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Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile app received 99 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about call of duty®: warzone™ mobile?

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Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile for Negative User Reviews

Runs like hellI am a proper mobile gamer. I used to play the old cod mobile. That game ran really well, even on my old iPad. But this new game is wayyy to difficult to run. I have an iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd generation. And this iPad overheats to where I can’t turn on my flashlight. Big issue, and I believe we should be allowed to lock the fps to like. 90 or 120, not 60 to uncapped. Also, why is the graphics option locked on medium and high? Why don’t we have a low or ultra, not like the iPad can run ultra, but we should at least have a low graphics option and 90 & 120 fps frame cap. And also better optimisation so the game runs smoother and doesn’t overheat our devices..Version: 3.3.5

Game is okay but silly to mix lobby’s( touch players and control players)The game itself is okay, but I found that being a touch player going up against people on controls or emulators it’s highly unfair. Expect the game to be as good as cool of duty mobile but to me the game doesn’t feel as smooth in movement and feel. I have deleted the game after a few drops Shooting a person in the back then getting 180 drop shot by the player is ridiculous..Version: 3.3.5

Warzone mobileI’m sorry to say this but the graphics are trash and this game wasn’t worth the waiting so I’m going to go back to codm!!.Version: 3.3.4

Compatible device not workingMy device is on the compatibility list, iPad, seventh generation. Software will not load and says that the device is incompatible Please pull finger out and fix.Version: 3.3.4

Good/terribleI’m just writing this to let everyone know that if you download Call of Duty modern warfare mobile then you’re in for a surprise because you all think that this game would be amazing, brilliant and out of this world fun and exciting for the name alone. The graphics are not as polished as they could be in my opinion there’s a little glare on the whole screen that gives you a headache when playing the game the camera angles are slow sluggish, and don’t move fast enough to kill and are not finished off properly, turning your character in any direction is slow and sluggish it stops on its own and when you move it has a delay reaction the running and movement of running is slow sluggish and has a problem there as well. The joystick set up is a little bit robot like in my opinion You don’t have chat rooms set up properly like world, chat private chat or friend chat or team alliance chat these are missing from the game and it just feels like it’s been rushed not finished off not checked before putting out there for people to play but overall the good parts of the game are good graphics when downloading game and getting into the game. Maps are fun and look good and it has a high 60 frames per second, but with the changes that need to be sorted out, it could become a very good and amazing game.Version: 3.3.4

Not workingSince day one it come out it downloaded to my phone and it was a disappointment game barely plays without being disconnected due to server error mid game losing XP everything else. It’s very buggy and glitchy very difficult to play and being killed overall performance and graphics also horrible definitely not same as COD mobile I rather wait for them to get this game patched up and fixed before considering playing it as it’s impossible to even play it this type of state game. Meantime I’ll play COD mobile until this game gets fixed and will be enjoyable to play 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 3.3.5

GlitchesNeeds graphic, movement and sensitivity improvement for a 5 star rating!! The game forces to close itself, stuck on loading screen, fps is appalling!!.Version: 3.3.4

I can’t even playEven though it says my iPad is supported on here it keeps popping up with device not Supported, I double check and my device was fully compatible so idk what is going on so that’s why this is a 1 star for me if I can figure it out I will delete this comment and review..Version: 3.3.4

Remove controller compataibility / add non-controller game mode is essentialYet again COD have made this game amazing for streamers and rubbish for everyone else. The skill divide is criminal - you will have 1 fun game and then get absolutely obliterated by every person on the map after that. Very nostalgic playing verdansk but allowing people to use control for a mobile game, and have such poor skill based matchmaking is the equivalent of allowing cross play, so there will always be an unfair advantage for some players. At very least, have a non-controller game mode so people playing mobile can actually enjoy it and have a fair game..Version: 3.3.5

This game is definitely a work in progressI went into the game with high hopes but it is a lil lacklustre. Downloading took forever but the graphics I’ve got aren’t even the greatest even though they’re on high. I can’t even raise it any higher due to my IPhone 14 pro max being somehow incompatible with a higher resolution. I’m gonna be honest and say I get better graphics in cod mobile than this so I was heavily disappointed to see. If it wasn’t ready which I don’t think it was I wouldn’t have minded if the game was pushed back a few months for it to be perfectly ready to drop due to this being a bit of a disappointment. Hopefully with a few updates it will improve so I still have some hope left in the game..Version: 3.3.4

Where is everyone?Just sit in queue for hours. Nobody playing..?.Version: 3.3.4

Not letting me playWarzone says it’s compatible with my device but it still doesn’t let me in can you fix that..Version: 3.3.4

Cod veteranI must say having waited months for this I am a very disappointed, I’ve played loads of cod’s over the years and I religiously played cod mobile and also I play mw3 right now as well, wazone on mobile is nowhere near the standard of gameplay as cod mobile. The concept is great having the console version on mobile, but the gameplay lacks quality compared to codm, ie the movement is bad and also can’t slide cancel, shooting and getting kills is harder imo, the camera moves weird when moving and stationary when shooting there’s so much going on with the screen it’s overcomplicating the game, if the gameplay itself was the same I would’ve continued to play it but instead I uninstalled and am sticking to cod mobile instead. Hopefully they tweak the game because I would like to continue to play mobile warzone when I’m commuting etc but for now I’m just going to continue on cod mobile until things change, if they change. Not tryin.Version: 3.3.4

Game playGame play is very poor, visibility not very good. The old call of duty Mobile is 100% better then this one, The fluidity of movement and aiming, the movements of the players is not smooth like the old one. It needs to go back to the drawing board and have a rethink. Only positive I can take is that you can link it to your Xbox or PlayStation so you get the same characters you buy, along with guns. Very disappointing to how long we was waiting for this game. scrap this and keep old one just make new maps for old one. if it’s not broke don’t try and fix it!!.Version: 3.3.4

.Why does it look like an 2015 old game 💀.Version: 3.3.4

Crashing and lagThe game crashed mid match and is lagging heavily in main menu I couldn’t play for more then 30 minutes before the game froze and kicked me off it.Version: 3.3.4

All my progress is goneWas really looking forward to playing this and unlocking even more stuff however I logged into my account which is has been linked since beta and limited release only to find out my level has been reset to level 1 and can’t lie kind of killed it for me this even tried multiple devices to see if it was an OS thing but nope everything I worked for since the beta and limited release is gone I ain’t starting again when I grinded 3-4 month solid and got to where I was be careful this doesn’t happen to you.Version: 3.3.4

Not compatibleI have an ipad and installed cod Warzone on it. Each time I open it is says its not compatible. I have iOS 17.4 and it doesn’t work. Please fix your game..Version: 3.3.5

Nice idea but it doesn’t work and isn’t funVery clunky on iPhone and after a few games my phone is boiling hot to touch. Would say more tailored for iPad on a good wifi connection but at that point why not just play the console/pc version. Games seem laggy which I guess is to be expected on a mobile game like this. I like the idea of warzone mobile as something to play when not at home but I don’t think it works for mobile phones. Was nice to see verdansk and rebirth but won’t be playing again..Version: 3.3.4

Fun but keeps crashingIt runs fine and then it just crashes idk y I have the second newest device if u guys can fix it that would be great.Version: 3.3.4

Hot!Game runs way too warm and warms an understatement. Devices I tested iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 15 Pro Both top of the line and the game is blurry and overheating horribly. Please fix this instead of paying celebrities to say the games good..Version: 3.3.4

OkayGames okay some textures are blurry. Also there’s a bug when you pick up guns the gun and crosshair won’t show up for abit. And please add tap to interact and and auto tac sprint.Version: 3.3.4

ControllerPlease separate the controller player lobby or lower their aim assist.Version: 3.3.5

Unpolished, poor game.The initial setup was horrendous. Playing on a controller but you can’t even use the controller on the menu, no proper UI. Had to dig online for 30 minutes to realize that controller only works in game. On top of that, the controls/sensitivity numbers are not the same as standard COD which leaves the user confused and moving clunky in game. FOV is also limited to 90. Graphics are decent. Lots of AI, not as many real players. The UI is so bad, something call of duty has struggled with for years..Version: 3.3.4

Its ight right nowI kept getting a bug that when i melee enemies, the game confuses my player thinking i’m downed or dead, so i can’t switch weapons, auto vaulting turns off and i can’t use armour plates. So i’m gonna wait it out til the devs update it again and fix some more bugs. Other than that, not bad for a release, i’m still not good with the gunplay like other br games, a bit of learning curve with the mechanics but shouldn’t be no issue with wz players from other platforms other than getting used to button mapping on mobile..Version: 3.3.4

No workingAttention! Restart game.Version: 3.3.4

Error Downloading game filesThe game is reporting I have no storage available and that it requires 3.3 GB, however my 256 GB iPhone 14 Pro has 120 GB free. This is either a bug or the game isn’t ready and the developers just wanted this out to door to not have to delay a 4th time..Version: 3.3.4

Very importantTrying to put a good sensitivity as a call of duty mobile do not forget there is only codm player who plays this game I see two things that are wrong in this game the graphic and the sensitivities these tros null and one more can reduce the bugs thank you.Version: 3.3.4

Stick to consoleI was excited for this game, as were a lot of people when we first heard it was to be released. When it first came out, I was like okay… maybe this game is going to grow on me. I hated it. First of all, it made me phone extremely hot, (could fry an egg or two on there). Same problem with my friends’ phones. They have the latest iPhones and complained about the same thing. Secondly, the graphics are mid, for how hyped up the game is. CoD mobile has better graphics in LOW settings and Warzone was blurry. The fact that you need to play a few games to unlock the settings to be able to change the hud, etc. Maybe, there will be potential in the future but CoD mobile on top🔝 Anyways, I deleted Warzone and I will be sticking to CoD Mobile. Warzone should stick to console, thank you for coming to my TED talk. Peace ✌🏼.Version: 3.3.5

So disappointedNot compatible with Apple. Every time I opened game, it said that the device was not supported..Version: 3.3.4

Just played it sucksI waited since the summer and it is fun but the game sips your battery like a juice box.Version: 3.3.4

BuggedToo many bugs at the moment.Version: 3.3.5

Bad graphicsI thought it was gonna be better than CODM, but it’s the worst game ever. Thank god I ain’t colour blind or else I would think this game was made in b/w..Version: 3.3.4

Call of duty mobileThis app is a very bad game when I load on it will allow me to do so but when it starts “downloading” it will stop at 94% and not going up even 1% for over an hour maybe figure out your game’s problems before publishing.Version: 3.3.5

BugsAnyone that likes this game must have downloaded a different game. Controls are terrible. I’ve tried different HUD layouts and sensitivity but it feels the same - like running in mud. Can’t always switch weapon or weapon disappears and can’t aim down sight. Sometimes weapon won’t fire in gunfight. Buttons don’t always seem to be working. Slide ends up as crouch. Been shot by invisible enemies. It’s really hard if not impossible to know where enemies are, get shot in the back all the time by one shot wonders from miles away with a shotgun - except if I fire shotgun at close range it doesn’t take out the target in one shot. If the game worked smoothly I’d happily give 5 stars..Version: 3.3.5

Fix the lag and poor graphicsFor a game brand of this calibre to make such a poorly playable game is beyond me. Graphics are super choppy. Lag is insane when too many players are close, movement mechanics overall bad ..Version: 3.3.5

Useless game!-Very poor graphics -Nonsense optimization -When playing, the phone turns into a furnace -All of the above + about 8 GB Download size There is nothing to enjoy.Version: 3.3.4

Disappointed but i hope the issues are resolved with new updates !Graphics look bad , Many Mobile shooter players use 4 finger claw or more , so pre add the layout in settings , More in depth setting panel will be good , There’s too much on the screen , battle royal takes ages to load , Learn something from PUBG if you want to thrive in mobile gaming ! I hope these issues are resolved cause i waited a long time for COD warzone mobile !.Version: 3.3.5

OptimisationFix ur game low end devices can even run without the fear of their phone’s exploding.Version: 3.3.4

Not surprisedGame got pushed back months on months and doesn’t even load when it comes out. Not surprised, knew something would go wrong..Version: 3.3.4

Not goodFirst of all, the game is not optimized, grahpic is terrible and screen is glitching a lot. Also i've waited this game for a year due to the delay. Big disappointment. going back to codm.Version: 3.3.4

Оптимизация дно)Зачем выпускать такую лаганую игру? iPhone XR либо вылетает либо 20-40 фпс короче 1⭐️.Version: 3.3.4

So badI can’t believe how bad this game is compared to the last one. The last game is very good and I have played over 100 hours. Smooth, good combat. This game fails on every level. The control system, broken movement, unbalanced weapons and worse of all, no match making rankings, means this is a total waste of time. If someone gets a heli or score streak, you can’t even shoot a rocket because of how badly this game has been made. So what’s the point of rockets? Well they are unbalanced as hell for just nuking people. Aiming is impossible, so all guns except shot guns or SMGs where you can glitch run and no one can aim at you. All of these issues plus so many more, make the game no fun at all. I can’t believe you had a good game and paid people to do this with it..Version: 3.3.5

Needs workCall of duty mobile is way easier to play compared to this. This is a bit slow too..Version: 3.3.4

Warzone activisionBanned my account for a file I never added to my game.Version: 3.3.4

Bugs and optimisationSometimes the guns become invisible and the game can’t run 60 fps on a iPhone 13 during gunfights!!!!.Version: 3.3.4

Poor gameThe game is very jank, slow and has bad lighting. The controller accessibility has made it nearly impossible to play with your fingers unless you like not having fun. Tencent feels a lot more fluid and reactive in comparison, disappointing after waiting a long time for people with controllers to ruin the game ( mobile game ). Unless you make it so only controller players can play against each other I won’t be playing anymore, already uninstalled… also you’ll need a new tablet of phone to play and you’ll still be able to fry an egg on the screen. Visuals: 7/10 Gameplay:5/10 Controller: 0/10 stick to console or pc.Version: 3.3.4

DisappointedLong time codm player here and have been excitedly waiting 6 months too long for the release of this mid game… running a new iphone and have had to dial the graphics right back to play smoothly, no skill based match making, too many inputs, glitchy when in gun fights, terrible graphics REALLY DISAPPOINTING ACTIVISION!!!.Version: 3.3.5

Extremely laggyMultiplayer is a absolute mess. Games take so long to find and ping is terrible. Not my wifi.Version: 3.3.5

It’s weirdIt says in the App Store the app is compatible with my phone but in the app it says it’s not compatible. I bet it’s a good game but yeah.Version: 3.3.5

I am unable to open the microphoneMy device is iPad Air 5. When I try to turn on or off the microphone during a battle, clicking the button is ineffective. The microphone can be turned on and off in the lobby, and it can also be turned on during the battle, but cannot be turned off.Version: 3.3.4

So disappointed. Needs optimization ASAP.Where do I start… the graphics are so bad that I thought I needed glasses. My battery level went down 11% in 9 minutes. Additionally, my battery health has gone down 1% already and I’m on a 2 month old iPhone 14 Plus which was at a solid 100% before I downloaded this game. The phone overheats constantly. Money grabs money grabs all throughout. I won’t be spending a dime on this trash game. I’ve spent too much on codm, which is amazing, and the fact that attention is being taken off codm to create this sad excuse of a game makes me wanna cry. I’m a peaceful player, I like to have fun, but this game makes me wanna rage. Not because of the players. I don’t care about that. It’s because of the quality of the game. I won’t be playing anymore. I’ll just live vicariously through watching iFerg, Bobby, Noah, Rebalo etc. kthanksbye..Version: 3.3.4

Cant find matchI can't find a match and when it finally connects to a 200ms ping lobby it say connecting to match over and over and does not connect. It said to play a tutorial match to proceed and then it disappeared after creating a class, maybe something correlates to the issue..Version: 3.3.4

HelpI’m playing on an iPad mini 5. And it keeps crashing after 2 games… I’m not mad or anything as a matter fact I love this game. It’s just not enjoyable for me to crash from time to time lol please get back to me...Version: 3.3.4

Mildly DisappointingIf you’re a COD mobile player trying this out, here’s what to expect: 1. Terrible graphics 2. Many glitching boxes 3. Horrid graphics Cheers, Eve Vie.Version: 3.3.4

Cod Warzone MobileI thought I was excited for this but it was look to me not bad and it’s not good graphics for me and can’t heard any people nearby to aground me and unfair people can hear where they was nearly and not us cos I am profoundly deaf and my 10 deaf friends all they been told me about it and same me here. All of my deaf friends have be complaining over phones overheats when we played. I can’t even play this game because my phone overheats and difficult me to get understand and worst confusion when I played. I honestly call of duty mobile is better than Warzone everything went wrong. I heard lots of people are complaining about it. I think you need better changes something better graphics and where they are nearly for deaf people!!.Version: 3.3.4

Can’t log inI’m a fan of modern warfare 3 since release i strait away logged in and started playing. In my first game the movement was clunky and sluggish it is also very hard to slide cancel. The game only has a fov of 90 when Warzone has a maximum of 120 fov which means that most the guns have a lot more recoil than in Warzone also the graphics were not good and it’s now kicked me out of it and when I try to sign in it says that there’s a account in use .I also can’t believe they got rid of shoot house for Warzone mobile. I wouldn’t reacomend it until the movement graphics are fixed instead play cod mobile.Version: 3.3.5

Worst fps gameRob ably the worst for game on the App Store right now. Bad knockoff games have better graphics and mechanics than this..Version: 3.3.4

OptimizationEven on my 15 pro, the optimization is the poorest i’ve seen in a mobile game. what’s the point of “peak” graphic and uncapped fps if all you’re getting is grainy details and a laggy game. Trust me, I’ve been waiting for the game since it got announced 3 years ago and I want it to succeed but progress has to be shown..Version: 3.3.4

So bad it’s funnyLag, about 5fps, it’s horrible, looks terrible and no movement I’m walking everywhere so bad. Don’t get it.Version: 3.3.4

It’s ok-ish but still needs LOTS of workThe initial hype I guess was for the OG verdansk players, it’s ok I guess but it’s clunky, slow and just doesn’t have that same feel or excitement you get from a BR map, I play on a new iPad and graphically it’s not as good as it could be, it definitely doesn’t deserve the 4.3 rating it’s got! I played it for a couple of days hoping to get to like it but it’s not the best. I think given time it could improve but I really do think it was purely a hype thing for verdansk lovers yet it just doesn’t deliver that OG experience..Version: 3.3.5

EhhGlitches too much….Version: 3.3.5

Didn’t like it one bitThere are way too many controls and it’s not very suitable for mobile players. my game crashed after opening it for the first time in the first game i played. saw a maximum of 1 real squad playing br. the graphics are so bad. i put it to the highest graphics and the game looks like a little kid made it..Version: 3.3.4

Low fps and lagAfter download the global build it’s running even worse , I thought global build would be different , but it’s running much worse now … hope you guys fix it but dropping any miracle update on 21st.Version: 3.3.4

WhyDear activision, I have played codm for I while now, I peaked at legendary rank and I loved the game so much so obviously I couldn’t wait for warzone mobile to drop. So you can imagine my surprise when after I get the game I can’t turn my graphics up, the game in general feels kinda slow, and my biggest issue over all , there is so much aim assist, I would get into a fight, get a kill and before I can even look at the next person I’m dead, I each the kill cam and then with an at with an iron sight I get beamed from 100m away. I get how I makes the game more fun for worse players and many mobile games have super high aim assist but c’mon. It’s too much. Please change this soon. For now I’m going to play some combat master where it takes skill to get kills..Version: 3.3.4

Could get some improvementI was excited to play call of duty Warzone mobile version, but I was let down because of some features and gameplay overall. The game is good don’t get me wrong on it, but I will very like to point out the bits and parts of the game on the game that disappoint me. The damage on guns on mobile when you shoot it’s so much lesser than pc players guns, especially my aim is on target and fired so many shots into him, it’s a surprising how I die all the time, that’s one thing I’m not happy about, second of all, there is no selection and filter gamemodes on playing moshpit and third of all I very much suggest don’t put mobile players with pc players. I know what it’s like to play on pc because I have a set at home. But I will appreciate that if the developers made another selection where mobile players vs mobile players and pc vs pc, then that will be fair, specifically on moshpit..Version: 3.3.4

Fixed the Crush and Laggy on iPhone XRGame Crush and getting very hot few minutes playing and very laggy in iPhone XR and Graphics are blurry and bad as well fixed this problem.Version: 3.3.5

This game lag like a mfIm on iphone 11 and the game framerate and fps is very very bad the graphics can even load the map correctly.Version: 3.3.4

Call of duty mobile WarzoneDoesn’t work for me.Version: 3.3.4

Game is very badThe worst cod game ive ever played.Version: 3.3.4

Movement/aiming 👎Movement in this game is atrocious, compared to cod mobile it is sluggish and you end up constantly either stopping dead in your tracks or struggling to run and tac sprint, the concept is absolutely insane literally mw3/warzone on your phone but definitely needs some adjusting. Aiming too is really bad compared to codm it is absolutely shocking doesn’t feel like 60fps at all. There needs to also be an option to look/fire at the same time using the hip fire button but that doesn’t seem to be a thing only the fire button allows you to rotate. Overall good game but needs work on aiming and movement..Version: 3.3.4

Doesn’t workOn the store page it said it was compatible with my phone if it had an iOS of 16.0 or later (which I have) but when I loaded into the game it said my phone wasn’t compatible and then sent me to a screen saying it was looking for updates, from what I’ve seen the game looks fun but I just wish I could play it.Version: 3.3.4

Graphics14 pro max and am lagging.Version: 3.3.4

Don’t play for a few monthsPersonally I was excited to play warzone mobile as a throwback to good times a couple of years ago, however this game is absolutely tragic in most ways you could imagine. First of all the graphics system is terrible, they expect you to start on basically 8-bit graphics and then slowly get better graphics as you play which should definitely not be the case. Secondly the gameplay is terrible. I played 4 games before uninstalling, my app crashed in 2 and then eventually once I managed to drop in trying to pick up a gun it just didn’t load and caused me to die twice. Very disappointed with this release, was one game that was highly anticipated by many to be an amazing game but unless the gameplay is fixed then it’ll end up just like apex mobile did.Version: 3.3.4

AverageLike everyone else was looking forward tot he game, but game play is average at best..Version: 3.3.4

PleaseBring it to Canada.Version: 2.0.1

To bad for global realiseWe have Death Stranding and Resident Evil - games with console graphics, but we can’t play with stable 60 fps in mobile game. 30 and 45 fps have ridiculously big input lag. Medium and other low options don’t do fps better. If u use powerful cooler u can’t get stable fps. We don’t have graphics settings in late beta game. Fire buttons don’t work instantly after using car or self-revive. Infinity packet loss and lags after 2 minutes game. U not ready..Version: 3.3.4

Yikes…15 Pro MaxNot sure where to start, battery heats up super fast and screen gets dark, extremely choppy fps even on the “un-capped” setting, graphics are blurry even on highest setting, and the controls, omg the controls. Even on the highest sensitivity, I have to drag my finger across the entire screen to turn around while not ads-ing. And the gyro support is horrendous. A FRACTION the quality of CODM which is unfortunate because I literally upgraded to a 15 Pro Max just for the hype of this game :’(.Version: 3.3.4

Not worth the spaceBad graphics, runs bad, overall what I expected. Going back to cod mobile..Version: 3.3.4

Fix battery optimisation and gamrMake it so all phones can pick low or min graphics and optimised game.Version: 3.3.4

Stop playing the game if you don’t like it 🤦🏽‍♂️My Honest review about the game. Firstly, It just released less than a week ago and people wanna jump on to their conclusions on how bad the game looks, graphics and performance are. Then those are the same people crying about game not being compatible with older phones. Of course there will be updates to fix the issues, graphics and it’s performance. The developers are also human beings trying to create a fun game absolutely for free and here people just want to spread hate. Secondly, I used to play Call of duty: Mobile day and night spent hundreds on skins and battle passes etc. I deleted that game because it was really addictive once you got a hang of it. Now moving forward upon release of this new Warzone, I’m pretty impressed with the fact 80% of the console version of Call of Duty Warzone is running on a phone is unreal. I quite like this as I barely get any time around my PS5 to play COD WZ or any other game. I’m giving it 3 stars only because my expectations were high because this game was delayed over and over. Eventually it released but with lower expectations..Version: 3.3.4

Are you serious?Game is not optimized. I have 14 Pro Max and after few minutes of gameplay, on reduces graphic the device is on fire..Version: 3.3.4

Decent but lacks levelsGood game, nice to have something fresh. Would have liked to see a ranked and normal match like codm. Feels like a game where you will be stuck around a 1kd forever. A couple of bots would be nice. I can see myself back at codm in a week once the novelty of a new game wears off Update: game deleted, back at codm. Just a really hard game. No bots but still really long wait times for lobbies. Not enjoyable at all..Version: 3.3.5

Cooks phoneIPhone 14 pro getting literally cooked playing this game, no low quality option available.Version: 3.3.4

Not loadingWon’t load past fetching online profile.Version: 3.3.4

Fire button not respondingFix the bugs halfway through game and my fire button stops responding.Version: 3.3.5

ProblemIt says device supported and when I downloaded it says not supported.Version: 3.3.4

Poorly optimized gameIncredibly laggy on my iPad. Graphics are horrid. Clunky movement. Some of the buttons are broken. HUD is cluttered. They tried to bring the PC game to mobile but don't understand the basic differences I'm the inner workings of a PC vs mobile..Version: 3.3.4

Controls feel offI play a lot off battle royal shooters, I play COD:MOBILE A LOT, when I heard about warzone mobile I was excited to say the least, but for some reason the controls are off, the simple features that make COD:Mobile easy to hop into are lacking in warzone, like the controls and the default sensitivity of COD mobile where enough to ensure a good and enjoyable gameplay, whilst that of of WARZONE feel extremely hard and just down right slow. I was no movement God but I could perform the basics of evasion, while in warzone I can’t. This is not to say the game is not fun cause I do enjoy maybe add an option or a selection for Cod mobile settings. Maybe I haven’t gotten use to it yet, but I would appreciate such a feature. But on that note I am happy you brought this game to mobile..Version: 3.3.4

Fix it before you release itDon’t work.Version: 3.3.4

Unplayable.This game is unplayable. Graphics is trash and tons of bugs. For this game to be playable you need to have Iphone 14 pro max or above..Version: 3.3.4

Wouldn’t fully downloadDownloaded the app then had to download all the content made it to the third lot of download and it was stuck at 3% waited for a whole half an hour. Ended up closing the app and opening it back up to get stuck at 0% for ages. Tried the whole process again and same thing. Tested the internet and plenty of storage with phone fully charged….Version: 3.3.4

Going back to CoD MobileCod mobile is amazing for a ‘free’ game. I was looking forward to Warzone as an updated version (cod mobile II?) but this simply isn’t it. I don’t game on PS or XBox so maybe Warzone makes sense to those that do, and who have experience, but having played for a day (bumbled around for a day) I can’t get it into it at all. The graphics and frame rate are fine, but the game modes are dull and seem suited to experienced players who team up. There are long load times, and whole ton of stuff on the map to interact with, with no explanation or suitable tutorial to explain what they do. If your an experienced player you may get something out of it, but if you have never played Warfare, before stick to Cod Mobile. Deleted and original CoD mobile reinstated..Version: 3.3.4

Device supportSays device compatible and load it up and it says device uncmopatible.Version: 3.3.4

If I could give zero stars I would!The whole game is just terrible and the graphics are shocking! How people find this game good is just crazy. You can be sat there shooting someone for ages but yet you get shot a couple of times and your the one that dies? It does not make sense at all. One guy was invisible and I could only see him because of his gun so I was shooting him and yet like I say I’m the one that dies? they really need to sort out the controls too, there is more bad things to say but nope I won’t even bother lol I just uninstalled it and will never play it again..Version: 3.3.4

I have been waiting for 2 yearsI have been waiting for this for about 2 years and it says i can play on my ipad but when i go in it says unsupported device.Version: 3.3.4

Some really good bitsBut the matchmaking is painfully bad. I do not want to play objective based games with other people who don’t. I want to win and I need my team mates assistance to do that, please don’t put me with a bunch of selfish, ego driven idiots that think they’re too good to stand on a point for a few seconds. Why have you put team death match in “objective based mosh pit”? It isn’t an objective based game. Some serious problems with hit reg, I can unload a whole clip into someone and they don’t die, but they kill me and 2 other people with their clip? Using marksmen rifles, I’m just getting kills. I’m shooting on target, but the bullet isn’t landing for some reason. Last stand shouldn’t be default, it is very annoying. So this game looks amazing on the surface, but it crumbles when you look at it too closely. Oh, and most games being completely ruined by people in vehicles taking all of the fun out of the game. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 3.3.5

Iphone 14 pro maxMy phone overheated in tutorial, everything lagged so much , can’t change graphics settings..Version: 3.3.4

HeatingYesterday I had to put my iPad in freezer cause of this game. It gives me overheating warning and I can’t use iPad until it cool down..Version: 3.3.5

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