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Pocket GM 3: Football Sim Negative Reviews

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Pocket GM 3: Football Sim App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Pocket GM 3: Football Sim app received 9 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pocket GM 3: Football Sim? Can you share your negative thoughts about pocket gm 3: football sim?

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Pocket GM 3: Football Sim for Negative User Reviews

The results are way too randomAfter playing this a number of times the results are too random for me. It was a waste of money and a waste of time. You have to be lucky to win a championship. I’m surprised with the ratings because they aren’t deserved. I’m pretty good at finding a weakness and finding a way to win. You can’t get past the luck factor. The database for some positions is scarce. The developer put together a sloppy way of making a quick buck..Version: 1.1.1

Needs more to doA good base game for an American football coaching simulator but I would highly recommend including more things to do. I would add ways to influence players and coaches, set strategies, and a rivalry mechanic..Version: 1.4.0

It’s ok.I like many of the newer feature added since the prior edition of Pocket GM , however, the draft process is way too random . Even in the NFL, while prospects are hit and Miss , some teams consistently fair better than others and there are measurable and scouting reports to rely on. With this edition of this game , it is just pick and hope. I felt the drafts in the first 2 editions offered a much better feel for drafting. It is so bad now that it ruins all of the other great features that have been added.Version: 1.1.0

Results are totally randomI frequently have 99 overall teams that will go 16-1 or 17-0 in the regular season and then lose first game in the playoffs. My 95 overall QB will suddenly either throw 5 picks or have a 40% completion percentage and we’ll get blown out by teams who have 67 overall QB. This happens allllll the time. These are not one-off events. And my team chemistry and playbook and scheme alignment are all perfect. It would be one thing of this happened a couple time, but this is every season. Why am I wasting my time on a game that’s mechanically broken?.Version: 1.4.3

EhIt added a lot of cool features compared to Pgm 2 but actually playing the game for multiple seasons is extremely boring, it’s almost impossible to find hidden gems in the draft and the development of players is almost non existent it seems like the only way to have a good team is by trading up into the top ten picks year after year not to mention even if you build a good team it won’t matter and you’ll get eliminated in the playoffs anyway by a team 5 overall lower than you.Version: 1.3.0

Draft classesI had the game on easy mode and set my coaches attribute to scout and the draft class prospects are very disappointing. I’ll have a top 5 pick and select a round 1 projected player and turn out to be a 54 rated player and having all five stars colored with day one starter and yet all the greens in the world on their draft profile turn out to be all reds once drafted. Otherwise I have a ton of fun playing. Just fix the draft.Version: 1.4.3

I want to like itI’m struggling to like this game, but it honestly feels so shallow. You don’t really get to make any decisions in the game except drafting/trading players. That’s literally the whole game. No decisions on training, coaching, play styles, in game decisions/substitutions, cant upgrade facilities, etc. I also thought viewing the games would be better by now (even dots moving around the field similar to FM mobile), but that has hardly changed either. You literally pick players and watch everything else happen automatically. I’m not seeing how this 3rd iteration of the game is any different than the previous ones. It’s a well made game for sure, and worth 3 stars, but this version really should have been improved more compared to the last version..Version: 1.0.0

PenaltiesThis game is super fun and in depth, but the flags seem a bit excessive, my team is always getting them more than the other team no matter what, and they’re so frequent. I would just ask that in an update there is an option added to turn off penalties. I’m the setting center you can turn in and off so many different aspects of he game, just add a slider to turn on and off penalties and this game will be much better. I feel like I’m losing games on penalties, I end up losing by 1 or 3 points and I’ve lost like 100 yards on penalties. Please just add the ability to turn penalties off for those who want to..Version: 1.1.1

Started off funSo I will say when I first got this it seemed actually really fun. The trading, free agency and just general GM aspect is honestly really good. However the simming of the games and watching them genuinely is awful. Firstly so many penalties it’s actually absurd. There’s like multiple automatic first down penalties called every single drive whether it’s defensive holding, roughing the passer, unnecessary roughness, etc to the point it’s actually just annoying to watch. Second the decision making makes absolutely no sense. I had one game I was down 10 with 4 minutes left on the opponents 40 and my team punted?? Then the very next game I had a 4th and 17 at the opponents like 25 easily in FG range and my team decided to go for it, obviously not making it. Then later that game down 21-7 made it to 4th and goal at the 3 and they kicked a FG. Completely throwing the game. Just none of this makes sense at all Edit: After continuing to play this game it gets worse and worse. I do not recommend playing unless lots of fixes are made. Penalties are still awful. And I’m like 99% sure your player overalls and team overalls genuinely don’t matter at all. I have played about 10 seasons built my team to an 89 overall the next highest is around 84. And my team consistently is losing to and sometimes getting blown out by absolutely awful 75 overall or less teams even lost one 31-5 against a 68 overall team.Version: 1.1.1

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