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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 app received 39 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Poppy Playtime Chapter 2? Can you share your negative thoughts about poppy playtime chapter 2?

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 for Negative User Reviews

This game is horribleWhen I try to start the game it kicks me out of the game so it is horrible🤬😡.Version: 1.3

7$for this 😡My mom bought it the game automatically glitches me out I tried 4 more times I never played the game.Version: 2.0

Way too brightI can’t see anything it’s so bright there goes my money.Version: 2.0

I’m sadIt doesn’t even work The menu opens but it doesn’t start the game.Version: 1.3

Can’t get upI have tried for hours and I can’t get UP when I try and pull myself up on the orange thing it doesn’t pull me up.Version: 1.3

Needs to fix.Pj and Mommy Long Legs are broken and rigged because in Statues, if you’re too fast, Pj automatically catches speed. And you instantly get killed. And in the third chase of Mommy Long Legs, she’s fast when you are too fast. That’s because Pj and Mommy are paced to the players speed. But before you defeat Mommy, you go to the corner after triggering the blue hand. And she slows down. I heard Horrorscoped talk about this. But when I triggered the blue hand, went to the corner, and when Mommy was near me, she didn’t slow down and I got jumpscared the moment she touched the door. And at the end of Statues, Pj stopped at the edge of the soft cube thing. And he was still. So the developers cheated..Version: 1.3

StatuesCan you make statues easier (pls)by making it so you can dangle and shoot grabpacks?.Version: 2.0

Ripped offI paid $10 for this, my kids are upset because your game keeps dropping out. There’s no instructions on line on how to fix. Wouldn’t recommend.Version: 1.3

Game are not loadingMy son gets to the same area and it comes up with a message that says “This area is still loading, please be patient” and then it doesn’t load and you can’t go past the area..Version: 2.0

There’s no teaxtureOnce I have the green hand and I use electricity there’s no detail the green hand is the same I play on mobile.Version: 2.0

Cool I guessPoppy playtime three so better.Version: 2.0

Didn’t workBoots you at beginning. Pathetic.Version: 1.3

MrtKeeps crashing at the game station part tried 2 different ipads.Version: 1.0

I don’t know what to doWen I try to get back into the office I can not go back please help me.Version: 1.3

Stupid game and won’t let me come and playThis game is so stupid it just crashes right I’m just starting to play.Version: 1.3

BugIn the water treatment room after I put the buns old toy in the scanner and walk through the door. I fall into the void and die, and it will not let me pass..Version: 1.3

Something to fixEvery time I finish the water room when I enter the door I fall off the map after going through the door and putting the toy on I fall out of the map.Version: 1.3

A Bug! 🐞🐞When I do the grab pack part before statues starts, I’ll press the green button, when I press the Tarzan thingy it’s making me touch the air But Still, Good Game ;).Version: 1.3

??Can’t get past start of the video in first office before game crashes and closes!.Version: 1.3

Game just keeps saying it’s loading,Hi great game but when we get to musical memory it just keeps saying it’s loading “please be patient, “ please fix this , or can I have my $10 bucks back , thanks.Version: 1.3

Why thoThis stupid game is making me pay again even tho I’ve already payed 😠.Version: 2.0

I can’t crouchIf I can’t crouch by myself in some puzzles then I can’t finish them and move on with the game. Everything else is really good and like the pc version but you guys have to add a crouch button. I get stuck almost everywhere and barely move on with the game, please fix this..Version: 2.0

Few bugs for the grab pack and handles to lift you up😅So I bought the game. I thought it would be nice but the grab pack it just well if I get close to something like a block wall like really and a part I grabbed the green power I put it in the power container. I called that anyways I was trying to get number two but it could not let me. I tried my best, but it just couldn’t. please fix the game. I thought the game was really cool now I saw the bugs and I was like no way. Even in the power room. The lockers aren’t that detailed. I thought the game was so cool and I bought it now it’s just all glitchy.👎🏻.Version: 2.0

LagggggggggggggggEven if I put the lowest setting in the hallway where mommy appears 1st it kicks me out lagggggg I espect an upgrade because if not I will refund this game.Version: 1.0

Please read nowSo I brought this game a few days ago, and i’m Nelly finished and this is what happened on my first day of playing it. This area is still loading, come back soon. And I just stood there waiting for an hour and nothing happened. I just want to finish the game I can’t because of you so please fix your problem, you got a day before I write a review that’s one star so better hurry.Version: 1.3

Horrible experience + scam.As soon as I got to the place where I need to follow poppy, I couldn’t swing up the bar like the others did. And I had to pay 10 dollars. For this type of experience?! I demand a refund because this is actually outraging. I don’t mean to go Karen and all but... yeah..Version: 1.2

Things are not fair:DThe reason why the title of this rating is things that are not fair it’s because they’re giving us worse quality plus they put out poppy playtime, chapter 3 first for PC players and us a second like WTH like that makes me mad plus the reason why I rated three stars is because you’re already know why go back to the beginning and you will understand OK you’re back here I’m excited for like for Poppy playtime chapter 3, but I can’t get it on my PC because it’s for my school so I’m crying I don’t know what else to put in here, but I will rate the other one.Version: 2.0

Paid £4.99 for the app not to work , keeps cutting offApp keeps cutting off.Version: 1.3

There somthing wrong with the gameWhen I'm playing the game a lot of textures are not there plz fix this.Version: 2.0

No soundThe game is fun to play but impossible without sound.Version: 1.3

Ugh so annoying!!The game alllllllways crashes! I never get to play it ever! It’s so annoying!!! Never lets me in, never lets me play ugh!!! although poppy playtime chapter one works chapter two doesn’t!!! so I’m stuck with the first one!!!!!!!.Version: 2.0

BadWhen I got to where you have to turn on the he power I could not get up it wouldn’t let me.Version: 1.3

Fix a bug where you have to get in the vent after you do electric thingI give this 1 star because I bought this for 5 pound and then there’s a glitch where I can’t get in vent.Version: 1.2

I guess it’s fun.Kinda fun, overrated definitely 😮‍💨.Version: 2.0

There is this stupid thing!This one stupid 🤬puzzle is impossible on mobile! I cannot 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬get through the last of the games because I can’t even start it!.Version: 1.2

Can’t even shred mommySo before I kill mommy there’s this bit where it says this Area is loading still please be patient. And I can’t even move but I can still use my grab pack..Version: 1.3

Will not workWhen you are trying to the train station the red had does not word in the Electric room when you do the other thing so FIX IT NOW OR YOU WILL BE SUED I WAS challenged to play this game and if I do not finish the game I will die so fix the red hand glitch pls.Version: 1.3

Good Franchise But No Bug EffortsI love these puzzle and horror games, and I especially and momentarily loved ‘The Baby In Yellow’, even though it’s more of a tasking horror game but because it had no bugs just a classic horror indie game… Though Poppy playtime, not like it’s first. Felt a little rushed with the programming and had so many bugs, that I missed out when ‘Mommy long legs’ got mad at you because we cheated in ‘Statues’! Exceedingly great graphics for a low-memory phone, and even though it costs a mere (less problematic), amount of money, it definitely got me on lore on upcoming chapters! Which I think is memorable for the game. If the company who made this watching just focus on bugs where you can walk through walls or skip parts because of ‘Grab-pack’ glitches. Hopefully because of the long-term period during the next chapter you focus of the playing of YOUR game. Anyway I love your or this game and hope this game prospers in the ‘Future’. -A Greatly Grateful Fan Of This Franchise P.S this chapter is much better than the first!.Version: 1.2

HELPWhen I seen poppy and did the stuff it does not let me back up!.Version: 2.0

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