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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 App User Positive Comments 2022

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 app received 98 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about poppy playtime chapter 2?

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 for Positive User Reviews

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANTThe game is stunning and very good to play but would mention a few bugs with Ing the last level of mommy long legs chasing you and that’s about it but the game in general is really good.Version: 1.0

Love the game!I really love your game mob games it’s really fun I really loved this chapter and it’s puzzles but there’s a bug I found like sometimes when I was in the hall way with the grinder the hall way was never loaded hope it gets fixed!.Version: 1.0

Really good for a mobile gameNormally mobile games don’t do so well because of the quality and lag but Mob games has done very good making sure that both platforms have about the same quality👍.Version: 1.0

Stunning, but...I have a problem Whenever I open this app it works But when I get up to the mommy long legs scene it lags out Please fix this.Version: 1.2

One problemThe game is amazing, but when I go to statues I get the green electricity and use it but it won’t let me up..Version: 1.0

Amazing but a tiny big bugThe game is fun great in fact. I have been waiting for so long to get a port to mobile😃 but there is a bug where if you happen to make it to musical memory area the fence will glitch and you can slide through, thus your at the door of the musical memory but it’s a void that you fall in die and respawn with green hand🫤 still a good game tho😁.Version: 1.0

WOWZA!!!Wow I am extremely satisfied with this. This is an amazing job on a mobile port for chapter 2. The graphics aren’t bad at all. The frames are great (at least for my phone) and it’s all and all a great game to play and it has replay value. The mini games are super fun to play, musical memory is my personal favorite. Keep up the great work MOB games! 💜.Version: 1.0

This Verison Seems Good.But There’s w few things you need to fix 1. When I escape chapter 2 I can’t move the numbers I can move the icons in the train and I can move the colors 3. So when I restart chapter 2 I can’t here talking or noises the only thing I can hear is the playing tapes and the Musical memory tv and Whack a wuggy tv and statues tv i also can’t hear mommy pj bunzo mini Huggies or poppy. I’ve been waiting this verison of chapter 2, I never thought it came out also due to the bugs, I’m disappointed. Also I never got bugs in chapter 1 in mobile verison. I still have it though..Version: 1.0

Amazing and super saryThis chapter is better then chapter 1 it’s so good I screamed like a million times 🫠 lol 😂 and it took me 3 hours to finish and the chase seen at the end was the best part and musical memory was the hardest game and the puzzles were super difficult.Version: 1.0

What chapter 1 should’ve beenThis is an excellent port, I will admit. However, the graphics it has should have been what chapter 1 had. And I’m a bit disappointed that these chapters are being released as separate apps and can’t just be dlc to the first app itself. I’m still really impressed with this port and I would like to see these graphics in chapter one as well as these games merged as well..Version: 1.2

AMAZINGI love this game I played chapter one I my YouTube channel and this is a question will poppy playtime chapter three come one mobile please mob games.Version: 1.2

I love Poppy playtimeGreat game I love chapter 1 but some reason when I’m playing The third game the lights turn off and the hands are in the way so my hands move so kind of disappointed.Version: 1.0

Hi!I love the game but for my sister on this she can’t pass the Green hand thing to get to statues pls fix that for me it works…. I played this like 2 times.Version: 1.2

Poppy playtime Chapter 2I love this game so much it's a 10/10 but there is one problem it needs an update because when you walk your way to making the green hand and when your walking on the side with the fence it will push you inside of the fence and the second problem is you can't go in the statues because when you try to go up in the room with the to signal things and you put your Green hand on the left bar and then you go up on the right bar it won't lift you up on the right bar..Version: 1.0

I love poppy playtimePoppy playtime 1 was really good I couldn’t stop playing it until chapter 2 came out on my phone it is so amazing yall even made wack a wuggy more easier I love it keep going with these chapters I love them so much and I love how fast we can run.Version: 1.0

AmazingThe game is really good.Version: 1.0

Good gameIt’s a great game and all but I can’t get to the vents after doing the electricity I can only do the ones like in the start of the game and in chapter 3 are you going to keep the blue hand or the green hand I have watched your chapter 3 teaser trailer it was good but I wanted a gameplay trailer.Version: 1.0

Mob Games you’re the bestMOB Games so I’m a mobile player right so I didn’t get to play chapter 2 when it came out but now it came out of mobile I got to play it and I’m actually the first person to play it so yeah but this game is the best I’m looking forward to chapter 3.Version: 1.0

So expensiveWyatt to make attracted to $80 in Mobile in a chapter 1 mobile equals four dollars why did you say the tractor to $80.Version: 1.2

Amazing game but a few bugs😁First played the game I really liked it but there was one problem with Poppy that I really didn’t like on computer Poppy‘s hair is curly and stringy but in the game it is not like that it’s just plain old toy hair like plastic hair except for they didn’t even try to make the hair look realistic at all they just put it looking like I don’t know but overall I really like the game and I should recommend it I guess those $6 were worth it.Version: 1.2

I LOVE THIS GAME! IM FIRST PERSON TO WRITE REVIEW!I love it! Can you also add the same amazing graphics onto chapter 1 please! Thank you for making this on mobile and on pc! I wish I can work for mob games! Bye! have an amazing day!.Version: 1.0

Worth the waitIt sure took a while but this games is absolutely amazing! It’s also now at 60fps and the buttons have been remapped! More advanced settings and 3 times the size of chapter 1. Even though it cost more I really recommend that you purchase it if you enjoyed chapter 1 or you are looking for a quick fun horror game. 👍👍👍.Version: 1.0

THANK SO MUCHI love the game but in the water the lags but it still a good game🙂.Version: 1.0

THIS GAMES HAS THE WROST EVER GLITCHSo I was playing the game when suddenly my green had stopped working! Like I couldn’t do anything i couldn’t direct power I couldn’t swing like I couldn’t even do the thing that the green hand was meant to do FIX THE GAME! 5 stars .but seriously fix it.Version: 1.0

It’s a 9/10My rating would be 10/10 but only reason it’s not us just because of the lag other than that the game was perfect!.Version: 1.0

Some bugs but worth itKissy missy poster has no texture but other than that it’s a great game the mine cart you can get stuck in front of it.Version: 1.0

In my top 5I just got the game and beated it and I loved it in my opinion the hardest game was mommy long legs chasing us (i know it’s not a game :I) but overall I think it’s really cool and excited for chapter 3 to come out on IOS :).Version: 1.0

Too lightWhen I got jumpscared in statues the pj pug a pillar jumpscare was too light and it was completely white even when I turned the brightness to 0 it was still white pls fix this.Version: 1.2

I love poppy playtimeThis game was s so good I have been waiting for it to come out on mobile and the puzzles are fun and I love the end chase.Version: 1.0

OmgI have been waiting for this game on mobile for so long and I got it as birthday gift omg wow it’s as good as the feeling when you have to poop but you have to hold it for a while and then you poop it out in the toilet wow ok that’s it bye.Version: 1.2

AMAZING And Love Poppy playtimeThe game was amazing a few minor bugs but it was pretty smooth and fun the chase part was perfect no glitches or bugs and really good definitely worth the price.Version: 1.2

Love thisSo I played chapter 1 and 2 and I personally like this game. The graphics are better and it’s more like the game that’s on the pc and its challenging which I love.Version: 1.0

I love poppy playtimeThis is so epic thanks for releasing it.Version: 1.0

Best app everMommy long legs looks even creepier then pc it’s a little dark but I think that’s cool love by.Version: 1.0

Pls make a chapter 3This is good tho but can you really pls make a chapter 3 because I want to see how many mini games are there in poppy playtime chapter 3 so that is why I want you to make a poppy playtime chapter 3.Version: 1.2

Lost all of my progressGreat game but when I try to continue I accidentally hit the new game button 😭. Hope you guys get a new update to where it says (are you sure?) when you hit the new game button. Other then that it’s a great game, keep up the good work 👍.Version: 1.0

Easily one the the best mobile games I playedI surely felt at home playing this game more like playing poppy playtime chapter 1 chapter 2 was such a longer chapter than the first one.Version: 1.2

Great, but…The only reason I bumped this down from 5 stars to 4 stars (besides the developer drama), is because it was supposed to release when the actual chapter released for PC, instead we had to wait three extra months, but other than that, pretty well put together!.Version: 1.2

When I die I did not respawn pls fixOn the bary part I die by falling but did not re spawn.Version: 1.0

Really laggy and has a lot of glitches but amazing gameplayJust as the title suggests this game is very laggy I haven’t really even gotten to Chase scenes yet but I can imagine it’ll be a pain but I just solved the electricity puzzle right before you exit the musical memory section. The bunker like a door that I entered from is now closed and I’m trapped so now I need to reset and try the game again I don’t have a problem doing that though since it’s a spectacular game it just needs some work..Version: 1.0

Good gameBut bunzo the bunny is hard.Version: 1.0

Very laggy but really goodThis game is super fun I recommend playing if you have the money. But it is probably just my device and is super laggy no matter the settings. Two more things the lighting is super bad it feels unnatural and it doesn’t appear on the App Store for me I don’t really know. Just plz fix these bugs.Version: 1.0

AmazingI beat chapter 2 twice because it was so good I love everything there are a little bit of glitches everywhere but I don’t mind them I love chapter 2 and excited to see chapter 3.Version: 1.0

ChickennuggetjamesThat was so much fun. I love mommy legs does the jump scares and specially when you do power, it’s really hard!.Version: 1.0

There was a glitch for me And maybe other peopleThe pulling mechanic and moving mechanic doesn't work I only tried loading the game deleting it and then I'm deleting it but anything else the game is good please fix this please get do a update because fun so I have to find explodes to get out of zones like the boom behind Elliot lugwig room I go in The final game it's making me sad mob games if you are reading this please fix it just a game just like in chapter 1.Version: 1.0

A glitchI guessed the numbers and won so fix it up so you can’t guess the numbers.Version: 1.0

FaultlessThanks for putting Chapter 2 on Mobile. I am partway through the chapter and I am really enjoying it. I’m looking forward to Chapter 3..Version: 1.0

Dear Mob gamesWill you make a wack a wuggy plush ever.Version: 1.0

Love itThis is like the best horror game I’ve ever played.Version: 1.0

GoodGood.Version: 1.0

I love thisYes I love this so much best game in the world.Version: 1.0

LOVE IT but 1 questionI love the game it’s just like the pc game well I also hav it on pc to But on this version I can’t crouch unless I’m in the vents Can you fix that or show me how if you actually can do it?.Version: 1.0

I’ve been waiting three months for this gameThis game works with little graphics down when you’re running for mommy long legs that looks really good.Version: 1.2

Awesome! AppThis is just like the real one! I love it but there’s some bugs that need to be fixed on the second part of turning the power on for the game station it doesn’t let me do it but really good app!💗💗💗.Version: 1.0

I love this game!I love this game because poppy playtime chapter 2 just came out on iOS!! It’s super cool it also has glitches but I still like it it’s just probably new that’s why there’s glitches in this one more game but I still like this so much!!! I love this game so much so I Rate this 5 Rates because that’s all how much stars are there up here^ but it’s all the way up.Version: 1.2

It’s amazing butIt’s so good and scary but when you get to the kissy missy part you can see kissy missy when the gate opens but on pc when the gate opens to reveal kissy missy. Kissy missy has a shadow over her then it fades into the pink kissy missy texture.Version: 1.0

WhyTrain code doesn’t work.Version: 1.0

Better than pcThis version is way better than pc the mini games are as difficult as always I got the the water treatment first time I played surprisingly. but I’ve found the first bug quite game breaking too, literally a minute ago before I was writing this I completed musical memory and when I got to the entrance THE DOOR WAS CLOSED. hopefully this doesn’t happen too often but great version definitely worth 5 pounds..Version: 1.0

Poppy PlayTime HardMusical memory is so hard on ipad.Version: 1.0

Hi mob gamesHi mob games I just want to say if you can update the game to look more like pc and make the green hand glow when you get the electricity and make the kissy missy cardboard cut out not so dark bc she is always Black and make it easier for you to see her.Version: 1.2

Way better than chapter 1It’s the best game ever it’s way better than chapter 1 please do chapter 3 think about the money.Version: 1.0

Thanks a lot mob gamesI have poppy playtime chapter 2 on my phone and since that I’ve been waiting for chapter 2 to come out and when it did I was so exited but I couldn’t play it because I didn’t have a pc and then 3 months later I was on your YouTube channel to see if there was something new and then I saw chapter 3 teaser trailer and then 9 days later the game was out I was so exited.Version: 1.0

Soooo goodBetter then chapter 1 but you should add update to chapter 1 and good as always and please add chapter 3 faster thane this because when this releaset I was so hipe so then I checked chapter 1 to see instead and it was not there so then I check the App Store it’s not there so a phew weeks later I watchtower a vid so pleas do this faster but ten out of ten.Version: 1.2

HelpThe part after pj pug a pillars room eventually in the vent go through that and I don’t know where to go cause no exit plz fix.Version: 1.0

AMAZINGWow even though I only got up to musical memory it’s AMAZING Ty so much mob games!.Version: 1.0

Puppy playtime just so goodLater I was playing puppy playtime chapter 1 until I wanted to see if I have puppy playtime chapter 2 available on my phone so I checked and I couldn’t believe my eyes it was there I had to get it I had no choice.Version: 1.0

PLAY THIS GAME (if you have the money)This game is awesome and if you have the money I definitely recommend this game. It’s challenging, pretty scary, and has REALLY good graphics. There’s also chapter one to check out before this one. (So you can get what’s going on) of course though there are some glitches, but it’s probably because when I’m writing this the game just came out so they will probably fix the bugs. Overall if you have the money definitely play this game..Version: 1.0

Best game but…….Every time in water treatment area I put the toy down, Open the door, And theres just void and no floor! It did not upload.Version: 1.0

Good gameGo mob games.Version: 1.0

It is so goodIt is so good git it now best game ever no adds.Version: 1.0

Amazing!Awesome! I enjoyed more than chapter 1, it’s longer, it has more puzzles to solve and you use your grabpack more often than in chapter 1. But in think chapter 3 is gonna be a banger!.Version: 1.2

Too cool! But bug fix pls?There is a bug where you cannot turn power on and glowing red light bug pls fix.Version: 1.0

AMAZINGThis is AMAZING . TOTALLY recommend . Abit Laggy sometimes and the weird hole in the wall teleports me its like where all this science stuff is where i cant go through . If u fix that it would be amazing but it doesnt really matter its very minor..Version: 1.0

Great game! And great story!I loved this game overall I’ve been way into the entire series scince the release of chapter 1! The graphics on the mobile virsion were amazing! My only request is that you fix the rejected toy room as a lot of the toys are glitched out, and most of the ragdoll objects (things you can grab with your grabpack) are frozen and can not be moved, messing around with the grabpack is one of my favorite mechanics so if you could fix that that would be awsome :) keep of the good work mob games!.Version: 1.2

OmgI’ve been waiting for so long and it’s finally came out Thank you MOB GAMES.Version: 1.0

Very excitingI have fell in love with this game, I like the puzzles the mini games are fun and the final chase had my heart racing. And the end is amazing and rewarding! 5 stars! Can’t wait for chapter 3.Version: 1.0

So goodBEST GAME EVER! Shadows good quality good audio good graphics good.Version: 1.0

This game is amazing but two problemsI love this game very much but the pj pug-A-piller jumpscare is very bright and I really hope you can fix it although it’s a very fun game the graphics are also very smooth and another problem sometimes the game gets laggy and my grab pack glitches out hope you can fix that to.Version: 1.0

AWESOME!!!🔥I really love this game and can’t wait til chapter 3. Can you make the electrical hand More like pc and can you fix the screen shake other than those 2 I love it keep it up 😃.Version: 1.0

BugsThis is very good other than two bugs one the vents being too dark meaning you can’t see the exit of the vent. Two lag issues when in vents I’m moving but it doesn’t register then it does.Version: 1.0

Good gameI’m donating 1,000,000 pounds to everyone who wins.Version: 1.0

Good butI’m trying to get a gameplay but at water treatment there’s a bug where after you scan the toy the room doesn’t load in soo. Please fix that 😅.Version: 1.0

Thank youI have chapter one on mobile to I Really wanted chapter 2 to come out and now you’ve made chapter 2 I really appreciate you making chapter 2 I really want to chat today to come out I’m a poppy playtime lover and I’m so excited for chapter 3 to come out as well. Thanks mob games.Version: 1.0

Very fun to play! A lot of glitch but a good experience!I played last night I enjoyed it so much I played again it’s glitchy but fun.Version: 1.0

I like this game poppy play time game’s are the best horror game’sSo I’m gaming poppy playtime chapters and the thing is that I like the horror parts close to the end like when mommy long legs chaseing me and I was swinging to the emergency exit.Version: 1.0

Omg so amazing😃✨Wow the graphics are a lot better than chapter one, the game is not a ripoff, and the quality is decent. honestly this is one of my favorite games although the graphics look better on the pics i def recommend this👍🏻.Version: 1.0

So many lag spikesThere is so many lag spikes even when I try to do the puzzles in the tunnels there one area that would lag the entire game out, an it’s where the 2 electric thing that facing forward each other, but so far the game is great I would highly recommend buying this game but it does have few bugs and lags but so far it’s a good game.Version: 1.0

Good but wrongIt’s ok but it’s glitchy it’s 👌 ok.Version: 1.2

Thank you so much!!!!!1!1!1!1!!1!1THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CHAPTER 2!!!!1!1!!1!1!1!!1!1!!.Version: 1.0

Good game but it kicked me outI love poppy playtime it kicked me out when I got to the part when mommy takes my hand. and when I was swinging and then when I stop swinging it kicked me to there’s a little bit of glitches in it I hope you can fix it. It also kicks me out when I go in when mommy comes out..Version: 1.0

Súper coolI played this 1000 times to see mommy long legs die and I never stopped laughing at her voice:AUUuuuughhhhhh. Hahahahahahahhah and also I never put my new diaper I just pooped for laughing 1000 times Bye cool super duper cool super duper cool game and also i stayed frozen.Version: 1.2

So worth itSo the graphics were great on the last one but on this one amazing and outstanding graphics I also really have to appreciate mob games for making it possible for me to play since I don’t have a pc definitely worth the money and I would buy it for anyone who wanted to even try it if I could might be a little long but you can pause it where ur at and it will save ur progress.Version: 1.2

I love itThe game is good but the brightness doesn’t work anymore just like the pc version if you make a new update that the brightness works that would be awesome thanks for understanding.Version: 1.2

Sooo good,one problem thoughSo this game is like WAAAAAY LONGER than chapter one and I really like it and it is worth every penny,though every time I go to the emergency exit to open it sometimes glitch’s and goes out of bounds, so can you please fix this.Version: 1.0

MmmVery nice.Version: 1.0

Poppy playtimeThanks for it on IOS mob games.Version: 1.0

GGThis game is awesome!! But I wish you could choose where to load in and maybe also you can choose when to crouch and to speed. Great game but it will be better with that. -BEZZA.Version: 1.0

1/2 fixed!Thank you so much for fixing PJ pug a piller!!! now only two more things that you need to fix the mini Huggies Face expressions and add the green mini Huggies. 🙏😁.Version: 1.2

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