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CoinSnap: Value Guide Positive Reviews

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CoinSnap: Value Guide App User Positive Comments 2023

CoinSnap: Value Guide app received 78 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about coinsnap: value guide?

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CoinSnap: Value Guide for Positive User Reviews

Love itAMAZING APP.Version: 1.2.25

HelloI love this app it is amazing and I love the features that help me with my coins the only things I would improve is making the counter for the coins in your collection be able to go past 99, and fix the coin search feature.Version: 1.2.24

About CoinSnapI need to know if this app is worth having and do CoinSnap pick up on rare coins I need to know the real truth what if CoinSnap don’t pick up on a rare coin that I had appraised I love CoinSnap I just need to know will it recognize a real rare coin that’s my concerns.Version: 1.2.12

Nice AppSeems to be working ok.. interesting app.Version: 1.2.12

Easy to useVery easy to use Gets 98% of the coins correct so it is very helpful to identify coins.Version: 1.2.16

Good funIt was interesting to see see how much some of my coins were worth. The app easy to use.Version: 1.2.12

Great app!The app is great it helps me quickly identify what coins in front of me and graded if I want to, also you have the option to add coins to a virtual collection! They do offer some premium features that they push every time you use the app though, that’s the only reason why I rated it at 4 stars :).Version: 1.2.24

Pretty impressiveI think I’m going to love this app.Version: 1.2.12

Hmm…I really wish the “Delete” button (the three dot button) was bigger and that there was a clear option on all collections. I also want smarter AI that can also identify dirty coins. Other than that, it’s perfect!.Version: 1.2.17

GoodIt’s goodn.Version: 1.2.12

Works pretty goodIt works as it should.Version: 1.2.12

Very good appThis coin snap app is amazing. It takes a lot less time to identify and price my coins. You guys should expand to bills now so we can use your app even more and you guys can charge a premium for that subscription. People like me will pay it!.Version: 1.2.24

Review4/5.Version: 1.2.25

CoinsLove it how it shows me my collection of coins.Version: 1.2.6

CoinsIs great very accurate I love it I just became an enthusiastic about coins thanks CoinSnap.Version: 1.2.24

Maybe a change service on Currency and other coins.I coin collection and change service for people that care about coins but no it enough to collect..Version: 1.2.16

So cool!This app could keep me busy for weeks! But m learning something I’ve always wanted to learn. Thank you very much. Now I need to save up a lil money to get the full version. I’ve got boxes of coins to check. Thanks again Dan H.Version: 1.2.24

Good appWould be great if I can see the total value of my collection somewhere. Otherwise a very good app, it recognises no problem tons of different coins..Version: 1.2.20

Pretty goodThey usually identify the coin correctly but sometimes they do not. When you log in it keeps telling you to get premium. And for some coins on ebay and other platforms they are being sold for 2,000 dollars but the app only says it is 8 dollars so I don’t know who to trust..Version: 1.2.12

MagnifiqueUne application très utile….super.Version: 1.2.24

Great app!I’m so glad I came across this app one day. Now I can catalog all of my coins with ease and get the value in the process as well as adding it to my collection to refer back to at a later time if required. Going to coin collectors to have coins appraised can be such a hassle in our already busy everyday lives. I will definitely suggest this one to all of my friends and family… they’ll love it!.Version: 1.2.17

Obsessed with CoinSnap!!My Dad was a huge Stamp and Coin collector but it never rubbed off on me…. Until CoinSnap….. I absolutely Love Love Love this app, and am constantly adding new pieces to my online collection! CoinSnap completely takes the guesswork out of coin collecting and that’s what I appreciate most of all…!!.Version: 1.2.17

Great appGreat app.Version: 1.2.12

Good app; two criticismsI am a professional coin dealer with certificates in coin grading from the American Numismatic Association. Your app is strong, but I have two criticisms: 1. Your pricing guide reflects high retail valuations. This will give false hope to people looking to sell coins to a shop. I recommend collaborating with the CDN Greysheet to integrate more realistic pricing. Perhaps you could proffer “bid” and “ask” prices simultaneously. 2. Your app does not detect mint marks. When I go to select one manually, the list is scattered/disordered. Further, I recommend a blue-checkmark system in which certified dealers can offer feedback on pricing/grading accuracy..Version: 1.2.22

So many possibilities!Love this app. It has great potential for the future. Should help identify rare coins, errors, etc. Maybe you can add paper money to it as well. Great app though . Lots of ideas I have!.Version: 1.2.12

Love itI love this app but it doesn’t recognise some coins I put a 2cent Australian coin and it couldn’t find it . Besides that I love how easy it is to use thank you .Glen.Version: 1.2.12

CoinSnapWorks great! Quickly get approximate value and accurate info on your coins. Silver or gold content, weight, thickness, etc. included. Highly recommend this app..Version: 1.2.19

Coin rewardsLove the simplicity.Version: 1.2.15

It’s good but…The app is great i’ve always needed something to tell me the value of one of my coins. Although paying for it is kinda stupid like I get the bigger picture but cmon now just make it have ads and y’all will probably make more money..Version: 1.2.14

Brilliant app5 stars.Version: 1.2.6

Love itSo I recently became a Coin collector and I’ve been curious about the worth some of my collected coins and even pocket change could be worth and then I found this amazing app. 10/10 I Recommend!!!!!.Version: 1.2.24

WoWWork so well!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2.12

Best appThis is no question the best coin app to use, to find out how much a coin is worth and now knowledge behind it. 5 stars is is too low for how good this app is.Version: 1.2.8

CrashesAfter several photos the app seems to bog down and then crashes and needs to be restarted otherwise it is 99% accurate 👍 Maybe it could help do the grading process one day ….Version: 1.2.24

Awesome appOnly issue I have it sometimes gives the wrong date well actually a lot of the time. I wish there was an option to manually put the correct date in that’s the only issue I have with it love this app though.Version: 1.2.24

WowI had some coins my father started collecting and a lot I found living in Oklahoma. I used the App and cannot believe the value most of these coins are worth. Thank you for such a great and useful tool..Version: 1.2.17

Great easy to use app!I am hooked in checking my change now saw some neat old coins in all my change laying around!.Version: 1.2.24

ReviewApp is really nice I got seven day free trial. I might end up paying the yearly fee because I totally feel like it’s worth it. I just wish that I will be able to share my profile with other coin collectors for other to see that will definitely make it worth the price..Version: 1.2.12

AccurateThe dates and the type of coin are so accurate.Version: 1.2.24

Very good appI downloaded this a few days ago. It recognized even my foreign money! Very good app! 5 stars! They have coins to look at when you open the app! Best coin app ever.Version: 1.2.24

Coin, identifier, PCGSThe app itself is excellent at identifying coins however, why don’t people acknowledge your app and except the findings of your app such as coins that you really can’t tell what they are when they come up and it tells you the date people doesn’t want to acknowledge that why but I give the app I give it a five star..Version: 1.2.19

Love the AppI love this new app. It has saved me hours of time. I also am very impressed with the grading part of the app. It was very accurate. I would recommend this app very much to anyone interested in coin collecting. Melwross.Version: 1.2.24

Wry handyDoesn’t recognize some coins but the camera does all the adjustedments on its own and even snaps the pic when It’s ready so all u have to do is point the phone with one hand and rotate the coin in the other it the app does everything else for u and makes it pretty easy ..Version: 1.2.12

This was so helpfulIn this app you can find the value of your coin and the grade I find this vary helpful because now I don’t have to look all over eBay to find the price range and condition.Version: 1.2.25

Good gameI love the app in seeing how much coins are worth in an auction but I have trouble finding the actual worth. On the app it may say 100,000 dollars and on Google 15$ and on eBay 1$. But nevertheless the game is very well made!.Version: 1.2.24

Coin collectors dream!This is going to take some time putting up all my collection but for a coin fan it’s all apart of the beautiful process !.Version: 1.2.11

So so easy to useJust got started checking coins - it’s a much have - I love it - it’s keeping me up pass min-night checking coins- wow we -try it and you will love it - five stars all the way -.Version: 1.2.10

Good coin finding appIt has found and identified many coins for me already and has gotten them all right even though I just downloaded it..Version: 1.2.24

Coin SnapYou said it was free for 1 week. You can forget it. I’m not using this App. False advertising..Version: 1.3.0

L’application fonctionne parfaitementEssayer le!.Version: 1.2.24

Silver coinsThis has been very helpful in determining the value on my coin collection. I’m not a professional coin trader so my children will know the worth of the coins..Version: 1.2.24

CoinSnapThis app is the best.Version: 1.2.12

BigRgdAbsolutely brilliant app. I can hardly see some of the writing on the coins but the app does! Well worth it!.Version: 1.2.12

Great appI was always curious about some coins I have come across. This app lets you know exactly what you are holding. Also could be holding onto a piece of history..Version: 1.2.12

It’s OKSo the app has a lot of fun facts about old coins that are valuable and also you can grade your own coins to see how much value they’re worth. But, occasionally the coins that I great will have the year and wrong meant. For example, I graded my 1969 San Francisco penny to see how much it was worth. But, the result sad that it was a 1959 Delaware penny. That’s why when we get this four stars. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.2.14

Corporal Mike MeoliSo far so good. Trying to get familiar with it all. Hard to explain in text but In general all is good. Is still don’t know all the info and what services you provide but I’m sure I will find out. It would be great if it was all connected so if someone needed a coin I had it would be known if I authorized it to be public in the group and vise verse. And info on all the details on this subject. Thanks.Version: 1.2.17

Excellent app!This app is essential for inventorying coins. The accuracy excellent with the default being a range of years if the mint date isn’t legible. I have two improvement suggestions; one is the total reference price for all the coins in a collection and the second is the ability to categorize coins so that families can use the app. For example, coins can be inventoried by Dad’s coins, Mom’s coins, Jr’s coins, etc..Version: 1.2.11

Coin snapReally good app, gets the id’s right 9 times out of ten, but needs an option to send remarks to the owners.. as one coin I have found only comes back as the wrong uk island...Version: 1.2.6

So FarSo far this has worked well. An app I have been waiting for..Version: 1.2.5

AppGreat app love it.Version: 1.2.20

AmazingWorks better than I expected.Version: 1.2.17

Nice very helpfulVery easy to get quick and detailed information on any coin u wish to take a quick couple of pictures of.Version: 1.2.17

Nice!Nice app, doesn’t recognise all coins, but very useful!.Version: 1.2.15

Not knowingI have had tons of coins for years dating back to the 1800’s never really knowing what I had. This app is fantastic gives me a better understanding of my coins and very quick to identify..Version: 1.2.6

Accuracy of coins almost 100% including foreign coins.Accurate on identifying coins is really good. I don’t know about pricing because there’s a lot of factors that going to pricing but they do have coin grading available..Version: 1.2.12

La meilleure applicationSes la meilleure application.Version: 1.2.15

Review:So far I haven't been getting good answers at all like for instance I scanned a 1992 penny and it came up with 1903 which was sorta dumb and I did this multiple times and it never gets my coins right edit: ok now Ive been doing this longer and Ive realized the app needs to scan multiple different coins before it starts working..Version: 1.2.25

Love it!!This app is the best one I’ve tried so far! It has a ton scans so far and it focuses the camera better than I thought it ever could. I will continue to use this app!.Version: 1.2.12

Great for the priceChecking my old coins I seen that after a lunch break I was able to get the yearly subscription free more or less because I sold my coins at a premium an not standards thanks to app.Version: 1.2.24

Inheritance helpThis really helped me manage the gift from my father and uncle. It’s nice to know the value of them, but the worth and gift to me me is priceless. Grateful this ap helped me, if only if they had one for paper money..Version: 1.2.24

MrGood very good I got experience.Version: 1.2.17

First timeJust loaded app. Snapped 4 coins, so far. My lighting where I took pictures is not bright. Yet, every coin was correctly identified as to year and exact description. Impressed so far. All coin estimated values were more than face value. This of course, is exciting to learn. Not high enough to cover cost of next meal, lol. Will be bringing out my coin stash, snap, turn, snap; perhaps one may be the one; changing my future 🙏🏻. Thanks for this app. Do you also have an app for paper notes? I’m giving a 4 star, until I review all my denominations..Version: 1.2.12

Total valueGreat app, would love to see total value of my collection.Version: 1.2.18

AmazedI have been wanting something like this and pretty accurate. Build platform from this ap that puts me in touch via email with buys for at or near the price listed and you all will be real awesome. Thanks Luke.Version: 1.2.12

Great appGood little app for new people interested in coin collections.Version: 1.2.20

Needs Easy Editing of ResultsFor clean and common coins in good condition it can be accurate; but it is not clear how I can edit the results to correct them when I know that it has made an error..Version: 1.2.24

So Far So GoodI just downloaded and installed this App. My initial thoughts are ‘So Far So Good’! This is my first at going over my coin collection, which I haven’t even looked at for at least 50 years! . I started it about 1960 when I first got my paper route. I became fascinated with all the coins I received with from my delivery subscriptions that I started collecting them. . I used the collection holders made by Western Publishing Co., Inc. in Racine, WI. They’ve been in a closet for at least 40 years, and just re-discovered them! . Anyway, I just saw an advertisement on Facebook, so I decided to give it a try..Version: 1.2.13

The small guys…..I like ur app it really gives some of us small guys a chance to no wat ment an the value of our change in case we take it somewhere and we try to get beat out of what we got it gives us kind of a head start so not all of us can be taken advantage of…. Thank you…..Version: 1.2.24

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