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Really should have read co-op more closelyI pre-order all of the rusty lake games and did the same with this one excitedly waiting….only to discover I had not closely read the “co-op” note. Please be aware before you pay for this that you CAN NOT PLAY WITHOUT ANOTHER PERSON. Not really something that interests me, but my fault for not carefully reading. Hoping to save others like me from wasting their money on a game they can’t play. ☹️ But five stars because Rusty Lake is a great series. I hope the next release is single player. We aren’t all teenagers..Version: 1.03

This games was amazing!I played the future and my friend played the past. It was both difficult enough for a challenge but not too hard so we weren’t able to play. Please make more games like this we had a blast playing this game🙇🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.7

The Past WithinThis game was amazing! It was somewhat easier than the others before it, but with the co-op communication gameplay it was still fun. I’ve been playing this series with my mom for a good couple years (since I was 10 I believe, I would use my phone and AirPlay it to the TV) and we were both really excited to find that we could now play a game together together. We played the first run through in about 2 hours and the second in about 1 or 1 and a half..Version: 1.05

God damnThat game gave me goosebumps.Version: 1.7

Fun Co-op GameThis game is fun to play with someone, and it shows how important communication is..Version: 1.7

Had fun, love Rusty LakeI was waiting for a new Rusty Lake game, big fan of the games. So happy when I saw this new one released! Played with my husband on the couch together and we both had a lot of fun. I recommend being in the same room as the other person playing. We tried being both the Bee and the Butterfly but didn’t notice any difference, so not sure what the point of each was? Going to try the Lite version next to see the difference there. Overall happy with this new release and excited to be back in the Rusty Lake realm..Version: 1.06

Fun way to connect!If you’re a fan of other Rusty Lake games, you’ll love this! It’s a great way to enjoy the gameplay with other people. The story moves quickly and is fun to work through with a friend. Worth the $3 for sure! :).Version: 1.7

Great game! More 2 player games pls!!!It was very hard but also very interesting and got me surprised many times!.Version: 1.06

Super fun w/ my daughterI couldn’t wait to play this game! I grabbed my daughter this afternoon to play this flash masterpiece by Rusty Lake. Given I’ve played all their games, I explained the quirky logic and creepiness to her so she would quickly enjoy the game. She did. I did. What fun! We were able to finish as the Butterfly in 2 hours. I started in the past and she was in the future. At first, i felt bad she wasn’t experiencing the room but then the game switches where the past operates the box and the future is in the room. So clever! We want to try it again as the bee for fun! Thank you Rusty Lake developers for a terrific co-op game! Please make more!.Version: 1.7

Since I was a kidThis game is everything..Version: 1.7

AmazingRusty Lake never misses. Another masterpiece… I only wish it would’ve been longer. Can’t wait for the next one!.Version: 1.04

Great, but shortMyself and my girlfriend have played and loved all rusty lake games - this one included - but we’re massively let down to find this was only 2 chapters of game play. Especially for £2.50 each to play for just 2 nights of enjoyment. Would be 5 stars if there were more levels or even plans for future chapters via updates?.Version: 1.06

Great game to play with friend!!!!!I’ve always been a huge fan of rustic lake and this is definitely one of their best work! Me and my friend don’t live in the same country now and it was so nice to play this game together and have some good time👍 highly recommended!!!!!!.Version: 1.7

My reviewThis game was outstandingly fun and was one of the best games yet. I would definitely recommend this game to any of my fellow human beings and if your reading this , you should try it too. May you have peace and friends to play with you. Have a lovely day.Version: 1.7

Enjoy with a childSpent an fun afternoon with my daughter deciphering the puzzles. Thank you….Version: 1.7

Another amazing and beautiful gameI love Rusty Lake everything and this is another victory. It’s not a super long play, but still engrossing. But if you are a Rusty Lake fan, you already know it’s going to be awesome. I played alone using two devices and it was still really fun. Now I have to go back and replay all the other games..Version: 1.06

Fantastic Co-op GameFantastic Co-op Game.Version: 1.7

Just brilliant!Rusty Lake can do no wrong! For those critical of the price, just a reminder of all the Rusty Lake games you played for free ; ).Version: 1.06

Great game! Just a few side thoughts:I have previously enjoyed very much the previous 15 games they released. I can name them in timeline order by heart. I remember the story line very well, and have replayed the games dozens of times. Why am I giving this game 4 stars, instead of 5 like usual? Rusty Lake’s last game, The White Door, came out in late 2018/early 2019, so this game I am writing this review for has taken nearly four years. I was very excited every time Rusty Lake posted on YouTube, or on their blog, and maybe that’s what set my expectations too high. The game itself is engaging, but it lacks something. The 2 Player mechanics are good, but I feel like they tried too hard with the new sound effects, 3D art, and the Flash to Unity transition. The game is okay, but I liked the old 2D, 1 Player Flash games with the funny sound effects more. Those were so good. But in this game, the puzzles are tedious; it always seems to be the exact same thing. Probably because they got reviews previously saying the puzzles were too hard, and they aren’t used to the 2 Player mechanic, but then they could have just made a game without these new features that they can’t use properly yet. Also the story is really weird. It doesn’t have Dale or Laura or Mr Owl or Mr Crow or anything, it’s just Rose and Albert… But if you’re new to Rusty Lake’s games, this is pretty good. I personally just think they’ve tried too hard here, and ended up with neither quality nor quantity. No offense. I still love Rusty Lake’s games. It’s just a side thought, this took too long and Rusty Lake have changed too much, with the art and style and story and game engine. :/.Version: 1.7

The best co-op game I have ever played!This game was completely worth it. I have never played a better co-op game in my life, and the fact that it’s on mobile makes it just that much better. I never leave reviews on games, but I honestly feel like everyone should play this game. It is honestly just that good, and worth so much more than the money that it cost. The light version I cannot speak for, but the main version is definitely worth your money. I never pay money for mobile games either so that’s a lot..Version: 1.06

Things better when sharedAbsolutely incredible. Love the more 3D game play and using swiping not just tapping to solve puzzles. Loved being able to share it with a friend..Version: 1.7

FGame was fun one part we were stuck with no instructions but otherwise it was supper fun👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.7

We played this twiceMe and my friend played this twice as both butterfly and bee, wish there was a different ending.Version: 1.06

Fun mysterious adventureThis game was such a joy to play with my 10 year old son. We both felt challenged and excited as the story unfolded. I especially love the cooperative emphasis and the story telling. We look forward to playing more games from Rusty Lake!.Version: 1.7

Pretty Amazing as ExpectedThough not as challenging as other Rusty Lake games (and maybe a bit shorter), the concept was unique and advancing through the game still felt rewarding as each of us unlocked clues for each other. I was lucky enough to have a family member play along in the same room. I am sure that made it a little easier. Either way, we loved it..Version: 1.05

Had so much funI was reluctant to buy a game on the App Store but this game is very much worth it. I sincerely enjoyed solving the puzzles and it gave me a excusable opportunity to yell at my friend. Take it from someone who’s broke and barely spends money buy the game and play it on a weekend when you have nothing else to do. 🙂.Version: 1.05

SO FUN!My boyfriend and I played this game as a little date night in, and it was just like a virtual escape room! Totally worth the money, but I wish there were more chapters..Version: 1.7

ExcellentThis was a good time. I don’t mind that I spent a couple bucks on this, as it was worth it. You do need a buddy to play with, but they offer a Discord server if you don’t have someone, which is cool. I have only played it once so far, but I look forward to playing it again, as the puzzles and experience will be different..Version: 1.06

Please make more 2 player games like thisMe and my friend loved this game And there really isn’t enough like this out there.Version: 1.7

AwesomeWeird content but awesome game. Hoping for more!.Version: 1.7

Love the dual playerI have played all Rusty Lake games and cube Paradox and look out for new releases often. I was initially disappointed that this was a two player game, but convinced my partner to download it too. He’s never been a video game player. He love it. We had such fun figuring this out. Thank you..Version: 1.04

Fantastic GameWe first installed the LITE played that … absolutely loved it 😲 download the full version… there were a few bugs 🐜 but once you communicate with the discord chat, they are quick to submit updates… we have completed the first story 🦋 and are now excited to begin the next one 🐝… looking forward to more stories Definitely worth the money 💷.Version: 1.06

Amazing Experience!What a game! Loved everything about it. The music, story, puzzles and the challenge. The ability to play this coop added another challenge to the game and was really fun to figure out with my girlfriend. Thank you for the experience!.Version: 1.05

Amazing and DarkI just finished this in a single sitting with my wife and it was incredible! Using blind cooperation to solve puzzles and dive deeper into the story was fantastic. We wish the game didn’t end and just kept going. Hopefully another title like this comes out cause we cannot wait! Thank you very much..Version: 1.7

Amazing game♥️This game it’s amazing. Please play it, the best 3.99$ of my life, I swear !!.Version: 1.7

Rusty Lake did it again!They made an excellent two-player game with signature Rusty Lake qualities: complex plot and on-point continuity for long-time fans, but also enough novelty and originality to interest anyone who wants to play it as a stand-alone (although I’d highly recommend all of the series)!.Version: 1.7

Fantastic!Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic!.Version: 1.04

Escape Room in an AppI have been playing Rusty Lake games for years now, but this co-op game is very close to being in an actual escape room communicating with your partner. My wife and I enjoyed our afternoon working through this game so much we decided to do it a second time swapping sides and picking the other option. Love how it ties to the other Rusty Lake games..Version: 1.05

Great fun!My friend recommended this to me after seeing a Instagram reel about it, me and her had a blast playing it, the gameplay was around 3 or 4 hours. And we played it split into two days. Highly recommend Definitely worth to buy this game. A very fun puzzle.Version: 1.7

Unique co-op experience and perfect addition to the Rusty Lake seriesI’ll start by saying I absolutely love every single Rusty Lake game. I’ve played them all at least twice, my favorites even more. Like many of you, I’ve been eagerly awaiting a new game. Also like many of you, I was super bummed when I heard it would be a co-op game. I typically play games when I want alone time. That being said… I kept an open mind and convinced my husband to play it with me. We had SO much fun. I filled him in on a little bit of the back story and it was so fun to hear him audibly gasp at different elements of the game and creeptastic moments that I’ve gotten so accustomed to. I don’t know how it would be playing online with a stranger, but if you have someone in your life who you trust and who is intelligent and can think outside the box do whatever it takes to convince them to play with you. You won’t be disappointed. My only complaint is that I wish we could have many more chapters/installments because I can’t wait to play more! We were able to beat the game in one sitting. Thanks Rusty Lake! I love this unique addition to my favorite series!.Version: 1.04

Absolutely Brilliant!The creators of Rusty Lake did it AGAIN! They created a game that has put all others of it’s kind to shame. Honestly, this long awaited game did NOT disappoint. You guys ROCK! I hope that you continue to do what you do BEST! I love the two player feature that puts you and your partner experiencing this one-of-a-kind game together without in order to help solve the puzzles and tell the story. It’s like room Escape but better since you and your partner can literally play on different platforms without being together and have so much fun doing it. Rusty Lake is my game obsession and love replaying the different games over again! Thank you Rusty Lake creators for all your hard work! 🫶🏻.Version: 1.05

Amazing story telling.This game is next level. 11/10.Version: 1.05

FantasticAmazing.Version: 1.7

Makes for a fun date night!!Now, I played this with my sister over the phone, but we both agree that playing it with your significant other as a date night would be fun! We are very familiar with the rusty lake games so we kind of knew what to expect and it took us a good hour and 45 minutes to finish! Definitely worth a download!! It’s got the creepy factor and it’s decently challenging. The art is so good and the the overall lore of the games are just so unsettling, which makes for a great experience!.Version: 1.04

Another Wonderful Rusty Lake GameThere aren’t enough stars to properly rate this newest offering from Rusty Lake. The concept is unique, two players with different screens working together to solve puzzles. The timing of the game is great, and even though the two devices are not communicating, the game is very cohesive and well coordinated. The game was less challenging than some other rusty lake games, as well as a little less dark, but all the same I would recommend. Just make sure you know how to communicate well.Version: 1.05

Brilliant, lots of fun with a friend!The effect of the game works great without need for internet connection, we had a lot of fun. Thanks for another great game, I would say this one has puzzles that are definitely beginner friendly as well. Totally recommend, great art and story as always! -A & L.Version: 1.7

The game crash after instructions :(Hi there! The game keeps crashing right after the instructions. The chapter 1 title appears and then, the game closes. I am playing on an Ipad, never experienced that with your other games. Hope you’ll find a solution! Thank you for your amazing games.Version: 1.03

Absolutely incredible!Hands down the best co-op puzzle game I’ve ever played. Great little story line and super clever mechanics. Got to play both sides through and they are equally as exciting even if you know what’s happening from the other perspective. Loved every second of this!.Version: 1.7

Honestly amazing and cleverFun to do, really well done with the co-op and impressive that there isn’t even a need to sync up devices, as well as an interesting plot that gives you the chills. I hope Rusty Lake makes more co-op games because I seriously loved this. Worth every penny!.Version: 1.7

Another fantastic game from Rusty LakeWhat can I say? You d be a fool not to play any of their games. More more more please!!!.Version: 1.7

Love it for our Long Distance RelationshipMy partner and I have played all of the Rusty Lake games and absolutely love them. I love the theme a little more than she does, it’s a bit creepy for her, but so much fun for me. We’re long distance which made playing this one together so much more special. We give it ALL the stars!.Version: 1.06

Really funReally fun to play with a friend but be prepared to shout at eachother due to stress. I only rate 4 stars as if you get stuck there’s not any resources to help you, you just have to figure it out. Anyways, overall really good, would recommend..Version: 1.06

Amazing GameI saw this game on TikTok and decided to play with my boyfriend. Such an interesting concept with a good balance of eeriness and story-telling. I was intrigued the whole way through, 10/10.Version: 1.04

Good gameO.Version: 1.7

The best escape game ever !!It is the best game ever !!! I’ve never played any game like this before .. I started to play with cube : seasons game and I started download all the games and I can’t wait to download the other ones !! Thank you so so much whoever created them ...Version: 1.7

Really amazingPretty cool cooperative game..Version: 1.7

Sarah Jane Oakland is an actual gremlin1 started playing Pokemon Go again during lockdown (unfortunately I forgot my previous account so I had to start over) and it has been amazing! The game lets you figure out a lot of things yourself and basically just leaves you to get on with it which is great :) It also doesn't bombard you with tasks to complete (they have them but they are in no way compulsory to move on in the game) or random notifications like some other apps do, which is great. It also encourages you to get out of the house and find new Pokemon, and some of them are really cute. It was magikarp day a few days ago, and this was amazing, as you need to catch lots of magikarps to evolve them and power them up and they are usually quite hard to find (especially in London) in the wild. So overall this is an amazing game with barely any glitches, although like all apps they do happen sometimes. The most annoying one for me is when I use a remote raid pass (worth 100 coins) and then occasionally the app crashes and I lose my raid pass completely. I personally find it hard to collect coins and therefore it can take me a while to save up to buy a remote raid pass. However this has only happened a few times and it doesn't really bother me (I can see how it would bother someone else though, so if you see this I think this is definitely something worth fixing or at least giving the raid pass back :)) Todav Games Apps Arcade.Version: 1.7

10/10So fun, make another one:).Version: 1.05

Best Phone Date W/ My Wife!!!Easily the best game for $6 we played through in an hour or so and it was the best adventure we had. Usually we stay away from the phones when were together but when she stumbled across this game it was a great time for the both of us! ^ Best 2player fun date idea we need more scary games like this!.Version: 1.06

Awesome!I’ve played all of the Rusty Lake games so far and they never disappoint! This was a great game and I hope they make another like this as it is great to play with friends in different places. Played both parts in one sitting and would continue to play!!! Great two-player puzzle game and definitely worth the price!.Version: 1.05

My favourite gameMy partner and I just finished the game and we chose the butterfly. It’s such a well thought out game. Idek what else to say other than you must play it! I love it so much. ^_^ Thank you to everyone who worked on this!.Version: 1.7

Love this devPlayed with myself on my phone and iPad, excellent game just like all the others, wish it was longer and developed quicker but can’t really moan about that ! I obviously paid double the price playing on my own but still worth it :).Version: 1.05

AMAZINGLoved it, so good!!! Pre warning don’t play it at night me and my friend tried and now we can’t sleep, but it was SO GOOD!!.Version: 1.05

Excellent game but super shortI gave this five stars because it’s pretty awesome, easy enough to play with my kiddo but takes good communication. My only complaint is it’s way too short! For the price though ($3) it was awesome :) need way more chapters or maybe a prequel!!!.Version: 1.05

Great fun with my partner but soup is hardThe soup was hard! But it was great, would recommend!.Version: 1.04

Absolutely love it. But definitely need more levelsI absolutely love this game. But I’m very disappointed that there’s only two levels. Please look into creating at least another 3 levels of each past and future..Version: 1.7

Rusty Lake win per usualI always played the other Rusty Lake games with my partner and so we were *thrilled* when a co-op was released. It was so fun to play together and lived up to our expectations. Don’t think it took us much more than 2-3 hours total to play. This series brings us joy😌💜 For sure worth the $2.99!.Version: 1.7

One of the best gamesI’ve played all the episodes of rusty lake games. This was really different and the puzzles were great. Thank you and waiting for the next episode! :).Version: 1.7

Great Co-Op game!First Rusty Lake game that I’ve played and I have to say I had a blast! Has to be said that this game can only be played with someone else and is better if you can be on a call or in the same room together. Stumbled across it online and suggested it to my girlfriend, pretty much instantly downloaded it. The puzzles were a fun challenge and we had a few laughs and a couple frustrations along the way, mainly from my inability to see something staring me straight in my face. Highly recommend this game, we had a lot fun..Version: 1.05

DecentIt was a very good game i enjoyed it very much but it was very short if you know what i mean fam innit tho fam you get me you get me.Version: 1.7

Wow, good game!My friend and I had an awesome experience playing this game. We got stuck on some of the puzzles and had to google the answer to some of the puzzles, but overall it was a very fun experience trying to find the solution to these things. The storyline was immersive and incredibly easy to follow, it kept me waiting for the next thing to pop up. I always thought there would be a jumpscare around every corner, but there never was and I am incredibly thankful for that. The game was advertised to be 2 hours, yet we spent around 6 hours on it, so atleast we got our money's worth haha. A lot of people are complaining about the co-op being required but it's the base premise of the game. It's executed incredibly and it's so fun to play this game with friends! 10/10, would recommend.Version: 1.06

Fun puzzle game to play with someoneGreat if youre in the same room, help online is great.Version: 1.06

Best co-op game I’ve playedMy little sister and I loved this game! We live in different states and constantly are trying to find games we can play together and we loved this one! How we have to work together to find each others solutions! It was an amazing experience! I hope for more games like this in the future!.Version: 1.7

Fun, and Simple!I played this game with my husband last night and we had so much fun! I loved being able to communicate with him to solve the puzzles, and I liked that it wasn’t too hard to beat either. The replayability is great - we haven’t done our second play through yet but we will soon! My only issues with the game are that it’s a little short, and that I wish the ending was more interesting, but overall definitely worth the $8 in total for the game!.Version: 1.06

Nobody does it like Rusty LakeIf Escape Rooms needed a definition, that would hands down be Rusty Lake. The graphics, details, the eerie music make the game so difficult to put down. It’s got just the right amount of creepy to make it down right addicting. I’ve paid and played all the Rusty Lake games, and I was so sad when I finished all of them. So when I saw that Rusty Lake finally came out with with a new game, I’ve never double-clicked my lock button so fast. This new co-player game was ingenius. I’m doing long distance with my girlfriend so we’re really limited on how we spend time together, but with The Past Within we had so much fun. I especially was amazed at the new 3D graphics and I LOVED LOVED LOVED that the characters and themes from past games were also in the Past Within as well. Rusty Lake, please don’t stop what ya’ll are doing and I can’t wait for the next chapter..Version: 1.04

The past withinThis game was absolutely fantastic. I had never played anything like it!!!.Version: 1.7

Amazing new experienceThis was mind blowing. The team really stepped up their game between samsara and this one. It’s not as challenging as a typical escape room game as it’s more focused on cooperation and the pleasure of discovering next steps rather than going crazy trying to solve a difficult puzzle (which is also fun but could be frustrating as a coop). Anyways, we just did butterfly in one setting and cannot wait to tackle the other one tomorrow. Thank you again!.Version: 1.06

My mum is now a gamerI’ve been a big fan of Rusty Lake for years now so I was so excited for this game to come out. I didn’t know it was going to be a two player thing but it works super well. I got my mum to play it with me and as I’m now at university and no longer living with her for most of the year, it was a wonderful long-distance activity for us to do together. She got so excited anytime a little hidden panel was revealed or a soul showed up. She’s never really played games before (certainly not one like this) but she’s said it’s opened her eyes to a whole new world and she’s wants me to “tell the Rusty Lake people that they’ve turned my mum into a gamer” so… thanks for that! But seriously, you can tell how much effort went into this game and from a long time fan and now a new fan, we both give it 5 stars. Well done, team!.Version: 1.05

My favorite game series never disappointsRusty Lake games quickly became my favorite series when I found them when searching for good escape type game. This entry has very refreshing new gameplay while honoring the games and storyline I love..Version: 1.7

AMAZING!My partner and I have such a hard time finding games to play together and this so awesome and quick! We will be playing the other version tomorrow because of how much fun we had. Hopefully will get another game like this soon!.Version: 1.06

Enjoyed it very muchPlease add more chapters!!.Version: 1.7

Wish it was longerGood fun.Version: 1.04

DAYUMMMMMMI love this so much. I think that it was too easy and short. The co op and 3d 2d experience was great. The way that both players got to experience 2d and 3d makes me really happy. I like the way that the puzzles work and GAH DAM albert is so fine. Thank you for giving us this beautiful masterpiece Rusty Lake devs 🙏.Version: 1.04

Wonderful Co-op gameIt was very enjoyable Experience definitely recommended 💛.Version: 1.06

Loved it!!!! Wish there was more!!!Amazing!!! We loved this so much. We only wish it was longer!!! Would be a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if there was more!!.Version: 1.7

GREAT game!Husband and I played this for our date night, and I love that it was good for our communication skills and team work. Also, huge bonus is being able to play in reverse roles or another scenario. Great job on this one, we had a great time and I'm so glad I saw this on TikTok!.Version: 1.05

Great gameI fricking love the games created by these people and this game has got to be the coolest I’ve played in a long time. I was spooked a little bit and ran from my screen but I was brave and finished the game with my partner and we did it! Woohoo.Version: 1.7

I love it!!Played for 4 hours non-stop with a stranger! What a great premise. The other player is in a different timeline and you communicate what you see in your time and try to solve puzzles. We had some struggles but finally made it to the end! Now if I can find someone to play with me once more I can play the other timeline!!! Bravo Rusty Lake! This was a masterpiece and I hope and pray you make more of the 2 person player games!! ( I’ll be happy with some of NEW games from you!! ).Version: 1.04

What an amazing gameAt first my girlfriend didn’t wanted to play it with me, but when we started it was a nonstop everynight till we got to the end of it, absolute master piece, gonna give it a try in the bee mode now. 10/10 👍🏻.Version: 1.7

Having trouble with the download…Hi there! Love your games so much and was so excited to download the latest, but I’ve been running into a problem. When I try to download the app onto my phone, it stops downloading less then halfway through. I don’t know if it’s on your end, mine, or the App Store’s. I really want to play the game but I can’t even access it :( help!.Version: 1.7

I LOVED THISIt can get quite creepy at times but my and my friend really enjoyed playing this !.Version: 1.7

Fave game everWowowowowowowowowowow it took us 3 hours but we did it!! if danny had followed the rats we probably could of done it in half the time.Version: 1.7

Good but too shortI get what they were going for with playing the game twice but to be honest even then it’s too short. Unlike Rusty Lake Hotel, Paradise, and even the white door this game feels way too short for a new game. I hope it gets updated soon because it was really fun to work with someone to figure out the puzzles instead of looking up a guide. 10/10 game but should be longer..Version: 1.04

ExcellentJust completed this start to finish with my bf. super fun experience. such a fun game.Version: 1.7

Please make more!!!My gf and I both love mystery games and this is such an enjoyable experience for both of us while being in a long distance relationship. I wish there were more games like this for us to play together without being in the same room..Version: 1.7

Unique game… just brilliantLOVE this game. It’s worth the money, in fact, it’s too cheap! Thoroughly enjoyed playing it with my friend. Really got our brains working. PLEASE create more. It’s an outstanding piece of work!.Version: 1.7

Holy Bonkers!This game was so simple and complex at the same time. This is the first co-op game I throughly enjoyed and so did my friend. This game is definitely worth the purchase and I’d encourage you all to play through it. My friend and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with. Beautiful little story as well! (Btw, there’s some kinda creepy images if you get scared easily but it’s not bad).Version: 1.05

Converted gamer!I’m no gamer but I love all Rusty Lake games and this co-op was a whole new experience. Played with my partner, perfect for a lazy Christmas Day! Just wish it was longer!.Version: 1.7

FantasticAnother wildly inventive, creative game from Rusty Lake that makes old-fashioned turn-based co-op work surprisingly well..Version: 1.7

The best gameSo me and my sister played this game and we think it is so good and so amazing we played thrice and now we are gonna play it with our other sister for the fourth time I love this game.Version: 1.06

Love itWasn't as long as I think it would be. Typical rustylake style. Love the bond of Rose and Albert. Wasn't so hard at all. Definitely worth the price and worth the two years I have been waited :).Version: 1.03

AmazingBest game i’ve ever played in my life.Version: 1.06

Absolutely StunningEach and every single Rusty Lake game has been fabulous. Worth every penny. To the developers, hats off to you. Please carry on making games like these. This one brought me and my partner closer together for an evening. We were blown away..Version: 1.7

Top-Tier GameThis is the worst game i've never played because i don't have friends..Version: 1.7

Played with my daughter and we loved it!Instead of sitting on our bums and watching TV, tonight we sat on our bums and played The Past Within. What a great, cooperative, bonding and slightly creepy way to spend an evening. We really enjoyed it and I think my daughter will now be going back to play some of the original Rusty Lake games. The game itself, though short, was weird, creative, challenging (but not impossible) and with a good dose of creepy fun. Loved the slipping between 2D and 3D and I especially loved watching my daughters reaction when creepy things were going on that I couldn’t see and vice verse. I highly recommend, get the game and have a fun evening!.Version: 1.06

Nice co-op gameIf there’s 10 for the rank of difficulty, this game is the 6 or 6.5. Not too difficult to solve it, the most difficult thing is tryna have a good cooperation between two ppl. we have to discuss the detail of hints for each others. This game is worth 100% your time and your money lol.Version: 1.06

SO MUCH FUN!Best rusty lake game yet! (and that’s a high bar!!!).Version: 1.04

Enjoyed it, but...My friend and I really enjoyed it! It’s very carefully crafted, the visuals are very nice, it’s just that the ending is a little bit anti-climatic and left us with more questions than answers. It’s the price of a large coffee you’d finish in an hour anyway, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t end up being obsessed with it:).Version: 1.7

GreatMe and the girlfriend fully enjoyed it! More please :).Version: 1.7

Rusty Lake is the best!!!As a longtime fan of Rusty Lake games and lore, I was eager to play this as soon as it came out - and was not disappointed! The graphics, music, and story were all on par with previous installments, and the co-op element added a fun new twist. Recommend to anyone who’s a fan of puzzles or escape rooms..Version: 1.7

Love it!The most loved game You won’t regret any one cent spent on it! I love rusty lake! Plz do continue the game and produce a movie based on the story maybe (I will queue a night and buy the front seat for it!).Version: 1.03

Love itI told this game over three times and it’s all good I played this game it’s the best.Version: 1.7

Super fun!Lion and her Durian have a great Saturday!.Version: 1.06

Great game!My daughter and I played today. I really enjoyed it. It was like an escape room from my lounge. We did butterfly , if we chose the other would the game be the same? We will play again! Thanks for creating..Version: 1.7

The easiest Rusty lake gameUnlike usual, this game focus on interaction between two people, the difficulty is relatively much lower, but u can still be proud of yourself as the achievement of thinking. the last play impress me really much, this game is worth it..Version: 1.03

Amazing brain teaserNot only are the graphics cool, but the storyline is thrilling and intriguing. The Co-op mechanisms make for an awesome partner game and bonding experience. 10/10 would recommend for anyone who likes puzzles. This is a super cool idea for a game. Thank you for creating it!.Version: 1.7

Incredible gameMy partner and myself played out of wanting something new to do and instantly we were hooked! Bit creepy but incredible storyline!.Version: 1.05

Rusty lake has yet to let me downAnother smash hit. Incredible addition of a new 3D animation that allows both players to take turns navigating the old Rusty lake style combined with a new style. Constantly kept both my brother and I engaged, there was never a moment when either of us were stuck or bored waiting on the other player. It was constantly moving at pace, such clever puzzles to work through together, and requires A LOT of communication and teamwork. My only complaint: I WISH IT WAS LONGER. I got excited seeing chapter 2 after a thrilling chapter 1, but that was it!!! 😭 can’t wait for the next instalment. Two years was worth every second. Finished it in two hours. Incredible..Version: 1.06

Amazing!!!Best game I’ve played on my phone ever, they really need to make coop more common cause it’s so fun. Loved it 10/10..Version: 1.7

Amazing as alwaysI’m a big fan of the cube escape series, and I love the idea of co-op for this game!!! Had a lot of fun playing with my friend. I’m excited to see the next project they have. I’m sad to see other reviewers complaining about the co-op aspect. If you don’t like that, then you can just not download the game….Version: 1.06

Refreshing!I love how unique and creative the puzzle is. The idea and slightly eerie aspects are there and it is quite fun and long! Co-op in puzzle games is also an not so often thing to occur with great storyline parts, and this game showcased it perfectly..Version: 1.7

Made My Wife a FanI’ve been playing Rusty Lake games for a very long time. I talked my wife into being my partner for The Past Within. She agreed and is now completely won over. The design is ingenious, and worked flawlessly. It also gave our communication skills with each other a good test…a definite plus! Bravo….Version: 1.7

BrilliantI played this with my wife and we both loved it! I’ve seen a few people complaining about the price. I think for the time and effort the team out into such a game, £2.50 is more than fair. Yes you will likely be done in 2-3 hours, but if I went to the cinema, I would pay a lot more than £2.50 for the same amount of time. If you go to an arcade nowadays it’s usually £1 for approximately 2 minutes of gameplay! Anyway I thought it was an excellent game, really interesting concept and kept simple by the fact the two devices don’t need to be connected. This in itself clearly required a lot of thought to pull it off. Well done!.Version: 1.7

So Addictive!The only down side is waiting for the next one, especially now that the stories are starting to mesh together. Another great game Rusty Lake team, thank you!.Version: 1.04

So worth it!My husband and I played this game and it was so much fun! I wish the game was longer because we could have sat and played it all night! How clever and fun this game and idea is! I hope they develop it more and make different modes and such! Highly recommend!.Version: 1.05

I absolutely love this game!I have played every single Rusty lake game that there is and this one might be my favorite so far. I absolutely loved the multiplayer factor of it seeing as I always played the games with my sister. This game series is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone over 11 years old. I adore this game series so much. The price is very much worth it even though it is only 4$..Version: 1.04

BEST CO-OP PUZZLE GAMEWorth the money!!!! Me and my friend played this in one go and we enjoyed every bit of the game! It was very fun and at the same time quite challenging. The puzzles will make you think but also easy enough to be solved. I like puzzles like this that’s not too hard on the brain but also not too easy and it’s in the middle. I like the thrill too!! Fair share of horror vibes. Please developers, make more co-op puzzle solving games like this, I beg you!! This is too good! I just love the concept and everything about this. A MUST DOWNLOAD GAME if you’re into solving medium level puzzles with a bestie. PLEASE MAKE MORE CO-OP PUZZLE GAMES :)) thank you for this! If you’re reading this to see if it’s with paying for. This is your sign, DOWNLOAD IT NOW—you won’t regret it..Version: 1.05

Loved itIt’s hard to describe but it was really good I want to know if you’re still making more please still make more also I have a question is the same tree in the end the same tree as the one in birthday cube escape.Version: 1.05

New dimension to the Rusty Lake worldAll of the hallmarks which make the Rusty Lake games so awesome with a whole new dimension - multiplayer is highly engaging and really fun to work as a team. Keep up the amazing work, please please please don’t ever stop marking Rusty Lake games!! 😃👍.Version: 1.05

Abt the gameVery good but should make a pt 2 where someone goes in the forest and finds the cube then the cube holders try to stop them but they get it then so on.Version: 1.7

Great Game!This was such a fun experience to have shared with my boyfriend! The puzzles were challenging but they weren’t too difficult to the point that we would have quit out of frustration. Can’t wait to play more Rusty Lake games!.Version: 1.06

AmazingThis game has wonderful animation and is super fun to play. Takes about 1 hour, totally worth the money. Puzzles are hard to find but once found are easily solvable with lots of communication. Great sound design. Props to the creators. My girlfriend and I had a lot of fun playing..Version: 1.7

Great little game, but wish there were more outcomesReally enjoyed it, well made and fun to play together. I only wished the two “storylines” were more different!.Version: 1.7

Two player game was SO FUN!Amazing and support Rusty Lake forever.Version: 1.04

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