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Jumbo Airport Story App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Jumbo Airport Story app received 14 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jumbo Airport Story? Can you share your negative thoughts about jumbo airport story?

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Jumbo Airport Story for Negative User Reviews

Game crashes, cannot runFun to play, until the time when the game crashes every time when the news pops up. Cannot continue. Please fix this issue..Version: 1.12

Please fix the crashI love this game, but it starts to keep crashing when the news pop out at year 8, I cannot continue my saving game any more..Version: 1.12

Bug!!!Game crashed at news. Can’t play anymore..Version: 1.12

Bugs! Please fix it!When I was playing the game until the Music festival event is coining and game was crashed. Please fix it!.Version: 1.12

Bug plz fix itFor iOS 16 something, when the news first comes out about the food, the game crashed. I love the game but plz fix it.Version: 1.12

It’s alrightIt’s alright.Version: 1.12

Bug when news appearsPls fix it asap. Can’t move on..Version: 1.12

AverageNot the worst game, but takes a long time to get anywhere and everything is overpriced in it to the point it hinders your from achieving anything until you start new game plus.Version: 1.12

Bug need to be fix!There is a bug after you get the music festival news game will crush.Version: 1.12

Good but some little too late.As everyone…. I’ve played all of Kairosoft games for years. This is a good game; however has some serious flaws. The two biggest are: unable to build walls (so customizing your airport is out of the question) and can’t fully rotate items (only can face down or left). This hinders the feel and look of your airport. Last big criticism… by the time you get “good” shops, etc. the game is just about over. Over all. Fun game. But could be so much better..Version: 1.12

Game crashed...Game crashed when a news comes out. Upset......Version: 1.12

The game shut down suddenlyMy game is running in the fourth month of the third year. There is one piece of news came out which said the customers are happy with shipping in the airport. And then the game shut down. My device is iPhone. I shut the app completely and reopen it. But the problem is still there. Please fix it. Thanks..Version: 1.12

There was a bug in October of the seventh yearThere was a bug in October of the seventh year, the game always crashed, when the news page was broadcast..Version: 1.12

Not as good as i expectedI’m a huge fan of kairosoft and i’ve been playing their games for over 10 years now. the pace of this game is very slow and laid back. i felt like it took too long to unlock new planes and items. this game doesn’t compel me to play nonstop the same way that other recent kairosoft games have. still, this game is actually a game and you don’t have to watch any ads or wait hours just to build a new room..Version: 1.12

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