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Fishdom Solitaire app received 85 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fishdom solitaire?

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Fishdom Solitaire for Positive User Reviews

LOVELove this game.Version: 1.7.6

It’s fun to playIt’s very nice to play this game.Version: 2.2.2

Fishdom SolitairePlenty of variety and clear explanations of what is required. Would appeal to all ages..Version: 1.8.0

AMAZING 👏🙌👏🙌👏👍👍👍🫶This game is so relaxing and it has Mini-games that look JUST LIKE THE AD'S. These are my all-time fav Mini-games. I just love this game. There is nothing wrong with it. No bugs, no payments that you have to pay play the game, and no boring parts where you have to listen to a one hour tutorial. It's the perfect game. o( ̄◇ ̄)👍💯ᵖᵉʳᶠᵉᶜᵗ..Version: 2.0.4

Fishdom solitaire cool👍👍👍👍Super.Version: 2.2.2

Love this game!One of the best games I’ve ever played on my phone, hands down! 👌☺️🤷‍♀️.Version: 2.2.1

Fun!This shame is fun and not boring at all. I just wish that there were corals and sand that you can put in the aquarium..Version: 2.2.2

Enjoyable GameHaven’t played long but having fun playing.Version: 1.7.4

AvisTrès bon.Version: 2.2.2

Improvements are possible, but still niceI was thrilled to be able to preorder this because I rather enjoy the original Fishdom. Given that as of me writing this, this is the first version of the game, there are a couple of improvements that could be made. The animated pop-ups, for example, aren’t nearly as smooth and bouncy as in the first game. I also see little interaction the fish have with each other and with the player, but maybe I just didn’t wait long enough. There are some things this game does right, though. Flipping the currency roles around so that the diamonds have every role during gameplay while the coins are only for the store is a very smart move for a solitaire game. I also love seeing an NPC from the original game get an interesting career unique to this one; it makes me wonder which side of him came first..Version: 1.7.2

Great game !I’ve always loved Playrix games and have to download whenever there is a new one and this game was no different. Super cute graphics just like all of their other games and super relaxing. The only thing I would fault, is the fact that every level costs a lot of gems to play, so it’s easy to run out. I’ve found myself having to wait every hour just to get the extra gems to be able to play the next level. Other than that, keep it up Playrix because you guys have the best games ! I can’t wait for what you guys release next !.Version: 1.8.0

Awesome gameReally fun.Version: 2.0.1

Great game.This game is amazing. From the mini games and the solitaire! Seriously, the free gems! The cheap price of buying more cards, and the hard puzzles! Get this game, it’s fun. Though, there is one problem. I would like to ask, how come you only get 6 coins per game? I’ve been playing for a while and have only been getting 6 coins per game. That’s all I wanted to know!.Version: 1.8.0

JoI’ve just started playing it and it’s quite addictive and fun.Version: 1.8.0

KkkkkkkkLove it.Version: 1.8.0

Fun, if you’re willing to payFist 30 or so levels, 5 stars. Fun, relaxing game without ads interrupting you. Levels 30-90, four stars. The game begins to repeatedly produce strings of cards that you don’t need until you have no cards left. Somehow you’ll magically get the ones you need after purchasing an upgrade with pink diamonds (this will the the item you’ll struggle to keep up with without paying real money). Levels 90+, 3 stars. Expect to buy a minimum of 1-2 upgrades to beat each level. If you play enough consecutive games, you might have won some timed upgrades that’ll offset that. Overall fun game, but it can get quite frustrating beyond the beginning levels unless your willing to pay money (which I acknowledge is fair since there are no ads)..Version: 2.0.1

Super fun gameSo this game is super fun, but the idea of having to pay gems for each round it is kind of annoying, but every thing else about the app is really fun.I have gotten regular Fishdom and it doesn’t have mini games Wichita got me pretty angry but when I got solitaire Fishdom it did.I also like how you can make your dream tank like in regular Fishdom. And overall it’s a pretty fun game.I would definitely recommend getting it!.Version: 1.9.1

Trop cooollllYeah.Version: 2.2.2

Love this game!!!It always surprises me every time I play it!!.Version: 2.2.2

Fishdom SolitaireJ’aime beaucoup ce jeu.Il est divertissant et challengent ..Version: 2.2.2

A great relaxing timeThis game is just very fun and easy to play! It walks you through everything and you get to play a variety of games, which keeps it interesting! Graphics are great and I love the design of it. Only thing is I wish it had better music and sound effects. Other than that it is amazing fun game to play!.Version: 2.0.4

So far so goodSo far so good, only just downloaded it..Version: 1.9.1

Fishdom solitaireTrès beau jeu ,bien conçu je l’aime merci.Version: 2.2.2

Cautiously OptimisticI used to play Fishdom all the time until it became a no-win game even after paying way too much for help. This version is so much fun and so different from the original game! I haven’t spent a cent and I am still able to play and advance. So, unless it changes (yes they all change somewhat) and I have to start spending lots of money to advance, I highly recommend it to anyone..Version: 1.9.1

FishdomGreat game fun and relaxing,.Version: 2.0.1

Love this gameI love coming home from work to play.Version: 2.2.2

Best game everYou know those stupid game ads that they show you a mini game that they keep losing and it’s so frustrating because you know how to win so you download the game and it is 100% nothing like the ad? T game scratches that itch to play win the mini games. Also your fish continue to give you, slightly creepy at times but, cute compliments so that’s a plus too..Version: 2.0.4

Fun gameFun game but hard.Version: 2.2.2

Fishdom SolitaireAwesome game.Version: 1.7.4

ExcellentLove it!.Version: 2.2.2

Super funEnjoyable way of playing cards!.Version: 1.9.1

GOOD gameNice easy card game.Version: 2.2.2

Fishdom solitaireFun.Version: 1.9.1

So much funAwesome.Version: 2.2.2

평가너무 재미있어요!!.Version: 2.0.4

Exactly how it is advertised!The game is JUST like how it is advertised! You get to play the mini games frequently that are advertised. I’m addition, you know going into the game that you will be playing solitaire, so it is a relief when the e game does not make you wait long until you play the mini games..Version: 1.9.1

Great!But...Yes, every Plaxrix game has incredible graphics, everything is done exceptionally well. This one however is different from the other Playrix games. Instead of match three, which is the usual, this is solitaire. I do enjoy the difference. However, reading the reviews before downloading as I do, I understand, and do believe you make the diamond prices a bit too high. I approve of the rewards and fine that fair, so I will continue to play. Thank you Playrix for doing something different..Version: 1.8.0

Highly recommendThis game is really fun and i’m literally addicted to the game but i think there may be some bugs? sometimes (not all the time) the game freezes while i’m playing n my wifi is fine but then i have to close the app and when i play again, i lose the diamonds i used to play the previous game which is really frustrating for me. i think it would also be good to add more side quests to gain more diamonds but i love that there are so many levels..Version: 2.0.1

Good Game Except For BugsI have been playing for a few weeks now and like the game. Not thrilled about how hard it is to get enough gems to ac play but dealing with it. Have reached level 973 and am totally stuck because the propeller cards don’t have any suits on them and do totally nothing to help with the level. There is no way to beat the level without the propeller cards working and I won’t spend all the money I would have to spend to buy enough additional cards to finish level. Thinking of deleting the app..Version: 2.0.4

Warning addictive …. You’ll be hooked…Amazing game… Highly addictive… And the more I play, the better it gets….Version: 2.2.2

Fun gameIt is a fun game to unwind.Version: 2.0.4

AmusantDivertissant.Version: 2.0.1

Cutie cutieFun, relaxing and very cute.Version: 1.9.1

Super le fun et ça fait passer le temps agréablementC’est le fun.Version: 2.2.1

Fun game!I like to pass time with this game..Version: 2.2.2

FunColourful and delightful…. Gams72.Version: 2.2.2

Just like the description says 👍I like this game because it is solitaire and one of my favorite kinds of solitaire…TRIPEAKS! I like all the mini games and they are just like the adds, although I do wish the mini games were more frequent. However, I do not like that I have to spend diamonds to play the levels. I would like it of you lowered the price of the levels to 500diamonds. I understand that this is how your game is designed, but could you please lower the price? Or make it so I can earn more diamonds quickly? I like the chats the fish have with my “profile” and all the aquarium things, feeding fish, cleaning the foggy glass etc. I also wish that the fish were a better price, I haven’t bought any except the very first one because I want to save my coins. If you could make them cheaper or make more ways to get coins that would be very helpful. I don’t like losing the levels because I lose my diamonds (from playing the level and not winning my money back), if you could make so I get at least 100diamonds after every loss it would help me not go bankrupt. I love the fact that there are no ads! Please consider my ideas. Thank you for reading my review! -lady Jewell 117 greatest there ever was-.Version: 2.0.1

Fishdom SolitaireFantastic time waster 🤣.Version: 1.7.6

FishdomGreat game; just keeps going! 👍😉.Version: 1.9.1

SalutSuper cool 😝😝😝😝😝🧐.Version: 2.2.2

Fun gameAnd I like you can win diamonds unlike other games where you have to buy them..Version: 2.2.2

Easier level,or better experience.It’s not unacceptable that I need several times to pass a level until I reached level 432 and find that I always lose with several taps. The designer ever played the level??? I throw cards on the ground ,playing it under the same rules, and I may find that’s a fun level,too. But I’m stuck on these levels and feel painful! You should know I like this game very much even pay for the golden pass but I surely don’t like the levels after 432. They make me like a fool playing a game without design. Could u please make the level easier, or keep the difficulty but make it easier to play? ——————————— Finally, I pass levels and adapt to the difficulty. Hope the levels won’t be harder. Thanks for your support and I will change the rating stars for your passion..Version: 1.9.1

Cool gameCool game 👍.Version: 1.9.1

Awesome👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.8.0

Excellent gameReally enjoy this game. It's challenging but fun. I enjoy the theme with the fish but would feel better if I could feed all the fish and not just the recent ones. Seems unfair to the fish. And yes I know they aren't real but I still want to feed them. Other than that I love the game. The fish thing is just me. Download this game and enjoy!.Version: 2.0.4

Fishdom SolitaireThis is a great Game, I can’t put it down, it’s a great challenge. I have to work hard to buy fish and make a beautiful aquarium. Thank you for creating challenge games, I’m 80 years old and I challenge any one to a game’ my kids nor my grandkids can beat me, my Greatgrans don’t want to play with me. Seniors don’t just sit and do nothing every day. Get you an IPad and have fun playing games. You will be glad you did. After you learn how play, challenge me. BJ/ Big Mama..Version: 1.8.0

FishdomMy grandson loves it Thanks.Version: 2.2.2

Really FunI hope the game continues to be no cost but it's asked me to write a review, and I’ve noticed in the past other games as soon as you write that review, things become more difficult in the game, hit a wall where they try to force you to pay. Thus far it’s becoming more costly from that standpoint of endgame resources to play, but I’ve been able to enjoy the experience as it is also fast paced, and should it become a drag because it wants to force me to spend money I’ll just quit. But that’s far this has been fun!.Version: 2.0.4

Love itI play this game a lot and really enjoy it. Some of the levels are difficult as I get further into it..Version: 2.2.2

Simple funThere is an option to spend real money for in game items that enable faster progress but you can also just play the game and level up. Endless, simple fun seems to be this game idea and it works. i’ve always enjoyed fishing aquarium so this is a really nice theme to play with. The game is stable on my 5th generation iPad mini running iOS 15, the graphics are nice and unlike other games where is somebody’s suffering or being killed and you have to run puzzles to save them this game doesn’t have any of those failings and just feels good. Most importantly this game is not gory..Version: 2.0.4

Smily faceSo far (level 17) everything is awesome and I’m loviń my aquarium 🌈🐡🐠🐟💨 I’m still waiting for the other shoe …🤔 flip flop to drop, because something of money related requests must be coming soon. How on earth they are running this without ANY adds is beyond my comprehension 😮😃. I know it advertised from the start: “No Adds”, but when was the last time you ever saw that come on and it was so? But here I am 🤗 level 30, having the time of my aquarium life and nothing of even a tiny hint of funds requested 😳. This even has those incredibly fun mini games and they aren’t ones where you’ve forced to wait till you’re rounding out at level zillion. I’ll return and update this review if things turn murky. 🤝 Wow 😠 literally the second I left here, after writing that, my next hand refused to allow any card to work, I just spent every last gem and coin I had to get to the end of my level. Grate the gems and coins are all free, but still, I played every card exactly as should have been played, the non compliance was deliberate 🤨 hmm, well, I left for now, I’ll give it one more chance and let you know what happens 🤨🫤.Version: 1.9.1

Fishdom solitaireTrès bon jeu.Version: 2.2.2

Relax timeHelps unwind from the stresses of the day day.Version: 2.0.0

Being a Fishdom Fan I knew I would like thisI was a Fishdom fan but after years of playing I needed a change. This was just what I was looking for. I still get to play with the fish and decorate but the game part itself being different was just the change I needed. I love the different solitaire games. I do wish more decorations and fish were different, but overall I love playing..Version: 2.0.0

WowThis is a combination of my two favourite games..Version: 2.2.2

Super jeu de patienceTrès bon jeu qui passe le temps!.Version: 2.2.2

Cute Graphics, Solitaire, and PuzzlesWhat’s not to like? The puzzles are the “help the fish escape” variety. In other games these puzzles become difficult so quickly that you have to spend real money to continue playing by buying aids. So far that isn’t the case here. I don’t mind spending modest sums occasionally as a thanks to the developers, but I balk at having the game stall out within fifteen minutes. This has given me a pleasant, stress-free evening so far. A tip of the hat to the developers!.Version: 2.0.1

Wow!!! No ads!!I am shocked to find a game that has not tried to rope me into buying something in the game, and the biggest shocker is no ads! I will keep this game installed as a relaxing game where I can play without getting bombarded with ad videos every two seconds! Thank you to the developers of this game for figuring out how to make a beautiful game with no ads!! Very nice graphics! I will now search for other games by this developer because I am so impressed!.Version: 2.0.0

Fishdown solidaireJ’adore ce jeu , encore et encore. Merci!.Version: 2.2.2

Cute and playable ’ad’It’s finally the interactive games on the ads you see all the time + solitaire. It’s fantastic, only downside is that the games are quite a bit easier than it should be, it’s not very challenging so can get a bit boring.Version: 1.9.1

GreatGreat game.Version: 2.2.2

Love this game!What I like about this game is it takes two games I love and combines them into one - original Fishdom and Solitaire. The aquariums are cute and the decorations have surprising moves. There is also somewhat of a storyline - I’m on my second detective aquarium where a case of a robber is being investigated. Cute graphics, not too difficult, and fun challenges. Doesn’t require real money to advance. And, no ads! Of course, if you do pay, it helps the developers..Version: 2.0.4

Love this cute gameThis game is cute and fun.Version: 2.2.2

Excellent productThe game is very interesting, a lot of diversity , prizes that stimulate the player. Levels are really good enough to maintain the interest and to satisfy the player with the successful performance..Version: 2.2.2

FunAwesome game.Version: 1.9.1

Fish donI love the little fish and I can decorate the tank how I want..Version: 2.2.2

Really great job at animation and funThis is a really fun game. I love to play solitaire and it gives you beautiful fish to buy and you can build an aquarium any way that you wish for me. One of the funnest things is playing the mini games. They are really fun night. Enjoy it maybe you guys will too, come on in and join one of the funnest games I have ever played and I actually enjoy. you guys have a great day..Version: 1.9.1

Cool gameLess ads the better. Easily active I hope I stay here for a while.Version: 1.8.0

Addicted to itLove it.Version: 2.2.2

Great gameNo adds it’s awesome.Version: 1.9.0

FunIt give me time in the day..Version: 2.2.2

Awesome 👏Love this game! Play every day.Version: 2.2.2

Fishdom SolitaireGreat game.Version: 2.2.2

GeeatGreat app.Version: 1.7.6

Great gameSo far amazing..Version: 1.8.0

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