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Great but needs slight improvementLove the concept of this app and works great apart from one thing- some songs fail to add to recently played and the feed for some reason. I’ve noticed this on a number of occasions, they will display as now playing during listening but then straight after they disappear for some strange reason. Wish this problem would be fixed, because other than that the app is perfect..Version: 0.53

Amazing app !Easy to understand app, updates almost instantly and all in all brilliant concept , 10/10.Version: 0.47

Love this app too muchI love seeing the artists I’ve been listening too the most and I can compare it to my artists the previous week etc also seeing what songs I’ve been listening too helps me understand the songs I don’t listen to as much and overall is just a fun helpful app that also includes cute widgets for your home Screen.Version: 0.64

GREAT APP, HoweverThis is going to be really short. It’s an amazing app, great concept and very fun to use with friends. However, the lack of music providers in the app is kinda disappointing. You have the request feature but it’s been months of requesting for Musi & Soundcloud and still there’s nothing. It’d be great if you could add them, or at least let us know if you actually plan on adding them. Please and Thank you.Version: 0.61

Youtube musicPls add youtube music it’s the main app i use for music, i have a spotify acc that’s linked to this and i think your app is great, but pls consider yt music.Version: 0.66

SO FUN!! (but I have some suggestions)I love this app! It’s so cool to see what my friends are listening to and I discovered a ton of new songs. However, the widget itself is somewhat glitched. Instead of showing the current song your friend is listening to or the most recent one, it just shows a random one they listened to a few minutes ago. Also, can you add an option on the widget to choose which friend to view? Example: Friend 1 and Friend 2 are both playing a song, but the widget is displaying Friend 1. If I swipe to the right, I can view Friend 2 and swipe again to go back to Friend 1! Hope my review helps! This app is really great..Version: 0.53

Good but one major flawAbsolutely love the app but it is constantly disconnecting from my spotify so my music isn’t showing up in my music history it’s always happening no matter how many times i synchronise my spotify and app again it’s very frustrating.Version: 0.56

I LOVE!!!This app is SO GOOD. i don’t think i can think of a flaw, it works exactly how it’s suppose to🤷 its fun to bond over music with your friends, this helps.Version: 0.23

Great app BUT ! Please fix ghost modeBeen enjoying everything about this app and i recommend it but one thing that hasn't worked properly (at least for me) is ghost mode. and theres been glitches with listening history multiple times by replicating songs i listened on ghost mode when i didn't listen to it again off ghost mode. or a song i Know i listened to only once showing up like 10 times lol again i Love the app it works well in every other way its just this one problem has continually bothered me and i just waited until an update came to fix it but it never did. Just letting the developers know i guess 😭.Version: 1.0.7

Pretty goodPretty good but would be better if they added SoundCloud.Version: 0.84

Needs Updates and ImprovementsThe app is very good overall but there are some minor things i’ve noticed while using it that bother me. Sometimes when you click on the widget an error message pops up and you have to refresh a bit to get it to work. Also, sometimes the songs that are showing on the widget won’t update even though the song they listened to was from a while ago. Also i noticed sometimes when i click on people profile the app starts glitching really bad and keeps opening and closing it until i refresh the app. update the glitches, work on more features, and continue improving and you’ll be great..Version: 0.73

It’s pretty FunHonestly a cute little idea, Love using it!!! It’s also great for buying music related gifts for my friends!.Version: 1.0.1

Good but laggyIt’s a good app with a good concept but it does lag a lot. with apple music at least, i listen to a bunch of music all week and it says on thursday when we’re getting the reviews for the week 0BPM. also, when i play songs it sometimes registers as if i’d listened to them five or six times in a row which i didn’t at least in my case, i only played these songs once. maybe it’s a problem on my end, but i don’t know. i disconnected and reconnected my music supplier (apple music) and it didn’t do anything..Version: 1.0.9

LoveI am in love with this app, especially the new feature of weekly stats! INCREDIBLE.Version: 0.24

Great but really laggyIt’s a good app with a rlly good idea but is so laggy and takes ages to even load or click onto other things.Version: 1.0.9

Literally one of my favorite apps everThis app is so good!! i have recommended it to several people, and they love it as much as i do. not only does it let you track your listening activity, but it also gives you daily and weekly recaps. it allows you to see all of your weekly recaps, and i love comparing them. there is also a place where you can put up questions, and people can respond to them with songs. i like that it lets you “favorite” a song, and all of those songs go in one place. reactions are so fun to send, and i love the feature where you can make your own reactions!! overall, this is an amazing app, and i highly recommend it!! :).Version: 1.0.7

AmazingThis app is way better than i expected. The fact that you can listen to the songs in the app is so cool. this is so much fun and i’m so telling everybody to get this app.Version: 0.9.1

Absolutely amazing!I normally NEVER leave reviews, but this app totally deserves it! it’s a super cool idea and executed so well, they add new features almost weekly and are all super smooth and really interesting (especially as i love knowing lots about my taste and what i do with my music). they weekly round up is great, and i always look forward to it. this app is totally brilliant and i cannot wait to see what they have in store for the future!.Version: 0.62

SO GOOODMe and my bsf got this, it’s rlly fun to see what eachother listens to, i rlly recommend. You can also react to each song ur friend listens to with emojis, it’s rlly funny😭.Version: 0.12

👍✌️Good app does everything I expected and more I recommend getting it but it needs to be on more phones other than apple that’s the only bad thing.Version: 0.51

Absolutely adore howeverBeen using for a few months and love it to bits, however a lot of my friends are samsung users so please make it available to samsung.Version: 0.70

FaveMy favourite app going atm, love to see what people are listening to so this is up there.Version: 0.51

😍😍😍I LOVE THIS APP I swear I love this app so much I can’t describe, I always win the reaction contest bc I literally love looking at what my friends are listening to. BUT PLEASE I NEED PEOPLE TO SEE MY PODCASTS!!!! I listen to podcasts a lot and I need people to see these amazing podcasts and I also need recommendations from my friends!!! and also I really want people to see the playlists and stuff i’m listening too please please please.Version: 0.67

GoodAdd apple musik.Version: 0.77

Add YouTube musicAdd YouTube music plz.Version: 0.71

Mostly great!This app is great but I think adding a feature for private mode would make it even better for those times you don’t want everyone being able to see everything your listening to!.Version: 0.52

Needs Lower Version SupportIt IS a widget meant for iOS 15 and up, but I wish it had lower version compatibility. (Currently on 14) I heard of this app from friends but I cannot upgrade my phone due to jailbreaking circumstances. I bypassed the iOS 15+ limit while in iOS 14 and obviously it crashes because it needs iOS 15 frameworks . While I don’t expect this request to be worked on, I would certainly be surprised if it’s ever considered in the future. Cheers.Version: 0.17

Great!This app is great for playing around with your friends and seeing what they listen to. I check it multiple times a day and enjoy when a friend and I are listening to something in common, as well as reacting with emojis to whatever they are listening to. If you are looking for an app with a ton of features and things to do, this app is not for you. This app is great for what it is but it’s not meant to have any games or any kind of entertainment that will last for hours. Two things though: The weekly recaps don’t truthfully reflect a summary of what you were listening to. It’s been a few times where in my top five was a song I listened to once because I was curious about it. Also, the app is delayed of what people are listening to at that time but it isn’t that big of a deal. There are just times when I’m listening to a song but the app doesn’t recognize that I was listening to it until five minutes later when I’m not anymore. Anyways, I recommend this app for having a laugh with your friends and (in a friendly manner,) judging what they’re listening to. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 0.90

Love love loveeLiterally so cutesy and fun 💕🎀 love the fast customer support and the reels the developer makes are so cute haha !!! ALSO loving how they have a page for future features and we all get a say in what would be nice or not so nice for the app 🤍🤍.Version: 0.62

It’s a good app but..It’s a good app because you can connect your apps to here and see what others are listening to and whatever, the reason it’s not 5 stars is because it’s kinda slow and it’s disappointing but at least it’s good 🤷‍♀️.Version: 0.76

THIS APP IS SO CUTE + IDEASOk omg this is my first review ever but i love this app so much i had to write one. so if ur like me a music lover (obviously) i’ve basically been using instagram to share songs i like, like putting the little 15 second song snippet on my story for 24 hours and rewatching it a million times while everybody else skips past it, but i LOVEEEEE this app because not only does it add every song you’ve even listened to (so u dont get annoyed when instagram music doesn’t have the song you were listening to), u can ALSO react to it and it gives u a longer portion of the song to listen to i actually had a couple ideas omg with the q&a questions u can only respond with songs and i know that keeps things safe and polite but since u can already report people i think it’d be cute if u could atleast respond with words too omg i also think it would be cute if u could pick which part of the song is ur favorite so it plays that part instead of a random portion of the song omg kinda like instagram just some ideas i have more but i wrote too much ANYWAY i love this app u guys r the best keep updating!!! this app is getting more popular!!!!!.Version: 1.1.9

What has been missing for years!Wow! Instead of manually share individually tracks you get to do that under the hood + learn about what your friends & family are playing. In less than 24h of usage I already came across a few tracks that have made me smile big time. The more the merrier, go ahead and download!!.Version: 0.7

GoodGood but doesn’t show the latest song the person is listening to its very delayed.Version: 0.66

Good appI just wish the ghost mode would give you the option to stay like that for as long as you want..Version: 0.81

Love it but have some feedbackI loooove this app so much. music is such a huge part of my friends and my lives that it’s really fun to comment on each others music and discover their music. the main feedback i have for the app devs is to make the weekly recaps (specifically the screenshot you share) to have the minutes, top songs, basically everything combined in one SS. it makes it way easier to share! otherwise great app devs 🫶🏽.Version: 1.1.0

Add last fm plsLet us link our last fm it will be so much better thanks.Version: 0.90

I love this app concept - I have 1 suggestionThis app is truly innovative, I don’t usually leave app reviews but this one deserves a few words. I am very skeptical of new apps these days but this one is fool proof and provides a great way to find and rediscover songs through friends. I do have 1 suggestion for improvement that would enhance the airbud experience and that is to be able to react the yours friends answers when you ask a question. We can react to everything else but they’re answers - this would be a cool touch that’s why it gets 4 stars from me!.Version: 1.0.8

Best social media music app to dateThe idea behind this app is genius and the execution is great. Obviously with any new app there are some small issues. But I have an idea that would be pretty sweet. Add a 5-10 second buffer period and if you skip a song within that time, it doesn’t show up on the feed. Other than that and the fact that the times aren’t always accurate, this app is glorious..Version: 0.73

Really smooth appLoving it.Version: 1.1.13

Interaction Additions !This is such a cool app, I love being able to see what my friends have been listening to and talking about it when I see them. What would make this app better is a way to react to what your friends listen to through the app. It’s the one thing I feel is missing! I wish, like the Locket app, you were able to react with emojis to different songs they listened to and send messages through the app! I feel like I got this app to react to my friends music taste and to have them comment on mine, and yet it’s not a feature in the actual app to react. Just an idea that would really pull me to this app more ^^.Version: 0.19

Perfect for Apple Music/Spotify divideGreat app and fun way to discover your friends music when you stream on different platforms ! Would be really great to have an option to react to people’s answers to questions you put out / others answers !.Version: 1.0.8

I LOVE THIS APP butIdk if its normal bit i would like to be able to see the music my friend a re playing live and not what they where listening 10min ago on my home screen widget because in the app i can see it live but everything else is insane keep it up i love it!!!!.Version: 1.0.7

👍👍Great app lots of unique features.Version: 1.1.10

Wont let me connect to apple musicEverytime i try and ‘synchronise’ my apple music, it says that the server wont connect and it’s happening to my mate aswell.Version: 1.1.5

Quality of lifeI feel like its a bit cluttered. I'd like to see a home page that shows active friends and hot songs. Then separate your recent songs from friends. The "Memories" of your song history is a great feature, I would like to see a way to compare or see a trend of common artists or genres in your playlist using the memories. So that I can see the change in my taste of music throughout the year. (I'd like to see a stat/graph and not have to click week by week to see how my artists differed.).Version: 0.84

GoodCool to see friends music.Version: 1.1.9

Definitely a Favorite! Bugs + ImprovementsI love the overall aesthetic and concept of this app. However, there is one bug greatly hindering the entire purpose. Right now my chat feature is broken and has not updated for the last five days. I am actively receiving and sending reactions, but they only show up on my profile and not going to the chat. Even some of the reactions pop up in my notifications, but when I go to the app they’re gone. I deleted the app because of this, and am hoping it will be fixed after the redownload. Like another user stated, it would be nice to see Currently Playing at the top — similar to how Instagram stories work. It’ll make it easier to see and react to everyone’s at once. A less important, but still cool possible addition is an obscurity/basic rating of your music in the weekly recap — similar to Obscurify..Version: 0.56

Best Way to find new musicFound so many good tracks from friends this way.Version: 0.17

Cute and silly little app5 stars!! come onnnn this is so fun. I am so nosy so this is perfect cause i can see what people are listening to on spotify or apple music <3.Version: 0.46

CoolIt would be sick if everytime it had like “your #1 listener of [artist]” or “your in the top 1% of [artist] listeners” we could see the ranking of other airbuds users that are on the top 5 of that artist then add them as friends. This way we could become friends w people that have similar music tastes and the app could go beyond just having ur irl friends see ur music 🔥🔥🔥.Version: 1.1.11

Super Cool AppI like the idea that you can view what you’re friends are listening to and can tune in to their music interests and vice versa. I also like that it tells you how long you have listened to music each week as well as what you have listened to the most. Overall, a very underrated app that, to me, is a form of entertainment and new discoveries..Version: 0.53

What a wild appThe only bad part about this app is that it exposes the hell out of you. You’ll be sat there shaking and worrying that your friends are going to roast you for your music taste. Other than that, it’s perfect, which is the point I suppose. Absolutely no issues at all as of yet, even in early development. Huge respect to the developers, y’all have created something really cool!.Version: 0.56

Update the Logo & Song algorithmGreat app, beautiful idea, but the logo is just ugly. It is all over the place. Algorithm: I noticed when I skip songs they appear as songs I listened to. That is not accurate information and it is undermining the whole purpose of the app. I would recommend you guys only present songs on the feed that have been listened for 20 secs. Thanks! I look forward to seeing this change!.Version: 0.53

Needs more music appI need YouTube music.Version: 0.66

One of my fav apps but there’s a minor issue!I’ve never written any reviews cause I believe it’s a bit stupid but this app is really good. Honestly I find myself opening it sometimes just for the sake of it but I would like to say that it’s a bit slow at times, and laggy. I had no issues before when I had only 3 friends on the app, but as I started finding more friends, it started becoming rather slow. I’m not sure if the number of friends I have had anything to do with it? I thought it was only me but I’ve seen 4-5 other friends put it in the questions and many of their own friends agree as well, which is why I decided to write this..Version: 0.96

LOVE but…I love this app it’s a great way to comment with ur friends through music it’s great!!! although i have a question, when does my airbuds app update? when will it show the different artist i listen too? when will it show the on repeat songs i listen to on and on over this past week? it’s just showing me the old ones that aren’t true.Version: 0.64

So amazing ❤️I rarely and i mean RARELY write reviews even on games/apps i enjoy and frequent. airbuds is genuinely such a fun summer app, me and my friend were looking for a music app to share our music, we found one previously but it was weirdly done and you had to pay. this is not only ad free; but has a really gorgeous format, fun features like showing songs u have on repeat, reacting to ur friends songs, messages, etc. you can add it as a widget on both lock + home screen which i think is really cool. i really sound like i’m sponsored 😭 but fr it’s super fun and cool, add a status of how ur feeling and everything as well. wanna highlight that it’s def the app of the summer 🥲.Version: 0.71

I love this app!!This app is great, i love the feature that you can react to eachothers music but i think to improve there needs to be an option to write a caption and add comments to the music. It would make it a lot more interactive as you can sort of talk to your friends more:) i understand adding a limit of characters to captions though incase it crashes !!.Version: 0.42

Almost perfect, just needs to fix this one issue I’ve noticed latelyThis app is really cool and I love being able to see what other people are listening to. My only gripe at the moment is that some songs are listed as being played more than one time, so it looks like I’m listening to the same song seven times in a row. This isn’t that big of a deal, but considering how these plays end up messing with my weekly recaps and my on repeats, it’d be nice if this bug could be fixed so I could have a more accurate listening history. - 🫡.Version: 0.77

Peak AppBut PLEASE stop doing the inviting friends method for promoting this app and just to unlock cool features , there are other ways .. some people just want to have a few friends on that app maybe even one not their whole family tree. had a popup saying that i CANT USE the app till i invite MORE people (i already invited like 5) but closed it and opened it and it let me use it again, i'm okay with inviting people to unlock cool features but to lock the app till you invite people is crazyyyy.Version: 1.1.5

Love itAnd the losers with apple music cant use it 🤣🤣.Version: 0.23

Love the app, a few suggestionsI love this app so much but I have a few suggestions on things you could implement. -groupings for favorite songs, so I can sort what I like for my friends to listen to songs similar to others that I enjoy: genre, general feel etc. could be custom -some sort of rating system with leaderboards based on what you like best? Could rate on multiple different metrics and average your scores to get a rating out of ten for each favorite song -I would love the feature to hide friends listening history or currently playing. When you have so many friends it’s hard to see what they’re all doing. Could be a toggle-able 4x4 of listeners or just selected hiding (I have a few friends on it who I don’t want to see what they’re listening to but I don’t want to block them, could also make a best friend feature or something so they always pop up first) These are just a few things I could think of. If you like these and want more ideas you can reach out and I can see if I can help ;).Version: 0.54

Amazing app!!This is an amazing app!! I had a similar app for music sharing but it frankly sucked and I had given up sharing my music with friends. It is so much fun to use because you can react to the other persons music, add your top favourite and customize your profile!! It also updates the songs constantly. Definitely worth downloading.Version: 0.64

Amazing :)It’s such a fun lil app, simple but cute..Version: 1.0.1

Good app but little improvementsThis app is great but I think it could use some improvements! 1. Being able to publicly comment on what someone is listening to. I think it’s a great way to see who else has the app (giving me opportunities to add more people) and keeps it more active/communication is high 2. Show what podcasts people are listening to! I always find myself looking for a new podcast to listen to at work and I know I’d be interested in what my friends listen to 3. Even showing what playlists people are listening to would be great. Ex. If I see a friend is listening to her gym playlist, I’m more likely to click on that playlist and listen to music from it when im at the gym. I think this app is off to a great start, don’t get me wrong, but there is alot more that could keep users intrigued/active.Version: 0.51

YouTube music?Cool concept gotta add YouTube music tho!.Version: 0.29

Podcasts!!I LOVEEE this app, i think it’s pretty much perfect, but something i think would make it better is if your friends could see the podcasts you listen to as well! i know there’s a lot of songs that aren’t released except for other people uploading them in the form of podcasts, so when i listen to them, i miss out on a lot of minutes, even though i’m still listening to music just another thing- i can’t seem to connect musi to my airbuds, even though it says they’re connected, nothing i listen to on musi shows up on airbuds, and it’s the same with my friends who use it too. i didn’t know if i was doing something wrong or if that’s just how it is? but yeah i hope someone can take these into consideration!! thanks for taking the time to read this if you did <3.Version: 1.0.3


Good, but could use some changesI saw a review that mentioned some of these things - songs that i listened to multiple times only show up once and songs i skipped after a second showed up. I also think that you should be able to listen to the entire song right on the app instead of just part of it. Other than that it’s fun to use.Version: 0.73

I love it but where is my Sunday recap???It’s Sunday and I haven’t had my Sunday recap pls hurry up I want to see it please thanks.Version: 1.1.11

10/10So fun to use, love seeing what my friends are playing and reacting to it.Version: 1.0.8

Super Fun!It’s super fun to see what you’re friends are listening to and react to it. Not too many ads..Version: 1.0

GOOD x100My fav person in the world recommended me this app and i love it :).Version: 0.95

Please allow androids to use it!!I LOVEEEE this app. As someone whose love language is sharing music and seeing what other people are listening to this is such a cute app for me to use. I would just love it if I could have my friends with androids use this app as well! It could be beneficial for the app to allow more users who also love the idea of sharing what they’re listening to no matter the phone they have!.Version: 0.24

I LOVE ITIt’s so fun to react to ur mates songs the only issue i have with it is that it is super slow 😭 other than that it is PERFECT.Version: 0.30

Needs to blow up like berealAmazing.Version: 0.52

Lit the perfect appJs add yt music and its perfect.Version: 1.1.8

Airbuds you are literally the bestIT MADE ME CONNECT WITH MY CRUSH LMAO WHAT ALSO NOT A BOT THIS IS JENUNE.Version: 0.77

Good app but one issueIt’s fun to see what my friends listen to and I love how it includes Apple Music. But it logs every song that plays even if it’s skipped within the first second. I skip so many songs to get to certain ones and it just floods my profile with songs that I didn’t really even listen to. Apple Music logs songs into your history after you have listened for (I think) 5 seconds. It would be great if this app could do that too..Version: 0.62

-I love this app sm but when i listen to music on my computer, it doesn’t connect, i can only listen on my phone which is kinda inconvenient 🫶.Version: 0.42

YouTube MusicVery cool concept, would be better be 5⭐️ if it could support YouTube music.Version: 1.1.5

Love the statsBUT HURRY UP W THE RECAP BRUH OMG.Version: 0.76

One single (but frustrating) flawThis app is amazing and I absolutely love it. I’ve gained a lot of songs and was able to share a lot of songs with friends through its ability to show people which ones I obsess over! It’d a lot of fun to give and get reactions and music expression is my #1 favorite thing, so it’s great to have a friend group show their songs that reflect their expressions! BUT the most frustrating issue is that if you have Apple Music it will show songs you’ve skipped (whether playing or paused) and often times my weekly recap will show a song I’ve played “10 times” this week but in actuality I skipped it 10 times. Or artist of the week but it’s because I’ve skipped over their songs and it’s quite the opposite. I want my friends to see my real obsessions and it’s a bit deflating to see that when they react to songs, they’re songs I skipped and the ones I do listen to don’t make into the recap or summary! It’s the one flaw it has and hasn’t seemed to be fixed since I started. It’s the only reason it’s 4 stars 😔 I really hope it gets fixed soon!.Version: 0.77

I love it, but there's some bugsThis is one of my favorite apps and I love the weekly updates and everything about the app interacting with your friends activity. While I love the app, it's not the most accurate for Apple Music users. If I listen to one song over and over it will count it as 1 listen, and if you skip a song it'll still count it as a listen, which is annoying. Also sometimes I'll listen to 6-7 songs, and when I go to Apple Music I see the order is backwards of what I listened to it. I love the app SO much, but these errors are super annoying..Version: 0.77

Good but could be betterIt’s good but doesn’t actually show me what my friends are listening to now, it’ll show songs from half an hour ago or that they listened to a song 10x that week when all i want to see is what they’re listening to. there should be an option in settings whether you want to see repeats or just what they’re listening to..Version: 0.58

Great app butLove the app, love being able to see what I’ve listened to over the week and see what my friends are up to. Not sure if this is possible but I’ve noticed that the app says you’ve listened to a song even if you’ve skipped it automatically? I think it would be better if it only registers as you listening to it if you’ve played it for at least 5-10 seconds for example. Other than that, brilliant!.Version: 1.1.5

Amazing!I love this app! Obsessing over my music listening stats is something I’ve done for a long time, and this app makes it way easier/better. It’s so fun being able to stalk what my friends are listening to as well! The only reason I haven’t given 5 stars is because I wish the feed was in chronological order (when I scroll I often see stuff my friend was listening to hours ago, but I click on their profile and see that they were actually listening to stuff only a few minutes ago!).Version: 0.71

Great App, Difficult w/ Apple Family PlanThis app is a really cool way to connect with your friends!! I like the design, and think it’s a super cool idea. My one gripe: if you have multiple people on the same Apple Music account, all of their music will be shown as your music as well. It would be really helpful if the app took into account not just the Apple Music account, but also the device you are listening on. At the moment, I can see what my friends are listening to, which is fantastic, but about half of the songs they’re seeing as mine aren’t actually mine..Version: 0.59

Really goodI love the opportunity to be able to add friends/mutuals and share listening activity on multiple different platforms, although i have one problem. i wish there was a way “Ghost Mode” could be turned on without it switching off after one hour. if it were possible to turn it on and keep it on until you can turn it off manually, i’d give this app 5 stars!.Version: 1.1.0

App is great! Couple suggestions…Love this app! It’s nearly perfect for interacting with my friend’s music tastes and exploring what each other like. A couple suggestions I think would tremendously improve this experience: questions feel very one sided at the moment. I think it would be so cool if you had the option to answer the question yourself before anyone else even answers. It would also be awesome if you had the ability to react to people’s answers for questions, either with emojis or with comments. I think I speak on behalf of many others that I would really love to see features like this implemented!.Version: 1.0.2

Good appGreat app only note is add a way to discover people rather then only contacts..Version: 0.53

SwagaliciousIt’s a fun app to have with friends to catch up on what they’re currently listening to. Maybe if it can be more accurate on every song everyone listens to instead of just some but maybe that would be too many songs? I just like scrolling and seeing what songs my friends are listening to while I listen to my own it’s pretty swagalicious..Version: 0.42

I genuinely love this app.This is a very fun app for music lovers. I recommend this app to people who want to expand their music variety. It is ideal that you have your friends who share similar music taste added onto this app. Personally, I was able to find amazing songs thanks to a few of my friends. This app reminds me, a lot of TikTok, but in its own special way. So while you’re scrolling, you get to see a few songs that your friends have listened to within the past few minutes, I believe. You get the chance to listen to a sample of the song to see if it peaks your interest. I’ve only had this app for a solid week and I think I’ll have it around for a while. I hope you get the chance to enjoy this app as much as I do. Happy listening!.Version: 0.62

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