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Stick Hero - Tower Defense Positive Reviews

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Stick Hero - Tower Defense App User Positive Comments 2023

Stick Hero - Tower Defense app received 39 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about stick hero - tower defense?

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Stick Hero - Tower Defense for Positive User Reviews

I like this game but there’s too much addsI like this game so much but every time I press something it takes me too adds and I wish that there was less adds and I love this game 75% and not is 25% because there’s too many adds and also there too long there like 20 seconds long and that’s makes me angry But I love this game pls remove some adds pls.Version: 1.2

Just like the adsWhen I saw the ads,I was skeptical. I was like: “I mean, this is probably fake.” But I eventually got sick of the ads and decided to try it. And as it turns out,it was exactly like the ads! Devs,you deserve a choccy milk,cause’ you’re epic..Version: 1.2

THE ADDS!!!!!!!!!!!!They are so Annoying I have to wait soo long. why do you have to Watch a add to get something?!.Version: 1.2

RealJust like the ad, actually fun.Version: 1.1

Ads ads ads!I LOVE this game but there are to many ads. Every time I try to build my castle it gives me an ad. Every time t am done with a level, there is an ad! Nothing needs to be changes but could you just put a little less ads?.Version: 1.2

Fun Game, But Slightly HomophobicGames assumes you are a straight male. When you put the people in your castle, you can put up 4 of the female characters but only 2 men. Options should be given or make everyone genderless..Version: 1.2

BestGoody goody goody.Version: 1.2

Its five star so people will seeThis game may be 7+ but in the castle you can make the girls look liked they are being f&$% by the stickmen.Version: 1.2

Decent game but one problemVery fun game but one thing that should be fixed: Ads. You have to watch an ad every time you complete a level and I think that should be fixed..Version: 1.2

Very funI have never played a game like this keep up the good work.Version: 1.1

Amazing gameI love the fact that there are barely any ads.Version: 1.2

Help for adsIn one step to no ads Step one: TURN OFF WIFI Done.Version: 1.2

Noice five starsThis game is altogether fun.Version: 1.2

Good 🥳No words it’s amazing!.Version: 1.2

Stick man gameIt’s fun. I like it. I just started tho; so I will have to see how it progresses.Version: 1.2

The game is like the ad.I like this game because the ad for the game is exactly what the game is like. There is a ton of ads that are nothing like the actual game..Version: 1.2

Green rainbow friendGreen is so cool the players and I love getting all the other rainbow friends and I love the armors and weapons and castles you have to make.Version: 1.2

AwesomeWhen I see these types of videos in ads I usually don’t download them because it’s a whole completely game based off of the ads but this one was honest and I respect that.Version: 1.2

Stick war: hero towerThis game is so so so so cooool best game ever.Version: 1.2

Not too funny but goofy afThat girl is very sus fits with among us music😳😳😳😳😳.Version: 1.1

In the ten minutes I’ve played;In the ten ministers I’ve been playing this game it already on the podium for my favorite game list! I love this game so much! Thank you for making it!.Version: 1.2

👌Is ok I guess.Version: 1.2

Very good gameIf you want to have less ads turn your internet off🧠🧠🧠.Version: 1.2

AnnoyingToo much vibration otherwise it’s good.Version: 1.2

Good game.Seems repetitive but I haven’t gotten far enough to tell. Even if it is, if you haven’t at least tried to make a game, then you wouldn’t know the struggle. A game is a game, and one or multiple people put time, money, or both into it..Version: 1.1

Actually the game in the addThis game made me so happy when a donlodid it because it was the same in the add.Version: 1.2

Why so many ads?So it’s an amazing game it’s just that there’s too many ads like why and whenever I try to build my castle it just won’t work so pls fix this and put the notch down on the ads..Version: 1.2

About the game!I like this game finally the real one and not the fake games but too much ads mind making a 3 day no ads or take them away but other than that nice game..Version: 1.2

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻I love this game because it’s not just fun, it takes up time and it keeps you entertained. I recommend getting this game.Version: 1.2

AMAZINGBest game I’ve ever played.Version: 1.2

Even though there are many ads I still love itI don’t now what to say.Version: 1.2

THE BEST GAME EVERI never have been seeing games like this I only see it by the tile but when I download it it doesn’t look like it and I get really upset but you have made my day thank you for working hard on making this game I really appreciate it and don’t listen to your haters out there.Version: 1.2

Why you copy the rainbow friendsIts ok but the rainbow friends and poppy playtime characters are weird to a stick man game so remove them pls but overall its a pretty fun game.Version: 1.2

Great gameBarely any ads well no ads yet I wouldn’t know try it out for your self (=.Version: 1.0

The amongusWhy are the amongus song inside and that’s the best reason ever.Version: 1.2

It’s okIt’s ok because it has way to much ads but apart from that it’s good👍.Version: 1.2

Really goodThis games is exactly as advertised and I love it there’s some nice differences it has from other similar games as well that i thought were rather nice although there are some things that would be seen as unsuitable for children and there are a tad too many adds.Version: 1.2


Brilliant game 😁The game is so good (thanks for adding rainbow friends and cool weapons too) and barely not ten ads yet good game and ceep your work up from rl628fre.Version: 1.2

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