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Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire app received 82 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about temu: shop like a billionaire?

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Ok ordered twice and both times couldn’t be happier!I have to say of course I was skeptic like everyone else but I also happily once ordered off of Wish so I expected honestly nothing special. I was wrong. I ordered twice now from Temu and both times the product I ordered was exactly as described and I personally couldn’t be happier with the products I ordered. This second time I really really didn’t expect my order ( especially a 4-6 piece order) to be delivered in less then a week. I leave for a trip in less then 15 hours and wanted to take my items with me and am estatic they came in time! Honestly, I recommend this to anyone who like me wants to be able to actually be able to shop for items comfortably price range wise. Before the pandemic was honestly the last time I was able to even think about shopping for anything that wasn’t 100% essential. It really is a nice feeling to get some new clothes that actually fit me and won’t set me back 5 paychecks to catch back up to where I was. Honestly, thank you Temu. Thank you thank you!.Version: 1.58.0

Quality of purchasesMost of my purchases have been as expected, I have ordered quite a lot and try to always check the sizes before I buy to prevent dissatisfaction, so I shop wisely. Some of the items exceed my expectations of quality and most others are at what I expected. I have an order with a pair of leggings coming and it will be my first clothing purchase, so at this time I can’t comment on clothing. I have ordered diamond art and have been very happy. My makeup purchases have been above what I hoped for. I don’t order large or electronic items, I am not much of a risk taker. I did just get a electronic bark stop device for my insane barker Yorkie dog. I am not expecting success but will let you know later, instructions say up to 2 weeks to work. My biggest complaint would be a lot of the products instructions are not in English or are very poorly written and just contain no instructions at all, but I know for the prices I am paying I feel it is what should be expected and some frustration is going to be part of the game. Also the low prices are enticing me to spend too much! LOL, my own fault. Over all I am happy with your company.Version: 1.78.0

Never shopping anywhere else again!I got this app a few months ago, and now I'm addicted. Everything on here is so cheap, and all the time, Temu launches a big sale, some coupons, or even free gifts altogether. Some of their items can be a little sketchy, but as long as you're careful, you're practically guaranteed great products for the cheapest price out there. What I've heard about Temu recently is completely the opposite from what I've personally experienced. All the products I've received have good quality, or at least acceptable for the price. I've only ever had one package come late, and when it did, they reimbursed me $10! Extremely rarely, you may find an item or two missing, but it's never anything detrimental. While you may find something missing, or maybe an item doesn't work, you can still apply for a refund. In my case, they gave me a full refund and allowed me to keep the items, and I could donate it as I pleased! They have great customer service and I literally couldn't ask for better! Thank you Temu for the great products and cheap prices!.Version: 1.64.0

Got free stuff yey lolI used this code to get 3 free gifts- S2FF8DM.Version: 1.58.0

Temu app suggestionsI love the app I love the inApp games, but I would to make a suggestion to improve it like watching a video for a gem or 5 videos for spins on the wheel or fish food. Everyone I know have the app and it’s very hard to find new users when you have no one to invite. I would also like to add that I have recommended this to everyone I know and I have place 3 orders.Version: 1.66.0

Great serviceJust received my second order. They arrived within the timeframe given and have been happy with most of the products I received. I would recommend Temu and even had my daughters interested. I love the prices and free postage. I have two more orders coming soon..Version: 1.66.0

Lovely butI love this app and all but its so rigged, you can only get prizes if you invite new users and i dont have so many friends to do that? like the prize is always there its just always to difficult to get because of how rigged the games are. especially the redeem credit one! You can win 10 coins and then when ur close to the thing it only does one! like please change that!!.Version: 1.67.0

Good Surprised 🤩I was reluctant to download Temu but I enjoy purchasing from here. The delivery is quicker than other shopping apps. The promotions do seem like a bit of a scam and there is a lot of spam messages and emails. Overall if you don’t mind lots of notifications and you like a good bargain, Temu is for you!.Version: 1.67.0

Love this app!I've been using Temu for several months now and love it! It feels great to be able to buy almost anything on a whim because everything is so affordable. The quality of merchandise can vary a lot but I have been very impressed by a few items, like a cotton canvas purse that is thick, durable, washable, and looks great. My favorite items so far has been the neat little bucket washing machine that gets my socks and underwear cleaner than a regular washing machine and rechargeable motion sensor lights that detect day/night (that's a lot of cutting edge tech for $7.50!) These little inexpensive items improve your quality of life, like a drain hair catcher that saves me money on plumbers, a nice quality purse to replace an old one, car blind spot mirrors that can save my life, sanding discs fo repairing paint scratches on my car, dishwashing steel wool, adhesive hooks for jackets, clips that hold my shower curtain in place so it doesn't stick me uncomfortably, and several amazing Apple watch band knockoffs that look like the real thing and cost less than $10! It's being able to buy all these items that life starts to feel a little more affordable. Thank you Temu for helping people's paychecks stretch a little further!.Version: 1.67.0

Great SiteI was a bit hesitant a first. My first order came a couple days late & I received a $5 refund for late delivery. No other site has offered this service. Products were excellent for the money. Highly recommend..Version: 1.66.0

Couldn’t be happier……I’ve only been shopping on Temu for a couple of months now. It’s been great getting the items that I need/want for such a small price. I definitely won’t go back to where I was shopping at before. Having to spend over $30 to get FREE SHIPPING is the only thing that I first thought was a waste but in the end it works out so much better for me.Version: 1.67.0

Real or scam?I’m usually skeptical about apps that have items for very cheap prices, like for example, i saw a lipstick for 0.98 and i didnt expect it to be real , but it came to my house in 11 days. This app is not a fake, it’s probably hard to believe it but it’s really not. I ordered some stuff for myself as a Christmas present and it came in amazing condition and nothing was broken. Everything was as it seemed on the app. You can share this app with some of your friends and get points that you can use for coupons to get money to taken off of your order, which always helps because I LOVE saving money. this app is an amazing way to do that. I seriously recommend it. you can do giveaways, which can give you free items that you don’t even have to pay for, and it helps me and my family. not only that, whenever I got my package it came at the right time. It told me it was going to come on dec 15 and it said that if it was late will give me a five dollar credit off my next order. My package also came with a little surprise, with it also coming quick. I was not expecting that. That was very happy. THANK YOU TEMU!!.Version: 1.29.0

Woah! Actually not a scam 🫨I do read these reviews and signed up without putting my phone # in. I don’t normally give things a go that look too good to be true but I spent $20 on here and decided if it didn’t come then I’d learn my lesson and it’d be fine. BUT … it DID come within about 2 weeks to QLD - that $20 got me a no touch thermometer, knock off APPLE watch that is awesome & other bits and bobs. Will definitely purchase again. I even left reviews simply so people can see the stuff actually came and it’s all awesome so far!.Version: 1.67.0

Love Love LoveI fell upon this site by accident and it’s been my best find to date! Starting my new life as a Student nail Tech & ultimately Nail Designer this site has given more more options and inspiration- Just when I thought I have found everything, I find a new parcel coming my way! Haha! I can’t recommend it more ♥️.Version: 1.63.0

Great place to shop for almost anything!I have spent about $150 so far on Temu. I have loved everything so far except for one thing and I have probably bought 30 items. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of most things. Some were better than others but for the price I sure can’t complain. I will be back for sure. You can’t lose even if one thing turns out not so great because it is so inexpensive. The shipping is fast for what is probably coming from over seas. maybe a week or little more. They will text you a lot of times with updates on your order so you are never left in the dark wondering where your package is. I love getting a deal so Temu is my kind of place to shop. I recommend looking around on the site for the best deal because many times they will have it cheaper from a different seller I suppose because there are multiples of similar items. They also send you coupons sometimes. If you have friend who you can sign up you can get a lot of free stuff but I didn’t want to bother anyone. I like to wait til they send me a coupon to place an order. Try it you will like it. Warning most the time when they offer free gifts you are going to have to get friends to sign up and you will play games to get the points then you will need more points to win and you will need friends to sign up to actually win the prizes you have picked out. If you have plenty of friends you can get plenty of free things. Over all I was pleasantly surprised with the products..Version: 1.62.0

Amazing!!!!This site has been totally dangerous to my bank account. There are so many random things one can order. I’ve had the best luck with kids clothes, women's clothing especially dresses. I’ve ordered so many random things from lip gloss, to stamps and dies, stickers, scratch art, earrings, hair extensions, metal signs, home decor the list is overwhelming. Check measurements when ordering certain things that look big in the pictures. I always check the reviews, sometimes seeing someone who’s not a super model wear the shirt helps me decide how it may fit on myself. Pricing is fair, absolutely love the free shipping and it’s relatively fast to. Unlike AliExpress. Even faster than SHEIN. Can’t wait to try so many other products..Version: 1.63.0

My Temu Experience!So i've been using temu for a little while now,and I can say it's pretty good really. It's really cheap,kind of like shein but a little better i guess? The gifts are legit,too. I got 15 dollars from playing on paypal but trust me it may take a while and you need a bunch of people unless you have a lot of friends. But overall,it's a good app. But you still have to be careful with some of the things in this Temu app because some people also get scammed or robbed. I'm not saying it's a bad app and you shouldn't get it because it's pretty good for a online shopping app tbh. I like the app but i think it should improve the little "free gifts credit" thingys because it is a little bit rigged. Yes,it may be a peramid scheme but i've never seen any better and almost every online shop does that right? But yeah,it's good! But please also be aware that the games are rigged like I said. Some of the games (or all tbh) have this trick that if you shared and got all the cutting prices then when you share and invite other people not only they lower the prices for you to have less time,but they give you only 1-3 days to finish. Now i'm not saying it's not that much or anything but still,it may take a while to do this because not that much people have a lot of friends like other people do. So they should really fix that and they are lucky I gave them 5 stars. (which i guess?? they deserve idrk).Version: 1.71.0

ReviewThe items that I purchased are pretty good quality so many items for a cheap price. Some of these things I find in stores for 10x the price. Purchasing from here honesty felt like a steal. Great app!.Version: 1.60.0

Great appPrices are great and shipping is faster than other similar companies Has been good for kids clothes and household items. I haven’t had much luck with women’s clothing but found some good deals..Version: 1.75.0

$50 couponTo get your $50 bonus, enter "Kubonus Temu" in Google before signing up. This is an official promotion for new users of Temu. I've been using Temu for several months now and love it! It feels great to be able to buy almost anything on a whim because everything is so affordable. The quality of merchandise can vary a lot but I have been very impressed by a few items, like a cotton canvas purse that is thick, durable, washable, and looks great. My favorite items so far has been the neat little bucket washing machine that gets my socks and underwear cleaner than a regular washing machine and rechargeable motion sensor lights that detect day/night (that's a lot of cutting edge tech for $7.50!) These little inexpensive items improve your quality of life, like a drain hair catcher that saves me money on plumbers, a nice quality purse to replace an old one, car blind spot mirrors that can save my life, sanding discs fo repairing paint scratches on my car, dishwashing steel wool, adhesive hooks for jackets, clips that hold my shower curtain in place so it doesn't stick me uncomfortably, and several amazing Apple watch band knockoffs that look like the real thing and cost less than $10! It's being able to buy all these items that life starts to feel a little more affordable. They have great customer service and I literally couldn't ask for better! Thank you Temu for the great products and cheap prices! Thank you Temu for helping people's paychecks stretch a little further!.Version: 1.67.0

Temu great siteI put in my first order and was not expecting the items to be so good, but am so impressed with everything I ordered, that I place another order same day I received my goods. Delivery was fast, earlier that eta..Version: 1.66.0

We love Temu!I seriously hate writing reviews. I’m the person who clicks “never show again” when the pop up….well, pops up. But this company has done so good I feel they deserve it. My mom got a pair of shoes in the mail and told me she only paid $4.50 for them. So I said “From where?!“ And she said “This company called Temu“. I was EXTREMELY suspicious bc I had never heard of them but I had to try it out. I bought a pair of shoes for get this…$1.18!!!!! It was a new user discount (never got my new user gift cards though) And I was so surprised by the quality! I can’t wear them because they are half a size too small, but that was my own fault. They refunded me the money even though I wanted to exchange the shoes. Anyway, I have since become addicted. I am waiting on literally four different orders right now. And I’ve already had three more come in since I bought the shoes. The shipping is WAY FASTER than Wish. I was very pleasantly surprised by this company, and if you give them a shot, you will be too!.Version: 1.42.0

Great but be careful!All of the free gift things are rigged, but if you avoid that section of the app and just BUY the stuff you want, it’s great. But don’t get sucked in, even “Fishland” requires like a million referrals and purchases to win a prize lol.Version: 1.67.0

So much to see……so little timeTemu is very entertaining. I drop in for a quick visit and end up staying. Like most bargain shopping sites you have to pick carefully on items you are seriously wanting to use and go hog wild on the cheap fun stuff. Be cause most items are relatively inexpensive it’s a great place for trying out stuff to see if it really works. No biggy if it doesn’t and hurry and buy a bunch if it does. What I do is go through and click buy on stuff I think I can’t live without then I go through and rethink and delete or keep. Since I can’t order huge amounts of stuff I go through and pick some of what I want the most and order. Then hopefully I can order some more when I can afford it. A lot of the items sell out pretty fast so you have to decide while they are available. No pressure! Ha ha. When I look at all the reviewers of Temu on all the different sights and what they say I’m pretty impressed. Just remember it’s still someone’s personal opinion, but it does give you an idea of what an item looks like on real people and how an item is used and what you probably shouldn’t buy. Ihave many things from Temu that I am happy with, many on a regular basis. Just remember the choice is yours. Today I am wearing a Temu dress, headband, bracelet, and steriling ring all purchase at low prices. About $20 for it all, not bad. Have a great day!.Version: 1.68.0

$50 bonusTo get your $50 bonus, enter "Kubonus Temu" in Google before signing up. This is an official promotion for new users of Temu. So I did not have high expectations for this app. However, the items that I have purchased have been really well made and good quality. I have purchased so far, a bread shaped eyeshadow palette, a beanie, creature bookmark, hair clip. They were all awesome. Before purchasing I made sure to read reviews and would not buy the item without seeing pictures that people have uploaded during their review. I think that really helped me to get good quality products. I have made another larger purchase since then. Just waiting to receive it. The first order arrived in less than two weeks, so my second order should arrive in a week or so. That being said, there are some items I don’t know if I would purchase just because I don’t have the extra money to spend to have it not work or be the quality I wanted to, so I definitely think it’s a great day. I will continue buying from the app. Black Friday Shipping currently is free which I absolutely love. I’m super stoked for my next order to arrive.. some people have compare this to “Wish” which maybe there are items that would be comparable. For me, so far with what I have received, I definitely think that Temu is much better and shipping is quick in comparison..Version: 1.66.0

PerfectGot free things and you just have to invite people to download the game and its the even that hard. I got free $50 credit and i could buy anything for free worth up $50, and that even free shipping !!! Good game defo recommend to get free stuff ..Version: 1.63.0

Amazing appWorks fine so good omg God bless whoever made this app and the free gifts, guys calm down the app is new and you can’t expect them to ship everywhere straight away? Really easy to work and an easy way to get those items that have been on your wishlist for a while!.Version: 1.54.0

I Love Temu!!!I absolutely love Temu!!! I was a little skeptical at first because the prices were so cheap but I thought this site had to be a scam. I went ahead and ordered a couple of things and it took a couple of weeks but I got them and they were even better than I expected. Needless to say now I have bright orange packages coming to and three times a week. I am addicted! Their clothes are so cute and the price is unbeatable anywhere! Tell everyone about it and I have all of my friends and family ordering now. I just hope that now that they are so popular they won’t raise their prices like everywhere else does. I am extremely happy with everything I have gotten and trust me when I say I have gotten a lot!!! I not only order clothes. I also order jewelry shoes, purses things for the house. Everything so far has been absolutely wonderful and I am so happy that I found this site. Every time I wear one of the outfits that I got on Temu out I get so many compliments. When I tell them, I got it on Temu they’re like wow I’m going to have to try that out. can you please keep your prices low like they are and I will definitely keep ordering!!!.Version: 1.78.0

Need more info on the productI think this has potential. Just wondering if they will be like Amazon. I love what I am seeing so far but the problem is the items need more description. Like the shoes for example- you don’t know what material and height of the heel is very important . Other products have no description of materials as well. Cotton ? Leather ? Silicone ? I will update my star rating after I received my first order ..Version: 1.47.0

First ordersI’m really satisfied with the items I got for the price range they where advertised. Icl I thought it was a scam at first so i tried making a small order and it came at the assigned shipment date so I’m really happy with that. 2nd order came in and there was a delay for the item but it’s fine since they offered a refund and eventually shipped it.Version: 1.54.0

Legit & AddictiveIt is better than Wish, quality-wise, though some of the items are the same. It feels like AliExpress but you get your order in less than 10 days (my first one came in 7) as opposed to 1-2 months. I AM glad I gave it a try and hope I don’t blow all my expendable income on it because, while there are a few things I need, most of it is just stuff I want. They do honor the initial 90% off gift and if you have time to play their popularity/annoy your friends game, you can get some great deals. The coupons don’t last long enough at all. The other day I had a $16 off $40 coupon but it expired in 24 hours when I was still building my next cart, so I find myself waiting to make the purchase until I receive a good coupon. I have tried the referral thing to win free items and credits but I’m lame and antisocial so I don’t know enough people and I also don’t have the time to peruse reddit for hours looking for strangers to “click for click” with. It makes me a little frustrated (and obviously just jealous) when I see people who have received 100+ free gifts they’re going to resell just because they are kids with no jobs and spend their days being “influencers” on tik tok-In that regard it feels like a tween’s app, but again, I’m just lame so you may have better luck with the whole “Team Up Price Down” thing..Version: 1.43.0

UnderratedLots of stuff getting sold by them, great to see. They support smaller companies and projects which is cool. EVERYTHING is cheaper. It came to my house about 10 days (that is good for where I live.) All products I have bought are awesome 😊. Thanks soo much temu. Idc what other people review. Only problem I found is the two free gifts by cutting the price won’t except any more invites..Version: 1.66.0

Faking reviews is not cute, temu. (Edited)The app itself is great- I love how it works. But most of the reviews on the app itself are 100% fraud. I’ve noticed a pattern in the automated-sounding reviews, because they are all titled the same thing. Despite them being different, they all sound like they are sent from one singular person because the writing style is the same. All the reviews are structured very alike, and the usernames are fake. I hope you actually soak in this review instead of replying with some automated response. I hope you realize this is a serious matter, because it is illegal to give yourself reviews. The FTC comes after businesses that do this, and if you don’t quit it now, I’ll make sure they hear of it. I’m not trying to be rude or shut down your business, this is for your own good. Hi Temu! I’ve come back to check on your reviews, and it seems you’ve taken my advice. I haven’t seen one fake review anymore. Thank you. I just need to mention- the app is good enough so you don’t have to fake reviews. The company is already TT famous. To everyone who reads this- get the app. No substantial money can be lost on cheap items because not much was paid anyways. Another thank you, Temu. Try to step towards good business habits..Version: 1.75.0

New shopping place : TEMU!Lower price.Super variety of products. Love to share Temu with my friends.Version: 1.1.0

AmazingI’m absolutely loving Temu. Everything I’ve ordered, and there’s been a lot, has been top quality and the shipping has been first class. All my items have arrived before the date specified. I’ll be doing a lot more shopping..Version: 1.67.0

My honest opinion on TemuI honestly think Temu is a good platform despite all the one star reviews I’ve read. It’s cheap and the quality still is decent to really good. I’ve bought like nearly over 30 products from this app and they all came in good quality like you would normally get from a physical store..Version: 1.65.0

DisappointedI was really excited to get temu and have the free stuffs but then I noticed that I have to send the code to lots of people and I don’t really now much people 🙁.Version: 1.50.0

Is temu a scam?So lately I have been seeing videos and adds about temu so I went to check it out and the things were so cheap I saw a ipad for 48 dollars that’s a bargain but I also saw videos that temu is a scam and some people said that temu is like shein and shein is bad so I’m going to buy something but lm scared it’s a scam and sometimes people make good reviews but I’m scared there getting payed to do that so is tumu a scam?.Version: 1.63.0

The price of a lot of things are great but the customer service is brokenI have spend around 150$ on Temu so far and it is quite addictive, the “games” you can play to earn “free gifts or credit” is basically making you an advertisement and so you can share the app with friends and family. (Warning* there is a time limit so the games can expire) While the app is great there are some issues. The biggest issue I have so far is the minimum amount required to checkout because first it was 10$ i was ok with that because the reason for the minimum checkout is so Temu can be environmentally friendly and not waste a bag just for one product. BUT i realized that my minimum amount kept on changing. First it was 10$ then it was 15$ and now it’s 20$. That was kinda frustrating cause I wanted to buy some stuff ALONE without having to waste money and add other things to my cart to get to 20$. So I decided to create a new account but it still had the same issue. When I went into customer service’s “live chat” where your supposed to talk to one of Temu’s employees I was instead greeted with a bot…which gave me no help whatsoever. Yet on my friends account somehow the live chat works. So I hope they can fix this glitch and if they do I will change my rating to 5 stars. *UPDATE!! All I had to do was email Temu and they got the problem fixed very quickly they’re customer support does work!! Sometimes there’s just some bugs with your account. (: thanks Temu for fixing it.Version: 1.75.0

FantasticWhat a great website. Truly amazing prices free shipping. What more could you ask for the items shipped quickly without any fuss and I link it up with the Australian Post app so I know when items are arriving. Can’t recommend this site and the app highly enough..Version: 1.66.0

New shopI don’t know if it’s because it’s a new brand, but they seem to be big on getting the items to you as fast as possible. Which is completely different for those who have been around longer. If they can keep up their customer service values then I would have to recommend them to all..Version: 1.67.0

Happy customerThis is the first time I have brought on this sight, I am very impressed, great prices, you get tracking for your parcels, fast shipping. Would defiantly recommend shopping with this company..Version: 1.67.0

Perfect fit for perfect pricesVery good company. I saw this company while I was searching for online sellers and I was surprised to see the prices. So i wanted to try. I keep buying everything that i loved and i’m so happy with all. Thank you so much dear Temu..Version: 1.62.0

Love TEMUI am so glad that Temu now ships to Australia. There are some better things on ali express BUT the delivery tracking is fantastic, Ali express really need to up their game. You get complete tracking from start of order to when it arrives at your home. I have done quite a few orders so far. The quality has been excellent. I do like the option if the price has changed within 30 days you can request a refund of the difference. I will say the shoes are just as expensive via Temu compared to buying it here in Australia. And not many options for large feet (size 10 or 11)..Version: 1.64.0

Pretty good so farJust purchased 14 items for $12, so we’ll see what the actual price points are like after the new user discount disappears. Seems similar to AliExpress, but with better shipping time, smaller range of products and competitive prices. Two things to be mindful of: 1, There is no favorites or wishlist option. If you want to save something, you have to put it in your cart. You do have the option of selecting and buying just one item, but there’s also the option of sleepily emptying the cart or purchasing everything when you’re just trying to do one of two items. 2, The ratings when you click on a product seem to be for the entire store. When I clicked the reviews to read others opinions, they were filled with other items, to the point that I never saw the item I was looking for in any of the review sections. Will try to remember to come back and update rating based on the quality of the products. I’m not expecting top-notch quality, but I would like to get a few uses out of each item before it possibly breaks..Version: 1.8.0

Some things good Some things bad.I give this site 4 stars mostly it is a good site to find some good items at great deals. My issue is a couple things when things go on sale like really high like 50% to 90% off they inflate the price and put a slash through it and say it’s normally this price and it’s marked down from the inflated price x amount and these are the items you see regularly and know that they are like always 22$ but on this super sale they will be 90$ slashed thru and be 32$ for example and then they go back down when the period is over to they’re regular price second issue is the games u play where invites are the key to getting free stuff never will a spin or pick a hat or card etc… whatever the game is it will always get u the best prize the first two and then make u struggle for the last three dollars or whatever to get the prize I think we should be able to pay for more coins or somthing because they don’t let u spam invites and must do so to even get the prize all in all its an ok site if u know how to work it and or if u just want to buy stuff.Version: 1.41.0

How excitingI purchased a few items over a variety of categories. I have traveled to china and know that you can get anything from superior quality to cheap and nasty. I have to say I am very excited that the quality of Temu is really fantastic they clearly have high standards and everything that arrived was what I expected or better. The children’s clothes were gorgeous well made and sizing was spot on the prints were much better than expected and my few clothing items were spot on in quality and size. To top it all off it all arrived to me in rural Australia within 8 days. Thank you I can’t wait for my next order.Version: 1.66.0

A Little Refinement Will Bring Me To 5 StarI’ve been pleasantly surprised with my shopping experience at Temu and only have a couple of suggestions. I have purchased a number of clothing items through the app and have found discrepancies between the material description listed for a few items versus the actual material found on the tag once I received the items. When I made Temu aware of my disappointment, I have to acknowledge they were more than happy to provide me with a full refund, very promptly. Hopefully they will be more attentive to making this information accurate. Secondly, when trying to find a pair of cargo shorts by waist size, many times the size shown (S30 for example) is not really a 30 inch waist. When you tap on the S30, the app brings up additional sizing information and I have seen waist sizes ranging between 28 and 32 as the actual waist measurement for the S30 size option. I do realize that international sizing can be rather inconsistent and that Temu may not be able to do anything about this issue. I would just have to suggest that you be careful to determine your correct size when ordering clothing. Lastly, and this is just a personal preference for myself, I wish that Temu had more boys/mens cargo shorts available in a smaller waist size (28-29 inches) that also have a button closure. Thank you for reading my review, I hope you find Temu to be a good shopping experience!.Version: 1.68.0

Illegal activityWhat this company is doing is illegal. If you don’t believe me, go through the reviews. First, they make it extremely difficult to see an items reviews. How? Click on the reviews and what you will see are reviews for a whole bunch of items, not just the item your looking at. Second, start reading the reviews. Countless reviews are clearly negative, yet it shows that the person gave the item 5 stars which is impossible. Simply put, this is fraud and needs reported to Apple so their app is removed from the store. After reading the reviews, it is very clear that their “review” grading system is a lie as well. Further, when you double check that the things I am writing are true (and they are), report it to your attorney general. Listen, I’ve ordered off Temu quite a few items and have been happy with most of them (not all—some clothing items have a strange fit). Even so, a companies business practices must be on the up and up and if not, they should be forced out of business. Transparencies led to Amazon’s success. Temu has decided that they can be successful through lies and deceptions. We need to prove them wrong..Version: 1.23.0

Impressed & recommendedI tried 1 order, delivered within 1 week and most importantly the quality just as what the adv says. So I tried few more. I am impressed by the price and quality of Temu products compare with other eCommerce platform. Highly recommended..Version: 1.62.0

Good price but never shipI made an order on the opening day. 5 days later, none of my item is shipped. I have asked customer service many times and I only be told to wait because their warehouse is overload. What is point of you buy a thing with cheaper price but never arrive?.Version: 1.54.0

Please change the invite part🥲4 out of 5 because I love this app and how fast the delivery comes but the only thing I don’t like is the invite part. I understand in order to get ur free gifts u gotta invite people but at least say the number of people u have to invite. I would love the invite part to be changed to ‘invite 4 people’ or invite yk a specific number of people. Sometimes it just gets annoying and becomes drag, but overall it’s a good app..Version: 1.66.0

Fast and mostly decent quality for price.Love the fact delivery is fast and guaranteed unlike some of its competitors. Cheap and cheerful. Way too many notifications for everything! But better too much than not enough right? 🫣 one of my packages so tightly wrapped it actually bent and creased what was inside, unsure if it’ll do the job it’s meant to do now. No common sense in that regard. If not for that it would have been five stars..Version: 1.64.0

Great place to shopLove the prices and they have everything I need. I have found the quality to be good and have never had a problem with the buying, Shipping and postage I was a little worried at first being a new company but I have had 3 orders with no problems.Version: 1.63.0

It felt like a gamble but I’m pleasantly surprised. Just be careful.If you have high values about high quality and personal cashflow, maybe skip this one. Because if you’re looking for cheap deals, this place is addictive. The prices are great and the quality is decent and if you can sweat through the shipping time, there are some steals here! And, the classic saying “you get what you pay for” applies here, as it does everywhere. Be smart. If you want high quality clothes, don’t buy them here. If you want beginner art supplies to try stuff out, or stamps, or trinkets or tools or hair stuff - and can wait 10-14 days - give it a whirl. Think online dollar store quality stuff. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Just made my first larger priced purchase, so I’m interested to see how if the quality increases as the prices increase. I’ve been surprised at how well things arrive given the distance and wrapping - which is basically just a heavy plastic bag - but even glass things have come intact so far. And they’ve arrived within the guaranteed delivery window every time. I’m also a fan of the price adjustment option, which gives you store credit if prices go down within a window after purchase. Overall, I’m pretty pleased and am way too tempted by these deals..Version: 1.70.0

Legit not scamI usually order of Aliexpress because it is cheap there but Temu is better because it is cheaper, delivers for free at least to my country and delivers within 2 weeks. Happy I found it..Version: 1.67.0

Can’t Order in CanadaThis app should not be offered in the Canadian App Store as Temu does not deliver to Canada..Version: 1.39.0

My daughter made me do it, and I’m glad she did!Originally, I thought the app was very gimmicky— and really didn’t have great expectations. My daughter made me download it after she saw reviews on TikTok and her friends had made purchases. The products are for the most part better quality than you typically would get from a website like Wish or SHEIN…. At least what we have gotten so far. Also, the tracking and order processing updates are great. If there is a delay, they let you know and credit your account! I had one item that was broken when it arrived, but they were quick to refund my account in mere minutes. I honestly haven’t done a lot of the games or referrals for freebies— but I’m just satisfied with getting the products I am at good prices. There is something there for everyone— check it out, and read reviews. Also, if you do shopping on Etsy, I recommend checking on this site that the same product isn’t being sold on Temu for less than half the price it’s listed on Etsy..Version: 1.58.0

Very pleasantly surprised!So I was very skeptical about this app when my fiancée told me about it. I thought it was just going to be like another Wish where your items break 2 minutes later and it takes like three months or more to get your items. I don’t know how but somehow the prices are even cheaper than wish but the products are better quality. And the part I love the most is every few hours you can get free shipping on your entire order. And delivery is very quick. They usually ship your item out the day after or two days after you place the order and depending on where you live it usually gets to you within a week or so. We have like four orders each that we ordered on different days and we’ve already gotten 3 of the packages. I am very pleasantly surprised you’re not only with their items, but with the shipping. Also, my fiancée got the wrong color of something and they very quickly gave her a credit to get the other color within three minutes and as soon as it was about to ship. Very fast and friendly customer service! Love you TEMU!!!.Version: 1.22.0

Pleasantly surprised!!!I was very skeptical of this site. I'm not a risk taker. But I was board and thought I'd start small and just purchase a few items. Well that turned into 3 hours of shopping in the comfort of my cozy home. My first order was 5 identical Christmas outfits for my preschool class. The deal was amazing and the picture of the outfit was soooooo darling. The total was $30. I was prepared to be disappointed. When I opened that package I felt and seen the outfits. I was in LovE!!!! They are the cutest!!!! I'm so excited to gift them. The next day I got my big order of about 40 random things. My daughter and I made a game out of it. First let me tell you this is the daughter that yells at me for buying junk or over priced items on Facebook . So she was in full mode ready to laugh at me!!! We opened and took one item out at a time. Said if it was quality or junk and then I made her guess the price I paid. She guessed higher on most everything!!! She was smiling and said okay mom you did good 😊. It's just a fun and addicting site. I give it 5 stars!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.23.0

Temu appI was sent this link about 2 months ago from my daughter who wanted to get some free stuff, then I opened it to see what it was about, I have been addicted to it every since. I get on so many times a day , more then Facebook. I don’t like getting out to shop and spending so much time looking for stuff in so many stores, but here they have absolutely everything possible and more. I have had absolute success on receiving all my orders, in good condition, now I normally wouldn’t buy out of the country because of my experiences before, like taking 2 to 4 months to receive something. However a couple of weeks isn’t bad at all , that I can do! Almost everything has been great , I’ve decided that the woman’s clothes with a few exceptions just don’t work for me. I enjoy the daily gift box with credit, I don’t like being rushed to hurry and close my purchases in fear of my items running out , it causes me to make mistakes on my orders, like doubling and tripling the same items. I haven’t returned anything because it’s a pain for me but I have received credit on a few of items with no problems. Thank you 🙏🏽 for a great shopping experience ! XO~HUGS🫶🏽.Version: 1.70.0

Almost 5 starts but I think I will edit once I get a resolution on a situationTbh, I am extremely impressed with TEMU the first 3 months that I have been ordering from this site/app. Shipping is/was extremely fast (for items coming overseas) but lately, there has been majors delays on their shipment. Very unusual. However, what I love from it is that it gives you automatically $5 credit if there is a delay from their 14 range for delivery. Normally it takes a day or two longer. Also, I like the constant offering of coupons for $12 less if you order $60 or more. So far I had spent over $600 in a large amount of items. I had invited friends and family alike because of the great prices. I used it use Ali x pre ss but it has taken forever to ship items to USA. Over a months to some of them. Also, I still have a problem with a seller that doesn’t want to honor a price on their site, I never going back to that place. So far, TEMU has been a breath of good initiative and quick response…. Please keep it up, I know it is hard, but don’t give up!.Version: 1.60.0

Love this appI’ve been buying from this app for over a month. So far I’ve had absolutely no problem with any of the products. I purchased tools for miniatures I purchased craft and art supplies. I purchased electronic gadgets and I’ve purchased household items. Everything has been exactly as I expected. Everything has been delivered within the timeframe that they’ve told me it would be actually they’ve been delivered the first day of their estimate when shipment even arrived early, I get no annoying ads I get no request to invite other people to download the app for bonuses. Nothing like that. The only mistake I’ve seen so far is that I had ordered 10 S hooks and they shipped me five I called customer support and they are re-shipping the missing five hooks no needing to make this shipment up to $10. No shipping charge no questions the woman I talk to was very professional and cheerful overall I am extremely happy with this site. The quality is better than I expected. I had used wish before and gotten totally scammed, so needless to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my experience with Temu..Version: 1.73.0

TemuSome items that are purchased are faulty I would say that has to go with every company sometimes things just don’t fit perfectly but it’s OK people get things wrong. Sometimes items come in the wrong way that doesn’t mean to take it out on the rest of the great stuff that comes out of this company. I would say the prices are great and a lot of everything works out just also sometimes the material is a little weird and it’s not something I always like but the company is great about returns and how they deal with it as well as refunds the refunds which I really appreciate the customer service is always very nice and pleasant, The shirts are soft and they feel nice,here and there a little Problem with the sizing, sometimes too small as well as too big, but most of the time it is just right, and the company is always very good at taking care of the situation and you feel like they’re there to help but overall like I said before the company is good, it’s great when you have a budget.👍👍.Version: 1.80.0

Temu reviewMy husband found Temu. He got me hooked. I have had so much fun buying myself little things. Getting little things for my family and my grand daughter. Getting ready for Christmas. The prices are great. The shipping is AMAZINGLY FAST. I am sure with Christmas coming it will slow up a bit but it puts some of my domestic subscription boxes to shame for shipping times, I am not even kidding you. I timed a certain subscription box I get with a Temu order I did that sent the same day and I received the Temu order 2 days before the subscription box. Wild!!!!. I can not say enough good stuff about Temu. I have had 4-5 shipments and nothing has come damaged. One box it came in looked sad and I was wondering because items are usually loose, but nope everything was happy and safe inside. Some of the items inside were in their own puffy pouch too. So it depends. As is now I have nothing negative to say! I have not had to deal with customer service yet. So I don’t know how well that goes. I have I think 4-5 more orders on the way though so we shall see. This time I took a chance and ordered a shirt. I’m excited. Yay. I LOVE TEMU!!!.Version: 1.19.0

Exceeds expectations so far!So I did not have high expectations for this app. However, the items that I have purchased have been really well made and good quality. I have purchased so far, a bread shaped eyeshadow palette, a beanie, creature bookmark, hair clip. They were all awesome. Before purchasing I made sure to read reviews and would not buy the item without seeing pictures that people have uploaded during their review. I think that really helped me to get good quality products. I have made another larger purchase since then. Just waiting to receive it. The first order arrived in less than two weeks, so my second order should arrive in a week or so. That being said, there are some items I don’t know if I would purchase just because I don’t have the extra money to spend to have it not work or be the quality I wanted to, so I definitely think it’s a great day. I will continue buying from the app. Black Friday Shipping currently is free which I absolutely love. I’m super stoked for my next order to arrive.. some people have compare this to “Wish” which maybe there are items that would be comparable. For me, so far with what I have received, I definitely think that Temu is much better and shipping is quick in comparison..Version: 1.22.0

Great siteI’ve ordered a lot off this site and it’s all arrived promptly. Most has been of reasonable quality and exceptional value for money. I’ve taken advantage of special offers too which makes the prices better than other sites..Version: 1.67.0

Happy customerI’ve bought a couple of times now and very happy with the quality and the price of all that I’ve bought . Would recommend Temu to anyone..Version: 1.65.0

Great products and pricesI have just received my first order it came quickly and everything is as described and great value for money I’ll definitely be shopping here again.Version: 1.67.0

I get everything hereI was pretty skeptical of Temu when I first saw the ads. The prices were cheaper than cheap and it was suspicious. But I took a chance and ordered some pajamas because why not. It actually came and the quality was actually really nice. I have also tried to get the free gift things but I’ve never managed to actually finish one. They get harder and harder as you get closer to your goal and most of them need you to share it with a lot of people to get close to the goal. I, unfortunately, do not know a lot of people I can share it to so I’ve not managed to win anything. This is a solid app, I’ve not had any issues with delivery or anything like that. Most orders come within 10 days or so. I’ve ordered about 5-6 times, each order being about $20 each. There are many, many, many, items to choose from. Some things you don’t even think of. I’ve ordered decor, skincare, clothes, phone accessories and etc. Unfortunately, there is a $15 limit but that’s understandable. I love saving money 💪 OH AND ONE IMPORTANT THING : They don’t have a wishlist so you’ll just need to add all the items you want to the cart. Have fun trying to find what you want to buy in your cart 🤩 Temu please add a wishlist, I’m begging you, I have 50 items in my cart..Version: 1.77.0

Great ShoppingI have found this company to be very efficient great product I had a problem with one of my purchases sizing was wrong With in notifying them I was refunded in five minutes this is important to all to know they have your back.✔️.Version: 1.66.0

Don’t play the gamesSo the products are actually amazingly priced like wish, but unlike wish, the products are pretty amazing. There is one way to earn free gifts, you just have to invite like 15 people who don’t have the app and an account already, and like 5 people who do, I succeeded my mother and my husband however did not, so good luck on that. However, there are “games” where they say “earn $$$” or “earn $$$ credit”, but it’s pretty impossible to do. And when you try to back out they give a pop up that says “this person earned $$$$” and put up an impossible amount of money!!! I tried a cookie jar game, where it says “invite new players to drop cookies faster.” I did this, it says “100 cookies = $1”… but guess what!!! After you hit the redeem button you then have to spin to earn the money! 1000 cookies equals 1 spin.. and the closer you get, the less you get.. first couple spins was 20 vouchers of 100, but once i got to 93 vouchers of 100, suddenly i was only getting pennys. The other games are the exact same..Version: 1.80.0

Temu the corporationI have been enjoying my gifts and products from the Temu, the company. It’s like Christmas when the products arrive at my door and they are delivered by a reputable company that cares about their customers and the products they are delivering. I like how Temu takes the time to carefully wrap my packages in a plastic bag and then seals it with tape. Very professional looking with the company logo on it and everything is intact and the products inside the bag are all in great condition for coming out of the east coast to the west coast. I have no resentment’s about Temu. I do have one reservation for the company, but I will wait until the proper time for that. At first I thought this would be a hoax, no way was I going to get a good quality product for the price they were offering, but I was wrong. Great merchandise and on time tracking and delivered right to my doorstep. You just can’t get it any better than that. I’m sold on this company so much that I have purchased clothing,shoes, pots and pans for my kitchen as well as storage containers and other items that I couldn’t afford to purchase from the local stores. Ladies and gentlemen I give you “Temu”. A company that means what they say and say what they mean. And deliver what they sell. Enjoy your time with them and have fun unwrapping your presents!!.Version: 1.70.0

Thank you Temu for take care my order.I love the Temu application, I have had a very good experience with all the shipments and there have already been 3 and I am already preparing the 4th 😁 . Everything I have purchased has been exactly as described and I have loved everything. very satisfied with my purchases. They are very attentive to the package, monitoring it and letting you know everything that is happening with it, and I like that. I also like that they keep me informed of the things that interest me and that they give me discount coupons. I recommend Temu to everyone, their prices and their products are very good and exactly as described. Thank you Temu for the quality of your products and for your service. Recommended 10/10 ❤️🙏 me encanta la aplicacion Temu, he tenido muy buena experiencia con todos mis envios y ya han sido 3 y estoy preparando el 4 😁 todo lo que he comprado ha sido exactamente como lo describen y todo me ha encantado. muy satisfecha con mis compras. . Ellos estan muy atentos a el paquete lo van monitoriando y dejandote saber todo lo que va pasando con el mismo, y eso me gusta. Tambien me gusta que me mantengan informada de las cosas que me interesan y que me den cupones descuentos. yo recomiendo Temu a todos, sus precios y sus productos muy buenos y exactamente como los describen. Gracias Temu por la calidad de sus productos y por su buen servicio. Recomendado 10/10❤️🙏.Version: 1.74.0

BestSince this shop has opened was a bit skeptical but quick delivery and things ordered above my expectations. Highly recommend and now I can’t stop ordering.Version: 1.67.0

HAPPY CUSTOMERBest place to buy quality goods at an outstanding price, I’ve never seen what I purchased and what it cost me anywhere before, it’s so good and has soooo much to choose from….I recommend you have a look at the site take time to scroll through the items 😊👍👌 WINNER.Version: 1.67.0

So far so good… buuuttt…I just downloaded last night, made my first purchase today. Love the pricing and the fact the delivery dates don’t seem like forever ( like on wish) I also love the fact there is free shipping option on most things, everything I ordered had it at least. (Unlike wish where you think you’re getting good prices until you look at the cart and the shipping for everything was outrageous. I can not yet comment on quality products as I just placed my order but I will write another review once I receive them. My biggest complaint at the moment, not necessarily a complaint just I really wish that there was an option to create wish lists to earmarked things you want to buy in the future that would be a really nice addition if you could possibly do that. Because I don’t always have enough money to buy everything I want obviously but there are things that I wish I could save for later and come back to but I do not see that option at this time; if you can will you please add it in your next update? I don’t know how making these apps work… but if every other shopping app can do it shouldn’t you be able to as well?.Version: 1.37.0

First timeFirst time order had 31 items is very sceptical because I’ve never heard of the company before, but I will definitely be using again amazing products super fast service..Version: 1.66.0

“ Finally “I’m so glad that TEMU has finally come to Australia!! My sister in Texas(USA) has been showing and telling me about all the great deals and products she has been getting from them for awhile. So now I can FINALLY order things too..Version: 1.63.0

Very Happy CustomerI was a little skeptic given this was a new app. I love the products available on this site. Delivery was a little slow but I’m sure this will improve over time..Version: 1.61.0

Great quality products1st time I’ve ever ordered off Temu, and I’m really happy with the products I’ve received. Much better than Wish, and free postage makes it affordable. Have just reordered some products because they are great quality, Very impressed 🤩.Version: 1.66.0

TemuThe sizing seems a little small but the service is fantastic, quick and accurate. Prices are reasonable too. Overall a really good online shopping experience..Version: 1.67.0

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