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Robinhood Wallet App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Robinhood Wallet app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Robinhood Wallet? Can you share your negative thoughts about robinhood wallet?

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Robinhood Wallet for Negative User Reviews

Not passcoding my device just to use this.With Robinhood app you sign in and buy, sell and trade crypto only having to passcode the app, but you have to passcode the device to use the wallet. I’ll stick with other wallets that don’t require the device to be passcoded in addition to their own passcode..Version: 2023.16.0

Really cumbersome to set upFirst you have to have crypto supported by the wallet. Second, you have enable and have an authentication app. They list four third party apps, one of them being Microsoft. You can’t utilize this app until you set that up..Version: 2023.9.0

Risky at bestSent AVAX (avalanche) crypto from my Robinhood account to my Robinhood wallet. The Wallet Address I used was in fact correct, it even has my correct wallet address in the transaction receipt. Here I am day and a half later and it tells me transaction is complete, but nothing is in my wallet. My Crypto went somewhere, but not in my wallet. I would be careful with this one if you value your money. In response to developers response to this review, I did reach out to them and they told me if the wallet address was correct it should have worked, and that I was on my own. The address was in fact correct, even according to the snowflake receipt. But my crypto and money went somewhere, who knows. Someone who got it probably said “I hope this chump sends more.” I won’t use this wallet anymore. This is totally my fault, I should have sent a few pennies over first to see if it worked. Live and learn. This is my suggestion to anyone else using this. Send a little first to see if it works for you. I’m personally done this one..Version: 2023.6.0

Scam app will steal your $$Do not get this app, do not deposit money into it. It will tell you to deposit more to be able to withdraw, it will tell you to wrap your coins, it will not let you withdraw. Customer service is only available through email and days pass before you hear from them or to get a reply each time you respond to them. They will tell you there’s no way to unwrap or withdraw wrapped coins, currently. They tell you another shady way to access your money meaning you have to provide all your private info to a third party. And that third party cannot help either. AVOID!!.Version: 2023.17.0

Where’s Bitcoin?This is cool, but you’re missing the King….Version: 2023.8.2

Barely a web3 walletHow can this be called a web3 wallet? You can’t connect to dapps, you can’t send your NFTs, you can’t view floor price of NFTs, can’t access an exchange to sell them either. I imagine these features are coming, but as the wallet stands now it’s basically useless.Version: 2023.5.0

Needs more workBe careful with this app. It doesn’t swap tokens at your request , you have to retry and submit order 100 times before it actually does the swap. Very frustrating. Ended up taking my crypto out of the wallet got tired of losing money while trying to submit swap for profits.Version: 2023.6.0

Not user friendlyToo many things to download / steps are taking too long to complete I don’t have the time to waste.Version: 2023.8.2

Lost my moneyWhy is it that everything Robinhood creates and does is half garbage. I transferred coins from my centralized account to robinhood wallet, has been one day and have not received anything. Why on earth I downloaded a robinhood product, knowing that it will be garbage it’s beyond me.Version: 2023.8.3

Fees everywhereBy the time you figure out how to get the bonus into a crypto you actually want, you’ll spend it all on fees. And they don’t say a whole lot upfront so it’s an experiment. There are many better wallets out there. I’m glad they finally started offering more crypto options but they are way behind the curve and have a long way to go to catch up to everyone else. Just get a different wallet that’s been around longer. Your bonus and your time will get sucked up by figuring out the convoluted process with this app..Version: 2023.22.0

Fake walletFake wallet they make reklam about if you download app you will get 3$ of matic for free but its big lie don’t waste you time on this app.Version: 2023.19.0

Not a legit walletThis wallet doesn’t tell you your secret seed key. Which means this wallet and everything inside it doesn’t truly belong to you. It belongs to Robinhood. I would suggest getting a DeFi wallet or MetaMask. Robinhood wallet is a scam..Version: 2023.16.0

What is the purpose?Seems useless. Also very high transfer fees. I’ll probably change my review when the app has a purpose. I know how big tech works..Version: 2023.11.0

I just tried it outThe transfer fees are to high or I did something wrong? I transfer just $20 usd to the wallet just to try it out but the fees are insane I only received $11 is it normal this fee?.Version: 2023.8.2

Introductory offer is sham!I installed app and it showed me promotion that transfer $10 worth of Crypto from Robinhood and we’ll deposit $10 of USDC. I followed the procedure and started the transfer by following all the prompts. 1) despite having so many Shiba in my Robinhood main app account, it asked me to buy $10 worth saying that I have none. 2) I did using on screen prompts only and then started the transfer. 3) it transferred only $3.95 something and deducted rest as fee. 4) after completing transfer I have still not received $10 of USDC.Version: 2023.8.2

Not worth the promotionMakes it easy to transfer from Robinhood to Robinhood wallet but extremely difficult to transfer from Robinhood wallet back to Robinhood.Version: 2023.11.0

$10 for 10usdc is a shamAfter reaching out, the answer I was given was to deposit more money, incur ANOTHER $8 in transfer fees, and then I’ll receive the bonus. There are nearly $10 in ‘gas’ fees, so you’ll need to transfer $20 to achieve a $10 deposit. They could have stated that as clearly as I just stated, but they chose instead to run a fine print scam on the same customers who have been waiting patiently for their product. Hopefully this keeps some of you from losing money, as I, a total stranger, care more about your money, than your brokerage. Integrity counts for something.Version: 2023.9.0

IdkDon’t really understand the product and What it trying to achieve.Version: 2023.17.0

ROB ME HOODThis app is a ZERO. You will find nothing here except ripping you off on every crypto and stock trade. Stay the vuk away from these thieves. And I thought that coinbase was bad. Today it was announced that they laying off 7% of their workforce. If they would not not rip off people either ridiculous spreads maybe they would be hiring. I am closing my account with them . NEVER AGAIN.Version: 2023.24.0

Still waitingSo far download the app connected to my wallet try to transfer Polygon.. he said 1 to 3 business days now he has been 14 business days… is it because I’m in Texas and I cannot collect that $10 cryptocurrency!?.Version: 2023.12.0

Didn’t like itToday my balance was showing 0, And had my tokens , I also had some transactions issues too, Not the app I wanted it, will delete it ,.Version: 2023.13.0

I keep trying to verify my id but it keeps freezingNeeds fixing.Version: 2023.8.2

In America, first you get the salt, then you get the power, then you get the women.In America.Version: 2023.17.0

Lame. No way to use without an 2FA appI. Do not use 2FA apps as I don’t trust them with my data and unfortunately this app won’t let me use any other form of 2FA, so I started super excited, now deleting with a heavy heart. Oh well at least I still have the main application..Version: 2023.11.0

ShadyRobinhood sends an email saying no fees to transfer from Robinhood to Robinhood wallet and what do they do? Charge a fee on the first transfer. Not to mention it is very limited on types of crypto that it accepts. One may think that if I bought the crypto on Robinhood I would be able to transfer it to the Robinhood wallet? Pretty disappointing.Version: 2023.4.1

I don’t see the pointThe app seems to work fairly smoothly. They make it easy to transfer from Robinhood. However, it’s not quite as easy to transfer back to Robinhood. Considering that I don’t know anyone else who uses crypto besides myself, and especially since this wallet app doesn’t support Bitcoin (which is the only crypto accepted in commercial contexts), it’s unlikely that I’ll ever use this app to send or receive coin. I found it very annoying that I had to purchase MATIC in Robinhood, transfer to Wallet, and use it to pay a network fee to get my other crypto out of wallet, then transfer the MATIC back to Robinhood so I could sell it again and finally delete the wallet app. It’s too complicated for the casual investor like myself and if it stays this complicated, it will never go mainstream and crypto will never replace real currency. Most people prefer simple, and this just isn’t it. I played with the app for a few weeks, but I don’t see why I need to have my money in two separate Robinhood apps and pay fees to transfer back and forth. I realize there’s some value in a non-custodial wallet, but it’s not necessary for me. The main app is sufficient for my needs and much more versatile..Version: 2023.8.3

Pointless AppAnd they introduce these features or new apps but can't even get the basics right. I.E., sort or group your holdings, etc. RH is no different than other brokers now. They lie, cheat, and deceive. I have proof for all of this. It's not free to trade as they deceive you. Also, they operate like an offshore sportsbook/casino..Version: 2023.18.0

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