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Fun but resource intensiveI’ve played most Kairosoft games and this one is quite a fun and unique concept. However it can be a bit slow progressing as upgrading and expanding the airport consumes a lot of resources. At the end of the game, I barely had a third of the total land available through expansions..Version: 1.12

An excellent addition to a stellar catalogA wonderful little management game-half airfield management and half airport management with a taste of airline management sprinkled in. If you’re familiar with other Kairosoft games you’ll be right at home as they use a lot of their familiar systems to succeed with this theme..Version: 1.12

Loving this new kairosoftIt’s crazy to think I’ve been playing kairosoft games now since the first dungeon village, and own almost all there games, they had a bit of a rough bit with some of there games but it feels as if that’s in the past and there last few games really do feel special. What ever changed is for the better, I’ve been really looking forward to this one as soon as they posted about it on there twitter and I’ve gotta say, it really holds up. Very charming and a few quality of life features I didn’t even know I needed like when you click on a store a little thing will come up that lets you pick between everything on that one spot, in the past it could be annoying clicking in one spot for a bit until you get what you where trying to click, but now it’s easy and seamless, good job to who ever thought of that one. All and all, another solid entry in the kairosoft line up, now if only I could get another gp story and not the f2p one, but one with no micro transactions and no waiting multiple days for stuff, a true gp story with lots of races and lots of cars, a man can only dream..Version: 1.11

One of the good ones!Definitely a lot of fun..Version: 1.12

Addictive gameAddictive game, but the news report some time just bug out when using Simplify Chinese, I need to change to other language to proceed, other than that thing went pretty smoothly..Version: 1.12

Great Addition to the Kairosoft LibraryWell designed game. My only criticism is that it feels a little cramped compared to other Ksoft games..Version: 1.12

Fun!Really good game. Hard to manage as the airport grows through expansion but its so fun to rearrange and grow. Another good game by Kairosoft!.Version: 1.12

Great gameGreat game, solid airport sim.Version: 1.12

Best kairo game so far👏👏👏.Version: 1.12

PerfectAnother instant classic :D.Version: 1.12

Brilliant gameKairosoft have once again taken the mobile builder game category by storm with this brilliant take on an airport / airliner builder..Version: 1.14

Worth finishingIt’s been a long time since I fully finished a Kairosoft game. This game was very well paced and it felt rewarding to keep reinventing the space to create a more and more efficient and popular space. Really well polished game..Version: 1.12

Fun game!I like most of their management games and this one is up there with the best!.Version: 1.12

Airport StoryNeed more games like this. I have played them all..Version: 1.14

Another fun gameKairosoft usually puts out great games and this one is no different..Version: 1.12

Great as Usual !It’s Kairosoft with plane !!!.Version: 1.14

Back to OGI haven’t had this much fun with Kairosoft games since they first started porting about a decade ago..Version: 1.12

FunClassic..Version: 1.12

Game crash!A major bug! Game crash after August year 5! I tried twice already and it crashed the same way. A news pop out then the game crash. Please fix this!.Version: 1.14

AwesomeAwesome and cool game, must buy..Version: 1.12

Another Great GameI’ve been a fan of Kairosoft for many years and each game reminds me why. This was a great game..Version: 1.14

Another Kiarosoft Favorite.Kairosoft is just about the only games I play on a phone. They are always enjoyable and this one is no exception..Version: 1.14

Great but messy!I like the neatness of Kairosoft layouts - this one will only allow placements to face two ways and the odd wall around the edge means it’s constantly messy! A personal grip because the gameplay is classic Kairosoft, great as always..Version: 1.12

YayLove any new game.Version: 1.12

AwesomeLove Kairosoft games! This one is amazing.Version: 1.12

Another Hit!!!So happy to add this to my Kairosoft collection!!! So much fun to play. Interesting and challenging combos. I love designing the layout. Great attention to detail - and love of countries to unlock and explore 🥰 Totally addicted..Version: 1.14

Awesome game!Well done, Kairosoft!.Version: 1.12

Love it as always.They do a great job..Version: 1.12

Kariosoft does it againGreat game instant classic one of my many favorites from this developer..Version: 1.12

Another Kairo ClassicStarts off a bit slow, but a year or so in, it all smooths out nicely. One of my new favorite Kairo games..Version: 1.14

WowBest one yet.Version: 1.12

Another hitAll around fun, it as challenging as resort story, but excellent nonetheless!.Version: 1.12

Love, love, loveSo addicting, so much fun, lots of different things to do! I Definitely recommend it, it’s one of my new favorites 🙌.Version: 1.12

This is the best one yetBest one yet.Version: 1.12

FantasticI just love kairosoft games.Version: 1.12

I love this gameIt is kinda costly for this game but, I really do love playing because I have been interested in running my own airport.Version: 1.12

Good gameAnother good time wasting ksoft game..Version: 1.12

Love itAnother fun game from kairosoft.Version: 1.12

Amazing funOne of Kairosofts best imo..Version: 1.12

HeaterAnother banger from Kairosoft.Version: 1.14

Good gameHaven’t played kairosoft games in a while, but this one was great.Version: 1.12

So happy!!!I’m so happy that you finally took my advice into consideration and made an airport game! I can’t wait until you make more versions like it in the future. All you need is a Hospital or Food truck one and I’ll be complete 🎊..Version: 1.12

Another classicThank you for continuing to make games that build on all the mechanics of previous games. You all truly outdo yourselves all the time. thank you so much 💛💛💛💛.Version: 1.12

Another classicI have played almost every kairosoft game they have released and this like all the others is fantastic, it’s a great game to play in free time.Version: 1.14

Another winnerKairosoft really knows how to make a phone/tablet game. These are SO much fun, and now we have an airport sim….Pure bliss..Version: 1.14

One of the best Kairosoft gamesIf you’re a Kairosoft fan this is a must have.Version: 1.14

Fun and addictiveOverall and excellent and enjoyable game to play. The things which are right in this game drastically outweigh the bad lacking a few management tools and quality of life stuff (overlays, graphs, etc) it has has frustratingly limited placement options at times (limited rotation), and it has a strange economic curve. The main game loop is satisfying, as it goes on and you have a bigger airport you can really be creative. This is a nice twist on the normal approach to builder-sims, the metrics and systems used here are very unique..Version: 1.12

Great like alwaysGreat like always. Kairosoft delivers again. Only thing I’m curious about that seems kind of new is a sort of diminishing returns mechanic of certain scenery boosting plants costing more for each one you have installed. As in the cost per item goes up. It definitely keeps you from spamming flowers to boost your popularity 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 1.12

BestThis game is the best one yet from Kairosoft.Version: 1.12

AddictiveLove it.Version: 1.12

So much funSuch a fun game, plane gos ZOOOM!.Version: 1.12

Must Buy for Kairosoft FansDefinitely one to pick up if you’re a fan of any of their games! If you enjoyed convenience story, you’ll enjoy this one..Version: 1.12

Top Pixel Art Game DevelopersThey usually never miss and this game is no exception.Version: 1.14

Great gameGreat expect it ends after the 10 year mark full warning.Version: 1.14

It’s goodGood stuff.Version: 1.12

AwesomeAwesome !!! Safe! Beautiful! Yummy!.Version: 1.12

Airplane story is coolCool one!.Version: 1.14

Another Great GameAnother Great Game.Version: 1.12

MeGreat game.Version: 1.14

Good but not their bestIt’s a fun game but there things seriously lacking from this game to previous titles.Version: 1.14

FunEntertaining.Version: 1.14

Excellent!This is by far the best Kairosoft game probably ever. No dull moments like the sports story’s. Really big game! On my second replay now..Version: 1.12

ExcellentAgain another masterpiece from Kairosoft.Version: 1.12

Super fun sim gameJust beat the game. Had a blast!.Version: 1.14

很好 但是音乐节那里闪退Crash in splash screen 闪退 音乐节 一直很喜欢开罗系列.Version: 1.12

Great Kairosoft gameFew small tweaks could make it perfect.Version: 1.12

Awesome gameThis is one of the best mini-sim games I have ever played. Lots to do to keep you entertained. Recommend this to others..Version: 1.12

Good SimulatorIf you like sim games, you’ll probably like this one too! Throwback pixel art style game is a nice touch! Kairosoft never disappoint!.Version: 1.14

Addictive gameCool game.Version: 1.12

5 stars AGAIN!How do they do it? Masterpiece yet again..Version: 1.12

Kairo keeps pumpin qualityKairo, please give us a new pirate sim and train station sim and my collection will be complete!.Version: 1.12

The airport sim, from Kairo, we’ve all been waiting for!Been waiting for a sim like this from Kairo! So far very fun!.Version: 1.12

ExcellentI was a bit sad at the last release as I find the school one not really of interest but bam you bring out this great package. Best kairosoft game to date and loving it.Version: 1.12

SolidIt’s a very good release from a very good developer. Five stars keep it up.Version: 1.12

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