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Temu: Team Up, Price Down App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Temu: Team Up, Price Down app received 14 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Temu: Team Up, Price Down? Can you share your negative thoughts about temu: team up, price down?

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Temu: Team Up, Price Down for Negative User Reviews

No search No ChineseI can't believe a shopping app has no search function. There is no Chinese display as well..Version: 1.5.0

Lies about rewardsThis app may be good for cheap goods with decent shipping times but when it comes to rewards and referral, that’s a whole new story! They were recently running promo and when it came time to cash in my rewards to PayPal they are coming up with every excuse under the sun as to not give me my rewards that I EARNED! So I highly recommend not referring anyone to the app because eventually they stop paying out rewards. They tried to tell me one excuse and I proved them wrong so they came up with another. Again I proved that excuse wrong via saved screenshots and of course a new excuse! I’d really appreciate if the app would stop lying and just give me my reward. If they don’t want people to participate then they shouldn’t offer the promo! Otherwise it would be a great app. But 1 star until they follow through with their word!.Version: 1.7.0

Not for CanadaWhy it exist in Canada App Store ?.Version: 1.11.0

USNot for canada.Version: 1.3.0

Customer service is not greatEven though customer service is 24/7. Temu takes a long time to respond after getting a hold of someone. I had a problem with Usps shipping my package to the wrong address. I’ve checked the address I’ve had down and checked where it actually got shipped to. It was sent to a totally different state. I messaged Temu and they took forever to respond. Once they acknowledged my problem they told me they cannot do anything about it and said to contact Usps to get the package back and if I don’t get it then contact the sellers for a refund. Usps have delivered it to a persons front porch so there’s no way I’m getting my package. And of course I had to message the four sellers I bought from. And two out of the four didn’t understand. One of them said I have to talk to logistics and I already did. The other eventually understood and so three out of the four sellers that understood said they will refund but who knows if it’ll actually be refunded. The reason I went to buy from Temu is because an influencer I follow on TikTok raved about it. And the items she had on were cute..Version: 1.10.0

Can't leave review in appI made my order, got them, unhappy, and can't find any link from my order or from product page to leave my review.Version: 1.8.0

Credit Card Fraud!!! DO NOT BUY!!!After I shopped at TEMU, my credit card has been stolen and used!!! I asked the friend who referred me to download this app, she also noticed some suspicious activity on her bank account!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS APP!!! Identity theft!.Version: 1.8.0

Hard to returnPrice and shipping is good’ but when you try to return something it is really hard, the app has a lot bugs that can’t find what the customer service said, like the order ID, which I spand a lot time found on message is not full ID, spand me almost an hour try to return a security camera, but end up keep asking me the order ID where I really can’t find it! Forget about it! I just not returned as it takes me so much time! And also on missing items, they don’t even tell you will refund the money or resent the the item, on damaged item, don’t even give me any answers! If you don’t have any issues with the purchase is all good! But if there is any issues, you got to bare all the issues, I don’t think the customer service will help! I want to give one star, but consider the price , I give it 2 stars! Thanks.Version: 1.11.0

Terrible for shoppingIf you’re looking for a specific item be prepared to scroll through thousands of unwanted items. I was searching for mens underwear and I felt like I was looking at a Victoria Secret catalogue for women!.Version: 1.4.1

Not for CanadaNot for Canada.Version: 1.5.0

Pretty good so farJust purchased 14 items for $12, so we’ll see what the actual price points are like after the new user discount disappears. Seems similar to AliExpress, but with better shipping time, smaller range of products and competitive prices. Two things to be mindful of: 1, There is no favorites or wishlist option. If you want to save something, you have to put it in your cart. You do have the option of selecting and buying just one item, but there’s also the option of sleepily emptying the cart or purchasing everything when you’re just trying to do one of two items. 2, The ratings when you click on a product seem to be for the entire store. When I clicked the reviews to read others opinions, they were filled with other items, to the point that I never saw the item I was looking for in any of the review sections. Will try to remember to come back and update rating based on the quality of the products. I’m not expecting top-notch quality, but I would like to get a few uses out of each item before it possibly breaks..Version: 1.8.0

AlmostNeeds a size filter. Otherwise not bad. Items on this app aren’t necessarily cheaper, better, unique. Much of what I see appears to be cheap Chinese goods similar to what’s found on eBay. And eBay is establish so you have some ability to communicate and resolve disputes so it may make sense to just stick with them. Or Walmart..Version: 1.5.0

Inconvenient to useI ordered about 10 products, and 3 came broken. The platform does not efficiently handle disputes and refunds, you have to contact each individual seller yourself! It takes a ton of time, and the each seller does not give full refund, even if product is no longer functional. I rarely give app reviews, but this deserves one!!.Version: 1.4.1

Scam?I really like how the orders look online but the USPS tracking and the app tracking or two different things. I hope someone can tell me that this isn’t a scam and that my order will actually be delivered, because I’m starting to get scared and they don’t have actual people replying to the customer service, it’s just bits with the same message. I really hope that this isn’t a scam because I spent like $20 on just bracelets and stuff so I really don’t want that to go to waste. i’m not even sure if the full refund is true..Version: 1.10.0

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