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Temu: Shop Like A Billionaire Negative Reviews

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Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire app received 69 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire? Can you share your negative thoughts about temu: shop like a billionaire?

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Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire for Negative User Reviews

Not goodI pay real money but they give fake stuff Feeding the fish is terrible so slow they want you to spend money buying stuff so you can get free fish food delete you.Version: 1.78.0

USNot for canada.Version: 1.3.0

Fake advertisment 虚假广告Advertised free delivery for the first order for new users, yet actual payment requires $20 or more to place an order. 在广告中宣传新用户首单免费配送,然而实际付款时要求满20元才能下单。.Version: 1.49.0

Beware!I would give NO stars if possible 😡. The day after I left installed this app, I started receiving numerous Inbox Spam/Scam/Phishing emails which normally go directly to my Junk box. Temu must have sold my addy to these bandits so I’ve removed the app from my iPhone and blocked them from emailing me 🤬.Version: 1.47.0

Fraud companyWorst customer service for lost packages. They end the chat on you and don’t resolve. Do not use this app for purchases. Lots of fraud.Version: 1.78.0

Temu will NOT STOP TEXTING.I got the app because all of my friends were using it & i made the dumb decision to add my number to receive notifs and now temu will not stop texting. i’ve tried everything to make it stop, blocking the number, deleting chat, putting it on mute, re-downloading the app just to stop it and nothing works in so sick of it. no matter what i do they just make new numbers and text me about new rewards and stuff. not only that, i can never get free things because it dosent allow me to send the link to friends or won’t even allow me to go back on to the free clothing options bc it just disappears. temu stop texting me it’s so annoying..Version: 1.64.0

Be careful of being scammedMultiple time I had products detail discrepancies. The item was described to be aluminum alloy and received to be plastic. Several time it advertised price is always cheaper than the price at checkout..Version: 1.75.0

Racketeering at its finestDon’t do it, you will not receive your order. I spent 80$ cad on nice clothes and other things and received a cheap ring instead without any explanation why they did that..Version: 1.40.0

Scamp calls are overwhelming after using this App!My friends and I have the same experience. After purchasing things using TEMU, every day, 5~7 scamp calls are coming! All of them are in Chinese. This is crazy!.Version: 1.80.0

Stop spamming notificationsThis app spans you 10+ times a day.Version: 1.73.0

Support Sucks.They won’t give you a solution or even try to help you. They just repeat that there’s “only so much they can do” but do absolutely nothing. You ask to be connect to someone who can help you, like a supervisor- they continue repeating the same thing. It’s super frustrating, having to explain the same thing again and again only to get no solution. Of course you remain polite because you were raised that way, but for that reason the don’t take you seriously. This specific situation is about new user coupons not working.Version: 1.78.0

ScamSo I just got an invitation to Temu from my friend, and when I opened it I got an offer for a free item, and actually it was 7 free items. I’m assuming there are hidden fees because the app only guarantees that the first item is free, but anyway once I closed the app that offer disappeared. Honestly just a waste of time but I don’t care since this app looked like a scam in the first place. I just don’t appreciate false advertising..Version: 1.78.0

Will rip you offI play the games within the app to earn free rewards, you have tasks to complete etc. one is called fish land. I’ve been feeding those fish nonstop for weeks. You have like 8 days and so many hours to feed all your fish. I’ve kept track of my time after being told by others their fish land reset before it was due to reset. When this finally happened to me I contacted customer support who wanted to only give me a 20% off coupon to make yet ANOTHER purchase. Let me remind you I’ve ordered several times at this point. Still have TWO orders I’m waiting to get now. But the rewards for the fish land game are supposed to be free, two free gifts IF you raise all your fish by the deadline. I was 99.4% when they deducted EIGHT hours off my time limit (within one hour time frame of checking it). You only get but so much fish food a day so those hours are crucial to getting that last fish completely raised, especially if they give you the chance to feed past midnight one more time. Don’t waste your time I’ve literally WASTED my time trying to EARN the rewards like it says to and they rip me off and want to “make it right” my throwing a coupon my way to have me make another purchase. No! NOT TODAY SATAN!.Version: 1.63.0

HORRIBLE experienceI have been using this app for a while, however I have had many issues with the quality of these clothes. I bought a pair of sweatpants and as they arrived they looked nothing like the pictures. They had a strange seam line going down them, which wasn’t on the picture. Oh well, I’ll just contact them. I was given a refund, no problem, however I was still a little upset with the situation as it left a bad taste in my mouth. So, I go ahead and make another purchase, buying two pairs of pants and a shirt. The shirt was poor quality, but it was pretty cheap, so I was not too mad. But the pants were the problem. I received a pair of jeans that were blue and looked NOTHING like the picture. And as I opened the package, I discovered they were WET. They were in the package in a secure plastic bag, so I have no idea how they were wet. I can’t imagine it was a shipping issue, because nothing else was wet. And the other pair of pants I received looked nothing like the imagine. Angry with what I received, I contact Temu about the two pairs of pants. And they told me there was nothing I could do without a refund. Here’s the thing - I don’t think I should be forced to use my gas money (I do not live near a postal box) to return my LOW QUALITY items that are NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURE of them while they’re wet!!! This is a horrible business. I’ve recommended so many people to this app, but these Temu does not care. I am BEYOND angry with this experience and in disbelief..Version: 1.67.0

MehIt’s not bad the stuff but the games the so called free stuff you never win if you don’t have friends to make billions of accounts like I understand you have to earn something out of the app but give people a chance and not fake hope when you tell them “SUPER EASY “ “ONLY 2 MORE”.Version: 1.76.0

So annoyingOk so I am in Canada and I did the Lucky flip got NEW people to join then instead of giving me the credit i get a coupon? that’s so ridiculous...Version: 1.50.0

Changed policy mid conversationI wanted a refund for damaged products, I asked for it and wanted the refund as credit since it’d be much easier and faster. They didn’t not just give me the option to take it as temu credit but told me afterwards that I had to ask before they proceed keeping mind I did, also it hasn’t been processed because it said the it will take up to 5-14 businesses days for the refund so it be processed, and then up to 30 days so I can receive my money back. After I spoke to 2 agents + 1 specialist they said it has already been processed and that it’s up to my bank when I receive the money. They said it would take DAYS but out of the nowhere when I ask if it would just be changed into credit they said it’s been processed in minutes? I have screenshots of the conversation, people should read at least some of the terms and conditions on things like the refund policy. It hasn’t even been half of the 30 days policy for me to get a refund, and it took like 15 minutes for me to get a refund so I don’t want the “you’re too late” excuse. I followed every rule and same as the policies but they send a random message “repeating” what they said about the order refund, but didn’t repeat they just changed the whole thing on which I was promised..Version: 1.80.0

Purchase ElsewhereTemu does not meet shipping deadlines expected by the customer at by time of purchase and agreed upon by both the customer and Temu at the time of purchase. They tie customers in with an expected delivery date, then they do not meet the deadline and thanks you for “your gratitude and understanding” ahead of time, as they know they will not meet the deadline agreed upon at the time of sale and purchase. Additionally, if they do ship your items, they are all poorly packaged and arrive severely damaged — even to the extent of not being able to use the item. They urge you to share their application that they have developed, and unfortunately, mark your account as suspicious activity to keep you from receiving your benefits. The “[name] has won [amount] in free gifts is a cycled, generated program that they have installed to get you to share their application. If you watch it continuously for a few days, it will cycle back around. Temu consists primarily of lies and deceit on overstocked items that they receive for free and sell to you at full or discounted prices. They combine the “discounted items”, or free overstocked items, with normal-priced items to make you feel as though you’re getting a deal. Do not shop with Temu. Do not share their services so that others fall into their trap..Version: 1.58.0

It is a scam appTemu claimed: Invited 3 old user and 1 new user, then you will get free gift. It is a scam I invited 3 old user, then when i invited the new user. Temu just recognized the new user as an old user. It didn’t let me get enough energy for the free gifts. It is a scam game.Version: 1.76.0

What?Me and my sister was on the app and we tried to get the free gift, but when we sent invitations, the little price thing didn’t go down, this is hard because we don’t have a lot of friends that like this stuff. Can you possibly remove the invite thing..Version: 1.49.0

DO NOT USE TEMUAre the prices extremely low? Yes. Is the quality of the things your getting any good? Yes. Is it even real? Yes. BUT. The customer service and the third party carriers they use don’t make any of those things worth it. I have ordered from Temu multiple times and I’ve only received one of my orders. The package tracking is inaccurate. The communication between Temu and any carrier they use seems like next to none. I would check up on my packages. Track them. I would even call customer service for Temu and what ever shipping handler is supposedly delivering my order. The first time I ordered from Temu I never even go my package. Even tho my address was correct in the app they still sent my package to the wrong address. They told me they’d fix it and I’d be receiving my package. 4 days later I get an email stating my package was already sent back to the sender. It was irritating and frustrating. If I’m going to buy from your company have better communication with your carriers. At this point I’m deleting my account. It’s not worth it. After the 4th time that I’ve not received anything I’ve bought it doesn’t make the hard to believe prices worth it. Absolutely ridiculous. Do not buy from Temu. Worst experience I’ve ever had..Version: 1.81.0

Heard some thingsDownloaded the app because of the hype, soon realised it was a lot like SHEIN and AliExpress. Then heard a lot of bad reports, Temu hacking peoples phones and accounts using them to advertise on certain groups ect, and I’ve deleted since then because of privacy reasons. Not worth the risk when you can find the same thing on the other sites listed above..Version: 1.67.0

Do not sign up for TemuIf you do, you cannot delete this app and it take all your contacts and information information from your phone. It has spyware in it..Version: 1.77.0

If something seems to good to be true it usually is. There’s no free itemsDon’t fall for there free items. , fake advertisement! Temu will require you to send out a bunch of invites and it gives you points towards your free items but it makes you pick 5 or 10 items and you can only win them by getting enough points or money cut off for all of them. When I got to the end 8 points away I had to invite one more person every time I invited someone the points needed stayed the same. I contact customer service they said the people you invite need to down load the app and participate in a free event. If they don’t use your link or already customers then it won’t count. Even though every time I sent a link and shared it I got points / money towards the free items until it was almost filled I mean like 95% done. So beware of that or will waste your time and effort for nothing . It’s a false advertisement loop hole at its best.! When it says spin this to claim a reward then says you have won 5 free items pick it , after you pick the you have to pay with sharing your invite link and make sure they sign up and probably then they still won’t give you it it will come up with another stipulation like you need spend this amount in store to receive free items then charge shipping by telling you you need to invite 5 more people and not let you pay shipping your self, so you tell me is that a scam? ….Version: 1.81.0

Complete scamThis app is a huge scam. Invite new users and get rewards…. Oh yeah. You only have 24 hours to do it or you have to start over again. Then there’s fish land where you will NEVER finish feeding the last fish. I have fed it hundreds of times and it still is just over 60% fed. You will NEVER complete any of these tasks. They just want you to add everyone you know so they appear as a huge business but they are just scams and click bait. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 1.78.0

Waste of space, it doesn’t work for uk.Version: 1.29.0

Scam marketingAlways make you think you will get a reward but make it harder at the last second so you get 6 new users to their app and get nothing. Overpriced dollar tree crap that breaks same day or didn’t work to begin with..Version: 1.79.1

Good but badTemu is good overall, the games were actually useful, where we could actually earn credits from the credit game but now it’s harder to earn it since we don’t actually get a few cents from it. The limit for being able to check out is also frustrating because it goes up everytime we/i buy something. It’s hard to go up to that limit when we don’t know what to buy. There could be a feature where on the weekend we could have no limit on purchasing items without having to worry about the spending limit. The games are sometimes rigged and it’s hard to get new users. I wish there was a bigger limit for existing users. If the games are luck based I think it will be better because there’s more chances than actually getting new users. I understand that new users are important because new users equals more people using the app and buying stuff. I hope that the games can improve or be like the old version where we could earn a few cents, and become better where we could earn credit easier and faster..Version: 1.70.0

Order Auto Refunded for “Unusual Activity”I just ordered on Dec. 18th. My order was "refunded" on Dec. 20th. Who knows how long that process will actually take before my credit card account is refunded? When I inquired with customer service why this would happen, I got zero real response. My chat experience started at 2:06 pm. I finally received communication from Darwin, offering to help at 2:35 pm. Whatever, it's days before Christmas, and they had a convenient queue countdown letting me know I started at 252 in the waiting line. I wasn't particularly in a hurry, so I waited it out. I asked Darwin why my order was refunded, and I got the same stock answer twice: "In order to protect the safety of your funds..." Listen, Darwin, I heard you the first time, and you still haven't actually told me why my order was refunded. PayPal was happy to pay it, as was American Express. So anyway, Darwin was no help. He told me he had informed a supervisor and ghosted me. The customer service did not get better from there. The "supervisor" responded two days later with the exact same non-response and ended the chat. TLDR: You MIGHT be able to get a good deal from TEMU, but I would not count on actually receiving it or getting any actual customer assistance if you need it..Version: 1.31.0

The worst appThis a worst app, people who order by paying on temu don’t get their orders even they send the delivered message in notification. It is all fake.Version: 1.75.0

UnsatisfiedWaste of time the games are rigged nobody wins them it doesn’t matter what you do maybe I’m just weird but I believe that if you WIN something you should JUST WIN IT I am totally unsatisfied save yourself some time and don’t get the app.Version: 1.75.0

Not for CanadaNot for Canada.Version: 1.5.0

Bad first impressionI just downloaded this app yesterday from the link i was sent by my mother to help her win something for free…after i had signed up i was able to spin a wheel to choose a percentage amount off of some gifts then pick out of 3 cards to see the amount of gifts as well i assume they do this for all people that first join the app… i had spun and gotten 100% off and the card i chose was 6 gifts the time limit i had was for 24hrs i was scrolling for about an hour or so and had accidentally swiped out of the section of specific gifts you can choose out of and i had gotten to get back to it perfectly fine then i had accidentally did it a second time and after that it would not take me back to that section nor did it say anything on the page at all about my time limit anymore…so i had reached out to customer service and they told me i needed to provide a screenshot for further help because they had no clue what i was talking about..which i thought was rather silly considering they’re the ones that created these silly activities…the fact that i could not be helped made me feel as though it was all like a scam or fib it also left me feeling extremely disappointed….Version: 1.26.0

Scam onlyThe products delivered were defected. But then i gave them chance and played their game its just a way of free marketing they do. They claim many new user to be so called “spam account” on inquiry they ask for their complete detail and say still system has considered them to be spam we cant do anything. More over they do end your game before the time displayed end. It happened twice. Note all games require new user and existing user invite. so its a trap. Their are points for scrolling website everyday and for doing a purchase. But when giving back they do cheap tricks..Version: 1.73.0

Rabbit in a Hat it’s like Magic! Here and gone! All things are vanity!You never know what your going to get or not get it could be a treasure in discord or something you may not have the ability to send back! So on that heavenly note since you might not be able to forward the printing of a label like me from your phone to another cell # or email you will be stuck holding the hat with no rabbit! God has you back so have a back up plan to give it away as a gift if you get something not made correctly or damaged! Have plan ABC 123 & 369 and 144, 222, 444, 555, 404 and hopefully 109 Lol! Keep up with the change of software too! It’s a coin trick too! Email is sent to the website not your email address when your waiting to hear from customer service with a ticket number that can hold more than one issue and take days or even a week! More than one issue may not be true on each ticket number even though I asked! It’s never a dull day at TEMU! Pray! Suggestion make your orders small and slow and far in between each because the tortoise beat the hair! Temu needs to slow down for better quality over all my issues with TEMU for the Rabbit to be happy or even treated fare at times! Keep up the betterment for all involved Temu! God has you back! God is Truth! Godspeed! God is Song!.Version: 1.80.0

Unreliable shipping datesI ordered a package and 6 days later it says it would be arriving the next day but when I check temu the day after it says it’s going to take another 5 days. If your going to change up the date it gets here don’t make it so exaggerated..Version: 1.58.0

Hacking appDont use this application it hacks your phone do not giver permission this app on your phone it need registration with your fb and then they automatically controlled your facebook !!! Be aware its a scam app.Version: 1.76.0

ScamDon’t waste your time.Version: 1.77.0

Waste of timeIn order receive free gifts. You has 24 hours to invite 7 people registering new account. When You fail, You need to invite new users. It is even not possible..Version: 1.47.0

Cant get free itemsTemu whont let me get my free item! 😡.Version: 1.73.0

Finally shipped to Australia but half my cart is unavailable?I had the app since it started getting popular and was waiting to buy so much stuff I was excited just for my whole cart except 1 item was unavailable? I find it unfair that some products are only shipped to America as they were the only thing I did want to buy 🙁😭.Version: 1.53.0

Amazing prices but the minimum spending amount?I really like Temu, their items are affordable and I have always wanted to order. But, the minimum spending amount is absolutely ridiculous. I need to spend more than $30 AUD for my items to even be shipped. Why is it so high? Why cant it be like a $5 spending minimum or something because its so infuriating to have a spending minimum in the first place. Please lower it, because I find items I really like and then I have to buy extra items I don’t even want. It honestly just ruins the shopping experience..Version: 1.67.0

Kind of a joke…First i am going to say some of the products that you buy from Temu are really awesome and the price makes it even better. But there have been a few times I’ve ordered something and the item i received was not anything like what was pictured. I have ordered several times and literally not one single order has came where something wasn’t missing, broke, and one of my orders the whole entire order said it was delivered but not to me they delivered it to my address just in a different city about 5 hours from my actual house. The one thing about temu that gets on my nerves is the rigged games. I’m really starting to believe they are lying about real people actually winning these “free gifts” and whatnot . The games are literally rigged to where no one is going to win and the one time where some how I managed to actually win the $50 credit they didn’t give it to me In the game I had to go back and forth with customer service about it and thankfully I screen record everything and was able to show them that I won and then they had no choice but to give it to me. Also anytime I have invited new people I never get any of the points or whatever it is called for inviting new customers..Version: 1.81.0

Holiday order!Well, my brother introduced me to this app, telling me how he was getting great deals on small items. So I figured I’d try it out. And what better time to order small miscellaneous items, than Christmas? When your giving a bunch of random gifts! So Dec 15th I ordered a bunch of stuff with an expected arrival date of dec 20th-29th. I was a bit concerned about getting it after Christmas but whatever. Couple days isn’t a big deal. Long story short, it is now the 3rd of January. I have contacted them almost everyday since the 27 because there hasn’t been a single update to shipping since the 24th. Which didn’t show up in the tracking until the 30th. I have asked for my money back multiple times, and have been told to wait an additional 15 days, and if I don’t receive an update to the tracking by then, they will refund my money. So basically, as long as the tracking is updated every 15 days, you could never receive the package, but they won’t refund the money, because the tracking is updating. What a croc! Now don’t get me wrong, my brother has still ordered thing, outside the holidays, and had great results! But for my personal use, this has become more of a headache, than helpful. And if I message them one more time and see the same ***n generic message response without reading my message sent to them!!!! 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡 not cool temu! Not cool!.Version: 1.33.0

DO NOT DOWNLOADI got scammed and I got sent weird stuff from IP hackers, DO NOT BUY OR DOWNLOAD THIS APP.Version: 1.75.0

Not for CanadaWhy it exist in Canada App Store ?.Version: 1.11.0

ComplainDon’t waste your time on this app even with the « free gifts » and all, if you dont know enough people who don’t have the app and could be new users, it’ll be an absolute waste of time. I’ve actually written a whole paragraph before but somehow apple store, as smart as usual, deleted my review?? Whatever. Now the reasons why this app is a total scam and trash : -1 : First of all, if you don’t have enough new users that use your link or code in 24h you’ll have to start over and the ones you used for your link won’t be able to use it again since they’re not new users anymore. -2 : Second of all, 24h is not enough for many people and the fact that current users can only take off -0.10$ to maximum -0.50$ is mad. This app should at least allow current users to use the links and take off -1$ just how new users do. -3 : This app is literally a mix of wish and AliExpress, if you’re expecting high quality, you’re wrong and if you’re expecting that this app won’t steal your information, well then you’re also wrong because this happened to many people and even at some point where your order that you payed with money or got it free doesn’t come. I really tried my best to enjoy this app but it’s obviously a scam. And even when you just get on it you can see all the spams. I am warning anyone who reads this. This is NOT a good app. Therefore, you are always free to try it yourself. Have a nice day/evening!.Version: 1.51.0

Straight up scamThey advertise profusely using prices that are a fraction of the real price, sometimes with a notation only for new customers (but usually not). But even new customers don’t get that price as they will say the item doesn’t qualify even though you clicked thru the ad to get to the exact item they advertised. If you don’t buy the ridiculously overpriced junk they were hawking, they will keep showing you new item prices for other items at a fraction of their true cost, but then say you are ineligible to receive the discount because your not a new customer. They will continue to show these prices on every item and won’t honor the price. The real price is typically about 10x that price, for inferior quality goods with slow shipping and using mail fraud in order exploit a niche in postal rates. This makes the goods effectively non-returnable. Product pictures are frequently altered and aren’t the real product. They also sell your info to anyone and everyone and won’t delete your account even though you’ve instructed them to, opening you up being hacked. Months later and I am still being sent verification codes for an account that I asked to be deleted and all info purged. Whatever you do, don’t give these people your credit card info, you will regret it. Scam City. Apple really needs to remove this from the App Store. The fake reviews alone are enough of a violation, but the scamming makes it intolerable..Version: 1.80.0

“Free” advertisingOkay overall this app is pretty good, reasonable prices and the deals are great. BUT. The free gifts they advertise are impossibly hard to get. I don’t know how long I tried to do the fishland activity but it it gets to a point where the make its basically impossible for you to get free gifts, they make it that way because they want as many customers they can get so they’ll use the title of the “free gift” or “free credit” to get you to share the app to people to download for a certain amount of “points” the points just get harder and harder, smaller and smaller the closer to the free gift you get, at this stage you’ve already invited 10-20 people too. The app seriously needs to make the “free gifts” easier to get, no one wants to put in 7 days efforts trying to get a “free gift” than end up not getting anything at all because of the broken and impossible way that they developed it the “free gift” section.Version: 1.67.0

Fraudulent practicesLet me guess — you “got 3 free items” wasted time picking them only to then find out you need to spend energy to pick them. you got the first 2 items, the energy 2 times. Now you need to invite people to get your items. Just one person! That’s fraud. It’s also like the scam tactics for loot boxes — and those companies get sued. Apple is complicit in their crimes allowing the app to remain, and your government doesn’t care about another shady company from another shady country doing the same shady stuff. Your only recourse is to jot install the app. You’ve been warned 🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.76.0

Easy to use but…Easy to use , but their prices average! The one thing I dont like about the app that they dont tell you about the bonus!!! Asked me to spend $30ish to get $70 bundle gift later on found out to order getting the $70 I have to spend $200! Which is crazy I reckon! I would call that cheating!.Version: 1.63.0

“Free gift “Don’t waste ur time on the free gifts It is a scam every time I need i new user and I send it to them and they do it I get nothing like not even a notification that someone did it so pleas don’t waist ur time on scams ( it has happened to me many times and my friends).Version: 1.73.0

Bad experienceAfter registering an account with Temu, my phone number seems get exposed and I start getting scam calls and those who impersonate governmental organizations. The mobile app force me to access camera and microphone even its turned off in setting. Temu track users even tracking request disabled. Just like Temu’s affiliate the PDD who always sell customer data..Version: 1.77.0

How to give a 0 starInvitation missions are spams will never get those gifts!!! Because you will only have limited time to invite 7 people and they must be new and they must register! And your friends will hate to so that! If you failed you won't get anything even though you already got 6. This is how they get customers free through you! A waste of time and stupid impossible to complete!.Version: 1.50.0

Package wasting issue and lack of games to play and delive takes foreverY barely have games to play they have like 5 games everything is programmed you have to share everything to get credit or money I wish you could actually win out of luck and odds I would be more tempted to play and second I can’t purchase anything with the package waste thing which makes you buy stuff that you have to buy 10$ or more it’s annoying because it forces to buy 10$ worth of items I’m confused because nobody is package wasting like in the Temu packing ppl group isn’t packaging wasting or whatever someone people might be trying to save money and another issue is that I have is that the delivery takes forever! It’s takes like months if it gets delayed it will take even longer it took my stuff like 3 months I literally i almost forgot I ordered it the thing I wish they would get rid of the 10$ you have to spend it’s honestly annoying and they would have more games cause most of the time the people I share with already played the games or people could make games of their owns for people to play and the delivery doesn’t take forever 😑.Version: 1.63.0

🚫 Temu hates CanadaCheap China crap sent to DA Americans only..Version: 1.44.0

Scam calls after sign-up and no free gift as advertisedSigned up after friend’s recommendation. But no free gift as advertised. And received 8 scam calls just after sign-up. Scary. Not sure even this is legit..Version: 1.50.0

False advertisingThe app has a nice set up an good items that do catch my eye. My issue is with the gifts. You guys say if we invite people do this and do that we will receive credit for such and such free gifts. How many people do you want me to invite before you actually give me my free gift? I’m inviting so many people I’m receiving my credit, but no matter what you make it harder for me to receive my credit and I cannot receive my gift. It’s like you expect me to invite 20+ people just to be able to get a free gift. Do you not advertise free gift? If you will not give your customers free gift because you’re not doing anything for giving your business a bad name for when they come and see the reviews. It’s like a lie and you guys are trying to promote your app. Because I haven’t heard one person actually say they’ve won a free gift. It’s all fake accounts. Please fix this..Version: 1.66.0

NO SUPPORT AND FAKE REVIEWSGo to the Better Business Bureau if you want to see true reviews of Temu. Customer support is basically nonexistent for Temu, and they don't assist customers at all. Temu needs to use trustworthy shipping companies that don't lose huge orders. All of the hours out of days that I spent to find the items that I needed and then order them are down the drain! The order was lost and now Temu expects me to go back through and find the items all over again because the order link does not separate the lost items from the delivered items. It shows that it does, but whenever I click on the shipped but not delivered link, it only takes me back to the entire order altogether. It's far too inconvenient and too time-consuming to do this all over again. Also, on the Wish app, I can save over 1500 items within my wish list. It's the same for the wish list in the Shein app. Temu needs to allow much more to be saved on their wish list because this would make re-ordering items that Temu lost so much easier and much quicker. Also of course, allow the links of items not delivered to actually work for real so that one simple click would re-order those items again..Version: 1.66.0

TemuScam.Version: 1.77.0

They have no idea what they are doingThis is the first review I have made in Apple Their customer service/solution is so bad that made me write it I have recently place an order Something pop up and I need to be away from country for week of their planed delivery time window So i call up and ask to change the delivery time window The first rep told me because there is no tracking # yet so they cannot do anything and ask me to call back when I have recieved the tracking number Then after I call back with the tracking # they say they cannot do anything! They have no control over their logistics supplier . And ask me to call their logistic supplier to do the adjustment After all the conversation about an hour with their supervisor ! They still cannot resolve it There is no case number . No ticket number to refer to this case All I can do is hope the package still there when I back home Good luck on buying something with this app.Version: 1.49.0

Honest Review: Fake Fake Fake!!Honest Review: This is such a fake app meant to mislead people. They just want to increase their number of downloads and ask you to keep inviting new people to join. Without this you wont get any discounts or free gifts as the app mentions. I have told all my friends to delete the app and suggest everyone else to delete it as well. Such a waste of time REALLY!!.Version: 1.60.0

Under 25 dollarsI needed to buy something under 25 dollars and it didn’t let me. I don’t like that i have to pay for something more than 25 dollars to get 1 items i needed. I think temu is a scam!!!.Version: 1.75.0

MisleadingDownloaded the app through a friend. The app offered 5 gifts at 100% off as ling as I purchase 5 other items, no problem. Spent an hour looking and adding things to my cart.. at the last step, the app bugged and this magical offer disappeared nowhere to be found. Looked all over in the app and tried different things but the offer never came back. Major waste of time. Customer service has a waiting list of 170 customers..Version: 1.63.0

False Free Gifts & CreditsDownloaded the app off a friends link after they said they would receive a coupon. They never received it. Once I downloaded the app I went to buy some things but before I checked out I thought I should see if I could earn free credits to save money. I did exactly what they told me and shared the app to friends (in order to earn credits). My friends then downloaded it and I still received nothing from the app. This happened three times. I even watched my brother download the app through my link and I still got nothing. The app itself has good prices and products but I do not understand the point in advertising “free gifts and credits” if they are not willing to actually follow through with the offer..Version: 1.63.0

Cheaters and scammers!I selected 2 gifts as a reward this company is promoting and almost reached my goal of number of referrals required; my referral history disappeared completely as if it never happened! I contacted live chat and was given default answers that don’t apply to my inquiry, then was told not eligible in Canada, then, she said it’s because some free gifts are not eligible. Despite the screen caps I sent her (luckily, I happened to do took them) to show Canada has been active and I am legit, she didn't even acknowledge them! She just said will refer this to someone else and will contact me “if” they find issues. So it appears they are getting people to promote them but cheating them of promised rewards by wiping out records of referrals made! And with such customer service, this company is certainly not to be trusted!.Version: 1.49.0

Horrible platform with no customer serviceI purchased few small items from Temu. Either cheap/ bad quality not even worth the money or defective items faulty etc. no matter what you get, right after your purchased it , the platform will increase the price , which means even you request a refund, you won’t be able to buy same item at the same price! Besides there is literally no customer service at all. The customer service staff only reply with robot emails, no one look into the issue/ complaint! Won’t recommend this app to anyone who wants a good after sale service. If you just want throw your money with cheap poor quality products and don’t care about the service ,yes go for it. Otherwise , never buy from this app!!!you will regret eventually!.Version: 1.67.0

ScamApp is a scam. I never subscribed to anything and it ended up taking $80 out my account in total..Version: 1.80.0

‘Giveaway’ is a scamI was doing the ‘Hat-Trick Draw’ game to win a number of items, but they make it incredibly hard to actually win. After getting all the free energy points, I needed about 16 energy left within 24 hours, and the only way to get more energy was to invite friends. Here’s where the scam takes place. They report you can have up to 3 existing accounts accept your invite for 1-3 energy a piece, or have new users register using your generated game link for an unlimited amount of times which would give you 1-5 energy a piece. Issue is that when your needed energy goes below 12, it doesn’t give you 1-3 or 1-5, it gives 1. One. A single energy. So after 24 hours of soliciting my friends and family to download an app that’s promising me a free item bundle, I make it down to only 1 energy needed (meaning I have more or less needlessly got 10-15 of my contacts to click a sketchy link just to help me) when the hard stop timer resets and kills my game. Because Temu lied about how much energy they would ACTUALLY give you per successful invite, I wasted 24 hours of time and annoyed relatives and made them think they were risking their internet security to get literally nothing out of it. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.66.0

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