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EverCrawl - Pixelart Roguelite Positive Reviews

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EverCrawl - Pixelart Roguelite App User Positive Comments 2022

EverCrawl - Pixelart Roguelite app received 7 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about evercrawl - pixelart roguelite?

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EverCrawl - Pixelart Roguelite for Positive User Reviews

Perfect Phone GameThis is exactly what i want from a phone game! Clear progression through unlocks and figuring out game mechanics, good art and soundtrack, and satisfying controls. So glad I bought this game. I got the rec from listening to The Besties!.Version: 1.0

A near-perfect (IHMO) portrait rogue-likeIf you are looking for a premium, low-res rogue-like with true rogue-esque “one-step-at-a-time” gameplay this is it. The game blends the satisfaction of tons of depth, a huge host of unlockable characters (with truly unique play styles and abilities) and a fairly intimidating difficulty. This isn’t the kind of game where you mash through levels and get dumped enough currency where you can make your characters next run OP. You must be careful about your moves, learn enemy abilities (and triage which owns to target with the semi-rare and incredibly valuable items) and live a life of careful spending. I have one singular gripe with the game (and it barely registers as a gripe because it is not a glitch or error). I just want the lancer’s spear to trigger mimic chests. All other projectiles trigger it (AFAIK) so why not the spear? It’s a minor, minor, miiiiiinor issue I have with an otherwise impeccable premium app. Archer for life (until Lancer can trigger Mimics)..Version: 1.01

Love itI just wish it tracked your high scores..Version: 1.01

Awesome Game!Great strategy-action hybrid with much more depth than first meets the eye. You’ll upgrade equipment, fighters, potions, you name it. But to truly succeed, you’ll also have to pay attention to he path you take. There’s a lot of strategy in your movement alone, not to mention the enemy movements and attack patterns. Will be playing this indie gem for quite I while I have a feeling. Great job and best of luck to the developer!.Version: 1.0

Very Enjoyable!I really like this game! It’s quick to pickup, simple, addictive, doesn’t have ads/IAP… and it’s fun! May the developers have so much success they feel the need to add more!… (but they don’t have to, it’s already great).Version: 1.0

MisunderstoodI didnt get it at first since I would die so quickly trying to fight everything. Once I learned the risk/reward of when to fighting enemies for item boxes it all clicked. Novel concept, really well priced, no micro-transactions. Wish there were more games with the model on mobile..Version: 1.01

Crashes with music on in backgroundGreat game. However, it crashes when I play Spotify or Podcasts in the background. Would love to have that fixed!.Version: 1.0

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