs more save featuresGMe is decent fun, hopefully devs add more depth in coming updates. The biggest issue is sometimes if I’m in the middle of a game and pause it, the game just resets back to the title screen once I reopen and I lost any progress I’ve had from that run. Please, please add more auto save functions on every upgrade to help this issue..Version: 2.0.17

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